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Invitation by Mayor of Shanghai for Marilyn Goldberg Lectures on International Exhibitions and Merchandising business 2004

her ascent to lofty terrain as the world’s foremost art marketer at a townhouse in New York City’s posh East Side. Her Museum Masters International townhouse, which she architected and designed, was located at 26 East 64th Street as her headquarters. Her first exhibition at there was for Bob Marley with over 1,000 visitors waiting on line to see the international photography, artwork, and groove to the music of the late Jamaican Rastafarian superstar with Marley family members in attendance. The event was further celebrated with Jamaican foods and attire, described int he press as an international New York sensation. The second major art show was Peter Max at her Southampton NY Garett Stephens Gallery named after her son Garett. Later, after designing the programs for Warhol and Keith Haring, she sold her company to ProSeibenSat1, a Munich-based public company in Germany where she formed Art Merchandising and Media AG serving as a Vorstand (senior hierarchically subordinate member of the management board of the ProSeibanSat1 operations). In addition, Ms. Goldberg directed Art Merchandising and Media NY as well as Museum Masters International which continued it’s representation of Picasso and Tamara de Lempicka marketing through 2004 when staff and sub-agents worldwide were trained to run operations. As always, once she departed, the Estates no longer chose to do business with the new ownership and they continued to ask that she curate and put the exhibitions together. With a group of US investors she financed her entire first production of her Picasso Program and convinced them that Art Merchandising was the way of the future. At that time, in the United States, a licensee would not consider a license of an artist nor were there any protective Artist Trademarks. Big companies in the USA invested in Mickey Mouse, Howdy Doody and Donald Duck…they were not from the sophisticated arena of Marilyn’s European family and did not at that time understand the value of these brands. After meetings held at the Negresco Hotel in Cannes France with the entire Picasso Estate and their individual heirs and attorneys, the approval system was conducted by US attorney Martin Bressler of VAGA. None contributed any financing to the project which Marilyn Goldberg developed solely in Japan for years with her Japanese partners Masao Kurimoto and Michiko Kobiayaskhi. Her product designs presented at the Negresco meetings were approved to be sold internationally. The heirs never imagined at the time that the Marina Picasso Collection and Picasso Collection would become overnight sensations and that these collections would launch the birth of a most important andvibrant industry — one that could be used for development of all products: fine jewelry, watches, bed and bath, furniture and upholstery, porcelains and glassware not to mention fashion items, mobile phone covers, fragrance and cosmetics — even masterpiece baby wear and the most elegant baby embodied bedding. Museums were now able to have on site and show 4 • Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2014

Pablo Picasso top quality cigars & humidors. One of the many Picasso products developed by MMI (later followed by Administration Picasso Trademark Cars for Citroen)

profitability in their retail stores creating great revenue streams for these cash strapped organizations. To get everything moving, Marilyn invested all she had and ventured to Japan to design and manufacture the initial set of products herself. There she found a way to manifest her vision of class and elegance where the importance of packaging was understood. Exquisite trademark signature boxes were created and produced to be used by all of Ms. Goldberg’s manufacturers in Europe and the Orient featuring colorful tissue and ribbons for wrapping the gifts with repeats of the artist’s trademark signature. The Estate has lost original films thru battles with its predecessor SPADEM run at the time with Martine Doverne its Director. In order to prepare high resolution for new product, Museum Masters worked for months using the original Cray-Pas. These were the oil pastels used by Pablo Picasso and the famous art firm of Henri Sennelier. Only by collecting these Cray-Pas were the exact and correct colors established and authenticated for the merchandising program. She single handedly created new future treasures and collectibles as the original of each painting or drawing she used on product that the world had never seen soared in value because they were “recognized images” by the new Asian Collector market. Then there was a three week all expense paid visit by the Chinese Government for Marilyn Goldberg to lecture on International Business Trade, Copyright Registrations and Trademark Applications in order to protect the artwork owned by the artist and preventing from being stolen as it was from Picasso and Sid Maurer but then retrieved by order of the courts. Years prior in Japan (which produced all as China does today), Ms. Goldberg was invited by Mitsukoshi Museum and Hakone Museum for the same purpose. She was greeted in the

The Queen of Art - Marilyn Goldberg  

How A Fearless Woman with Vision, Taste and Heart Built an Empire featuring the Great Artists of All-Time