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Welcome to Estonian Golf &


Country Club Resort

Clubhouse and facilities



Golf Courses



Property at Estonian Golf &


Country Club

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Property Styles

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Estonia - The Baltic Tiger

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Estonian Golf & Country Club is part of the

The venue also boasts a stunning clubhouse and

exclusive European Tour Properties network of

high quality real estate opportunities incorporating

world class golf venues.

unique design features which exist in harmony with

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Welcome to Estonian Golf & Country Club the surrounding landscape. Only 20 minutes from Tallinn, Estonia’s beautiful and historic capital, Estonian Golf & Country Club, which

Estonian Golf & Country Club was GEO

opened in 2005, comprises the stunning 18-hole

Certified® in 2014. The accreditation is the global

Championship Sea Course and the nine-hole

golf industry benchmark in business sustainability,

links-style Stone Course.

administered by the Golf Environment Organization (GEO).

Both are situated in a rural coastal environment beside the Baltic Sea, nestled within an ancient

Tallinn itself was European Capital of Culture 2011

archaeological site and meandering their way

and its historic Old Town, which dates back to

through a sylvan setting all the way to the coast and

medieval ages, is an approved UNESCO World

delta of the Jägala River.

Heritage Site.

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The Clubhouse

Joelahtme Golf Centre

Estonian Golf & Country Club boasts an award-

The Jöelahtme Golf Centre is a high quality practice

winning clubhouse perched atop a limestone cliff

area including areas for chipping and pitching,

overlooking the courses and Gulf of Finland,

putting greens, a covered driving range, and bunkers

providing picturesque views in all directions from

for short and long distance practice.

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Clubhouse and facilities

the building and terraces. The Clubhouse has a Pro Shop, locker rooms with saunas, a restaurant with a

Mulligan Guesthouse

spacious terrace, a conference hall and seminar

For visitors to Estonian Golf & Country Club, there

room, free WiFi and a small archaeology museum, as

are a number of accommodation options, including

well as a golf library.

the Mulligan Guesthouse. The property has six bedrooms and sleeps up to 12 people.

The general design of the clubhouse rooms complements the traditional, natural, earthy feeling

EGCC – The Future

of the club’s location. From an architectural point of

Planning is at an advanced stage for the enlarging of

view, the clubhouse was designed to evoke a grand

the existing 9 hole Stone course into an 18 hole

manor-house farm.

course designed by the high profile golfer Annika Sörenstam supported by European Golf Design and

The Fahle Golf Restaurant

construction of a 60 bedroom on-site hotel and spa

Located on the second floor of the clubhouse, the

which will be located adjacent to the clubhouse.

Fahle Golf Restaurant provides a picturesque dining location with a sea view.

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Golf Courses Estonian Golf & Country Club features 27 holes

clubhouse to the signature par 4 third hole, which plays

Stone Course

comprising the 18-hole Sea Course, with views of the

downhill towards the sea, providing stunning vistas.

Complementing the Sea Course is the nine-hole Stone

Gulf of Finland, and the nine-hole Stone Course, hewn

Course. Built on a limestone plain open to winds with

from an ancient archaeological site, featuring giant

Although neither the Jägala River, nor the Baltic Sea,

an air of links spirit, this loop of nine has a story to tell

boulders – remnants of the last ice age.

come directly into play, water does feature prominently

of Estonia’s history dating back hundreds of years.

on the course, no more so than on the challenging par

Lined with junipers, and reconstructed stone walls, the

Created by Finnish designer Lassi-Pekka Tilander, the

4 13th (below right), where the fairway doglegs right

Stone Course is maintained as naturally as possible –

27-hole complex is the highest ranked golf venue

around a lake that extends the full length of the hole.

the perfect accompaniment to the 18-hole

in Estonia.

Just two holes later, the 573 yards par 5 15th plays

Championship course, allowing golfers to develop their

alongside the estuary, which, although beyond striking

skills around the par-36’s technical layout.

Sea Course

distance, often faces the brunt of a coastal breeze,

Meandering through virgin forest out to the Baltic Sea

making the hole play even longer.

coast and along the Jägala River estuary, the critically

Rising Star Course In addition to the two main courses, the resort features

acclaimed Sea Course is renowned for the way in which

The Sea Course has hosted a number of tournaments,

a nine-hole Par 3 course inside the Stone Course. Built

it winds harmoniously along the coastline. The par-72,

most notably the European Qualifier for the Omega

primarily for children, the Rising Star course is available

7,000 yards (6,400 metres) Championship course is laid

Mission Hills World Cup in 2011 and 2009.

to anyone who wants to practise.

out over three distinct types of terrain – parkland, heathland and links – and leads down from the iconic

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Estonian Golf & Country Club provides an array of

Property buyers have a choice of options - they can

exclusive and distinct residences and plots, available

purchase a fully furnished house on the plot or

for home buyers and investors.The architecture takes

alternatively, purchase a plot and a house with

into consideration the golf courses, landscape and

optional interiors to choose from. Buyers can also

wildlife, creating unique homes that sit comfortably in

purchase a plot with planning approval for a

their forest and coastal surroundings.

predetermined house.

For home buyers and investors, Estonian Golf &

At EGCC, the real estate development is divided into

Country Club (EGCC) boasts 125 plots for housing,

distinct clusters or ‘villages’, a different architect with

almost 40% of which have been sold.The plots

their own story, style and character designs each

remaining are available in sizes from 1,000² to

property village. Unique to EGCC is the history,


nature, culture and traditions characteristic of the

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Property at Estonian Golf & Country Club

Rebala Heritage Reserve, which the villages are a part of.

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Property villages The property villages at Estonian Golf & Country

Plots of land at Odaotsa Village range from 1,250

Plots of land at Ristikangru Village One range from

Club are:

square metres to 1,575 square metres with prices

1,190 square metres to 1,905 square metres with

starting at €100,000 and finishing at €135,000.

prices starting at €115,000 for a plot and €437,000 for

Kivikirve Village

a house.

One of the architects at Kivikirve Village is Andres Siim,

Tuleraua Village

whose Ranch house design, is one of the most popular

Located in mixed forest, this is an ideal location for

Ristikangru Village Two

styles at the venue.

those who appreciate privacy and woodland living.

This is where the property development started at

Natural flora is important in Tuleraua Village so extra

EGCC, and it now provides a blueprint for creating an

Plots of land at Kivikirve range from 1,185 square

care is taken to ensure minimum disruption when

integrated community. This village features Ranch houses

metres to 1,862 square metres with prices ranging from

building. Typical houses include the Cabin and the

by Andres Siim.

€100,000 to €160,000.

Forest Villa. Plots of land at Ristikangru Village Two range from 871

Helme Village

Plots of land at Tuleraua Village range from 1,314 square

square metres to 1,310 square metres with prices

The Helme Village is the closest to the sea, and each

metres to 1,580 square metres with prices ranging from

ranging from €120,000 for a plot to €484,000 for

house is built north or south facing, to guarantee views

€105,000 to €125,000.

a house.

designs include the Boathouse and Captain’s

Ristikangru Village One

Each village benefits from the overall infrastructure

Tower design.

This is the largest golf village and the closest to the

which includes centralised drinking water and sewage

of the sea and sunset. The architect is Emil Urbel whose

clubhouse. An historic settlement was established here

systems, paved roads, outdoor lighting, digital TV,

Plots of land at Helme Village range from 1,269 square

over 5000 years ago and EGCC is taking care to

internet, telephone, waste management and security.

metres to 1,735 square metres with prices ranging from

develop the area sensitively. Featuring moss-covered

€115,000 to €165,000.

stone walls and ancient boulders, the new village will include a tennis club in the future. Properties here

Odaotsa Village

have been designed by Aare Saks, Mihkel Tuur and

This village will be designed like a “homely flowerbed”

Ott Kadarik.

with visions of different architects.

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Property Styles Boathouse The house looks like a genuine Boathouse – long

The property boasts just over 143 m2 of living area

and the outside is covered with non-planed earth

with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

red planks. Everything else is coloured dark grey like the autumn sea and dark stormy skies. In this unique

Captain’s Villa

house, life happens on the first floor.The property

Captain’s villa is divided into different parts, which

boasts 125 m of living space with two bedrooms,

are joined together with wooden outdoor terraces,

one bathroom and a sauna.

creating various courtyards. The terrace in front of


the main entrance is an ideal place for a gathering Captain’s Tower

and the terrace at the back is large enough to

Captain’s tower is a house from where you have a

accommodate sauna enthusiasts, sunbathers as well

complete overview of what is going around you -

as diners. The property boasts 183 m2 of living area

views of the sea as well as the golf course.

which includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a spacious sauna.

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Property Styles Ranch The Ranch is our most popular house type – simple yet stylish. This house has a distinct character, which is represented by glued laminated timber framing, slate details and large glass walls. With 153 m2 of living space this property includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a sauna with changing rooms. Visitor’s Villa Visitor’s villa is a six bedroom house to ensure that all of your guests can be comfortably accommodated. All of your friends and golf enthusiasts are invited to spend an eventful weekend or a sporty week.

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Cabin The plots for the cabins are covered with dense forest. As a result of this, the architecture of these houses has drawn inspiration from the surrounding environment. The building reminds you of a ribbon that is “swirling” out of the ground, forming the floors, walls and the ceiling for the house. The interior has two distinct spaces: the smaller one includes the garage, the storage room, the utility room, the sauna; the larger one includes bedrooms, the bathroom, the dressing room, the guest bathroom. The central area has the hallway, the kitchen-dining room and the living room.

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Property Styles Villa Birdie The space solution of this house joins the indoors with the outdoor room on the side of the house. The architecture, partitioned with terraces and shelters, skilfully involves the surrounding landscape to create cosy areas for people working both inside as well as outside of the house. The L-shaped configuration of the building creates a private courtyard, which is the central part of this architectural example. The Villa Birdie boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Serpentine House This vermicular example of abstract architecture has a wood batten fence, which joins the different areas into one. Its flowing shape makes it difficult to detect the true size of the house.

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The result is an actively used compartmentalised space. With its flowing shapes, the house enables comfortable movement indoors as well as outdoors. This large property includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Golf Ball The freestyle architecture of the building has drawn a lot of inspiration from golf and the surrounding landscapes. The sphere-shaped building is depicted as compact and energy-efficient, however the interior provides all the functions of a regular private house. The lower ground floor houses technical rooms, storage space and the sauna whilst the first floor boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

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Property Styles Hillside House The Hillside House is a detached property with exceptional design built on an elevated site. The architectural design of this house provides many ways to use the residential space with living rooms on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first floor. The first floor has direct access to the golf course. The property boasts three bedrooms with two bathrooms and also includes a sauna.

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Design Houses Design Houses are houses with a unique emotion. Three projects offer different sizes and solutions. All house types are good examples of modern design – spacious, functional and stylish. With their massive windows, they blend with the environment and offer enchanting views from every part of the house. The living room with its 6-metre high ceilings is the star of this project.

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Estonia - The Baltic Tiger Located on the north-eastern edge of Europe, facing Finland and Scandinavia a short distance across the Baltic Sea, Estonia became a member of the European Union in the spring of 2004 helping to raise the country’s political and economic profile.

While the country and its capital have a long and rich history, Estonia is also a young and technologically advanced country with high-speed broadband enabling the establishment of high-tech enterprise.

With more than 1,500 islands, its diverse landscapes include rocky beaches, old-growth forest and many lakes. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, it is dotted with castles, churches and hilltop fortresses. In overcrowded Europe, Estonia’s sparsely populated countryside is the perfect retreat for nature-lovers.

In 2011 the capital, Tallinn, was voted the European Capital of Culture, highlighting the rich culture the city has to offer. It is known for its preserved Old Town, museums and the 314m-high Tallinn TV Tower’s observation deck.

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Getting There Address:

EGCC AS, 74217, Manniva, Estonia

By Air

Rebuilt in 2008, Estonia’s main international airport is Lennart Meri Tallinn, a 10-minute drive from the capital’s city centre. Most European cities offer direct flights into Tallinn.

There are additional routes into Tartu and Parnu.

Transportation to and from the main international airport is simple via car hire, public transportation or taxi.

By Car

Estonian Golf & Country Club is easily accessible by car using the Peterburi highway from Estonia’s capital Tallinn with an estimated travel time of 25 minutes.

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