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... by supporting the University that perpetuates them.

Our Goal: $40 Million Our Priorities: Modern Learning Environments Campus enhancements – classrooms, laboratories, learning courts, fields and spaces – provide an opportunity to further enrich the student experience. A Sound Financial Future A strong endowment – like a strong savings account – provides for financial stability and a solid foundation for future growth and confidence. A Robust Operating Environment Annual gifts help fund campus programs, financial aid, undergraduate and graduatelevel student research with faculty and other important activities.

Update: At the time of our campaign kickoff (Sept. 30, 2010) we had raised nearly $20 million!


An Exciting Future

Give Voice to Your Values Campaign The Case for Breathtaking Audacity The visionaries who gathered in 1882 to create Findlay College were endowed with a breathtaking audacity to make the world a better place by affording young men and women the opportunity for a high-quality, values-centered education within a supportive and encouraging community. Their goal was to empower students to change the world. Their faithful embrace of the challenges and opportunities before them led to the vibrant and exciting institution we know today as The University of Findlay. Visionaries they were, but also pragmatists. The leaders of the Churches of God, General Conference – one of the college’s founding partners – wished to establish the institution in a community with solid core values, a community that would help finance the founding of the college, and whose citizens would engage in an active and ongoing town-gown relationship. Findlay civic leaders – the other founding partners – knew that the college would be a cultural and economic incubator with benefits far beyond the confines of the campus. And they welcomed an educational institution with values richly compatible with their own. We, the beneficiaries of their vision, share our founders’ confidence and embrace as our own the audacious belief that we can make a difference in the lives of our students: The values we hold and the education we offer can, indeed, prepare citizenscholars of the 21st century to excel in a fast-paced, sometimes random environment – individuals who can make responsible decisions anchored in their own welldeveloped personal values. Our shared values bind us together.

We know you share our values – Integrity, Service, Responsibility, Respect, Dedication, Excellence, Generosity – and we ask for your continued support through the Give Voice to Your Values Campaign! … an audacious $40 million fundraising campaign to help fund the classrooms, laboratories, learning spaces, scholarships and faculty research needed to continue the excellence that makes an education at the University of Findlay distinctive. We can do it — we ARE doing it! — thanks to you! The first phase of the Give Voice to Your Values Campaign has garnered unprecedented private support for the University. • Ninety-nine new endowed scholarships and academic excellence funds have been created, and almost $8 million has been added to our endowment! • Private support helped acquire and renovate the Davis Street Building, adding 62,000 square feet of outstanding classroom, laboratory and office space to the campus. The building is home to the College of Education and College of Pharmacy, and it houses laboratories used by students in a wide range of sciences. • The Dr. C. Richard Beckett Animal Science Building attracted widespread private support for the 30,000-square-foot, one-of-a-kind laboratory at the Animal Sciences Center. • The new Student Recreation Center is supported, in part, by generous alumni. • The Contemporary Christian Lecture Series is being funded completely by private support and will bring nationally known speakers to campus to explore Christian responses to contemporary world issues. Much has been done but more is needed. Join with us – alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students – in keeping alive the vision, the confidence, the faith, indeed, the audacity of our founders in this exciting campaign to give voice to our values – loudly and clearly. The principles that created our wonderful institution endure, and The University of Findlay will be stronger still because of our faith, hard work and generosity.

“We are a mission-driven institution. Our mission, equipping our students for meaningful lives and productive careers, defines us, and our vision inspires us. Findlay holds a distinctive place between a large research university and a small college, and must remain rigorously balanced. By maintaining that balance, we can help our students grow in that mysterious intersection — between the tangible and the intangible and between specialized knowledge and broad understanding — so that their careers become callings and their lives are rich with meaning.” – Katherine Fell, Ph.D. President of The University of Findlay Higher education at The University of Findlay offers a path forward to a brighter future, helping students to achieve all that they are capable of, all that they can dream of. By giving students the means to achieve their goals and their dreams, today, at The University of Findlay, we can touch the future — and change the world. – Dr. C. Richard Beckett Chair of the Board of Trustees

AnExciting ExcitingFuture Future An


Modern Learning Environments: Campus Enhancements Modern campus enhancements – classrooms, laboratories, learning lounges, courts and fields – provide an opportunity to further enrich the students’ experience.

A New Science Building The centerpiece for the next phase of the Give Voice to Your Values Campaign is a new 30,000-square-foot science building that will provide ample space for eight cutting-edge science laboratories, multiple high-technology classrooms and lecture halls, eight faculty offices and student lounges. Situated adjacent to the life science and pharmacy areas in the Davis Street Building, the new science building will significantly enhance our ability to provide the most up-to-date learning environments for our students. The building will also provide space for a planned expansion of our pharmacy program, the addition of health professions certificate programs in diagnostic medical imaging (including PET/CT, ultrasound and MRI), and room for the development of a new health informatics certificate and master’s degree programs.

Naming Opportunities: • • • • • •

Naming of building: Naming of lecture hall: Naming of laboratory: Naming of classroom: Naming of student lounge: Naming of faculty office:


An Exciting Future

$5,000,000 $50,000 $50,000 $25,000 $25,000 $10,000

Student Recreation Center Work is well under way on the construction of a modern and multi-dimensional student recreation center in the former ice rink in Clauss Arena. The brand-new Student Recreation Center for use by students includes a rock-climbing wall, game room, lounge, two basketball courts, weight room, racquetball courts and Derrick’s, a casual, quick-serve restaurant. The recreation center will be a much-needed addition to enhance the student campus experience and will be a place where “community” will flourish through physical activity, intramural competition and socializing.

Naming Opportunities: • • • • • • • • •

Naming of center: $500,000 Naming of basketball court: Reserved Naming of walking/running track $50,000 Naming of game room: $25,000 Naming of climbing wall: $25,000 Naming of racquetball court: $25,000 Naming of student lounge: $25,000 Naming of juice bar: $10,000 Locker rooms (2): (each) $10,000

“Smart” Lecture Hall – Room 209 Old Main This high-tech lecture hall for approximately 40 students in tiered seating will feature a number of capabilities not currently available to College of Business students and faculty, such as: • • • • •

Smart boards DyKnow ™ teaching software technology Teleconference capability Document projector Digital presentation recorders

It will be used primarily for lectures on technical subjects (i.e. accounting, economics, finance, etc.) where technology tools are particularly useful, for example in our CPA Track accounting courses. It will also be used for presentations to prospective students. Estimated cost is between $200,000 and $250,000.

An Exciting Future


A Sound Financial Future: Endowment Growth A strong endowment – like a strong savings account – provides for financial stability and a solid foundation for future growth and confidence.

125th Endowed Fund Drive – Goal: 125 new endowed funds One of the most audacious goals of this campaign is our commitment to establish 125 new endowed funds to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of our founding. We began this effort in our 125th celebration year (2007) and to date we have established 99 new endowed funds and added nearly $8 million to the University’s endowment! Seventy-four of these new funds have been established to provide student scholarship funds to keep the Findlay education affordable, and 25 of the funds have been created in support of faculty development, program enhancement or deans’ excellence accounts. We are very proud of the fact that 16 faculty and staff members have created endowed funds in addition to 12 funds established by campus departments. An endowed fund at The University of Findlay can be created for $10,000 and a pledge to create a new fund can be satisfied over a five-year period. The University’s policy is to use 5 percent of the annual interest earned on a fund for the stated purpose of that fund. Therefore, an endowed scholarship fund with $10,000 would earn approximately $500 to be awarded each year to a deserving students. An endowed fund with $200,000 would earn approximately $10,000 annually. Each endowed fund can bear the name of the donor or a loved one. Gifts can also be made to existing funds.


An Exciting Future

A Robust Operating Environment: Annual Giving Annual fund gifts provide immediate support for campus programs, financial aid, undergraduate and graduate student research and other important activities.

Growing Need for Operating Funds In addition to the long-term financial stability that endowment funds provide, the University relies on funds from other sources for its annual operation. For instance, the University provides more than $30 million each year in financial aid to approximately 80 percent of the student body. Every dollar of private support means that more tuition-related monies can be used to maintain essential functions and services, keep the campus and its buildings safe and attractive, and remain current with new services and enhanced programs.

• Academic Enhancement Grants, Gifts-In-Kind Academic programs and faculty research can be greatly enhanced through funding, often in the form of grants that seek to advance research in or study of specific areas, often by specific faculty members. Gifts-in-kind – such as artwork for the Mazza Museum or horses for our equestrian programs – are enormously valuable assets that further the mission of the University. We ask that you embrace our founders’ vision and confidence, and, like them, invest in ways that your values, and ours, can benefit many more generations of students. We are all stakeholders in their vision, and our “community” has extended far beyond the City of Findlay: Those who love, admire and benefit from The University of Findlay now live in all 50 states and 45 countries the world over. The values we share transcend time and place – but they are important to the lives we lead wherever we may be.

• Annual Giving Each year, thousands of alumni, friends, faculty and staff members contribute unrestricted cash gifts to the University. This source of funds is an extremely important component in enabling the University to respond to emerging opportunities as the year progresses. Annual cash gifts can also come in a restricted manner in which the donor requests that gifts be directed to a specific academic program, an athletic program or entities such as the Mazza Museum. Examples of Annual Gifts: • Annual Cash Scholarships • Undergraduate and Graduate Cash Research Awards • Cash Stipends for Graduate Assistants

An Exciting Future


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The Case for Breathtaking Audacity  

We know you share our values – Integrity, Service, Responsibility, Respect, Dedication, Excellence, Generosity – and we ask for your continu...

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