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Fantastic Movies for a Date with a Partner from an Online Dating Web Site Movie dates are fun, and they have been a highly entertaining staple in going out on dates. However, if it is your first time to go out on a date with a potential partner from an online dating web site, this is not the way to go. Movie dates are more appropriate for couples who have already known each other. So if it’s your first time, treat the lady first to a lovely dinner and have interesting conversations so you can get to know each other better. It’s kind of awkward to proceed to movie dating, especially at home, if you are not “there” yet. However, for those who are already comfortable with this, let’s move on. I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that the ideal movie date is curling up with your partner from an online dating web site on the couch or snuggling under a warm blanket while you watch a good flick. A successful movie date definitely involves an awesome film, so let us help you pick out the ones that can be good for you both. Some of the best movies offer something great for both sexes. Ideal date movies should include a little action for the guys with a dash of romance for the ladies. Here are some of our top picks: • James Bond Movies Men – It’s a freakin’ spy movie! What more can you ask for?! Women – James bond is hot plus men are in suits. • r. and Mrs. Smith It’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. There’s more than enough eye candy to go around here. Plus there is violence and wild sex—perfect for both partners. • The Social Network This is something about you and your partner use probably every day. The wit in this movie should keep you both entertained. And if you find yourself otherwise preoccupied, which is very likely to happen when snuggled up with each other, you won’t have missed much.

• Killers Action plus comedy is a sure formula for a great flick. ‘Nuff said. • Date Night Nothing can go wrong with Tina Faye and Steve Carell together in a film that can leave you in stitches. And the symmetry of watching this film on a date night is undeniably good. If you don’t have DVDs or Blu-rays on hand, you can always go to Netflix. Spend time together browsing through the huge selection of films and add them to your queue. Some of the best dates you can be in is when you spend more time in the home movie store than watching the movies themselves. It is a great way to know more about your potential partner and her taste in movies.

Fantastic Movies for a Date with a Partner from an Online Dating Web Site