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The gift list that includes flowers, chocolate and even diamonds runs through a guy’s mind like a mantra when adult dating and the holidays roll around. However, do you even know where to send the tulips to? Or if she would like a romantic gift that’s not made of gold? Know the answers to these questions by digging into a woman’s psyche with this adult dating guide to things men should know about women. • A woman knows if a guy is the type of guy who likes women. • Women like men who like women who like to eat. • Flowers on days that are not Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays. • Speaking of which, they are most effective if delivered to her workplace. • On kissing: more lip, less tongue. • Areas of focus: the small of the back, the nape, the back of the knees. • While the occasional love bite is fine, that non-stop ferocious animal gnawing is a no-no. • As a general rule, even if she is in a thong the first time you see her undressed, she still prefers cotton panties. • Again, as a rule, women don’t like wearing heels. • Should she opt to wear them anyway, have the guts to support her decision, even if she towers over you. • If you ask about her ex and then get a small, longing smile, quickly change the subject. • You have no ex girlfriends. • If she doesn’t buy it, admit you only had one and let her know she was brainless, had a bad fashion sense, lousy in bed, couldn’t cook even if her life depended on it, and had hair on her nipples. • It wouldn’t hurt to let her know you like pets, children, volunteer work, and if the church weren’t just against condoms, you would’ve been a priest by now. • Never, under any circumstances, let her arrive at an event alone. • There are times when women want it when you don’t, and for you not to indulge on such occasions can set a terrible example. • Her job is equally important as yours. • If she works out, make sure to compliment her physique. • When asked if she looks fat even if it’s the nth time, you must always be prepared with an immediate and confident, “Of course, you don’t look fat.” These are words that you should commit to memory. • No, you weren’t looking at that other attractive woman. • Women, in spite of all those years trying to understand them, including your familiarity with Freudian psychology, the occasional gathering of intel at Cosmo, and the memorization of this guideline, will still remain a mystery.

Essential Adult Dating Facts About Women You Should Know