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How to Get Water Out of Your Ears? Sometimes while taking a shower or sometimes when you are swimming in the pool; water in the ears occurs very commonly and can happen to anyone. It is very natural phenomena and not really a cause of concern. As per the natural constitution of the ears, the water is prevented from going deep inside the ear by the wax present in the ears. However, sometimes the fluid or the water can get trapped within the ear. Sometimes when this fluid stays trapped in the ears for a long time, it could cause some sort of discomforts which can eventually lead to pain and hearing impairment. Although, this condition is most often not serious however in some cases complications like hearing impairment, formation of cysts, swelling of the eardrum etc. could arise. Hence, it is always important to get the trapped water out of the ears as soon as possible. This condition is often faced by swimmers and hence it is also called swimmer’s ears. Understanding Natural Protection Mechanism of the Ears Like all other parts of the body, the ears also are made with a natural self defense mechanism which helps in protecting it and keeping it clean. Ear wax is a ways by which the ears protect themselves from various external elements including dust, insects and various bacterial infections. The ear wax carries with it various foreign particles or debris from the ears. It helps in coating the ear canals with a lining that is waterproof and helps in protecting the ears from infection or irritations. Best Ways to Get Water Out of Your Ears Here are the simplest ways you can get the excess water out of your ears • Move your ears in the direction of gravity: The best way to get water out of your ears is to let the gravity do its job. Tilt your head towards the earth and press your palms on to your affected side of the ear. This hard hitting of the hands on the ears creates a temporary vacuum that will eventually cause the fluid inside the ears to move. You can thereafter clear out this fluid from the ears by stretching the ear lobe and using cotton to remove the water. Remember to not insert a cotton bud as that can push the water further into the ear canals. • Valsalva maneuver: This is a common technique used by people to alleviate ear pain caused due to air pressure such as in the flights. Close your mouth and pinch your nose. Then take a deep breath and gently blow out air to regulate the air pressure. This releases a popping sound that indicates that the ear tubes are open again. • Blow Dryer: A blow dryer is also helpful to evaporate the trapped fluid in your ears. The warm air from the dryer turns the water into steam and helps to release it from the ears. To do these pull your ear lobes away from your body. Hold the blow dryer at a distance from the body so as to refrain burning the body from the hot air. Set the heat of the dryer to warm and the air flow to low pressure rather than a blast of hot air. Aim the dryer into the

ear canals and hold the dryer for approximately 30 seconds. Repeat if required. However, do not do this for more than a few minutes at one time. Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar: Rubbing a mix of alcohol along with vinegar is a traditional method of draining out ear fluid. The antibacterial properties in vinegar help in killing the germs and bacteria present in the ears, while the alcohol helps in drying up the ear fluid. Mix in one teaspoon of both alcohol and vinegar. Use a dropper to pour in about two to three drops of this mix into the affected ears. Slowly open the ear canal and wait for about 30 seconds. As you tilt your head, the fluid will easily drain out of your ear opening. Heat Therapy: This method will help you get rid of the fluid in your ears rather quickly. The heat compress technique used in this method of fluid removal helps in opening up the e Eustachian tube, the tube where the fluid builds up so that the fluid can be released easily. Place a warm washcloth that has been dipped in warm water and hold against the affected ear for about 30 seconds. Wait for about a minute before you repeat the process and continue this for about four to five times. Lie down on the affected side to help the fluid come out easily. Steam: Inhaling steam is a safe and easy way to get some relief from the fluid buildup in the ears. The steam helps in opening up the Eustachian tube which in turn helps in releasing the fluid trapped in the ears. For this method of fluid removal, pour in some hot water in a large bowl. Take a towel over your head and slowly inhale this steam for about five to ten minutes. Move your head to one side and slowly the fluid will start coming out of your ears. You can also take a hot shower instead of a steam to get the fluid out of your ears. Hydrogen Peroxide: One of the safest ways to clean your ears is by using the hydrogen peroxide solution. Due to its effervescent properties, the hydrogen peroxide can help in easily removing the fluid trapped in the ear canal along with the wax and dirt in the ears. Can easily remove the trapped fluid, along with ear wax and debris from the ear canal. Take a dropper and put about four to five drops of the solution in the affected ear. Allow the solution to work for a minute or two and slowly tilt your head down for the fluid to easily drain out. Salt: Salt is also a helpful remedy to get rid of fluid in the ears since it has natural water absorbing properties. A warm salt compress on the affected ear can help the water to dry up rather quickly or make way out of the ear canals. It also helps in alleviating the pain due to fluid collection.

How to Get Water Out of Your Ears?  

Sometimes while taking a shower or sometimes when you are swimming in the pool; water in the ears occurs very commonly and can happen to any...

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