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A letter for you from Arizona I wrote this letter years ago in Sedona, for you. Yes, you read that right: this letter is indeed for you, the person holding this book in their hands right now. Sedona, July 2009 Dear friend, I am writing you this letter from my holiday here in Sedona in Arizona. And I am picturing you, yes you, the person reading this book right now, in my mind. I would like to tell you what I have experienced in the mystical homeland of the Native North Americans over the last few weeks, at a place where the atmosphere, the incredible energetic power and the primeval beauty go beyond anything I have ever seen in any other power place – and I have seen quite a number of power places over the last twenty years. The landscape here as you see it today has not changed in millions of years. Please don’t ask me exactly how it is formed – geology is not my strong point – but nearby is the Grand Canyon, whose unique beauty attracts visits from hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. People from all over the world come here – even if only as a quick stop on a coach trip – to admire the breathtaking beauty and be gripped by the magnificent presence and sublime wonder of Nature. Spiritual seekers from all round the globe often consciously choose the Grand Canyon as the location for their vision quest. By communing with Nature, they hope to find clues to their mission in life, solutions to important issues close to their hearts or the impetus for changes that are about to be made in their lives. No matter how consciously or unconsciously these visitors seek contact with Nature here, and however briefly they experience it, every one of them is likely to sense the presence of a higher


The Miracle Problem Solver  

Connect yourself to the wisdom of the source and problem-solving happens magically by itself. Inspired by Sedona's powerful vortex energies,...