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For over ten years, Finance Active has been providing a wide range of corporations, institutions and public authorities with innovative technology solutions and financial risk management services. Finance Active delivers online interactive platforms and customized advisory services to support finance and treasury teams, with the risk management of debt and derivatives portfolio, foreign exchange exposures, or securities & guarantees. Present all over Europe and internationally, Finance Active’s team of experts work alongside clients to provide them with best-in class services tailored to their operational and strategic needs.

Independent company Privately-owned & Managed by its founders

The combination of robust technology solutions and in-depth financial expertise makes Finance Active’s services offering unique in the fields of financial software and risk management. Today, hundreds of corporations across geographies and industries have integrated our solutions into their day-to-day management of financial transactions, their reporting and communication processes. Building on years of extensive experience and customer loyalty, we strive every day to remain the reference leader in financial risk management services.

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High-Performing Technology Solutions and Proactive Risk Management Services

Finance Active A Dual Proposition:

Online Interactive Platforms

Customized Advisory Services

Easy Online Access

To guarantee the highest level of data integrity, our Back-Office administrators

Specifically designed for the Web, our platforms and their many features are easily and immediately accessible.

Fast and Flexible Integration The configuration of the platform and the initial integration of your data are performed by our Back-Office administrators. Our interactive platforms are entirely functional upon the first connection. Deployment and updates are quick and painless for your teams.

Security and Data Protection Our platforms comply with ISO standards for data storage, access and security; and are continually audited by certified experts.

Integrated Solutions combining Pricing and Reporting tools with your Financial database Connected to real-time market data, our integrated platforms support all aspects of your financial risk management: enabling you to quantify risk exposure, simulate financial strategies, evaluate banking proposals, as well as to generate strategic and financial reports. Our solutions aim at providing transparency and increasing operational efficiency while complying with market best practices and Regulatory framework.

 Continuously load new and amended transactions into your personalized account  Carry out updates as needed  Train your employees for autonomous dataentry

To support your decision-making, our consultants  Provide customized analysis and independent pricing O ffer objective and expert recommendation on market best practices, risk management strategies

To enhance your communication and reporting processes, our consultants Run strategic reports and financial audits  Deliver customized reports compliant with  international accounting standards

To convey their expertise and knowledge, our teams Hold public and customized training sessions  through Finance Active Campus


Innovative Solutions Tailored to your Financial Needs

Debt & Derivatives Risk Management Services

Foreign Exchange Risk Management Services

Koesio Security & Guarantee Management Services

Finance Active’s Value Proposition

Clear benefits Finance Active provides a comprehensive set of services to address the full range of customers’ needs associated with the risk management of their debt & derivatives portfolio, foreign currency exposures, or banking securities & guarantees. All Finance Active’s technology solutions (Insito, Fx’ent and Koesio) have been designed with the same stringency to enable clients to achieve successful risk management while enhancing operational efficiency:      

Operational Security Reliability Global Visibility Homogeneous Processes Time saving and cost efficiency Negotiation Enhancement

Finance Active’s teams of experts work alongside clients to provide them with best-in class services tailored to their operational and strategic needs  Financial audits  Objective and independent recommendations  Training programs

Finance Active delivers high-performing web-based platforms with extensive analytical and reporting capabilities. Dedicated to client services and longterm relationships, Finance Active’s consultants accompany every step along the way.


reporting Monitoring CustomiZed Services

Benefit from integrated platforms  Direct connection to real-time market data C omplete monitoring of all financial transactions ndependent valuations from any financial  I institution  Advanced analysis to support decision-making obust analytical tools to simulate financial R  strategies or evaluate bank’s proposal

Benefit from direct access to D edicated expert consultants S pecialized Back-Office administrators  inancial R&D Team and IT Support  F

Benefit from extensive reporting capabilities tandardized and Customized Strategic  S Reports (Holding and Subsidiaries)  Financial and Regulatory Reports C ompliance with International Accounting Standards D ocumentation prepared in your preferred language


Welcome to Finance Active’s World

Global & Homogeneous Visibility • Finance Director, Treasurer, Cash Manager, Management Accountant, Controler, Project Manager… • Holding Company, Subsidiaries, Business units…

Integrated tools to efficiently monitor financial markets together with your portfolio of operations •D  etailed analysis and valuation of executed transactions • S imulations and Pricing of anticipated transactions

Des reportings • automatiquement mis à jour • immédiatement présentables • règlementaires • personnalisés







Commited to the highest levels of client service

Client Loyalty Rate Greater than 97%

Our Mission & Shared Values



With over ten years of experience, Finance Active has been devoted to providing clients with financial risk management services. Its proficiency in computer technology combined with its financial expertise has raised it to the industry reference in the fields of debt management, interest rate & foreign exchange risk services.

Finance Active has cultivated a caring corporate culture with employees who are dedicated to developing comprehensive, innovative, reliable solutions and providing exceptional services to its clients. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our consultants are perceived to be accessible and proactive guide for our clients, steering them through the complexities of financial issues.

Innovation We are nourished by a culture of steady growth, founded by R&D and high-level in-house expertise. Our main objective is the creation of innovative technological tools that are at once reliable and durable, and tailored to the operational and strategic needs of our clients.

Responsibility A commitment to enabling clients’ efficiency and sustaining long-term relationships: absolute guarantee of data security, protection, confidentiality and ownership; all services carried out with stringency, clarity and precision.

Integrity Knowledge, modesty and integrity: a corporate culture that encourages transparency, dialogues and trust. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, in all we say and do.

Passion Passionate about software development and financial management, our teams are dedicated to providing our clients with the best services. Our free and dedicated spirit, demonstrated by our independence from any financial or industrial institution, allows us to express our opinions with objectivity and honesty.


In Touch with your Financial Management

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