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Meet A few of your city’s new leaders DC. . .



Holder The Phantom ...especially where financial affairs are concerned:



From left to right: Natwar Gandhi, the city’s unelected Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Vincent Gray, the Mayor, serves by law at the pleasure of the CFO, not the people who elect him; Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States who should be responsible for prosecuting crimes related to the operation of lottery games; Darth Vader - er Darth Grantor, our best indication as to the image of the Grantor of the Veritas Trust A, whose presence in financial maneuverings of the city is as great as Vader’s presence in the galaxy of the Star Wars industry: Kwame Brown, who now replaces Gray as Chairman of the Council in this game of musical chairs; and, Alice Rivlin, a Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institute who maintains long-standing influence over the financial affairs of the city through the DC Control Board and other apparati of the Federal Government. Alice is a member of the Rivlin Family, a prominent SpanishJewish family in Israel that is so big it boasts a tribe of about 9000 members within 3000 family units. This “tribe” is headquartered in Jerusalem where they have been holding consistent reunions every year since 1980, and this “family” DC, is clearly a stakeholder in your financial affairs. Are you a stakeholder in theirs? Introduction


incent Gray is the newest Mayor of the District of Columbia. He was sworn in on Sunday, January 2, 2011 replacing

Adrian Fenty, the young man married to a British Indian who became the boo-deleb of Blacks in the city for using that office as best ever he could to divert capital investment primarily from Blacks to other races in the city. Gray ran on a campaign supported by what many perceive to be the ‘old guard’ such as Marion Barry supporters, and Black Americans in general, who, it appears, hope that he will at least stem the overflow of capital moving to non-Blacks in the city to at least create some sense of parity in relation to capital development, availability of goods, and municipal services, as well as those who favor more transparency in government. But in a city where short of degenerated white homeless outcasts a white individual has not spoken to me outside of the performance of his or her (or its) job, or asking for directions since 1994, I find this city to have an environment rife with a race-first mindset relative to the socio-politico-economic spectra. Generally speaking - three kinds of people appear to be oblivious to the degree to which a race-first mentality pervades the “gentry” that have moved in: white collar mulattoes, low ranking black cops, and a significant amount of blue postMLK Africans who have migrated to the United States over the past decade or so. Yet black men are still capitulating to chasing white women on the regular here, and the black bourgeoisie girls seem to be willing to do almost anything to get

a chance fling with anything that is lighter than paper-bag brown these days here. Yep, DC has become one interesting fake-lectic culture bash. Fake-lectic, I say, instead of eclectic, because expressions of variety and diversity in a positive light here seem to be all the rage, unless of course it is majority black! But the point of this paper isn’t to focus on the cultural discourse or avert-course of the people but to respond to Gray’s inaugural address, or rather, the report of it as it was reported in the Washington Post Express. But for those of you who would like to linger and brood over the statements above with the hope of discrediting them, just remember that when Gray campaigned his call message was “One City” and that by the time he made his inaugural speech it became “Our City”. Hmm… I wonder who was left out? And this latter question brings us to our inaugural response, because with all this “one city” – “our city” – “transparency” – “statehood” – “gentry” vs “old guard” talk floating around the exclusive ‘accredited press’ here there is at least one individual or entity that is not disclosed to the public in line with the public’s desire for “transparency”, and not available for public observation, but whose money matters seem to have a lingering effect on the structuring and layering of the government here, and that is that individual or entity that the DC Government allegedly gave about nineteen or so million dollars to after declaring that individual or entity unknown, the “winner” of the December 11, 1999 Powerball which was worth $48 million. Do you see a lot of moving parts here? I mean, the law is very clear that when a lottery game (the Powerball) has a winner, the winner is to be disclosed, but under the two previous mayors this has not been done – not with that game, not here in DC, and when I look at the government officials these days my mind can only deduce a whole bunch of people wearing strange looking figurative skirts that I want to look under. Put it this way: if you have to get some work done with a team, and the team leader tells you to get motivated for “our” team, but when the team convenes you see empty chairs where team members are supposed to be sitting, wouldn’t you ask the team leader, Where is the rest of the team?? But if he tells you, “That’s it”, but you count paychecks for team members who are not in the room, can you trust that team or its leader? Now if you are being asked to pay a lot of money to fund the efforts of the team, but at the same time you see a huge paycheck for Mr. Unknown – could be a guy – could be a company – could be some other team or a team within a team – but not a paycheck for you but for Mr. Unknown, Mr. Phantom, how do you get down to business with that team? Doesn’t it cavitate your thinking to know that the DC Government gave about twenty million bucks to Mr. Phantom and company who you don’t know but is a beneficiary of the efforts of Your team? So how do you build an “our city” if you don’t know who “our” is? Because if everybody was included and there is transparency the least you should know is who “our” is, right? So who then is left out? And with this question in mind I now present to you the body of a letter that I sent to Vincent Gray with our

Response to Inaugural Address. Questions of Moral, Ethics, National Interest, and the Veritas Trust A Dear Mr. Gray: I congratulate you on your ascendance to the Office of the Mayor of the district of Columbia. I Received information regarding your inaugural address via the Washington Post’s Express newspaper publication of January 3, 2010 titled: “Gray: All Together Now”. The image accompanying the article includes a few pertinent figures including Mr.

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America, Mr. Kwame Brown, the newly ascended Chair of the Council of the District of Columbia, and Mr. Michael Brown, a member of the said Council. Highlights of your address include the indication of a commitment to “reform public education, lower the unemployment and crime rates, bring transparency to city finances, fixing the budget, securing voting rights.” I now respond to your address. Public Education can be transformed if this society stops the process of castigating Black males who are under the age of forty as potential child molesters, and imbuing them with the responsibility to care for the moral and intellectual development of the younger men and boys in their company by introducing moral codes of behavior among them by commissioning class counselors in the school system to engage discussions, questions, and answers with the young men who are in those schools. Should not the counselors themselves be over the age of forty, and would this not supplement your employment initiatives in some way? Unemployment can be lowered if you instill a sense of entrepreneurship and productivity among residents of the District of Columbia by reforming the Office of Planning and Economic Development so that they no longer utilize the Urban Institute, the Neighborhood [something] Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) whose point person group includes Samira Cook, the Minority Enterprise Business Development Corporation, and infiltrating “stakeholders” to undercut small minority business development and such local start-ups like Mocha Hut that went out of business precisely one year after it was touted by the Enhanced Business Information Center, then under Samira Cook, as the District’s poster child for small business development. It is the OPED, the NCRC, other neo-gentry “non-profits” the Department of Commerce with its “minority Business Development Corporation” initiative that stands the most in the way of Black businesses and their private consultants from developing. The country and this city need to either operate as if they are really in support of Black economic infrastructure development, or admit that to the governments “national security” means ‘white nation economic infrastructure allowed only’. If “voting rights” can only be attained once the city becomes gentrified to majority whites, then Black people are already disenfranchised. But how should we know where you stand relative to your inaugural address? For me the answer is very simple, because if the District continues to hide behind the paltry excuse of “statute of limitation” to remain non-transparent on who is the Grantor of the Veritas Trust A that has been used to underwrite the bond rating of the city , and if neither the city nor the United States Attorneys, nor the Attorney Generals are willing to prosecute Anthony Cooper and the other miscreants that continue to structure and layer the government with ever inventive ways to dismiss this demand for transparency, do I not already have my answers and know where you stand?

FYI - Further comments regarding this this Response Veritas Trust A The Veritas Trust A (VTA) is the account created by H. Dean Bouland, an attorney out of Maryland retained by the phantom Grantor to hide the identity of the Grantor from you the public whilst he makes off with proceeds of the December 11, 1999 Powerball game. That Trust account is not a not a legal entity. NCRC “NCRC” turns out to be the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, a private non-profit agency that is allegedly headquartered at 15th Street, Suite 900, Washington DC 20005 but whose main operations center is at 64 New York Avenue right inside one of the District’s government buildings. That’s right, a private non-profit company that runs the operations of Economic Development where starting and running small businesses is concerned. So when you start a small business in DC with government initiatives, your business equity becomes converted into their assets, a mandatory requirement for any SBA program that you engage. Now this “NCRC” is a completely different NCRC than the NCRC that is the National Capital Revitalization Corporation that is owned by the city, but who knows? Samira Cook This woman works at 64 New York Avenue in what is called The Washington, DC Women’s Business Center running the affairs and having full access to the business information developed by women in the city.

She looks like a government employee, but she is actually on the staff of NCRC. Her email with that company is Before that she controlled the District’s Enhanced Business Information Center and had the email address: But she was already with NCRC back then. So if you try to start a business in DC that conflicts with this NCRC and Cook finds out about it where do you end up? Minority Business Development Corporation Actually the Minority Business Development Agency of the Department of Commerce, the “MBDA is the only federal agency created specifically to foster the establishment and growth of minority-owned businesses in America.” (Ref: which means their work product yields monstrosities like NCRC and Samira Cook. Attorney Generals Such as the Attorney General of the United States of America, and, the Attorney General for the District of Columbia. Here we can’t tell which one has more power. Both Eric Holder and Peter Nickles are partnered with the lawfirm of Covington and Burling. Yep, Covington and Burling, LLP is over both prosecutors. Have you ever watch the breakup of a lawfirm? Anthony Cooper This is actually three people: Anthony Williams, a previos DC Mayor, but we don’t know where he came from; Anthony Cooper, a previous Executive Director of the DC Lottery, now in South Carolina, and Theodore Cooper, an attorney who represented our interests in this Powerball scandal, but we don’t know where he went. He is allegedly dead, but, in any event, this nomenclature business seems to be just another phishting like operation signatured in all of the closeness of names, offices, and entities in this entire affair. We are used to it now. Written by Radcliffe B. Lewis, Correspondent, INTELLEXAE ___________________________________________


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Intellexae Reports - Morals, Ethics, and Trust  

Washington, DC - Meet a few of your new leaders. They are stakeholders in your financial affairs. Are you a stakeholder in theirs?

Intellexae Reports - Morals, Ethics, and Trust  

Washington, DC - Meet a few of your new leaders. They are stakeholders in your financial affairs. Are you a stakeholder in theirs?