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Join CitySex and Boost Your Confidence! Do you know Woody Allen? Pretty sure you do. He is a man with selfconfidence and self ESTEEM. Woody Allen is a person who is always himself despite his bad glasses, big nose, and stuttering speech, he has no problem scoring a girl. As a matter of fact, Woody became the husband of his daughter.Yes!He married his own daughter- though we are not recommending this to anyone, not even to the biggest losers- but this only implies that if you show who you really are, you can easily get the woman you want. Whether its confidence or self-assuredness- whatever you call it- most ofwomen (based on a recently surveyed) find it as the sexiest quality a man can possess. Thus simple means that, in attracting, dating and getting someone you like, having a selfconfidence and self- esteem is really important. Do not resist the temptation to change instead strengthen your personality, who you are and what you have. If you are a shy type, why not try taking a book to the bar, isn’t a good idea? Or if you are the center and life of the party, then start some heat and initiate the body shots, everyone loves it; Are you the stick to one guy? Then just continue to be loyal keep holding on to that special someone you have and have a lasting relationship. Everything is possible, be honest about yourself, show who you are to the whole world! Project your inner confidence and guaranteedyou could have all the girls you want effortlessly. Same thing applies when you are in an online dating web site. Self-confidence or self-reliance are basically the traits you should possess to have a successful online date. Let me show you how. THE SHY TYPE- All you want is a stable girlfriend. You are the type of guy who's too clingy, the reason why you smotheryour girlfriend and loses time to hangout with your guy friends... Tip 1: Be honest and stick with your plans.Ask yourself who you want to meet and what you want to meet for a long term- commitment? Forget about what your friends say. Date someone you really like. Avoid the idea of dating a girl just for companionship or sex.If you date someone and bring herin your family’s reunion or wedding event just for you not to go alone, even though you have no interest in pursuing anything to her, you are more likely losing the opportunity to meet your next girlfriend. If you feel like she is not the one, don’t be shy and tell it to the girl immediately and straightforwardly. Thus, you'll be doing yourself—and her—a favor. Tip 2: Control your urges, or else you may sound too desperate and needy. Leave her a message or email her not more than once. Never attempt to drunk- dialing as well.

There are only two simple things: If she doesn't call you back, she's not interested but if she does then maybe, she also likes you- as simple as that. Also avoid talking about your future with her, meaning avoid talking about having a baby or settling down instead talk about issues that you both have in common. Sharing interest is a good way to start establishing and building relationship. Let her be the one to dictate the pace at which the relationship moves. Tip 3: Keep your social and love life balance. Most girls are demanding, but here’s what; a men should act as a men. Don’t overindulge on her no matter how much you like her. Have time for your friends- hang out with them. If she asked you to come with her on the day you are supposedly hanging out with your friends, let her know you can't make it. This sets a tone for the future when you won't want to spend every single waking minute with her. THE LOUD TYPE- Basically it is the opposite of a shy guy type. You have a more wild side. Your outgoing personality and desire to have good times can make women feel like they will always take second place to your ego and your lifestyle. Tip 1: Make use of your personality. You almost have what it needs. Now you just need to use them in a wise way and to your advantage. Be a good listener, stay longer in each conversation. Avoid using usual laugh or punch line instead ask open- ended questions like "So, what do your parents do for a living?". Open- ended questions encourage full responses rather than brief yes or no. Be brave and don’t tone down your personality, instead make it as your score. For example, if you give out your number a lot, have designer cards made with your contact information and hand those out instead (think of them as "personal" cards, instead of "business" cards). Also, tell good things about yourself, but don’t be arrogant. Never apologize. Be yourself. If you, yourself doesn’t feel embarrassed of who you are then she must also love the way you are. She must not change you. If she does, she should find somebody else. And so should you. Whatever type of guy you are when it comes to dating, having a confidence is a must. Join CitySex, a best place to improve and boost your self-confidence. Search, date or even hookup with thousands of single ladies in your local area or all across the world.Citysex is an adult online dating site, and registration is for free. Sign up now!

Join CitySex and Boost Your Confidence!