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Fig. 2: The landscape around Sedona with its red rock, sculpturelike formations

power in this place. It is a powerful reminder of how small and insignificant is a human life – a hundred years at most – in comparison with the timeless majesty of Nature. The place now called Sedona, a location used for vision quests by the Native Americans for many years, is less internationally famous. There is a striking number of art galleries, workshops and art schools and in Sedona you will run into colourful paintings and sculptures inspired by Nature at every turn. Even if you are not an art lover, I am sure you would soon get itchy fingers here and start wondering if you might want to have a go at painting or some other artistic activity. Plenty of people have already hit upon the business idea of their lives in the almost innumerable power places that surround Sedona in the mountainous world of the Red Rock State Park; Walt Disney, John Wayne, Al Pacino, Orson Welles and Max 9

The Miracle Problem Solver  

Connect yourself to the wisdom of the source and problem-solving happens magically by itself. Inspired by Sedona's powerful vortex energies,...