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Adult Dating Guideline: What It Means When Guys Cry After going through this, you will be able to tell a lot about a guy from how he handles his adult dating relationship to his sex skills by how he sheds his tears. He Cries, But Not Where You Can See Him When boys are taught that they shouldn’t cry, they turn into closet sobbers. This usually leads to the suppression of feelings even the happy ones, such as love in your presence too. The emotions that he might think are more acceptable to show are anger and sexual arousal. Although he is sensitive deep inside, he needs your compassion and support to begin softening on the outside. If you notice that he becomes more quiet than usual, ask him if there’s something wrong at work. Even if it’s not really what his problem is, he’ll be more willing to reveal what’s bugging him if you open the door. It probably won’t happen overnight, but as he trusts you more, so is his intention to express his emotions. Because deep down, this guy has this need to impress, which is the reason why he doesn’t want to show vulnerability and reveal the chinks in his armor. What you need to do is make it clear that tenderness is one of the characteristics you find important in a guy. He’s Constantly Indifferent This piece of information may be surprising, but a guy who is not in touch with his emotions will always put yours first. Because he wants to seem tough and masculine, his main concern is to protect you and ensure your security. And since this kind of guy feels so uncomfortable when displaying his emotions, there won’t be much drama, which means he’ll handle most things calmly and with composure. The only disadvantage is he may have difficulty in showing depth of emotion, both physically and verbally. What you should do is encourage him to slow down during intimate moments, like when in bed. Let him know you find it sexy when a guy lets his guard down. So if he feels that his alpha male standing isn’t compromised, he might loosen up a little, but you must also know that he’ll never walk around with a hankie in his pocket. He Howls in Frustration When things don’t go his way, this type of guy reacts by having a mini meltdown. However, don’t mistake his tears for sensitivity; he just never found a way how to express himself, so he deals with it by crying, which is the body way to purge toxic emotions. He’s Not Ashamed of Shedding Tears

If this happens during very emotional situations, or even at the occasional sappy moment, you have a keeper. This is a sign of a well-balanced man who is secure enough in his manliness to be emotional. He is likely to be a good communicator and has no issues in letting you know how he feels, either verbally or with affection. Because he’s in touch with his emotions, he will most likely be able to have a strong intuitive connection with you. For instance, if you want to take him to the next step of your adult dating relationship or change the bedroom routine, he’ll sense it.

Adult Dating Guideline: What It Means When Guys Cry