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Welcome to Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences

We are proud to present Georgia’s first 18-hole professional golf course, which will also include a 5-star hotel and luxury residences. Tbilisi Hills golf course is ready to host large golf events and golf tourists from all over the world. The compound is organically integrated into the unique landscape of Georgia: it is located on a hill with a picturesque views to Tbilisi, Mount Kazbek, Shavnabada Monastery and green forests surrounding the living area, and it is just a 15-minute drive on a panoramic road, from the historic centre of Tbilisi. The development process of Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences started with an in-depth analysis of the unique Georgian landscape. A group of experienced architects and designers from Portugal, Finland and Estonia implemented a project that fully meets the criteria of a high standard golf course and residences combined with lush nature. The synergy of experiences has made a unique product that is in total harmony with the surroundings of the location, as well as creating an outstanding signature style for Tbilisi Hills living and leisure activities. The development project had to start from scratch. Road construction, gas, sewerage, electricity infrastructure, internet connections and an irrigation system, an essential feature for the golf course, were carefully planned and implemented by European professionals, altogether with comprehensive support from Tbilisi City Hall and Administration of Gardabani. Ensuring a clean drinking water supply was also an important task, which together with Georgian Water and Power (GWP), was realized to the extent that 100 000 residents’ water needs could be satisfied.

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Tbilisi Hills is one of the first real estate projects in the Caucasus that can be genuinely described as a prime living experience. It offers guests and residents unique environmental conditions, such as green space, fresh air, and ideal climate conditions.

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Location Compound Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences is located in the Krtsanisi region, in the south-east part of Tbilisi and covers 331 hectares. The journey from downtown takes about 15 minutes by car. From the city the compound can be accessed by two roads: from Krtsanisi district and the other from Rustavi highway.

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The area of Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences occupies 331 hectares. Upon completion of the construction, the project is designed for up to 3 000 properties. In 2018 sector C1 was set for sale, offering a choice of 50 parcels of land. In the same year the construction of a building designed for 54 apartments, 8 townhouses and 15 private houses with spacious household plots and swimming pools started. Smart house concept: all houses are equipped with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Also, it is possible to equip them with a semi-autonomous power supply system using solar panels, and energy-saving materials, which makes them eco-friendly and more economical. The ecology of Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences complex is a matter of everyday care for developers and constructors. The project itself has been developed taking into total consideration the natural landscape of the area, well known for outstanding biodiversity. Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences complex is a project, where every step of its development is carried out with special care and respect for nature. Staying at Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences you enjoy the natural flora and fauna.

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Infrastructure In addition to the professional 18-hole golf course, the compound will have facilities such as: • International school and kindergarten • Park & playground for children • Open swimming pool • Clubhouse • Fitness centre • SPA • Tennis court • 5-star hotel • Restaurants • Mini supermarkets, etc. For security, the complex is equipped with a 24/7 security system and CCTV cameras throughout the complex.

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Fresh air The ďŹ rst thing guests notice is the all-day-long fresh air. It is also approximately four degrees cooler in Tbilisi Hills, compared to downtown Tbilisi, which makes all the difference in hot summers. The lovely greenness, viewed from every angle of Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences, together with the quiet and healing sounds of nature have an amazingly refreshing effect on anyone who wants to live or visit.

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Letter from the investor I am glad to welcome you to Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences. Recently Georgia has become a part of the European family and has opened its doors to new ideas and solutions. Tbilisi Hills is a very ambitious, complex and interesting project. This is a harmonious unity of the nature of Georgia and audacious architectural solutions. The amount invested so far is more than 33 million Euro, which has been devoted to installing the necessary infrastructure for the golf course and construction of communications. The total cost of the project will be 1 billion Euros! The comprehensive approach of our international team and attention to details allow me to say without any doubts that Tbilisi Hills corresponds to the highest European standards; everything has been thought out for harmonious, comfortable and safe life. This is an excellent project for investment, living and recreation.

Oleg Ossinovski

Head and Founder of AS Skinest Group, Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences major investor

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Residences The main idea of Tbilisi Hills is to build a new residential area with a community. Our main real estate offer is premium-class private houses and land plots from 1 400 m² up to several hectares. While creating the whole architectural concept, it was decided to build several semi-detached houses and apartment buildings to give our customers more choices. The developers took the best examples of Europe and tried their best to create a space where everything would be functional, intentional and inspiring.

Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences is a unique place in Georgia where you can live in harmony with nature and be near bustling Tbilisi. Dimensional and at the same time an exciting way of life is the main concept of the compound. This is one of the first real estate projects in the Caucasus, where every detail is thought through: a combination of unique environmental conditions, European standards of living and infrastructure for active sports and a social life.

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Perfection in every detail

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Total cost by the end of the project will be 1 billion EUR

There are 2 access roads and 1 highway to Tbilisi Hills

km from Freedom Square, Tbilisi (driving time is less than 15 min)

km to the Tbilisi International Airport




The professional 18-hole golf course spreads out over 110 ha territory

Three-story apartment buildings with up to 800 apartments

Investments to date are more than 33 million EUR





Semi-detached houses

The total area comprises 331 hectares

Private houses

The project is designed for up to 3000 residences

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Tbilisi Hills in numbers

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Land plots

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C Sector is now for sale

• 7 big size land plots, skyline, which have panoramic 180-degree view over Tbilisi, size of land varies between 7 000 m2 and 11 000 m2 • 8 medium size land plots, which have panoramic 180-degree view over Tbilisi, size of land varies between 4 000 m2 and 5 400 m2 • 35 standard size land plots; major part of them overlooks city and Shavnabada Monastery at the same time accompanied with the forest, size of land varies between 1 100 m2 and 2 800 m2 • 8 semi-detached houses – 192 m2. Land plot size varies between 583 m2 and 1 135 m2 • 2 three-story residential buildings with 54 apartments

Infrastructure • International school & kindergarten • Park & playground for children • Open swimming pool • Mini supermarket

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Private houses

Private House Palm The project design of this house was created by an Estonian architectural bureau Palm. It was developed considering the trajectory of the sun, which gives natural illumination to the living space, also the design of the garden perfectly complements the architecture of the building. The villa combines everything you need for a luxurious and comfortable life: 4 bedrooms with two separate bathrooms, a spacious dressing room (9.7 m2), a laundry room (10 m2), a storage room (12.8 m2), a technical room and a guest restroom. On the ground floor there is also a spacious balcony (30 m2), from where a panoramic view to Tbilisi opens, a living room with access to the terrace and a kitchen surrounded by a glass facade. There is a designated space for a swimming pool on the plot.

• Building area: 295 m2 • Number of floors: 2 • Parking: for 4 cars (carport for 2)

The project design of this house was created by an Estonian architectural bureau KTA (Kadarik, Tüür. Arhitektid). The house is split into two blocks; it harmoniously fits into the surrounding landscape, complementing it and creating a single and coherent picture.

• Building area: 315 m²

On the ground floor of the villa there are a kitchen with access to the terrace, two storage rooms, a laundry room (8.6 m2), a technical room and a guest bathroom. Near the main entrance there is a spacious dressing room (8.2 m2). The living room, located a few steps below the rest of the rooms, boasts high ceilings (3.6 m) and four windows (one of them is angular). From the balcony (88 m2) there is a panoramic view to Tbilisi and Shavnabada Monastery. There is a spacious place for a swimming pool on the plot. On the second floor there are 4 bedrooms with two separate bathrooms and a dressing room (7.6 m2).

• Parking: for 2 cars (carport)

• Number of floors: 2

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Private House KТА

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Private House Allianss The project design of this T-shaped house was created by Estonian bureau Allianss Arhitektid. This luxurious two-story villa is organically incorporated into the natural landscape because of terraces, that visually smooth the elevation differences on the land plot. On the first floor there is a bedroom, a laundry room (9 m2), a storage room (5.5 m2), a guest bathroom, a technical room and a spacious balcony (55 m2), which has a fantastic view of Tbilisi. There is also a living room, located three steps below the rest of the rooms, with high ceilings (3.45 m) and a panoramic glass facade. It adjoins a kitchen, from where you can exit to the covered terrace (20 m2). There is a special place for a swimming pool on the plot. On the second floor there are three comfortable bedrooms with two separate bathrooms and a dressing room (10 m2). You can admire Shavnabada Monastery from one of the bedroom windows.

• Building area: 325 m2 • Number of floors: 2 • Parking: for 4 cars (carport for 2)

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Private House Wunderwerk The project design of this house was created by Georgian architectural bureau Wunderwerk. The patio, panoramic windows, fantastic views to Tbilisi and Shavnabada Monastery are ideal for those, who are not ready to leave the comfort of the city and want to live in harmony with nature. This is a single-story villa with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a separate guest bathroom, a dressing room (17 m2), a spacious living room (57 m2), a laundry room (10 m2), a technical room (8 m2) and open-plan kitchen (42 m2), which allows you to accomplish the design you dream of.

• Building area: 352 m2 • Number of floors: 1 • Parking: for 2 cars (carport)

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Semi-detached House The design project of these houses was created by Georgian architectural bureau IM Architecture. The glass facades give them a unique look that blur the boundaries between the interior and the surrounding nature and create a feeling of freedom. The ground floor of each of the villas is an ideal place to relax. There is a living room, a kitchen with direct access to the covered terrace, where you can have parties with family and friends, a laundry room (7 m2), a storage room (5.2 m2) and a bathroom. On the upper floor there are 3 spacious bedrooms (one of them with a private bathroom) and a balcony (8.4 m2), which offers a fantastic view to Tbilisi. Also, a special place for a swimming pool on the plot.

• Building area: 192 m2 • Number of floors: 2 • Parking: for 2 cars

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• L and plot area: from 583 m2 to 1 135 m2

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Apartments The project design of apartment buildings was created by an Estonian architectural bureau PĂľldme Arhitektuur. Houses are perfectly integrated into the environment; the plot is decorated with evergreens. Apartment layouts allow you to change easily the configuration of the floor if necessary. The thickness of the internal walls between the apartments is 200 mm, which meets the European requirements for noise reduction. In all entrances there are separate basements, where household storage rooms (10 m2) are located. The buildings are equipped with elevators that go from the basement till the top floor. North side apartments have a direct access to the playground for children. Balconies (areas reach 80 m2) have a panoramic view of Tbilisi or Shavnabada Monastery.

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• Number of buildings: 2 • Number of entrances: 3 in each building • Number of floors: 3 and 4 • Number of apartments: 54 – 22 four‑room – 24 three-room – 8 two-room • Apartment areas: from 60 m2 till 130 m2

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If you are looking for a magic house that represents the art of living in perfection, you have found the right one! • Comfort • Space • Privacy • Security • Breathtaking views • Cosiness • Open terraces and swimming pools • Backyards • Fresh air • Green area These are specifications that can be found at Tbilisi Hills.

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Tbilisi Hills golf course, that covers an area of approximately 110 hectares, is currently the first and only professional 18-hole championship golf course in Georgia, also it is officially rated by the USGA standards and approved by the European Golf Association (EGA) for handicapping purposes. On top of that, Tbilisi Hills golf course has recently become a member of the upscale European Tour Destinations. The first-class golf course has been specially designed for Tbilisi Hills by Lassi Pekka Tilander, (Tilander Golf Design, Finland), who has nearly 20 years of experience in designing various top-of-the-game golf courses throughout Europe. Two of these courses are currently listed as top 100 Continental European courses in 2017 by Golf World (UK). Tbilisi Hills golf course is designed with a focus on highly enjoyable elevation changes and on stunningly versatile natural landscapes from pines to treeless ravines, among other unique views over the famous valley of Tbilisi in Georgia. The construction of Tbilisi Hills golf course was made by Latvian company Modo Golf. The climate of Tbilisi allows for almost year-round play. It offers breath-taking views of the city and beyond – all the way to the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains. Tbilisi Hills golf course is ready to host larger golf events and international golf tourists.

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Play golf

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Learn golf Tbilisi Hills Golf Academy offers a wide range of courses for children and adults, for beginners and advanced golfers. Learning golf is easy! You can get a Green Card certificate in just three days. Our well-structured beginner program is enjoyable at an affordable price! You can find out more about our junior classes, beginner programs, and corporate events on our website, www.tbilisihills.com/golf

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Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences Office T: +995 322 333 888 | E: sales@tbilisihills.com 36 Khetagurovi Street, 0102 Tbilisi, Georgia Golf course T: +995 591 040 447 | E: golf@tbilisihills.com Krtsanisi region, south-east part of Tbilisi, Georgia