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Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Finedon.

Parish Magazine April 2012


Finedon Parish Church: St Mary The Virgin Vicar:

The Revd Richard Coles, Parish Priest, St Mary the Virgin Finedon, The Vicarage, Church Hill, Finedon, Northants, NN9 5NR 01933 681 786, Mobile 07885 967 960 email:

Assistant Honorary Priest Fr Peter Baden,01832 733186 email: Mrs Gill Foster Tel: 680364 (To whom first contact

Parish Clerk

for Baptisms and weddings must be made). Churchwardens: Mrs Jane Read Tel: 680522 Mr Neil Forster Tel: 682177 PCC Secretary: Mrs Gill Foster Tel: 680364 Treasurer: Mr Andrew Weatherill Tel: 682212 Magazine Editor: Mrs Janet Millington, Tel: 681161. E-mail: (to whom all copy should addressed by the 15th of the month prior to publication) Director of Music Mr Jonathan Harris Tel: 01604 881182 Email: Deputy Organists Mrs. Kathy Roberts Mr Oliver Grigg Choirmaster: Tower Captain Web Site


Mr. Bryan Chapman Tel: 398818 Mr Bryan Chapman, Tel 398818 bellringers.html Mr John Bailey Tel 680747 2

St Michael’s Mission Room: Mrs Helen Watts Tel: 01933 398073 Times Of Services: Sundays 8.00 am Holy Eucharist 9.30 am Parish Eucharist. 6.00 pm Evensong (1st Sunday of the Month) Visit us on the Web at 2

From the Vicarage Spring has sprung, the daffs are out, the blossom is on the trees and Easter approaches; but the announcement that the Archbishop of Canterbury is to retire has left me feeling a bit wintry and a bit less than joyful. Our good fortune was to have the most extraordinarily gifted and holy man in Lambeth since I don’t know when. His ill fortune was to have to lead the Anglican Communion through the most stormy period in its history. The great frustration for those of us who admire and respect him was that he was obliged to waste his gifts on a probably futile effort to hold the Communion together. Or was it such a waste? My feeling is that the real depth and strength of his achievement will only be seen long after he’s gone. And - again to his credit - he would never have deluded himself, as others have, that Archbishops should look successful in the world’s eyes. I hope he and his wife Jane have a kinder time at Cambridge. And I hope Cambridge treats him better than we ever did. Everyone has a Rowan Williams story, this is mine. A friend was once an ordinand in Wales and had a terrible time when he fell out with the powers that be. His vocation was all but wrecked, and would have been, were it not for the one person who stuck up for him, the new Bishop of Monmouth, one Rowan Williams. Years went by, and this man, by now in England, decided to go through the selection process again, this time successfully. A few days after he heard the news he’d got through a letter arrived. When he opened it he found it was from Rowan Williams, by now Archbishop of Canterbury, saying how glad he was to see that things had worked out for him. Now it is impressive that years after the event the Archbishop should (a) notice that a lowly ordinand had been selected for training and (b) bother to write him a personal letter of congratulations. But, my friend said, it’s even more impressive than that. Look at the date. It was the day of his consecration. Surrounded by Royals and Bishops and dignitaries and the world’s media, he’d found time to write that personal letter. God bless Rowan Williams and thanks be to God for his 3 ministry. Yours in Christ – and Happy Easter! Fr Richard.

15th – 2nd Sunday of Easter Acts 4: 32-35 Psalm 133 1John 1:m1-2.2 John 20: 19-31

Our Worship in April Year B 1st - Palm Sunday Blessing of the Palms Mark 11: 1-11 Philippians 2: 5-11 Mark 15: 1-39 Hymns 159 Glory be to Jesus Processional 11 All glory, laud and honour 549 (T1) When I survey the wondrous cross* 540 Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Anthem: Stainer Jesus, the Crucified, pleads for me 435 (T1) Ride on, ride on in majesty* 1st – Palm Sunday at 6pm Stainer’s Crucifixion at St Mary’s, Rushden As part of the Deanery Choir 8th - Easter Day Acts 10: 34-43 Psalm 118: 1-2,14-24 1 Corinthians 13: 1-11 John 20: 1-18 Hymns 474 The day of resurrection Processional: 191 (T1) Hail the day that sees him rise 267 Jesus Christ is risen today 480 The head that once was crowned with thorns* Anthem: Mozart Ave Verum Corpus 103 (Tune 2) Crown him with many crowns 8th - Easter Day – Evensong 139 Ye choirs of new Jerusalem Responses Tallis Psalm 75 265 Glory to thee, my God, this night Canticles Purcell in E minor Anthem: Bruckner Locus Iste 466 O Worship the King*

Hymns 467 Tell out, my soul 532 We have a gospel to proclaim 25 Alleluia, alleluia, hearts to heaven and voices raise Anthem: Bruckner Locus Iste And now, O Father, mindful of thy love (32) 388 (T1) O praise ye the Lord! 22nd – 3rd Sunday of Easter Acts 3: 12-19 Psalm 4 1 John 3: 1-7 Luke 24: 36b-48 Hymns 408 Onward, Christian Soldiers 355 Now the green blade riseth 220 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds Anthem: Good Christians all, rejoice and sing (181) 503 Thine be the glory 29th – 4th Sunday of Easter Acts 4: 5-12 Psalm 23 1John 3: 16-24 John 10: 11-18 Hymns 13 All hail the power of Jesus’ name 76 Christ is made the sure foundation 226 I cannot tell Anthem: Holst Turn back, O man 422 Praise, my soul, the King of 4 heaven* Organ Voluntaries following the 9.30am services 8th April – Malcolm Archer: Festival Fanfare 4

From the Registers Holy Baptism 26th February Luca Zane Kojo Glynn 4th March Isabelle Julie Ann Fox Holy Matrimony 18th February Samantha Minney & Simon Brett Funerals 22nd February Jean Farey, age 83 27th February Eileen Mary Gayton, age 80

Floodlight Sponsorship 26th February Brian Ager - in memory of his father, Ronald Ager Bryan Williams - to wish a happy & significant birthday to Joyce David Bailey & Janet Millington - in memory of their mother, Margery Bailey Ellie Mears - in memory of Colin Mears on what would have been his 70th birthday

4th March Monica Webb - to celebrate Mick's birthday Nancy Bollard - in memory of her son, Michael Jean, Margaret & Shirley - remembering their mother, Dorothy Harris, with love Janet Maclean & Family - in ever loving memory of Alan Christine & Bryan Chapman - to celebrate Emily & Angus Wilson's 1st wedding anniversary Bet Cheney - to wish Dave a happy 65th birthday

11th March Alice Smith - in loving memory of her husband Ronald Walter Smith Barbara Bailey - to celebrate John L. H. Bailey's 70th birthday

18th March David Bailey & Janet Millington - in memory of their father Roy Bailey Bryan Chapman - in memory of Edith May, Horace & Sam Gambrell. Ann, Paul, Kristopher, Trisha & Jon - in memory of Lillian May Goodes (on what would have been her birthday and on Mother’s day)

25th March Daisy Mu Mu and Willy Pongo - to celebrate their ‘dad’ Richard’s 50th birthday.

Lent Course Lent Course - the Way of the Cross. This year's Lent course will take place in church throughout Holy Week, April 2nd - April 7th, and will follow in Christ's footsteps as he approaches the climax of his life and death and the triumph beyond. We meet at 7.00 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in church, and on Thursday also for our liturgy for Maundy Thursday. On Good Friday, following our own service in church at 2.00 pm, we meet at the Independent Wesleyan Chapel for a joint Good Friday service at 7.00 pm, and on Saturday we meet at 9.00 pm in church for the blessing of the Easter Candle. Don't worry if you can't make all of them; just do what you can do. 5 On Good Friday there will be a Procession of Witness with the Wesleyan Chapel on Good Friday at 11.00 am starting at the Bowls Club car park, followed by the Stations of the Cross in the church at 12.00 pm..

Women's World Day of Prayer On 2nd March, we gathered in the Parish Church for the Women’s World Day of Prayer. Joyfully we gathered, a goodly mix of church and chapel. It is so very good that this event is once again celebrated jointly. Shades of Eva Faulkner hovered over us as both her daughters participated. This year the material was presented from Malaysia, and of course, Jane Read and her husband were stationed there some years ago. She still had dresses and costumes that she had had made for her while there, and some of the ladies from church dressed up, making a wonderful splash of colour. The service was very well written and ladies from both church and chapel took part. There was a wonderful atmosphere and sense of unity, which I found particularly moving. We all know that the church must change in order to challenge this present mood of materialism. It is so good that our two churches are now co-operating fully with each other in community and mission and I felt that in this service we were beginning to demonstrate that spirit of change. Our leader for the service was not Revd Coles but his pastoral assistant, Jacqui Minchinton - a woman in charge for an important event, demonstrating the change within the Anglican church of women’s ministry. Afterwards, we gathered in the rear of the church, which is now almost a little ’café’. Jane’s husband had prepared for us a Malaysian meal, which was ’different’ but very tasty. Congratulations and many thanks to the Parish Church, and Jane in particular, for a very successful event. Ruth Sibley

Letter from the Diocese of West Malaysia Fr Richard has received a letter from St Mary’s Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur which says: Dear Revd Richard A copy of St Mary’s Sunday Link dated 8th January 2012 has been passed to us recently. As a Malaysian church we are pleased that you, together with many other churches worldwide who are participating in the Women’s World Day of Prayer are upholding our country in prayer this year. Thank you for this expression of our communion in Christ and his Gospel. Warmly in Christ Revd Dr Andrew Cheah

The Choir is not superstitious The choir is currently preparing to take the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) Bishop’s Award for Choirs; the exam date is Friday 13th April. The exam consists mostly of a Choral Evensong sung under exam conditions and will include Mozart’s Ave Verum, Bruckner’s Locus Iste and the Purcell Canticles. If successful - touch wood - they will receive a certificate at the Diocesan Choral Festival in October at Peterborough Cathedral. We are not aware of any other choirs in the area having attained this award; it lasts for five years before having to be renewed. So fingers crossed and good luck to all 6in the choir; break a leg.


Church Cleaning

St Mary’s Church AGM

At 10.00 am on Saturday 7th April we are having a 'Clean a Pew for Easter’ day in St Mary’s Church. Everyone is welcome and we would like as many people as possible to help so that we can get it done as quickly as possible. Please bring your own dusters.

St Mary’s church will be holding it’s AGM on Sunday 15th April in the church after the 9.30 Eucharist Service . PCC and Electoral Roll application forms are available in the church for anyone who would like to be a member of the PCC or have their name on the Electoral Roll.

St. Mary’s Thursday Club Pancake Races

Flower Festival There will be an Open Meeting for the Flower Festival for anyone who is interested in being involved on Monday 16th April at 8.00 pm in the Church

We would like to thank Finedon Mulso Junior School for allowing us to use the playground for this event. This was well supported by families and friends. Race results were; Pre-school 1) Izzy 2) Tilley Mums/dads 1) Nicky 2) Jo 3) Shaun Reception - Henry Yr 1 Luke Yr 2 Freddie Yr 3 Harley Yr 3 Adam (two races) Yr 4 Leo Yr 5 Jamie Yr 6 Zak Thank you to father Richard for presenting the trophies for us. We will be sending £105 to the Children's Society as a result of your support. At our recent AGM new officers for the club were elected, our congratulations go to Libby, Louise and Jo. Christine Chapman

Church of St Mary the Virgin

Easter EGG Hunt


Sunday 8th April In the churchyard after 9.30 Eucharist If wet, in the church 7

Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Finedon Report on the Accounts - yearend 31 December 2011 General Fund Receipts Total General Fund Receipts in the year were £61,917. This is significantly more than the 2010 receipts of £46,298. The following points should be noted: Planned giving increased by 22.4% from £18,511 to £22,644. This arose from increases in each of the types of planned giving – Envelope Scheme, £13,788 (2010 - £13,075), Standing Orders £8,120 (£5,334) and Gift Aid Envelopes £755 (£122). Weekly cash collections increased by £1,861 to £4,972 (£3,111). Other collections and giving increased by £586 to £3,270 (£2,684). A gift aid reclaim for the four tax years to 2010/11 was submitted and received in the year. This amounted to £17,661. Donations decreased to £2,879 from £9,257 in 2010 when a significant individual donation was received. Donations included a sum from the Flower Festival of £1,200 (£1,750). Fees in the year decreased to £1,681 from £2,398. These included service fees of £1,681 (£1,970).

Fund raising remained high during the year at £8,727 (£10,646). Recurring events generated the following, Bingo £1,752 (£1,671), Light Sponsorship £1,655 (£1,800), Fete £1,632 (£1,346) and Wassail / Raffle £1,101 (£515). There was a one off concert in the year, a Soul Evening, which raised £1,500. One off events in 2010 were Boobs & Brass (£1,992), Race Night (£1,324) and Jazz Event (£580). General Fund Payments General Fund Payments in 2011 were £47,412, an increase of £5,458 from £41,954. The main factors affecting the level of payments were: The Parish Share was increased by £12,000 to £33,000, having remained static at £21,000 since 2005. The full Parish Share for 2011 was £44,988 (£39,442), representing 73.4% (53.2%). The 2012 share is £46,527. Church running expenses decreased to £5,325 from £9,408. This is largely as a result of the resolution of a gas billing dispute in 82010 at a cost of £8,606. Clergy costs were a negative £325 in 2011 from £234. This is a timing issue associated with the diocese refund of costs during interregnum. 8

applied to the General Fund from 2012. The Development Fund has a balance of £1,287 (£1,206) after Minibus costs of £623 (£1,751) and income of £623 (£1,771). General Fund The Music Fund has a small balance of £14 (£138). There was a surplus on the Two new Restricted Funds were General Fund for the year of £14,505 (£4,344). The general fund created in the year: the Children’s Fund which arose from a donation is now of £23,464 (£8,958). This surplus £1,793 from the Sunday School facilitated the increased Parish Share and provides sufficient funds Welfare Committee’s unused funds, and is to be applied for children’s for activities. this to be able to maintained or increased in 2012. The stated long There were £4,789 of receipts for the restoration of the organ - the term aim of the PCC is to pay as Organ Fund, including Fund much of the Parish Share as can Raising of £2,364 from a King be afforded, and to maintain a James Bible Reading and a General Fund balance of around donation of £1,300 from the Flower £5,000 Festival. £589 was spent on an to £10,000. inspection. There were total monetary assets Other Funds and Assets at the year-end of £77,604 (£59,490). The total of the PCC’s restricted funds at the end of the year was Jubilee Cream tea £54,140, an increase of £3,608 from A Jubilee Cream Tea and Live £50,532. Music will be held on Tuesday 24th The Restoration Fund at the yearApril in the Mission Room end was £46,861, a decrease of by the friends of the Fund Raising £2,326 from £49,187. Restoration Fund income was £2,601 (£3,232) team in aid of the organ fund. and expenditure was £4,927 9 Tickets £3.00 available from Velma, (£5,768). The significant sources of Madge Wood or Margaret Coombs. There will be a new and Restoration Income were Flower nearly new table and a grand Festival £1,200 (£1,750) and Tote raffle. Not to be missed. £1,376 (£1,456). The Tote will be Service costs were similar at £3,001 (£3,196). Insurance costs increased slightly to £4,110 (£3,932).

719193 Alternatively visit the Sight Centre when it is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-1pm. For more information on services and support, visit Finedon WI

New Charity Shop needs your HELP Local charity Northamptonshire Association for the Blind (nab), is asking everyone to show their support and get behind their latest venture; a new charity shop in the heart of Kettering. The new charity shop, which hopes to be open by the end of March, is located next door to nab’s Kettering Sight Centre at the top of Wadcroft (just down from Gregg’s on the High Street). John Wood General Secretary of nab said: “This is not like the normal Charity Shop, where funds are raised for general support purposes. All of the money we raise from this new Charity Shop will go to support the Sight Centre which we have been running for nearly three years, and is so valuable for all the blind and partially sighted people who live in the Kettering area. We do urgently ask local people to help us with this local venture”. The charity are appealing both for people to give up a little of their spare time to become shop volunteers and for stock, including clothing and non-clothing items like furniture, bric-a-brac, toys, books and DVDs. If you would like to volunteer or donate items, please get in contact with nab on their Helpline: 01604

Our April meeting will be held on Monday 16th at the Mission Room. Our speaker will be Mrs Ann Swan. Any visitors will be made most welcome. The Northamptonshire WI is sending a baton around all the WI's to celebrate the Olympics. Finedon receives it on Monday 16th April and we are going to welcome it with Tea and cakes. If any ladies or gentlemen would like to celebrate with us please come along to the Mission Room at 7.30pm Church of St Mary the Virgin, Finedon

Meat Bingo on

Friday 13th April at the

Mulso School, Wellingborough Road at 7.30 pm


Admission Free Refreshments available, Raffle Everyone Welcome Transport available. For details please telephone Andrew Weatherill 682212


Townswomen’s Guild Our meeting this month will take place on Thursday 5th April at 7.30pm in the Town Hall. The speaker will be Dr Mike Lowis who will talk about ‘A Victorian Magic Lantern Show’. The Flower Group will hold a Sales Table during the coffee break and would welcome any spare plants from member's gardens for this event. The competition is a floral item. Visitors are always welcome to attend for a small charge of £3.

Church Monthly Draw Total receipts of £289.00 are divided equally between the winners and the church funds. Winning numbers for the March monthly draw are: 1st prize 195 £72.25 2nd prize 177 £43.35 3rd prize 108 £28.90 If you would like to join the monthly draw (£1.00 per share per month) which takes place on the first Sunday of the month, please contact Kathy Hobbs on 01933 398794.

Finedon Townswomen’s Guild Drama group

Church of St Mary the Virgin Finedon

will be presenting

Crowning of the May Queen and Coronation Lunch

Two one-act plays on Tuesday 24th April 2012 At 7.30pm In Finedon Town Hall

on Sunday 20th May at The Vicarage between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm

Tickets: £6.50 (including refreshments) Contact: 01933 680364 a donation to local charities will be made from the proceeds 11

Live music provided by the ‘Bonkers’ Band Tickets Adults £6.00 Children £3.00 Bring your own drink (glasses provided)

In My Day

the ramblings of Hubert James In my day it was about this time of year that the gardeners of Finedon would wake from hibernation to check on their seedlings. Course, in my day gardening was something we all did – young and old, we’d all be out there with our spades turning over the hard packed ground in rows and rows of neatly dug squares burying the winter weeds. Gardening was all the rage. We all knew who Percy Thrower was. Nowadays your typical garden can look more like the poop deck of the Black Pig than Centre Court. Decking from the kitchen to the barn. My neighbour has got so much planking I keep expecting to see Johnny Depp drop down from the crows nest playing the middle eight of Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Anyway, one year we actually had a visit from Percy T. What a nice bloke. The Gardening Club managed to get him to come and judge the annual lawn competition. Finedon was a bit different like that. There was plenty of folk growing flowers and even more cultivating vegetables, but we all took real pride in our grass. There was nothing folk liked better than getting close to grass an inhaling. It was somehow relaxing, well unless you had Hayfever.

To be fair gardening was rife across Europe. In fact, the year Percy visited, Finedon had been nominated to represent Great Britain at The Eurovision Lawn Contest. I expect many of you used to listen to this event on the wireless. The idea was that all the countries put forward one act. The act had to perform on a square metre of home grown grass. Course we was at a disadvantage because we hadn’t gone metric so we had to use a square yard so our patch was smaller. The limited space meant Finedon’s rhythmic gymnasts were discounted. Anyway you took your patch of grass to somewhere like Helsinki or Prague and performed your act on it. All the countries voted for the best by postcard. It went on a bit ‘cause you was depending on the Postal service in each place. It got very serious and of course, it’ gave us the phrase ‘’Turf Wars’. Percy was spoilt for choice but even so he picked a clear winner to represent us. Finedon has always produced wonderful singers and those days were no different. We had a young lad in the Church Choir from up Kenmuir Avenue. Jerry Dorsey was his name. He was a sideburn grower by trade so his patch of grass was thick and wiry. Lovely voice. We had high hopes, but this being Europe, we didn’t win. We came second to a group from Sweden who sang about St Pancras while mowing. Weird, I reckon they was half cut. 12Young Jerry moved to Market Harborough and changed his name, but you’ll remember his grass based hit song – no, not the Green, Green Grass of Home. It was called; Please Re-seed Me Let Me Grow. 12

The Bishop of Peterborough writes


Money and marriage

Please don't misunderstand where I'm going with this. I have friends, clergy and lay, in civil partnerships. I voted in General Synod for the same clergy pension rights for civil partners as married clergy enjoy. I oppose both homophobia and anti-gay discrimination.

This month I'm writing about two separate matters, one internal church business and the other about our national life. First, a huge Thank You to so many parishes for paying parish share so faithfully last year. Following a number of years in which the collection rate fell, to below 90% in 2010, last year saw a remarkable and very welcome rise to 93%. There are a number of reasons for this, but for now I'll stick with the simplest analysis: that it is very good news. Parish share inevitably goes up each year, but please remember that almost all of what the parishes pay goes straight to the costs of ministry: training, paying, housing and providing pensions for the parish clergy. 93% is a great improvement: now let's aim for an even better payment rate this year!

Second, despite assurances from the last government that civil partnerships were not to be seen as gay marriage, and would not lead to any change in marriage law, there is now a proposal and a strong campaign in that

And I am entirely happy with the Genesis text that it is not good for a man [or a woman] to be alone. We need each other, we need close friendships, and most of us need one exclusive intimate relationship. I affirm all that. But an exclusive loving partnership with someone of the same gender, whether sexual or not, is not marriage. Marriage in the Bible and in our national law is between a man and a woman. It is different from any other relationship, and no other relationship should be confused with it. Some say that if society accepts gay marriage the Church should do the same. I believe that marriage is such an important and God-given institution that we should not try to change it. This is one of those times when the Church's calling is to be prophetic and resist the direction in which society may be moving. 13

With best wishes

Around the diocese

Sat 7, Dean’s Open Garden.

Village parish pays more than its share

12 noon–3pm, the Dean of Peterborough will open his garden to the public.

Sat 7, Antiques, Books, Collectables Fair, Fair 10am-4pm at Abington Church

St Mary’s Church at Ketton in Rutland has donated an additional £1,000 to the diocese, on top of its full 2011 parish share payment.

Rooms, Northampton.

Mon 9, Cowslip and Fritillary Day “We have good and regular givers in our congregation and at the end of 2011 the PCC was able to make some donations. They unanimously agreed to my suggestion that we should give to the diocese,” said Nicholas Hart, Churchwarden and Treasurer. “We know that diocesan costs don’t go down and that the money is needed.”

St Peter’s, Newton Bromswold, 2pm- 4pm. Plants for sale and cream teas.

Graham Cuthbert, Deputy Diocesan Secretary who oversees the finances of the diocese, says that it is not unusual for one or two churches to pay extra each year.

7.30pm at St Andrew's, Great Cransley. £5 from 01536 790253.

Mon 9, Oakham All Saints organ recital 11.15am. Jemima Stephenson, Peterborough Cathedral Organ Scholar. Retiring collection. £5 lunches.

Sat 14, Raunds Temperance Band concert at Wellingborough School, 7.30pm. £7.50 on door, for All Hallows, Wellingborough. Tel: 01933 279366.

Fri 20, Corby Male Voice Choir,

Fri 20, Yarwell & Nassington Brass Band 8pm, St Jude’s, Peterborough. £8 in advance, £10 on door. 01733 330483.

“It is greatly encouraging when parishes take the rationale of sharing seriously like this,” he said.

Sat 21, Music in Lyddington: Lyddington The Sacconi Quartet with Silvia Simionescu (viola). Mozart viola quintets. 7.30pm at St Andrew’s, Lyddington. Tickets £14 (on door £16, students £2). 01572 820017.

Photo: St Mary’s Church, Ketton

April events Fri 6, Service with Josef Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ. 6pm at St Etheldreda’s, Guilsborough. 6pm. Music performed by The Northern Quarter Ensemble and the church choir.


Sun 29, John Witchell organ recital

at St Peter & St Paul, Abington, N’mpton at 4pm. John is Director of Music, St Peter & St Paul, Olney and former Abington organist. 5pm tea, 6pm Evensong.


Town Diary July

April 2nd

7.30 BL, Bowls Club, TBA


7.30 BL, Bowls Club, TBA


9.45 Coffee morning, Bowls Club

5th-8th Wesleyan Chapel Flower Festival


7.30, TG, Town Hall, Mike Lowis ‘A Victorian Magic Lantern Show’


St Mary’s Church, Wine Walkabout



Easter Egg Hunt, St Mary’s Church.

7.30 History Society, Mission Room, Shoemaking in Northamptonshire


10.00 Coffee Morning, Football Club



7.30 Church Meat Bingo, Mulso School


7.30, BL, Bowls Club, TBA



8pm Open Flower Festival meeting, St Mary’s Church

The History of RAF Wyton & the Pathfinder Force, Squadron Leader K P Dalley ret’d.


9.45 Coffee Morning, Football Club


7.30 History Society, Mission Room, Lamport Hall, Elizabeth Hopes

September 3rd

7.30 BL, Bowls Club, TBA


St Mary’s Church, Flower Festival 7.30 History Society, Mission Room, Rockingham Castle & The Watsons, Michael Boyce


Jubilee Cream Tea & Live Music, Mission Room



10.00 Coffee Morning, Football Club



Bell ringers outing to Chester

May 1st

9.45 Coffee morning, Bowls Club


11-2pm Wesleyan Chapel Table Top Sale


10.00 Coffee morning, Football Club


9.45 Coffee morning, Bowls Club


Crowning of the May Queen, Vicarage


10.00 Coffee Morning, Football Club


7.30 BL Bowls Club, TBA


9.45 Coffee morning, Bowls Club


7.30 BL, Bowls Club, TBA


9-12pm Wesleyan Chapel Table Top Sale


7.30 History Society, Mission Room, Northamptonshire Victorian Inventors & Inventions, JonPaul Carr

November 5th

7.30 BL, Bowls Club, AGM


7.30 History Society, Mission Room AGM and slides

December 1st

11-2pm FIWC Christmas Bazaar


7.30 BL, Entertainment at Woodford WMC

June 16th

9-12pm FIWC Table Top Sale

St Michael’s Mission Room, Well Street, Finedon Available for hire weekdays and Saturdays. Suitable for most social functions, 15 charitable events, children's parties (no late discos) All enquiries and information Mrs Helen Watts Tel: 01933 398073 (Between 6 pm & 8 pm or by letter to 46 Well Street, Finedon)

April 2012  

St Marys Finedon April 2012 Parish Magazie

April 2012  

St Marys Finedon April 2012 Parish Magazie