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Hookup Dating: Dressing Up for the Encounter First impressions last, so they say. However, first impressions don’t really count in creating and sustaining a long and lasting relationship. What they can do is help you maintain a high batting average on your hookup dating activities. One of the most important parts of making a good first impression is looking your best. Here are a few effective ways to do it, and it all starts with the image you would want to project. It can be easy, but quite tricky at the same time. Of course, you definitely want to look smashing on your first encounters of hookup dating. When you bring your eye-candy good looks to the table, it is still a must to keep your true personality intact, and the image that comes with it. Keep in mind that you should always dress for yourself, and not for them. For instance, your hookup dating partner is a rock metal chick that’s dressed in torn denim, black top with hardcore rock images on them. You don’t have to dress like she does, especially if it really doesn’t look good on you and you’re really not into rock music. And needless to say, it would be really hard to keep the charade going. It’s too much to go for just for the sake of hooking up, isn’t it? Dress according to what you know looks good on you, not what others think would look good on you. Looking good should start from you, so let’s move on to a few pointers that can help you look good on your hookup dating encounters. - Choose to wear clothes that represent who you are. You need to be comfortable in them, and make sure they flatter you and flaunt your assets. - Wear colors that bring out your gorgeous eyes, flatter your figure and are age appropriate. This goes the same for wearing makeup. Make sure to wear colors that work with your skin tone and face. Do not, under any circumstance, look like a clown. - Accessorize! It adds a personal touch to your outfit. It also keeps things interesting. Just remember to accessorize to flaunt your assets. If you have huge jugs, don’t wear a large necklace to cover your cleavage.

- Shop for a nice pair of sexy shoes. You may think they are not that important but a nice pair of shoes can make or break your entire outfit. It may even seal the deal, if you know what I mean. This may sound clichĂŠd, but successful hookup dating is all a matter of being confident. Just be yourself, at all times. Confidence in yourself can lead to great hookups, so have the best of luck and enjoy every minute of it.

Hookup Dating: Dressing Up for the Encounter