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What is Your inspiration?

“EVERYTHING!” dream! As a scientist, holistic practitioner and artist, I’ve been creating and developing various projects bringing the Synergism concept into whatever I’ve been doing. Since 1998 I’ve been integrating the healing arts and fine art. Collaborating with Garsot is very special — it feels as if we were meant to create art together. Our synergistic process is smooth, beautiful and healing How will Synergism impact the world in general and the art world in particular? KAGAN: I don’t think there are many examples in the history of art when two (or more) artists collaborate on a large volume of works — not taking turns, not dividing canvases, or one day - one, the other day another, etc. The creative process happens spontaneously without much preparation or negotiation between us, just following the flow of creativity and spontaneity, while integrating many different styles and techniques in the same painting. It is a very interesting and exciting creative process. Our collaboration gives each of our individual gifts a new dimension, a new way to expand into something greater than just our own individual “selves.” As a holistic therapist and artist, my belief is that it’s all about relationships anyway — your relationship with yourself, with God, family, loved ones, and all others. I am truly enjoying collaborating with Garsot who is very positive, a great visionary who’s been creating his own “Positive Surrealism” art style for over 50 years! Synergistic Humanity. Mission, Vision, Purpose. Healing. These are not just words for me. I believe Art heals. I believe in the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit. GARSOT: I think the more people will enjoy or even use our approach in the future, the more truly beautiful artworks will be co-created. More artists will bring positive and healing art, and more people will better their relationships in general. My motto is ‘Stay optimistic.’ How do you devise your paintings and what is the depth of your interaction? KAGAN: One day we just started to paint together, without big preparations or long discussions about who does what, when, and how, we just took a large canvas, paints, brushes and went to work! We each had our own sets in the beginning, then we started to pick up each other’s stuff. Now we share everything — paints, brushes, etc.

Thalia (48” x 48”) from the Series Muses and Music ©2016. A collaboration by Garsot and Helen Kagan. She is a beautiful Muse of Comedy and Pastoral Poetry. She's also a “country girl” with a Comedy mask in one hand and some musical instrument in the other, usually a trumpet, and has a crown of ivy on her head. Our Muse is hanging out in beautiful multi-colorful fields, replete with mountains, and clouds.

Who has the last word when there is a question of what to do?

an amazing ambiance full of Light, Love, Music, Beauty and Healing.

GARSOT: There’s basically no questions of “what to do” or how, when, where or who has the last word. This amazing creative synergistic process does embrace both of us.

KAGAN: We hope our viewers will find themselves gently guided into a relaxing and embracing warmth. Our intent is that the healing vibrations of Muses and Music be a powerful soulful experience that resonates clearly to all.

KAGAN: Well, I think Garsot often has the last word simply because I respect him being older and more experienced, and the proverbial holistic “Oneness” is so strong that I feel we are just channels for this sacred spontaneity and synchronicity. What do you hope to accomplish with this collection? GARSOT: Muses and Music consists of ten large square paintings — one for each of nine Muses of Greek Mythology — and the 10th Mnemosyne, Mother of all Muses. This is a bright, light, complex, spiritual, enigmatic and just beautiful body of work. Everything about it — the sparkling colors, energetically balanced composition, ancient themes, embedded healing messages. The beauty of the Muses and the Music is that it is intended to envelop the viewer in

Where can we see the next SYNERGISM exhibition? GARSOT: The first “official” show is scheduled for December 2016 at SPECTRUM Miami. This interview will continue in the Winter issue of Fine Art magazine

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Fine Art Summer 2016  

Featuring DMINC "Warrior Princess Artist"; Garsot & Kagan's "Synergism"; Warhol, DeNiro Awards Prize, Carole Feuerman's "Best Year Ever"; S...

Fine Art Summer 2016  

Featuring DMINC "Warrior Princess Artist"; Garsot & Kagan's "Synergism"; Warhol, DeNiro Awards Prize, Carole Feuerman's "Best Year Ever"; S...