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Welcome to THE Findhorn FOUNDATION Transforming Human Consciousness

begins when we stand in our wholeness. Honouring our connection with ourselves, with others, with the divine brings us to our true self, our wholeness. Here, we can embrace life's changes fully, knowing that they deepen us into who we truly are, and that as we transform ourselves we transform the world. As the community celebrates the arrival of our next generation, we welcome the transformation it brings. Embracing the new is what made our recent New Story Summit an inspiring success in so many ways, including how we were able to help many young people and participants from developing countries to join us, and how we took a leap of faith to hold the event on a gift economy basis. Now we are taking this openness, inspiration and sense of adventure forward into a community change process, tuning in to what our next steps are in our journey of service to the world. As you take a look through these pages, we invite you to tune in and feel for what might be emerging in your life. You will find an abundant offering of workshops and events designed to inspire, challenge and deepen your


connection with your true self. Whether considering a first-time visit to the Foundation, coming with your family for our Family Experience Week or returning to renew your connection, you will find here an experience of a new way of being and a community that celebrates the gift of your unique presence. Findhorn Live, our web streaming initiative, offers the option to experience our September Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth Conference and other special events online, live and on demand for some time afterward.You can find more information on our Findhorn Live webpage or email us at and we will keep you updated as new streaming events become available. Together with our global family, with nature and with spirit, we celebrate the inner and outer transformation we experience here as we co-create a new way of living on this planet. We warmly welcome you to join with us and be a part of the story of unfolding wholeness. With love and blessings, The Communications Team



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On our front cover, welcoming you to the Original Garden, are representatives of three generations of our community.

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Minimising Our Ecological Footprint

40 years ago, sharing caravans during their first visit to Findhorn, many of our first generation never imagined they would later raise families here.

Encouraged by achieving one of the lowest eco footprints ever measured in the industrialised world, we continue to find new ways to further reduce our environmental impact. We invite you to participate with us by considering whether you would like to receive our brochure by email instead of by post.

Two generations later, our community is still growing. Our founders foresaw stages of growth for this centre, from a garden to a community, a village to a city of light. Each new generation and visitor helps us to unfold this vision further. What might your unique contribution to our future be?

We will notify you when our newest brochure is available online and you can then download it as a PDF or view the entire brochure through the online reader on our website. Globally sharable with hyperlinked and flippable pages, this digital version allows easy access to all our programmes from your computer, iPad or smart phone wherever you are in the world. If you would like this option, email us at

IMPORTANT INFORMATION • We offer a tiered pricing structure and ask that when you book, you select the price appropriate for your personal circumstances. For more information, please visit​and for information about bursaries, please see pages 59 - 60. • All of the information is correct at the time of going to press but is subject to change. 3



The Findhorn Foundation community works in co-creation with the intelligence of nature to awaken the highest in human potential. All who engage here, residents and visitors, find an environment to foster profound personal change, seed new ideas and birth practical and positive responses to the challenges and opportunities of our times. Experiencing life at the Foundation is the perfect way to learn about wholeness, integrity, purpose, leadership, love, beauty, co-creation, communication, joy and service.

for learning and a valuable and potent force for change.

We pioneer a holistic approach to sustainability that integrates four aspects - spiritual, social, environmental and economic. By developing not just the externals of sustainability such as ecohousing, ecological sewage treatment and renewable energy, but also addressing the inner life of human beings and giving people an opportunity to experience being part of an interconnected web of life, the Foundation has become a unique centre

We offer a transformative environment where new ways of thinking and being in the world have space to grow, and where learning takes place naturally through ordinary activities in daily life. Practising community values for a month, a week, or even a day can often lead to changes that increase selfesteem, promote healthy relationships, give a sense of empowerment and can encourage leadership.

Our holistic approach to sustainability is demonstrated in our three main areas of activity: spiritual community; ecovillage; learning centre. Community life provides the spiritual and social framework of sustainability upon which our ecovillage and economic activities are woven. The Foundation financially depends upon sharing our learning with others through our guest programme of workshops and events.

Our activities give rise to further new projects, systems and structures that support and sustain humans and our environment. The Findhorn Foundation is a founding member of the Global Ecovillage Network, New Findhorn Association, Park Ecovillage Trust, Ekopia Resource Exchange, CIFAL Scotland, and several other initiatives. The Findhorn Foundation currently has 120 co-workers and is part of a growing community of more than 500 people in the local area who support and practise spiritual and sustainable values, including small businesses and charities primarily working in education, the environment, healing and the arts. We are proud of our pioneering role and look forward to continuing as a seed centre, catalysing and demonstrating effective change, and to helping co-create a positive future for humanity and the planet.

Visiting the Findhorn Foundation An Experience Week is the best way to connect with the Findhorn Foundation, providing a complete experience of what is on offer here. There is a wide range of workshops and events to choose from. The full calendar starts on page 34. If you can stay for only a few days, you can participate as a Short Term Guest for between one and six days.You will have the opportunity to participate in a service department and share meals, meditate in our sanctuaries and engage in community activities. Please see page 60 for more details. If you would like to bring a group, we can offer tailor-made experiences ranging from a day up to a week. See pages 7 - 8 and 24.

Accommodation When you attend one of our workshops or events you will be accommodated either at our Cluny Hill site, a former Victorian spa hotel, or at The Park in one of the original bungalows or in an eco chalet. Please see page 59 for more details. If you are not participating in a residential programme there are a number of bed and breakfasts in The Park and in the nearby village, go to There are also camping, caravan and eco chalet rentals available in the Findhorn Bay Holiday Park, www.

Meals Mealtimes are an opportunity to connect socially with other guests and Foundation residents. If you have special dietary needs please see page 59. The Blue Angel Café in the Universal Hall at The Park offers a range of freshly made organic food and is open every day. The Phoenix Shop at The Park provides a wide variety of organic foods plus interesting gifts and books. Daily Rhythm 6:30 - 7:30am 7:45 - 8:10am 8:00 - 8:25am 8:35 - 8:55am 9:00 - 12:30pm 12:30pm 2:00 - 5:00pm 5:40 - 6:00pm 6:00pm

(mainly Monday to Friday) Silent meditation Taizé singing (Cluny) Taizé singing (Park) Guided meditation Morning service departments Lunch Afternoon service departments Guided meditation Dinner


ESSENTIAL FINDHORN PROGRAMMES These programmes are unique to the Findhorn Foundation. While you are here you are part of a learning community, having a chance to do things differently and to put your insights and deeper values into everyday action. You can connect with your own inspiration, with the people around you, and with the intelligence of nature, to find new skills and abilities for a more meaningful, holistic and sustainable life. When you participate in Cluny Kitchen, Park Garden, Cluny Homecare or any of our other departments, all tasks, from

cooking the lunch, planting seeds or cleaning the floor, are valued and essential parts of the whole. There is the potential for learning to take place 24 hours a day and with every person and situation you meet, as well as within the traditional setting of workshops and events. Founding principles Our founding principles are very much alive and practised today. Inner listening and attunement are integral parts of our daily life and there is time set aside before, during and after the working day to attune. We have four meditation sanctuaries in The Park and one at Cluny Hill, and there are many other ways to connect with your own inner wisdom, including dancing, playing, singing, walking and being in nature. The gardens at The Park and Cluny Hill reflect our delight in co-creating with nature, and they are nourishing and beautiful environments. At Cullerne Gardens we grow organic, seasonal food for our kitchens. The beautiful unspoiled


coastal landscape of the Moray Firth provides further inspiration for discovering a closer relationship with the natural world. Inspired action is a commitment to open and honest interactions, working together, growing organic food, building ecohouses, running businesses, erecting wind turbines, recycling, meditating, exploring alternative economic systems, and interacting with our visitors. The Findhorn Ecovillage is a built environment in harmony with people and our planet. We interact with the tools we use, with the landscape, with each other, and with our own inner wisdom in a conscious and attuned way, knowing that our small actions are interconnected and are important for the future of humanity and our planet. Essential Findhorn begins with Experience Week and continues on a journey of selfdiscovery and inspired activity. Elements of these unique Essential Findhorn programmes can also be found in all our other workshops and events.

Experience Week For Experience Week dates please see calendar on pages 34 - 38. For over forty years, the best way to come here and find out what it’s like! These seven days provide the ideal way to meet, engage with and share in an ever-evolving journey of deeply sustainable community living. As part of a group, you will be introduced to the spiritual principles and activities on which this dynamic community is based. You join in most aspects of daily life here and experience our rhythms and practices. Four days of the week will include a few hours in one of our service departments - the gardens, kitchen, dining room, homecare or maintenance - giving you many opportunities to experience our practice of love in action and to interact with other people in the community. One of the aims of our community is to create an environment that enables each one of us to deepen our connection with all of life, and to open to transformation

An introduction to the essence of the Findhorn Foundation within ourselves and within the group. The invitation is to let go of limitations, open to love and be the change you want to see in the world. Experience Week is a rich and active week that asks for participation for most of the day and many evenings. We ask that you come willing to participate fully, to give of yourself and engage with others. Be open to surprise! All of these elements are also part of the Themed Experience Weeks we offer. The programme runs from Saturday to Friday evening and includes seven nights accommodation and all meals, from the first Saturday lunchtime through until breakfast on the Saturday morning of your departure. You should arrive before noon on the first day of your Experience Week so that the group can begin together. You need to speak and understand English reasonably well - if you cannot, we do offer Experience Weeks in other languages. Please see page 10. 7

Experience Week runs at both sites of the Findhorn Foundation, The Park and Cluny Hill. There are opportunities to experience both sites during the week. Please join us for this adventure in new ways of living and relating, helping to create a positive future for humanity and our planet. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480 Bursaries, concessions and discounts are available, please see pages 59 - 60. If you book an Experience Week with a starting date in November, December, January or February and also book a Being in Community week OR a Spiritual Practice week directly following your Experience Week, we will give you a reduction of £100 on the total combined price. Experience Week Group Visits If you would like to bring a group for an Experience Week with your own particular interest or focus, please contact our Guest Department well in advance. Tel: +44 (0) 1309 678027 email:


Themed Experience Weeks Ecovillage Experience Week In The Park, a village setting: 2 - 8 April, 11 - 17 June, 1 - 7 October In Cluny, an urban setting: 30 July - 5 August Following a similar structure to our original Experience Week, this week has the added intention of deepening knowledge and experience of sustainable living on all levels. We will touch upon inclusive decisionmaking processes, cooperative economies, local food production and cultural and spiritual diversity, which together create a full-featured human settlement. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480 Music Experience Week 9 - 15 July Barbara Swetina, Fabien Barouch This week has the addition of music and song woven throughout the week, honouring the richness of different spiritual traditions. Dances of Universal Peace and Sacred Harmony Songs combine chanting, simple movements and live music to touch the heart and lift the spirit. No prior experience in music is necessary. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480

Family Experience Week 23 - 29 July, 30 July - 5 August This family programme offers a special focus on how conscious living can be integrated into family life. You and your children have time to be together and to be with your peer groups throughout the week. There are opportunities to do tasks together, play and explore together, and get to know other families in the group as well as interact with the Findhorn community. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480 £250 for age 5 - 11 £380 for age 12 - 17 Youth Experience Week 30 July - 5 August Friendships, feelings, energy, individuality and togetherness. All young people are

welcome to this energised week, based on our original Experience Week and redesigned specifically for people aged 1417. To experience and develop community, connect with yourself and others in more meaningful ways, learn new skills, develop awareness and discover your inner strength and power. Tiered price: £620 / £470 / £380

LGBTQ Experience Week 8 - 14 October Adriana Sjan Bijman This week gives space to celebrate being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer together in the supportive and unique environment at Findhorn. A week of community life and opening to the new. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480

Family Experience Week Follow-On 6 - 12 August If your family has already participated in a Family Experience Week, this follow-on week offers an opportunity to deepen your relationship with the community, or to come back to Findhorn and reconnect with the spirit that flows through all aspects of life here. Offering more freedom than Family Experience Week and more potential for creative participation, this programme takes into consideration the individual needs of participating families. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480 £250 for age 5 - 11 £380 for age 12 - 17 Experience Week prerequisite

'The programme was awesome. I loved all of it. It was an insight into a new way of life for me. It was inspiring, exciting, fulfilling.'


Foreign Language Programmes 日 本 語 email: 日本語体験週 8月13日〜19日 スペシャル・ウィンター・リトリート 2015年12月21日 (月)〜27日 (日) 2016年12月21日 (水)〜27日 (火) 高橋 靖子 & 邦江 ゴーント


事前に体験週への参加が必要となります。 以下は財団ではなく個人主催のプログラムと なります。主催者に直接お問い合わせ下さい。 体験週 6月11日〜17日 秋本 育明 email: エコヴィレッジ体験週 7月9日〜15日 広瀬 麻奈 email: ビーイング・イン・コミュニティ  4月30日〜5月6日 邦江 ゴーント email: ライフ・パーパス 10月29日〜11月4日 広瀬 麻奈 email:


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Semana de Experiência 16 - 22 Julho

Oplevelses Uge 9 - 15 april email: email: email: email: email: email:

Being in Community (BIC) Being in Community (BIC) is a great way to integrate your experience of the Findhorn Foundation. For Being in Community dates please see calendar on pages 34 - 38. Being in Community (BIC) is a week that gives you time and space to integrate your experience of Findhorn after another programme. You may also find it an attractive option if you just want to come back to visit and reconnect with the community. There is less emphasis on a group experience than in an Experience Week, and you are more integrated into the life and daily rhythms of the community. The group size is generally smaller and the programme will run even for one person. You may opt for creating your week according to your needs or join the group for sharings, the possibilities of a group project or a nature outing and, if there is interest, a taste of the Transformation Game®. Whatever you choose, you will participate in a service department as

a continued expression and experience of our guiding principle of love in action. Evenings provide opportunities to join in with community activities and explore different aspects of life here, which may include spiritual and personal development, creative arts and sustainable living. If you are thinking about a longer term commitment to staying at the Foundation, BIC is an option that can give you a good sense of what it is like to live here. It also serves as a prerequisite for joining some of our further Essential Findhorn programmes such as the Living in Community Guest Programme (LCG) and the Living Essentials Apprentice Programme (LEAP). Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480 Experience Week prerequisite

'A rich and varied week, good to have time together, time alone, time sharing, time in silence, in nature.' 11

Spiritual Practice Weeks Our Spiritual Practice Weeks support you to continue a path of transformation and growth in your everyday life. Whichever week you choose, it will give you time to explore meditation, different kinds of exercises and to approach ordinary activities in a new way that encourages space for creativity and laughter. There are daily sessions together. Afternoons are spent in a service department to integrate practical life with your spiritual practice. The week is less of a group experience than in an Experience Week and you are more integrated into the life and rhythms of the community. The group is generally smaller and you will have time to take part in community meditations and events. If you are thinking about a longer term commitment to staying at the Foundation, a Spiritual Practice Week is an option that can give you a good sense of what it is like to live here. It also serves as a prerequisite for joining some of our further Essential Findhorn programmes such as LCG and LEAP. 12 12

Tiered price: £890 / £660 / £490 Experience Week prerequisite Gene Keys 19 - 25 March, 27 August - 2 September Pia Mark Discover how to use the Gene Keys transmission as a tool for spiritual awakening. Using our individual Hologenetic Profile as a blueprint, we will reveal our unique gifts and uncover some of our deepest shadows, exploring how to live life to our fullest and highest potential. Through a journey of contemplation we will gradually move towards allowing, accepting and eventually embracing these shadows, igniting our innate radiance and through an unfolding transformation set ourselves free to live and be who we truly are as awakened beings. Permaculture 9 - 15 April, 15 - 21 October Craig Gibsone We use permaculture principles to look at how we live our lives day to day, and

to connect with the wisdom of the Earth and our own beings. This ecological design system can inspire and empower us to create and find answers within ourselves. Introduction to Meditation 23 - 29 April John Abdey This is suitable for everyone, whether you are new to meditation or more experienced. Approaching the week with a 'beginners mind’, we will look at the objectives of meditation and some basic techniques including preparation, alignment, concentration and visualisation. We will also experience a wide variety of meditation techniques so you can choose those you wish to explore further as you develop your own meditation practice. Nature 2 - 8 July, 6 - 12 August Katharina Brocke An introduction to the subtle dimensions of the Earth. We practise attunement to the loving intelligence within the nature kingdom. Through a combination of exercises in perception, attunement and meditation, as well as making a flower essence and working in the garden, we move closer to the beauty and uniqueness of our own soul.

Living Intuitively 24 - 30 September Nadasree Georgete Gadas We know everything we need to know at any given moment. This week is a journey of discovery as well as confirmation of our intuitive abilities. We will do exercises to develop our sensitivity and subtle perception, and use diverse meditation practices that enhance our inner connection and deeper listening to our own wisdom. We will practise ways of bringing this enhanced sensitivity into our day-to-day living in the world. Clay 29 October - 4 November Craig Gibsone With the landscape of Findhorn Bay and the surrounding coastline as inspiration for our week, we journey with the four elements - earth, air, fire and water - using the medium of clay to focus and centre ourselves, and to create spiritual alchemy. Clay is a magical and primal substance that comes alive and takes form, bringing us a sense of co-creating with the spiritual dimension of all things. Included is time for reflection and insight that can be used to strengthen your inner commitment to a spiritual life.

Mindfulness 5 - 11 November Essential Findhorn Focaliser This week offers practices that enhance our living in attentive awareness: of our body, feelings, mind and the world around us. By focusing our brain activity on what is being sensed at each moment, we'll find ourselves living much more relaxed, and performing our daily activities in a more centred and calm manner.

'This is a valuable programme that offers a chance for people to deepen their spiritual practice.'


Service Weeks A Gift to Cluny Spring Clean Celebration 23 - 29 January No ordinary spring clean, this is a grand opportunity to clear out ‘old baggage’ on all levels.

Service Weeks give you the opportunity to come to the Foundation and lend a hand while giving yourself the gift of practising love in action. The price charged for these weeks covers your food, accommodation and admin fees, making it an affordable way to spend time in the community. The weeks also include an outing, time for personal sharings and are a good way to meet people living here. Join us for an active week of fun, focus, service and creativity. We invite you to attune to a price between £310 - £110. Experience Week prerequisite 14

Sprinklings of Light Spring Cleaning at The Park 30 January - 5 February As a group we cleanse ourselves and the spaces used by our guests and community on outer and inner levels. Coming Home to the Garden Gardening at The Park 30 April - 6 May, 14 - 20 May We will put our love into action and help co-create an abundant summer

of flowers, fruit and vegetables, while exploring the connections between our inner and outer gardens. In Perfect Timing Gardening at Cullerne 7 - 13 May, 21 - 27 May Together, we will do lots of sowing, preparing, mulching and planting out in our fields and polytunnels, while celebrating and enjoying being here in the Spring. Love in Action Maintenance at The Park 17 - 23 September A time to beautify and make improvements to buildings and places in The Park, with the help of both skilled and unskilled people. In Tune with Nature Autumn Pleasures in Cluny Garden 22 - 28 October Harvesting the last fruits of the year and exploring the magic of composting and mulching, we will co-create with nature and get our hands into some practical landscaping projects.

Applied Ecovillage Living 13 February - 11 March Craig Gibsone,Vera Franco

50 years, as well as on other local and international initiatives.

Drawing on the expertise of the Findhorn Ecovillage and introducing permaculture principles, this month-long programme gives you the tools needed for creating sustainable human settlements.

Week 1: People Care (13 - 19 February) Building Effective Groups, Deep Ecology and Designing for Transition

Meeting the increasingly urgent global need for viable, sustainable human settlements, the ecovillage model for living provides environmental, social, economic and spiritual sustainability, and an enhanced quality of life for all. Working with the simple principle of not taking more away from the Earth than we give back, ecovillages are consciously reducing their ecological footprint. The principles of an ecovillage apply equally to urban and rural settings, to both developing and developed countries. Applied Ecovillage Living provides a practical forum for learning and for developing action plans. It draws on the experience and expertise developed within the Findhorn Ecovillage over more than

Week 2: Fair Share (20 - 26 February) Economic Sustainability, Right Livelihood and Organic Food Production Week 3: Earth Care (27 February - 4 March) Human Settlements, Ecological Building and Wilderness Restoration Week 4: Design Projects (5 - 11 March) Principles of Permaculture and Designing for the Future Tiered price: ÂŁ2370 / ÂŁ1950 / ÂŁ1790

'It gave me many useful tools which I can transfer into my everyday life.' 15

Spiritual Deepening Living from Purpose and Soul 12 November - 9 December

charge of your own journey, guided and held by skilled focalisers on a daily basis.

Spiritual Deepening is a four-week journey to engage with the depth of your own inner knowing. An opportunity to practise sustainability on all levels, this programme is designed to assist you in weaving fresh insights from your experience into daily life.

Integration time includes journaling, a mindful practice day once a week, a silent retreat, creative expression and body practice, ritual, spiritual mentoring and reviews of your personal purpose and inner unfolding.

If you desire a supportive and stimulating environment in which to reflect upon and go deeper into your inner connection, Spiritual Deepening can offer you a powerful, holistic experience where you learn the wisdom of your own unique body and being, and bring it into the framework of your day-to-day living and soul’s journey. It can be a heart-opening process during which you can discover more of your capacity to live passionately in life.

We have recently redesigned this programme and are very engaged with and excited about all that it has to offer.

You receive the best that the Findhorn Foundation has to offer by engaging with our daily rhythms, practices and community members. This is an experiential learning where you are in 16

For the latest information please visit or contact Tiered price: £2370 / £1950 / £1790 Experience Week plus either Being in Community or a Spiritual Practice Week are prerequisite.

'Who am I? What is the story I am cocreating? What is my authentic part to play?'

Living in Community Guest Programme (LCG) Starts every Saturday except 9 January, 28 May, 3 September, 24 December. Please note: 31 December is a restricted intake week. Only those who have done LCG before can apply for this week. The Living in Community Guest (LCG) programme invites you to explore living in the Findhorn Foundation community for a month or more. It is a dynamic, creative and purposeful way to experience the gifts that come through living in community and serving as love in action. Sharing our lives in this vibrant environment opens the space for you to deepen your relationship with yourself, other people and nature as well as your connection with spirit. The programme runs in four-week segments, starting most Saturdays. It begins with clarifying your individual purpose and ends with a personal review to support you in integrating your experiences and to explore your next steps. Using the process of attunement you join the team of one of our service departments (gardens, kitchens, dining room, homecare or

maintenance) where the experience of love in action helps increase awareness, joy and freedom, creating an ever more meaningful experience of life. When you want to join LCG for the first time or are returning to do LCG after more than one year, you need to participate in either Being in Community, one of our Spiritual Practice Weeks or one of our Service Weeks as a prerequisite week. You can also apply after having taken part in one of our longer-term programmes: Applied Ecovillage Living or Spiritual Deepening, or Findhorn Foundation College's Learning English in Community. The prerequisite programme can be done any time within three months prior to joining LCG. We will invite you for an LCG intake interview and attunement. Please be aware that participation in the LCG Programme is not guaranteed in advance. LCG is also a necessary step towards making a longer commitment to the Findhorn Foundation through the Living Essentials Apprentice

Programme (LEAP). If you have just one month to be at the Foundation, you can participate in a prerequisite week as your first week and then participate in LCG for the following three weeks. For international visitors, participation in the LCG programme is subject to the duration of your visa. Tiered price For first four-week segment: £800 / £700 / £600 £500 - £450 for age 25 or under For second four-week segment: £700 / £600 / £500 £400 - £350 for age 25 or under For third and further four-week segments: £600 / £500 / £400 £350 - £300 for age 25 or under For three-week segment: £700 / £600 / £500 £400 - £350 for age 25 or under Experience Week prerequisite For further information please contact 17

Living Essentials Apprentice Programme (LEAP) An agreement to serve This is our staff intake programme where you learn the ways in which we live together here at the Foundation. We welcome you to come and contribute your own unique gifts and skills, so that together we can co-create a more loving and sustainable world. Applications will be considered through a process of attunement and are subject to the needs of service departments and availability of living space at the time of your application. If accepted onto LEAP, you will engage with the joys and challenges of daily life in a spiritual community and ecovillage. We invite you to join in the practice of being present in every task and interaction, and to choose to live everyday life as a spiritual path, based on our core spiritual principles of inner listening, love in action and co-creation with nature. You join in a service department, participate in community meetings, engage in spiritual and personal development, and have regular reviews. We ask you to commit to participating fully, including some 18

weekends, and we will provide you with food, basic accommodation and a supportive learning environment. If accepted onto LEAP, you spend two to six months as a short-term apprentice. After a review, if you then wish to make a longer commitment (six months up to a year) you can become a long-term apprentice. This begins with five days of intense learning - a deeper induction into our principles and practices. These inductions occur twice a year. Thereafter you will continue to meet with your peer group once a week. And once a month we provide two to three days of continued learning of the Foundation ethos. Finally, to help you reflect on and integrate your learning experience, you will be provided with a personal mentor. Apprenticeship is a commitment to serve this centre and its purpose in the world. It is the pathway towards becoming a member of staff of the Findhorn Foundation. And it is equally valid as a pathway along which to gain the skills and awareness that will

equip you to be a world server and leader wherever else your passion may lead you. We invite you to take this leap and come and live the soul of service with us. We welcome applications for this programme all year round. Please note: staff positions are limited and there is no guarantee of a staff position at the end of the programme. Please see our website or contact for more information. £360 - £60/month while on Short-Term LEAP £1850 / £1500 / £1150 for the first six-month block of Long-Term LEAP (thereafter free). Prerequisite:Three months of LCG - see page 17.

Findhorn Intensive - A 12-Month Modular Programme Residential weeks for this programme: In 2016 - 10 September, 26 November In 2017 - 11 February, 22 April, 1 July This year-long enquiry explores what it really means to live Foundation principles in everyday life.You spend five residential weeks here, with peer group support and individual mentoring at home in between times. If you have been touched by this place and want to bring the experience more fully into your everyday life, we invite you on this heart-opening journey. In it, you will: • deepen and strengthen your connection with your inner self, while engaging with the challenges and rigours of daily life • open to new possibilities for living relationships, and engaging creatively with all that surrounds you • discover healthy ways to bring your unique contribution to the world, positively adding to the ecology of life The group journey is an opportunity to be lovingly held, supported, challenged and

encouraged while you reflect and engage with your life more deeply. During our residential weeks, we come together and create an environment in which to enquire, discover and practise. We draw on the Foundation's mystery school approach, as well as our individual and collective practices and wisdom. We explore the frameworks of Incarnational Spirituality and Process Oriented Psychology to help understand and practise living our lives consciously. Steered by the group's particular interests, we draw on the experience and inspiration of this place to engage in new possibilities for sustainability in the areas of spirituality, creativity, ecology, culture and economy.

and spiritual connection, to attune to the world around you and to realise new possibilities of relating and co-creating with other people, nature and life in all aspects. It invites you to reassess your life, find greater fulfillment and bring more love into our world. For comprehensive information on the themes and particulars of the programme, as well as how to apply, please visit or contact Tiered price: £3450 / £2850 / £2350 Experience week prerequisite

When you are back home, in between these weeks, you continue to deepen, ground and apply the learning. Regular peer group meetings, a mentor, practices and resource materials support you in this. The Findhorn Intensive supports you to find ways to open to your own intuition 19

Isle of Iona - Summer Retreats at Traigh Bhan Summer Retreat Weeks start every Saturday from 9 July with the final week starting 27 August. Situated on the west coast of Scotland, Iona is a sacred island known as an historic place of pilgrimage. Traigh Bhan is the Findhorn Foundation’s retreat house on this magical island. Traigh Bhan offers the opportunity for quiet contemplation, while the island itself - with its views and spectacular coastal scenery - is ideal for long walks of exploration and contact with nature’s beauty. If you need time to integrate the experiences of a workshop, or space to reflect on your own journey and next steps, Traigh Bhan is the perfect place for spiritual rest and renewal. Comfortable and well-equipped, the house has its own peaceful sanctuary for prayer and meditation. Our residential Foundation custodian can guide you in making the most of your time. The Retreat Weeks are loosely structured, yet well held. 20

Transport Information For Foundation bus information to Iona and Erraid, please contact our Transport Department. Tel: +44 (0)1309 678020 or email: All retreats cost: £545 - £295 per person according to individual circumstances and includes all meals and seven nights accommodation in shared rooms. Food is vegetarian and preparation of evening meals is shared. Please pay only your deposit when you make your booking; we ask you to attune to the final amount you pay while you are staying at Traigh Bhan on Iona. Maximum six guests per week. Arrival time is midday Saturday, and departure time is the next Saturday morning. Experience Week prerequisite

'All I have is gratitude to the Findhorn Foundation for creating this space on Iona, for supporting me in this transition time of my life.'

Themed Weeks on Iona Transformation in Retreat 12 - 19 March 25 June - 2 July 1 - 8 October Margo van Greta, Niels Paulsen The power of the Transformation (box) Game® combined with the peace and beauty of Iona. Spring Equinox Retreat Margo van Greta 19 - 26 March Deeply experience this time of year as we turn towards the light, within the peace of this beautiful island. Easter Retreat 26 March - 2 April Judith Bone Experience Easter week on the holy island of Iona. Creative Space 4 - 11 June Stewart Friendship Bring your own creativity and current project, and be inspired by the island and the wisdom of the group.

Close to God 18 - 25 June Niels Paulsen Explore the forces of nature by walking the island, working in the garden, and cooking food together. Creations in Nature 2 - 9 July Dietmar Voorwold, Niels Paulsen Exploring landscape by creating beautiful art pieces from what we find along the stunning coasts of Iona - a playful meditation to honour our beauty and the gifts of nature. Retreat with Art 3 - 10 September Karin Werner Connect with an inner sense of peace and beauty on the island through visual contemplation, meditative guided art sessions, sharings and quiet time. A time to be and to create. NB Sliding scale: £580 - £330 Autumn Equinox Retreat 17 - 24 September Jörn Fiebig Deeply experience this time of balancing light and dark, within the peace of this beautiful island.

Space for the Heart 24 September - 1 October Margo van Greta Meditations from the Buddhist tradition combined with the inspiration of Iona, to connect more deeply with our heart and with love, compassion and peace. Game of Transformation Retreat 22 - 29 October Liza Hollingshead A unique opportunity to play the original version of the Game of Transformation® while living and sharing together on Iona. NB Price: £575 New Year Retreat 28 December - 4 January 2017 A space on Iona to stop and pause for inner reflection, transitioning into the New Year. 21

Isle of Erraid Erraid is a beautiful Hebridean island in view of Iona, where a small community, part of the Findhorn Foundation, lives and works together within the natural cycles of sea and land. The quality of stillness and the simplicity of life here are an invitation to slow down and experience a different way of being. You are welcome to join us for a week or more to experience the island’s magical energy, explore its magnificent landscape and wildlife, our unique lifestyle and community life. We are open for guests for most of the year. Families with children are always welcome. There are several ways of exploring Erraid:

Love in Action Weeks Immerse yourself in the rhythm of our lives. Enjoy the wild beauty of the island while joining in community activities such as gardening, cooking, chopping wood, polishing candles, meditating, sacred singing and much more.... £500 - £250 by attunement

Booking Information For further details, bookings, long-term possibilities or for special rates for children and groups please contact us at: tel: +44 (0)1681 700384 email: Please find more information on our website:

Retreat Weeks Allow the island to hold you within its healing energies as you take time for yourself - going for walks, sitting on the beach, reading, writing, connecting with nature. Our cosy retreat cottage is available for a more private space. £550 - £350 by attunement

For Foundation bus information please see page 20.

Celtic Festival Weeks Join us as we celebrate the turning of the seasons and connect with the unique energies of the Celtic festivals, surrounded by the island’s ancient and powerful landscape. £550 - £350 by attunement


Our prices are on a sliding scale according to individual circumstances. Please be aware that you attune to the final amount you pay at the end of your stay on Erraid. Erraid is a feeling. It is a place as well. A place in my heart and a place on the planet. For me it is the most beautiful and magical place in the world, my greatest love. Erraid’s energy is healing; a short cut to God, to Spirit, to the big, ancient, wild Earth Mother. On Erraid I feel stripped down naked to the core of my being, in oneness with nature and everything surrounding me. – Britta Schmitz, former Erraid resident

Special Healing and Awakening

Radical Gratitude Rebirth Retreat 7 - 14 May Join author and spiritual teacher Will Pye ( in the glorious surrounds and welcoming community of our beautiful island for a special spring retreat. Enjoy daily meditation, talks, personal guidance and nature walks. ÂŁ700 - ÂŁ450 by attunement

Imbolc 30 January - 6 February The return of the Celtic Goddess Bride, representing the reawakening of the life force after winter. The energy of renewal invites us to leave behind that which no longer serves and prepare for the coming of spring. Ostara - Spring Equinox 19 - 26 March When days grow longer and life unfurls from winter hibernation. As the natural world surges into spring we celebrate fresh growth in our own lives. Beltane 30 April - 7 May The arrival of summer. We celebrate the union of male and female energy, the power of fire and the burning creativity of passion in our own lives.

Lithia - Summer Solstice 18 - 25 June The sun is at the height of its power and we celebrate the longest day of the year. A time of appreciation for the natural bounty overflowing from our gardens and for reflecting on abundance in our own lives. Mabon - Autumn Equinox 17 - 24 September As summer fades and winter approaches we come together to celebrate the Harvest Festival, gathering in and feasting on the rich produce of our gardens and the achievements and blessings of our lives. Samhain 29 October - 5 November Traditionally the Celtic New Year and the time when the veil is at its thinnest between our world and the spirit world. A time to remember our loved ones and to honour our ancestors. 23

Reaching Out Building Bridges

The Building Bridges team helps to make the Findhorn Foundation accessible to an ever-broadening spectrum of people and organisations. We can give people opportunities for positive change in diverse circumstances through the heart-opening living and learning experiences offered here. Our main areas of focus include: • Tailored visits for private groups • Programmes for the socially excluded, focusing mainly on disadvantaged young people and adults with learning disabilities 24

• Events for business, NGO and charity professionals • School group visits We offer short tastes of what the Foundation has to offer through our A Great Day Out programme, and tailored residential (or non-residential) experiences for those wanting to learn from our more than 50 years of community building experience. Our two main sites, The Park and Cluny Hill, provide a rich, interactive environment for experiential learning and personal development. Some of our learning opportunities include: developing a spiritual practice, team work and team building, group discovery games, permaculture theory and practice, renewable energy, co-creation with nature, group projects in the gardens and building sustainable community. Welcoming Diversity The Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP) has been developed with our partners Action for Children and the Moray Council for disadvantaged young people from the local Moray area. This programme brings young people aged between 16

and 21 to the Foundation, three days a week for three months. They experience a variety of new activities including basic gardening, cooking for the community, movement exercises, music making, time in nature, discovery games, communication workshops, and much more. The Findhorn Co-Ability Project aims to bring people with diverse abilities together in our community. This project focuses on the many positive elements people with learning and other disabilities bring to communities. Our residential programmes and care-farming initiative for day visits provide a safe platform for participants to develop their potential and offer their gifts to those around them.

The Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability is a stimulating five-day programme where professionals from business, NGOs and charities who are interested in exploring issues related to sustainability meet the Foundation, each other and themselves in a new way. Our business/NGO/professional events are by invitation only; please contact us for more information. School of Youth brings together young people aged 16 - 27 from different cultural, religious and economic backgrounds to engage in a 10-day experience blending outdoor adventures with music, art and philosophy to holistically develop life skills. Contact Us For a full menu of activities we offer, visit or email We look forward to welcoming you. 'I left thoroughly enthused with a head full of to-dos, having learned, felt and experienced way more than I expected. Four months on I am still feeling the benefit of my time in Scotland, personally and professionally.'

Outreach Workshops

We respond to invitations from all over the world, offering workshops and activities to share the spiritual values and group skills that have been developed and are still evolving within the Findhorn Foundation community. We use a variety of tools – sacred song and dance, games, meditation, intention and silence - to build group consciousness and community. If you would like to set up an event in your area, please contact Rosie Turnbull at the address below. You can see our current Outreach Workshops diary, listing Foundation-related events and workshops taking place across the world, by going online at

Mary Inglis and Susie Schwartz in Russia

Outreach Workshops Findhorn Foundation The Park, Findhorn, Moray IV36 3TZ Scotland tel: +44 (0)1309 691618 email:

Resource People

There may be someone living in your local area who knows the Findhorn Foundation community well and enjoys sharing with others the inspiration that can be experienced here, as well as practical information about how to visit. Resource People (RPs) sometimes organise Foundation-related events and activities near you. The network extends around the world and there are currently 180 RPs in 33 countries. You can find the full list of RPs at or you can email for more information. 25


Findhorn Foundation College courses in further and higher education integrate experiential and academic learning within the context of the world-renowned Findhorn Learning Centre, community and ecovillage project. Findhorn Foundation College is committed to providing holistic education throughout our courses. We are passionate about engaging our participants in transformative education for personal empowerment and planetary well being; we embrace diversity of experience and offer a non-discriminatory, meaningful, empowering learning journey for all. Learning English in Community 19 March – 15 April; 21 May – 17 June; 20 August – 16 September A dynamic opportunity to improve your English conversational skills within a supportive group and community environment.

Permaculture Design Course with Gabrielle Buist and Craig Gibsone 16 – 29 July In depth introduction to the fundamentals of permaculture.

Transformation Game ® Facilitators Training 7 – 20 May; 15 – 28 October This Innerlinks training enables you to use the Transformation Game ® as a tool professionally with your clients and colleagues, as well as deepen the experience with friends and family.

Gaia Education: Design for Sustainability – the Findhorn EDE 1 October – 4 November This advanced training course is designed to develop the skills needed for regenerative cultural change – exploring Social, Ecological, Economic and Worldview dimensions with a focus on Facilitation for Participatory Empowerment.

Reiki Training – Level 1 and Level 2 7 – 20 May, with resident Reiki masters.

Field Study Visits By arrangement, for University courses.

Contact us for more information +44 (0)1309 690806 Company No. 215385 Scottish Charity No. SC 0311792.


Undergraduate semester study at Findhorn, Autumn 2016 In collaboration with Antioch Study Abroad, we offer a 16-credit undergraduate semester: Foundations of Sustainable Living. Four taught courses: Worldviews through Mindfulness; Group Dynamics; Creative Expression through the Arts; Principles of Ecovillage. Frameworks for Change with Mary Inglis 5 – 8 December Innerlinks’ training for business consultants. Researchers and independent study Pathways for residential researchers are available with the logistic and mentoring support.

EarthSings 19 - 25 March Our enduring commitment to singing as a path of healing, celebration and union through spirit, coupled with the phenomenal success of our recent EarthSings conferences is the inspiration behind the Findhorn Foundation once again creating a conference where transformation through song becomes possible. This year we are delighted to welcome the 15-strong choir Northern Harmony led by Larry Gordon and Patty Cuyler as our principal guests. Transcending the traditional definition of choral music, the group is particularly renowned for its command of varied world ethnic singing styles. Also with us for the week is Corrina Hewat, teaching Scots and harmony songs and performing with Shine, a group featuring Gaelic singer Alyth MacCormack and harpist Mary Macmaster. The following artists have been provisionally booked for evening concerts and one-off workshops:

Singing for Unity and Wellbeing

• Zulu Tradition rekindles the spark of Zulu culture and heritage through traditional drama, song and dance. • James Grant is a singer/songwriter, formerly of Love and Money, known for ‘lyrics good enough to be poetry’ echoing the sweet sorrow of lost love and lasting hope • Cruinn are four singers who have earned a reputation for their presentations of songs in Gaelic, both traditional and contemporary, and are admired for their outstanding use of harmonies and subtle arrangements. The conference will feature daytime workshops, participatory events and evening concerts. Peter Vallance will host, with support from local song teachers Bill Henderson and Kate O'Connell. Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590 NB: Non-residential option: £275 includes all sessions and refreshments, but excludes accommodation and meals. For the latest information and to book either option, please visit 27

The PlanetaryGame -Engaging with the Emerging Future 40th Anniversary of the Game of Transformation

2 - 8 July

With Joy Drake, Kathy Tyler, Mary Inglis, Judy McAllister & InnerLinks Group

The Planetary Game is a large-scale version of the Game of Transformation. Born here 40 years ago as a way of representing our approach to life, the Game is one of the most creative impulses to come out of the Findhorn community. Today players and trained facilitators engage with different versions of it in over 40 countries, and the box Game has been translated into nine different languages. The Planetary Game involves up to 100 participants in five Playing Areas, each representing a key area of engagement. 28

Focused around a life-sized Game path on the floor, it provides an exciting, multidimensional opportunity to work creatively together to bring insight, healing and direction to areas of both collective and personal concern. Participants choose one of the Playing Areas to engage with, formulate a personal intention, and select a role to play: Player, Insight, Setback, Angel or Witness. Costumed participants representing the Playing Areas use a die, free will or intuition to move along the path on the floor. Different squares present opportunities for interaction, growth, breakthroughs, recognition of shared strengths and challenges, and learning from one another’s work. The Game amplifies both individual and collective issues, engages our hopes and dreams for a positive future, and highlights strengths, resources, and new directions. It also reflects current limiting patterns and their underlying causal dynamics, giving the

opportunity to reshape them. Although there is personal growth, insight and healing, the Planetary Game is played at far more than just the personal level. Its effectiveness depends on our capacity to recognise ourselves in one another, to see the world within ourselves and ourselves within the world, and to respond accordingly. It requires us to take responsibility for being co-creative participants in the wellbeing of a wholeness larger than just our own. Do come and join us for this special event as we bring collective wisdom to both personal and global issues, explore our interconnectedness, and engage our capacity to generate positive pathways and presence in these extraordinary and exciting times. Tiered price: £1210 / £955 / £795 £50 early bird discount applies when booked and paid in full by 31 January 2016 £745 (special price for accredited Transformation Game facilitators)

Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song - Celebrating 40 years of 16 - 22 July

sharing the power of Sacred/Circle Dance at the Findhorn Foundation

With special guest Nanni Kloke

This year we will look back at the traditional dances and contemporary choreographies that have brought us healing and transformation and welcome the new opportunities that await us. We have invited Nanni Kloke as our guest teacher as she both channels new dances for the future and connects us with the past through growing up in the presence of Bernhard Wosien. Nanni Kloke teaches movement and awareness by the Harmony Method®

where circle dance and meditation in movement give us the opportunity to find a deeper connection to our inner self and deeply encounter others. Nanni teaches dances that she has choreographed herself and as we repeat the dances our increased understanding of and subsequent confidence in the way our body moves allows us to further access our ‘Dancer Within’.

‘dancing field’ within which transformation can occur. Susanne Anders Bartholomäi will share DanceMeditation, allowing us to become fully present and aware of the body while focusing the mind and opening the heart. Barbara Swetina will share devotional and song dances that transport people to the sacred world through harmony and beauty.

Our resident teachers will share with us the knowledge they have gained over their years of teaching with a series of master classes. Laura Shannon has travelled widely to research Greek and Balkan traditional dances in their original settings, and her teaching offers a deep experience of the meditative power, sacred symbols and healing energy these dances contain. Kostantis Kourmadias will accompany Laura's classes with exquisite and sensitive live music on the saz. Peter Vallance will be sharing his approach to traditional and choreographed dances and how he weaves them organically together to create a

There is also the chance to participate in the Festival Choir (learn by ear/no experience needed) or the Orchestra with Bill Henderson (bring an instrument!). Together these groups provide music for the final night's celebration. Dancing to live music is an important part of the Festival experience and evenings will feature Kicky Anderberg's Mahala band, Barbara Swetina, the Indian Bhajan Band and Rory O'Connell with community and visiting musicians. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 29

3 - 9 September

Co-convenors: Rosie Faith, Elmer Postle and Graham Meltzer There is a profound relationship between the way humans are born and the way we treat our environment. From conception, gestation and birth through to early childhood, a consciously supported beginning to life is crucial to the future of civilisation and the Earth. When we celebrate our capacity to welcome and love the next generation, we discover wholeness, relationship and a desire to care for our environment. Our aim for this week-long conference is to create a supportive container for the exploration of key concepts of health and wholeness within the context of birth and ecology including: 30

• birthing mothers bring forth and nurture those who will ultimately determine the health of the planet • babies learn during gestation and birth whether the world is 'safe' or 'terrifying' • how we are born and raised affects our capacity to love and remain conscious • the healing of birth issues in adults is vital for a full expression of our creative intelligence and responsiveness. Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth will be a multi-faceted event incorporating keynote presentations, classes and participatory workshops led by leading teachers, practitioners and academics as well as cultural and social events. This conference will generate a rich vein of extraordinary learning, insight and expertise that will nourish and support: professionals involved in the birth and care of babies and the wellbeing of families; therapists, educators and ecologists involved in the care of the Earth as well as parents and prospective parents who want to participate in this critical exploration of the evolution of humanity. Please visit or contact Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710

Invited presenters: Ray Castellino, specialist in resolving and repatterning prenatal and birth trauma imprinting Binnie A Dansby, healing birth teacher, therapist, author and philosopher Robbie Davis-Floyd, medical anthropologist and author of eight books on reproduction Robin Grille, psychologist, parenting educator and author of Parenting for a Peaceful World Mary Jackson, home birth midwife since 1975, she has attended over 2,000 births Robin Lim, midwife, author, founder of Bumi Sehat Foundation and CNN Hero of the Year Clare Maddalena, pregnancy yoga teacher, birth educator and doula Hope Medford, musician, artist, midwife and doula Angelina Martinez Miranda, traditional midwife living and practicing in Mexico Michel Odent, obstetrician, researcher, natural birth advocate and influential author Elena Tonetti Vladimirova, filmmaker, author and founder of Birth Into Being Kate Woods, doula, international doula trainer/mentor and founder of Conscious Birthing

16 - 18 January (3 days)

Falling in Love with Where You Are: Unconditionally Embracing the Pain and Joy of Life Jeff Foster Let go of seeking. Whatever it is, you can release the need to figure it out now. Let it remain unresolved a little while. There's no need to fast-forward to the 'answer' scene in the movie of your life; trust the present scene of 'no answer yet'. Allow the question itself space to breathe and be fertilised. Relax into the mysterious ground of now. Tiered price: £470 / £360 / £250

26 - 28 March (3 days)

Transformation and the Enneagram - 9 Soul Meditations for Your Life Journey Robert Holden “The Enneagram is the most powerful system I know for releasing inner blocks to love, happiness and success.” Robert Holden Join Robert for a spiritual adventure into the heart and soul of the Enneagram - the oldest self-awareness tool on our planet. He will give an overview of and lead panels on each Type, as well as guide you through a soul meditation for each Type. Key themes will include: understanding the Enneagram, knowing your Type, healing the inner blocks and recognising your soul gifts. NB: No previous experience of the Enneagram is necessary, however, we recommend you take an Enneagram Test. Please contact Robert via his website for further details Tiered price: £620 / £470 / £380


14 - 17 May (4 days)

Individual to Global - Making Change Possible Jeddah Mali, Francesca Blindow Individual to Global is specifically designed for those people who are looking for a new way of approaching old problems. We all want to learn and grow, to change ourselves and the world for the better. But if we are honest, we recognise that it can be challenging to consistently embody the harmonious, loving, successful self and world we want. In this four-day workshop we will start with the understanding that our relationship to ourselves determines how much we can contribute to our own wellbeing and the world's. Using a framework of Concept, Practice and Co-creation, we will examine the nature and function of existence. In Concept and Practice, we will examine our own perceptions to see where they work and where they don't and learn tools to navigate life in harmony with ourselves and the laws of existence.You will also examine and release unconscious resistance to achieving the change you want. Many of us feel that the times we are living in call us to contribute to a new world and a new way of relating to it and each other. 32

Co-creation will help us to work directly on a persistent pattern in our lives that is undermining our best intentions to grow and contribute to the world we want to live in. We will use the insight that arises from this to understand societal and global issues with greater clarity. There's a key to understanding and utilising the knowledge of how life works. We have developed a model that encompasses all these aspects into a unified approach. That’s what we’d like to share with you. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480

28 - 31 May (4 days) The Gene Keys Pearl of Prosperity - Money as a Means of Personal and Planetary Liberation Richard Rudd, Pia Mark A special event with Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd introducing us to the Pearl Sequence, a unique personal profile that shows how to unleash a natural stream of prosperity in your life. Your Pearl Sequence (available for free on describes a series of genetic patterns imprinted at birth that when released can unlock a wave of inner fulfilment and material prosperity.

Transform the way in which you see money - from being a source of constant anxiety or addiction to becoming your creative muse, your path to liberation.The Pearl teaches you the true meaning of prosperity - to discover and serve the highest noble ideal inside yourself. Having found this great secret, you will catalyse the full force of the universe to aid you in your endeavour. During this event you will learn: • How to get out of the poverty/wealth trap that takes up so much of your precious time • How to create deep lucidity in your mind, helping you to make auspicious decisions • A completely new model for business that is cooperative and transcendent, yet at the same time simple and elegant • How to apply the insights from your personalised Pearl Sequence to your everyday life • How to align yourself with a future human intelligence that operates collectively and is the source of all genius Although newcomers are welcome, in order to get the maximum benefit from these four days, you are recommended to have taken part or all of the Gene Keys Golden Path Programme ( Tiered price: £890 / £660 / £490

1 - 3 June (3 days) The Gene Keys Pearl of Prosperity A 3-day Retreat Pia Mark After attending our Gene Keys Pearl of Prosperity event, you may want to stay on for a few days to integrate and deepen your personal experience of awakening.This retreat offers you an in-depth introduction to the Gene Keys Golden Path and your Personal Hologenetic profile, supporting you on your personal journey of transformation as well as giving you space to relax and explore the beautiful surroundings. Tiered price: £620 / £470 / £380 5 - 7 November (3 days)

Exploring Spiritual Direction as a Path of Sacred Eco-Biology: You Are One with All Life Caroline Myss The endless search for meaning and for God has led many people to explore different traditions but has left them feeling empty, still seeking something, but what? We cannot find fulfilling answers for ourselves or others without the right questions, such as: What do I believe? Why do I

believe? What is the nature of God? Dare I even consider that the Divine is nothing like the religious myths of traditional faiths? Addressing these questions starts us on an 'organic' spiritual path, one that weaves the nature of God with the ecological system of life itself, including human nature. In this workshop on spiritual direction, we will explore the rich perspective of your soul as a sacred eco-biological system and I will lead you through the questions that 'organically' present themselves as you progress deeper into understanding who you are, what you believe, and why you make the choices you do. Through this method of spiritual direction, dysfunctional religious myths are released, wounds are healed, and we become open to a mystical or cosmic understanding of the Divine. You will also leave this workshop with guidance on how to sustain a personal spiritual practice. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480

The Findhorn Foundation's Contribution to the UN Agenda for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) The Findhorn Ecovillage is a major centre of adult holistic learning, serving over 10,000 visitors from over 50 countries in 2015. A synthesis of the very best of current thinking on sustainable human settlements, our ecovillage is used as an ESD resource by ecovillage educators and a number of university and school groups, as well as by professional organisations. Education for Sustainable Development is an umbrella initiative gathering together both existing and future learning models for designing and implementing sustainable ways of life. Both the Findhorn Foundation's month-long Applied Ecovillage Living (now in its 17th year) and the Findhorn Foundation College's five-week Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (now in its 11th year) equip participants to be holistic change leaders in their communities, contributing to the transition towards more sustainable patterns of production and consumption, as well as more joyful, meaningful and healthier lives for all. The Findhorn Foundation is an NGO associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.


Calendar of Workshops and Events

* Programmes start on Saturday and finish the following Friday evening unless otherwise stated. * Programmes on Iona start on Saturday and finish the following Saturday. * Living in Community (LCG) starts on every Saturday unless otherwise stated. These programmes require prior participation in Experience Week.

December 2015 Monday 21 December A Christmas Retreat Japanese Winter Retreat

January 2016 53 53

Saturday 26 December Living in Community (LCG) Restricted intake only Monday 28 December Game of Transformation (7 days) New Year Celebration - Crossing the Threshold New Year Retreat - Turning Within and Moving Forward Iona - New Year Retreat Tuesday 29 December Erraid - New Year Retreat



Saturday 9 January No Living in Community (LCG) Saturday 16 January Special Event: Jeff Foster - Falling in Love with Where You Are (3 days) Experience Week Being in Community

31 7 11

40 53 53 21 22

Saturday 23 January Experience Week A Gift to Cluny - Spring Clean Celebration Saturday 30 January Sprinklings of Light - Spring Cleaning at The Park Game of Transformation (4 days) Erraid - Imbolc


Saturday 6 February Experience Week Being in Community

7 11

Saturday 13 February Being in Community Applied Ecovillage Living (4 weeks)

11 15

Saturday 20 February Experience Week Being in Community Life Purpose

7 11 41

Saturday 27 February Being in Community Game of Transformation (4 days)

11 40


14 40 23


Saturday 5 March Experience Week 7 Being in Community 11 Astroshamanic Dream Dance and Theatre 41 Saturday 12 March Being in Community Inviting Intimacy - An Introduction to Living Tantra Iona - Transformation in Retreat


Saturday 2 April Ecovillage Experience Week Being in Community Permaculture Design - For Life The Longing to Belong - Listening to the Call of Your Soul

8 11 42 42

11 41 21

Saturday 19 March Special Event: EarthSings - Singing for Unity and Wellbeing 27 Experience Week 7 Spiritual Practice - Gene Keys 12 Iona - Spring Equinox Retreat 21 Erraid - Ostara - Spring Equinox 23 Saturday 26 March Special Event: Robert Holden - Transformation and the Enneagram - 9 Soul Meditations for Your Life Journey (3 days) 31 Being in Community 11 Game of Transformation (4 days) 40 Healing Through Art 41 Iona - Easter Retreat 21

Saturday 9 April Danish Experience Week Spiritual Practice - Permaculture Active Hope - Nourishing Our Capacity to Act for Life on Earth

10 12 42

Saturday 16 April Experience Week 7 Being in Community 11 Painting and Drawing in Magical Places 42 Relationships - A Path Towards Wholeness 42 Saturday 23 April Spiritual Practice - Intro to Meditation Tarot - Archetypes of the Soul Saturday30 April Experience Week Japanese Being in Community Coming Home to the Garden - Gardening at The Park Game of Transformation (7 days) Embodying Higher Consciousness - Healing the Whole Self

13 43 7 10 14 40

Women Vibrant, Wise and Wild - for women over 50 Erraid - Beltane

43 23


Saturday 7 May French Experience Week 10 In Perfect Timing - Gardening at Cullerne 14 Soul Tracking - Discovering Your Soul's Agenda 43 Erraid - Radical Gratitude Rebirth Retreat 23 Saturday 14 May Special Event: Jeddah Mali - Individual to Global - Making Change Possible (4 days) 32 Experience Week 7 Coming Home to the Garden - Gardening at The Park 14 Saturday 21 May Experience Week 7 In Perfect Timing - Gardening at Cullerne 14 Saturday 28 May Special Event:The Gene Keys Pearl of Prosperity - Money as a Means of Personal and Planetary Liberation (4 days) 32 No Living in Community (LCG)

43 35


Wednesday 1 June The Gene Keys Pearl of Prosperity - A 3-day Retreat Saturday 4 June Experience Week Being in Community A Sacred Retreat - Explore Your Soul Through Mandala Painting Children of the Elements - Caretakers of the Earth Dragon Dreaming - Overcoming Blockages in Projects Iona - Creative Space Saturday 11 June Ecovillage Experience Week Japanese Experience Week Being in Community

33 7 11

7 10 11 45 45 21

44 44 44 21 8 10 11

Saturday 18 June Experience Week 7 Being in Community 11 Game of Transformation (4 days) 40 Findhorn Nonviolence Intensive 44 Sacred Dance - Symbols in Movement: The Mevlevi Dervish Turning and Other Prayer Dances 44 The Alchemy of Transformation 45 Iona - Close to God 21 Erraid - Lithia - Summer Solstice 23 36

Saturday 25 June Experience Week Italian Experience Week Being in Community Music As A Medicine (4 days) Gateways to Awakened Presence Iona - Transformation in Retreat


Saturday 2 July Special Event:The Planetary Game Engaging with the Emerging Future 28 Experience Week 7 Spiritual Practice - Nature 13 Horses, Sense and Soul - A Spiritual Adventure 46 Iona - Creations in Nature 21 Saturday 9 July Music Experience Week


Japanese Ecovillage Experience Week 10 Being in Community 11 Contacting Nature Spirits 46 Cultivating Life Force - Introducing Daoist Chi Gong into Daily Life 46 Iona - Summer Retreat 20 Saturday 16 July Special Event: Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song Experience Week Portuguese Experience Week Being in Community Game of Transformation (4 days) Iona - Summer Retreat

29 7 10 11 40 20

Saturday 23 July Experience Week Family Experience Week German Experience Week Being in Community The Elusive Obvious (5 days) Iona - Summer Retreat

7 9 10 11 46 20

Saturday 30 July Ecovillage Experience Week Family Experience Week Youth Experience Week Being in Community Interspecies Communication and Nature Immersion Wholebody Focusing Iona - Summer Retreat

8 9 9 11 46 47 20

Saturday 20 August Experience Week 7 Spanish Experience Week 10 Being in Community 11 Life Purpose 41 Biodanza - The Dance of Life 48 Sacred Geography and a New Relationship with the Multidimensional Body of the Earth 48 Iona - Summer Retreat (Japanese) 20


Saturday 6 August Experience Week French Experience Week Family Experience Week Follow-On Spiritual Practice - Nature Creations in Nature Sacred Bee Symposium and Immersion Your Exquisite Body of Light Iona - Summer Retreat Saturday 13 August Experience Week Japanese Experience Week Being in Community Game of Transformation (7 days) Embracing Change - An Open Floor Movement Iona - Summer Retreat

7 10 9 13 47 47 47 20 7 10 11 40 48 20

Saturday 27 August Experience Week Spiritual Practice - Gene Keys Iona - Summer Retreat

7 12 20

Monday 29 August (5 days) Speaking Our Truth in Challenging Times



Saturday 3 September Special Event: Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth Conference 30 No Living in Community (LCG) Iona - Retreat with Art 21 Saturday 10 September Experience Week Being in Community Findhorn Intensive - Week 1 Conscious Conception

7 11 19 50

Essence and Empowerment - The TARA Approach Loving Living Food SourceSounding - The Sound of YOU

49 50 50

Saturday 17 September Experience Week 7 Love in Action - Maintenance at The Park 14 Game of Transformation (4 days) 40 Iona - Autumn Equinox Retreat 21 Erraid - Mabon - Autumn Equinox 23 Saturday 24 September Experience Week Spiritual Practice - Living Intuitively Advanced Essence and Empowerment Everyday Wild - Living in the Web of Life The Journey of Human Alchemy - Turning Our Lead Into Gold Iona - Space for the Heart

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* Living in Community (LCG) starts on every Saturday unless otherwise stated. * Programmes start on Saturday and finish the following Friday evening unless otherwise stated. * Programmes on Iona start on Saturday and finish the following Saturday. These programmes require prior participation in Experience Week. 37

Japanese Life Purpose Erraid - Samhain


Saturday 1 October Ecovillage Experience Week Being in Community Pathways to the Self Week 1 & 2 (2 weeks) Iona - Transformation in Retreat

NOVEMber 8 11 51 21

Saturday 8 October LGBTQ Experience Week 9 Being in Community 11 Essentials of Psychosynthesis (6 days) 52 Introduction to the Healing Art of Esalen速 Massage 52 Saturday 15 October Experience Week Spiritual Practice - Permaculture Astroshamanism: A Journey into the Inner Universe

7 12 52

Saturday 22 October Experience Week 7 In Tune with Nature - Autumn Pleasures in Cluny Garden 14 Exploring Reality - Living Reality (3 days) 52 Iona - Game of Transformation Retreat 21 Saturday 29 October Experience Week Spiritual Practice - Clay 38

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7 13

Saturday 5 November Special Event: Caroline Myss - Exploring Spiritual Direction as a Path of Sacred Eco-Biology (3 days) 33 Spiritual Practice - Mindfulness 13 Game of Transformation (4 days) 40 Saturday 12 November Experience Week Being in Community Spiritual Deepening (4 weeks) Life Purpose The Alchemy of Transformation

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Saturday 19 November Being in Community Advanced Sacred Dance

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Saturday 26 November Experience Week


Being in Community Findhorn Intensive - Week 2

11 19


Saturday 3 December Being in Community Pathways to the Self - Week 3

11 51

Saturday 10 December Experience Week Being in Community

7 11

Saturday 17 December Being in Community


Wednesday 21 December A Christmas Retreat Japanese Winter Solstice and Christmas Retreat

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Saturday 24 December No Living in Community (LCG) Wednesday 28 December Game of Transformation (7 days) New Year Celebration - Crossing the Threshold New Year Retreat - Turning Within and Moving Forward Iona - New Year Retreat

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Saturday 31 December Living in Community (LCG) Restricted intake only

A LTERNATIVES St James’s Piccadilly, London

Alternatives hosts the leading speakers in spirituality, personal growth and conscious business. Our programme offers talks, workshops and seminars to inspire your heart, mind and soul.

Saturday 31 October


Saturday 21 November



21 - 27 December 2015

A Christmas Retreat Please see description on page 53. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Experience Week prerequisite Japanese Winter Solstice and Christmas Retreat Please see description on page 53. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Experience Week prerequisite 28 December 2015 - 3 January 2016

New Year Celebration - Crossing the Threshold Please see description on page 53. Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590 New Year Retreat - Turning Within and Moving Forward Please see description on page 53. Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590 Game of Transformation - 7 days Please see description on the right. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 (7 days)

30 January - 2 February

Game of Transformation 4 days Also 27 February - 1 March, 26 - 29 March, 18 - 21 June, 16 - 19 July, 17 - 20 September, 5 - 8 November 7 days 30 April - 6 May, 13 - 19 August, 28 December 2016 - 3 January 2017 InnerLinks Group This is the original version of the Transformation Game®. It differs from the box game that you may know as it is more complex and multi-levelled. Centred around a circular board symbolising each player's world, this game offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key life issues. With two skilled guides and only five players, this is a wonderful opportunity to receive a high degree of masterful facilitation and make a quantum leap into greater wholeness. This workshop is a powerful springboard for spiritual growth and development, valuable at any stage of your life journey. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480 (4 days) Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 (7 days)

40 40

20 - 26 February

Life Purpose Karen Luedtke, Susan Miles This key and long-running Foundation workshop points the way to knowing who you really are by discovering the essence of what touches you most and what makes your life meaningful. A variety of creative, meditative and practical exercises help you understand your life’s purpose. Be guided within the supportive context of the group towards an understanding of your current belief systems and the ways in which you relate to yourself and the world. Learn to align with your inner knowing, gain clarity on your next steps and appreciate the nature of your own deeply personal lifelong journey towards fulfilment. Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590 Experience Week prerequisite 27 February - 1 March

Game of Transformation - 4 days Please see description on page 40. 'Coming together with open hearts to truly see each other is the new story. And the more we do it, the easier it will be for us and others to do it.'

5 - 11 March

Astroshamanic Dream Dance and Theatre Franco Santoro In this workshop, Franco invites you to join him on an empowering, visionary and healing journey through astroshamanic dreamwork, dance, drama and theatre. We employ movement to animate deep emotions and spiritual energies, redirecting them to support our highest potentials, unveiling our authentic visions and stepping into the healing flow that allows us to reshape the world within which we live. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 12 - 18 March

Inviting Intimacy - An Introduction to Living Tantra Frieder Fischer, Jan Day Learn to experience richer relationships, deeper intimacy and more authentic connections. We will focus on the depth that opens when we allow ourselves to relate authentically, tuning in to ourselves and each other and touching each other physically, emotionally and energetically. You will meet others in a caring and respectful environment and discover your desires,

how to express them and how to love and honour yourself. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710 26 March - 1 April

Game of Transformation - 4 days 26 - 29 March Please see description on page 40. Healing Through Art Pavithra Novak Use the power of art for healing and transformation. A huge variety of tools not only from art therapy, but also from psychotherapy and shamanism, will allow you to explore and discover yourself anew, and transform old and outworn patterns of thoughts and emotions. Healing unfolds naturally in this creative environment. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 41

The Longing to Belong - Listening to the Call of Your Soul Astrid Gude "As soon as you rest in the house of your own heart, doors and windows begin to open outwards to the world," writes John O'Donohue. Every so often we feel homeless in ourselves, disconnected from the natural world and lacking a sense of purpose and meaning. Using a variety of tools from Gestalt work and spiritual traditions we embark on a journey that invites us to reconnect and belong. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 2 - 8 April

Permaculture Design - For Life Karen Hughes, Jacqueline Buckingham This programme provides an opportunity to explore how to apply permaculture design, principles and ethics to life, and in the process create a life that reflects our goals and vision and is also deeply fulfilling. Through self-enquiry, group sharing, meditation, nature connection, art and dance we will discover how to make our lives more fun, more purposeful and more sustainable - for ourselves and for the Earth! Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Experience Week prerequisite 42

9 - 15 April

Active Hope - Nourishing Our Capacity to Act for Life on Earth Chris Johnstone, Margo van Greta Active Hope is a practice, something we do rather than have. It involves actively creating the future we hope for. What helps us do that in these times of challenging realities? With the aim of strengthening our capacity to respond, we will draw upon ‘The Work that Reconnects’, a transformational groupwork approach developed by Joanna Macy and colleagues. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

16 - 22 April

Painting and Drawing in Magical Places Swan Treasure This is an invitation to come on a rich journey of colours and friendship and to rediscover the beauty of life. Draw, paint, dance and sing together, with no previous experience necessary. We will be outdoors as much as possible, drawing close to nature to learn how to deeply listen and to share. A variety of creative, meditative and practical exercises will be offered to encourage our authentic self-expression. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Experience Week prerequisite Relationships - A Path Towards Wholeness Ana Rhodes, Javier Rodriguez To find oneself without any form of relationship is impossible. It is through our interactions with others that we are offered opportunities for integrating those aspects of ourselves that need to be welcomed. Using models such as Process Oriented Psychology coupled with inner work, role play and paying attention to our bodies, we will come to appreciate our personal dynamics with others as

helpful messengers supporting our soul’s evolutionary journey. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 23 - 29 April

Tarot - Archetypes of the Soul Jörn Fiebig “Tarot is one of the many possible stairways to your depth” Luisa Francia An introduction to the Tarot and an exploration of the archetypes at the core of each card. Learn to apply the cards to daily situations as well as practical big life themes. We will use knowledge, intuition, attunement and Tarot drama, and of course, do spreads. Jörn will use the Rider Waite deck, but please bring your own one too. Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590 30 April - 6 May

Game of Transformation - 7 days Please see description on page 40. Embodying Higher Consciousness - Healing the Whole Self Stephen Busby An immense acceleration in consciousness is available to us. How much do we allow

this to permeate us, so that our somatic, subtle and psychic capacities become integrated as our ground in everyday life? Using inner tools and systemic constellational work, we will explore our potential for a higher frequency of consciousness, refining subtle-energy competence and presencing those inner structures, often inherited, that are available for awareness and healing. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

Women Vibrant, Wise and Wild - for women over 50 Astrid Gude Ancient cultures revered the wisdom and spiritual power of the grandmothers. It is time to reclaim ourselves and our connection to the divine feminine. Experientially, we will source from the line of our ancestors, connect with our wider spiritual family including the goddesses and archetypes that operate through us, and harvest the gifts of our lives, stepping into our innate wisdom, joyfully embracing our elderhood and honouring our sacred connection to life. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

7 - 13 May

Soul Tracking - Discovering Your Soul's Agenda Jena Griffiths During this workshop we uncover how to express our divinity by learning to see beyond the illusion of daily circumstance. This is made possible by exploring our unique blueprint - the soul maps in our fingerprints and the mythological archetypes in our personalities. At the end of the week we each know how to fully inhabit our purpose and will take home a unique energy management and soul tracking programme. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650


no artistic experience is expected or necessary, the mandala can be a path for artistic development, beginner or advanced. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

4 - 10 June

A Sacred Retreat - Explore Your Soul Through Mandala Painting Ann-Marie Grind, Eric Grind An ancient symbol for wholeness and harmony, the mandala can be used as a path of self-discovery. This retreat will give you tools to explore your soul through mandala painting - a joyful, healing and meditative practice - and the opportunity to complete a beautiful and colourful mandala reflecting your inner life. Although 44

Children of the Elements - Caretakers of the Earth Astrid Gude Shamanic traditions see earth, air, water and fire as living beings, moving within and around us, shaping the universe and open to working in partnership with us. In our fast-paced lives we easily disconnect from nature, creating dis-ease. Through dance and song, poetry and prayer, time in nature, meditation and shamanic journeying we will explore, realign with and celebrate these great cosmic forces, creating balance and harmony within and without. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Dragon Dreaming - Overcoming Blockages in Projects John Croft, Lizandra Barbuto Dragon Dreaming is a design philosophy, field tested in more than 3500 projects around the world, for running outrageously successful projects and organisations. Through recognising, understanding and overcoming our personal and group blockages within projects we can

significantly shift our success rates in those activities that add meaning to our lives through personal growth, community building and service to the Earth. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710 18 - 24 June

Findhorn Nonviolence Intensive Dominic Barter, Kit Miller What would it be like to apply the principles of Nonviolent Communication to living in community for a week? To learn by doing, in the nitty gritty of heart-based living with a bunch of people you are still getting to know? Our focus is on finding out what works for human relationships, to move us towards the world we want to live in. For price please see Sacred Dance - Symbols in Movement:The Mevlevi Dervish Turning and Other Prayer Dances Maria-Gabriele Wosien Dances with mythological themes are models of a timeless, universal order which is based on continuous transformation. Through their form, rhythm and movement, mythical stories are reminders. They refer to the divine impulse which created the world

through music and dance. Sound, rhythm and movement are also at the root of our individual lives. Dancing, we may come to remember, so that this ancient knowledge can turn into personal experience. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710

The Alchemy of Transformation Joy Drake This hybrid workshop combines two proven tools for uplifting consciousness - the Transformation Game® and SoulCollage®. It provides a platform for change that allows outdated selves to fall away and invites rebirth into new ways of being infused with aliveness. As Angel and SoulCollage cards speak, new links are

forged and alchemy happens! Come and release what no longer serves you, access untapped wisdom and make a fresh start. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710

Game of Transformation - 4 days 18 - 21 June Please see description on page 40. 25 June - 1 July

Music As A Medicine 25 - 28 June (4 days) Punit Yaatri This four-day retreat is an opportunity to dispel, delete and transmute negative

energetic patterns and belief systems that may have held you and your ancestral line captive for generations. It is a true shamanic journey and honours ancient civilisations who understood that music could heal body and mind and had the power to harmonise the soul in ways medicine could not. A sonic soul medicine journey for the 21st Century. Tiered price: £760 / £590 / £480

Gateways to Awakened Presence Maria Olsthoorn, Susan Miles This week offers a rich individual and group journey of enquiry into our inner life. Together we explore unresolved early wounding and defences that keep us from being able to choose love over fear. We intend to inspire you to let go, open to core healing and make new life-enhancing choices. Your emerging authentic presence opens gateways to your personal life task. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Experience Week prerequisite

'We invite all entrepreneurs, change agents and other positive deviants to come cocreate with us.' 45

9 - 15 July

Contacting Nature Spirits Pavithra Novak Many of us have heard and believe the myths of the nature spirits. However, we sometimes miss being in touch with these ‘invisible’ beings just because we cannot believe that we have access to their world. Find and develop your own channel with the beings of nature through the help and guidance of an easy but elaborate step-bystep system. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 2 - 8 July

Horses, Sense and Soul - A Spiritual Adventure Lindsay Fovargue, Pam Billinge Horses are acutely attuned energetically. They respond to us more fully when our mind, body and spirit are connected. In this they demonstrate how we can become more fully present, more potent and more alive. This experiential week involves meditations and exercises to support embodied awareness and observation and interaction with beautiful horses, including a wild herd of 60 equines. This week involves no riding and requires no previous experience. Tiered price: £1180 / £920 / £770 46

Cultivating Life Force - Introducing Daoist Chi Gong into Daily Life Therese Poon "Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Lao Tzu Merging Eastern and Western spirituality, we will engage with the unnameable mystery that infuses all life and develop a Chi Gong practice to connect into oneness. Our week will include movement, stillness, soul dialogue and connecting with nature. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

16 - 19 July

Game of Transformation - 4 days Please see description on page 40. 23 - 27 July (5 days)

The Elusive Obvious Roger Linden Liberation is the permanent evaporation of all sense of a separate self. What remains is silent, spacious presence - the Self, experienced as the tender, peaceful joy of unconditional love. Using enquiry, dialogue and silence we explore the reality of the Self, our true nature. We also practise simple, natural ways of easing the mental, emotional and physical strain of living with a false sense of separation. Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590 30 July - 5 August

Interspecies Communication and Nature Immersion Lesley Downie, Jacqueline Buckingham We invite you to rediscover your innate ability to communicate with animals, plants and those with whom we share this planet. You will also have the opportunity to

spend both contemplative and explorative time in nature while enjoying this beautiful landscape, deepening your connection to all life forms and honouring the divine intelligence in everything. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

Wholebody Focusing Alex Maunder Beneath our stress and trauma lies an inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality that knows how to move our life situations forward. Invite your power of awareness to awaken this wisdom of the living body through the natural process of Wholebody Focusing. Combining elements of the Alexander Technique with the Focusing practice developed by Eugene Gendlin, Wholebody Focusing encourages more of the body into the process of selfenquiry, increasing grounded presence and energy flow. Please note: Wholebody Focusing includes aspects of The Alexander Technique. No prior experience of this work is necessary, but some hands-on bodywork skills will be taught. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

6 - 12 August

Creations in Nature Dietmar Voorwold, Craig Gibsone An opportunity to contact the beauty of nature and your own inner sense of harmony. Using the wide open landscape canvas to create our art during this week we go out to the beach, the river and the bay. We follow our intuition and use light and tides to experience the natural process of creating and letting go. Our art material: stones, sand, clay, shells, wood, leaves and the precious moment. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

Sacred Bee Symposium and Immersion Andrew Gough, Laura Ferguson Revel in relationship with nature’s greatest emissary, the honeybee. Within the framework of a heart-centred exploration into the Six-fold Path of Sacred Beekeeping (science, sacred, history, mystery, art/ medicine and activism), immerse yourself in Sacred Beekeeping practice, meditations and ceremony. You will also have the opportunity to hear about cutting edge beekeeping methodologies and exciting discoveries regarding bee symbol and myth. Tiered price: £1180 / £920 / £770 Your Exquisite Body of Light Tjitze de Jong A full-on week to explore your unique individual healership. Familiarise yourself with directing energy flow and with embodying a bridge of positive intention between heaven and earth via hara and core. With a hands-on approach you discover how chakras actually function and how the various layers of the aura can be accessed, cleansed, repaired, charged. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650


13 - 19 August

Game of Transformation - 7 days Please see description on page 40. Embracing Change - An Open Floor Movement Deborah Jay-Lewin, Bettina Jespersen As the world changes around us we are called to dance deeper into our own creative selves, to be honest about our vulnerability so we can access our equilibrium and strength. We will use Open Floor Movement Practice to bring this enquiry to the dance floor as we literally embody the physicality of change. Open Floor anchors us in our bodies and

engages us in lively, enlightening movement conversations with ourselves and each other. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 20 - 26 August

Life Purpose Please see description on page 41. Biodanza - The Dance of Life Nadasree Georgete Gadas How would it feel to be at ease in your body, trusting its wisdom and feeling free to enjoy yourself as a sensuous, vibrant being? To reconnect with your life force and reawaken to the beauty and pleasure

of being alive, moving and relating? Biodanza leads us gradually into deeper contact with, and permission to believe in, the goodness of our instinctive passions, expressing the emotions that arise from that experience. Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590 20 - 26 August

Sacred Geography and a New Relationship with the Multidimensional Body of the Earth Marko Pogacnik Together we will activate a transformation and renewal of our deep-reaching links with Gaia, the Earth Soul. We aim to recognise the different dimensions of our own body and consciousness in relation to the corresponding kingdoms of the earthly cosmos. Within the setting of the Findhorn landscape temple we will use creative rituals, meditation and ‘Gaia Touch’ exercises to strengthen and renew the cosmic matrix for peace. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710 'The Findhorn Foundation is like a home to me. So glad to know there is such a place in the world.'


24 - 30 September

29 August - 2 September (5 days)

Speaking Our Truth in Challenging Times Caroline Matters, Sally Denham-Vaughan Gestalt is more than a psychotherapy/ method of organisational consulting/ coaching - it is an applied philosophy aimed at supporting us to live the most vibrant, authentic and contact-full life possible. We call this way of living developing 'presence'. You will learn how to be fully present, connecting with others in an authentic and intimate way, staying grounded in the face of conflict and cultivating conditions where we can all flourish. Tiered price: £950 / £690 / £530

10 - 16 September

Essence and Empowerment - The TARA Approach Stephanie Mines In a world of increasing sensory inundation, identifying and following your purposeful inner guidance becomes more and more complicated. The TARA Approach - an integrative design that fuses Western neuropsychology and a simple meridian based touch system - guides you back to your essential purpose, the one you brought with you when you were conceived, and empowers you to follow your truth into this world where it is desperately needed. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710

Advanced Essence and Empowerment Stephanie Mines By integrating dialogue attuned to the client's essential self and knowledge of key developmental thresholds into their use of the TARA Approach, participants in this workshop will attain a level of mastery as practitioners. The workshop will enable them to identify the client's early overwhelming experiences that create neurological blocks to the essential self and invoke the client's own transformation process. Each participant will both give and receive healing sessions that will stimulate their personal and professional evolution. *This course is designed for people who have already completed the Essence and Empowerment workshop or who have studied and used Self-Care: Module One and Module Two of the TARA Approach. This is a prerequisite for Advanced Essence and Empowerment. If you have not fulfilled these requirements but would like to before the Advanced Essence and Empowerment course begins, please contact Stephanie Mines directly at for options. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710 49

10 - 16 September

Conscious Conception Esther-Maria Lindner Our children are our future and through the act of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth, we can change the world we live in as we prepare the way for high frequency beings. Discover how the journey of pregnancy and birth impact your future child’s potential pathway and vibration and learn techniques to connect with your spirit baby pre-conception and develop a relationship from the beginning. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Loving Living Food Eveline Rodenburg, Isabella Guerrini This is a journey into personal transformation, with the best compass on Earth: loving living food. When we produce and prepare our food mindfully and with love it has an effect on what we do and think. As our awareness grows, the way we treat our Earth automatically changes. During this week together we will create adventurous, living and organic dishes and herbal remedies. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Experience Week prerequisite


SourceSounding - The Sound of YOU Dennie Dingenotto SourceSounding is a powerful tool to discover and express your own authentic (inner) voice and to increase the awareness of your true self. Going beyond words, your own voice is with you all your life and therefore contains the purest and most effective resonance to express, balance and heal yourself. In combination with Intuitive Sound Movement this week will offer you countless moments of liberation, connection, celebration, sharing and YOU. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 17 - 20 September

Game of Transformation - 4 days Please see description on page 40. 24 - 30 September

Everyday Wild - Living in the Web of Life Lisa Parker Explore your relationship with nature through working with food, plants, your body and your creativity. Learn to connect, relax, make delicious meals, medicines, and

cleaning and body products from familiar plants, herbs and spices using practices from Findhorn, Perelandra and ayurveda, and food preparing techniques such as raw/ vegan and fermentation. You will leave with your creations, new skills, recipes and the ability to expand your experiences. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710

The Journey of Human Alchemy - Turning Our Lead Into Gold Javier Rodriguez The embodiment of our intrinsic wholeness is a journey not unlike that described by the ancient art of alchemy. Guided from within, and trusting and developing the body to be the container to hold ‘what is’, we surrender the painful experiences from our past into a sacred transformative process, witnessed and supported by the group. Using somatic mindfulness tools, devotional practices and movement, we will turn our lead into gold. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

'The Findhorn Foundation was founded as a new story for our time and we are still a laboratory for change and an experiment in conscious living.'

Pathways to the Self Six residential weeks Week 1 and 2 (1 - 14 October 2016): Foundations for the Transformation Journey and Grounding into the Self Week 3 (3 - 9 December 2016): The Self in Relationship Week 4 (11 - 17 February 2017): The Self in Relationship to the Divine Week 5 (22 - 28 April 2017): The Self, the Wound and the Life Task Week 6 (17 - 23 June 2017): Integrating and Moving On Maria Olsthoorn, Susan Miles By transforming our relationship with the self/Self, we cultivate authentic presence and a solid personal container for life, strengthening our ability to be with whatever arises in the moment. This work on the self is essential as an aspiration towards a deeper sense of presence with the Self and others. Consisting of six weeks spread out over the year, this programme begins with two weeks in October 2016 and ends

with a completion week in June of the following year. Intended for anyone interested in committed self-enquiry and also suitable for those in the caring professions, the programme content provides a learning room for participants to deepen into authentic presence and expand on their ability to be and/or work with others. For further details, please visit our website or Tiered price: £4470 / £3850 / £3330

‘The programme is a wonderful mix of spiritual philosophy, energy healing and psychological development. Both facilitators are so professional and compassionate.’ 51

8 - 14 October

Essentials of Psychosynthesis 8 - 13 October (6 days) Angie Fee, Brian Graham This in-depth introduction to the vision, models, therapeutic methods and techniques of psychosynthesis - known as psychology with a soul - is a unique opportunity to further your personal and transpersonal/spiritual journey, whether you intend to embark on a deeper exploration of psychosynthesis or not. Dynamic and stimulating, the workshop offers a blend of experience and theory with ample time upon arrival to become acquainted with the Findhorn Foundation’s transformational environment, rhythms and practices. Tiered price: £1190 / £930 / £760 Introduction to the Healing Art of Esalen® Massage Mika Oishi Esalen® Massage is a unique form of bodywork developed at the Esalen Institute in California. Known for its long strokes, this method creates an experience of deep relaxation, supporting the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal. The week is an overview of Esalen® Massage, enabling you to give a full body massage on completion 52

of the workshop and to experience the qualities of awareness and flowing presence central to this method. This introduction is suitable both for beginners wanting to deepen into the healing art of touch, as well as experienced body workers interested in learning the Esalen approach. A month-long programme will be offered in 2017. Tiered price: £1080 / £850 / £710 15 - 21 October

Astroshamanism: A Journey into the Inner Universe Franco Santoro Astroshamanism is a holistic system of healing aimed at expanding human perception through the integration of shamanism, experiential astrology and the mystery traditions. This workshop focuses on the clarification of one’s life purpose. Participants learn tools for opening, discovering and supporting the relationship with their inner guidance and authentic intention. They also work on releasing blocks and retrieving hidden potentials, learning to bring healing in their life and relationships. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650

22 - 24 October (3 days)

Exploring Reality - Living Reality James Eaton James gently yet uncompromisingly guides us towards recognising our original, undivided nature. This is not about achieving some special state, nor about disconnecting from our everyday difficulties and challenges. This is about the revelation, the celebration that the full, rich gamut of human experience is the very expression of our being. Closer than close, more intimate than intimate with all of life, this is about being love. Tiered price: £470 / £360 / £250 5 - 8 November

Game of Transformation - 4 days Please see description on page 40. 12 - 18 November

Life Purpose Please see description on page 41. The Alchemy of Transformation Please see description on page 45.

19 - 25 November

Advanced Sacred Dance Peter Vallance This programme is designed for Sacred Dance teachers and experienced dancers who want to learn new dances, deepen their understanding of the dance and expand their teaching skills. You will learn an approach to choreography and together with your fellow dancers, create a dance during the week. You will have the opportunity to share and teach dances in the Universal Hall both within the group and to the general public. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 21 - 27 December

A Christmas Retreat An invitation to touch your stillness and your joy while in the heart of our community during the Christmas season, this retreat offers a quiet spaciousness. Beginning with the Solstice Spiral, you will have opportunities to be with your inner nature, as well as to join in with the community celebrations and rituals that take place at this special time. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Experience Week prerequisite

Japanese Winter Solstice and Christmas Retreat Yasko Takahashi, Kunie Gaunt Starting with the Solstice Spiral followed by the festive mood of Christmas, this week gives you ample opportunities to slow down, quietly review the past year and set the goal for the New Year. Together we will connect, share, celebrate and have fun. Tiered price: £1050 / £800 / £650 Experience Week prerequisite 28 December - 3 January

New Year Celebration - Crossing the Threshold Barbara Swetina, Fabien Barouch, Javier Rodriguez Connect with the stillness ever present at the heart of our being and consciously step over the threshold into a new year. Within a nurturing group environment which also allows for individual needs, the week is a mix of community celebration through song, dance, creativity, ritual and time for self-reflection. New Year's Eve is celebrated within the community in traditional manner. There is space for rest and relaxation as well as for pure, delightful fun! Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590

New Year Retreat - Turning Within and Moving Forward Astrid Gude An invitation to take time out, listen deeply within and honour what served well last year, explore what needs to be released and what wants to emerge. Times of stillness alternating with times of creative expression, guided meditation and ritual will lead us through this journey of review, release, purification and setting new intentions until we feel confident to open up to the new with joy and purpose. Tiered price: £970 / £720 / £590 Game of Transformation - 7 days Please see description on page 40. 53

Presenter Profiles Adriana Sjan Bijman works as an independent photographer, graphic designer and producer of photopaper stationery. She is a fervent traveller with a passion for nature and has worked and lived here since 1998.

Ann-Marie Grind is an artist, designer, holistic health practitioner and workshop leader since the 1980s. She finds inspiration by following and expressing that which creates joy, beauty and presence in the now.

Alex Maunder has been a qualified Alexander Technique teacher for more than 25 years and is a certified Focusing trainer. He loves body wisdom.

Astrid Gude is an educator, therapist and shamanic facilitator. She has lived and served in the Findhorn Foundation/Community since 2002.

Ana Rhodes is a transpersonal psychotherapist trained in Process Work with many years of experience in areas of individual and group supervision and consultancy work.

Barbara Swetina is a gifted musician who plays many instruments with a wide repertoire of songs. She brought sacred harmony singing into the heart of the community and teaches internationally.

Andrew Gough is a writer, television presenter, editor of The Heretic Magazine and an enthusiast of ancient lands, mysteries and traditions, especially the sacred honeybee. Angie Fee is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, teaching and supervising on postgraduate counselling and psychotherapy courses. Her research studies specialise in sexuality, gender and spirituality.


Bettina Jespersen is Brazilian and loves bridging cultures. An accredited 5Rhythms® teacher, she’s passionate about integrating body, heart, mind and spirit and explores this on the dance floor. Bill Henderson has been leading community music groups for 20 years. He uses music to create community, foster harmony and stimulate selfdiscovery.

Brian Graham is an international educator and psychosynthesis therapist with over 30 years experience of working in a therapeutic and spiritual context. Caroline Matters is trained in Gestalt psychotherapy and works in the Findhorn Foundation Spiritual and Personal Development Team, supporting and supervising individuals and groups. Caroline Myss is a pioneer of energy healing. A medical intuitive internationally known for her work with sacred contracts, archetypes and chakras, she is the author of many books and is founder of Chicago’s Caroline Myss Education Institute. Chris Johnstone is a physician and coach who writes and teaches about resilience, happiness and positive change. He has worked closely with Joanna Macy for more than two decades and co-authored the book Active Hope – How to Face the Mess We’re In Without Going Crazy. Craig Gibsone has lived at Findhorn since the early days of the community and is an educator, artist, potter and permaculturist.

Deborah Jay-Lewin has taught 5Rhythms® since 1994, is a certified Waves® and Heartbeat® teacher and combines her knowledge and creativity with her interest in sustainable living. Dennie Dingenotto is the founder of SourceSounding and a certified voice expression facilitator, coach and counsellor. Her passion and work is about authentic self-awareness, our thinking and non-duality. Dietmar Voorwold is an artist, designer and art therapist who leads workshops in LandArt. He has created some images seen in Findhorn Foundation brochures. Dominic Barter consults with governments, organisations and communities internationally on bringing heart-based learning, healing and change into tough social and interpersonal situations. Erik Grind is a mandala artist, teacher and musician who loves to facilitate spiritual and personal transformation through creative expression. Esther-Maria Lindner is a doula, Mayan Abdominal Therapist, Sweat Lodge Keeper, Reiki Master, and a natural psychic medium. A spirit worker

shaped through apprenticeships with a variety of elders and shamans - and life itself. Eveline Rodenburg is a naturopath and has a strong connection to plants and their usefulness: as food, medicine and dye. She is a Foundation staff member. Fabien Barouch is a founding member of the New Findhorn Association and a long-term resident of The Park. He is an experienced facilitator and has a passion for nature. Franco Santoro has been active in shamanism and holistic education since 1976. Workshop leader, author and shamanic facilitator, he is the creator of astroshamanism and other healing practices. Franziska Blindow-Prettl, author of over 200 working papers and articles on innovation management and finance, is passionate about impact investing, cognitive science, flying and her family. Frieder Fischer, an ordained minister from Germany, is married to Jan Day and has assisted in her workshops for 10 years, specialising in music and men's work.

Isabella Guerrini is a workshop leader, journalist, writer and author. Before discovering the healing pathway of food, she worked as an advisor in sustainability development and as a landscaper designer. Jacqueline Buckingham is a transpersonal therapist and is passionate about connecting people to their love of nature and their personal power. James Eaton graduated in Maths from Oxford University and worked as a singer/songwriter, actor and schoolteacher before offering workshops exploring the true nature of reality. Jan Day has been leading transformation workshops worldwide since 1999, drawing from her personal healing journey of over 40 years. Javier Rodriguez, a workshop leader, therapist and coach for more than 20 years, has an MA in Clinical Psychology and specific in-depth trainings in various approaches to personal development and transpersonal psychology. Jeddah Mali has studied with the world’s highest ranking spiritual masters and has experienced a series

of awakenings - leading to a precise understanding of the structure and purpose of human consciousness. Jeff Foster studied Astrophysics at Cambridge University. He presently holds meetings, retreats and private one-to-one sessions around the world, gently but directly pointing people back to the deep acceptance inherent in the present moment. Jena Griffiths lives in Switzerland and has spent the last 10 years exploring the frontiers of the human psyche through the blueprints in our fingerprints. She consults and teaches internationally. John Abdey has been a part of the Findhorn Foundation for most of the last 20 years. A long-term student of the Ageless Wisdom, with a deep understanding of ceremonial work. John Croft is co-founder of the Gaia Foundation of Western Australia. He has worked in area community development and education around the world, taught at a number of universities and worked as a consultant in community building and environment action practice with non-government organisations.

Jörn Fiebig, a workshop leader, photographer, Tarot counsellor and member of the Findhorn community, enjoys looking at life in creative, adventurous ways. Joy Drake, a co-originator of The Transformation Game®, is a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator and Findhorn Fellow. She is committed to discovering innovative ways of serving the emerging impulse. Judith Bone is a Foundation longterm staff member who brings wisdom, grace and experience to sacred dance workshops and a variety of programmes on spiritual growth. Judy McAllister has more than 30 years of Findhorn Foundation experience behind her and is passionate about people and nature. Development - both spiritual and personal - is the hallmark of her work. Karen Hughes is a permaculture designer, gardener and food grower developing a new model for sustainable, local, organic food production and distribution in the Findhorn Community.


Karen Luedtke is a Didactic Biodanza teacher trained in Social Anthropology and deeply inspired by dance as a tool for our potentials to blossom.

Kunie Gaunt runs a holistic healing clinic in Forres. She trained in Kikou (energy) healing in Japan 30 years ago and came to the Findhorn Foundation in 1998.

Karin Werner is an art therapist, gives courses and trainings in healing through art, and works with creative expression through painting, drawing and clay sculpture.

Laura Ferguson is founder and director of the College of the Melissae: Center for Sacred Beekeeping in the US. She is reawakening and reconnecting with the deeply metaphoric and humble honeybee and the order of service once known as Melissae: Bee Priestess.

Katharina Brocke works internationally for a Japanese peace organisation and draws from her rich experience of working and living within the Findhorn Community for the past 30 years. Kathy Tyler is a co-originator of The Transformation Game® and Findhorn Fellow. Her work reflects the practical applications of living a spiritual lifestyle in the everyday world. Kit Miller serves as the director of the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. Before this she was director/celebrator of Bay Area NVC, California. Kostantis Kourmadias, a master of the violin and saz, specialises in the oldest forms of traditional Greek music. He also plays music from the Balkans and the Middle East.


Laura Shannon is known worldwide for her pioneering approach to traditional women’s dances as tools for healing and transformation. She blends folk dance, circle dance and dance/movement therapy in her dancing. Lesley Downie has deepened her practice of interspecies communication on trail walks in Africa with Anna Breytenbach. Lindsay Fovargue, a body psychotherapist/supervisor/trainer for many years, brings sensitivity and creative ways of including the psychospiritual, arts and mindfulness. Lisa Parker is passionate about helping people develop a deeper

connection to nature within and without through making delicious, fresh foods, simple herbal preparations, yoga and meditation. Liza Hollingshead has been a Game of Transformation guide for more than 20 years. She is director of Ecologia Trust, a charity supporting an orphaned children’s village in Russia. Lizandra Barbuto is an international trainer and therapist who believes that life is a gift and by taking care of our own we can enjoy this gift in the best possible way. Margo van Greta works with spiritual and personal development at the Findhorn Foundation. She is a passionate Buddhist, a drummer, and facilitates Transformation Game®. Maria Olsthoorn trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She has been working with individuals and groups in the community for more than 20 years, teaching transformational core healing. Maria-Gabriele Wosien, a regular visitor to the Findhorn Foundation, is the daughter of Bernhard Wosien who first brought Sacred Dance to the community.

Marko Pogacnik has a long history with the Findhorn Foundation, leading workshops and giving talks at conferences. As an artist he developed Lithopuncture, a method of environmental healing. He is a UNESCO-appointed Artist for Peace. Mary Inglis is a long-term member of the Findhorn community. She leads courses and programmes worldwide in personal and group development, creativity, and the Transformation Game®. Mika Oishi is a dedicated practitioner and teacher who has studied Esalen® massage, yoga, dance, meditation, craniosacral therapy, and Deep Bodywork. Her passion is teaching the wisdom of the body. Nadasree Georgete Gadas is a fiery Brazilian Biodanza teacher, passionate about body as expression of soul. She is enthused by transparency in relationships and the emergence of a new ‘we’. Nanni Kloke studied classical ballet and modern dance. Through Professor Bernhard Wosien she discovered ‘Meditation en Croix‘ and Sacred Dance. She is known for her many choreographies.

Niels Paulsen is an experienced workshop leader and a trained practitioner in massage, healing and personal development.

Richard Rudd, teacher, mystic and poet, holds a Master’s degree in literature and metaphysics from Edinburgh University. In 2002 he began to write and receive the Gene Keys. It took seven years to write the book and understand its teachings and applications.

speaker and workshop leader here a number of times.

Pavithra Novak, a psychotherapist and counsellor for more than 10 years, is fascinated by the healing power of art and has developed a systemic framework for it to unfold.

Robert Holden founded The Happiness Project. His innovative work has been featured on Oprah, in the PBS special Shift Happens! and in two major BBC documentaries. He makes a welcome return, having recently facilitated Loveabilty Learning How to Love and Be Loved.

Stewart Friendship is a community artist who has a background in theatre, performance, drawing and painting. He writes and directs the annual Cluny pantomime.

Peter Vallance has led Sacred Dance workshops for more than 20 years, bringing humour, experience and enthusiasm. He is also a storyteller and leads sacred journeys.

Roger Linden is a psychotherapist and teacher of meditation and the Feldenkrais method. He has been leading groups exploring the nature of liberation since 1999.

Pia Mark is a long-term staff member of the Findhorn Foundation and an experienced group leader. She is a qualified EFT practitioner, esoteric healer, massage therapist and reflexologist.Â

Sally Denham-Vaughan is the cofounder of Relational Change and a leader in the Relational Movement: a global effort to catalyse social cohesion among diverse communities.

Pam Billinge is a horse specialist, Embodied Leadership coach and therapist. She has developed unique, award-winning Equine Led workshops with Lindsay Fovargue since 2008, with soulful, transformative results.

Punit Yaatri is a music composer bringing the ancient science and wisdom of healing with music to the 21st century.

Stephanie Mines teaches internationally and is the author of numerous books including the award winning We Are All in Shock. She makes a welcome return to the Foundation, having been a conference

Stephen Busby has a coaching and healing practice and is based in Switzerland. He has worked internationally for 35 years to help people fulfil their life potential.

Susan Miles is a staff member of the Foundation. A lover of paradox and simplicity, she has been facilitating workshops here since 1994. Susanne Anders Bartholomäi is a dance teacher who fuses Sacred Dance into DanceMeditation, connecting dancers to the love in their hearts and the strength of the Earth. Swan Treasure is an Italian artist, Systemic Constellator, NLP master and a transpersonal counsellor living and loving in the community. She has lately discovered a passion for felting and is part of a local creative collective.

Therese Poon is an acupuncturist. She has travelled extensively throughout China, Europe and Australia studying the arts of Internal Alchemy, Medical Chi Gong, Chinese Tea Ceremony and Daoist Well-Being. Tjitze de Jong is a social worker, massage therapist and healer since 1985. He is a Barbara Brennan graduate including Advanced Studies, and has focalised many workshops, founding his own certificated healing school in 2007. Will Pye is a social entrepreneur, speaker, teacher and author of Blessed With A Brain Tumor: Realising it's all Gift and Learning to Receive. He shares loving presence in meetings and Radical Gratitude retreats globally, facilitating healing and guiding awakening to our true nature as timeless being. Yasko Takahashi is a graphic designer and staff member of the Foundation. She is passionate about sharing Findhorn miracles with many, especially with Japanese guests.


Booking & Practical Information How to Book our Programmes Please book online at or use the Booking Form, pages 63 - 64. A minimum age of 18 years is required for participation unless otherwise stated in the programme description. To reserve your place, please send a ÂŁ95 deposit per person per programme which is non-refundable unless your programme is cancelled. Experience Week and some other programmes require a letter of introduction, see Booking Experience Week section. When booking a programme that starts in four weeks or less, full payment is required at the time of booking. Please book well in advance to ensure a place in the programme of your choice. Wait for confirmation of your booking before making travel arrangements. (Allow one to two weeks for confirmation.) 58

The balance of your payment is due four weeks before the starting date of your programme. We will take this from your debit or credit card automatically. For other forms of payment, see Payment section. Payment We prefer payment by debit or credit card (we only accept MasterCard and Visa) but can accept cheques. Please do not send cash. Payment should be in pounds sterling (GBP). In most countries it is possible to buy a cheque in GBP from your bank. We do not accept Eurocheques. For bank transfer please contact the Bookings office. For more information please see: Pay Agreements Pay agreements may be available. Please contact the Bookings office. Cancellations If you cancel after four weeks before the start date we can refund only 50% of the

balance. If you cancel within one week of the programme, there is no refund. We suggest that you arrange holiday insurance. Occasionally we need to cancel a workshop and will inform you no later than four weeks before the workshop is due to begin to arrange an alternative or a refund. Telephone / Fax Bookings office: tel: +44 (0)1309 691653 fax: +44 (0)1309 691663 Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4.30pm (closed Thursday pm) For general enquiries: +44 (0)1309 690311 Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm For Erraid bookings: +44 (0)1681 700384 or see Booking Experience Week When you book Experience Week we ask that you write a letter introducing yourself. This is your first step into the spirit of the week and helps the Experience Week facilitators get to know you and prepare the programme. It will remain confidential.

Most people write between one and two pages. Please write or type it yourself. Write a simple, honest, authentic letter about yourself and why you want to participate in Experience Week. Mistakes don’t matter, just write it in your own style. Include your age and an overview of your present life (for example some of your life choices so far, present joys and challenges, relationships, your inner life). If you have had any emotional or health difficulties, please let us know how these are affecting your life now. Please enclose the letter with your deposit and booking form. Please wait for confirmation of your booking before making travel arrangements. Your Accommodation Week-long programmes end on Friday evening and accommodation is provided until Saturday morning. Accommodation is generally shared. Single rooms may be available for an additional cost, but cannot be guaranteed in advance. If you use a wheelchair, please contact us well in advance so that we can make suitable arrangements.

Fees include linen, towels, meals and refreshments. We suggest you bring suitable clothing for all kinds of activities. The weather varies a great deal so include warm and waterproof clothing in all seasons! Special Diets Our kitchens provide primarily vegetarian food. Vegan, wheat free, and sugar free, as well as gluten and dairy free alternatives can be requested. If you require a diet that is more specialised, we cannot guarantee to fulfil your needs. We cannot cater for people with serious food allergies or multiple food intolerances. Arriving Early or Staying On If we have space available, and you have been here before, we can offer you the opportunity to arrive on Friday and stay overnight before joining your programme (sorry, not available in July or August). The cost is £38 per day for shared accommodation and all meals. Bookings for extra nights must be made through our Bookings office. We cannot guarantee availability. A list of local bed and breakfast guest houses is available at (Please note that

most local B&Bs are not equipped to take credit cards.) Follow-on Discounts If you book an Experience Week directly followed by a Being in Community, between the following dates, we will give you a reduction of £100 off the total price. • 28 November 2015 - 20 February 2016 • 26 November 2016 - 18 February 2017 Bursaries We wish to include people with a low income, young people, people who are unwaged, or people from developing countries. We have set up a bursary fund to help all people access our services. Contributions to the Bursary Fund We welcome contributions to our bursary fund as a gift to help those people who cannot afford to pay the full amount to come here. A space is provided for bursary contributions on the booking form.

If You Need a Bursary Limited bursary funds are available to help with the cost of participating in our programmes. We encourage you to apply 59

for this funding if you need help with payment. All bursaries must be arranged in advance of arrival, so please apply no later than two weeks before the start date of your chosen programme(s). Please tick the box on the booking form and our Bookings office will send you a bursary application form to fill in. Concessions A reduction of £50 is offered for young people 25 and under, unemployed people, and people from developing countries, on the following programmes only: Experience Week, Being in Community and Spiritual Practice Weeks. Short Visits & Short Term Guests You can participate in the daily life of the community by joining us as a shortterm guest for between one and six days if you are unable to stay for longer. You will have the opportunity to participate in a service department, meditate in our sanctuaries and engage in other activities as available. If you hold a passport from outside the UK and EU, a UK visitor visa allows volunteering up to 30 dyas. This programme includes lunch and dinner in 60

the Community Centre. You need to find your own accommodation, a list of local bed and breakfasts is available at Advance notice is suggested. However, you may also contact the Visitors Centre upon arrival. tel: +44 (0)1309 690311 Guided Tours For day visitors we offer guided tours from our Visitors Centre every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2pm, during the summer. Guided tours during the winter and for groups can be provided by prior arrangement. If you would like more information, please call, write or email: Visitors Centre, Findhorn Foundation The Park, Findhorn, Moray IV36 3TZ tel: +44 (0)1309 690311 email: Please Note All information and pricing included in our publicity is correct at the time of going to press and is subject to change. While every effort is made to provide programmes and services as advertised, we do not accept

liability for; • Cancellations or changes caused by availability of staff, low bookings, weather conditions, maintenance work, acts of God, acts of government or any other authorities, or any other situations beyond our control • Pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions or those which may arise during, or subsequent to, participation in one of our programmes • Loss of or damage to personal property of our guests We reserve the right to refuse admission to our programmes if, on arrival, participation appears to be inappropriate. We also reserve the right to ask any visitor to leave if their behaviour is disruptive to the functioning of the Foundation or interferes with the rights of others. © 2015 Findhorn Foundation. All rights reserved. Editors: Sandra Mitchell and Thomas Miller Compiled by: John Abdey and Sandra Mitchell Art Director: Yasko Takahashi Produced by: Big Sky Print All images are © Findhorn Foundation and Angus Marland / Ash Balderson / Avalon Santos Willmott / Britta Schmitz / Chris Brown / Geoff Dalglish / Graham Meltzer / Hugo Klip / Maria Groeger / Michael Mitton / Sasha Angus / Sverre Koxvold / Yasko Takahashi

There are trains from London to Inverness and Aberdeen, with connections to Forres. Our buses meet three Saturday mid-morning trains at Forres station. At other times there are usually taxis at Forres station to take you to our Cluny Hill site or The Park. For rail information, please visit National Rail Enquiries: National Express: Citylink: and Megabus: operate express services from London (Victoria Coach Station), Glasgow, and Edinburgh, to Aberdeen and Inverness. Stagecoach: operates bus services from Aberdeen and Inverness to Forres, and from Forres to The Park (distance 5 miles).

Findhorn Inverness

towards Grantown-on-Spey. At Grantown follow the A939 / A940 to Forres: For Cluny Hill (IV36 2RD), Forres, from the High Street turn right into Tolbooth Street. At the roundabout go straight across into St Leonards Road, and then turn left at the sign for Cluny Hill.

Glasgow Iona Erraid Edinburgh

Belfast Liverpool Birmingham

For The Park (IV36 3TD), Findhorn, use the Forres bypass (A96), turning left for Findhorn and following road signs.

London Bristol

Nearest airports are Inverness (25 miles away) and Aberdeen (75 miles away). There are connections from most major British and some European cities. See our website for travel information from airports. The Findhorn Foundation is based at two sites: The Park (IV36 3TD), near Findhorn village; and Cluny Hill (IV36 2RD) in Forres which is 5 miles from The Park and 26 miles east of Inverness.


Findhorn Village

The Park

Kinloss 1

1 90

erdeen to Ab A96


Forres Railway Station



Cluny Hill St.



From Edinburgh or Glasgow join the A9 at Perth. Leave the A9 turning right onto the A95

You will find more detailed information at:


Getting Here

n a rd ' s R d


th y n ow lity unit io r i at G m r b g l n a a n b or on ain om ei ele dh ers ust & C ellb C n i & P S F ip W y i a l l & & sh & vit nt ritua ture der alth eati e s i a a Es Sp N Le He Cr O O A Christmas Retreat 40, 53 O O A Sacred Retreat - Explore Your Soul Through Mandala 44 O O Active Hope - Nourishing Our Capacity to Act for Life 42 O Advanced Essence and Empowerment 49 O Advanced Sacred Dance 53 O O O O Applied Ecovillage Living 15 O Astroshamanic Dream Dance and Theatre 41 O O O Astroshamanism: A Journey into the Inner Universe 52 O O O Being in Community 11 O O O Biodanza - The Dance of Life 48 O O Caroline Myss - Exploring Spiritual Direction 33 O O O Children of the Elements - Caretakers of the Earth 44 O Conscious Conception 50 O O Contacting Nature Spirits 46 O O O Creations in Nature 47 O O Cultivating Life Force - Introducing Daoist Chi Gong 46 O Dragon Dreaming - Overcoming Blockages in Projects 44 O O EarthSings - Singing for Unity and Wellbeing 27 O Embodying Higher Consciousness - Healing the Whole 43 O O O Embracing Change - An Open Floor Movement 48 O O Erraid - Radical Gratitude Rebirth Retreat 23 O O O Erraid Retret Weeks 22, 23 O Essence and Empowerment - The TARA Approach 49 O Essentials of Psychosynthesis 52 O Everyday Wild - Living in the Web of Life 50 O O O O O Experience Week 7, 8, 9 O Exploring Reality - Living Reality 52 O O O O O Family Experience Week Follow-On 9 O O Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song 29 O O O Findhorn Intensive 19 O O Findhorn Nonviolence Intensive 44 O O O O O Foreign Language Programmes 10 O Game of Transformation 40, 41, 43, 45, 46, 48, 50, 52, 53 O Gateways to Awakened Presence 45 O O Healing Through Art 41 O O O O Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth Conference 30 O Horses, Sense and Soul - A Spiritual Adventure 46 46 62 O Interspecies Communication and Nature Immersion

th y n ow lity unit io r i at G m r b g l n a a n b or on ain om ei ele dh ers ust & C ellb C n i & P S F ip W y i a l l & & sh & vit nt ritua ture der alth eati e s i a a Es Sp N Le He Cr O Introduction to the Healing Art of Esalen速 Massage 52 O Inviting Intimacy - An Introduction to Living Tantra 41 O O O O Iona Retreat Weeks 20, 21 O O Japanese Winter Solstice and Christmas Retreat 10, 40, 53 O Jeddah Mali - Individual to Globa, Making Change Possible 31 O Jeff Foster - Falling in Love with Where You Are 32 O Life Purpose 41, 47, 52 O O O Living Essentials Apprentice Programme (LEAP) 18 O O O Living in Community Guest Programme (LCG) 17 O Loving Living Food 50 O O O Music As A Medicine 45 O O New Year Celebration - Crossing the Threshold 40, 53 O O New Year Retreat - Turning Within & Moving Forward 40, 53 O Painting and Drawing in Magical Places 42 O O O Pathways to the Self 51 O Permaculture Design - For Life 42 O Relationships - A Path Towards Wholeness 42 O Robert Holden - Transformation and the Enneagram 31 O Sacred Bee Symposium and Immersion 47 O O Sacred Dance - The Mevlevi Dervish Turning andPrayer 44 O Sacred Geography & a New Relationship with the Earth 48 O O O Service Weeks 14 O Soul Tracking - Discovering Your Soul's Agenda 43 O SourceSounding - The Sound of YOU 50 O Speaking Our Truth in Challenging Times 49 O O O O O O Spiritual Deepening 16 O O O O O O Spiritual Practice 12, 13 O Tarot - Archetypes of the Soul 43 O O The Alchemy of Transformation 45, 52 O The Elusive Obvious 46 O The Gene Keys Pearl of Prosperity - A 3-day Retreat 33 O The Gene Keys Pearl of Prosperity 32 O O The Journey of Human Alchemy - Turning Our Lead 50 O O O The Longing to Belong - Listening to the Call of Your Soul 42 O O The Planetary Game - Engaging with the Emerging Future 28 O O Wholebody Focusing 47 O O Women Vibrant, Wise and Wild - for women over 50 43 O O Your Exquisite Body of Light 47

Workshop & Events Index

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO BOOK ERRAID WEEKS. (see pages 22 - 23) Please print clearly and in BLOCK CAPITALS. Please read pages 58 - 60 before completing this form. Our programmes require a minimum age of 18 years for participation unless otherwise stated in the programme description.

Booking Form Person 1 Surname:

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Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):

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Zip/Post Code:



Email address:

Email address:

Accommodation Requirements (as available)  I would prefer a single room, if available (supplement £20/night)  Please send me a list of local bed & breakfasts If booking as a couple:  twin beds  double bed

Some workshops require previous participation in Experience Week. Please see Calendar of Workshops and Events (pages 34 38) to check if your programme requires Experience Week.

• This form continues overleaf. Please complete both sides •


I / We wish to book the following programme(s) Title

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Cardholder’s Address:

Concession or Discount if applicable (see pages 59 - 60) £



Amount Enclosed


 I authorise the Findhorn Foundation to debit the remaining amount four weeks before the start of the programme.  Cheque payable to the Findhorn Foundation.  Please send me a bursary application form.  Is there any medical history we should know about? We particularly need to know about a) any physical disabilities so that we may accommodate you appropriately, b) any infectious disease you have or suspect you may have, or c) if you need special medical or therapeutic care. All answers will be treated as confidential.

*To confirm your booking we require either payment in full if booking within four weeks prior to start date or a non-refundable £95 deposit for each programme. The balance is due four weeks before the start of each programme (single room supplement, if any, to be paid on arrival). Experience Week bookings also require an introductory letter from each participant (see pages 58 - 60) as do some other programmes. Please check course descriptions carefully. Send your completed form to: Bookings, Findhorn Foundation, The Park, Findhorn, Moray IV36 3TZ, Scotland Fax +44 (0)1309 691663 64

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The Network of Friends

We extend our deepest gratitude for the many blessings we have received over the years. Without those contributions this community could not have achieved all that it has. Whatever form your contribution took, we thank you and appreciate your gifts.

Thanks to the support of our worldwide network of co-funders, we are still thriving after more than 50 years and continue to offer the experience of this community to the world. We invite you now to strengthen your connection to the Findhorn Foundation by joining the Network of Friends.

In the past 12 months, you have helped us to: • create Carefarming, a project offering local learning disabled adults interaction and community • co-fund over 140 programme participants • make continued upgrades in the Universal Hall • improve the Cluny water system • explore sociocracy as a new organisational structure • completely restore Rivendell, one of our LEAP accommodations

This is an opportunity for the many people worldwide who have been touched by the spirit of the Findhorn Foundation to stay connected and, through a financial contribution, help support the continuing unfoldment of the work and vision of this centre of love and light.

workers living in all parts of the world. As a contributor you will receive a Welcome Pack, a regular e-newsletter and the opportunity to connect and engage with other members of the Network of Friends.

To join please visit: or complete the form overleaf.

Our goal is to build a community of friends supporting the Foundation, and to strengthen the connection with our partners and co-

Leave a Lasting Legacy

You can help nurture the work of the Findhorn Foundation in the world by remembering the Foundation in your will. Your legacy will be a gift for the future that will live on to make our shared vision of a positive and sustainable world a continuing reality. If you would like to find out more please visit our website: or email

You may make a single donation online or by post. All details may be found at waystodonate 65

To join the Findhorn Foundation’s Network of Friends visit or complete this form with details of your debit or credit card and return it by mail to the address below. Name: ______________________________________________ Email : _______________________________________________

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USA taxpayers can make tax-deductible donations to support any Findhorn Foundation project via The Hygeia Foundation for Health, Science and the Environment Inc; for more details please email For more information contact: Supporter Relations, Findhorn Foundation The Park, Findhorn, Moray IV36 3TZ Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC007233

20th Anniversary Appeal Help us raise £20,000 by August 2016

Ecologia Youth Trust, The Park, Forres, Moray, IV36 3TD. Scottish Charity SC023976

Name: _______________________________________________ Rooted in the Findhorn Community, Ecologia shares its values to create a sustainable future for our world. August 1995 marked the beginning of a remarkable journey in partnership with Kitezh Children’s Community to build two foster family communities for orphans in Russia. This has led us, with unwavering dedication, to work with like-minded partners in six countries to enable disadvantaged young people to realise their potential and become agents of change in promoting sustainable living in their communities. Please support us and give disadvantaged young people the future they deserve. Thank you!

Liza Hollingshead Founder and CEO

Inspirational from the outset, Ecologia’s dedication and its loving care for children is a gift to our world. Congratulations!

Mari Hollander, Findhorn College & Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation

Ecologia is a stunning demonstration of vision, passion and a relentless commitment to supporting disadvantaged young people across the globe.

Lady Diana Whitmore, Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation 1995 - 2014 & Founder of Teens & Toddlers UK

Ecologia Youth Trust, The Park, Findhorn, Forres, Moray IV36 3TD Scotland Tel: +44 (0) 1309 690995 email:

Address: _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ _________________________Post Code:___________________ email: ________________________________________________ I enclose a donation of: £___________ CHEQUES PAYABLE TO: ECOLOGIA YOUTH TRUST * You can also make a single or regular Donation at * We also accept bank transfers and standing orders to Ecologia Youth Trust A/C. 00210205 Sort Code: 83-20-14, Royal Bank of Scotland, Forres, Moray, IV36 1RB Gift Aid adds 25% from HMRC. Please tick this box to confirm you pay UK Income or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the tax that all charities and CASCs you give to will reclaim for each tax year. * US Tax-Deductable Donations can be made via The Hygeia Foundation, PO Box 1176, New Canaan, CT 06840 USA (marked for Ecologia Youth Trust). For information please email if you do not wish to receive updates from us about our work, please tick this box.


Findhorn Foundation The Park, Findhorn, Moray IV36 3TZ Scotland For general enquiries: +44 (0)1309 690311 Scottish Charity Number SC007233 My Kaywa QR-Code

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A full list of the workshops, special events and conferences at the Findhorn Foundation during 2016.


A full list of the workshops, special events and conferences at the Findhorn Foundation during 2016.