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Cutting Edge Therapy at Maple Crest Memory Care Provides Peace of Mind for Families and Residents Maple Crest Medical Director Featured

A Dementia Diagnosis is Not Without Options

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, someone in America develops symptoms of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia every 66 seconds. Dementia is a broad category of brain diseases that cause longterm loss of cognitive ability severe enough to interfere with a person's daily functioning. As a progressive disease, dementia causes a person’s ability to care for themselves to slowly deteriorate. Spouses and family members can provide a great deal of support, but the task of caring for someone with dementia can become a job that is both physically and emotionally taxing. Typically the progression of the disease and the demands of the individual exceed the capabilities of family caregivers and

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they seek full-time care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of a loved one.

There are several care options that families can explore. One option is to work with a Home Health Agency and hire a nurse/caregiver to come to your loved one’s home and provide daily care. A second option is to consider a move to a senior living community with an appropriate memory care program. If your loved one’s memory related issues are more advanced, a third option is to look at Maple Crest’s Memory Care Center. Here, residents receive an intensive level of care provided by nurses who manage and monitor symptoms. Residents occupy private or semi-private rooms that


are secured for their safety and well-being.

Maple Crest has recently expanded their memory care center and now offer 38 private and semi-private resident rooms to help meet the growing demand. Memory care provide all meals, activities and staff available 24/7 to provide care and security, ensuring residents are kept safe. The new Maple Crest Memory Care Center also accepts Medicaid which is somewhat unique in the Omaha area. If you know someone living with or caring for someone with dementia or related memory care concerns and is looking for care options, please feel free to contact Maple Crest Health Center at 402-551-2110.


Cutting Edge Therapy at Maple Crest

Maple Crest has provided specialized rehabilitation services to Omaha and the surrounding communities for over 65 years. Tailored to meet the special needs of each individual, at Maple Crest you’ll receive stateof-the-art therapy while staying in a private renovated room with its own bathroom. Ronald Koch, a Maple Crest resident has nothing but praise for the accommodations: “Everything is first class! I have never had anything to complain about.” At Maple Crest, you’ll receive personalized treatment from a team of leading physical, occupational, and speech therapists, utilizing a variety of techniques and specialty equipment. Ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapies are used for muscle rehabilitation following orthopedic operations and strokes. Diathermy, a treatment that stimulates circulation to increase blood flow to target areas of the body, is an effective therapy for pain reduction, contracture management, and wound healing. The anti-gravity, or “Alter G” as it is fondly known, treadmill is an-

other type of cutting edge equipment used by the rehab team at Maple Crest. The “AlterG,” allows people to re-learn or improve walking abilities while decreasing strain on muscles and joints. Therapy residents using the Alter G are braced by an inflatable ring that supports body weight while the residents begin

to get joints and muscles moving again. Jinae Cherry, a Maple Crest therapist (PD, PTA) describes the sensation, “it is like moving through a pool without getting wet.” The Maple Crest rehab program, in addition to the “in house equipment and programs”, also does on-site home assessments to make sure a residents home is safe enough for them to return. When appropriate, residents also receive on-going restorative program information to ensure they continue their therapy work at home and make a complete recovery. Whether residents complete their therapy while at the community or at home the rehab team at Maple Crest has one overarching goal being: help residents return to the activities and a lifestyle they are accustomed to safely and with confidence.

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Residents an Finding Peace of

Memory Seniors are living longer and more independently than ever before. However, with longer life comes an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. Sufferers of these diseases face a progressive decline in cognitive and physical capabilities, resulting in the gradual loss of independence and eventual need for intensive daily care. To meet the growing need, senior living communities all over the country have been adding additional facilities and services dedicated to memory care, making a clear difference in quality of life for seniors—and their family members. When Mary Brockington – a resident at Maple Crest’s sister community, the Community at Franklin Park, in Denver, CO – was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she still lived at home with her husband Fred. Initially her family took care of her at home, but eventually it became clear that she needed professional care. According to her daughter, Caralynne, Mary had reached this point before moving to Franklin Park. “She would start packing everything and would start to try to go home—but she was home,” Caralynne describes. “She

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didn’t want anyone’s help, but we realized that it might start getting dangerous and we wanted to keep her safe.” A relative with memory loss can be a constant source of stress for family members, caregivers, and loved ones. Each day is fraught with communication challenges, difficulties performing routine tasks, and the risks associated with confusion and forgetfulness—such as the tendency to wander away and become lost. Before settling into Franklin Park, Mary first moved into another facility. However, it soon became clear that she required more advanced services than they could provide. Her family moved Mary to Franklin Park, where she has her own private room and receive one-onone care from nursing staff.

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y Care The move to Franklin Park has been a wonderful experience for both Mary and her family members. “I try to visit every day,” Caralynne says, “but I call to check in on the days that I can’t go myself. The staff are diligent about keeping us posted on how she’s doing that day and her o v e r a l l progress. They have all been very personable and seem dedicated to their work.” Because social interaction plays an important part in managing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Franklin Park and the other ABHM communities provide extensive activities and programs designed to connect and engage with Memory Care residents. By keeping loved ones involved with favorite hobbies and activities, caregivers and family members can help them improve mood and memory—and possibly even slow the process of cognitive decline.

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Mary, a lifelong social butterfly, is certainly seeing the benefits of staying active at Franklin Park. “During our visits we sit and talk, we sing songs, and we pray,” says Caralynne. “We choose our activities based on her mood, but we have been able to continue many of the activities she used to love. She’s been adjusting well to the community. She seems content.” The support Franklin Park and all ABHM communities provide isn’t limited to residents. Caralynne and her family have been attending a monthly support group at Franklin Park throughout Mary’s time there. “Ever since she was first diagnosed, we have been going to seminars to learn more about the illness,” says Caralynne. “The speakers at Franklin Park have been really helpful in educating us about what has been going on with our mom. It makes our journey a little easier to understand what she’s experiencing.” To learn more about Maple Crest, call Joey Burt at 402-551-2110 or email


Maple Crest Employee Feature:

Medical Director Dr. Donald J. Darst, MD 25 years ago, Dr. Donald J. Darst, MD served as medical director of Maple Crest Health Center. Since that time he has held a number of medical position in the Omaha area. Then, in December of 2015, he resumed his former position, once again serving as the Maple Crest Medical Director. Regarding the recent redevelopment at Maple Crest Dr. Darst states, “the changes I’ve seen in the staff are remarkable. The facility is beautiful, and the staff is so compassionate. It’s incredible to see how changes in leadership and facilities have impacted the overall quality of care.” In his time away from Maple Crest, Dr. Darst served as medical director for a number of health centers and senior living communities across Omaha. He developed his expertise in patient-centered care and geriatric medicine, which eventually led him to establish Midwest Regional Health Services, a patient-centered medical home. Maple Crest residents now have the benefit of Dr. Darst’s years of experience and his commitment to delivering high quality patient centered care. In addition to his commitment to quality care Dr. Darst also values staff education, “continued education of nursing staff increases engagement and pride in

workmanship. Nurses will be more competent and confident in their work,” said Dr. Darst, who has already hosted several educational presentations for the staff and states, “I want to raise the expectations of the nursing team.” Maple Crest nurses are enthusiastic about Dr. Darst’s educational initiatives. According to Alison Stockamp, RN, Staff Development Coordinator, “Dr. Darst is an asset, he engages the nurses to be their best.” A personal note about Dr. Darst: Dr. Darst was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and shorty after moved to Omaha. He went on to attended college in Lincoln and eventually met and married Janet Larsen. Together they have two children: Jeff, who is a pediatric cardiologist, and Chris, a physician’s assistant in cardiothoracic surgery. He is an avid outdoorsman and an active member of his church council.

A panoramic view of a portion of the Maple Crest Rehab Center.

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Chapel Restoration Project Continues

Maple Crest Health Center, in an ongoing effort to enhance the lives of residents, continues to raise funds for the Chapel Restoration Project. The goal of the project is to raise the $90,000 needed to renovate and remodel Maple Crest’s Chapel by partnering with individuals and organizations in the Omaha area and throughout Nebraska. This project will transform the community and have a significant impact on Maple Crest and the lives of the people we serve. The Chapel Restoration Project renovations are extensive, and your donation will allow us to provide current and future residents of Maple Crest with worship and gathering space where their hearts and spirits may be

lifted. The renovations include, new flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, new modular seating, audio/visual equipment and much more.

To contribute online today, visit and click on the “Campus Development” tab.

Major donors to the Chapel Restoration Project will be recognized with a contributors plaque prominently displayed by the entrance to the renovated chapel. Or if you would like to support Maple Crest in a different way, or discuss alternative community needs, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Watch our video at to see how Maple Crest impacts lives each and every day. For more information contact Joey Burt, community liason, at 402-551-2110 or by email at

Now You Can Help Support Maple Crest Online. Make a donation today Just visit Maple Crest’s website at and click on the “Foundation/Donations” button. Here you will find information about the many ways you can contribute and become part of our tradition of quality care and service. Please visit us online and learn how you can donate today. Maple Crest is owned and operated by American Baptist Homes of the Midwest, a not for profit provider of senior health care since 1930.

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2824 N. 66th Avenue Omaha, NE 68104

Maple Crest Health Center is owned and operated by American Baptist Homes of the Midwest, a not-for-profit provider of senior health care since 1930.


Maple Crest is a faith-based, not-for-profit senior living community. Our mission is to create healthy Christian communities that empower older adults. We provide choices for housing, services, and technology that enrich body, mind and spirit.

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Cutting Edge Therapy at Maple Crest Memory Care Provides Peace of Mind for Families and Residents Maple Crest Medical Director Featured MapleCrestHealthCenter

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