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Effect sof ver t i go

Caus esof ver t i go

Sens eofs pi nni ng

Meni er e’ sdi s eas e

Di zzi nes s

I nnereari nf ect i on

Los sofcoor di nat i on

Headornecki nj ur y


St r okeort umor

I mbal ance


Fat i gue

Medi ci nest hatcaus e eardamage

Common t r eat ment

Medi cali nt er vent i oni sus ual l yi snotneeded.Fors ever ecas es ,t r eat ment i ncl udesphys i calt her apy ,medi ci ne,andi ns omecas es ,s ur ger y .

What is Vertigo?  

Vertigo is a strange sensation described by the person as a feeling that surroundings are moving when there is no actual movement.Individual...

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