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We have been going gaga over the New Year, and why shouldn’t we? After all, a New Year marks the beginning of a brand new phase; it opens doors to new challenges, dreams, ambitions and styles. And thus came the idea to base a blog on color predictions for the year, for all existing zodiac signs keeping the latest fashion trends in mind. The annual color forecast by the beloved and trusted has been taken into account by to give you the best of trends in the luckiest of hues. We sincerely hope the year is blissfully fruitful and rambunctiously fashionable for each one of you.

Aries (March 21 – April 19):

You are the first sign of the Zodiac and thus possess extremely strong and powerful characteristics. To celebrate this power and energy, your colors for the year are perfectly apt- scarlet and red. This year, understand your strong sense of purpose and March ahead with great zeal and unbridled enthusiasm. As far as your wardrobe is concerned, we have taken care of it smartly and well. This year you definitely have no looking back.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

You are represented by the ferocious bull and are thus usually considered to be the more powerful and stronger one of the Zodiac. But then surprisingly, you have a rather soft and sophisticated side to you that becomes pretty evident as one gets to know you. Bask in the ‘calm and easy-going till provoked’ side of you with your colors for the year- blue and blue-green. As you are determined to achieve all that you desire, we are equally resolute to make your year beautiful. So, stay your usual simple and stable self but with, don’t forget to keep it stylish.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Your twins might make you dual in nature but your openness and acceptance towards endless possibilities definitely sets you apart from the rest. This year battle out your confused state of mind and give yourself truly and absolutely to Your colors for the year are orange, lemon and yellow. All you need to do is use your power of insight, revel in your distinguished wit and pick all that we have to offer in your lucky colors. With a support system like this, who can ever question your thought process again?

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

You are emotional, sensitive and adorable. Living up to your amazing character traits, are your colors for the year- orange and white. We know finding higher, permanent happiness gets slightly difficult for you but when you have such classy colors and trends backing you, we doubt you will latch onto the negatives. So, let us roll in your keen sense of humour with you and let you become the star amongst your family and friends. This year, you have got it all!

Leo (July 23 – August 22):

You are symbolized by the Lion, thereby making you the most regal and majestic sign of the Zodiac. You have that air of leadership that is hard to miss and your eagerness to act and be desired and loved makes you all the more irresistible. Your colors for the year are beautifully hand-picked to match up to your royal personality; the hue pick comprises of gold, orange, white and red. Pick our selection of gorgeous pieces in your lucky colors and be the center of attention at every party. We know you are naturally attracted to beautiful people, but if you look and feel beautiful yourself, you know the outcome would be simply infectious. Have a fabulous year ahead.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Represented by the virgin, you are pure in the true sense. Your ability to sense the good and the bad and your evolved intelligence and understanding of others packs it all up well and makes you amazingly alluring. This year your lucky colors truly represent all that you are and all that you wish to be; pick up orange, white, grey, yellow or mushroom blindly and feel the difference. is sending plenty of good things your way. Relish and rejoice!

With this, we are done sorting your luck issues; rest is all dependent on the hard and smart work you plan to put in this year. Oh, and yes, for those of you who do not belong to this side of the Zodiac spectrum, there is nothing to worry about. We promise to come back only for you, with a bagful of lucky colors and a plethora of assorted products. Get lucky, stay stylish! Reference Link:

Get Lucky, Stay Stylish: Zodiac Color Predictions 2014  

We have been going gaga over the New Year, and why shouldn’t we? After all, a New Year marks the beginning of a brand new phase; it opens do...

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