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YOUR BODY IS A WONDERLAND We all love to be pampered, don’t we? With the daily strain and stress taking a toll on our bodies, a relaxation session does become the need of the hour. Luckily, India has commendably grown in terms of its Spa and Wellness amenities. The dainty pleasurable spaces promise us a world of peace, serenity, laid-back dreams and carefree happiness, which is quite a relief from the exhausting mundane.

These unruffled spaces are undoubtedly the best possible escape, but they might not always allow the pocket or the time constraints. Don’t you worry; we still have a solution for you- a real luxurious one at that. Ever thought about converting an area in your home into a zone of unlimited comfort and elaborate rejuvenation, whenever you or your body desires? If not, it’s high time

you did. This option is totally affordable, comfortable and just the way you like it, that snuggle-nuzzle in your own sweet world.

Now, every little element plays a major role in giving your home-spa the perfect feel. Also, a focus on every exposed and physically drained part of your body makes for the perfect experience. For best results, don’t forget to google the hand-foot and body pressure points; the more you focus on the right areas, the happier your senses will be. Also, get your girlfriend or partner on board, now that is what will be truly surreal. You might just end up in some additional indulgence

HAPPY HAIR, HAPPY HEAD Thanks to us, our hair go through a lot of drama. First, there is the sun, dirt, dust and pollution to damage it, then our endless desires to undergo chemical treatments, incessant blow-drying, back-combing and what not! The hair are certainly not pleased. To top it, our endless head crunching and mental stress. Neither is the head pleased. All they need is a weekend special treatment. Oil, massage and relax!

FUN FACE-OVER Our face is our most special asset, and in this mad-crazy world, we really need to take out time to maintain this asset and look as gorgeous as ever. Wash your pretty face as often as possible, eat healthy, drink lots of water and give yourself a soothing pack and massage every now and then. When you like what you see, you feel the rush of confidence and feel genuinely beautiful.

HAND PLAY We may ignore our hard-working hands, but they are important too, actually very very important. Get the hand pressure points right, some warm water, flower petals and good oil for both the hands and the nails, and you are all set to live the placid and undisturbed life, even if it is for a while. It is anyway all about living in the moment, right?


Talking about the back and the body, your body is sure a wonderland. Make sure you wonderfully maintain it and give it some extra pump from time to time to keep it healthy and going. Back and body massages cannot be accomplished alone, so make sure you utilize the situation, make it a partner activity and have your alwaysneeded dose of kinky fun. As far as the body massages and types are concerned, the options are plenty. You can choose from the basic oil massages to chocolate wraps, from hot stone massages to ayurvedic ones. All you need to do is to whack your brain a little, get naughty, get creative and you are set to roll in the lap of delectable luxury. Trust us, you will thank us.

FOOT FIXOLOGY Lastly, we will talk about some foot-pampering. We always end up neglecting our feet, don’t we? What we tend to forget is that it is the feet that bear our weight throughout the day, minus of course the time we sleep. The feet can literally tell the state of our entire body. So, we should always make sure that we treat them right, and we treat them well. Every once in a while, dip them in a tub of warm water, add some foot soak and herbal flowers, and gently massage the needy-tired supporters. The way to an energetic body, is certainly through the feet.

Now, that your spa tools are ready, create your personal home spa corner, find your partner in crime and export yourself to a land of no-worries and tranquility. Let us aim for a calm, relaxed YOU!

Spa and wellness amenities  

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