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Network growth: UK The expansion of new offices and licenses into the business consolidates the emerging power of Fine & Country in the housing market, locally, nationally and internationally.

Network growth | 4

New offices in 2016 in the UK: Birmingham Mailbox Canary Wharf Chepstow Colchester Droitwich Spa Fakenham Finsbury Park Henfield Navenby New Forest Penistone Shrewsbury Stratford-upon-Avon

We are proud to say that Fine & Country now operates from more than 300 locations worldwide.

Network growth | 5

Network growth: International The new Fine & Country offices portray the strength of Fine & Country as a global brand, attracting both national and international buyers around the world.

New offices in 2016 internationally: Avalon Beach – Sydney Italy – Rovereto Malta Portugal – Albufeira Portugal – Porto Spain – Barcelona New office opening in South Africa: Betty’s Bay George Langebaan – West Coast Midstream – Pretoria

Network growth | 6

St Francis – Eastern Cape

Network growth | 7

The new Fine & Country offices show the continued strength and appeal of the Fine & Country brand globally and the continued buoyancy in the luxury property market.

Fine & Country on TV | 8

Fine & Country on TV Pre TV campaign The power of TV advertising 2016 was our biggest year yet as we embarked on a mass media promotion to take Fine & Country to larger audiences than ever before. From our regular advertising in The Sunday Times, The Times, The Saturday Telegraph, Evening Standard and Horse & Hound; presence on the Country Life and Horse & Hound websites to TV advertising on the Channel 4 Group channels.

TV campaign Turn your home into a bestseller This campaign did not focus on TV advertising itself but on the theme of the advert being storytelling, as we understand that the properties we sell are homes with a story. The bestseller home campaign portrays how Fine & Country is a brand with personal touch but one that markets its properties broadly. Post TV campaign Brand Awareness Following the success of the TV advert, we decided to create a campaign based on the fantastic results we achieved from the Brand Awareness Survey. The messages in this campaign are a great way for you to promote the brand to existing and potential customers.

Fine & Country on TV | 9

This year saw the introduction to a brand new marketing initiative, where we launched the first TV advert back in February for three months and relaunched the advert in September for two months. During the running of the advert, we created three marketing campaigns.

Have you heard about Fine & Country? After only a three month campaign, awareness of the Fine & Country brand increased by over 5%.

Would you use the services of Fine & Country after seeing the advert? An impressive 91% would use the services of Fine & Country after seeing the advert

Would you recommend Fine & Country to family and friends? Taking both surveys into consideration, an impressive 98% of interviewees who used Fine & Country would recommend it to

TV campaign Brand Awareness Survey | 10

family and friends.

How did you hear about Fine & Country? After the first three months of the TV campaign, 21% of those interviewed heard from Fine & Country via TV advertising, which is higher than the 19% target

TV campaign: Brand awareness survey Pre and post TV campaign brand awareness surveys have been carried out to measure the success of the TV campaign. A comparison between both surveys has been used to measure any changes in the way consumers see the brand, and determine if the TV campaign contributed to increasing brand awareness.

Good service

Beautiful Homes

Authentic Authentic

Good service

Trust Trust

Professional Professional

Style Style




Reliable Prestige Prestige Goodness Quality


What comes to mind when you think of Fine & Country? This is an open-ended question where interviewees could answer whatever came to mind. Only positive terms were used, amongst which we could find; quality, trustworthy, reliable and classy.

What is the most important quality you look for in an estate agent when selling your home? Offering exposure for their home is the most important quality for 29.45% of sellers, followed by customer service (20.65%).

Why did you choose Fine & Country over other agents? The overwhelming majoirty of people (58.82%) chose to sell with Fine & Country over other agents because of our quality of marketing.

TV campaign Brand Awareness Survey | 11

Beautiful Homes


The pre brand awareness survey was carried out at the end of February, before the advert was launched. The post brand awareness survey was carried out in June, 3 months into the campaign. The results were so good, we thought we would share them with you. The full surveys are available to download on the member’s hub.

A few facts about the survey • Carried out via independent survey software SurveyMonkey • Just over 500 people participated • The survey was sent to the following demographics: - Over 35 - Household income: £50,000 + - Home owners - Living in the UK

Marketing campaigns The Buyers’ Database April to October 2016 The Buyers’ Database campaign is updated throughout the year and promotes the number of registered buying applicants we have through our network of over 300 offices worldwide. All Fine & Country properties are marketed to 120,000 registered high net worth individuals, demonstrating the strength of the Fine & Country network. Our bespoke publications are regularly delivered to their doorsteps, including Refined, our national property publication and Exclusive Home Worldwide our international publication, both showcasing some of the most beautiful properties on the Fine & Country market. This campaign shows how we connect buyers and sellers from around the world, quickly and easily so that the best price is achieved for your property. Fine & Country Gold Cup March to July 2016 The Fine & Country Gold Cup is one of the most exciting dates in Great Britain’s sporting and social calendars. Attracting families and friends from all over the country, it is now a prime event in our calendar, with a campaign for agent’s to invite past, present and potential customers to this complimentary event where they can enjoy polo, family fun and see some of our finest properties exhibited.

Is your garden the best in Britain? June to September 2016 The Fine & Country Garden Competition was used as a campaign to promote the luxury lifestyle that Fine & Country represents; beautiful homes and beautiful gardens, with a prize that enhances the aesthetic, two tickets to the renowned RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Your Property in Park Lane July to September 2016 Customers can instruct their Fine & Country agent to not only market their property locally and regionally, but also nationally and even internationally via Fine & Country’s Head Office and Showroom located at one of the most prestigious addresses in the world – 121 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1.

The Easter House Hunt This Easter, we created a campaign to encourage potential vendors to instruct Fine & Country as the property market starts to pick up in anticipation of spring. Christmas campaign This year’s Christmas campaign was used to engage buyers and sellers interest in time for the New Year online rush. The Christmas holiday is an ideal time to grasp people’s attention, as this is when property searches begin to boom. Property portal Rightmove stated that in January 2016 they received 127 million visits to their site, surpassing the previous record of 118 million set last August.

This is one of the best marketing tools available to market a property, as the Park Lane office displays properties from around the world on touchscreens in the window and has a 40ft front window which displays our properties 24/7, offering our offices a unique selling point and competitive advantage in their local marketplace.

This shows that there is an appetite for change during the winter season, therefore, the Christmas campaign was created to encourage potential sellers to put their property on the market before Christmas as their perfect buyer may be looking for their next home during the holiday period.

The Fine & Country Foundation Coffee Morning As part of our fundraising for the Fine & Country Foundation we hosted a Coffee Morning where customers, other agents and businesses were invited to attend. This campaign was used to promote the event across different platforms to reach a larger audience.

New Year campaign This year’s New Year campaign has been created to encourage people to move in the new year, as it is a time for change and sees the beginning of the busy period for the housing market.

Marketing campaigns | 12

The Fine & Country Foundation

Coffee Morning Join us for a morning treat in aid of homelessness Friday 24th June, 9am – 11am

CHARITABLE FOUNDATION Foundation Coffee Morning Campaign 2016 CC/DM_17302_TS_V2.indd 1

16/05/2016 13:55

* © *Illustrations by Danielle Blyde, photography by Belinda Robinson (Design and Marketing team, Cambridge).

Marketing campaigns | 13

During each quarter of 2016 the Fine & Country marketing team delivered a new and effective campaign that focuses on a key brand message, to increase brand awareness and engage customers with the brand.

Marketing campaigns | 14

Delivering the same message at the same time ensures it reaches a much greater audience with much greater impact – this is the essence of our marketing strategy.

Marketing campaigns Fine & Country City Living has been created to promote properties in city centres, as well as increase awareness of the brand to the city markets. The campaign complements the existing City Living property search on the Fine & Country website. We’ve got people looking These personalised cards are sent out to inform potential vendors that are looking to secure a home in the area. The eye catching design reinforces Fine & Country’s reputation for innovative marketing initiatives. Fine & Country Publications The Fine & Country Publications are a vital part of our bespoke marketing. Over the past year, they all have been improved with fresher designs and new content. We have reviewed the Publications Campaign to reflect these changes. The magazines are great unique selling points to use during valuations and to win instructions.

Fine & Country Foreign Exchange Fine & Country has partnered with IFX, one of the world’s leading foreign exchange specialists to provide private and tailored currency services for all of our clients buying and selling a property around the world. Instant online valuation We have now launched an instant online valuation service on the Fine & Country website. This will give you the opportunity to convert interested website visitors into new leads by offering them an instant valuation of their property in exchange for their details. 360 Virtual Reality Video With the recent launch of Fine & Country in the Mailbox, the team in Birmingham has introduced virtual reality video as a way for customers to view properties at any time and without having to travel miles. We are sharing the campaign we created, should your office decide to use a similar tool.

Marketing campaigns | 15

Fine & Country City Living Fine & Country City Living is a new addition to the lifestyle campaigns, which include Waterside Living, Equestrian Living, Golf Living and New Homes.

IFX | 16

Fine & Country Foreign Exchange is powered by IFX, which is one of the world’s leading foreign exchange consultancies.

Working with IFX as a business partner will provide an uplift in your annual revenue whilst being a highly valuable service and key benefactor in your clients transactions.

With 11 years industry expertise providing cost effective and bespoke currency solutions for their clients, IFX has developed a range of the best partnership structures in the industry with its technology leading partner portal.

Value for your buyers and vendors transacting internationally • Access to preferential wholesale exchange rates • Dedicated, personal service • Expert market information and insights • Fast, secure transfers • Flexible settlement terms • Significant cost savings


IFX | 17

Fine & Country partners with IFX

National advertising strategy | 18

In 2016 we provided our customers with innovative national marketing and advertising campaigns, and the highest level of exposure the brand has ever achieved.

National advertising strategy 2016 was our biggest year yet as we embarked on a mass media promotion including print and online national media as well as a brand new TV campaign. We have now engaged with prospective and existing customers through television advertising on the Channel 4 group complemented with online advertising ensuring that our properties are seen by as many people as possible.

The Times Circulation 394,240 | Readership 962,000 The Times provides a greater business approach to the property market than the weekend property supplements as the distribution date is a Friday with The Times weekday audience traditionally being more business focussed. Bricks & Mortar is an award winning supplement and offers more insight into the urban market nationwide. Fine & Country has advertised 10 full page colour ads in the Bricks & Mortar section of The Times this year. The Times’ audience are 90% ABC1 with over 83% of the readers over the age of 35. The Sunday Times Circulation 766,201 | Readership 2,055,000 The Sunday Times is the UK’s most widely read national broadsheet with an enviable reach of 2,055,000 adults. ‘Home’ is the The Sunday Times’ popular property section and is a mix of property and lifestyle editorial. The Sunday Times’ readership has a high proportion of ABC1 (86%) and AB (63%), in addition to 343,000 of the readers having an income of £50,000 - £70,000 per annum.

In addition to the new TV campaign, we have continued to advertise across the traditional platform of print which reaches a specific targeted audience rather than a mass audience. By advertising in the London Evening Standard, we adopted the most effective way to get our brand across to the 1.6 million predominately upmarket professionals who read this essential source of the latest in business, entertainment and sports news. From the Financial Times we reach a discerning readership of the business elite of 1.3 million people in 140 countries, our promotional efforts are aimed at ensuring the brand reaches a defined target consumer.

The Saturday Telegraph Circulation 603,433 | Readership 1,471,000 ‘Property’ is The Saturday Telegraph’s standalone property supplement, published every Saturday and coinciding with its highest circulation day. 62% of The Saturday Telegraph readers are affluent AB readers, of which 77,000 either own or have a timeshare in a property abroad. Horse & Hound Circulation 40,705 | Readership 92,000 Horse & Hound is a 131 year old publication dedicated to equestrian enthusiasts. The publication engages with both amateurs and professionals in the equestrian industry above providing them with information on buying and selling equestrian property. With well-established property section, Horse & Hound is the perfect space to showcase equestrian property. We have advertised 10 single page colour ads in the property section of Horse & Hound. Over 65% of their audience are 35+.

Evening Standard Circulation 900,498 | Readership 1,918,000 The Evening Standard is considered to be the London property newspaper of choice. It is the only title to see a double-digit rise in readership. 95% of readers pick up the publication on their commute. The property section, ‘Homes & Property’, published every Wednesday is read by more than 36% of AB adults. Financial Times Circulation 209,134 (UK) | Readership 235,000 The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading business news and information organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. The Financial Times is predominantly business focussed with 62% of the readers being business decision makers and 79% international business travellers.

National advertising strategy | 19

In 2015, Fine & Country provided its customers with innovative national marketing and advertising campaigns and the highest level of exposure the brand has ever achieved. Our challenge in 2016 was to continue to increase brand awareness and exposure for our properties.

National advertising An integrated campaign using both traditional print and digital advertising is essential to ensure your property reaches a much larger audience. These two modes of advertising work best when complemented with each other, enabling a greater brand exposure. The Sunday Times and Times iPad app Complementing the advertising campaign in The Sunday Times, Fine & Country advertised in the Home section of the Sunday Times iPad App and in the Bricks & Mortar section that features the latest on the property market every Friday. This advert features our finest properties and a link to the Fine & Country website. | 150,000 unique users per month Our portfolio of equestrian properties were advertised on the Horse & Hound website. The site features daily equestrian news and is a popular online forum for horse enthusiasts.

National advertising: online | 20 | 85,000 unique users per month 61% Country Life readers are AB with 70% of the readers looking at the title specifically for a property section. 1 in 3 of Country Life readers are looking to buy a house in the next 12 months. With a global reach across 200 countries more than 80% of Country Life’s pages viewed are property related.

National advertising: online | 21

The digital campaign extends our audience reach into the digital environment. This ensures we continue to deliver to the largest audience possible and communicate with those who consume media through digital channels.

Overall online strategy

Leaving without contacting us Online advertising g Social media g Blog g Live chat g

Goal: marketing properties

Programmatic and Retargeting | 22

New visitors

Re-marketing g E-newsletter g Social media g


Re-sending to website

Programmatic and retargeting advertising In addition to social media campaigns, blog posts and dedicated page on the Fine & Country website, we are running a programmatic campaign, which is highly targeted to our defined audience behaviours. Within the campaign we are running additional strategies: 1. Prospecting – seeking a new audience who aren’t currently engaging with F&C website but show the same behaviours as your current web audience to drive new traffic and potential clients through. The advertising banners will advertise the ‘Bestseller’ theme. 2. Retargeting – we want to ensure that those who do interact with our shutter creative move on to the website to make an enquiry – so we will retarget those who don’t reach the website to encourage the required behaviour. The shutter will play the TV advert, alongside a selection of our best properties on the market. Equally, those who do reach the website but don’t enquire about our services will still be retargeted through our banner advertisements elsewhere. 3. TV sync – through a piece of technology we are able to serve our digital advert when our TV advert is playing on the TV to mobile or tablet hand pieces to encourage immediate engagement with F&C.

For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.

Programmatic and Retargeting | 23

4. In-Banner advert unit – To extend our reach of the TV campaign, we will be serving creative showing the TV advert for the first three months of the campaign.

Publications | 24

Our bespoke magazines target regional, national and international audiences, allowing you to present your property to a targeted consumer group.

Publications The Collection The Collection features a selection of our best properties on the market alongside lifestyle editorial. You can enjoy articles about high profile brands, events and personalities. This high quality publication also features a selection of exclusive properties from your region. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the magazine either visit our office or call us to arrange for one to be delivered to you.

Refined This high quality publication features a selection of exclusive properties from our national network of over 300 offices. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the magazine either visit our office or call us to arrange for one to be delivered to you. Exclusive Home Worldwide A lifestyle property magazine distributed to people with an interest in international luxury living via Fine & Country’s global network of over 300 offices. EHW is aimed at an affluent readership of expatriate and high end property buyers and sellers. It is a high quality luxury-orientated magazine covering property lifestyle topics alongside international property listings.

Publications | 25

The Fine & Country Publications target regional, national and international audicences and are widely regarded as authoritative sources on the most premium properties on the market. They allow for effective presentation of properties to a targeted consumer group.

New tools | 26

A wonderful home for 10 years

New marketing tools

The result is a window card that reflects the brand’s new look and gives customers enough information to be interested in the property, but not so much that they may not enquire about it. USP fold out We have created a Fine & Country services fold-out that outlines all the key USPs of the brand. From award-winning lifestyle marketing initiatives, to the in-house Media Centre based at Park Lane, this creatively designed marketing material demonstrates all the services Fine & Country has to offer. Mini brochures Your Property in the Public Eye This mini-mag emphasises the work of the Media Centre team based in Park Lane. From winning editioral in the major national and international papers to animating all the Fine & Country social media channels.

Your Property in Park Lane This mini-mag highlights the benefits of instructing a Fine & Country local agent with Head Office on Park Lane, Mayfair, London, one of the most recognised addresses in the world. Anniversary cards We have created anniversary cards which can be sent out at each moving anniversary. New mini-brochure now available We have created a new mini-brochure as part of the Gold marketing Services. The 15cm x 15cm square, four page mini-brochure has been created to accommodate properties with a limited amount of images and those in need of a quicker turnaround. The brochures can comprise a maximum of five images, a floor plan and up to 60 words. Land and New Homes The Land and New Homes brochure promotes Fine & Country services to developers. Countdown to moving We have created a mini moving guide as a countdown to moving with tips and checklists to ensure that nothing is forgotten during the busy time of moving house.

* Š *Illustrations by Danielle Blyde, photography by Belinda Robinson (Design and Marketing team, Cambridge).

New tools | 27

New window cards The design of the window cards has now been aligned with the new brand guidelines, giving it a fresher and brighter look. The stone has been replaced with white, we have reduced the size of the logo and increased the image size. We have also introduced icons to allow customers and browsers to see the main information on the property easily.

Media Centre The Fine & Country Media Centre is a vital resource for Fine & Country offices and property exposure. We are therefore delighted to announce that the Fine & Country Media Centre has secured an exceptional amount of editorial coverage and PR in 2016.

Media Centre | 28

The total Equivalent Advertising Value (EAV) gained by the Media Centre over the past year amounted to ÂŁ6,534,339. Even more important is the number of people who saw this coverage. Fine & Country articles and editorials appeared in all major national titles with a total circulation of 259,922,595 including a high net-worth readership. Publications covering Fine & Country properties included The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, the Metro and more.

The Media Centre team is dynamic, creative, proactive and experienced, knowing just how to match your property to the right journalist and the right media.

The Mail on Sunday Feature Title: The Big Country Sell-off F&C Office: Pembrokeshire Date Out: 9th October 2016 Size: 1 page Circulation: 1,355,760 Eq. Ad Value: £55,800

Wall Street Journal Feature Title: Carve out the perfect country life F&C Office: Mayfair Date Out: 16th January 2015 Size: 1 page Circulation: 65,496 Eq. Ad Value: £34,895

Country Life Feature Title: Enchanting gardens F&C office: Leamington Spa Date Out: 3rd June 2015 Size: 1/3rd page Circulation: 38,739

The Financial Times Feature Title: Hot property: Mills F&C Office: West Malling Date Out: 12th March 2016 Size: 1/3 page Circulation: 198,237 Eq. Ad Value: £10,433

The Times Feature Title: Take a trip to dream house locations F&C Office: Webbers Date Out: 21st October 2016 Size: 1 page Circulation: 762,939 Eq. Ad Value: £15,015

EAV: £1,815

The Daily Telegraph Feature Title: Property of the week F&C Office: Lancaster Date Out: 3rd December 2016 Size: 1/10th page Circulation: 456,999 Eq. Ad Value: £7,375

The Epoch Times Feature Title: Property market in Cascais/Lisbon F&C Office: Cascais Date Out: 15th September 2016 Size: 1 page Circulation: 1,314,375 Eq. Ad Value: £53,336

Horse & Hound Feature title: Gearing up for Gatcombe F&C office: Cheltenham Date Out: 4th August 2016 Circulation: 44,458 Eq. Ad Value: £1,022

The Week Feature Title: Best properties on the market, Mill Houses F&C Office: West Malling Date Out: 21st May 2016 Size: 1/3 page Circulation: 202,842 Eq. Ad Value: £1,808

The Metro Feature Title: A floating sensation F&C office: Canary Wharf Date Out: 29th November 2016 Circulation: 1,320,924 EAV: £95,96

Period Homes & Interiors Feature Title: Top 20 dream homes F&C Office: Bath Date Out: March 2016 Circulation: 23,500 Eq. Ad Value: £2,500

Media Centre | 29

The Sunday Times Feature Title: Exit Strategies F&C Office: Shrewsbury Date Out: 7th August 2016 Size: 1 page Circulation: 806,375 Eq. Ad Value: £90,090

Social Media and Content Strategy | 30

Direct mail and canvassing cards

Fine & Country has partnered with renowned content marketing and social media consultants to continue to post relevant and engaging content across all our online and print assets. Š *Photography by Belinda Robinson (Design and Marketing team, Cambridge).

Social media and content strategy The Fine & Country blog In February, the Fine & Country Media Centre unveiled the newest edition to their social media strategy, the Fine & Country Blog. The blog predominantly works alongside the Fine & Country twitter feed and promotes Fine & Country news, properties, guides, tips and galleries. The blog provides an attractive way to display content featured on Facebook and LinkedIn in one central location and importantly improves Fine & Country’s ranking within Google searches and other search engines, attracting potential buyers and sellers alike. Driving engagement online Content marketing isn’t a fad that companies can afford to ignore. A structured content calendar, posting at optimum times, tailoring a different strategy for different media are some of the measures we have adopted as part of a targeted approach to gain followers. For instance, did you know that Twitter users are more likely to post on their way to work while LinkedIn surprisingly ranks No 1 when it comes to redirecting traffic to the website though engagement is significantly lesser as compared to Facebook and Twitter. Paid advertising on social media has further reinforced our targeting capabilities beyond the scope of organic reach.

The gardens with the most votes from each region were then shortlisted and sent to the competition judge Martyn Cox, gardening journalist of the year 2016. The overall winner was chosen by Martyn and the winning entry announced was Louise Whittington. She has won two tickets to the dazzling RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017. Martyn said, “ The property in Solihull stood out for me as it is beautiful and romantic, but very achievable by anyone, whatever their budget. The owners’ passion for gardening is clear, with them taking on a tired and overgrown plot just seven years ago, and turning it into the kind of garden anyone would be proud of. This property may be in a busy suburb, but set foot in the garden and there is great privacy, and many areas to sit where it’s possible to escape the daily grind.”

Social Media and Content Strategy | 31

The Fine & Country Garden Competition The Fine & Country Garden Competition took place over the summer of 2016 and was designed to reinforce Fine & Country’s reputation as a luxury lifestyle brand. Entries submitted were added to the Fine & Country Facebook page and voting decided regional winners who then competed to become the overall winner.

Fine & Country digital Yomdel live chat With many people browsing the website outside of office hours, we have decided, with the support of the NAC, to introduce a 24/7 live chat service on the UK website, to capture potential vendor’s enquiries whilst you are taking some well-deserved time off. The service is provided by Yomdel, which provides a highly structured, customer-driven and market-leading live chat solution for the property industry. Yomdel is sharply focused on providing its clients with the very best results to help accelerate their growth. Instant online valuation We have now launched an instant online valuation service on the Fine & Country website. This will give you the opportunity to convert interested website visitors into new leads by offering them an instant valuation of their property in exchange for their details.

Fine & Country Digital | 32

New Allagents module Customer review sites impact on people’s purchase decision, even more so in the service industry where what the consumer pays for is intangible and word of mouth is king. Quite often, before potential sellers turn to customer review sites to compare estate agents before inviting them on valuations.

Compared to our main competitors, we are at the top of the leader board. This is a great achievement and only conveys a confident message about the Fine & Country brand. Those in search for the right agent, could not dismiss us easily. To celebrate this success and share it with potential sellers, Allagents Premium Members can now showcase their results on their Fine & Country microsite. Amenities mapping tool For each property showcased on the Fine & Country website, visitors now have the option to view local amenities on the map, including the nearby schools, shops, fitness and more. This will help viewers understand the local area more and shows that Fine & Country has the knowledge of the area they require.

The future belongs to the curious

We have not only improved the quality of our website but the tools that are available. This year we have introduced live chat and an instant valuation service.

Fine & Country Digital | 33

Estimate the value of your home in no time

Fine & Country events

Fine & Country events | 34

National Licensee Convention One of the most anticipated events of the Fine & Country calendar, The National Licensee Convention 2016 held on 29th January, 2016 at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair, London. It was an enormous success with over 280 Fine & Country agents from across the UK and many of our international offices in attendance. The day saw sessions conducted by various marketing & IT strategists, experts in their respective fields. The day set the agenda for 2016 and was the biggest gathering of our agents.

The UK National Licensee Convention was an extremely motivational and positive event. It was our biggest convention to date and also our best in terms of attendance, content, energy and sheer excitement for the development of the brand.

Fine & Country Golf exhibit at renowned BMW PGA Championship Golf properties on sale at some of the finest golf courses in the world were showcased to over 100,000 golfing fans at this year’s BMW PGA Championship, The European Tour’s flagship event, 24th-29th May at Wentworth Club in Surrey, England. Fine & Country Golf, the golf specialist division of the award-winning real estate agent Fine & Country, exhibited a collection of elite golf properties situated on some of the world’s most prestigious residential golf developments including PGA Catalunya Resort, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Linna Golf, Quinta do Lago, the Estonian Golf and Country Club, Mount Juliet and the Light House. During six days of high quality entertainment both on and off the golf course, including a Celebrity Pro-Am, on-stage interviews with the stars and four rounds of compelling competition, fans also got the chance to look at the varied lifestyle opportunities on offer from the luxurious residences at Jumeirah Golf Estates near the vibrant city state of Dubai; contemporary villas and apartments at PGA Catalunya Resort in Girona; and charming and unique residences that harmonise with the landscape in Estonia.

Fine & Country events | 35

Fine & Country Golf, in association with European Tour Properties, invited all fans to visit their exhibition stand, in the spectator village for fun games and competitions and to find out more about living on a golf course. There was also a ‘guess the price’ competition to win a trip for two to Mount Juliet Estate, Ireland. Fine & Country Golf representatives were able to answer any questions about the developments and resorts around the world.

Fine & Country events Fine & Country exhibit at A Place in the Sun Fine & Country had the largest single agent stand at the Place in the Sun Live in London, showcasing the incredible properties of their international offices to thousands of overseas buyers. The stand, which was 35 metres long, included Fine & Country estate agents from across the world. Representatives from South Africa, Cannes, Florida, Lisbon, Algarve, Marbella, Costa Blanca, and Fine & Country Golf advised visitors on buying in their locations and shared their property listings. “Our international agents enjoyed great success over the three days at the exhibition. We spoke to a lot of potential buyers about property in the countries we represent. Our large stand enabled everyone to spread out and have significant conversations and deliver a higher level of service,” said David Lindley, Chief Exectuive Officer of Fine & Country. The Fine & Country stand was a hub of activity, with representatives from across the world sharing advice in a series of seminars. Portugal experts discussed the NHR tax regime, the hot Portugal Golden Visa and tax benefits. The South African offices explained why 2016 is the best time to buy, and there was also a seminar on buying in Florida.

Fine & Country events | 36

An estimated 9,000 people came to the exhibition over the three days, with 70% of visitors looking for a property to purchase and find out about the buying process, and over 60% looking to buy property within 12 months.

© *Photography by Belinda Robinson (Design and Marketing team, Cambridge).

Fine & Country events | 37

The Fine & Country Big Weekend: International Conference and Gala dinner Fine & Country held its annual International Conference on Friday 8th July 2016 The event took place at The Belfry Golf Resort and Spa, just on the outskirts of Birmingham. We welcomed over 150 attendees to the conference from all around the UK and internationally, from as far afield as South Africa, Australia and Spain. The International Conference followed the theme of Risk and Reward, inspired by the motivational speaker for the day, Caspar Berry and how Fine & Country is a disruptor against its older competitors in the market. The day saw many interesting speeches on a variety of topics. David Lindley, CEO of Fine & Country kick started the day by discussing what the brand had achieved in 15 years and exciting new updates for the network, including the launch of Yomdel Live Chat and IFX Foreign Exchange. Emilie Despois continued by going through the most recent Marketing Campaigns and their success, specifically the TV advert and how it has increased brand awareness in the short time it has been running. After the morning break, the Quick Fire rounds commenced and the Fine & Country gong was introduced. Those who took part in the 10 minute talks all managed to fit their speeches into the time perfectly, engage and inform the audience on a variety of topics as part of a strategy for success. You can download all of the presentations from this newsletter on the next article. The excitement continued in the afternoon with the introduction of Caspar Berry. More than a motivational speaker, he had the crowds in hysterics and gave us all a new perception on considering risk and uncertainty in business and everyday life. To end the successful day we had a Fine & Country panel session with Malcolm Lindley CEO of G.P.E.A. Ltd., Jon Cooke Executive Director, Bill McClintock Director and Napoleon Wilcox Alternate Chair of the NAC and Chair of the Marketing and IT Committee. Here, people asked questions and discussed queries about the progression of the business.

Fine & Country Big Weekend | 38

The event was sponsored by MoneyPenny and Floorplanz. We also had great exhibitors on the day including Yomdel, Country Life, Expert Agent and Intouch Display. In the evening, the conference room was transformed for the Gala dinner where we celebrated the 15th Birthday of Fine & Country with a black and white theme, sophisticated and elegant, but not to forget the great birthday cake.

Š *Photography by Belinda Robinson (Design and Marketing team, Cambridge).

Fine & Country Big Weekend | 39

This year’s International Conference was our best to date, not only celebrating all that the brand has achieved in the 15 years since its inception, but also introducing the cutting edge new tools and strategies the network is employing to further increase our market share.

The Fine & Country Big Weekend | 40

The Fine & Country Big Weekend: Fine & Country Gold Cup

Guests were also able to enjoy a variety of gourmet food stalls, a drinks party bus or head to the Laurent Perrier Champagne Bar.

It was a successful day enjoyed by all the families and an amazing £5,000 was raised for the Fine & Country Foundation. David Lindley, CEO, said “The day was undoubtedly our best polo event yet. Guests sat on the side of the polo field enjoying homemade picnics whilst children were able to enjoy the dedicated kid’s area featuring rides and games. The Honesberie Shooting School welcomed attendees to have a go at shooting and archery and the clubhouse’s Laurent-Perrier bar served Fine & Country guests well. Thank you to all of those who attended and we look forward to seeing you again next year.”

The Fine & Country Gold Cup is an integral part of our customer’s social calendar, with thousands joining us every year. The event is constantly growing and we are already excited about next year’s event.

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The annual Fine & Country Gold Cup took place on Sunday 10th July at Dallas Burston Polo Club and was a perfect finish to the Big Weekend. The sun shone for us as we welcomed almost 4,000 attendees who were able to enjoy an afternoon of exciting polo to see Louise Jebson’s C.A.N.I. team reclaim the Fine & Country Gold Cup title following their wins in 2012 and 2013.

International Property Awards 2016 | 42

Fine & Country award winners Fine & Country won six awards at the International Property Awards 2016. Fine & Country has won a total of six awards at the International Property Awards 2016, accross three countries and two continents. This is a fantastic achievement.

Charles Roberts from Fine & Country Portugal said, “The brand name of Fine & Country has transformed our company over the last five years and has led to 10 Fine & Country offices opening in Portugal. With the excellence of our marketing department in Portugal and the invaluable support of Fine & Country Head Office in the UK, we have been able to present our applications for consideration and achieve success in these awards.”

The awards included: Fine & Country Portugal won the Five-star award in Best Real Estate Agency Marketing Fine & Country South Africa won highly commended in the category of Best Real Estate Agency Marketing Fine & Country West Africa won highly commended for Best Property Consultancy for Africa & Arabia Fine & Country’s website won highly commended in the Best National Website UK Fine & Country also received high commended for Best Estate Agency Marketing – London

Other awards: Sue Gipson from Fine & Country St.Neots won the UK’s most inspirational agent award from Agency Mentors. Sue has generously donated her £250 prize money to the Fine & Country Foundation which helps the homeless and the causes of homelessness. Fine & Country Cambridge officially have the best estate agency customer service in the entire city after winning the Customer Service title at the Cambridge News Property Awards ceremony in December.

International Property Awards 2016 | 43

Fine & Country Portugal received highly commended for the Best Real Estate Agency for Portugal

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Testimonials: What our customers say

Testimonials | 45

The Fine & Country Foundation The Fine & Country Head Office Team’s 10k Run Fine & Country Head Office raised almost £1,200 for their chosen Fine & Country Foundation charity, Housing for Women. Housing for Women provides accommodation and support based services to vulnerable women and their children across London. This includes those experiencing domestic violence, women who have been trafficked, elderly women and mothers leaving prison. Iron Man Challenge Congratulations to our agents Sean and Tyler Newman for running the Frankfurt Ironman in July and raising £1,500 for homeless charity Hope4! Fine & Country Foundation Trustee Matthew Pryke additionally partook in his first Ironman challenge in Sweden on 20th August, 2016. After training for years, Matthew not only did himself proud but raised an incredible £2,609.44 for the Fine & Country Foundation. The Ironman comprises of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26 mile run with a time limit of 15 hours. Fine & Country Foundation Coffee morning Fine & Country offices rolled up their sleeves and baked some scrumptious treats for the first Fine & Country Foundation Coffee Morning.

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The Coffee Morning was held as part of the Fine & Country Foundation’s national campaign to support homelessness, as there are so many less fortunate than ourselves. The participating offices in this year’s Bake Sale included Park Lane, Coventry and Cambridge and in total £237.69 was raised for the Fine & Country Foundation. A big thank you to everyone for their fantastic efforts and delightful treats.

Fine & Country partook in Centre Point’s Sleep Out Over the past two years Fine & Country offices have participated in Sleep Out, a charity event that takes place throughout the UK in support of the work of Centre Point and the Fine & Country Foundation. The event has been created to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness around the country, in total £1,191.98 was raised. Cambridge Christmas Carol Concert The annual Cambridge Christmas Carol Concert was held on Monday 5th December 2016. The concert was lead by Musical Director Ralph Woodward and the Fairhaven Singers, with all proceeds donated to local homeless charities Jimmy’s Cambridge, Wintercomfort and Emmaus who have been doing some amazing work for those in Cambridge. In total £1,500 Was raised. FARS Chanmugam Trust Fine & Country Brookmans Park have donated £1,000 to the FARS Chanmugam Trust after selling Tony Chanmugam’s home. They were touched by the fact that both he and his wife, Frances, had set up and financed the trust to build and run a home for disadvantaged children in his native country of Sri Lanka. Launch of the Fine & Country Foundation in South Africa Fine & Country South Africa has followed the footsteps of the Fine & Country Foundation here in the UK, setting up their own Foundation to help the homeless. It is fantastic that the success of the Fine & Country Foundation here has inspired the offices in South Africa to raise money for such a worthwhile cause. We wish the Fine & Country Foundation South Africa every success and look forward to more updates on what great events they are hosting to raise money for such a rife cause that affects so many around the world. The Fine & Country Foundation has raised £100,000 so far. For more information or to donate, please visit:

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The Fine & Country Foundation has been created to help combat one of the largest social issues in the UK – homelessness.

Fine & Country Head Office 121 Park Lane, Mayfair, London WIK 7AG Tel: +44 (0)20 7079 1515

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