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Samii Lund

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Chris Melbourne

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The Eye Creative has tried to mention all photographers showcased throughout the images in this magazine & on our social media channels. If we have mistakenly missed the opportunity to showcase a particular photographer whose image is within our magazine, please send an email to and we will feature said photographer in the next issue.

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SUBMISSIONS The Eye Creative accepts freelance art, photo and story submissions from creatives around Australia. We may not be able to reply personally to each individual that is unsuccessful, however we will keep your work and story on file for upcoming issues or opportunities. To submit, please include your full name, business name and a sample of your work in your email to:

AUG 2015 - THE



W W W . S U M M E R S A L T B O D Y. C O M

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AUG 2015 - THE

desire, passion & drive BE ALL THAT YOU DESIRE TO BE



Editor's Note “WOW” is pretty much the only word that I can use to sum up the experience of launching The Eye Creative last month. Well, to be honest... it’s the only word I can use without having to censor the S**T out of this write-up!

It’s true that in the creative industry, we creative minded folk like to shake things up a bit, rustle feathers, expose truths and seriously shock those academic minded left brainers (because it’s amusing, really).

To say it’s been an overwhelming few weeks is an understatement. I never imagined that my little ‘light-bulb-moment’ that is The Eye, could create such an impact within its first published month. The concept of this magazine, was just that; an idea. It was literally thought up within an hour of brainstorming with family on the side of the road whilst drinking coffee and eating fries.

It’s the way we are built! Our minds are wired that way - to be strange and inventive. This is why the August issue of The Eye Creative is going to knock your socks off!

Lets face it though, all good things come from fries and coffee. Look at Macca D’s for example...they sell coffee and fries through a drive thru and they are [hastag] “killing it”.

You’ll have to flick through the pages to see just what I am on about! Enjoy your read, and keep the feedback coming - we love to hear from you!

We have some AH-MAZ-ING creatives lined up for you in this issue; with a bit of quirk, wanderlust, caffeine hits and even something a little...well...creepy.

Samii xox


AUG 2015 - THE


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AUG 2015 - THE

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AUG 2015 - THE

Rabbit Digs Illustrator @rabbitdigs The Eye: How long ago did you start Rabbit Digs? Dawn: Rabbit Digs is only 1 month old. I launched in June 2015 so it’s still very much a baby and I only stared drawing at the beginning of this year so it’s been a whirlwind 6 months! The Eye: That’s amazing! Even though you’ve only started drawing this year, have you always been some-what of a creative type? Dawn: I have definitely always had a creative side to me which has manifested itself in various forms over the years, but before launching Rabbit Digs I hadn’t actually drawn since High School. It’s so nice to have it back in my life; it’s like hanging out with a long-lost best friend. It’s a very comforting feeling.


The Eye: As creatives, we can definitely relate to that. It’s as if the pencil or pen was never meant to leave your hand! With such a big start to your career, where do you see yourself/ Rabbit Digs in the next 5 years? Dawn: Nothing would make me happier than to grow Rabbit Digs enough to allow me to be a full-time artist and creator. That’s what I hope to be doing in 5 years’ time. The Eye: Have you done any previous collaborative work with any other creatives? Dawn: I haven’t done any collaborations yet, but it’s definitely something I would be keen to explore in the future, there are so many amazingly talented people out there! Visit: to purchase an original or print from Rabbit Digs.

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Amy Farnworth

Chris Melbourne

Writer, Traveller, Soul-Searcher

Creative Director, Writer

Our favourite & only international creative super star Amy, is yet again killing it with her articles this month! Check out her blog Chasing Amy Lou.

Self-confessed dreamer and owner of many shoes, Chris is back this month with his witty and hilarious coffee reviews. ...Oskar totally steals the spotlight in this pic. AWWW x IG:

Eliza Revell Creative Writer Eliza is a newbie to The Eye Creative team yet somehow, she has managed to fit right in with the crew! Not only is Eliza currently studying Journalism at University, she also dabbles in numerous other creative fields such as painting, drawing and making terrariums.

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AUG 2015 - THE


Grace Brewin Freelance Costume Designer, Writer Owner & Founder of Belle Regalia; a unique jewellery line, Grace is a Melbourne based creative with a passion for creative writing, books and on the side, is also a freelance Costume Designer. @belleregalia

Ashleigh Watt (Watto) Creative Writer, Stylist & all-round legend. What can’t we say about Watto? She works as a full-time cafe manager, has studied Fashion Design and diploma of Event Management as well as being a full-blown illustrator! Creative? Yeh... Ash has that down. IG: @a.l.watt

Want to Collaborate with The Eye Creative? Send your details, short bio and examples of your work to: Pg. 12




1. COCO LUST “Milk Bath” Small- $15 Large- $30 IG: @cocolust_ 2. BAHANA BOUTIQUE “Phi Phi Pants” Small to Large $92 IG: @bahanaboutique 3. MONO HOME “Marble, Concrete Copper Lamp” One Size $150 IG: @monohome_

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AUG 2015 - THE




4. MISS POTS POUCHES “Pot Pouch” 10cm x 10cm $29.95 IG: @misspotspouches 5. TSUCHI “Horoscope Candles” 380gm $40 available for every star sign Designed specifically for each star signs traits. IG: @tsuchi_soy_candles


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6. LOUIE LUXE “Let Her Sleep Banner” 20cm (h) x 14cm (w) $39.95 IG: @findinglouie


7. VERNAS KEEP “Bones & Arrows EP” $5.94 id1024805302?ls=1&app=itunes IG: @vernaskeep

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AUG 2015 - THE



8. THE KIND COFFEE CO. “Cold Brew 500mL” RRP $17.50 IG: @thekindcoffeeco


9. LIVE WOT U LOVE “Wedding Thank You Sign” Custom (size shown = $40) Hand painted, custom wedding signs.

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AUG 2015 - THE



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You, &B


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AUG 2015 - THE

, Me Bones



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AUG 2015 - THE


Candles: cute and unobtrusive, basic and versatile; and if you’re lucky, some even smell good too. However, Melbourne-based brand, You, Me & Bones, have gone a step further by delving into the creative realms of the weird, the wonderful, and the downright uncomfortably strange to devise something called “Hand Poured Awesomeness”. The collection of dolls heads, skulls and bones are essentially a range of candles and soaps that look like, well, dolls heads, skulls and bones. Yes, they’re creepy. Yes, they’re arbitrary. Yes, they will make you stop and think, “What on earth…?” But, if you look closer, you’ll see that these products are actually dead, dead cute (pun definitely intended). You, Me & Bones is the brain-child (again, pun intended…ok, I’ll stop now) of Waan Pivasiri who, back in 2013, thought that instead of making a New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier (she likes bacon too much anyway), she’d make one which she could put to some artistic and sentimental good use: why buy gifts for friends when she could just make them?!

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AUG 2015 - THE


After an experimental period which involved spray-painting a lot of random animal figurines (don’t ask), the hand poured awesomeness of You, Me & Bones was born! And the name? “Well”, says Waan, “The branding is based on my personality and I wanted the name to be personal. You, Me & Bones equals my partner, Jay; our super handsome kitty, Bones; and I.” Given that Waan was a self-confessed Tom-Boy growing up; a strange-humoured weird girl who chose blue over pink just to make a point, it’s no wonder her products have been referred to as edgy, risk-taking and quirky. I mean, come on, dolls heads? They’re just freaky, right? In fact, Waan doesn’t see her designs as risky at all. She just wants to make things that she likes for her brand. And good on her! With plenty of candle designs under her belt, the reactions on social media to her range of products have been varied. While most have been relatively positive, there have been the odd few rude comments about the products, with some people even asking if her candles are made from real baby’s heads. Seriously?! *face palm* In real life though, it’s more a fascination with her products that Waan sees, especially on the markets she’s been selling her work at. Take a look online and you’ll be blown away and baffled by what’s on offer. How can a product like this even work? Well, 20k+ Instagram followers can’t be wrong, can they? With a successful online shop offering the choice between quirky designs and normal container candles, You, Me & Bones is definitely alive and kicking. Although, to quote Waan when talking about the future, she’s very much the rebel she always has been: “I don’t want to be making adult decisions and doing adult things all the time.” Neither do we, Waan, and that’s precisely why You, Me & Bones works for us! Pg. 23

Martinich Carran

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AUG 2015 - THE

h& n



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AUG 2015 - THE



A natural love for colour .


Across the lush Australian landscape, chances are you will see be met with a splendour of colour; the rainbow wings of a lorikeet, the underbelly of a snake, the flush of yellow wattle in the cooler months. Unimaginable colour palettes appear within the leaves on the trees, to the earth beneath your feet. From the bush to the urban landscape, it is all encompassing, inspiring and ever changing with the seasons. “I don’t know what it is, I am just naturally inclined to work with it, constantly pushing it to see what happens, changing palettes and playing with how it all fits together,” relates Australian artist Rowena Martinich. Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich, a couple who draw inspiration from the environment around them, invigorate the Australian artistic scene with intense, vibrant colours. The pair shares a love for colour and their work showcases a fervent appreciation for the beauty of the Australian landscape. Rowena’s work, a dynamic explosion of colour, often reflects the very colours of the birds that feature in Geoffrey’s creations, “Our palettes are actually pretty much the same, so we are constantly using each others paint supplies.” “The first time I ever saw Rowena’s work was on the side of a four story building, I didn’t know who had done it but immediately wanted to meet them. Her use of colour really resonated with me, and what had started as a creative crush has become a diverse collaboration in work and life,” says Carran. Pg. 28

Birds are an integral part of the Australian landscape, and to Carran they represent a link between our own world and the world of the sky and unknown places. Geoffrey takes the birds out of their usual environment and places them centre stage – honouring the unique vibrancy of many native Australian birds within his works. “I have always been fascinated by the relationships between birds and human culture; they are the subject of wide ranging myth and legend but also the observation of their migrations and activates provide a deeper understanding of a global environment.”

Life is a constantly evolving creative journey for the artists, and their future plans are no exception; both constantly working in their studios, creating new paintings and working on commissions. “We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other or offering constructive criticism. Even though our individual works are quite different our collaborations seem to merge together perfectly.”

Originally from New Zealand, Geoffrey was impressed when he first moved to Australia, “the variety and abundance of birdlife really stood out to me, so I started painting them.”

“...what had started as a creative crush has become a diverse collaboration in work and life...” With a penchant for murals and large scale works Rowena seemingly mimics the vastness of the Australian landscape through the sheer size of her pieces. The couple often collaborate, creating whole images against otherwise grey walls, honouring nature and harnessing the life and energy of Australia’s rich landscape. “Mural painting is a great way to inject colour, life and vibrancy into otherwise dull and forgotten spaces. It is always a challenge to work on a large scale, and it is really rewarding to step back and see how our artwork translates. It keeps our practice diverse and pushes us to extend ourselves and challenge ourselves.”

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“We are also in the process of redesigning our house which is a pretty exciting and creative project in itself…we will be feeding our imaginations with travel to India and Hong Kong.” Geoffrey and Rowena are constantly working on new and exciting projects. Keep up to date with their artistry at

AUG 2015 - THE


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AUG 2015 - THE

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Honey &Heid Pg. 32


Have you ever entered a store with the mission in mind to find the perfect bag, yet end up walking around aimlessly for hours looking at what seems like the same damn design? Honestly, I don’t think there is a woman out there (or man - we are not here to discriminate) that hasn’t been in this situation! The lack of originality is truly frustrating these days, and so are those rather oversized buckles, silver-plated logos and the need for 10 thousand pockets in the one design. (I mean come on - I already lose my keys and credit card; you don’t need to make it harder for me.) Luckily for us, the stylish ladies behind Honey & Heid have us covered with their range of unique and hand-made, 100% leather designs. Honey & Heid take so much pride in their work that no two pieces are the same. All pieces are designed, hand-cut & sewn on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, as well as being individually editioned with a stamped number (and even a custom name should you choose). Made from 100% Australian raw leather, these simple and stylish designs will outlast any other handbag style-wise in your collection. Best of all? They have no fiddly bits! Praise the fashion lords!!! You can purchase a Honey & Heid original by visiting: or if you’re on the Peninsula, drop by Aurelia Boutique in Mornington where you can find these beauties stocked. IG: @honeyandheid

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AUG 2015 - THE


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AUG 2015 - THE


Are we becoming one? WRITTEN BY: ASHLEIGH WATT

Has anyone else noticed how most casual wear has become more unisex? Well it happened to me the other day as I was getting my morning coffee (strong latte full). After paying, I sat down to read the paper, only to find that the cute guy next to me was wearing the male equivalent of my outfit! I admired his shoulder length hair and topknot (which is a man bun for people who don’t know), white collared, button-up shirt, knit jump and pair of black jeans. At first I thought “Great, not only do I have to worry about wearing the same thing as the girl at the coffee shop, but now the guy too!” On the other hand, this made me consider that perhaps men and woman are wearing the same style of clothing, especially casual wear. Maybe it’s easier? Are we becoming lazy? Or are we becoming one? The concept of neutral style becomes some-what ‘lost’ when we head to a night on the town. Both men and women embrace the traditional masculine and feminine styles traditionally set out for their own individual genders. It’s like heading back into the 50’s; girls wear dresses and heels - men wear shirts and trousers. Just stop for a second, look around wherever you are reading this and see how many men and women are wearing unisex outfits. Over time I have brought this up with a few of my friends, asking if they’d noticed this androgynous trend (having both masculine & feminine characteristics. Some agreed with me, saying it had caught their eye recently, others, didn’t have any idea of what I was talking about. So I began researching more on this subject, looking at the positive acceptance of transgendered individuals and equality in modern day fashion & society. Pg. 36

Just late last year there was a new Australian transgendered model introduced into the fashion world. Andreja Pejic, formerly known as Andrej Pejic) was quoted as living “in between genders”. Yet even though Andreja acknowledged the transgender issue, was still, until 2014, known as an androgynous male model. Life with Bird, an Australian fashion label (pictured), is one of the leading brands taking a step toward equality in fashion and is driving the style with its clean design lines, masculine aesthetics and comfortable sports-wear/ high-end fashion. Whilst this evolution of style has taken a while to hit the shops, it’s a good idea to open your mind to the movement - broaden your style and look in both men and women’s clothing sections. I find my flannelette shirts from the men’s section are great to wear with a white t-shirt underneath. Equality is a big issue world-wide, and in so many different ways, yet with small changes such as these in the fashion industry, we are tightening the gap between what is considered normal and different. The fashion industry is ever-changing and creates a platform for people to voice their individuality and worth. I’m actually quite chuffed to be wearing the same outfit as the stylish cute guy in the coffee shop. He has great taste, which means in retrospect - so do I.

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AUG 2015 - THE


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AUG 2015 - THE



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AUG 2015 - THE


Looking through ADA+CEDAR’s online store, you feel a sense of harmony and symmetry, as if the creator understands exactly how to use these design elements. And that is obviously so, as Melissa Scott, the mastermind behind ADA+CEDAR is also a graphic designer by trade. With creativity in her blood, Melissa named her jewellery line after her nanna, Ada, who instructed Melissa in various creative crafts. Sourcing Blackwood grown in Tasmania, Melissa turns it into the backdrop for her geometric designs inspired by Aztec and Navajo culture. The grain of the Blackwood juxtaposed with a pop of bright colour or a geometric pattern, creates a sense of rustic modernity that has really carved out a niche in the marketplace. You can see by eye the high level of attention and quality that goes into an ADA+CEDAR piece as Melissa states, “I hope that people can appreciate the time that goes into an ADA+CEDAR piece. The ones that are painted can have up to 10 layers of paint applied. Quality is really important to me; I like to make things the best they can be.” ADA+CEDAR’s jewellery isn’t the only thing that is of high quality, as even the tonal photographs on their website and Instagram will attest to. Each item is gift wrapped exquisitely and you’ll be hard pressed to throw away the beautiful packaging that comes with each piece. Stocked in nine brick and mortar stores as well as two separate online stores, ADA+CEDAR have certainly made an impact in the handmade marketplace already. After appearing at the Finders Keepers emerging designers market in Melbourne earlier this year, Melissa hopes to take after fellow graphic/jewellery designer, Emily Green, and further grow ADA+CEDAR into a full-time endeavour. You can find a list of stockists on ADA+CEDAR’s website or purchase online through their Etsy store.


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Make yourself a coffee, settle down and prepare for absoulte beauty... Lauren Campbell not only captures the most stunning images through her lens, but has also managed to capture the hearts of the whole Eye Creative team. If you close your eyes for just a moment after glancing at her images, I swear you can taste the salty air of the sea, smell the fresh pine scent of the woods and feel the overwhelming LOVE that is present in each image.

Pg. 43

AUG 2015 - THE



Pg. 44


Think of wedding or portrait photography and what’s the first thing that springs to mind? For me it’s those bog-standard, stock poses that look totally staged; the same ones in every family home; the ones that become dated and aged in a matter of months; think terrible clothing and even worse haircuts... Tom Selleck moustache anyone? Michael Bolton mullet? Not anymore though, and certainly not in today’s world of photography, where Photoshop et al have allowed for fantastic advancements in image creativity; even the likes of Instagram with its brilliant filters (let’s face it, we all need them) have caused a stir; and how can we forget ‘outside the box’ thinking when it comes to location selection and angles photographers are so darn adventurous! Cue Lauren Campbell: The Canberra-based photographer is marvellous! Her already well established business is thriving and she has an impressive portfolio to prove it – being featured on the current issue of White Magazine certainly sets the bar. Pg. 45

AUG 2015 - THE


Pg. 46

Having loved the still image since she was a child, it wasn’t until her husband encouraged her to pursue her love of photography seriously that she realised how much she’d been craving a creative outlet: “I love being able to capture an emotion and moment in time that really means something to someone.” While she’s always been drawn to weddings and adores the beauty and emotion that go hand in hand with ‘the big day’, the photographing of couples in an ‘every-day’ setting is what she’s ideally passionate about. Inspired by moments of spontaneity and ultimately the natural environment, Lauren is very much drawn to vastness and places of immensity, the changing seasons and the colours they bring; something which is obvious if you take a look through her astounding past projects. She tries to blend landscape photography and portraiture to create the right mood to suit her subject’s personality: “As its core, a human connection is a very basic thing and photographing that connection in a natural setting makes sense to me.”

She tries to blend landscape photography and portraiture to create the right mood to suit her subject’s personality: “As its core, a human connection is a very basic thing and photographing that connection in a natural setting makes sense to me.” Describing her style as honest and romantic, Lauren mentions how classic photographer Eve Arnold has recently impacted her; and with plans to exhibit at RAW in the future she advises any budding photographers out there to, “just keep shooting; take any opportunity that comes your way.” With all this in mind, it’s difficult not to fall in love with Lauren and her work; and who knows, one day (hopes and prays) I may use her for a wedding all of my own! Pg. 47

AUG 2015 - THE


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Pg. 49

AUG 2015 - THE


@laurencampbell Pg. 50

ch amy

We ad and lu Pg. 53

AUG 2015 - THE

hasing lou

dopted her as an honorary Aussie, ucky us, she adopted us right back. EYE CREATIVE

Pg. 54

The Travelling Creative For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to write. It’s that simple. I used to write and illustrate my own books when I was younger (they were BRILLIANT, or so I was told by my parents); my school essays were always longer and more convoluted than those of my peers, with my tutors sometimes failing to grasp the ‘concept’ of my writing, dismissing it as incomprehensible or ‘not concise enough’ (more fool them). Whilst studying Journalism at University in the UK (many years ago now - gulp), Academics tried to coach me into producing writing that was more concise (part of a journo’s talent, obviously): “Tabloid journalists can condense the longest pieces of information into the tiniest spaces, Amy; you need to break your articles down; train your brain”. But you see, therein lies the problem (although not really a problem at all). I’m also a talker and a thinker so my thoughts are expressed through my writing and more often than not, failing to be able to explain myself in a brief and condensed way, I will ramble for hours about a subject I find interesting. My musings can span pages and my vocabulary and language-use can flit and flirt from the simple to the downright obscure. What can I say? I love writing.

Upon completion I travelled from San Francisco to LA, and then on to New York. On my own. Having just turned 20 (Me, a little working-class girl from the North of England who knew few people that had ever done anything like this; Facebook didn’t really exist back then either and long distance phone calls were made on pay phones due to high contract tariffs - PAY PHONES!). From then on I had the bug: Following my Graduation, I took city breaks whenever I could (whenever my measly budget would allow). I applied for a job in Glasgow and lived and worked there for six years; spent time and money visiting friends in Germany; acted like a local with a former work colleague in Paris; hopped over to Belfast to stay with mates; hostelled in Edinburgh during the Fringe; explored and broadened my historical knowledge in Copenhagen; soaked in the Catalonian culture in Barcelona with my brother; and partied hard in Krakow.

“Travelling soothes the soul: forever shall I wander, free and in love with the world” My love of travel however? Well, that didn’t come about until later in life; perhaps when I was 19 (although two trips to Amsterdam at the age of 16 and 17 probably sparked an interest but I can’t really remember anything about those excursions). I began my, shall we say, ‘travelling career’ in 2005, when I went to the States to participate in the Camp America Pg. 55

AUG 2015 - THE


Pg. 56

Pg. 57

AUG 2015 - THE

It wasn’t until 2013 though that I really fell in love with travel, and decided to try and combine my two passions. In May of that year I went to China. Alone. I was 27. China is a BIG country. China is a dangerous country. China is a DIFFERENT country. And I loved it. Everything about the culture, the history, the way of life, the people, the food; it fascinated me. I was there for three weeks and you know what? It wasn’t nearly long enough. During that time I did some incredible things and I met some of the most influential people I have met to date. It was those people and that experience that have helped turn my life into what it is slowly becoming today. Returning to the UK, exhausted but itching to get on the move again, I made a decision that would alter the course of my path forever. I quit my job (I was a Firefighter; logical progression from graduating with a Journalism degree right?!). I quit my job and decided to come to Australia. Now, my intentions at first were to come on the Working Holiday Visa, and possibly stay for two years and then...well...I didn’t have a plan after that, I would just wing it. In September 2014 I left Manchester and arrived in Brisbane: my adventure had begun. After several ups and downs, some ‘soul searching’, and some struggles with work, I finally found my feet. And I was happy; happy for the first time in a long time. I’d started a blog in which to document not just my travels but my feelings too, and I felt liberated; I felt like I was being myself: the person I always knew I could be. Over the last year I have seen and done some absolutely wonderful and insanely incredible things - partying HARD in Brisbane with old friends; sky-diving in Byron Bay; getting full-on drunk on Fraser Island; spending NYE in Sydney with the best people in the world; working in a country town and mixing with the locals; travelling the Great Ocean Road and drinking FAR TOO MUCH coffee in Melbourne, and ultimately falling in love with the place; playing with Quokkas on Rottnest Island; avoiding near death with the jumping crocs in Darwin; eating my own


body weight in Indonesian food and doing heaps of yoga in Bali; snorkelling and diving the Great Barrier Reef; meeting the best group of people on the Whitsundays; canoeing the Everglades in the pissing rain in Noosa; and discovering this amazing challenge at The Eye Creative... a stroke of luck perhaps? Or maybe just fate? Who knows? And now? I probably want to stay in Australia forever!

“I felt liberated; I felt like I was being myself: the person I always knew I could be.” Where my passion for writing dwindled a little while I was in the Fire Service, it was reignited because of travel. That’s not to say I would ever limit myself to writing solely about travel. Hell no. I believe in other people. I love the arts. I love everything to do with creativity and expressing yourself through something that you love. Being creative is important. It can act as a release, it can soothe the soul and it can inspire others. I believe that creatives, whatever area, need an outlet too; they need a platform, just like writers. At the moment I am quite content concentrating on myself and my writing (and travel of course) and The Eye Creative is giving me that opportunity. I want to show the world what other creatives have to offer; what beautiful people, places and ideas are out there. If I can do that through my writing; if one article can catapult a designer into stratospheric recognition, then it will be worth all the effort in the world! @amyfarnworth

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Pg. 59

AUG 2015 - THE



Pg. 60


mberwolf MUSICIAN | ADE


Adelaide-based Indie/ Folk artist Timberwolf is making tsunami waves on the Australian music scene right now. Having just finished touring with the likes of Little May, Ash Grunwald, The Pierce Brothers and Dustin Tebbut, Timberwolf has just released his highly anticipated EP ‘Flux, co-produced by Mike Myers.

We were surprised to recently learn that Christopher Panousakis (aka Timberwolf), is only 23 years old. With such a depth of wisdom within his lyrics and a voice that you feel belongs to someone who has travelled the world for 100 years, we were understandably blown-away by how young this Aussie protegy is. The track Whiskey Jar from the Ep Flux, is on constant repeat throughout The Eye office this week with its subtle and superb harmonies, bluesy-guitar vibes and raw (yet somehow still polished) sound of the vocals. A favourite with the Triple J team, Timberwolf recently hosted Roots ‘N’ all in place of Sarah Howell, where the tracks off ‘Flux’ have been getting some major air-time.

Timberwolf will be touring this August off the back of recent performances at Groovin’ the Moo & Big Pineapple festivals. Details can be found at IG: @timberwolfmusic


Pg. 63

AUG 2015 - THE


Pg. 64

if you were an island.. i would swim i



The Eye: What’s Your Story?

The Eye: What’s the next goal for you?

Greta: Haha, well I suppose I’m a 20 year old singer songwriter, player of guitars, lover of tacos. I grew up in Mena Creek outside of Innisfail in Far North Queensland and I’ve always loved to sing, play and write, and for a very long time I wasn’t much good at any of those things but I just enjoyed it, so I pursued it and well, here I am! (Hopefully I am better at least one of those things). I moved to Cairns last year, and have landed some awesome gigs since then one highlight was playing alongside Melb favourites British India!! I’ve also just released my first EP, ‘Bedroom City’.

Greta: I suppose now that the EP is out in the world I’d love to tour, for my music to take me to new places that would be cool, I suppose that’s a little more of a dream than a goal. Actually, one goal is to move to a bigger city to further my music, Melbourne actually! I’m hoping to dive into that next year.

The Eye: If your music could be the soundtrack to any movie what would that be? Greta: Ooo that’s a bit of a tricky one... I guess I’m not a big movie watcher but I do love Joseph Gordan Levitt, so anything with him... preferably a scene with him shirtless, that’d be nice...

The Eye: What inspires you when writing? Greta: I guess my songs are usually inspired by a personal experience, or one I’ve heard of through a friend/family. Usually heartbreak, lust, crushes all of that good and bad stuff. I’m a pretty big over thinker in everything, so usually I take a little moment or experience and over analyse it in my mind until it’s much bigger! My songs are usually an exaggeration of how I’m really feeling, or the ideal version of how I want things to be vs how they really are.

The Eye: Besides Music, what other creative stuff are you into? Greta: I can honestly say I hold no skill in anything else, but I do enjoy reading, baking, sometimes I pull out the paint and brushes but that never ends well. Pg. 67

AUG 2015 - THE



Pg. 68

The Eye: What other musicians inspired you to be where you are in life?

The Eye: Whats been one of the best moments of performing?

Greta: I can’t pin point it to one, but definitely a mix! Growing up my parents always listened to what I think was pretty good music, although looking back there was a time when I thought Ne-Yo was cooler than The Cat Empire, shame on 12 year old me. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Missy Higgins, The Waifs, Bob Dylan; they were definitely hot favourites in the house, and the car for road trips! I was pretty into Missy Higgins through primary school, Lisa Mitchell is so dreamy, and I’ve loved all of her work. I’m actually obsessed with SOKO too; she’s so out there and honest and just doesn’t give a care! I like that.

Greta: There’s been a few, recently I did my EP launch in cairns and I had people demanding me back on stage to play another original after I’d finished up. That was really nice, and everyone was really quiet in this tiny venue that was packed to the door, I felt pretty special. One time ALLDAY shared his vegan wraps with me backstage at a festival in cairns, that was also pretty special. :’)

The Eye: What puts you in the mood to create music?

Oh and, wowee, I did a pozible crowdfunding campaign for the EP, and in the last hours this ‘Retired Business Man’ (Self quoted) from the Netherlands named rob contributed the remaining $600 and he didn’t even know me, he just liked my story and wanted to see me succeed, we still keep in touch now! What a legend!!!!!

Greta: I usually write a song after some kind of feeling has consumed me, whether it’s anger, being sad, realising the cute guy I was crushing on at the skate park has a girlfriend..dang... but that’s where the idea’s start. As for what I need to be surrounded by when writing; I need quiet. I need my bedroom, cups of tea, my journal and a pen! That’s the recipe for a new song.

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The Eye: Where can we find you? Greta: The wonderful land of facebook, www. The EP’S on iTunes for digital downloads, but if you’re more into CD’S (totally cooler) you can order one My instagram is @Gretarosey but i mostly post pictures of food and dogs so that’s probably not worth following.


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My head hurts. Remind me again to stay cool with the scotch the night before a review. This traffic sucks. I don’t think I went through one intersection in the last hour without a red light. I have so many other things to do today. Pretty safe to say I wasn’t really a fan of this one before I parked the chariot. I walk in to Cremorne’s “Denis the Menace” a hunched shell of historically, more upright and sober human. An unassuming facade with little feeling was shocked into action when all at once, every sense within me started going into overdrive. My eyes widen to the people, both the incredibly switched-on staff, and the patrons - who in their own, fashionable, typically-Cremorne way; kind’ve look like they enjoyed their own variety of alcohols the previous night. My ears prick up with the caressing Sunday morning vibes and music, the clank of coffee mugs and the sizzle of bacon. Needless to say, my nostrils were also now falring up in eager anticipation. So far - well played, Denis. Well played. I am seated at what I thought would be the crappiest seat in the house; the counter overlooking the kitchen. Guhh... This good start has taken a potentially bad turn.

This is a seat where I can literally touch chef Simon Neale, as he carefully and cleverly crafts his ridiculously good looking (and tasty) creations. To give you an idea of how close I am; my coffee saucer is literally touching his mixing bowl, and I’ve even discovered a stray ‘erb (fancy word for “herb”) on top of my laptop. I’m not as close as much as I am involved. Okay, it’s hard to tell you how long I was distracted for whilst typing this just now. I was literally staring at and admiring his olive oil drizzle and pepper cracking for about 15 minutes. No creep...just enthralling. My main man Damon Glover, barista-extraordinaire and top-quality bloke, swooned by to ensure life is good. His relaxed nature helped to continue the chill, before whipping me up another amazing coffee, lovingly created with Seven Seeds beans. These guys, seriously. Stop making me love you. Damon, Simon and the Menace had absolutely no idea I was turning up this morning, let alone as hungover as I am. They didn’t know it, but they certainly catered for it. The food, the coffee, the vibe, the service; everything was more on-point than Barney Stinson’s good suit. My head feels better, my belly is full. I have a new hangout and I’m ready for the day.

My head does not need this noise. Alas, Denis surprises me.

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What are the coffee beans you use and Why? We use Wide Open Road from Brunswick. We chose Wide Open Road because we love their coffee and their support for us has been unmatched. They’re always there for us if we need assistance with our machines or additional training for our staff. They’re good people with delicious coffee. Plus they’ve been really supportive of our decision to avoid cow’s milk for coffee, even trying to come up with a roast that would work better with our milk alternatives. When & how did the idea for Smith & Deli come about? Smith & Deli came to be out of an extreme need to expand our first endeavour: Smith & Daughters - our Latin restaurant at 175 Brunswick Street. We opened in March 2014 and outgrew the space straight away; needing a bigger kitchen, in particular. We knew we wanted to stay in Fitzroy so when the deli space became available, we decided instead of creating only a commercial kitchen, we knew there was potential for more. The space lent itself to anything, being it was just an office space, so we knew we had to go an ever rotating menu based on convenience. Sandwiches, salads, breakfast, pastry and ready meals - it’s a shop for everyone, and not one animal product on site. We’ve been open since June 16th of this year. What is the most enjoyable part of running your cafe on a daily basis? Our amazing regular customers. We have the best most supportive customers who are constantly excited by our offering. The rotating menu is really fun as well. Literally no two days have been the same in our cases - different pastries, scrolls, soups, salads, etc. We keep it really exciting. And our staff are absolute gems. Pg. 75

What makes Smith & Deli stand out amongst the other cafes in the area? The main stand out would have to be the fact that we’re 100% vegan. Our head chef and my business partner, Shannon Martinez is an absolute food wizard, trying to smash the mainstream conception of vegan food. She’s managed to master many feats of very non vegan cooking, in vegan form. Shannon’s croissants and beef bourguignon pies and vanilla slice and well, everything she makes is pretty next level. Plus we really pride ourselves on good customer service. We do hope it stands out to our patrons. What would you recommend off the menu? Honestly, anything! Our sandwich menu is extensive (32 and counting), plus with the rotation of the cases, there’s something new and recommended every day. I may break it down by category - though no matter what you walk out the door with, you’ll be happy. Pastry - doughnuts! They change every day and they’re always good. Challah sticky buns are amazing as well. Scrolls! The Home Alone Sandwich - it’s like Christmas dinner in a roll. I should just stop now. What is your current sound track for the space and does this change on occasion? Our music changes all the time! We love keeping it up beat and awesome, though The Smiths radio is pretty regular on rotation. At any given moment we go between Paula Abdul, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, 90s Hip Hop radio, etc. etc. etc. What is it about the Smith & Deli culture that makes each day enjoyable? The full package! The delicious food, the exciting offering, the great customer service it’s a full package for us. We want to know our customers’ orders and their names - that’s what it means to be a neighbourhood deli, a place where people are acknowledged and welcomed fully in the space.

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What’s the most unusual order that you have had over the counter? We get unusual requests way more over at the restaurant. At the deli it’s a bit different because there’s so much to choose from there’s almost something for everyone. Okay, I always laugh when people only want 3 olives as opposed to a little 180g tub. I love a specific number request. What type of coffee best describes your personality and why? (e.g. Latte, Macchiato, long black) This is literally a question I’ve never considered before. But because I constantly refer to Shannon’s work as wizardry, I will go with my favourite coffee - a Magic. It’s the best of the coffee and the best of the milk and short and delicious in one beautiful little package. The deli is aiming to be the best of the best in a little package. How’s that for an answer? Were there other creative people that collaborated or assisted in setting up Smith & Deli? (If yes, whom?) The business is always Shannon and I. But we couldn’t do any of this without my partner, Callum Preston. He is a graphic designer by trade but when we decided the Deli project was a go ahead he literally helped to design, build, and fit out the entire place. Our vision literally came to life because of him. Plus he did all of our logos, stickers, marketing, hand painted signs, constructed our shop and is a hell of a fix it guy (amongst many other things)! What is a quote that you live by? Just a couple acronyms: PMA + TCB. Positive Mental Attitude + Taking Care of Business. Oh, and... Do More.


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Moroccan Harrira Soup COOKING WITH EMILY TURNBULL OF COMO PARADE CAFE, VIC This authentic hearty Moroccan soup is true winner at my house during these bitterly cold Melbourne days. I always make sure to have plenty as its even better the following day!! enjoy x INGREDIENTS


1 red onion, diced 1 red capsicum, diced 1 garlic clove, crushed pinch saffron 1 tsp turmeric 300gm lamb shoulder, diced 1 sml tin chickpeas 1 sml tin lentils ½ bunch coriander, chopped 1 tin (420gm) crushed tomatoes salt + pepper

In a large saucepan over medium – high heat Place 1 tbsp olive oil along with red onion and pinch salt, stir well and cook until onions are soft and translucent. At this point stir in red capsicum, garlic, turmeric and saffron then sauté, stirring regularly, until everything begins to caramelize. Add diced lamb stir to combine and allow lamb to brown all over. Stir in tomatoes and water; there should be enough to cover.

“I love serving this soup alongside toasted Turkish bread and a nice big glass of merlot. What better way to spend an August evening.”


Bring to a simmer for at least 20-30 minutes Stir in drained chickpeas + lentils Add chopped coriander and adjust seasoning add extra water if necessary!

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Glossary LAUREN CAMPBELL PHOTOGRAPHY (PHOTOGRAPHER, ACT) @laurencampbell Cover Image, pages 3-4, 7, 17, 43-50 Retro Couple featured (Cover): Maddie: @deathbyteapot Scott: @a_newengland Styling: The Minimalist Vegan @theminimalistvegan Model: Hannah St James @stylebystjames Stylist: Style By St James @stylebystjames H&MUA: Ahsley Cirovski @esheow YOU, ME & BONES (CANDLE MAKER, VIC) Pg. 20-24 @youmeandbones ADA & CEDAR (JEWELLERY DESIGNER, VIC) Pg. 39-42 @adaandcedar LIFE WITH BIRD Photos featured: Pg. 35-38 @lifewithbird ASHLEIGH WATT @a.l.watt MEMORIES ON WALLS Pg. 6 @memoriesonwalls

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