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Fine Feather Dental Clinics now open in Navranpura.

It is said that the mouth is the gateway to the body and hence good oral health forms the foundation for a healthy body. Fine Feather Dental Clinics at Ahmedabad was set up with this very principle in mind. Now residents of Navranpura will not have to travel long distances to avail services of Fine Feather Dental Clinics. Today, is considered one of the leading centers for all kinds of dental and maxillo-facial procedures & services. It provides a comprehensive range of dental services right from full mouth digital x-rays, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry to fixed tooth implants and many other latest procedures. The orthodontics treatment is hugely popular and a wide range of patients come here for correction of their dental irregularities. At our clinic the utmost importance is given to hygiene. To this end, there is a constant up gradation of services to ensure that the latest treatments in dental care are available to you. Common Dental problems such as bad breath (halitosis),wisdom tooth removal, Dental Implant, tooth discoloration have been addressed besides common and specialized dental treatments such as tooth whitening (tooth bleaching),root canal treatment(RCT),dental braces and dentures, crowns, dental veneers and many more procedures correctly and efficiently. The vastly experienced dentists and surgeons here make sure that you receive the least painful treatment and are determined to put the smile back on your face. Now a day with our advanced and comfort-enhancing equipments our patient’s compliance has reached another level. The STA Wand is essentially a computer-controlled dental injection, guaranteed to be slow and steady and therefore comfortable. This can be very reassuring for people with previous bad experiences. One of the primary uses for an intraoral camera is in patient education. Dentists often find it helpful to be able to show patients exactly what is going on inside their mouths, and to highlight areas where medical attention may be needed. We are having portable x-ray machine which is non-invasive diagnostic imaging equipment that acquires the best image quality with the least amount of radiation exposure to the patient. Fine Feather has also become favorite employers for dentists in Ahmedabad.

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