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Times are changing, so are likes and dislikes. All of us are leading a pretty hectic life these days, and the only respite that we get daily is our tiny cozy space, that puts us at ease and gives us that happy comfortable smile. But then of course, now when the house holds such a crucial place in one’s life, it is extremely important that it is built just the way you are. We care about you and your tastes and have a special something for you. has explored national and international home dÊcor trends, picked up the best four and has brought for you ideas that are simple, edgy,

modern and clutter-free (just how you would like your life in a pace like today). To top it, there are products available with findable online and in stores near you to give you the look you would so desire. Glance these through, take your pick and dazzle your den. Here, we go.

How about a room in grey scale? Shades of black, white and everything in between, splattered all around you. Earlier, you might have never thought on dull and dreary house building lines like these but post a room like this, your ideas might just change. There is nothing more tasteful and sophisticated than a room that is minimal in shades that are pretty flexible. Add to it large windows, some bamboo cane furniture, fresh greens and a long-neck lamp, and you are sure to be on a classy roll.

If you are still not convinced with our monochrome idea, we do have another way to lay out your room. You can stick to the scale yet go in for a more artsy appeal; and how does that come by? Well, the answer lies in creating a focal point, and to do that what better than an attractive painting. Vertically rectangular paintings in muted tones are doing pretty well on the trend-charts, make sure you grab a super special one for your super special place.

Still, if you feel a blend of modern design with cheerful colours is more your thing, we suggest you give green a shot. But you will get the much-wanted appeal only when the fabulous green is mixed with a subtle hue, say white for instance. Also, bring in a lot of solid colour products in geometrically sound shapes and you will see how it will bring an altogether different charm to the house. Additional Tip: Block patterned wallpaper is the latest hit. Get prepared to be swamped with compliments.

Our last modern pick for the day is on the lines of the previous one but with another trendy shade and art technique doing the trick. Orange is getting a lot of attention of late, and its merger with white calls for sassy contemporary crime. Add to it the everfavourite black and you are headed to heaven. To make things further magical, get one of the walls hand-painted on a new-age theme with a slight dash of gold to the area. Despite all the colour and experimentation, we guarantee the house would grab eye-balls and appreciation like the classic Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. After beauty like this, I hope you know how to finally spend your weekend mornings. Laze, findable and shop or dress up, step out and findable- the choice is yours. See, how we always love giving you a win-win. Enjoy!

4 modern living ideas for your dream home has explored national and international home décor trends, picked up the best four and has brought for you ideas that are simple...

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