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Greetings from the Angels and Gemstone Guardians! This deck of oracle cards is a tool to help transform your life through self-understanding, positive messages and

You can also use this deck for readings— pick seven cards

Use the positive thoughts on the back of the cards to create a


Are you holding back something you need to say? The truth about a certain matter needs to be spoken. Honesty is important at this time. Have the courage to speak up with grace. Loving words have the power to heal or improve a situation.

Angel of Truth and Honesty I live my truth and honestly communicate what is on my mind with ease. I effortlessly find the words to express my truth and speak eloquently and lovingly. I surround myself with people who are not afraid to honestly express themselves.

Aquamarine Are your emotions in turmoil? Are you feeling uneasy? Spend time at the water’s edge to regain emotional balance. Clear away any negative energy you may have accumulated from unsettling conversations or negative internal dialogue.

Angel of Emotional Balance I am able to identify my feelings and resolve unsettling emotions. Negativity flows away effortlessly and lovingly. My emotional body is awash with positive energy. I enjoy a sense of balance. Safe travel over or on water is a certainty.

Clear Quartz

Are you trying to gain clarity? Do things seem hazy and dark right now? Is your path unclear or uncertain? Go within to see the positive in all circumstances. Focus on the matter at hand. Maintain loving thoughts surrounding your current life situation.

Angel of Clarity I see my life situation clearly and from a greater perspective. I am focused in all that I do. I am lovingly conscious in every action I take. I proceed with a greater understanding of what is required of me.


Are you dealing with an inflamed or unbalanced situation? Do you have imbalances in your body? Balance your emotions through journaling, exercise, and healthy communication. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Yoga and meditation are beneficial.

Angel of Balance My body is healthy and in balance. My cells naturally regenerate and rejuvenate themselves so that all of my systems function harmoniously. I am calm and relaxed. I exercise regularly. I enjoy my meditation practice on a regular basis.


Are you in tune with the phases of the moon? Do you acknowledge your own cycles? Trust that your feminine side has much to offer. Go within to receive inspiration from the Divine Feminine. Your feelings and intuition speak the truth. Listen.

Angel of the Divine Feminine I honor the phases of the moon. I am aligned with the natural cycles of all life. My feelings are valid. I receive and use my intuitive insight. I trust my inner knowing and act on my feelings with confidence.

Turquoise What do you wish to express?

How do you wish to express yourself? Is there something you need to say to someone? Expression comes in many forms. Meditate on what you would like to say and then say it! Explore Native American spiritual teachings.

Angel of Expression I open my consciousness to various forms of expression. I express myself with ease and grace. My creativity is activated. I am a channel of Divine Inspiration. I receive insights and wisdom from various cultures and philosophies.

Gemstones are powerful tools, which guide you toward personal understanding. The colors and shapes of the stones bring you messages to motivate and heal you in many ways. This deck of 44 oracle cards by Margaret Ann Lembo familiarizes you with 44 gemstones. Using this card deck will enable the gemstones and angels to bring you messages to increase your awareness. The gemstone and its associated message on the front of the card give you a reading. The angel associated with the gemstone on the other side of the card provides you with a positive affirmation to help you transform your reality. Used regularly this oracle deck will bring insights and guidance from the gemstones and the angels. Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Color Your Life with Crystals, Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards, Chakra Awakening and The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones. She is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, and the owner of The Crystal Garden—a bookstore, gift store and spiritual center in Boynton Beach, Florida.

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The Angels & Gemstone Guardian Cards  

This deck of 44 oracle cards familiarises you with 44 gemstones. Using this card deck will enable the gemstones and angels to bring you mess...

The Angels & Gemstone Guardian Cards  

This deck of 44 oracle cards familiarises you with 44 gemstones. Using this card deck will enable the gemstones and angels to bring you mess...