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Top Designer Sunglasses Styles for Men

Today, almost everyone have passion for designer sunglasses. This is no surprise because sunglasses nowadays have become a staple item when it comes to accessorizing. The beauty and usefulness of this fabulous eyewear is simply undeniable. While it serves its prime purpose of protecting the eyes from UV rays and other harsh elements, it also do good in elevating the look and appeal of the wearer. It is a great accessory to further enhance ones overall appearance. Finding the right sunglasses that fits and complements your face is the key to really maximize the use of designer sunglasses. It should do two purposes – protect and perk up!

Men sunglasses have evolved through the years. But even though designs and styles continue to innovate, still some old and classic fashion remains hot and in-demand like the Top Gun style Aviator models. This is an all-time favourite that lingered through the years. Until today, it has captured the astute taste of many especially celebrities. Aside from the Aviator, here are the top 10 most soughtafter designer sunglasses for men...

1. Aviator – This is the most sought-after sunglasses popularized by Ray-Ban. This was greatly famous in the 80’s and up to this date, it is still in-demand. Its classic style makes it a favourite match to just anything you wear. Aviator shades basically are crafted with large rectangular frames that round at the bottom and have dominant metal rims.

2. Rimless – These types of sunglasses obviously have no rims. Whether it’s an aviator style or rectangular or oval shades, rimless styles are sleek and will match just any outfit. However, a drawback is that it is more fragile the fact that it doesn’t have rims to support the lens. So careful handling is very much advised. 3. Eye Shields – For a sportier look, sunglasses with shields are one of the best design choices. Though they really look rugged and mostly used as sport shades, now it can be used for casual activities and this was made possible because of the latest colored tints and metallic arms. Shields are more like protective shades because they are designed to completely cover the eyes with a single lens. They are not separated by a bridge and the arms of the sunglasses are screwed onto the plastic lens.

4. Plastic Protectors – Plastic frames are durable and they are always on style. These boast a sportier look. You can find such designs from quality makers such as Gucci or Ray Ban. Because these sunglasses are simple, they can be worn for most outfits.

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Top Designer Sunglasses Styles for Men  

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