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We told you we are not biased towards the fairer sex, didn’t we? And see, we are proving it by the day. After findable’s gift pick for women, it became quite important that we made the men feel equally special. has for you, some amazing gifting ideas that are unusual and unique, and will make the men feel jubilant and oh-so macho. And of course, if men want to be a part of some self-indulgence themselves, nothing like it. So, wallow in the festivity fearless, in your shining armour (I really need to stop watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ re-runs). Better still, just have a look at the list and ignore my festive antics.

Yes, we start with what men love the most- some holiday gambling. Every man, deep down loves his luck with the cards and the dice. Shower him with a spray of luxury, to make his gamble den, a luxury pad. Men, findable have for you exotic and skill-crafted playing cards and dice sets, from the house of Gucci.

The men are going to love this and of course you, if you buy him this. For others who do not tread the gamble route, you can definitely go for the smart dressup but with a difference. Rather than just buying a new outfit for the D-day, how about soaking yourself into pure bliss instead?

Pepe Jeans has come up with Diwali offers that are not only alluring but also super useful. Make a fat gorgeous purchase, and end up with some additional free gifts. Laptop bags, wrist watches, duffle bags- the add-ons are lucratively plenty. But then, some men are just polo enthusiasts and want to own every exclusive piece that adorns the planet. We will not let you down on this front either.

Lacoste has launched its special Holiday Collector Series N°8 by Peter Saville. With his humour, intelligence and creativity, Saville has succeeded in his mission to twist the cult classic polo and turn it into a contemporary collectable. Don’t forget to pick up this must-have for your wardrobe. And women, if you gift him this, he will be at your beck and call for years to come. Lastly, we have for you a gift idea that will break the norms of normalcy, make your heart beat a little faster and your adrenaline rush like it’s on fire. The adventure freaks will love it and the competition will kill for it.

With Outdoor Travel Gear, you can now win a trip with Bear Grylls. All you have to do is make a quick trip to any Outdoor Travel Gear store and fill out a form, it’s that simple. No purchase is required to participate in the contest- isn’t this just awesome? Men- rush now; women- are you listening? We super hope you love these innovative gifting ideas and have already started making a note of all that you want to purchase for all the special men in your life. Men, it is never bad to make yourself feel good; take up the pursuit of pleasure this diwali and luxuriate like a king.

So, hop out and make the right pick, or just snuggle in bed, enjoy a mug of coffee, log into your findable account and make this Diwali uber special. Have a beautiful one!

Diwali time findable helps make the men feel special  

Pepe Jeans has come up with Diwali offers that are not only alluring but also super useful. Make a fat gorgeous purchase, and end up with so...

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