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Adoration of Magi, oil on canvas

In My Studio, oil on canvas

of sculpture, drawings, color paintings, and large and small size compositions. In 1963 another talented sculptor come to Stepanakert from Leningrad. He was 80 years of age and people were calling him “Dadig.” He was invited to execute a State Artistic Mission. “My brother and I often visited his workshop where we earned valuable knowledge, counseling and professional secrets. I was enrolled at the Fine Arts Studio recently inaugurated at the cultural Hall in Sepanakert, which was managed by a professional Moscow-educated painter, Krisha Dadourian. More than fifty students were studying in his studio, and he was always stating, ‘I don’t know who among you shall become a painter, but, I am more than convinced that Rudik shall definitely become a great painter.” In order to be enrolled Terlemezian Institute of Fine Arts, the creative activities of the brothers had to be displayed. Witnessing the high professionalism of these works, the admission people hardly believed their eyes. Such an advanced level had not been seen by the examiners; not from Stepanakert or Karabagh or from Yerevan or any city or region in Armenia. “Stating they didn’t believe in the veracity of my works, I immediately responded and asked for a piece of paper, explaining that I could prove on the spot that these were my creations. Barely a few minutes passed and they exclaimed with joy and admiring exclamations that they were amazed. They started giving us different gifts – color paints, brushes, and other painters’ items. The Director of the Institute, Ohannessian, also offered us a large box of paints, stating, “Boys, you are accepted.” They even suggested our sitting as third graders. But my brother and I preferred to start everything from the very basis, because the aforementioned “Dadig” from

Leningrad was always saying, “In order to attain heights, and conquer difficulties, the professional foundations must always be very sound.” He then attended Yerevan’s Institute of Fine Arts for six years. Awarded the Medal of Leonardo da Vinci for his “outstanding creative activity, exclusive, utter devotedness to humanistic art, for permanent improvement of his professionalism, for the reason that in his creative work he managed to combine Romanticism, Impressionism and Realism at the same time preserving traditions of European High Renaissance and the Early Renaissance” Rudik continues on his path, his “elected direction.” “It is never enough for me to be completely satisfied with what I have created,” he concludes. “Once I finish a painting, I have a fervent desire to create another that is greater than the previous one.” According to Carl Jung, one’s vision becomes clear only when one looks into his or her heart. Rudik has done so and his art illuminates his path and that of his many admirers. The beauty sometimes transcends reality, sometimes embellishes it. “When you love, you create. I feel God’s presence around, working on deepening and perfecting my skills. Beauty originates with God and personifies His being. His light breaks forth through the canvas. God is love. I always feel that. So it is the same with the people I portray. I am entering inside of their heart and soul and do my best to put that on the canvas.” Recently in Beirut a church was attacked. A collection of Petrosyan paintings inside were slashed and destroyed. “I am still hurting how people can do something like that. The good thing is that God sees everything. I hope that there will come a day that people will stop hating one another, stop fighting each other, and know that they have only one enemy: ignorance.”

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