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Futbol Salvador Dali and Carl Vechten back in 1939. Sid’s works were purchased by Enrique Sabatier, from Spain, who was executive assistant to Dali for many years. Enrique gave this work to Museum Masters at the Salvador Dali exhibition in New York City in 2012. As did his old buddy Warhol, Sid created an Endangered Species series With his myriad of friends, acquaintances and close encounworld resulting in very amicable relations between the estate and ters with the brightest stars of the era, Sid plans to revisit those the artist. The deal is closed for the cans and bottles that have bepages and venture into the world of literature. come major collectables that traveled The Celebrity Icons of Sid with The Marilyn Monroe ExhibiMaurer, a major hard-cover book is in tions created by Marilyn Goldberg production as well as a documentary on of Museum Masters. On the horizon his Rock and Roll days with photos, are the co-branded Marilyn Monroe letters and stories. A complementary Estate Sid Maurer signed limited edibook featuring his entire body of work tions prints followed by the PENTfrom the Americana to Endangered HOUSE Maurer co-brand limited Species series will be published as well. editions prints of the PENTHOUSE Other examples to be included in Pets after a year-long negotiation as Sid’s bible of stories will be another a commemoration to Guccione and episode with Andrew Long Oldham the art lessons Sid gave him in Lonwhen Sid visited him in Bogotá in don. “He came to me for insight and 1997. From there, he then went on to I told him ‘It’s not how you draw but Argentina to meet the parents of a little what you do with your head.’” Later boy who was a great soccer player but in New York, he went to Sid Maurer was too small to be accepted onto any as his mentor and hired him as phoimportant league team. In those days to stylist for the PENTHOUSE Pets. the lad went by his given name, Lionel Guccione’s magnificent townhouse, Andres. Today he is known as “Messi,” the setting for Caligula, was designed rated by some as the best footballer of by Marilyn Goldberg, which started all-time. Sid suggested that the parents the initial relationship with the new try a growth hormone that was very PENTHOUSE team. popular in London and in the United As a prime example of “what goes States. It worked but the boy’s family around comes around”, the new owners did not have the money to continue his of the PENTHOUSE brand have exgrowth therapy. Sid then contacted a plored the archives and the warehousfriend in Spain and secured the proper es, Sid has ear-marked his portrait of treatment for the boy, Guccione for the new PENTHOUSE Also included in the book will be Gallery of Art and will start the first Sid’s remembrances of Marilyn Monportfolio of Penthouse Pet Portrairs. roe. They were best of friends and Marilyn Goldberg has been engaged neighbors and often dined together. to do the new logo for the Penthouse He did many photos, portraits and Art Exhibition and Art Sales, of the paintings of her. Based on the special co-br and P ENTHOUSE~Maurrelationship of his love for Marilyn Pepsi Marilyn Monroe by Sidney Maurer e r editions. All of which is being finalMonroe and Marilyn Goldberg (his conized as this article goes to press. Meanwhile, says Sid, “I’m sitting sultant on all business activities), he created the Marilyn series. in Atlanta, waiting for the Pets.” Pepsi Cola awarded him Artist of the Year and memorialized him by creating the Maurer Marilyn Pepsi Cola cans and bottles By VICTOR B. FORBES which went to all the exhibitions on Marilyn Monroe around the 11 • Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2014

The Queen of Art - Marilyn Goldberg  

How A Fearless Woman with Vision, Taste and Heart Built an Empire featuring the Great Artists of All-Time