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The World of Finlandia


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Welcome to Linna Golf Vanajanlinna is a stunning hotel and golf resort set

The history of the Vanajanlinna estate dates back to

in a lakeside location, north of Helsinki, where

medieval times, but the story of the castle begins in

golfers can enjoy midsummer golf 24 hours a day.

1918, when Carl Wilhelm Rosenlew, proprietor of

The hotel is located within the Vanajanlinna Castle

the Rosenlew Company, once one of Finland’s

which lends itself perfectly to leisure and

largest multi industrial conglomerates, acquired the

golfing pursuits.

estate. Rosenlew wanted to build a hunting lodge in a beautiful natural setting to which he could invite

Linna Golf, the 18 hole championship golf course, is

leading social and political figures.

located beside the Vanajanlinna Hotel next to Lake Katumaärvi, 9km from Hämeenlinna and 100km

The castle was designed by Sigurd Frosterus,

north of Helsinki.

completed in 1924 and remained in Rosenlew’s possession until 1941. Since 1997, it has operated as

The golf course spans over 100 hectares and takes

a castle hotel, the only one of its kind in Finland.

full advantage of the splendid old woods in the area.

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Clubhouse and facilities The Clubhouse


The impressive clubhouse complex, featuring

Minutes’ walk from the clubhouse is the historic

beautifully converted estate buildings, overlooks the

Vanajanlinna Castle Hotel, which provides opulent

first hole and ninth green. Stylish extensions to the

accommodation. Thirty rooms and four luxury

historic brick buildings and clever use of interior

suites are found in the main building, with additional

space mean golfers and residents benefit from a

rooms located in the ‘Ratsula’ building, the modern

variety of amenities, including a golf shop and

two bedroom Vanajanlinna Villas, completed in 2011,

caddiemaster’s office, comfortable dressing rooms,

and several golfers’ condominiums in the Ratsula

an award winning restaurant and a spacious, upstairs

houses. The estate totals 198 beds.

lounge, which can accommodate up to 100 guests. The hotel’s main, woodpanelled Dining Room offers The Spa

highend Nordic cuisine featuring local produce. Its

Located in the clubhouse, the spa offers an array of

prohibition era themed Speakeasy Bar and Wine

massages, facials and body treatments, including a

Tavern, where the inhouse sommelier takes guests

Finnish Peat wrap. It uses the Pharmos Natur Green

through a wide selection of fine wines, are popular

Luxury range of products, which are organic and

with guests.

made of 100% natural ingredients.

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Clubhouse and other facilities Sauna

St Andrew’s 18 Hole Putting Course

Saunas are a way of life in Finland so golfers visiting

In addition to the spacious putting and chipping

Linna Golf can also enjoy the venue’s saunas, heated

green adjacent to the first tee, Linna Golf offers an

daily (the price of a green fee includes towels). The

exclusively designed 18 hole putting green, which

venue has three saunas, including a log cabin by the

features undulations reminiscent of the famous

lake that can host a group of up to 25. It can be

‘Himalayas’ putting green by The Old Course,

hired privately and dinner can be served post sauna.

St Andrews.

Driving Range

Linna Golf and its’ surrounding facilities has received

The expansive practice ground is 315m (344 yards)

praise from players for both maintenance and design.

long and 90m (100 yards) wide, and is within easy

Many reviews have claimed Linna Golf amongst the

reach of the first tee. Linna Golf ’s Academy, the Audi

best of its kind in Finland, and it is currently ranked

Center Peltomäki Golf School, is also based here,

among the Top 100 Courses in Continental Europe

offering individual lessons and two day training

by Golf World (UK) Magazine.

camps for players of all abilities.

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One Of Europe’s Finest Championship Golf Courses Opened in 2005, Linna Golf was the first USGA

The natural rise and fall of the terrain means that all

Linna Golf has successfully hosted many big events, such

standard golf course in Finland, designed by architect

golfers enjoy an interesting, dynamic challenge, with the

as the Finnish Open 2007, The European Amateur

Tim Lobb for European Golf Design (EGD), the golf

rolling greens often registering between 10 and 12 on

Championship 2010 and European Amateur Team

course design company of The European Tour and IMG.

the stimpmeter – a speed associated with professional

Championship 2014, won by Spain.

The 18 holes stretch out to 6,624 metres (7,244 yards)

tournament play.

with a par of 72. The acclaimed creeping bent strain

The course has frequently been recognised as Finland’s

Penn A4 grass is used on the greens (Linna Golf was

Signature holes include the ninth, in view of the

best golf course by both amateurs and professional

the first course in Finland to use this grass type), which

clubhouse with its green guarded by water front and

players, as well as by national and international

makes for fast and smooth putting surfaces.

left, and, most famously, the 15th. This attractive par 5

publications. Linna Golf is ranked in the Golf World

came about as a result of a reader’s design competition

Magazine (UK) Top 100 Golf Courses in Continental

The holes use the landscape of pine and birch woods

in Golf World Magazine (UK) in 2003. The winning

Europe, and was recognised as Finland’s Best Golf

superbly and feature sculptured bunkering, rocky

entry was by Dave Sampson, a student from South

Course at the inaugural World Golf Awards, in 2014.

outcrops, and a sprinkling of lakes as hazards.

Africa, who was subsequently employed by EGD as a course architect.

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Property at Linna Golf The Vanajanlinna Estate is located in the midst of a

The Wine Tavern, Old Library, Ryti Hall, Festival Hall,

birch and pine forest with surrounding lakes which

Experience Cellar and Pool Hall are available for hire.

have been part of the landscape for decades and

The hotel also contains indoor and outdoor saunas.

lends itself perfectly to golfing and other pursuits. The stylish Linna Golf apartments are built within the The Castle was conceived as a hunting lodge to

magnificent location of the clubhouse at Vanajanlinna

entertain politicians and economical elite of the

overlooking the stunning golf course with its

new, independent Finland and is a strikingly beautiful

exquisitely–laid fairways and treelined holes.

property.Today,Vanajanlinna offers a great selection of activities for golfers, anglers and other

There is a variety of properties on offer at Linna Golf,

outdoor activities.

ranging from one bedroom clubhouse apartments to the recently built two bedroom villas set among tall

Vanajanlinna is a unique hotel complex which hosts

pines and within an easy walk of all the facilities.

meetings, celebrations and weekend getaways.The

Versatile accommodation, conference and party

hotel rooms and suites are well appointed in typical

facilities make it possible to organise a wide array of

period style and have garden or courtyard views.The

events and provides all year round activity at

two dining rooms include the 78 seat salon and the

the venue.

50 seat dining hall.

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Golf Suites The stylish Linna Golf apartments are built

The suites comprise a sitting room, fully

The Golf Suites, sized between 53 –110 m², are

within the magnificent location of the

equipped kitchen, dining area, two bedrooms,

situated on the top floor of the Club House,

Clubhouse at Vanajanlinna overlooking one of

two bathrooms and sauna. The distinctive

each with a bedroom and a sofabed downstairs

Europe’s finest Championship

interior design and ultra modern furnishings

that is convertible to an extra double bed.

golf courses.

combined with excellent lighting create a space

Apartment owners can enjoy the stunning

which is luxurious, relaxing and ensures golfers

The six Grand Suites are quite aptly named,

enjoy a perfect golfing experience.

spanning 95 m² and 110m² of floor space. They

European Tour Course, an exceptionally well

have two spacious bedrooms and a large open

equipped clubhouse with open views to the

Each apartment has two Linna Golf playing

course, well equipped proshop, saunas and

rights and the option for renting, cleaning and

jacuzzis and a restaurant recently voted Finland’s

linen services.

Best Golf Restaurant.

lounge downstairs. Additional three bedroom apartments totalling 74.5m² are also available and include their own

These options enable you to use your holiday The apartments located within the clubhouse

home whenever you want and, when it is not in

represent a completely new concept in holiday

use, Hotel Vanjanlinna will rent it out for you. A

and golf accommodation.

professional property maintenance company

sauna. Prices start at €270,000

will manage the property for you as required.

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Peltom채ki Golf School at Linna Golf Audi Centre Peltom채ki Golf School is located at

This golf school is recognised as a leading golf

Linna Golf and will provide a personalised training

academy within Finland and offers a range of

programme that will help anyone in pursuit of their

courses designed to meet the needs of all the

goals, whether they are aiming for a career as an

players. Trained instructors give lessons and use is

elite tour professional or just taking their handicap

made of modern methods of video analysis.

down a notch. Peltom채ki Golf has built a new golf school concept in the Audi Centre, which aims to help golfers at all levels to develop their skills more effectively.

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Tourist and corporate events The great outdoors is the primary attraction for

while just five kilometres from the centre of

The Sauna

tourists with boating, fishing, hiking and

Hämeenlinna, to the north, is the Tiiriö Shopping

There are almost as many saunas in Finland as

crosscountry skiing in winter proving popular. Of

Complex. Further out of town (approximately

there are people. With more than three million

course, Finland’s sauna culture and heritage is to

25 km) is the Tuulonen Shopping Centre, which

establishments, saunas play a major role in the

be found in almost all hotels and rented

has recently been complemented by the brand

social fabric of the country and have done so

accommodation. There are also some ancient

new Goodman Shopping Centre, opened in

for centuries. Typically a wash is followed by

sights and impressive architecture to see,

October 2014.

several stints in the woodpaneled hot room

ranging from stone castles to quaint churches.

with temperatures reaching upwards of 100°C Visitors can also treat themselves to the crafts

(212°F). Water is poured over hot stones to


of the internationally renowned Finnish

produce a soothing steam known as löyly. In

From specialty retail outlets to shopping malls,

glassmaker Iittala and venture to Lasimäki (Glass

between times in the sauna, users cool

Hämeenlinna offers an abundance of boutiques

Hill) where authentic Finnish handicrafts, interior

themselves down by diving into a cool lake or

where visitors can while away the hours. In the

decorating products and special mementos can

pool, taking a cold shower, or rolling in snow.

centre of town, a quaint, traditional Finnish

be bought.

marketplace awaits visitors surrounded by a variety of different shops and shopping centres,

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The World of Finlandia As a tourist destination, Finland is uniquely positioned between West and East, and offers a distinct cultural experience. The land of composer Jean Sibelius, whose music – including the world famous Finlandia – was inspired by the landscape and helped form the Finnish national identity, offers much to see and do. History and Culture The nearest town to Linna Golf is Hämeenlinna just a few kilometres away, and is the birthplace of Jean Sibelius. The area is typical of midsouthern Finland, dotted with lakes and forests. A settlement has existed since Viking times on the banks of Vanajavesi. The town of Hämeenlinna was officially recognised by charter in 1639, although the famous Häme Castle has existed since the 13th Century.

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Finland’s first railway connected Hämeenlinna to the capital and opened in 1862. It has always held a prominent place in Finnish history, due to its geographic location and natural beauty. Häme Castle This medieval fortress is situated by the shore of Lake Vanajavesi and gave its name to the town of Hämeenlinna. It was built at the end of the 13th Century, although some historians believe it to be older. The imposing red brick castle has functioned as a fortress, a military depot and a prison. Häme Castle and its surrounding peninsula are a unique, cultural destination. Visitors can also visit the Prison Museum and the Museo Militaria, the Artillery, Engineering and Signal Museum of Finland. Häme Castle is open to visitors all year round.

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Getting There Address:

Linna Golf Oy

Vanajanlinnantie 485

13330 Harviala

Finland By Air

The closest international airports to Linna Golf are approximately a 1 hour drive

from the venue and easily accessible:

HelsinkiVantaa Airport is 100km from Linna Golf, where national

carrier Finnair has its base. Finnair and its One World partner airlines service all

regions, including Asia and The Americas.

Tampere Pirkkala Airport, just under a 100km to the north of Linna Golf, is a

hub for many low cost airlines, such as Ryanair, linking southern Finland to

European countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Hungary.

Transportation to and from the main international airport is simple via car hire,

public transportation or taxi.

By Car

H채meenlinna is located near an efficient motorway network with Helsinki or

Tampere accessible in approximately an hour.

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