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Today, I am really in the mood to talk about the art movement that emerged in the mid-1950’s in Britain and later in the United States, and keeps falling back and up on the fashion radar- yes, I am talking ‘Pop Art’ and its inseparable ally ‘Color Burst’. Pop Art literally revamped the way art was perceived back then, and introduced a whole new spectrum of art-approach. It focused on imagery from mass culture such as news, film and comics, advertising, the popular and even the mundane. And of course, how can we forget Andy Warhol- the greatest proponent of the genre. His Marilyn Monroe canvases and Campbell’s Soup can, still do not fail to leave a massive impact.

And with Pop Art and Pop Fashion, color can never really be left behind.

I know we are talking a lot of color lately, but it’s good news for the color enthusiasts; the fashion skies have opened to literally drip color, and the fashion ramps have been extremely co-operative, and have happily soaked all the color in.

Now, that you have all the evidence you need, we would like to take you on a further crazy spree. We have seen color on practically everything by now- from clothes to shoes to accessories, and we definitely love the madness. So, Maybelline realized our emotions, and has actually come up with something really special for all us COLOR FANS. They have introduced the sexiest range of nail color and rightly call it, the COLOR SHOW.

Wanna have a look at the nail color options? Once you see them, you would want to grab each one of them. The range has 40, hot and in-trend shades that are affordable and so damn play-able. The brush is flat, with a good coverage and the overall finish is oh-so irresistible. Make sure your nail wardrobe has each one of

these babies. From pretty pops, pinks, moody metallic’s, pastels to rich royals, classics and the yin and yang- they have it all. You name it, they got it!

The ultimate agenda? Maybelline wants to get ‘Fashion at your Fingertips’, literally.

Now, all you need to do is dabble with some nail art, get all creative and develop new nail-art designs and techniques, and have everyone swoon over how amazing you look.

And don’t forget your toe nails. You can weave a lot of crafty magic, with those pretty pretty toe-nails. Make bizarre color-combinations and you will surely stand out

in the crowd. For starters, want us to help you with some color-play? Here are some combinations that you will totally dig.

Don’t forget to check out the super cool ‘Color Show’ website It has a nasty color pick game that will have you hooked. So, dab some sexy Maybelline color on your nails, and see how bubbly and colorful you truly get. Happy Coloring, divas!

Maybelline color show at Findable  

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