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MONSOON SPECIAL: 6 WAYS TO CHEER UP YOUR BLUE DAYS In this monsoon special edition, we’ve listed 6 ways to cheer up your blue days!

1. GET A MONSOON WARDROBE Get a short, flouncy skirt by French Connection or a fun printed dress by Turquoise and Gold, or just get shorty with starburst denim by Pepe Jeans London.



Get monsoon purrty with an Oversized Leopard Snood Scarf byBebe or with Spring White Rubber Footwear by Havaian as. You’re almost splash ready!

Nothing spells comfort like hot French Friesby McCain and Devil’s Food Cake by Betty Crocker, available at Foodhall.

4. GO CAMPING OR TREKKING Basecamp Traveller is your one-stop-shop for raincoats,survival tools, backpacks and bod ypacs. Get ready to climb every mountain and ford every stream.

5. GET SOME PLAY It’s PS3 time, so get some play indoors like a boss. Whether it’s God of War, FIFA Street or Need for Speed, get your game on!

6. BE MILITANT ABOUT YOUR DAILY SKINCARE ROUTINE STEP 1: Cleanse with Avene’s Cleanan ce Sapless Gel Cleanser eliminates impurities without stripping the skin. STEP 2: Tone your skin with Kama Ayurveda’s Face & Body Mists, which restore the pH balance in your skin and tighten your pores. STEP 3: Moisturize with Lush’s Skin Drink, which helps you refresh and rehydrate parched skin.

Monsoon SpecialL: 6 Ways To Cheer Up Your Blue Days  

In this monsoon special edition, we’ve listed 6 ways to cheer up your blue days!get a monsoon wardrobe,get the right accessories, get some r...