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How this book came about The indigenous people of North America have had a tradition for millennia: when they are seeking a solution to a problem or advice on an urgent, pressing decision, they go out into the natural world with the question in their hearts, to a place where they feel a close connection to the ‘Great Spirit’ (as they call the source of all being). Here, they tap into the silence within themselves and rely on their intuitive antennae. Reading the signs of Nature (such as cloud or rock formations, encounters with animals or other manifestations that spontaneously appear to them), they interpret a solution and find an answer to the question. The method outlined in this book works in a similar way – but you can use it just as easily at home. I first became aware of the SOURCE oracle and constellation method (described here for the first time) many years ago, on a holiday in Native American country in Arizona. The method came to me entirely of its own volition in Sedona, probably one of the most potent power places on the planet. I was sitting on top of the ‘Bell Rock’, an area of bedrock that emanates unusually strong energy, and had been meditating there and writing in my diary. It was here that I wrote this book.


The Miracle Problem Solver  

Connect yourself to the wisdom of the source and problem-solving happens magically by itself. Inspired by Sedona's powerful vortex energies,...