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“YOU HAVE 14 DAYS!” Well-known Southampton restaurateur Zach Erdem had just signed a lease for the old whaler’s Harpoon Hotel and adjoining restaurant which were much in need of a new working kitchen, renovated rooms and outdoor space, new lighting, carpeting and a lovely area for an indooroutdoor night club, long needed in the Hamptons. Marilyn Goldberg’s newly formed company, Marilyn’s Miracles, was contacted for completion of a two-year job in only two weeks! “You have fourteen days,” Zach Erdem advised her. “The season is flying by and we must open for Memorial Day.” Awesome ideas and work combining synergistic innovations with creative energy took place when Zach merged the talents of The Queen of Art & Design with Four Star Chefs, celebrity artist Sid Maurer, Miami superstar artist Ken Beberman and outdoor sculptures by Steve Zaluski which added to the ambiance and uniqueness of the new Blu Mar, whose first season is off to a super success. For restaurant reservations, call (631) 488-4570.

MARILYN’S MIRACLES mmimarilyn@aol.com (917) 273-8710

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Queen of Art Marilyn Goldberg Performs A Miracle on Main Street

Paintings by Ken Beberman enhance Blu Mar dining experience Sid Maurer’s Elton at the Disco

Maurer’s Marilyn - Celebrity Icon

Bardot by Warhol in dining room Beberman’s Sag Harbor Cinema Marilyn Goldberg, proprietor of Marilyn’s Miracles, works her magic in the development of Blu Mar Restaurant/Disco and Harpoon House Hotel

Zach, Zaluski, Marilyn Goldberg

Marilyn Goldberg and Chef Terrance Brennan

Marilyn Goldberg, Ken Beberman



call the MIRACLE LINE: 1-917-273-8710 mmimarilyn@aol.com 1-631-353-3107 For Dining & Hotel Reservations and to book your next special event call (631) 488-4570 Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019 • 141 136 Main Street, Southampton • info@blumarhamptons.com 1 • Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019

Walt Disney’s Chili & Beans

Cover & back cover (inset) “What’s Cookin’ in NY

Nixon, Kennedy, What’s Cookin’ in NY, October 1960

Foreword to Helen Dunn’s Celebrity Recipes Cookbook THE QUERY isn’t: “Who is Helen Dunn?” but “What is Helen Dunn?” She’s “Miss New York,” if an appellation is in order. Her love for the Metropolis is second to none. And her deeds in Our Town have caused her friends to dub her affectionately “Helen of Try”- she is forever trying to help somebody or some cause. Helen Dunn doesn’ t have to be pointed out for one to know she is present. Her vibrancy asserts itself at once. She is a familiar figure at political gatherings, charitable functions and in the myriad activities characteristic of our busy and exciting city. She is one of those people who are always more involved with the goings on around them than seems possible for one individual. Ever young, the energetic Miss Dunn has been in her time restaurateur, food editor, columnist. She has had her own radio program, “Dinner at Dunn’s,” and she is a frequent guest on radio and television shows. The only “Honorary Lady Mayor of New York,” she has organized many Damon Runyon Fund dinners and often spearheaded Heart Fund Drives and PAL campaigns. Helen’s vocation and avocations meet and blend. Her legion of friends make a crosssection of American life. A request from Helen Dunn brings an enthusiastic response from artists, tycoons, columnists, governors, mayors, and now, the President! Helen’s magazine, What’s Cookin’ in New York, which will soon celebrate its fourth anniversary, made her a publisher and is typical of “Miss New York.” Her latest publishing venture is Celebrity Recipes. But this is no ordinary collection of recipes ... it’s a Who’s Who, a record of our times and of the men and women who make them so exciting. We all salute the Lady! – Harry Hershfield, NYC, 1958 142 • Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019

Mrs. Spyros Skouras, Humprey Bogart, Helen Dunn

Helen Dunn, Marilyn Monroe c,1960

BEFORE an appealing little mouse with big ears brought fame and fortune to the Master of Disneyland, Walt himself was proving the American dream of rags to riches. A tall, lean son of the midwest, he arrived in Hollywood with exactly $40. Pooling his meager funds with brother Roy, plus a loan of $500 from an uncle, he set up shop in a little real estate shack. Disney Productions now occupy a multimillion dollar studio at Burbank, California. Out of necessity was born the little creature that overnight captured the fancy of the world - Mickey Mouse! And out of Mickey’s adventures were spun the dreams and dollars that produced Disney’s first feature length cartoon, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, still regarded by most as his masterpiece. Others followed: Dumbo, Pinocchio, The Reluctant Dragon, Bambi — thrilling audiences from Saskatoon to Singapore, Paducah to the Punjab. Combined live action and animation made another first for Disney. Treasure Island, Robin Hood, Davy Crockett and Old Yeller added new laurels. With Fantasia, Disney pioneered the big screen and stereophonic sound, long before Cinerama and Cinemiracle. His achievements have won for him 25 Academy Awards, 4 TV Emmys and numerous other citations. These include France’s Legion of Honor and the Order of the Aztec Eagle from Mexico, where he probably picked up his favorite recipe for:

CHILI AND BEANS 2 lbs. coarse ground beef, 1 tsp. paprika ½ cup oil, 1 tsp. dry mustard, 2 onions, sliced 2 lbs. dry pink beans, 1 cup chopped celery 1 large can solid pack tomatoes 2 cloves garlic, minced , 1 tsp. chili powder, or to taste Soak beans overnight in cold water. Drain. Put in pot with water to cover, about 2 inches above beans and simmer with onions until tender - about four hours. For the sauce, brown the meat and garlic together in oil. Add other ingredients and simmer for one hour. When beans are tender, add sauce and simmer for one-half hour more. For spicy Chili and Beans, add a pinch of: coriander seeds, tumeric, chili seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon, dry ginger and a little yellow Mexican chili pepper.

MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET ✩ A Southampton Tale ✩

Starring Zach Erdem & Marilyn Goldberg

FEATURING SID MAURER’S CELEBRITY ICONS Ken Bebermanʼs Nuvo Deco Paintings ✩ Steven Zaluskiʼs Sculptures

✩ With a Cast of Thousands ✩


ACT ONE Scene: A tall, dark stranger, dressed suavely, disembarks the morning Long Island Railroad train at the Southampton Station. He moves deliberately with a strong yet steady pace, southward, toward the just-awakening Village downtown district where he stops at a not yet open restaurant, 75 Main Street. The proprietor is at his desk in the back, working on the books. The visitor knocks on the door, just loud enough to get Zach Erdem’s attention. STRANGER: Good Morning, Mr. Erdem. You may remember me. We’ve met before, albeit briefly. Do you recall? You were despondent. You told me you came to the Hamptons at a loss for hope and were spending what you thought would be your penultimate day in America enjoying the sun and the energy of the Hamptons ZACH: Yes. Of course I remember. I borrowed sixty dollars from a friend to make a quick trip out here before my plane was to leave. I was in the US six months. Nothing happening for me. On that day, I stopped at the first restaurant I saw which was this place, 75 Main. And now I own it.

Of course I remember you. You were at the bar and we spoke for a while It was you who suggested I talk to the owner and see if he needed a bartender. STRANGER: (Knowingly) How did that work out for you? ZACH: Here I am, still here. It took a stroke of luck and being at the right place at the right time to grant me my first job here that very day. And now I own the place. STRANGER: Well, here I am, once again and your circumstances are quite different. You have an esteemed reputation in the business, you are a pillar of the community supporting all kinds of local sports teams and causes and your place is a favorite of such stars as Sarah Jessica Parker, LA Reid, Kelly Ripa, Stanley Tucci, Sofia Vergara, Howard Stern, Pierce Brosnan, Barbara Walters, Jodie Foster, Alex Rodriquez and even Joe Biden. It’s an amazing story. ZACH: Since we met and I was hired, I have never looked back. The Hamptons to me is my home, the restaurant is my heart. My dream and my vision for its success has only grown. STRANGER: Over a decade has passed and you don’t even know my name, do you? ZACH: I never thought to ask – everything happened so quickly. But it’s great to see you

again. What brings you to town? STRANGER: Other thank checking up on you, I have a few other appointments and maybe a little beach time after. It has always been “my heaven” to be by the sea and create my life dreams in The Hamptons. This was told to me by someone I know very well, who lives not too far from here. I would like you to contact her, she’s written up in this magazine. ZACH: (Receiving the rolled up copy and placing it on the bar, he sees his visitor to the door.) Stop by tonight for dinner. The way our chef seasons the halibut, swordfish and sea bass…the taste is great. His name is on the food, so he will not settle for anything but the best. STRANGER: I know all about Mike. I’ve been keeping up with you, reading the reviews and interviews. Frankly, that’s why I’m here, but I have to hit the road. Running late and you know the kind of guy I am. I wait for no one. ZACH: So that’s it? Who do I call? STRANGER: Pay special attention to page 24. Dial the number and ask immediately for Marilyn’s help. She’ll know exactly what to do. ZACH: Who’m I gonna call? STRANGER: (Singing in the style of Ghostbusters) Marilyn Goldberg!

For Dining & Hotel Reservations and to book your next special event call (631) 488-4570 136 Main Street, Southampton • info@blumarhamptons.com Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019 • 143

Blu Mar owner Zach Erdem in Kevin Kelly art shirt designed by Marilyn Goldberg

Maurer’s “Pacino”, Zaluski’s “Blue Sphere”

Hockey legend Rod Gilbert and Jane Pantorelli Joe Pantorelli, Mitch Modell

At Mitch Modell’s birthday party

Zach Erdem, Marilyn Goldberg, artist Kevin Kelly 4146 • Fine • Fine ArtArt Magazine Magazine • Autumn • Autumn 2019 2019

Marilyn Goldberg with her Sid Mauer portrait arilyn Goldberg has spent her entire life championing the causes of art, artists and creativity, traveling the world to do so. She is a recognized master in the field of marketing, art publishing and creating, in many cases, something big of nothing. For starting and fostering the careers of so many, she has been dubbed the Queen of Art, awarded a Heroine of Creativity medal and selected as founding member of the International Artexpo Hall of Fame. As if she didn’t have enough to do, running a Hamptons Real Estate Empire with her flagship Villa Marilyn recently named the Hamptons most artistic home, she is now channeling her impeccable credentials, limitless contacts and all-around positive vibes into Marilyn’s Miracles, an organization designed with you in mind. Whether or not you believe in miracles, most of us could sure use one right about now. mmimarilyn@aol.com

The newest, bestest, swingin’-est place in the Hamptons to wine, dine and party is Blu Mar with its Sid Maurer themed discotheque known as The Celebrity Icons Nightclub. With Sid’s classic portraits (prints and originals) framed and ready for sale, you just know the club will be hosting great live music and DJs all summer long to go along with the fantastic art. The season unofficially officially zoomed off to great start with the celebration of the birthday of an icon in his own right, Mitchell Modell in the beautiful rarefied air and light you find only in Southampton around sunset. Scion of the patriarch of the chain of sporting goods stores that bear the family name, the party was an exercise in demure dress and posh taste. Well, between the fire-eater and the belly dancers, things were indeed in very good taste and jet-setters and locals now have a great new place to call their own.


Our beloved friend, Sid “The Kid” Maurer with his Elton.

PRODUCED & PUBLISHED BY SUNSTORM ARTS PUBISHING CO. Center Moriches, NY JAMIE ELLIN FORBES, Publisher 631-909-1192/518-593-6470 victor@fineartmagazine.com

Ken Beberman Paintings of Hamptons Landmarks

Zach Erdem celebrates Sag Harbor Cinema with Ken Beberman painting

Historic Montauk Lighthouse by Ken Beberman Ken Beberman made a name for himself in the 80s with his compositions of dancing, saturated color. Along with a handful of others, he helped make it possible for the Art Deco District of Miami Beach’s to gain historical designation. His Art Deco Cubist style was featured in many of the restoration projects in the period, as well as in one-man shows and commissions. When Marilyn contacted him about creating a series of paintings for Blu Mar, he rose to the occasion, packing his van with canvases, art supplies and ideas and driving up to Marilyn’s Villa in Southampton to complete the paintings. Pulling all this art together on such short notice was no mean feat, prompting Ken to say about Marilyn, “She’s not only the Queen of Art, but the Queen of Miracles.”

“Hamptons Polo”

Art patron and dealer Marilyn Goldberg brings Ken Beberman’s work to Southampton 5 • Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019

“Dos Equus” Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019 • 145

148 • Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019

SUPER COOL HEROICA The Pop Comic Book Art Of Arlen Schumer

COMIC BOOK ART continues to infiltrate American popular culture on all fronts, with Hollywood green-lighting countless films and television shows based on four-color characters beloved by generations, the art gallery and museum worlds exhibiting comicinspired work, the academic world teaching and studying comics, conventions like San Diego’s annual Comicon International sprouting up all over the country, and elite publications like The New York Times reviewing “graphic novels.” Yet, for all its growth in the pop cultural marketplace, comic book art’s potential as quality licensed art has barely been tapped. Arlen Schumer is here to change that via his Pop Comic Book Art. Over the course of his career — he’s a member of The Society of Illustrators — Arlen’s created comic bookstyled art for the advertising and editorial markets, garnering industry awards and acclaim. He combines backgrounds in graphic design and advertising illustration with expertise in —and enthusiasm for — the comic book medium, producing distinctive imagery that stands out from the crowd of conventional illustration and photography. Arlen knows that everyone reads comics, understands their vocabulary, and (secretly) loves them. Young and old. All classes and colors. Everyone. Now Arlen is licensing his vibrant and bold graphics, for the first time with Marilyn Goldberg’s Museum Masters International, as Classic Comic Art for the 21st Century. “I’ve known and loved Arlen’s work for years,” said Goldberg,” and I’m thrilled to finally bring his distinctive comic style to a world of products — and to the world!”

Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019 • 149

War Bonds

Whining and Crying Girl

Nocturne (Var. 4)

KEVIN T. KELLY Museum Masters International Marilyn Goldberg, President

Art Merchandising & Celebrity Specialists Licensing, Branding, Global Exhibitions

Aerospace 6 • Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019

352 Montauk Highway, Watermill, NY 11976 USA Tel: (001) 631 353-3107 Mobile: (001) 917 273-8710 Skype: marilyn.goldberg77 e-mail: mmimarilyn@aol.com www.MuseumMasters.com Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019 • 147




Museum Masters International


Marilyn Goldberg, President

Art Merchandising & Celebrity Specialists Licensing, Branding, Global Exhibitions


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352 Montauk Highway, Watermill, NY 11976 USA Tel: (001) 631 353-3107 Mobile: (001) 917 273-8710 Skype: marilyn.goldberg77 e-mail: mmimarilyn@aol.com www.MuseumMasters.com

For rental or sales inquiries please contact +1 917 273-8710 MMIMarilyn@aol.com 168 • Fine Art Magazine • Autumn 2019

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Fine Art Magazine Museum Masters/Marilyn's Miracles  

Talking about Marilyn and her Miracles, the Super Heroine of Art Marketing, with Arlen Schumer, Ken Beberman, Zack Erdem, Sidney Maurer and...

Fine Art Magazine Museum Masters/Marilyn's Miracles  

Talking about Marilyn and her Miracles, the Super Heroine of Art Marketing, with Arlen Schumer, Ken Beberman, Zack Erdem, Sidney Maurer and...