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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”


- Pablo Picasso


f “Child is Father to the Man”, as the saying goes, than Charles Carson, sire to the artist/ prodigy Anthony Yann Carson, has an interesting life ahead of him as his boy comes of age and begins to experience the rigors of a painter’s life. With no thought to the business of art at this point, his body of works are not youthful outbursts but wellthought out abstractions in color, form and composition that are far beyond his years. When Carson sent us these works for our opinion, our initial response was that of a positive nature, that they were strong, dynamic and rife with an abundance of energy and color. We did not know they were executed by the nine year-old son of an established master painter who is recognized around the world for his dynamic compositions for which the critics had to create a new expression: “Carsonism.” Young Yann embraces this tradition and has already produced a well-crafted collection that contains tangible elements that embrace the continuum of those who came before him in the context of art history and pave new ground as only an artist with a clean slate and Page 74 • SunStorm/Fine Art • Summer 2016

no formal knowledge can produce. For someone who has not yet lived a decade, the experiences in his father’s studio have already proven to be an education far beyond that any art school could provide. Sitting in his diaper, paint brush in hand, earnestly dabbing paint on his father’s wooden palette, Yann Anthony Carson gives the impression that even at a few months of age he had a confidence and understanding of what he was doing even then. As time progressed, his work took on a form of its own, original yet derivative. He picked up on the Carsonism quite naturally, of course, and this born talent manifests with his natural proclivity toward applying oil on canvas. The resulting abstractions indicate not only a promising future but a bright present. Certainly he will become an artist to be reckoned with but even today, at this age, we can enjoy and learn from his understanding of the depth of color and original blending of the color wheel into coherent expressions and renderings. In this young lad, we can see a strength and confidence that is as promising as it is rare. Thoughtful and thought-provoking paintings are the result . Born October 27, 2006, as an infant he was very observant and sensitive. From an early age, he loved playing with the colors and painting with brush and spatula, performing a multitude of gestures seeking inspiration from his father. “In his first month of

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Fine Art Summer 2016  

Featuring DMINC "Warrior Princess Artist"; Garsot & Kagan's "Synergism"; Warhol, DeNiro Awards Prize, Carole Feuerman's "Best Year Ever"; S...

Fine Art Summer 2016  

Featuring DMINC "Warrior Princess Artist"; Garsot & Kagan's "Synergism"; Warhol, DeNiro Awards Prize, Carole Feuerman's "Best Year Ever"; S...