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FINDER #1/2013

Finder Magazine #1/2013

Editor-in-chief: Gabriela Grossmannová

Language and Translation Correction: Jozef „Dodo“ Gál

Contact: Cover photo by Anna Margoszczyn (

Featured in this ISSUE:

* Sophie Fountain * Liis Klammer * Esben B. Jensen * Joana Klingwell * Julia

* Katarina Ribnikar *

Tröndle * Danka Bobulská / Peter Seman * Anne Mortensen *

* Evgenia Kohan * Irena Kiełb * Anna Gawlak * * Lera Mashiro * Iñaki Soria Izquierdo * Paulína Janišová * * Anna Margoszczyn

* Natalie Nguyen *

Dear friends, October is the month when we are slowly getting ready for the long winter, which follows the rather short autumn and the nature itself is getting ready for the extended sleep period. For me personally, it is the month when my internet magazine Finder is born and the first issue is published. I've been playing around with the idea of starting an internet magazine for quite a long time, where I could publish the works of young and talented photographers. The internet is now a part of our everyday lives and is really an amazing way of presenting art, so I decided to go this way rather than start a print magazine it is of course less demanding financially, but at the same time it is also much more ecological and also, it can reach a much wider audience. I myself also love to take photos for my own pleasure and I know the feeling of happiness that goes with each well-developed photo. Why not share the happiness? With the help of my partner, I started to work on what would become the first issue of Finder Magazine and I'm happy to tell you that it is "filled to the brim" with wonderful and very inspiring photos. Almost all included photos are analog - the magazine breathes with a soul that only analog photography can provide. I would like to thank all the contributors for sending me so many beautiful photos and letting me create the first issue of Finder Magazine. Yours, Gabriela

Sophie Fountain

„French freelance photographer & Illustrator. Insatiable Dreamer.”

„Precious Dust“

„Between Rust and Snow“

„moments, suspended in time, in special places, often dear to my heart and with models close to me, sometimes also self-portraits...”

„Beyond the Veil“


„Vegetal Spirit“


„Bottom of Sleepy Garden“

„The Madone With Peckes eyes“


„Dreams Factory“


“My name is Liis Klammer and I come from a little European country called Estonia. I suppose my photos owe a lot to the beautiful nature and landscape that we have here. Photography is a kind of a visual diary for me, but I suppose not everything gets reflected in it since I tend to take photos of things that are beautiful in my eyes. Then again, it is nice to go through my own work and be reminded of the good times instead of anything negative. I also believe that shooting with film makes any memory more vivid and heartwarming. ”!

Esben B. Jensen

“Do you know that blissful moment when you’ve just woke up in the morning and you’ve made your coffee, and now your slurping it in the rising sun on your balcony with a cigarette, all the while someone you love is slowly coming alive in the bed you just left. Perhaps a good record is even spinning from your speakers? I know that moment and I’ve been trying to capture it with my camera for a few years now.”

katarina ribnikar

“I'm Katarina Ribnikar from Slovenia, Europe. I'm twenty one years old and I love art in many forms, photography has always been one of them. I started taking pictures on film around four years ago when I found my dad's old Yashica. I enjoy taking pictures during travelling around the world. Travelling, people and film photography all fascinate me very much. The excitement of getting my pictures developed and seeing them for the first time is what keeps me going.�

joana klingwell

“My name is Joana K. and I'm a young architect from Porto, Portugal. I currently live in Paris, with my boyfriend and my cat, and have done so for almost 1 and 1/2 years although my heart is still back in Portugal.!! I always use film only, as I enjoy the element of surprise once you get the film developed. It is also interesting to make every click count - it really makes you more conscious of what you're capturing.!! I shoot mostly when on a trip - road trips beeing my favourite! just driving and enjoying the view and the liitle roads that take you to unexpected places.”

Julia Tröndle

„When people described my work on the internet I was always surprised that even if they didn't know me at all, they often used words that describe my own personality: sensitive, dreamy, nostalgic. When it comes to photography, I basically try to collect beauty – my own definition of beauty which for example is about transforming ordinary things and objects into something beautiful by photographing them within the right light and surrounding.

Finding beauty in the mundane is also about looking a little closer into the world around me, noticing things that maybe no one else notices in this moment – the shape of a hill, a little gap between the trees on a mountain or a pattern on a wall created by the sunlight.

Besides beauty there are also some other things I collect within photography: Memories, of course. I love that each photograph I took automatically brings me back into a certain time and feeling. I also noticed that I have a predilection for trailers and old cars, so wherever I am I always look out for these two subjects. I dream about having a huge collection of pictures like these so I can make a thick book out of them.

What I also try to collect within my work is poetry. Over the last few years I formed a habit to look out for poetry in everyday life. For instance: those very small, almost unnoticed moments that only last for a few seconds like a sudden gust of wind that unexpectedly carries a small abandoned plastic bag slightly from one side of the street to the other. I realized that besides moments, there are also poetic places and things. Some time ago I started an online project called „The Poetic Photography Collection“, where I try to gather everyday poetry from photographers from all around the world. I myself captured one of these small, almost unnoticed moments just once in my life so far. It was a curtain the wind suddenly blew outside of a window so it looked like a white dress. To me, these pictures are like poems about the world without the need of any words.“

Danka Bobulská / Peter seman

„To make pictures of colourful days, of travel stories, but mostly of nature which gives only the best possible feelings in which we feel the best. That's what we like - to savour moments of togetherness and fragments of time - so that they stay with us forever.“



Anne mortensen

“I think my world has to be full of poetry and mystery in order for me to keep going, therefore that's what I aim to capture. I am currently trying hard to allow myself to open up and really take part in my photographs. I don't care for genres, I care for photos that were created honestly. I prefer analog over digital because it allows me to be more present at the time of the shooting, this is where the mystery appears, the uncertainty makes it so beautiful.”

Evgenia kohan

“My name is Evgenia Kohan and I bought my very first camera at a flea market four years ago. Since then the film has become a good friend to me. It accompanies me on all my trips and I absolutely don't want to replace the film by digital. I love that enchanting feeling of expecting developed film to see what will come out.”

Irena Kiełb

Tell me something about yourself

- My name is Irena. I come from Poland, I was born and still live in Krakow, which I really love. Currently I’m finishing my cultural education studies, take pictures and sew a lot. What does photography mean to you?

- For me photography, is a diary of sorts. I capture what I love most – things, situations, places which are calm and natural. Peaceful moments, friends, family, simple everyday life and travels in nature – that what’s important. What do you like about analogue photography?

- I’m just in love with film photography. It requires a lot of respect: you have to be patient, frugal and careful. And you are never sure what the final effect will be like. What or who inspires you?

- All the special moments which I see: colors, light, situations, places, things, people… also culture and nature. Or just a conversation with a friend. What kind of photography film do you prefer and why?

- I prefer rather simple 35mm color negative photographic films like Kodak, Agfa or Fujifilm with ISO 100, 200 or 400. Mostly because I know what effects those films can get. Sometimes I use b&w films, but to be honest, I’m not an expert in this area. :)

Anna Gawlak

“I remember when I bought my first analog camera. It was four years ago. In my photos, I wanted to catch people close to me and all the little moments associated with them. It hasn’t really changed a lot since that time. Actually, photography is my quiet life companion; a companion whom I simply like and whose memory is better than mine. And as I am getting to know the world from the beginning over and over again, my photos reflect this cognition. They accompany good moments: meetings with friends and family, the closest relationships, loneliness and watching the nature. I’m a little bit like a beginner in this world. Everything is interesting to me and the photography helps me to express this curiosity.”

Lera mashiro


my name is Lera. I'm 21 years old ukrainian girl according to my passport, but I don't actually think this matters at all. I feel myself like a world's free spirit, inspired and young. I wish to show my enjoyment of life in film photography. So I'm trying to catch some beautiful moments in my works. For these aims I use analog cameras: "kiev 19" and "zenit e".”

Iñaki Soria Izquierdo

Paulína jani šová

“I was born in 1995 and raised in a city where I still live, which definitely affected my work, my thinking and the way I live. On the other hand I'm sporadically quiet and calm person and sometimes I need to spend some time alone, to taste the solitude. And at these times I feel that my soul and my heart really long to be in the nature - to climb a mountain, to break my limits, to admire the view and just to be, even if just for a fragment of time. I'm trying to sense the world, going around and to see through it with my eyes. Every moment is original, everything has its magic which should be appreciated - it doesn't matter whether it's a cloud in the sky, flock of birds setting up their journey, cloth moved by blowing wind, finished cup of tea left on the table or a girl waiting for somebody. And that's the power of photography - to eternalize every (even if the least) moment of our lives, to make them last.”

Anna Margoszczyn

“I simply just love exploring the world around me, !and I cannot imagine doing it without a camera. !Photography helps me to find those small details !that make each place so special and unique.”

Natalie nguyen

“My cat was an essential part of my photographic journey. The first days I started taking photos, I only took photos of my cat. He was the only model I had. Luckily, he knew how to pose. He was my model and my friend, the one whose natural beauty is photogenic enough that even candids turned out angelic.”

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Finder Magazine collects amazing photographs from all over the world, created by amazing photographers.

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