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World DEATH SWIM: South Korea’s Ministry of Defense acknowledged the killing of a South Korean citizen as he was trying to cross a river to North Korea, apparently to defect. About 30 South Korean soldiers fired hundreds of bullets at the man - who allegedly ignored warnings - before he was confirmed dead, reported. SHOT DEAD: Unarmed black man Jonathan Ferrell, 24, was shot dead by police in the US as he was running towards officers after a car crash. A police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina, was charged with voluntary manslaughter. A lawyer for Mr Ferrell's family said he believed race played a role, ABC News reported.

Odd Spot GERMAN police seized an open-top car that had been converted into a travelling swimming pool, with water and wooden decking, after it was seen driving with four men aboard, Nine News reported. BABY CRUSHED: A five-month-old American baby was crushed to death in a horrific freak accident at Alicante airport in southeastern Spain. Authorities said the baby was on a special luggage carousel, used for outsized items such as prams or sporting equipment, reported.

Australia PUB PUSH: Queensland was considering a plan to close pubs and clubs at 3am to try to cut alcohol-related violence. Earlier closing times, extra police and public transport were among recommendations from an expert advisory panel. Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said he would decide on the proposal by the end of the year, ABC News reported.

Aussie Life

Nutri-Grain surf lifesaving series, Salt Beach, Kingscliff, NSW, Sunday, September 15. MACCAS FIGHT: Residents from the small Victorian town of Tecoma took their battle against having a local McDonald’s to the corporation's home in Chicago, US, where they presented a petition to the CEO Don Thompson. They also took out a $25,000 ad in The Chicago Tribune, and set up 30 inflatable kangaroos outside a McDonald’s. EMPTY HOUSES: Some public housing tenants in Queensland were going on holidays for up to a year when there were 22,000 families on the waiting list. Housing Minister Tim Mander wanted public housing rules changed after revealing 285 tenants were away from home from three to 12 months in the past financial year, Fairfax reported.

Volume 29 September 23

Entertainment BROTHERLY LOVE: Chris Hemsworth (Thor) said he was supporting his brother, Liam (The Hunger Games), through the breakup with fiancee Miley Cyrus. In an interview with News Corp, Chris said life in the spotlight was tough at times, but it was made a little easier by having your brother by your side. STILL FRIENDS: Biggest Loser fitness duo Michelle Bridges and Steve “Commando” Willis claimed to still be “great mates”. The Daily Telegraph reported Bridges as saying: “There's been a lot of stuff happening and there’s been a lot of demands and stresses and pressures. But all of that stuff stretches you and makes you grow.”

Did You Know? POP performer Madonna was the world's highest-earning celebrity in 2012-13, raking in $US125 million, ahead of Steven Spielberg at $US100 million. Source: Fairfax

ALL DONE: Keith Urban told 60 Minutes he and wife Nicole Kidman had no plans for more children. “No, no babies,” the country singer said. Kidman and Urban have two kids, Sunday Rose, 4, and Faith Margaret, 2. Faith was born via a surrogate. Kidman has two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

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World BLAIR SCARE: Two gunmen threatened at gunpoint the daughter of former UK PM Tony Blair in a suspicious robbery in London. The men held Kathryn Blair and a close friend at gunpoint and demanded cash and jewellery. Shortly after the pair fled the scene without stealing anything, reported. 14th WIFE: Swaziland’s King Mswati, 45, had chosen beauty pageant contestant Sindiswa Dlamini, 18, as his 14th wife. The king, worth a reputed $US200 million, had come under fire for his household’s lavish lifestyle. It’s estimated 70% of his subjects lived below the poverty line, Fairfax reported.

Odd Spot DALE Irby, a teacher in Dallas, Texas, wore the same polyester shirt and vest for his yearbook photo for 40 years, reported. It started as a mistake but became a running joke. ‘HIT ON WIFE’: Tim Lambesis, 32, the lead singer of Christian rock band As I Lay Dying was ordered to stand trial in the US for allegedly attempting to hire an undercover sheriff's deputy to kill his wife, Meggan Lambesis, who had filed for divorce a year earlier. Lambesis pleaded not guilty, reported.

Odd Spot BRITISH women spent 59 days of their lives shaving their legs, a study found. And 35% of women polled said it was their least favourite beauty chore. The second most detested was hairstyling, with eyebrow plucking third.

Australia BRIDGE MOOTED: A pedestrian bridge would link Kangaroo Point with the Brisbane CBD as part of a city revitalisation proposal from City Hall. Among the other city visions were a transformation of the Howard St Wharves precinct beneath Story Bridge into what council touts as a “river’s edge destination”, reported.

Well Said:

“Life is only froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone, Kindness in another’s trouble, Courage in your own.” Australian poet Adam Lindsay Gordon FINE FAIL: A cranky recipient of a $60 parking fine nearly got his revenge on Adelaide City Council when he tried to pay with 1200 5¢ coins. “Can I have a receipt, please?” he asked, pouring the coins over the receptionist’s counter. She refused the payment, however, as 5¢ coins were not legal tender for that amount, News Corp reported.

STRESS HARMS: Nationally, about 80% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were suffering from illnesses caused by stressful experiences in their lives. The recently opened Inala Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health in Brisbane had been researching the problem, reported. The stress led to a weakened immune system.

Fun Fact $US6 BILLION - that’s how much tax the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, says he’s paid in total. He has given $28 billion to charity and was still worth $56 billion. His three kids will inherit ‘just’ $10 million each. Source: Guardian, Fairfax

The most important message is for women to have their babies before the clock strikes 12.”

Entertainment VALE JACOBS: A Country Practice star Joyce Jacobs died this week aged 91. Jacobs, who played Esme Watson in the beloved Australian drama, had battled Parkinson’s disease for more than 10 years. Fellow castmate Lorrae Desmond, who played Shirley, delivered a tribute to her friend and former colleague at the funeral. CONNOLLY CANCER: One of the funniest wits in the entertainment industry, Billy Connolly, was being treated following early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and also had “minor surgery” for early stage prostate cancer. A spokesperson said the surgery was a success and all signs were good. Connolly was touring NZ next year.

Odd Spot A CANADIAN couple was charged with animal cruelty after 40 ball python snakes and five eggs were found in a motel room. The reptiles - some a metre long - were in plastic storage bins. KEEP TRYING: Ten notched a couple of duds in the breakfast TV slot, most recently Breakfast, hosted by kiwi Paul Henry and Kathryn Robinson, axed in November. Not to be deterred, it was set to launch a breakfast show, Wake Up, followed by a morning show, Studio 10, hosted by Jessica Rowe and Joe Hildebrand.

Did You Know? ACCORDING to Aboriginal legend, there is a cave on the Wessel Islands off Australia’s north filled with doubloons and weaponry of an ancient era. African 1000-year-old coins had been found on the islands, News Ltd reported.

— Professor Mary Herbert, one of Britain's leading reproductive biologists, delivering a warning at the British Science Festival about delaying pregnancy.

Push to tie family payment to immunisation ADVOCACY group The Parenthood has launched a campaign to boost the falling rates of immunisation around the country. The grassroots group of parents is urging federal Health Minister Peter Dutton to act decisively to fix locations where immunisation of children has fallen below the critical level needed for herd immunity. Campaign director Felicity Moore (pictured) said: “We want Mr Dutton to follow a widely recognised three-point plan to boost immunisation levels.

“The new policy would require children enrolling in daycare, pre-prep and primary school to be fully immunised. “In addition, we want to incentivise immunisation Felicity Moore by withholding access to Family Tax Benefit A for families who fail to immunise their children. “And finally, we want an education campaign to teach parents the risks and

seriousness of failing to immunise their children,” mother-of-three Mrs Moore said. The Parenthood campaign supports the measures the Australian Medical Association took this year to boost immunisation. For more information or to sign the petition to support the campaign visit or scan the QR code on the right with your smart phone now while you wait.

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Health FAT CHANCE: Indulging in fatty foods could ruin your ability to diet by destroying stomach signals to the brain. University of Adelaide research found the nerves in the stomach that signalled fullness to the brain appeared to be desensitised after long-term consumption of a high-fat diet, News Corp reported. SILENT SUFFERING: Almost nine out of 10 people living with depression would rather “suffer in silence” than confide in their colleagues, research showed. This was because many feared that revealing their problem would harm their career prospects, a new report had found, reported.

Did You Know? ANXIETY, or excessive worrying, is the most common psychological problem in Australia and affects 14% of the population, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

ARNIE PLASTIC: Scientists had developed the world’s first self-healing “Terminator” plastic. The polymer, invented in Spain, spontaneously and independently repaired itself. It had been dubbed the Terminator polymer in reference to that famous T-100 robot from the Terminator series of movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, News Corp reported.

Northern Life

Siblings (three of whom live in northeast Brisbane) who are grand-nieces and nephews of WWI VC Patrick Bugden visit his Alstonville, NSW, memorial. SPACE CAT: Iran was preparing to launch a cat into space, just seven months after claiming to have sent a monkey on a 20 minute flight 115km into the atmosphere. The move came as the country prepared to send their first human astronaut into space by 2018 in a bid to develop their aerospace program, reported.

Business PRICES RISE: Housing prices continued their rise in the week after the federal election. The RP Data-Rismark Daily Home Value Index for the five mainland state capitals rose by 0.5% in the week to Sunday, September 15. The rise brought the annual rise in housing prices to 5.7%, Fairfax reported. BUBBLE DISMISSED: Talk of a housing bubble in Australia was “unrealistically alarmist”, Reserve Bank of Australia assistant governor Malcolm Edey said. Dr Edey said there was “no doubt” demand was rising but it was critical to keep the trend in perspective. Sydney gained 7% in the quarter, Fairfax reported.

Did You Know? AT some point, genes from at least eight retroviruses became incorporated into human DNA. They now perform important functions in reproduction, yet are entirely alien to our genetic ancestry.

SLOW AGEING: Lifestyle changes, including more fruit and vegetables as well as meditation and yoga, were shown to reverse ageing at the cellular level. A diet rich in unprocessed foods, moderate exercise and less stress over five years improved the chromosomes linked to ageing, a study in Lancet journal showed.

BIGGEST ROBOT: A German electronics manufacturer has built a giant, fire-breathing robotic dragon that has been awarded the Guinness world record for the world’s largest walking robot. It stood 4.5m high and 3.8m wide, with a wingspan of 12m, and stretched 15.5m from nose to tail tip, weighing in at 11 tonnes, reported.

SURGE TIPPED: Sydney would lead the housing market recovery with a property boom next year, according to the third annual Housing Boom and Bust Report. It expected Sydney house prices to rise between 15%-20% in 2014, with weighted average prices lifting 7%-11% nationally, Fairfax reported.

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Fun Fact

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THE 2014 Mercedes S-Class offers a $350 option that wafts perfume through the car. There are four scents: Nightlife, Sports, Downtown and Fireside. The system atomises the perfume and distributes it throughout the passenger area.

Source: QI television show

THE antioxidant concentration in hot cocoa was almost twice as strong as red wine, two to three times stronger than green tea and four to five times stronger than black tea, a study at Cornell University determined.

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Q: Via lactea is the classical Latin name for which celestial body?

Q: Which is the only number in English with its letters in alphabetical order? Q: Is Helsinki the capital city of Norway, Sweden or Finland? A: Finland

A: The Milky Way

A: A scuttlebutt

Q: What is the highest Australian mountain?

Q: What did baseballer Babe Ruth keep under his hat to stay cool? A: A cabbage leaf

Q: In nautical terms, what’s an open cask of drinking water called?

A: Forty

Fun Fact:

THE sun’s core is so hot that a piece of it the size of a pinhead would give off enough heat to kill a person 160km away.

A: Mawson Peak, on Heard Island, stands 2750m

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C BE KIND: Please place me back neatly for the next person to enjoy. THANK YOU! Health MIGRAINE HOPE: A vitamin pill to cut the frequency and severity of migraines could be on the market within a year. The cocktail of B vitamins and folate being tested by Australian researchers had been shown to improve the function of an enzyme connected with the headaches, News Corp reported.

Science HOW RUDE! The blobfish, a species that lived at great depths and was rarely seen but resembled a marine Jabba the Hut, had been voted the world’s ugliest animal. More than 3000 votes were cast in the online poll, with 795 for the blobfish. The campaign was run by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society to decide its mascot, reported.

Northern Life

Business SUPER WOES: Most Australians didn't believe they would have enough retirement savings and said superannuation funds were not transparent enough on fees and charges, a survey by the Financial Services Council and ING Direct found. It found 48% of respondents did not know the fees they paid for super, Fairfax reported. HAPPY NOW: Grumpy Cat, the internet celebrity famous for its perpetual scowl, just added an endorsement deal to a list of lucrative achievements. Pet food company Nestle Purina PetCare had hired Grumpy Cat - whose real name is Tardar [sic] Sauce - to be the official “spokescat” for its Friskies brand, reported.

KID DRINKERS: Binge drinking was common among US high schoolers, with some knocking back 15 or more drinks in a row, a study revealed. It found about one in five seniors reported a bingedrinking episode within two weeks of being surveyed. A quarter of those had 15 or more drinks, reported.

Did You Know?

VIOLENT START: Violent impacts from comets and other hurtling bodies could pepper planets with the molecular building blocks of life, research suggested. The collisions unleashed shockwaves that could turn simple organic compounds in comets and icy worlds into amino acids, which ultimately made all living organisms, BBC News reported.

AT the Santa Rita do Sapucaí jail in Brazil, inmates can pedal to generate electricity in return for a cut in their sentences - a day off for every 16 hours of effort on bikes hooked up to batteries.

LETTING GO: Men gave up on their appearance by age 46, while women still made the effort to look good for another 13 years, a study found. Men, when they hit 46, did not bother to keep up with the latest fashion trends and were even likely to have stopped trying to stay fit and healthy, reported.

DRUM IT IN: Moving in time to a steady beat was closely linked to better language skills, a study suggested. People who performed better on rhythmic tests also showed enhanced neural responses to speech sounds. The researchers, in the Journal of Neuroscience, suggested practising music could improve other skills, particularly speech, BBC News reported.

$100m MANSION: Australia’s priciest property had hit the market and industry experts said it could fetch in excess of $100 million. The Fairfax family were selling their Sydney Harbour estate, Elaine, which covered almost 7000 sq m. It boasted seven bedrooms, a ballroom, tennis court and stables, reported.

Odd Spot

Fun Fact

Did You Know?

Fun Fact THERE are 200-400 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and a German supercomputer calculated there were 500 billion galaxies in the universe. Source: BBC Schools online

PEOPLE’S closest friendships were formed with their colleagues – particularly if their workplace environment was stressful, research conducted by the Lancaster University in the UK concluded.

IF YOU drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth and jumped in, it would take 42 minutes and 12 seconds to get to the other side. Source: QI television show

AN original Apple-1 sold for $US640,000 at an auction in Germany in November. The computer was priced at $US666.66 (about $US2700 in current money) when made in 1976, The New York Times reported.

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Q: Which sea captain commanded the First Fleet to Australia?

Q: Which is the only state in the US that begins with the letter ‘P’? Q: Is jujitsu a Japanese martial art or paperfolding craft? A: Martial art

A: Navel gazing A: Arthur Phillip

A: Paul Newman

Q: Cut, clarity, colour, and carat set the value of which gemstone?

Q: If you indulge in some omphaloskepsis, what are you doing?

A: Pennsylvania

Q: Who starred in movies The Hustler, Hud, Harper, and Harry and Son?

A: A diamond

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Waiting room news 29 september 23  
Waiting room news 29 september 23