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The Importance of Friendship in Senior Living Technology Making Life Better for Seniors Starting an Exercise Program After Age 60


Greetings from the Maple Crest Administrator

This spring Maple Crest will complete a three-year renovation project that has transformed our community. Through the reconstruction you will see significant changes in our Health Center, not only cosmetic but also in the level of healthcare services we are able to provide.

The renovation has expanded the number of Health Center residents Maple Crest can support from 130 to 162. The newly renovated rooms, beautiful dining rooms, lounges, brand new multipurpose room, comforting spas, and state-of-the-art technology are just a few of the welcome changes that have been incorpo-

SPRING :: 2017

rated in the New Maple Crest. There is also a new staff lounge where our people can relax and socialize during breaks.

on our renovation and invite you to tour the New Maple Crest – you will love it!

While there have been a great many physical changes to our community, as well as continual changes in the health care industry, there has always been one constant, the exceptional care and commitment our loving and nurturing staff provides to Maple Crest residents. Regardless of department or position, providing quality care is at the heart of Maple Crest. We thank you for your endless patience as we put the final touches


Eugenie Ahounou, Maple Crest Administrator

A Friendship A Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Throughout our lives maintaining social connections is necessary for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. For seniors, social bonds are more important than ever, but too often social networks begin to shrink just when they are needed most. By choosing to live in a senior living community residents are surrounded by a network of friends, family and peers. Activities, events, entertainment and mealtimes make it easy to meet new people and when living on a senior campus or in a community setting, friends and neighbors are close by therefore eliminating the transportation barrier that causes many seniors to feel isolated in their home. Social isolation can lead to unintended psychological and physical health risks. For example, depression, cognitive decline, impaired mobility, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and dementia. In addition, those who are socially isolated are less likely to be proactive about their health, leading to poor diet, decreased physical activity and a lower likelihood of seeking medical care. In American Baptist Homes of the Midwest (ABHM) communities like Maple Crest, seniors can create a lifestyle of their choosing and easily maintain or expand their social circles, increase interaction and prevent the consequences isolation can have on overall health. The social aspect of a senior community is one of the key benefits our residents receive during a stage of life when many experience social isolation. New friendships form every day across ABHM communities and are often the first thing residents mention when describing how their life has improved through community living.

“It was scary leaving my home of 32 years to move to a senior living community,” said one longtime resident, “but I’ve discovered that in the sharing of memories and the daily adventures of retirement, I’ve formed deep new friendships that bring me great joy. I find it impossible to clearly express the many blessings that are freely shared here each day, person-to-person and friend-to-friend.” Paulette Webb moved to ABHM’s Mountain Vista Senior Living Community in Colorado during July of 2016 and said her new friendships have been an unexpected blessing. “I have made good friends here and really enjoy being social”. Paulette continues, “It’s something I didn’t even realize I was missing when I was living in my house, but now I don’t know how I lived without it!” Though they may initially feel reluctant to change, most seniors find moving to a senior living community transforms their overall quality of life. If you are experiencing social isolation, talk to a loved one about transitioning to a senior community in your area. Already living in an ABHM community and looking for more? Ask your community’s activity coordinator how you can get more involved in community life.

Technology At ABHM Communities,

Is Changing

Senior Living

For the Better

n his 18 years with American Baptist Homes of the Midwest (ABHM), IT Director Roger Hennen has seen technology transform the lives of residents, as well as the way ABHM communities manage and deliver care.


This transformation follows a trend across the senior living industry. Communities all over the country are adopting new technologies in order to create more efficient processes, provide more personalized care, and facilitate communication between families, providers and community staff. At ABHM, Roger spearheads IT initiatives and helps the senior living communities implement and adapt new systems that streamline care and enhanced resident experiences. For example, digital health records enable staff to more carefully monitor resi-

dents’ progress over time, while health information exchange systems simplify patient transitions between hospital stays, rehab and discharge. Even the dining services team has technology on their side, using software to manage dietary plans customized to the needs of each individual resident. Perhaps the most dramatic change has come from the residents themselves, and how they adapt to new technology. Roger states, “Today, many new residents arrive at our communities with laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones in tow. Eighteen years ago, that rarely happened, people just didn’t have the interest and some of the technology didn’t even exist.” He continues, “In my time with ABHM there has been a dramatic change, I see residents in their 80s using

a wide variety of digital devices and computer systems, it has become the new norm.” The use of technology has been especially lifechanging for residents who do not have family nearby. These new means of communication give residents the opportunity to talk face-toface with family and friends hundreds and even thousands of miles away. “The biggest thing now is social media,” says Roger. “I’m seeing more and more of it each week. Facebook, Instagram . . . residents are using social media to stay in touch with family.” For those who don’t own a smartphone, tablet or laptop, ABHM provides access to computers so residents can use FaceTime or Skype with distant family members. Over the last five or six years, the access and use of technology has become a routine part of daily life for residents and families. ABHM communities have Wi-Fi installed throughout all the common areas and in the health centers, networks for guests and visiting family to access and walk-up computer stations are available in each community for those who don’t have a personal computer. “People coming to our communities have grown accustomed to having access to technology,” says Roger. “It’s part of their lives.”

Volunteers Are Essential at Maple Crest

Whether it’s playing games or helping residents move around the community, Maple Crest volunteers play a critical role in the lives of the residents. To help expand and refine our volunteer program we have recently partnered with group called Community 360. The group has considerable experience developing and training volunteers and has been a great asset to Maple Crest.

The mission of Community 360’s is to recruit, screen, and train committed individuals to serve as weekly companions for residents of long-term care communities, which makes our relationship ideal. Over the past several years a number of our most dedicated volunteers have come to us through Community 360 and are now part of the Maple Crest family. Lindsey McCoy, Maple Crest activity director for the past seven years, makes resident engagement a top priority. It is her vision that led to the relationship with Community 360, and an expanded volunteer program that offers a wide variety of engaging and entertaining activities, ensuring residents a fulfilling lifestyle. “The individuals from

SPRING :: 2017

Community 360 are invaluable,” said Lindsey. “Everyone is selfmotivated, responsive, and engaging. I am overwhelmed by their commitment and dedication to our residents.” Maple Crest’s roster of activities includes live musical entertainment, educational series, activity clubs, bible study, praise and worship services, community outings, arts and crafts, bingo, and a Maple Crest favorite, Come Color with Joy. Each Saturday, Joy Rich spends the day with residents, helping them create beautiful works of art while singing their favorite tunes. Joy makes a huge difference at


Maple Crest. Lindsey McCoy says of Joy, “She brightens everyone’s day, from the staff to the residents, and she really lives up to her name.” Maple Crest volunteers play an essential role in the daily lives of residents, and we are always looking for new faces. An example of volunteer activities includes: visiting with residents, reading, playing cards, transporting residents around the community, and assisting Lindsey and her staff. Volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact on the lives of our residents, no matter your age or background. For more information about volunteering at Maple Crest, contact Lindsey at or by calling 402-551-2110. To reach out to Community 360, visit their website at or call 402-556-8032.

Maple Crest Renovations Unveiled

This spring the Maple Crest renovations will be complete, transforming the community and enhancing our already outstanding care. The new and expanded services include an innovative rehabilitation gym with state-of-theart technology, enriched long-term care services, on-site security, new dining and social areas for our residents, family and friends to enjoy.

The renovation has added 29 beautifully updated rooms to the existing semi-private and private room options. Each room is fully furnished and includes a flat screen television with cable, personal telephone and individual number. By increasing the number of rooms available, Maple Crest is able to offer resident a wide variety of insurance and payment options such as, Medicare, Medicare Replacement plans, Medicaid, private pay, and long-term care insurance. Meanwhile, our dedicated team of physicians, practitioners, nurses, and nursing assistants will continue to provide the same exceptional care that is a Maple Crest tradition.

Additionally, Maple Crest offers a wide variety of services and support through our activities department, social services department, dining services and full-time chaplain. Our newly remodeled multipurpose room has been created to provide residents with an area for entertainment, social gatherings, religious services, and group activities. The room features a large theater screen with a surround sound audio system, and is open for all residents to use. A brand-new beauty and barber shop will give residents a

New Resident Room


New Rehab Gym

salon experience, and our expanded gardens will soon be full of color and life this spring. Whether you are looking for rehabilitation therapy or long term care, Maple Crest can help you and your loved one. Our expanded short term rehab therapy services include physical, occupational, and speech therapies where we create customized restorative nursing programs to help residents maintain functional abilities, prevent decreases, increase strength, endurance and balance. While those who require a longer stay can count on our nursing services to accommodate many different levels of care, including IV therapy, wound care, dialysis, hospice and respite care, along with secured memory care. We also provide bariatric services within our long-term care and short-term rehab. Maple Crest has been proud to serve Omaha and its surrounding communities for over 65 years, and we look forward to caring for you or your loved ones in the future.

2824 N. 66th Avenue Omaha, NE 68104

Maple Crest Health Center is owned and operated by American Baptist Homes of the Midwest, a not-for-profit provider of senior health care since 1930.


Maple Crest is a faith-based, not-for-profit senior living community. Our mission is to create healthy Christian communities that empower older adults. We provide choices for housing, services, and technology that enrich body, mind and spirit.





The Importance of Friendship in Senior Living Technology Making Life Better for Seniors Starting an Exercise Program After Age 60

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Maple Crest Spring 2017 Newsletter  

Maple Crest Spring 2017 Newsletter

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