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A How to Sexting Guide When Online Dating Online dating can be really fun if you know how to go about it. After you’ve made a few pleasant email exchanges, it can come to point that you give out your phone numbers. You can spice things up a bit before your actual meet up by sexting each other. Here is a hookup and how to sexting guide to make a successful meet up in the near future. • Go for a mature screen name. 12InchMonster may sound cool to you, but it is highly unlikely that LovableClaire26 will want anything to do with a guy who feels the need to advertise, especially if you are probably closer to being a 4InchNub. Have fun with your screen name, but refrain from being arrogant and offensive even when sexting. Go with names that are simple and easy to remember. It is recommended that you come up with a name that gives an indication of what you are all about. So, for example, if you are a skydiver that loves to cook, your username could be SkydivingChef. Right off the bat, you get a sense of what this person is all about. Keep in mind that your username might stick to you as your nickname, too, so don’t go for names like PimpleHead or TeddyBearBoy. • Use sexy photos but refrain from sending nudes. It is okay to tease each other and send sexy photos when sexting, but avoid sending photos that show your privates. Remember that you barely know people you meet at online dating sites, so be careful. That nude photo you just sent might just be instantly uploaded on the web. It is so much better to avoid an embarrassing situation. • Be sexy, but not too raunchy. Teasing each other while sexting is a given, but choose your words. It is sexier if you use eloquent descriptive words rather than dirty and raunchy lines. Being eloquent sends a good impression that you are smart and confident which, in turn, is a lot sexier than being tacky. • Be honest. Usually, men lie about their height and women about their weight. Most girls actually take an inch or two off whatever height you write anyway. However, don't think that means you're in the clear. If you're only 5'6'' and she says she is only interested in men over six feet—or vice versa—play by the rules. Otherwise, don't be surprised if she takes one look at you on your first date and smacks your puny lying head.

Follow this helpful how to sexting guide and you will never go wrong, especially when you finally meet up on your first date. Be ready to break the bed.

A How to Sexting Guide When Online Dating