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Adult Dating Signs Your Man Thinks You're the One Don’t even think about asking your man how he feels about your future as an adult dating couple that kind of conversation just freaks them out. What you can do instead is know how to read the signals. If you’ve observed any of the following distinguishing behaviors, then it’s conclusive: He thinks you’re wife material. He wants to spend the holidays with you wherever it may be. If he insists on foregoing his childhood traditions to be with you and your family at your folks’ place, or maybe skip family time altogether to go on a trip with you, this means he wants to create your own traditions and memories with you. He asks you to attend his best friend’s wedding with him without being pushed. For guys, watching their close buddy walk the aisle is an important occasion. And he wouldn’t want to share this moment with just any other girl, especially since a lot of people are going to ask if you two are next. So if you’re adult dating and your man invited you to go with him and seems excited at the prospect, chances are he envisions the possibility of you walking down the aisle with him in the future. He mentions the phrase “our kids.” Most guys have difficulty thinking about starting a family until they meet the right girl. So saying something like, “I won’t let our kids be that disrespectful” means he’s not only thinking about it, he’s expecting it to happen. And the thought doesn’t give him the urge to run and hide in his man cave. He’s cried in front of you. Regardless if he shed tears while watching “I am Sam” or because his dog passed away, he feels he can be vulnerable in your presence. Shedding his macho armor shows he can be himself when he’s around you. If he doesn’t even try to hide it or act ashamed, this means he has envisioned you going through good and bad times by his side. He also wants to be sure you’re alright with his display of not-so-manly moments. He’s very responsible about finances. Guys would like to be in a good plays financially before settling down. So if he seems more focused on getting that promotion, fattening up his savings account, and opening a 401k account, these are signs that he wants to be able to support a family in the future and that includes you.

Adult Dating Signs Your Man Thinks You're the One