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RETAIL THERAPY: THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO YOUR LOW-DOWN Distressed? Gloomy? Bored? Well you do not need a doctor, maybe not even a friend. All you need is a sturdy internet connection, a little know-how about and your inner goddess’ permission to let us tamper with her indispensable mood swings. Yes darling, we are talking retail therapy. If you agree to trust us enough, we promise to swing you out of your down-and-out zone and slap in a happy vibrant vibe to your being. Here, we have for you a list of 5 wow some products that are sure to take you to your own personal La-La Land. HAPPY FEET, HAPPY YOU A happy you start with happy feet. Pamper your foot muscles with this exotic and portable foot-care kit by The Nature’s Co. By the end of the session, you will surely be on cloud 9.

Priced at a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 1,475, this will turn-out to be your BFF for a long long time. FLOW AND FLIP WITH JOY A flowy pleated summer dress in a happy-dapper yellow is all it takes to export you to a world of open spaces, light-headedness and enchanted freedom . Get this gorgeous piece by Anand G and see yourself flipping with joy.

Priced at Rs. 5,830.65, you will love this impulsive buy. DROWN YOUR SORROWS Drown all your worries in this big tote bag by French Connection. The colour-calm effect and the well-maneuvered shape will add unbeatable charm to your personality, along with cheering the hell out of you.

Priced at Rs. 4,499, this bag is just the right mood uplifter. SAVE YOUR SOUL When you see funny help me hands popping out of your book, your situation would suddenly seem super ironical. This is exactly when your low-down will take a toss, you will end up in a happy jhinga-lala dance session and re-enter the world of awesomeness.

Priced at Rs. 149, you so have to jump at this self-help opportunity. THE CHOCOLATE EFFECT And lastly CHOCOLATE, how can we forget the perfect dollop of heaven that melts in the mouth and makes the taste-buds do a double flip. This heady combination of Royce coffee with chocolate is that cherry on top for the ever-so blissful zone.

This is the right choice baby. Do go in for one or more of these life savers, the next time you are under the weather. We guarantee that you will truly feel the difference and have a gaga day, always!

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