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Times When You Need to Take Control of Your Adult Dating Relationship More often than not, you want your bond with your man to be on equal give and take terms when in an adult dating relationship. However, experts say that there are certain situations when it’s best to take the reigns. Read on. - Having “The Talk” Let’s say you’ve been adult dating for quite a while now and have not been seeing anybody else, but you two haven’t had the boyfriend / girlfriend conversation yet so you’re not so sure where you really stand. Your best move is to be straightforward because men don’t pick up on subtlety. Let him know you’re great together, but you need to know where you both stand because what you’re really looking for is lasting love. And if he’s not on the same boat as you, then you need to be aware of that. We’re not saying that you give him an ultimatum, but just let him know how important love is to you. - When He’s Completely Dropped the Romance It’s a nice Friday evening and you’re butt is glued on the couch, watching your favorite TV show. If you’ve been together for quite a while now, guys sometimes forget they have to woo you. So in order to get him back into a romantic groove, you’ll have to provide some inspiration. Try planning a fantastic Saturday evening out with things you wish he’d do for you: a romantic candlelit dinner, a nice walk in the park, or whatever it is you want. At the end, tell him it’s his turn to plan for next week’s date. After he’s reminded of how you enjoy dates like that, he’ll snap out of his slump and get back into the game to start planning romantic things to do for you. - The Sex Has Become Unremarkable Has it become boring in the bedroom as of late? Yes, you’re getting off, but he’s not trying anything new or exciting. This scenario has actually become pretty common with couples that have been together for quite a while. You see, once a guy finds moves that make you reach orgasm, he’ll be afraid to change anything and risk you not having to climax. So the next time he goes into auto-pilot, whisper something naughty that you want to try and tell him how much it would turn you on to do it. By telling him right in the moment, and not way in advance, he won’t have time to worry if that thing you want done will work if he’ll do it right. He’ll be so caught up in the heat of having sex that he’ll do anything you tell him to.

Times When You Need to Take Control of Your Adult Dating Relationship