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THE NEW HEADQUARTERS OF MUSEUM MASTERS INTERNATIONAL, a stunning estate in New York’s world famous enclave of the rich and famous — The Hamptons — was funded by the Art Merchandising investor group, and Japanese partners. “Villa Marilyn” opened in 2012 under the auspices of architect/designer Marilyn Goldberg who created a total environment from gardens planted with Monet Water Lily Ponds with Water lilys from Giverney — to plates and mugs that coordinate with Monet’s works. There is a unique “Cat Chateau” inspired by Andy Warhol’s cat drawings and the “Marilyn Monroe Theater” replete with a wide variety of “Marilyn” paintings and products developed for the many exhibitions celebrating the 80th anniversary of MM’s birth. Each room of the complex expresses “The Art of Living” — an artistic lifestyle enhanced by the creations only Museum Masters could develop. Featured are new and classic MMI products from Picasso and Keith Haring beach towels in the poolhouse to Warhol and Picasso dinnerware in the dining room to Tamara de Lempicka vases and candlestick holders in the salon to Picasso Prints in the living room. There are Haring Mouse pads in the office for computer work and Erté and Picasso umbrellas line the entry foyer with Degas sun hats in the sunroom. Villa Marilyn will be licensed next for similar complex’s in vacation resorts around the world.

A Visionary Marketer Strikes Gold Galleries framing these as the limited edition silks, elegant tiffany quality tableware; creating the mark for Erté sculptures (through her contacts and the opening she arranged at the French embassy with Monsieur George Henri It’s director) where she unveiled personally the first “Victoire” as a three-dimensional sculpture. Not to mention the many other collections and celebrity campaigns from Mar il y n Monroe to Andy Warhol into Monroe exhibitions and sponsors like Pepsi with artworks and accessories which adorned homes mundane and palatial around the world. With her Hamptons investor groups, she architects and designs estates which are known as the “Villas Del Arte” (The Houses of Art) 3 • Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2014

At home with Picasso art & Erté telephone

The appreciation of the art that has resulted from her inspired, ground-breaking products not only has brought beauty and joy to many but has seen the value of her using the Art Trademarks she also develops, and files increase collectibles many times over. From Picasso to Lennon, to the Catherine the Great Exhibition at the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, to de Lempicka in Rome, Milan, Paris, Japan, Mexico and Korea, Marilyn designed Brand Trademarked Certificates of authenticity that are issued with the signed and numbered editions used by the Estates for their Museum banners and books to this day. Marilyn Goldberg began

The Queen of Art - Marilyn Goldberg  

How A Fearless Woman with Vision, Taste and Heart Built an Empire featuring the Great Artists of All-Time