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2014 is the year of fun, celebration and crazy experimentation. At, we wanted to give you a mix of all this awesomeness in the form of information on all insane events happening across the world, this January. The events are hand-picked by National Geographic supported by help from in terms of all that you will need to make these trips super memorable and well planned. So, get ready for a mad ride; this month will be legendary Carnaval de Quebec, Quebec

Winter is incomplete till it is lived through a winter carnival, and when we talk carnivals, what better than Carnaval de Quebec? This January, experience winter French-Canadian style, at the largest winter carnival in the world from January 31 to February 16. For 60 years now, Quebec has been doing all it takes to make for a

massive carnival that is one of a kind. Snow sculptures, winter sports, traditional Quebec lifestyle activities, a parade, canoe races and dogsled races, the event has it all. Pack well with and get set for a wintery delight.

Celtic Connections, Glasgow

Dip yourself in the beauty of Glasgow‘s annual folk, roots, and world music festival, Celtic Connections (January 16-February 2). It is the largest annual winter music festival to commemorate Celtic music. With the backing of 2,100 artists, 300 events and 20 venues, the festival creates a feel that is truly surreal. It started way back in 1994, is scheduled at the Glasgow Royal Concert Halls and beautifully amalgamates talks, free events, late night sessions and workshops layered with traditional Scottish music. With a huge fan following world over, you cannot help but attend it this year, and that too in style.

Sundance Film Festival, Utah

In January, every year, Park City, Utah comes to life. A dedicated hoard of cinelovers and luminaries take over the city and give themselves to ten days of magical cinema. Since its inception in 1985, the Sundance Film Festival (January 16January 26) has become a source of finding the most original storytellers and

creative audiences for dramatic and documentary films, shorts, New Frontier films, installations, performances, panel discussions, and power-packed music events. Sundance has something for everyone and has simply changed the dynamics of film-making, in terms of promotions, publicity and talent-scouting. So, dress well, dress right and embrace authentic movie-making with a glint in your eyes and a smile on your face.

Kite Festival, Jaipur

Is that a sky-diver, plane, bird or bear floating in the sky? Well, gaze skyward and see Jaipur get some fancy wings and fly. The Kite Festival at Jaipur (January 1416) is a carefree festival that brings the kid out in you, makes you sprightly giddy with happiness and takes you to a land of peace and innocence. The festival coincides with the Hindu harvest festival, Makar Sakranti and promises to get you delicious food, interesting crafts, stellar cultural performances and special night displays of illuminated kites. Bask in the heritage and art of Rajasthan and fill yourself with a new light and lively vigor; has the rest of it sorted.

Make sure you attend atleast one of these events; after all, later in life it is all about the memories you make and the beautiful photographs you take. (Now you know why we tell you to dress well each time. Have a blast! Reference Link:

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2014 is the year of fun, celebration and crazy experimentation. At, we wanted to give you a mix of all this awesomeness in the f...