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APRIL 2012 - Vol. 2 No. 4

• “Ask a Fighter” Intro • Tapia’s Uprising Results • Fitness Focus - Three’s Company




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NO COVER n DRINK SPECIALS • “Ask a Fighter” Intro • Tapia’s Uprising Results • Fitness Focus - Three’s Company

On the Cover: The new KNUXX logo highlighted by several local fighters wishing us a happy 1 year anniversary. Okay, they arent but we can pretend can’t we?

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From the Publisher

Executing a Plan


had a conversation recently with a gentleman who has worked 5 different jobs in the past 10 years. Each job had been with a different company and they were spread across 3 different states. I had asked him why he felt like he needed to change jobs every 2 years – his response startled me. He said that he had planned to retire with each company when he started and that circumstances had changed in each case that prevented him from staying. In fact, he told me, he had graduated from college with a 5 year and 10 year career plan that had been carefully studied and mapped out. None of the things on his plan had been accomplished but he said that he was still happier than ever at where his life has taken him. March, for me, is a month of anniversaries. This past March I celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary, my daughter’s 4 year birthday, my brother’s birthday, and the 1 year anniversary of KNUXX (which I intentionally started on my anniversary so I would never forget it). When I got married 10 years ago I too had a 5 year and 10 year plan – neither of which included living in New Mexico or starting a fight paper. In fact my plan has gone much like the gentleman from earlier – not even close. The key, I’m finding, to long-term planning and execution of a plan is to plan for the big stuff. Plan on the things that absolutely have to happen and the details around the big chunky stuff. For example, one thing that I had planned 10 years ago that has happened is that I’m still married. That was in the plan and so I have worked hard to ensure that, no matter what else happens, I remain focused on that goal. I’ve done this for KNUXX as well. One year after launching KNUXX I can say that I’ve accomplished several goals and I have executed the “first year plan”. First, and foremost, I’m still here and we’re growing! Many of the fighters and trainers we profile work their plan the same way. They have a larger goal (winning a belt, getting into the UFC, remaining undefeated, etc.) that keeps them on the path – but the steps to get there usually vary on the journey. You can read where some of them have gone in just the past year in our feature story about “The First Year”. You can also see what some of them are planning for the upcoming year and what we have planned for KNUXX – see page 10 for the “what’s up” section. I hope you enjoy this issue.



KNUXX of New Mexico

“Three’s Company”

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Until next time… SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT The Fitness NM & Musclemania Championships will be held on Saturday, May 12th at the Hard Rock Casino & Resort, Albuquerque. (

Professional Fighters Nick Urso & Hunter Tucker at ABQ-Live Fight Night

ike any anniversary, it is the reflection of time past and defining moments that heighten the significance of a celebration. One year after its debut onto the sports news scene, KNUXX, has successfully done what it has set out to do and that is to bring awareness and perspective of the combat sports & fitness community to a local and regional scene. And now, exciting enough, it is moving onto the national scene. It is interesting because when I was approached to feature a column connected to fitness and bodybuilding in KNUXX I immediately jumped at the opportunity - not because I knew a great deal about MMA but rather I felt that my sport, competitive fitness, had no other home in any magazine or publication in the state. I knew that there was a similarity between MMA and fitness/bodybuilding in the sense that they are both non-mainstream sports and that there was a major growth and cultural shift happening to both of them in the Albuquerque area. Fast forward one year later and these two sports and their athletes are closer than ever here in the Duke City. During the course of this past year I have observed three major sport and cultural surges in New Mexico and they are FEMALE FITNESS, MMA and the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Competing in fitness competitions and doing sport modeling for the past three years I have seen a major explosion of fitness here in Albuquerque. There is a huge hub off female competitors ranging from amateur to professional levels and being recognized at major shows in the industry. Some of the generators of these competitors are elite level regional shows, legit training resources, and competition coaches in the area. Next you have the MMA community that train and compete in this city. There are exciting numbers of professional fighters that call New Mexico home during their training seasons. Homes like that of Jacksons MMA and sport specific conditioning training facilities like Conditioned by Kelly Tekin (and several others) which are now household names when it comes to the MMA fight scene here in New Mexico. In my perspective, MMA has made the mainstream transition these past few years

and the Albuquerque community has its finger on the pulse of this hot sport right in their hometown. Finally, the growth of the film and digital media industry in New Mexico has continued to bloom along with other merging venues of entertainment such as night-life, music, and artistic cultural venues. People love to be entertained and because of the recession there is fewer means to be able to travel states away to Fighting VS Fitness with Jon Bones Jones and Genieve Sanchez experience such entertainment. Las Vegas style casinos, greater night life experiences, finer dining, and social festivals are taking on the city in high gear. Albuquerque is an exciting place to be right now and I am here to tell you it is only going to get better. A hidden gem of fierce and elite talent accented by cultural beauty and the love of life are all cross-pollinating, creating an amazing experience for the viewer and opportunity for those who seek its plentiful harvest. I am thrilled to have these three affiliations in my life merging at the same time and even more grateful that I have had the focus over the past year to recognize this opportunity and seize the moment. So stay tuned because the action is all around you and we here at KNUXX plan on bringing every moment of it to you.



Fight Commentary

Strictly MMA? by David Miera


Archie Ray Marquez with David Miera



llow me to introduce myself, my name is David Miera and I am a longtime diehard fan of Mixed Martial Arts. I tried getting into boxing on a few different occasions but always had a hard time finding it entertaining... until now. On March 31st I attended my very first live boxing event, entitled “Uprising,” at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Albuquerque. The event, which was presented by Team Tapia, was headlined by Albuquerque’s own Archie Ray Marquez taking on Noe Lopez Jr. Lopez was a late replacement for Willie Villanueva who had to pull out of the fight due to an injury (broken nose). The entire night was just non-stop fun; every fight had my eyes glued to the ring. On this night I became a boxing fan. Two fights in particular had me on the edge of my seat and truly made me realize what a great sport boxing really is. The first was Josh “Pitbull” Torres vs Carlos Sanchez, both fighters brought it to one another and the first round was filled with action. In the second round I was treated to a spectacular knockout as the Pitbull unleashed a nasty left hook that sent Sanchez crashing to the floor with his left leg bent backwards under him. Without thinking I stood up and starting clapping and cheering, just completely caught up in the moment. At that moment I thought to myself, “Holy $#!%, boxing is pretty damn awesome!” The second fight, the one that really pulled me into the realm of boxing, was the main event. For eight rounds I saw two young fighters go to war in what turned out to be my pick for fight of the night. It was an all out, non-stop, back and forth affair that saw both fighters get dropped, only to get back up and continue to push the pace. The heart, determination, and willingness to stand in front of each other and slug it out for eight rounds without skipping a beat is what ultimately made realize that by strictly watching MMA, I was missing another sport that is great in its own right. So, in closing I’d like to thank the fighters who went out Saturday night and put on an excellent show and what will, in my mind, undoubtedly be the show that turned a boxing skeptic into a boxing fan. I’d also like to invite anyone who only watches MMA to attend a live boxing event. You may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself walking out of the venue after the show with a newfound appreciation for the sport.

Josh “Pitbull” Torres with David Miera

KNUXX of New Mexico

Fight Results

Marquez vs. Lopez - Heath Holmes

“Uprising” Results March 31, 2012 •

Archie Ray Marquez got a unanimous decision over Noel Lopez.

Josh “Pitbull” Torres defeated Carlos “El Gallo” Sanchez at 1:21 of the second with a spectacular KO

Nazareth “King Cobra” Rojas won over Jeremiah “Jet” Torres via decision

Luis “Tazmanian Devil” Montano defeated Matthew Salazar by unanimous decision

Derrick “Whoop Dat Ass” Murray overwhelmed Miguel Armendariz at 2:33 in the second Montano vs. Salazar - Heath Holmes

Torres vs. Sanchez -KO Series by Heath Holmes | 505.750.0222



Cover Feature






KNUXX of New Mexico

Cover Feature

The First Year

by Heath Holmes


wanted so badly to assign this article to one of our many wonderful freelance writers but I realized that it was something I should write on my own – since I am technically the only one that has been with KNUXX since the beginning. On the front-end, a year seems like such a long time. On the backside of a year it is hard to imagine that it went so quickly – until you start to recount everything that has transpired in the 12 issues that we’ve published. Over the past 12 months both the national and New Mexico fight communities have experienced some incredible “highs” and some devastating “lows”. Here are some of the highlights from the past year. I know I am missing some important events so I will apologize in advance. UFC The UFC has been on an acquisition rampage over the past few months. It has gobbled up almost everyone in the 2nd Tier fight organizations (WEC, Strikeforce, etc.). While this has consolidated the fighters it has also created a huge pool of talent. It is almost impossible now to keep track of which FX, Fox, PPV, or Fuel event is actually playing this weekend! National Boxing Boxing just gotten more confusing (and controversial) – does anyone remember paying a large amount of money for an “unusual” boxing match this past year? I think boxer fight purses are so large because they have to be compensated for actually understanding which organization(s) they are fighting for! Jackson’s MMA Greg Jackson, et al. have had a tremendous year. The Jackson’s Edge Fighting Challenge was launched soon after KNUXX went to print for the first time and it ran on the Jackson’s MMA Series cards. They have since had the second installment and the winner of the second one went on to fight in the UFC (on very short notice). Jackson realized that he had a dichotomy of fighters training at his gym – the beginners/hobbyists and the professionals. It proved difficult to juggle the two groups so Jackson’s Martial Arts & Fitness was opened a few months ago to cater to the not-quite-professional-athletes. Greg also had some additional moments in the lime light when John Dodson & Diego Brandao won The Ultimate Fighter. FIT NHB Tom & Arlene Vaughn were some of the first people we met in the NM fight community. They have been very supportive and have proven to be a wealth of information for us. The FIT team has also had a great year. Tom was recruited to be the head coach for a premier group in Arizona where he has already had some success in the UFC with his new family. The King of the Cage organization is consistently peppered with FIT NHB fighters | 505.750.0222

as title holders – some of which hold multiple titles! The “Friday Night Fights” were replaced mid-year with “Battlegrounds” which is a monthly smoker event held on the first Friday of the month at their 110 Lomas gym. Carlos Condit Who can deny that Carlos has had a great year – albeit an incredibly confusing path to get to the reward? He was on the card, off the card, back on the card but with a different opponent, then out all together and finally back on as headliner with a title shot. We congratulate Carlos on his belt and feel privileged to count him as a friend of KNUXX and a pillar of the NM fight community – after all who else has a “Carlos Condit Day”? Johnny Tapia After Johnny’s fight early last year he retired, again. This time it looks like he’s out of the ring but only as a fighter. He has turned into a very active trainer and promoter (see the Uprising results in this issue) with Archie Ray Marquez and Josh Torres in his stable – both excellent boxers. Tim Means Tim was one of the first professional fighters that KNUXX ever spoke with and has always been an incredible friend. The much decorated KOTC Champion (at multiple weights) and Moriarty native was recently awarded a 4 fight contract with the UFC. Tim trains out of FIT NHB. Holly Holm Holly artfully juggled multiple boxing and MMA fights this past year. She had remained unscathed in all of her fights for several years until she met Ann Sophie Mathis late in 2011. She lost the fight. However it was just announced that she will again face Ann Sophie in a rematch this summer! Jess Martinez We profiled Jess towards the end of summer last year. This then-17 year old BJJ world champion and undefeated high school wrestler will compete for “All American” status later this year (he just turned 18 recently). And it was just announced that Jess will step into the cage for the first time on May 12 at the KOTC event at Buffalo Thunder. We wish him luck and as much success in MMA as he has experience in BJJ.

Abie Han & Austin Trout The Las Cruces based boxing duo have remained undefeated in their professional careers and their multiple fights over the past year. They are trained by Louie Burke brother to the ubiquitous boxing referee Rocky Burke. MMA Fight Pit Do you remember this? We were able to finally witness an MMA cage in The Pit along with several well-known ex-UFC fighters. However the organization seems to have gone dark for now, although there are rumors that a fight is in the works. KNUXX of NM Wow, where do we start?!? Most people are quick to point out that the biggest change of the past year (aside from page count, print quality, distribution, content & layout, and presence) is that Marty Busse (Herb Jones) is no longer our salesman or writer. This was a necessary change for growth but he was definitely an integral part of the early KNUXX and will remain conversation fodder for the foreseeable future. David Miera, our VP of Business Development, is proving to be a valuable asset. KNUXX has found footing in the NM fight community – as well as parts of CO, AZ & UT. Our growth plan is in place and we are working hard to meet our own expectations. I know we have forgotten some key events. Hit us up on Facebook to join the conversation and let us know what we missed. What in the past year was most [shocking, memorable, incredible, devastating, surprising, interesting, etc.] in the fighting & training community?

$50 per month 1st class FREE



Monday @ 4:30-5:30pm Submission Grappling s Tuesday @ 6:30-7:30pm Stand up Boxing/Thai Boxing s Wednesday @ 4:30-5:30pm Submission Grappling s Thursday @ 6:30-7:30pm Wrestling Takedowns s Saturday @ 11:00-12:00pm Submission Grappling s FOR MORE INFO CONTACT - COACH G

505.414.1869 Location: FIT NHB FIGHT GYM 110 Lomas Blvd. NE (downtown ABQ)





some of your questions. If you have a question that you’ve always wanted answered just send an email to Tell us your question and if there is a specific fighter you want to answer it and we will work to get it answered for you!

New Logo & “National” Website


What’s Up at KNUXX? Every few months we want to give you a quick summary of the things we’re working on and what’s new for us. Here are some of the things we are developing now and you will see in future issues:

will open it up to local vendors. We would like to host an online marketplace for local t-shirts, apparel, gear and other combat sports related products. We have a high amount of daily traffic on our website and would like to help the local guys who can’t afford an online store or full-blown e-commerce site get noticed on a national level. If you are interested in hosting your stuff on the KNUXX site, or to purchase a shirt, please send an email to

Ask a Fighter

KNUXX Shirts go on Sale


o celebrate our new logo and first year anniversary we are launching an online store where you can purchase KNUXX branded products – We have several hundred shirts, like the one above, available for purchase locally for only $15(stay tuned for locations and opportunities to win one). The greatest feature we would like to announce in conjunction with the KNUXX store is that we



e have recently launched a complete redesign of the KNUXX website. We realized that the old design was too cluttered and not easy to navigate. We have cleaned up the look, bringing prominence to the local news & event updates as well as focusing on the national news on the main page. If you want to get a summary of top stories from national combat sports news visit Each local paper (aka KNUXX Local) will also have it’s own site ( for NM news and events). As mentioned, we will also have an online marketplace where you can purchase local products. You can also find ads from our current advertisers and links to other sites from the “Community”. If you want information on advertising please email There are a few tabs on the site which are still blank and will be populated in the near future as we launch new features. Stay tuned and let us know what you think!


ave you ever wondered what it feels like to get punched in the head for 8 rounds? Did you want to know why a certain fighter trains at a specific gym or how often they train during each day? How about asking a fighter what their “walk around weight” is? We are going to start a new section in the paper, and on the website, called “Ask a Fighter”. Just like the name implies we will open up a Q & A section with local fighters to answer

KNUXX of New Mexico

Tools for Your Roc Body by Daniel Rocha


I am a soon-to-be 44 year-old male and have just completed my 3rd year of weight lifting. I have lost 39 lbs but I struggle in a few areas. 1- My belly has gone down, but it is still not flat enough and I still have a pouch. 2- I am not getting bigger arms like I would like and 3- I have that junk food craving and always give in. I keep my calorie count to around 2000 a day, plus or minus a couple of hundred. I weight train at least 4 days a week with one off day and a couple days of toning. I work 11 hour days and have a 1 hour commute each way. What should I do now. I have been taking oxyelite pro thermogenic of which I am now cycling off. I Try and have a 60 gram protein drink at least once a day and use Animal Rage as a pre-workout – it just hurts my stomach now but I’m using it up.


Wow, sounds to me like you’re burning the candle at both ends and finding no room to enjoy what you’re doing much less seeing the benefit of your time in the gym. So lets take a different approach … don’t count calories??? You’re not following them anyhow - seeing that you eat a bit more here and there. Dieting is about consistency. But let’s shock your system for 2 weeks. 4 days zero carbs, 5th day have a burger fries, dessert, then repeat cycle for a 2nd round.

Now we need to talk about nutrition. Use the following formula for your nutrition ratios. Take your lean body mass (LBM), now be honest brother, saying or using 12% body fat, when you’re not, will only hurt you. If you’re 32% then use that. Trust me this will work but you have to be honest with yourself. LBM x1.5 for protein count per day LBM x .0.5 for fat count per day Do not count fat in protein as fat… or protein / carbohydrates in fat for protein / carbohydrates. Keep things separate … divide the numbers by 6 for your nutrition ratios per meal. Keep cardio at 30 min. in the morning or post training. Now, use MRI RED Shred as your fat burner of choice. It not only is thermogenic but also uses ingredients for carbohydrate utilization. Now before you say “but I’m on zero carbs”, that doesn’t mean that your body stops making sugar. It will use amino acids and convert them to glucose. But that’s another article … Trust me you will prefer MRI RED Shred over Oxy. Lastly, since you will be on zero carbs, you will still need an item to create a pump in the gym. So first don’t cut out sodium. Use hot sauce, soy sauce, sea salt, etc. on your foods. But before breakfast use MRI NO2 RED… and during training a serving of Hemo Surge - not only will you maintain a pump but the muscle recovery will be amazing. There are many benefits to L-arginine use. Oh yea… if you’ve never had vascularity … Hahaha, you will!!! Good luck to you my friend… you may always look me up for more via my website or at the MRI Performance website.. Till next time ... Daniel “D-Roc” Rocha

Daniel Rocha is an athlete, personal trainer, body builder, coach and owner of RocBodyFitness / RocBodyAngels. He is also an NPC National Athlete. For more information please visit his website at | 505.750.0222


11 | 505.750.0222



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KNUXX Vol. 2 No. 4  
KNUXX Vol. 2 No. 4  

The First Year: Our 1 year anniversary in the NM fight community. We explore the changes over the past year, what we've seen and what we...