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Network growth The expansion of new offices and licenses into the business consolidates the emerging power of Fine & Country in the housing market locally, nationally and internationally.

Network growth | 4

New offices in 2017 in the UK: Abbots Langley Bedford Beccles and Waveney Downland Villages Derby Edlesborough Enfield Greenwich and Blackheath Kings Langley Royal Docks Watford

New offices in 2017 for Interior Design: Base Interior EHG Home Burbeck Interiors CID Interieur Design Rebecca Hughes Interiors Lemon and Lime Interiors Studio Kamini Hub Architects and Designers Cranberryhome Landmass London Wickenden Hutley

We are proud to say that Fine & Country now operates from more than 300 locations worldwide.

Network growth | 5

Network growth: International | 6

Network growth: International The new Fine & Country offices portray the strength of Fine & Country as a global brand, attracting both national and international buyers around the world.

New offices in 2017 internationally:

New offices opening in South Africa:

Arsenal - Mauritius


Bucharest - Romania

St. Francis

Diagonal Mar - Spain


Ibiza - Spain

Western Seaboard

Lapa - Portugal Maresme - Spain Mijas - Spain

Network growth: International | 7

Moraira - Spain

Brand awareness survey In August 2017, we ran a survey to monitor Fine & Country’s brand awareness to help us make an informed decision when assisting our customers in selling their properties or finding their perfect home.

98.96% of people surveyed who had used Fine & Country in the past would recommend their services to family and friends. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for the company, with 23% of respondents hearing about Fine & Country from family and friends.

The survey was sent using SurveyMonkey to members of the public around the UK who are 35+, earning over ÂŁ50,000 and homeowners. We received over 1,000 responses. This allowed us to compare like for like with the survey that was carried out in 2016.

The survey also showed that 87% of people who invited the agency to value their home chose to instruct Fine & Country.

Excellent service

Fantastic properties


The results were very positive, with Fine & Country having increased its target audience brand awareness to 47.79%, an increase of 8% since April 2016.

Fantastic properties Integrity Integrity

Brand awareness | 8




Excellent service

Trusted Trusted

Professional Professional Loyal Loyal


Style Style




These results come after a successful year of advertising on multi-channel platforms, including in print, online and TV. The brand regularly advertises in national newspapers including The Times, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph, and has a wide online presence with paid campaigns.


of Fine & Country customers would recommend our services

They chose us. Will you?

Survey highlights

87% Chose Fine & Country to sell their home after initial valuation meeting

Would you recommend the services of Fine & Country to family or friends?

Who did you choose to sell your home?


Fine & Country


Another agent

Would recommend to family or friends:

98.96% (+0.96% compared to July 2016) likes in 2017

























How did you hear of Fine & Country? What is the most important quality you look for in an estate agent when selling?

National newspapers

Exposure for your home

Fine & Country website

Selling similar properties

Online advertising

Brand awareness:


TV advertising

(+3.79% compared to July 2016)

Customer service Recognisable brand

Word of mouth

Global reach

Office in my area


For sale boards in my area

Offering the lowest fee

Other (please specify)

Other (please specify) 0%




















Brand awareness | 9

Local newspapers

National advertising strategy Fine & Country back on TV We re-launched our TV advertisment campaign following the success of the advert campaigns in 2016. The re-launch ran from March to May and September to October 2017. The edited 10 second advert ran on channels such as More 4, Home, 4oD, Drama and Yesterday. The advert was seen by 20% of the ABC1 Adults aged 35+ market. Per month, this equated to a delivery of nearly 4 million impacts. Using the theme of ‘story telling’, the advert focused on the importance of choosing the right agent who understands how to turn a home into a bestseller. The thirty-second version of the advert will still be available on the Fine & Country website, YouTube channel and other forms of digital advertising. The thirty-second commercial showed different life events that happen inside the home, from an exciting birthday party, to the everyday happiness of being with the family dog and a little girl playing in her bedroom.

National advertising strategy | 10

A closely linked print and digital campaign featured at the same time.

National advertising strategy | 11

National advertising strategy | 12

National advertising strategy Online advertising Digital is becoming increasingly important, as changes come in the way people read the news, search for properties, and interact with each other. This is why we decided to increase our digital spend by 26% to increase customer engagement. Growing and learning from the last few years and keeping up with trends, the digital campaign needed additional investment to ensure Fine & Country continues to advance in this area and keep at the forefront of the market. Our campaigns were divided as follows: Programmatic (targeted) advertising, with new refreshed design to showcase all the properties for sale with Fine & Country. TV-sync: serving the Fine & Country advert at the same time as the scheduled TV adverts to boost influence and brand awareness across multiple media and devices. Time Inc Intelligence: an on-site programmatic (targeted) campaign that broadened our coverage in front of over 60 of Time Inc’ internal brands such as Country Life, Horse & Hound, Homes and Gardens and The Field. Teads: distributed content through a network of premium websites using the in-read format – a pre-roll video that launches when it is in 100% of the readers’ vision. Youtube: videos appeared pre-roll (before a user watches a video). Google Display network: video appeared across the network on sites where our audience is targeted.

Live chat powered by Yomdel: following the successful trial of the live chat service on the Fine & Country website, we carried on using the service in 2017. Horse & Hound: Our portfolio of equestrian properties was advertised on the Horse & Hound website. The site features daily equestrian news and is a popular online forum for horse enthusiasts.

National advertising strategy | 13

Re-marketing: advertising to people who came to our website but didn’t take any action before leaving.

National advertising strategy | 14

Following increased demand from our customers, we increased our volume of advertising in printed media by 20%, with a mix of titles bespoke to our audience.

National advertising strategy Print advertising

Bricks & Mortar is an award winning supplement and offers more insight into the urban market nationwide. Fine & Country has advertised 20 full page colour ads in the Bricks & Mortar section of The Times in 2017. The Times’ audience are 90% ABC1 with over 83% of the readers over the age of 35. The Sunday Times Circulation 766,201 | Readership 2,055,000 The Sunday Times is the UK’s most widely read national broadsheet with an enviable reach of 2,055,000 adults. ‘Home’ is the The Sunday Times’ popular property section and is a mix of property and lifestyle editorial.

The Sunday Times’ readership has a high proportion of ABC1 (86%) and AB (63%), in addition to 343,000 of the readers having an income of £50,000 - £70,000 per annum. Fine & Country advertised 29 full pages in the Home section of The Sunday Times in 2017. The Saturday Telegraph Circulation 603,433 | Readership 1,471,000 ‘Property’ is The Saturday Telegraph’s standalone property supplement, published every Saturday and coinciding with its highest circulation day. 62% of The Saturday Telegraph readers are affluent AB readers, of which 77,000 either own or have a timeshare in a property abroad. Fine & Country advertised 14 full pages on the back cover of the Property section a The Saturday Telegraph in 2016.

amateurs and professionals in the equestrian industry, providing them with information on buying and selling equestrian property. With a well-established property section, Horse & Hound is the perfect space to showcase equestrian property. We have advertised 10 single page colour ads in the property section of Horse & Hound. Over 65% of their audience are 35+. Evening Standard Circulation 900,498 | Readership 1,918,000 The Evening Standard is considered to be the London property newspaper of choice. It is the only title to see a double-digit rise in readership. 95% of readers pick up the publication on their commute. The property section, ‘Homes & Property’, published every Wednesday, is read by more than 36% of AB adults. We advertised 9 double pages in the publication.

Horse & Hound Circulation 40,705 | Readership 92,000 Horse & Hound is a 132 year old publication dedicated to equestrian enthusiasts. The publication engages with both

National advertising strategy | 15

The Times Circulation 394,240 | Readership 962,000 The Times provides a greater business approach to the property market than the weekend property supplements as the distribution date is a Friday with The Times weekday audience traditionally being more business focussed.

Media Centre The Fine & Country Media Centre is a vital resource for Fine & Country offices and property exposure. We are therefore delighted to announce that the Fine & Country Media Centre has secured an exceptional amount of editorial coverage and PR in 2017.

Fine & Country total Equivalent Advertising Value December 2016 - December 2017 and number of mentions in all publications 1,000,000 900,000

The total Equivalent Advertising Value (EAV) gained by the Media Centre over the past year amounted to £7,355,461. Even more important is the number of people who saw this coverage. Fine & Country articles and editorials appeared in all major national titles with a total circulation of 186,929,687 including a high net-worth readership. Publications covering Fine & Country properties included The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, the Metro and more.

800,000 700,000 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000

0 EAV Number of mentions











































Fine & Country Monthly Unit Users online December 2016 - December 2017

Fine & Country circulation in print December 2016 - December 2017



1,600,000,000 25,000,000

1,400,000,000 1,200,000,000


1,000,000,000 15,000,000

800,000,000 600,000,000

Media Centre | 16


400,000,000 5,000,000


0 Circulation





20,263,9061 13,444,891 30,778,795 27,745,689















14,951,726 20,679,236 11,756,764 10,339,604












772,332,200 85,293,866 689,330,467 1,162,342,9 861,755,043 1,508,601,9 288,343,675 1,108,295,0 1,466,223,0 1,250,026,7 499,084,931 298,338,477 1,547,708,0

The Mail on Sunday Date: 5th February Circulation: 1,284,121 EAV: £55,800 Feature title: The quiet manor house that set Genesis free… Office: Fine & Country Pembrokeshire

The Guardian Date: 16th September Circulation: 159,007 EAV: £4,500 Feature title: Home and Away Office: Fine & Country Chelmsford

Saturday Express Magazine Date: 25th October Circulation: 391,626 EAV: £15,680 Feature title: Country Life: Find your dream rural retreat Office: Fine & Country Bath

The Financial Times Date: 22nd June Circulation: 198,237 EAV: £29,300 Feature title: Lisbon’s Golden Visa Guide Office: Fine & Country Cascais

The Times Date: 21st October Circulation: 441,059 EAV: £3,399 Feature title: Prime Properties Office: Fine & Country Lincoln

The Daily Telegraph Date: 24th April Circulation: 472,258 EAV: £53,100 Feature title: Portuguese Pearls Office: Fine & Country Faro

The Epoch Times Date: 17th July Circulation: 1,314,375 EAV: £26,668 Feature title: Wales Waterside Living Office: Fine & Country Pembrokeshire

Horse & Hound Date: 9th July Circulation: 35,976 EAV: £1,021 Feature title: Got Wimbledon fever Office: Fine & Country Leamington Spa

The Week Date: 18th February Circulation: 204,917 EAV: £1,808 Feature title: Impressive Tudor Houses Office: Fine & Country West Malling

The Metro Date: 24th October Circulation: 1,480,900 EAV: £63,974 Feature title: The Pristine Chapel Office: Fine & Country St Neots

The English Home Date: 30th January Circulation: 25,579 EAV: £3,575 Feature title: Houses with character Office: Fine & Country Stamford

Media Centre | 17

The Sunday Times Date: 1st October Circulation: 802,912 EAV: £45,044 Feature title: Making Moves Office: Fine & Country Leamington Spa

Social media Social media is an integral part of the Fine & Country marketing strategy. With a mix of beautiful imagery, property tips and competitions, our channels are growing year on year and we are delighted to be interacting with so many of our customers. Facebook Our posts on Facebook were seen 2,436,546 times in 2017, with our best UK campaign Christmas villages post viewed 53,626 times. Our posts on Facebook range from news to property of the week to interior design tips. We also give the option to boost properties, sharing your property with likeminded individuals. Like our Facebook page @FineandCountry to interact with our Facebook posts. Twitter With an average of eight new followers a day and five tweets , Twitter is an integral part of the way we communicate with our customers. Our competitions are also very popular with some of them being re-tweeted over 600 times. Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our tweets or interact with us using @FineandCountry. You will find information which will help you keep up-to-date with changes in the property market and other property related news.

by email by clicking on the ‘Share’ button. In 2017, our Youtube channel was viewed on average 18,000 times a month and is still growing. The Fine & Country blog The Fine & Country blog is a very popular blog for people interested in everything related to luxury property. We post blogs on a wide range of topics, from interior design advice to market statistics. Our blog is seen on average 20,000 per month, with the most popular blog being about Georgian gems and having 27,979 views. LinkedIn In 2017, we have increased corporate content and office news on LinkedIn. We also post job advertisements for head office and for agents. Instagram We were new to Instagram in 2017. With beautiful homes, interiors and links to our blog posts in our bio, our Instagram account is becoming very popular. We are looking forward to welcoming more followers in 2018. You can follow us on @fineandcountryhomes.

Social media | 18

YouTube If you have opted for our innovative HD and drone video services as part of your property marketing package, all our videos are loaded on our Youtube page which you can share with your friends. You can share the video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more social platforms, or even send it









in 2017

Social media | 19

Marketing campaigns Open your door to the world

Through our network of offices in over 300 locations worldwide, we can promote properties to the widest possible market place to achieve the best possible sale price.

Travel Competition 1st March – 30th April

The Fine & Country Travel Competition offered the possibility to win a six-night all-inclusive holiday to the beautiful island of Bermuda to anyone booking a valuation with Fine & Country online.

The Fine & Country Gold Cup 9th July 2017

Marketing campaigns | 20

The Fine & Country Foundation Coffee Morning

As part of our fundraising for the Fine & Country Foundation, we hosted a Coffee Morning where customers, other agents and businesses were invited to attend. This campaign was used to promote the event across different platforms to reach a larger audience.

Taking place on Sunday 9th July at the Dallas Burston Polo Club in The Fine & Country Gold Cup is one of the most exciting dates in Great Britain’s sporting and social calendars. Attracting families and friends from all over the country, it is now a prime event in our calendar, with a campaign for agents to invite past, present and potential customers to this complimentary event where they can enjoy polo, family fun and see some of our finest properties exhibited.

Easter campaign

The Easter House Hunt

With Easter marking the start of the home buying season, the new Easter campaign was a great way to remind sellers that Easter is one of the prime times to sell their properties.


A collection of golf properties for sale on some of the finest golf courses in the world

People are hunting for more than chocolate this Easter. If you are searching for your dream home this spring, please contact xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx | xxx xxxx xxxx.

Fine & Country Golf Tel: +44 (0) 20 70303590 Email: Web:

in partnership with


The Easter House Hunt

Wentworth BMW 2017 A4 Advert BR_v2.indd 1

27/03/2017 10:39

BMW PGA Championship

Fine & Country exhibited at this year’s Wentworth BMW PGA Championship in partnership with European Golf Tour Properties from 25th-28th May 2017 at Wentworth Club, Surrey. This was a great opportunity to show the broad scope of properties that Fine & Country covers, in addition to a great partnership with a world-renowned brand.

This year’s Christmas campaign was used to engage buyers and seller’s interest in time for the New Year online rush. There is an appetite for change during the winter season, therefore, the Christmas campaign was created to encourage potential sellers to put their property on the market before Christmas, as their perfect buyer may be looking for their next home during the holiday period.

New Year campaign

This year’s New Year campaign has been created to encourage people to consider their next step in the new year, as it is a time for change and sees the beginning of the busy period for the housing market.

A new step in the New Year

A new step in the New Year

New Year Campaign 2018 CC DM.indd 1

08/12/2017 10:35

Are you looking for your next move?


For more information please call [xxxxxxxxxxx] or email [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

With a new year beginning, many people are ready for a change. This could be taking the decision to find the perfect home, but before this chapter begins, your current home must be discovered by the right buyer. At Fine & Country, we understand that exclusive properties require a fresh marketing approach; one that combines individual flair and attention with the local expertise of independent estate agents. Our marketing strategy targets potential buyers around the world – through local marketing, national newspapers and magazines, and interactive technologies, supported by our international network of over 300 offices worldwide. For a free valuation of your property, please contact: [Fine & Country xxx] [address] [phone number] [email address]


New Year Campaign 2018 CC DM.indd 3

08/12/2017 10:35

During each quarter of 2017, the Fine & Country marketing team delivered a new and effective campaign that focused on a key brand message, to increase brand awareness and engage customers with the brand.

Marketing campaigns | 21

Christmas campaign

Fine & Country Interior Design Fine & Country has diversified and is delighted to have launched a new interior design service. Fine & Country Interior Design is a specialist network of award-winning, high profile and exceptionally professional UK design firms. Fine & Country Interior Design provides expert advice and professional guidance to some of the world’s most prestigious properties and clients. They look at a wide cross section of projects; from super prime developments in central London, to spacious country houses across the UK, over to second homes on the French Riviera, right through to staging and styling. Design services are fully flexible to fit in with you, and highly professional to ensure our customers get the best results. Under the umbrella term ‘interior design,’ they work with architects, staging specialists, decorators, builders and project managers.

We advise on the following: - Architectural services (RIBA) - Interior design and decoration - Staging, styling and dressing - Building works: from a complete new build to period property refurbishments, including M&E and audio visual installations - Permissions to commence work: planning permission, Listed building consent, partywall agreements (whatever is required to get your project off the ground) - Lighting design - External alterations and improvements including hard landscaping - Budget assessment and control - Project management and project coordination - Bespoke furniture and joinery design - Art consultation

Fine & Country Interior Design | 22

We have created a series of campaigns and brochures to help promote this new service to customers, may they be buyers, sellers, investors or developers.

Fine & Country Interior Design | 23

Fine & Country Auction Fine & Country has partnered with IAM Sold to create Fine & Country Auction, which is the perfect platform to sell properties quickly, easily and at the best possible price. IAM Sold is the largest residential auctioneer in the UK and will help create a transparent market place for residential buyers and sellers. The modern method of auction is an 24/7 online platform that gives properties even greater exposure to be discovered by the right buyer, who can simply view, bid and buy. The benefits of selling at auction: No selling fees You can choose to pay no sales commission to sell your property through our modern method of auction. Under the reservation fee method, we charge the buyer a percentage of the purchase price which covers our costs. However, all sellers will be required to pay a very small fee for the preparation of an EPC and Auction Pack.

Fine & Country Auction | 24

Achieve maximum value Think about how an owner of a piece of fine art maximises its value? They sell it at auction. Due to the increased marketing and unique pricing strategy that we operate, we guarantee to get you the fairest price in the current market. A property will always sell for what it’s worth, plus you have a reserve price so you know it won’t sell for anything less than the value you are happy with.

A fixed date to sell and move Fixed time scales for exchange and completion provide clarity for both parties. A fixed time scale is not often set when selling a property through private treaty, with some sales taking much longer than anticipated. This added security is a big benefit to most vendors looking to move forward with confidence. Increase in interest and viewings The pricing strategy that we employ creates greater levels of interest and viewings, and increases the chances of selling your property quickly. A marketing campaign and a guide to selling at auction have been created to help increase the awareness of this modern way of selling properties.

Fine & Country Auction | 25

Fine & Country Mortgage and Conveyancing Services Fine & Country as partnered with L&C, the UK’s largest fee-free mortgage broker to offer Fine & Country clients expert advice and help when looking for their mortgage. Why use Fine & Country Mortgage Service powered by L&C? - Access to a high net-worth team working with some of the world’s leading providers such as Coutts, Handelsbanken, UBS Private and Investec - Fee-free award-winning mortgage service: whether it is the initial discussion, making a recommendation, submitting an application or on completion, you will not pay a fee for using our services - L&C are an independent business. Their experts in mortgage market research will search for mortgage products from across the market to find the most suitable solution for you - Access to exclusive products that cannot be found anywhere else, many of which are market-leading in the rates offered - Advice on the phone, seven days a week. Monday – Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm

Mortgage and Conveyancing Services | 26

Fee-Free Buyers’ Protection Insurance We offer our customers free Buyers Protection Insurance when using our mortgage service. You will be covered for up to £1,050 of fees committed if the sale falls through for various reasons, such as vendor withdrawing the property from sale, gazumping, redundancy during the application process plus many others. Our Buyers’ Protection Insurance includes; £250 towards mortgage application fees £500 towards survey fees £300 towards legal fees and disbursements

Why use Fine & Country Conveyancing Services powered by L&C? - Access to a high quality, competitively-priced no-fee legal package - The recommended solicitor is guaranteed to be approved and recognised by the mortgage lender you are applying with - Access to a dedicated L&C conveyancing support team throughout your entire legal transaction - Added peace of mind in knowing that if completion doesn’t take place, you won’t be charged legal fees for standard legal work

Fee-free mortgage advice service

Conveyancing Services with dedicated support

Finding the right mortgage can be a tricky task with so many choices to make. That’s why Fine & Country has partnered with L&C, the UK’s largest feefree mortgage broker to offer you expert advice and help when looking for your mortgage. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, buying a new home, buying to let, or remortgaging, they’re here to work out what is best for you.

Fine & Country Conveyancing Services offer you quality legal advice and support at a pre-agreed fixed price. Every conveyancing package meets your individual needs, guaranteeing that the solicitor can work directly with your lender, and if completion does not take place you will not be charged the standard legal fees.

Why use Fine & Country Mortgage Service powered by L&C? g Fee-free award-winning mortgage advice g They’ll search across the mortgage market g Access to exclusive mortgage deals g Advice on the phone, seven days a week g Free Buyer Protection Insurance*

Mortgage advice tailored to your financial needs

Why use Fine & Country Conveyancing Services powered by L&C? g A high quality, competitively priced ‘No completion, No fee’ legal package g The recommended solicitor is guaranteed to be approved and recognised by the mortgage lender you are applying with g Free buyers’ protection insurance to all clients using our conveyancing service g A dedicated L&C conveyancing support team throughout your entire legal transaction g Added peace of mind in knowing that you won’t be charged legal fees for standard legal work if completion doesn’t take place

Conveyancing Services shaped to your legal requirements

For mortgage information, please contact one of L&C’s advisers on 0800 923 4014 or email [Office Name] [Address] [Telephone] | [Email Address]

For conveyancing information, please contact one of L&C’s advisers on 0800 923 4014 or email [Office Name] [Address] [Telephone] | [Email Address] Fine & Country Conveyancing Services are provided by: London & Country Ltd. (L&C), Beazer House, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3BA.

Fine & Country Mortgage Service is provided by: London & County Mortgage Ltd. (L&C), Beazer House, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3BA.

L&C does not provide legal advice but acts as an introducer to a maintained panel of conveyancers, each of whom is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, or Council of Licensed Conveyancers. L&C will receive a payment out of the conveyancer’s legal fees and will share some of that with us, to recognise the introduction and the cost of administering and monitoring cases. For further information about this contact L&C.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA number 143002. *Full Buyer’s Protection Insurance terms and conditions will be enclosed with your mortgage recommendation letter.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA number 143002. If you have already instructed an agent on a sole agency basis, please check the terms and conditions in order to avoid the potential liability of having to pay two fees.

If you have already instructed an agent on a sole agency basis, please check the terms and conditions in order to avoid the potential liability of having to pay two fees. CONVEYANCING SERVICES


Mortgage Advice_DMCC Card 2017_BR.indd 1

The Mortgage campaign

Powered by


05/05/2017 09:17

Mortgage Advice_DMCC Card 2017_BR.indd 3

05/05/2017 09:17

L&C Conveyancing Campaign_DMCC Card 2017_BR.indd 1

The Conveyancing campaign


03/10/2017 14:52

L&C Conveyancing Campaign_DMCC Card 2017_BR.indd 2

03/10/2017 14:52

Mortgage and Conveyancing Services | 27

The new Fine & Country Mortgage and Conveyancing services have been explained in our marketing campaigns and in a new brochure.

Market reports

Market reports | 28

Fine & Country is now providing in-depth market research reports powered by ResiAnalytics. These reports give an insight into the national, regional or local marketplace and can be shared in print or digital format.

Market reports | 29

New features for our Professional Marketing Services 1. Deferred payment option on the marketing of a property Our Gold Marketing Service is an industry leading and award winning suite of marketing materials. Exclusive to Fine & Country, it is designed to highlight the most desirable features of a home, as well as presenting it professionally to the widest possible audience. Enhanced marketing and widespread exposure are two key approaches in achieving the best possible price for a property.

Even better, we can offer an online brochure creation system – allowing offices to create property particulars online, and have the Fine & Country Studio check over the final version. There is no charge for this additional service. Agents can simply browse and upload their photos, drag and drop them into position and copy their text into the desired template.

Sellers can now benefit from this service upon instructing Fine & Country and defer their payments by ten months, interest free.

Deferred payment option on the marketing of your property Our Gold Marketing Service is an industry leading and award winning suite of marketing materials. Exclusive to Fine & Country, it is designed to highlight the most desirable features of your home, as well as presenting it professionally to the widest possible audience. Enhanced marketing and widespread exposure are two key approaches in achieving the best possible price for your property.

Market your property with us now, pay later.

You can now benefit from this service upon instructing Fine & Country and defer your payment by ten months, interest free. There are four easy steps to benefit from this service: • Notify your agent that you would like to take up the offer • Our Professional Services department will contact you and send you an online application form • Complete the application form, which should take no more than five minutes • Payment will be taken in 10 months’ time For more information on our deferred payment option, please ask your Fine & Country agent or contact our Professional Services department on 01223 224 304.

Professional Marketing Services | 30

Terms and conditions apply.

3. Doing something good We are pleased to announce that for every Gold Marketing Pack ordered we will donate £10 to the Fine & Country Foundation, at no additional cost. This means that our customers are, in effect, making a charitable donation to help the homeless every time you order a Gold Marketing Pack. 2. Best In Class provider for professional photography, floorplans and EPCs We have partnered with Ehouse, a best in class provider for our professional services, and the feedback on the quality, speed and service has been very positive. We have maintained our current pricing structure, so even with the upgraded service there is no extra charge.


Professional Marketing Services | 31

New Referral system and App In 2017, we have launched a new upgraded referral system, which features the company’s first app, making property referrals between our 300 offices worldwide faster, simpler and accessible everywhere.

This development is a great step forward for the brand, making it far easier for our offices to track referrals. Ultimately, it will lead to a stronger network, working closer together to better serve our clients.

The app features a tracking system, enabling agents to see the stage of a sale when working with colleagues across the country or internationally.

The new system launched with a 24/7 hotline for agent support enquiries, plus a full marketing campaign to show consumers the power of Fine & Country’s international referral network.

New Referral system and App | 32

The development is particularly useful for Fine & Country, as agents are spread out across five continents. Many of the company’s clients are relocating abroad or expatriates looking to move back to the UK, so the new system will aid international referrals hugely.

New Referral system and App | 33

New to the Fine & Country website and statistics 1. Preferred time to book a valuation or a viewing Customers can now request a preferred viewing time of all the properties on the Fine & Country website or a preferred time for a valuation. When an office receives an email for a valuation or a viewing, they may see that the customer has chosen some preferred dates and times. Whilst we give this option to our customers, we also make sure that they are aware that these are preferred times only and dependent on the office’s availability. 2. Recruitment page We have launched a Recruitment page on the website where any UK office can list job vacancies and where potential new staff can find job opportunities across the network in the UK. Applicants can apply for the roles directly from the site, which will then be available for you to view on the Members’ Hub.

Website and statistics | 34

The page also includes information about the company and the licence offerings (master licence and licence) in addition to job opportunities to become an agent in Fine & Country offices and roles at Head Office.








56.4% male

Total number of users

Total number of page views



2% increase compared to 2016

14% increase compared to 2016

Figures for UK site only


properties globally


2,800,924 22% increase compared to 2016

Website and statistics | 35


Compliance and audits Fine & Country has committed to the highest standards of estate agency by auditing all new Members, as well as spot checks on existing offices. This initiative will be led by Paul Offley, Fine & Country’s Compliance Officer. Paul has nearly 40 years’ experience in the estate agency industry and has held a number of senior roles in The Halifax, including heading up the Estate Agency Risk and Compliance team. The process consists of three elements, ensuring that Fine & Country offices are compliant at all times, giving an outstanding service to its customers:

Compliance and audits | 36

1. Compliance assessment Every new Fine & Country office has an assessment within the first four weeks of joining the network. This assessment confirms the office’s adherence to essential legal responsibilities and standards.

2. Compliance health check We also complete random health-checks on existing offices throughout the year. These are designed to ensure that the business is legally compliant and represents the values of the brand. 3. Business compliance audit Our Business Compliance Audit is an additional service offered to Fine & Country offices providing a full in-depth review of the business and its policies. The audit looks at every stage of the property transaction for both sales and lettings. For lettings, the audit extends to the property management function including finance, deposits and Non-Resident Landlord schemes. In addition, we review key policies that should be in place and the overall risk governance approach. Where issues are identified, we work with the team to develop actions to reduce the risk exposure.

Compliance and audits | 37

The Fine & Country Annual Conference Friday 27th January 2017, The Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham Fine & Country offices from around the UK and around the world attended the glittering Fine & Country conference, gala dinner and annual awards, which was held at The Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham on Friday 27th January 2017. Over 150 estate agents attended, including international representatives from as far afield as Qatar, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, and Malta.

Annual Conference | 38

The day itself was a huge success. We looked back on 2016, reviewing the growth of the network, and revealed the strategy for 2017, looking at marketing and advertising for the year, including print, digital and the return of the TV campaign.

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We were also joined by three fantastic key note speakers, including Tony Morris, Managing Director of the Sales Doctor, who discussed what it takes to go from being exceptional to world class. Graeme Leach, CEO and Chief Economist of Macronomics, spoke about global economics and what we can predict for the economy and housing market this year, potentially a growth in the dollar, the Chinese economy weakening and more foreign investment in the UK property market. Lastly, Linda Moir, Director of In-Flight Services for Virgin Atlantic and Head of the 2012 Olympic Game Makers, spoke about her experiences giving outstanding customer service and what great impact this has for the brand.

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Annual Conference | 39

The Fine & Country Awards In the evening, the annual Fine & Country awards were held. Offices were congratulated across the UK, with the top prize of ‘Best Overall Operator’ going to Fine & Country Cranbrook.

The Fine & Country Award winners Best Overall Fine & Country Operator: Winner: Fine & Country Cranbrook

The Fine & Country Awards | 40

Property Presentation: Highly Commended: Cranbrook, Solihull and Banbury Winner: Fine & Country Banbury

Listing Achievement: Highly Commended: Norwich, North Oxfordshire, Fulham Winner: Fine & Country Norwich Referrals and Networking: Highly Commended: St Neots, Bury St Edmunds, Hoddesdon Winner: Fine & Country Bury St Edmunds

Regional Awards

Marketing and Promotion: Highly Commended: Berkhamsted, Bath, Ingatestone Winner: Fine & Country Bath

London and the Home Counties: Fine & Country Fulham

PR and Social Media: Highly Commended: Chepstow, Kings Lynn, Coventry Winner: Fine & Country Kings Lynn

Central: Fine & Country Leamington Spa

Best New Office: Highly Commended: Bow, Canary Wharf, Ingatestone Winner: Fine & Country Ingatestone

North West: Fine & Country Kendal

Best On-Brand Office: Highly Commended: Bow, Porto, Birmingham Mailbox Winner: Fine & Country Birmingham Mailbox

South West: Fine & Country North Devon

Fine & Country Foundation Award: Highly Commended: Cambridge, Rugby, Brookmans Park Winner: Fine & Country Rugby

East Anglia: Fine & Country St Neots

North East: Fine & Country Leeds

Wales: Fine & Country Pembrokeshire

The Fine & Country International Conference 9th June 2017, Hotel Palacio, Rua do Parque, Estoril, Portugal The first ever overseas International Conference took place on 9th June in sunny Estoril, Portugal. With over 70 attendees coming from 10 different countries, including colleagues from as far afield as Australia and Nigeria, the conference exceeded all expectations. Under the theme of networking, the day concentrated on effective and regular communication between offices to increase referral income. David Lindley, CEO of Fine & Country kicked off the day with a snapshot of what the brand had achieved so far in 2017, including the launch of Fine & Country Interior Design, upgrades to the Fine & Country website and, befitting the theme of the day, the introduction of a new referral system. Nuno Durao, CEO of Fine & Country Cascais, then took centre stage to explain the reasons why people are moving to Portugal. Nuno highlighted that everyone has a motive, a USP, and if you find the motives, then you get the sale. So whilst Portugal has beautiful beaches, delicious food and succulent wine, many other countries have the same attributes. What makes Portugal different are the Golden Visa and tax benefits. Explaining and understanding each other country’s motives could improve communication and increase successful referrals. Each country’s representatives then participated in a quick-fire session, during which each participant had five minutes on stage to explain what makes them successful and to share best practice.

International Conference | 42

Lunch was followed by a round table session. Four round-tables were laid out, with one topic each including; licence sale, IT, referrals and marketing. Attendees had the opportunity to sit at the table of their choice to discuss each topic, or even go from one table to the other to get as many tips as possible. Last but not least, the day ended with guest speaker Andy Lopata, Business Networking Strategist. Andy believes that networking is underrated in business and too often is seen as an afterthought or taught as a ‘skill’, rather than as something far more central to career success. During his session, Andy explored just what networking really is and why it’s so important for us all to embrace it. The day ended with a drinks reception under the glorious Estoril sun and a gala dinner during which all participants had the opportunity to network further whilst enjoying the best of Portuguese food and wine.

International Conference | 43

The Fine & Country Gold Cup On Sunday 9th July 2017 Fine & Country celebrated its ninth consecutive year of hosting the Fine & Country Gold Cup. Guests eagerly arrived to watch Quicksilver battle it out against Kylin Polo in the final round. Crowds flooded into the Dallas Burston Polo Club in Leamington Spa to be greeted with the sight of horses, food and drinks stands and an array of happy dogs. The sun shone the whole day allowing spectators to lounge on their picnic blankets or recline on the furniture in the VIP area at the clubhouse. Champagne afternoon tea was a popular attraction. Children enjoyed themselves on the tea cup ride and inflatable slides before tucking into handmade crepes. Entrance was free for all attendees, and a minimum donation of ÂŁ10 was asked for at the carpark. We are thrilled to announce we have raised ÂŁ5,000 for the Fine & Country Foundation. The donations will be used to fund other homeless charities, poverty prevention schemes and housing associations.

The Fine & Country Gold Cup | 44

Next summer will be the tenth anniversary of the Fine & Country Gold Cup. We are looking forward to another spectacular day and hope to see you all there.

The Fine & Country Gold Cup | 45

Fine & Country events | 46

Fine & Country exhibited at one of the world’s most prestigious golf competitions in partnership with European Tour Properties from 23rd-28th May 2017 at Wentworth Club in Surrey.

Fine & Country events BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth The stand showcased some of the finest golf properties around the Fine & Country network and had a competition running to win a trip to Dubai with two rounds of golf at the stunning Jumeirah Golf Estates. Over 900 people entered the competition, which is fantastic for brand awareness and increasing the client database.

Moving to Portugal Both Fine & Country Algarve and Fine & Country Lisbon participated in the Moving to Portugal event which took place on 23rd October 2017 at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, London. Bruce Hawker, Director of Fine & Country Algarve, and Charles Roberts and Nuno Durao, Directors of Fine & Country Lisbon, spoke of the benefits of moving in their respective areas.

The team at the stand consisted of representatives from Head Office on Park Lane, Fine & Country Cascais and Algarve as well as Dubai, promoting the global network of Fine & Country.

Visitors heard from our Portuguese agents and other expert speakers at a series of short presentations throughout the day. Presentations included the legal processes, how to plan and finance your move, and where to buy your dream home.

Representatives from Portugal, France, Malta and Italy spoke to hundreds of people who were interested in moving abroad at the show from Friday to Saturday. This was Fine & Country’s second visit to the show after having the biggest stand in 2016. The show is attended by approximately 100,000 people who are eager to buy abroad each year. Hosted by popular TV show A Place in the Sun, the event includes trade stands from top estate agents, seminars packed with tips for moving abroad, and celebrity appearances from the TV presenters.

British Showjumping National Championship Fine & Country sponsored the British Showjumping National Championship, 8th-13th August 2017. Throughout the six day event, Fine & Country had two banners displayed in the main arena and an advertisement page in the event’s programme magazine, promoting Fine & Country equestrian living to the attendees of the show. Also, as part of the sponsorship, we launched a social media competition to win a pair of tickets to see the final on Sunday 13th August. The lucky winner received two VIP hospitality tickets, which included access to the hospitality area, a two-course lunch, complimentary tea and coffee, a show programme, and VIP parking.

Fine & Country events | 47

A Place in The Sun Live Fine & Country agents from across Europe exhibited their properties at A Place in the Sun Live in London from 5th-7th May 2017.

What our customers say about us | 48

What our customers say about us

Fine & Country’s ranking on allAgents is continuously increasing, we are now sat at 36th out of 15,293 estate agency firms in the UK. This is a great testament of the outstanding service delivered by all Fine & Country offices to their customers.

What our customers say about us | 49

A Year in the Fine & Country Foundation The Fine & Country Foundation has had a fantastic and successful year, raising over £130,000 to fight homelessness. The enthusiasm from the Fine & Country network is keeping us on track to raise £1,000,000 for local, national and international homeless charities.

CHARITIES WE SUPPORTED IN 2017 The Clock Tower Sanctuary – This Brighton day centre supports development programmes for 16-25 year olds. £1,000,000 £900,000 £800,000 £700,000 £600,000 £500,000 £400,000 £300,000 £200,000 £100,000

Fine & Country Foundation | 50


SMART Prebend Centre – Bedford’s main homeless centre, providing hot meals and essential services.

£1,000,000 Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid – Helping vulnerable women£1,000,000 to St Basils – Member of the End Youth Homelessness campaign, covering achieve freedom£900,000 and independence. the West Midlands region. £900,000 £800,000 £800,000 Emmaus – Helping homeless people to obtain meaningful work, a stable Wintercomfort – Welfare services and educational support in home and a sense of belonging. Cambridge, open seven days a week. £700,000


£600,000 Helping Hands £600,000 – Helping Hands Community Project supports the Nationally most vulnerable people in Leamington Spa. Centrepoint – The largest member of the End Youth Homelessness £500,000 £500,000 campaign, based in London, Bradford and Sunderland. Hope4 – Hope4£400,000 Rugby runs the Winter Shelter, educational courses £400,000 and provides a safe environment. End Youth Homelessness – A network of nine homeless charities £300,000 £300,000 across the UK. Their Safe Nights Fund provides a young person The Hope Centre – This Northampton day centre addresses and with a bed, support, health checks and education support for just £200,000 £200,000 tackles poverty through training and support. £25 a night. £100,000


Housing for Women £0 – London housing association for vulnerable £0 women to rebuild their lives. Jimmy’s – Based in Cambridge to deliver 24/7 emergency accommodation and supported housing. Maggs Day Centre – Providing essential needs, training and advice to the homeless in Worcester. The Passage – Employment services, full medical checks and basic provisions in Victoria, London.

Internationally Action Aid – Our ongoing project in Bangladesh helps fund Happy Home; 150 girls aged between six and 18 have a safe and secure place to receive a normal and healthy upbringing. Campbell’s Foundation in Nepal – Working together to rebuild Thangpalkot1, a village in Nepal destroyed by earthquakes in 2015. In 2017, we funded 30 houses and will continue to work in the village in 2018.


SOME EVENTS IN 2017 INCLUDED: Ladies Fashion Show by Fine & Country Droitwich Spa – raised £ 1,150 Muse Tickets Auction – national event – raised 1,773 Nuclear Blast – Fine & Country Fulham and Fine & Country Interior Design – raised £1,385 Trek in Nepal – Fine & Country Warwickshire and friends – raised £32,000 Sleepout – Fine & Country Head Office – raised £6,179 The Fine & Country Gold Cup – national event – raised £5,000 200 mile sponsored cycle to York - Fine & Country Bury St Edmunds - raised £1,837 10k run – Fine & Country Head Office - raised £1,384 The Gobi March - Matthew Pryke, Trustee of The Fine & Country Foundation - raised £3,715 Charity skydive – Fine & Country Head Office and agents - raised £2,303 Warwickshire Golf Day – Fine & Country Leamington Spa and Solihull – raised £300 Wolf Run – Fine & Country Banbury – raised £440 Fine & Country Coffee Morning – national event – raised £1,804 Fine & Country Foundation | 51

Fine & Country Carol Concert – raised £1,800

Fine & Country Head Office 121 Park Lane, Mayfair, London WIK 7AG Tel: +44 (0)20 7079 1515

A year In Fine & Country, 2017  
A year In Fine & Country, 2017