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The Maple Crest Story Through the Years Spiritual Care In the Community The History of ABHM


Jonas Baptist Home

Hattie B. Munroe Children’s Home

Maple Crest Health Center

The History of Maple Crest

Our History

For nearly 70 years Maple Crest Health Center has been serving the needs of seniors in and around Omaha. Founded in 1948 by Rev. R.E. Cody, President of Northwest Baptist Home Society, Maple Crest first opened in a residential house on North 31st Avenue in Omaha. The facility was known as the Jonas Baptist Home, after Dr. A.F. Jonas, the owner of the property at that time. Then, in 1959 the Baptist Home was relocated to the Hattie B. Munroe Children’s Home, on 2824 North 66th Avenue, Maple Crest’s present location. This move would mark the beginning of the Maple Crest we know today. Between the years of 1965 and 1967 a major expansion project was launched adding two wings to the growing community. In 1974 a second stage of expansion, on the main level, created the East and West wings of Benson Terrace. In 1976, shortly after the expansion was complete, the name was changed to Maple Crest Care Center, to embrace a larger sense of community and ensure seniors of all denominations, not just those affiliated with the church, were made to feel welcome and cared for. This series of projects, along with other smaller modifications shaped the modern day Maple Crest.

FALL :: 2017

Donor Generosity Helps Maple Crest Grow

In 1976 Maple Crest also saw the additional of a Chapel, to help the community continue to grow and meet the spiritual needs of residents. The Maple Crest Chapel was created largely through a major donation from the Gangwish family of Gibbon, NE, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gangwish Sr. In 1994 a beautiful solarium was added onto Maple Crest’s lower level and dining area, through the generosity of Viola Chase, a longtime resident of the Maple Crest condominiums. And in 1997, through the benevolence of Ms. Chase, an extension was made to the Peterson lounge, adding much needed common space for families and residents to enjoy time together.

Expansion Continues In 2012

In 2012 Maple Crest began the latest in a series of redevelopment projects to expand the programs and enhance the community environment to meet the changing of residents and the greater community. The renovations included the creating a brand new short-term rehabilitation center on the top floor of the community. The recently completed rehab center offer physical, occupational and speech therapy and accepts resi-


dents using Medicare insurance plan.

In 2015, to meet the increasing demand for memory care, Maple Crest renovated and expanded the memory care center on Maple Crest’s lower lever. The new memory care center provides residents who have a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s, with a safe and secure area and gives families “Peace of Mind” knowing loved ones are safe and secure. Additional changes throughout the community include a major renovation of resident rooms, the Chapel, hallways and common areas, all designed to create a community we are proud to call home.

Our Tradition Lives On

Throughout the years there have been significant changes to Maple Crest; from moving locations to building new wings. Through it all one standard has remained unchanged; embracing our Mission, “to create Christian communities that empower older adults and provide choices for housing services and technology that enrich body mind and spirit.”

Come visit the new Maple Crest today!

Selecting a Health Care Community When the time comes to choose a health care center for you or a loved one, the task often adds stress to an already complex situation. Whether you are looking for short-term rehabilitation or long-term care, the pressure of finding the “right� community can be amplified by the need to make the decision and make it quickly.

Let Maple Crest Help

Choosing a health care community often comes after hospitalization or a significant health related event in the home. Doing your research and finding the right community for yourself or loved one before the need arises can save you time, effort, stress and put your mind at ease. To help you make the best decision possible Maple Crest offers information and resources regarding the choices available to you. The selection process frequently begins with a tour of several local communities to gain a better understanding of their longterm care and short-term rehabilitation capabilities, along with the financial overview.

services in certified nursing communities, and nearly 1 million people lived in assisted living communities. Of those 52% percent of people who turned 65, the average duration of need, over a lifetime, is about two years.

Call Maple Crest

By taking the previously mentioned steps, you will be ahead of the game if and when the time comes to select a health care center for your short-

term rehab or long-term care needs. If you are unsure of the choices available to you and have questions regarding your long-term, short-term or memory care options please feel free to call and set up a time to tour Maple Crest and discuss your individual situation. Please contact Joey Burt RN, Nurse Liaison, at 402-5512110 or visit our website for more information and schedule a tour.

According to a study by AARP’s Public Policy Institute analysis of 2014 National Health Interview Survey, about 52% of all adults who turned 65 by 2015 will develop a severe disability that will require long term services at some point. The study also found that in 2014 about 1.5 million people received long-term care



merican Baptist Homes of the Midwest, parent company of Maple Crest, was founded in a Baptist tradition. Today, our mission has broadened to “creating healthy Christian communities that empower older adults by providing choices for housing, services, and technology that enrich body, mind, and spirit” for seniors of all faiths and backgrounds. ABHM’s spiritual care programs are inspired by a philosophy of care shared across all our communities. Our spiritual leaders seek to uplift, encourage, and offer compassion to everyone involved with the community. Spiritual services at ABHM are interfaith and open to all residents, families, and staff members. Each community employs a full-time chaplain who serves as the spiritual leader, including new Maple Crest chaplain Dick Creek. The chaplains work with residents, families, and staff to meet the unique spiritual needs of the community through worship services, bible studies, devotionals, hymn singing, personal visitation, and prayer support.

Meet Maple Crest’s New Chaplain The new Maple Crest Chaplain, Dick Creek, has always had a strong sense of spirituality that started early in life. At just 18 he enrolled Nebraska Christian College.

Spiritual Care Pro A Mission of E Shortly after graduating, Dick moved to Tulsa, OK, where he remained for the next 15 years as the senior pastor of a local church. During his time in Tulsa, Dick worked overseas as a missionary during the Cold War behind what was once known as the “Iron Curtain”.

Maple Crest Chaplain Dick Creek

Eventually, Dick made his way back to Omaha, NE, where he took a position with the United Way as Director of Community Impact for the Midlands. During this time Dick also did extensive work with the Alzheimer’s Association and served as the Director of Senior Companions for the Nebraska Eastern Office on Aging. Dick sees himself as a servant of God, which guided him into the ministry and continues to be a driving force in his life. He states, “Spiritual care is so vital to our seniors because they are late in the journey of life. They may feel they don’t have someone to turn to, or they feel alone in the world. I want them to know they are not alone, and we will provide the support and care they need and deserve.” As the new Maple Crest chaplain, Dick wants to enhance the socialization programs at the community and assure resident families that their loved ones are living life to the fullest. Dicks says he wants to use his experiences and talents to help wherever he is needed. “I look forward to serving the residents of Maple Crest and becoming a

ograms at ABHM: Empowerment part of the team, working on projects, problem solving, and team building.” His interests outside the workplace include antiquing with his wife, traveling, and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes, Green Bay Packers and Boston Celtics. He also spent many years as an adventure runner (extreme cross country) throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. When not on one of his adventures Dick likes to write and has published two books.

The Importance of a Spiritual Community Spirituality plays a vital role in the lives of residents at Maple crest Crest. Chaplain Creek is kept busy offering spiritual support and guidance to all of the residents, family members, and staff of Maple Crest. The spiritual services offered at Maple Crest cater to resident and family needs through a variety of a programs and services. For example, on a weekly basis Chaplain Creek leads devotions, Bible study and open communion along with Sunday services. Local church pastors also visit Maple Crest to give residents a chance to experience different pastors and their styles. “The different services and programs give residents a way to nurture their faith and continue expressing themselves spiritually, this is very important, especially for those who are no longer able to attend their own church, ” states Chaplain Creek. These programs together with personal care and support help create a community that encourages and sustains residents, families and staff.

Spiritual Approach Supports Memory Care Residents Chaplain Creek states “Each day I take time to visit residents who are living in the Maple Crest memory care center. The memory care center at Maple Crest provides the best setting for those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia and has been serving the Benson Neighborhood and the surrounding communities for many years.”

Maple Crest always welcomes friends and families of residents, and encourages them to visit and participate in activities taking place at the community. These family visits and the interaction with staff members, help residents remain connected to memories and personal identity which can offer comfort during difficult times. Despite the hardships that are often associated with memory issues, families and friends can take comfort knowing that even though their loved one seems to have separated from so much in this life, there is one thing from which they can never be separated from, and that is the love of God. A shining example of this can be seen when I pray with a group of memory care residents and we say “Lord’s Prayer.” The moment I begin to pray, “Our Father who is in Heaven…” these people, who have forgotten so much, will slowly, one by one, join in a chorus of prayer, remembering word for word this prayer to their Lord. Even as their memories fade, it is still evident that the roots of spirituality are deep and strong. I believe this is God’s reminder to the families that their loved one is still connected to God. God spoke through Isaiah a long time ago saying, “I will not forget you – See, I have engraved you on the palm of my hands.” (Isaiah 49: 15, 16) To learn more about spiritual care at Maple Crest, call Chaplain Dick Creek at 402-551-2110.

ABHM The Early Origins of


hen the Great Depression hit the Midwest in 1929, it had a drastic impact on not only working and economic conditions, but family life as well. The origins of Maple Crest’s parent company, American Baptist Homes of the Midwest, emerged from the hardships of this period.

Seniors in Crisis During the Depression The elderly population was hit particularly hard by the challenges of the Great Depression. Those who were close to retirement or had already retired watched a lifetime of savings disappear before their eyes. Many weren’t capable of returning to work, or were unable to find jobs that would allow them to rebuild their lost savings. As a result, many elderly people became dependent on their families for shelter and care. Unfortunately, young families were facing their own struggles. There were seldom enough resources

for them to adequately provide for their own children, let alone their parents.

Finding Hope in a New Beginning

In 1930, a small group of Baptist gentlemen living in Minnesota and Iowa recognized the serious need to provide shelter and care for the elderly population of the Midwest. These five gentlemen decided to take action and formed a not-for-profit organization they called the Northwest Baptist Home Society. The original mission of the Northwest Baptist Home Society was “to provide Christian homes for aged and dependent men and women, and to provide for their physical and spiritual comfort.” The five founders did not wait long to involve others in their efforts to relieve the suffering they saw in their communities. To expand their initiative, they joined with the Northern Baptist Convention of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Baptist congregations in these states helped to support the Society’s early efforts.

From the Founders to Today The first ABHM community opened its doors on


1964 1965

ABHM’s first location in Winnebago, MN, the Winnebago Old People’s Home, was originally a dormitory at now-defunct Parker College. The community was later renamed Parker Oaks Retirement Community.

August 29, 1931. It was housed in a former men’s dormitory belonging to Parker College (a nowdefunct Baptist school) in Winnebago, MN, that had sat vacant for many years before being given to the Society and converted into a residence for seniors. The community was originally named the “Winnebago Old People’s Home” and later renamed Parker Oaks Retirement Community.

The ABHM mission has evolved over time, but remains true to the original values of our founders. Dave Zwickey, ABHM President and CEO states, “Our mission today is to create healthy Christian communities that empower older adults, families, and people with disabilities. We provide choices for housing, services, and technology that enrich body, mind, and spirit.”

In the following 18 years, the Society’s mission and footprint grew as they opened seven additional “Old People’s Homes” in Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Meanwhile, another Baptist association for the elderly was growing in Colorado, called the Baptist Home Association of the Rocky Mountains, (BHA).

In the past several years, ABHM has expanded the services offered at a number of locations across the Midwest. Our communities provide a full continuum of senior living and healthcare services that include skilled nursing, rehab care, assisted living, independent living, and memory care, along with housing and programs for the developmentally disabled and subsidized housing for seniors and families. Our communities are located in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

BHA was chartered in Denver in 1949 with the mission to provide “facilities for care, comfort, health, recreation, and general welfare of aged people.” In 1994, the two organizations joined forces to continue a joint mission to serve those in need under the ABHM banner.

1972 1973



Owned and operated by AMERICAN BAPTIST HOMES OF THE MIDWEST, a not-for-profit provider of senior health care since 1930. 14850 SCENIC HEIGHTS RD, STE 125, EDEN PRAIRIE MN 55344

2824 N. 66th Avenue Omaha, NE 68104



Maple Crest is a faith-based, not-for-profit senior living community. Our mission is to create healthy Christian communities that empower older adults. We provide choices for housing, services, and technology that enrich body, mind and spirit.

There’s still time to support the Kleinpaste Nursing Scholarship Program at Maple Crest. Ask for details at the front desk or visit

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Maple Crest Newsletter Winter2018  

Maple Crest Newsletter Winter2018

Maple Crest Newsletter Winter2018  

Maple Crest Newsletter Winter2018