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A Journey, Not a Battle By Phillipa Leseberg

"You see, what the patients often don’t realize, is that it is an honor to be part of it. To be able to love, and support, and cry, and hug, and go through it all. It’s sometimes messy, and often painful. It’s real, it’s authentic and it’s intense, but good for the heart at the same time." - Phillipa

October 22 at 9:34pm ¡ Kirkland ¡ What would you do if you were told by your Doctor you had 2 months to live? Well, I don't know about you, but we're saying "screw that"! We've packed our bags, and are heading down to a fantastic clinic in Mexico tomorrow! Please join me in visualizing Eric healthy, happy and transformed in health!

Phillipa Leseberg October 24 at 10:00pm · Day 1 - Sanoviv We left Seattle in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday 23rd October, to wing our way to Mexico with just one carry-on suitcase between us. Given that the purpose of the trip was to save my husband’s life, there was no need for additional baggage, (literally and figuratively!). We were picked up at the airport in San Diego by a driver from the healing center and were driven straight through the Mexican border, without stopping. Apparently, no one is trying to get into Mexico, but there was a 4-5 hour delay for people going the other way! Here’s what’s great about Mexico though, in terms of health and healing specifically. There is no FDA (Food and Drug Administration) here, outlawing all the wonderfully natural & alternative healing therapies, and pushing only standard protocols for the treatment of disease. There are no Oncologists that only know how to offer one or more of the chemo, radiation or surgery triad, in addition to receiving kickbacks from prescribing chemotherapy. There is not the stranglehold of the pharmaceutical corporations on the treatment of cancer. The list goes on, and that is another whole story for another day. Indeed, at this stunning 5 star health clinic on the Baja California Pacific coast of Mexico, where every room has an ocean view, Eric is being treated like a whole person! What a concept! In our first 24 hours here, Eric has met up with two doctors, (who, amongst other things, asked about his childhood, parents, siblings, geography, ancestry, relationships, marriages, points of trauma, diet, surgeries and more!). He’s been drinking freshly juiced green organic vegetables, throwing back wheatgrass shots, enjoying golden milk, (made with turmeric and warm almond milk) & fresh coconut milk, and consuming a largely paleo diet, (gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, conscious meats, no grains etc). He’s done the usual blood tests, but less typical, he’s been on bio-feedback machines, he’s had his energetic field measured, he’s had a consult with a bio dentist, a chiropractor, a psychologist, and we’ve seen what his blood looks like up close in the microscope! I almost forgot, Eric had his first pedicure – ever! What fun! We’ve watched a movie on the dangers of GMO food, and we’ve had a lesson on breathing and meditation. We’ve spent time in the therapeutic pools, where there is not one speck of chlorine, or any chemical for that matter, and where each pool has a different temperature to aid in the healing detox process. All this in just the first 24 hours! There’s another 1-2 days of alternative testing and diagnoses coming up, and then they’ll let us know what their

recommendation is for a treatment plan moving forward. But here’s what has come up in the diagnostics so far…. Eric’s dental work will probably need to be completely re-done, as it is quite possibly one of the main contributing factors in his dis-ease. (By the way, I’m hearing this more and more – especially root canals, which are essentially infection factories). Another biggie is his diet! Yep, there’s no getting away from it – years of coca cola, chocolate chip cookies, coffee, cereal, mint chocolate chip ice cream, processed foods, sugars, GMO’s and the list goes on, creates the perfect acidic breeding ground for cancer to take root and flourish. Eric knows that if he is to get well and thrive, he needs to make some serious changes in his life! That means all organic, non-GMO, more plant/less meat, raw veges/salads, juices, smoothies and so on. So, an exciting start to our medical adventure and life-saving mission! We are happy here, and have a very strong belief that Eric can do it! I’ll keep you updated as the events here in Mexico unfold for my wonderful husband….standby. In the interim, all prayers and blessings and healing energy gratefully accepted.

Phillipa Leseberg October 25 at 11:14pm · Day 2 First, let me thank you all for allowing me an avenue for my cathartic musings from Eric’s Mexican medical adventure. The healing clinic is called Sanoviv, and I discovered today, that the land was originally owned by a wealthy local family, and NASA was very interested in purchasing it when it became available for sale. Apparently, it has very special energy lay lines running through it, and some of the strongest natural healing energy in the world, (and of course, NASA would know these things!). Each day starts early, before 7am, and everyone is invited for a glass of freshly squeezed lemon water to wake up the organs in the body. After vital signs, we took a wheat grass shot, (only the second of its kind in Eric’s life, the first one being yesterday!). Eric barely got one down, as I took a second, knowing how potent the green stuff is for healing the body. Now, I’ve attended many group meditations in my life, and I would say that the 7am group mediation and spiritual class we attended next, was one of the best. I was very excited to see that it was being delivered by an MD. Yes, an MD – teaching about spirituality and meditation – something pretty much unheard of in the US, and I’m guessing most industrialized nations. He was so passionate and his mediation so powerful, I was not only moved to tears, but found myself wishing I had pressed record on the cell phone I wasn’t supposed to have on my person. On to the golden milk, (a mix of almond milk and turmeric), followed by a breakfast of angel eggs, (as opposed to devilled eggs!), and cooked vegetables. I love the meals here, and am literally in food heaven. It turns out that that adage, “you are what you eat” is literally true. I knew it, but my wonderful husband did not believe it. So many people here at the clinic are experiencing massive turn-arounds in their health, by initially detoxing and then enjoying this largely paleo diet, with a little grain, like quinoa. Eric is starting to fully appreciate that there was some truth to all the nagging I have done over the last 6 ½ years, as I tried to wean him off processed, GMO, sugar and chemical-laden fare. Organic is the only way to go, but Eric needed to not only hear it from other people, but take a good look at his mortality before he was willing to make that massive change. At one point in the day, we had a slight break, and I walked outside to see Eric sitting in the sun by the old mansion, just soaking in the healing rays. I looked beyond him and spied a stunning, tiny hummingbird. It sat on the branch and just stared at us for a while, and even when I grabbed my cell phone and started videoing the beautiful creature, it stayed on the branch…just observing us.

After a while, it lifted off the branch, about a foot in the air, and hovered. Just breath-taking! Eric told me afterwards, that that was a sign his Grandma had come to say hi, (and she has been gone for many years). There was another green juice in between two additional assessments called the Bio Impedance and the Avatar. Eric doesn’t recall what the first machine measured, and when I look it up on Bing, all websites are in Spanish, (which makes sense, given that many of these bio feedback machines are banned in the US!). The latter assessment measures your electrical systems of the nervous systems, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, totaling about 2000 tests in the one assessment. A Keto shake for Eric came next, and an organic pea protein shake for me. The Keto shake is for those on a Ketogenic diet, one that is largely high (healthy) fat, adequate protein and low carbs. The midday Doctor appointment was utterly mind-blowing for us, because as you know, we are completely disillusioned by the medical profession at home. Here are a few highlights from the conversation: MD: “Yes we, (the team of Oncology/MD/Chiro/Nutritionist/Dentist etc), agree that your bone marrow is so depleted, you would not survive another round of chemo”. [OK, we kind of suspected that, given the speed with which Eric’s Oncology Doctor gave up on him]. MD: “Oh, that tumor in your shoulder…oh, we’ll just freeze that off with our Kryogenic process. We'll also look into doing this for the large tumor in your leg too”. [We’re like why didn’t the Docs in the US tell us about this in the first place – oh, of course, this process is not allowed in the US!]. MD: “Now, the large tumor in your hip/leg socket, we’d like to look at doing Hypothermia on that”, [this is where they heat up a localized area to 42 degrees Celsius to kill off the cancer, in conjunction with another level, where they heat up the whole body…(bearing in mind I am not necessarily repeating what the Doc said verbatim, this is a rough translation in my layman’s terms!)]. So, what that means, is that Eric will likely stay on for an additional 3-4 weeks, (with the exception to see his brother & sister, visiting from Germany), and I shall be here for parts, work-dependent. We’ll make the final determination tomorrow, as more test results come in. The last half of the day ended with a massage, green juice, nut butter with celery/carrots, wheat grass, a class on massage, a dinner of white fish and vegetables, with a delicious sauce, a Detox and Digestion class and coconut water! Phew! It’s a lot, but it’s fantastic….and the best place on the planet for us to be right now! No one really knows what the future holds for Eric, for me, for any of us….but we sure as heck are not giving up on my wonderful and brave and courageous husband, Eric!

Good morning Baja California, Mexico!

Loving these therapeutic pools!

This hedge of hibiscus was where I played hide and seek with a tiny wee pink-headed hummingbird.

Goodnight Baja California, Mexico!

A Hummingbird came to visit us in the garden today! (Do you see it on the Bird of Paradise plant to the left of Eric?). Such a blessing from Mother Nature and a wonderful gift from the Universe!

October 26th, 2016 Day 3 on Eric’s Mexican medical adventure: Thank you all for your encouragement and your heartfelt comments via FB. You don’t know how wonderful it is to hear from all of you, and some of your notes bring me to tears, as can truly feel your sentiments through your words. In the absence of my own blood family on this journey, I truly feel like you are my family, (but indeed, that is another story, for another day). I admit I was feeling a little bad about filling up your FB inboxes with my long updates, but honestly, I feel that it’s worth it, even if I only inspire one person to do something different….change a thing or two in their diet…love their loved ones more intensely & with more gratitude, (as we truly don’t know what is around the corner)…. research alternative treatments…..reach out to a local naturopathic doctor and listen to what they have to say about your health issues….and of course, one of my favorites – get your root canals checked out, (or better yet, get them whipped out and implants put in to replace them!).  As the sun came up today, and Eric was doing his lab work, I took off in my running gear to power walk around the property. It takes 8 times around this cute little stone path to reach a one mile milestone. The track skirts the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and along the Baja California coast. My walk doubled as fitness and as a walking meditation…breathing in the sunrise with every step. I do have to be careful though, because sometimes when I am walking, (or even BE-ing in nature), I tend to become so light, I feel like I could almost lift right up into the air! However, it is a good idea to stay grounded when one is near a cliff with a 100 ft drop on to the rocks below! Eric skipped the light stretching class in the gym, as he is pretty much wheelchair-bound right now. It was good for me to get in some of the stretches that have somehow fallen off my exercise routine radar! On the way to breakfast, I spied two more of our hummingbird friends, doing what looked to be a mating dance. Food for the soul! Breakfast has never tasted so good, even though it was (only!) organic DF/GF oatmeal. Perhaps it was that it was cooked with such love, and loaded with sliced apple pieces, blueberries, strawberries and sprinkled with coconut shavings. (Personally, I love anything coconut!). Today was the day we got a reality check. The Doctor shared with us that Eric’s hemoglobin reading was so borderline that if it had been one point lower, their options with his healing process would have been limited, at best! Additionally, we discovered that this healing clinic is not afraid to use a mix of traditional methods of treat-

ment, in conjunction with the wonderful alternative and complimentary methods of healing. It turns out that Eric does require some radiation and we met with the radiotherapy specialist today. He will present his strategy to us in the next couple of days, but he believes he’ll need at least 5 sessions to help with the pain in Eric’s right hip, and hopefully help slow the growth of the large tumor. I am just blown away by the number of treatments they squeeze into one day here, and of course, some of the treatments are totally banned in the US, some are sneaking in via homeopathic and naturopathic doctors, amongst other determined souls, and some are starting to be more accepted by the mainstream, albeit not covered by insurance, (yet!). After seeing the MD, Eric experienced a session in reflexology, where the therapist used her thumbs to massage the bottom of his feet, which in turn simultaneously healed & regenerated other areas of his body. This was followed by hyperbaric oxygen therapy using a Hyperbaric Chamber, designed to increase blood oxygen levels and kick-butt to the typically low-oxygen environments that cancer thrives in. He had regional hyperthermia, where heat was applied locally to his tumor area and this has been known to not only kill cancer cells, but liquefy them! They were a little worried about going too low in temperature, as Eric has a metal rod that was recently inserted into his femur. However, just when Eric was thinking of telling them he could start to feel something, he passed out into a very deep healing sleep, and they were able to finish the treatment. (Tomorrow, he’ll have whole body hyperthermia which is where the whole body is heated, and although this may not necessarily kill cancer cells directly, it makes the cancer cells/tumors much more sensitive to the effects of radiotherapy). Additionally, Eric had two IV drips – one was Vitamin C, which when administered in very high doses by intravenous (IV) infusion, literally kills cancer cells. The other was something I hadn’t heard of before, called the Transfer Factors, which are essentially small immune messenger molecules that are produced by higher organisms. Here’s the cool part, when I looked these up online, I discovered they are an ancient part of the immune system and represent "an archaic dialect in the language of cells." I love it! So much for modern medicine, it’s more like awakening the cells to a language of healing long forgotten. More green juiced drinks, and now with specific ingredients to aid in Eric’s anemia. (Good gracious, every-changing personalized treatment from his nutritionist! What a concept!). A shake that was made with pea protein, homemade nut milk and probiotics, was quite delicious too. We had nut butter w/ celery and carrots as a snack, and a lunch of chicken, cooked vegetables and a mound of raw and organic salad, grown on the property, (and paraphrasing Ty Bollinger, “eating the rainbow” is a sure way to cure cancer!).

As Eric was passed out on the bed after all the phenomenal treatments, I jumped into the 102 degree pool for 12 minutes; then walked on the large smooth round stones in a cooler wading pool; followed by another 12 minutes in a 98 degree pool, and finishing up in a cold plunge pool. Talk about invigorating. I think I’m tempted to move in here! After my swim, I stood watching the stunning golden sunset, and took a few pics. Just breathtaking! As the sun was setting, a different hummingbird friend came to visit me, this one with a reddish-pink head. In fact, she matched the reddish-pink Hibiscus flowers she was feeding from. I did try to take a pic, but she was quite stealthy, and enjoyed ducking behind a flower or leaf every time I lifted the camera. Too funny! Dinner was vegan with amazingly delicious cooked vege kebabs and salad. As you all know, this is not only food heaven for me, but Eric is just loving the food too. I am so proud of him, opening up to a whole new way of being around food! I skipped the after-dinner Psychology lecture, as I had to catch up on some work, but Eric enjoyed the session. Another day in paradise ending. Such the perfect healing location on the planet to have confirmed over and over, that there is not only hope, but life!

October 27th, 2016 Day 4 of Eric’s Mexican medical adventure: I am so humbled by all your comments and encouragements to keep going with my daily musings of our magical Mexican healing journey. It’s almost overwhelming, and at the same time I am beyond excited that I have something to say that is both a passion area for me, and is helping and/or inspiring some of you in wonderful and magical ways too! Thank you again, for allowing me this vehicle. Are you ready for day 4? Here we go… It was still quite dark as I snuck quietly out of the room to do my daily hour of exercise. Oh la la! Another stunning sunrise this morning, with the pink creases in the sky slowing appearing above the coastline and manifesting into a full blanket of every shade of pink covering the complete skyline. Oh boy, I drank in that gorgeous visual as I made my way around the cute little stone track many times. I might be inclined to share how many times, but honestly, I was so uplifted and distracted by sight of Baja California waking up, I kept losing count! I was probably at around the 2 mile milestone, and noticed more cream organic cotton sweat pant suits and blue or yellow T-shirts making their way to the morning lemon watering hole. Did I mention that we all wear the clothing and footwear provided for us? It’s such a relief in way – no hair and make-up considerations necessary, (for a start, there are no hairdryers provided anyway, as apparently the heat isn’t healthy for your head and brain…although I’m not sure exactly why and I shall try to remember to ask). No need to think about what outfit to wear, what shoes, or color lipstick! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful clothes & jewelry and looking my best, but we are all here for one reason – to get healthy, or support someone getting healthy. So, yes it is nice to take a break from the distraction of what to wear, but also to be wearing organic fabrics on our bodies to aid in the healing process. When I returned to our room, Eric was wrapped up in his comfy blanket, a little too comfy, given that it was time to get up to get his vitals done and head into the group sound mediation session. Indeed, first words of the day, “I think I’ll pass on the sound meditation”. Hah! Needless to say, several minutes later I was wheeling Eric from the nurse’s vitals station and into the auditorium for the sound therapy session! You see, one never knows what combination of treatments and healing sessions is going to be THE combination that’s going to kick these tumors to the curb, so I figure we might as well participate in everything offered us, right? The sound meditation teacher was a lovely young man and began the session by having us run through some deep breathing exercises and meditation basics. He gave us the heads up that once he was done with the sound

bowls, he was going to walk around the room with various instruments and that he would walk by each of us as he was making the various sounds. He warned that the sounds might sound dissonant for some of us. Ironically, it was the sound bowls that sounded dissonant to me, and I loved the sound of shells jingling together, and I peeked to see what the instrument looked like, and it was a mix of a long kaleidoscope and a didgeridoo. I’m not sure what it was called, but the sound was divine, and reminded me of my time with the Native American Indians. I loved the sound therapy session, and was quite transported! Unfortunately, Eric was in quite a bit of pain, so the sound session wasn’t exactly healing for him, but at least he was exposed to yet another new therapy and I’m sure his body would have received healing on some level, whether he was consciously aware of it or not. Eric had the whole body hypothermia treatment today, and I walked in as he was finishing up the final few minutes. I was pretty fascinated with the contraption – it’s like a tent over a massage table, and heat lamps create a very specific heat via round metal cylinders in the center, and what looks to be infrared by the feet. Today, he did 50 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes, and felt quite well cooked by the time I arrived. This treatment is a rough one, but Eric knows that it will help the radiotherapy enormously, and so is going along with it. Thursdays are liquid days for food and that means a day of freshly squeezed green vegetable juices, pea or keta protein shakes, soups etc to give the digestive system a rest from food for one day every week. However, the docs decided Eric is an exception and recommended he have buffalo and veges for lunch instead. Just so as not to create any issues with the other guests, we ate lunch in our room. A lunch date! In preparation for the upcoming radiation treatments, which is one of the treatments they cannot do at this health clinic, Eric needed to go to the radiation center in Tijuana. Our driver took us on the highway that runs parallel to the coastline from Rosarito, with it’s mix of nicely constructed high rises and smaller homes and farms, into the rambling mess of Tijuana, on the border to the US. The facility is state of the art and ironically they have a sister facility in Seattle. The staff “staged” Eric, in readiness for the radiation every day next week, and I watched the monitor as they ran him through a CT scan. I could clearly see where the cancer has eaten into the bone in his hip socket and at the top of his femur. I could see faces in his bones, where they should be solid, (much like you can look at the clouds and see all sorts of things). The doc pointed out where the tumor was hanging out, and it’s quite freaky, in a way, that Eric’s body took a wrong turn somewhere along the road and created a massive tumor. Well, not for much longer though! Tumor(s) be gone!

Upon returning to Sanoviv, I did the circuit with the 4 therapeutic pools, followed by the infra red sauna at 135 degrees F. My hummingbird friend came to visit with me again and did some pretty acrobatics as I watched in awe. I just love hummingbirds and I am blown away that we seem to have a resident population, right here on the property. OK, that’s it, I am definitely considering moving in! Eric went straight into his oxygen hyperbaric chamber session. This is much more pleasant than the heating session earlier in the day and Eric was a happy chappy when I met him for dinner, a delicious fish and vege soup. So good, in fact, both Eric and I had seconds! Final scheduled event of the night was another nutrition class. Most of the material I was familiar with already, (e.g. whole foods versus processed, organic versus conventional food grown with pesticides etc), but I did learn a couple cool titbits. The first, that the nutritionist believes that Ghee is not dairy, (and I’ll need to research myself to be sure, as I can get migraines with even a small amount of dairy these days!). The reason it came up in the session, was that Eric was asking about the best oils/fats to cook with whilst cooking on high heats. Apparently, the animal fats are the best, (unless you’re vegan of course), and Ghee being one of them. My personal favorite is coconut oil, which is best at medium or low heat. The other gem, was that reverse osmosis filters in the house are the best way to go for water. Once you are running the water through the filter(s), use glass containers to drink out of, with a minute grain of Himalayan salt to add back in the minerals. Time for bed for this little girl and boy. It’s been another big day – life-changing, life-affirming, and heart-opening!

October 28th, 2016 Day 5: Eric and his magical Mexican healing journey: Thank you all for inspiring me to keep writing. In fact, I get my inspiration to write after reading your comments, and please know that your support is felt by us and is so appreciated! It’s early and Eric is already awake. I got changed into my standard issue Sanoviv organic cotton shorts and T-shirt and took off for my morning run. I managed to stay in my body enough to count my circuits around the cute little stone path, and almost made it to 5km. However, my time was up and I wanted to participate in the morning meditation session at 7am. I just love this place! They offer some form of meditation teaching and practice every morning. I believe this is an important part of the healing process, and the healing power of meditation just cannot be underestimated. To find it offered as part of the daily program in a healing center with doctors and nurses, and specialists and surgeons, it’s just mind-blowing to me. This is the way it ought to be frankly, and I have a feeling I may have stumbled upon a new life passion, to open people up to a new way of being around health and healing. (OK, so I haven’t got it all figured out yet, but I am certainly fired up here!). I go into the meditation room and there’s already about a half dozen people ready to learn and to meditate, and Eric arrived in his wheelchair shortly after. There are chairs, blankets and the little round meditation cushions that live permanently in this beautiful space overlooking the ocean. I listened to the sound of crashing waves, birds singing and the barking dogs next door. (I was hoping we wouldn’t have to name this meditation session “barking dog meditation”, but thankfully the dogs stopped barking as soon as we started). Today was all about energy psychology postures, and we learned about the energy meridians, did a little tapping, and then focused on 5 main postures – calming, energizing, focusing, balancing/mind clearing and gratitude. (This reminded me so much of our friend from San Diego, Dr George Pratt. He uses these techniques in his Psychology practice in San Diego, and I met him in Hawaii when I owned a wild swim with dolphins business there. He brings groups of people over to swim with the wild dolphins in Hawaii and he teaches this form of healing, with phenomenal results I have witnessed first hand After we were done learning about the postures, we either lay on the floor or sat on the chairs for our own meditation, and the recommendation was to focus on one word. I initially chose “healing”, however, I kept coming

back to “gratitude”, so gratitude it was! I believe gratitude is indeed the precursor to all we choose to manifest in our lives. Although I was well ready for breakfast, there was one more activity scheduled before we ate. That was the light stretching class in the gym. There was a full contingent and today we used the large exercise balls as a basis for our stretching. Eric stayed in his wheelchair, and grabbed a couple light hand weights to get his arm muscles working. He hasn’t been able to exercise much all year, so his muscles are pretty wasted. It was fun stretching and watching Eric with his weights in the mirror. At one point though, I had to chuckle, I turned around and he was sound asleep in his chair, hunched to one side, dutifully holding on to the hand weights. Yay, time for breakfast, and I wheeled Eric to the dining area, and we enjoyed the delicious local organic eggs topped with puree and cooked veges, and conversation with a couple of our health-seeking compadres. It was the Hyperbaric oxygen chamber first for Eric this morning. This is pretty confining and not the easiest treatment if you are at all claustrophobic. He did have one wee panic, when it seemed to be going on too long and he thought that the nurse had forgotten him. Fortunately, the nurse was there, but a little scary nonetheless. Time for a green anemia green juice and off to the regional hyperthermia session. This is pretty easy for Eric to handle, as it doesn’t involve getting into a chamber or tent, and he can keep his body pretty comfortable. For the first time in his life, Eric had a colon hydrotherapy session. Yep, first and only one in his 55 years! It turns out that it’s very bad for one’s health to not be “regular” and apparently 1-3 per day is the ideal degree of regularity.  If not, there’s just too many toxins literally sitting in your body and more than likely, creating all sorts of health problems. The session ended up being the highpoint and low point of his day. The highpoint was the feeling of release with the elimination of so much waste. The low point, was that he couldn’t get comfortable and his right hip was on fire with pain. He has another one tomorrow, so one can only assume that after 3 more weeks of this, he is going to be squeaky clean! Eric’s Doctor is a very nice, and quite brilliant, young man. Rather than meet in the office, we sat in the garden and chatted about Eric’s progress and plan moving forward for the next few weeks. So, here’s the deal, we’re going to continue on with the oxygen, the heat, the psychology sessions, the hydrotherapy, the chiropractic & nutrition sessions, the IV’s, the protein shakes, the green juices, coconut water, lemon water, healthy food, massage, reflexology, and all the various bio feedback and energy machines, (I haven’t learnt about them all yet).

Radiation will start next week and we will travel to Tijuana every day for 5 days for the treatment. Additionally, I’m excited to say that the Doctor is also going to add in Rigvir Virus injections to Eric’s treatment plan. I learned about this virus in “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”, a phenomenal online docu-series. I believe they create it and use it in Latvia for their cancer patients, and it is literally a cancer-killing virus. Yep – you get a prescribed number of injections and it actually kills off cancerous cells. Why don’t we have this in the US? Or in New Zealand? Australia? Most countries? There’s too much money to be made by not curing cancer, and that is another story for another day. The last additional item that is being added into Eric’s treatment plan, is CBD, or cannabinoid. If you haven’t heard about the healing benefits of CBD, there’s a ton of information available online. It’s quite incredible, and something I didn’t know about until this year. I am all for it, and I’m just so happy that the Doctor is prescribing it. Did I mention that I love this place! In case you were wondering, I did have more interaction with my Hummingbird friends today, and even enjoyed a game of hide-and-go-seek with the cerise pink-headed beauty! I was standing by the hibiscus hedge and sure enough, she comes flying along and sits on a branch looking at me. I get out my camera and she flies to the back of the bush. After a minute, she flies to the top and waits. I get out my camera and she flies into the middle of the bush, but I can see her through the bushes, and she is just looking at me! I did finally get some video footage of her, but she wasn’t flying, just sitting. However, you can see her gorgeous bright pink head. I’ll see if I can post a photo of her, or a video. We rounded out the night with an educational movie called “Happy”. It’s a documentary on the science behind being happy. One of the main points, is that it’s much better for your health if you are, or can train yourself to be, happy! Eric’s already asleep, and I am just enjoying lounging around and writing on the couch in our suite. Such a beautiful spot with the constant sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below the property. I am feeling huge amounts of gratitude and happiness at this moment, and I guess they were the themes for the day! Cheers to gratitude and happiness! Over and out for the day. Until tomorrow/…

A few seconds of our Hummingbird friend in the garden. Enjoy!

October 29th, 2016 Day 6 – Eric’s Mexican medical journey: “L o v e your report so far, has me sitting on the edge of my chair, pulling on time's leash to hear the next installment. Your adventure sounds like you have made the perfect decision!”. Thanks for your sentiment, our friend Elisha in Hawaii. There’s another element to my daily musings, that’s food for my soul. I get to read them to Eric every night and he not only loves hearing my stories, he laughs at my jokes! He is quite tickled pink that he is the star in my daily stories. Well, if that’s what it takes to have my husband happy as a clam, and aid in his healing process, a daily writer I shall be!  Today is Saturday, so for me, no work! Yes, I have been working whilst I am here. I enjoy my role at Microsoft, and fortunately, it is something I can do remotely…mostly! It was so sweet though, yesterday, when the maid came into our suite to clean, she saw me working. She said, “Too much work?”, and I shook my head and shared with her, that at least I was here with my husband, rather than him being here alone. She sped over to me and swooped me into her arms and just held me. She’s such a tiny wee thing, but her heart is as big as they get! I get teary even recounting the incident, but this is typical of the energy of this place and the wonderful staff they attract to work here. They’re all about heart and really seeing us as people, not numbers. As I walked a mile today around the little cute path and enjoyed witnessing the Baja California coast waking up, Eric went in for his Autohemotherapy/Ozone with UV session. Essentially, what they do with this process, is they take your blood, mix it with medical ozone and drip it back into your vein. No ozone actually enters the bloodstream, and the healing effect is created by the byproduct of external mixing of the blood with ozone. (This is way cool, and something I experienced with my Bio Dentist earlier this year in Seattle when I had my two root canals removed). I went to find Eric for breakfast, and low and behold, he is doing the puzzle with the others in the living room. Honestly, I never thought I’d see Eric slow down enough to enjoy a puzzle. I haven’t done a puzzle since Bella was a little girl, and I didn’t really think I’d enjoy the process. However, it is quite cathartic, and generally there’s at least one other person working on it at the same time. Turns out, I get really excited when I can put a few pieces together. It’s the little things in life! We enjoyed sitting with two of our new girlfriends for breakfast, both going through the cancer journey. We had

a photo taken together, and I’ll check first to see if I can share it, and maybe even share their stories. They are both remarkable women, with remarkable stories, and have experienced a similar disillusionment with the medical profession in general, as with us. Breakfast was a delicious homemade granola, with homemade nut milk, chopped strawberries, blueberries and cinnamon…soooo delicious, probably the best I have ever experienced. (Thank goodness we’re getting a recipe book with 100 Sanoviv recipes after our experience ends here). We had some time before Eric’s hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment, so we laid by the gorgeous lap pool, on very comfy lounge chairs with big fat comfy cushions. Such a beautiful part of the property, beside some banana trees, next to the gym, and looking south along the Baja coast. Eric’s reading a book given to us by our wonderful friend Hilary Schultz “Everybody’s Got Something” by Robin Roberts. It’s a book about Robin’s personal cancer journey. I picked up a book from the library here, (yes, I have the Kindle app on my phone, however I typically choose to hold a book, versus a phone, given the choice). It’s a book about a lady hit by lightning whilst playing golf, and her life completely changed as she transitioned into becoming a medical intuitive. Ironically, she talks about her internship at the North Hawaii Community Hospital in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is where Bella and I lived for the last 5 years in Hawaii, literally only a 5 minute bicycle ride away from this hospital, (and actually we still own a house there, and have it rented out to the best possible tenant). We didn’t have much of a need to visit the hospital, so we didn’t get to experience the alternative treatments apparently offered there in those days, but I do recall seeing healing dogs walking around and people working on healing patients using various modalities, including reiki and healing touch. Such a coincidence, (not!) that the one book in the library that literally jumped out at me, took me back to Waimea for a nice little visit today, (at least in spirit). Eric’s second colon hydrotherapy appointment was much more comfortable for him. Yesterday’s was wheat grass to replace the flora, and today was organic coffee to help draw out the toxins from his body. Afterwards, I found him working on the puzzle again, and I have to say with all his alternative therapies, he is definitely looking much healthier and more relaxed than I have seen him in a while. Before we left Seattle, there were times when I walked into a room at home and saw Eric, and I was taken aback by this deathly-looking person that had taken over Eric’s body. Thank goodness we are here, and Eric’s good health is coming back! Whilst Eric was busy with his treatments, I went to visit with my hibiscus Hummingbird friend. We had a good look at each other and she flitted here and there, but each time she came back to sitting on the branch checking

me out. We had a very nice visit. When I walked back by the hibiscus hedge slightly later, she had a male friend with her. They seemed to be playing and flirting and doing a really fun dance. They shot straight up in the air, danced around, flew over by the Thalasso pools, and zoomed back. They sat on the branch looking at each other and then shot straight up in the air again, and repeated the steps in the dance. I had the feeling it was some sort of courtship dance. So beautiful! I also noticed I had a butterfly show up whenever I was outside in the garden or by the pool. Butterflies apparently are all about transformation and change, and I would say that could be about right, don’t you? Eric’s spa treatments today were a lymph node massage, followed by a second reflexology session. Reflexology is an extraordinary treatment. I had one myself a couple days ago, and even though I had never met this young lady before, and she didn’t have any idea about my health history, she picked up, (just by touching the various points in my feet), that I had issues with my stomach, small and large intestines, sciatica and left lung. I knew about the stomach and intestines, as I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease mid-late 1990s, and in my stressful corporate days, I also developed ulcers, a hiatal hernia and had lesions in my stomach and gut. However, I have been eating a clean diet, and have had almost no symptoms for about 15 years. I knew about the sciatic nerve, as I have had issues with my lower back on and off since I was 18 years old. Not sure about the lung, I will get that checked out. Pretty cool though, huh? That this young lady can tell so much about my overall health from touching my feet. Dinner was a delicious paleo bread dish with beans, (like a paleo version of a tostada), and pickled beans, onions and a yummy salad. This was followed by a raw dessert. Oh la la! Yummy, and I’m definitely in food heaven! Being a Saturday night, our dinner was accompanied by a mariachi duo….these two lovely elderly gents playing and singing their hearts out. What fun. The movie tonight was a Hollywood movie, as opposed to an educational one, and was a fun Sandra Bullock, (one that I have already forgotten the name of!). Back in the room, Eric had a nice conversation with his daughter, Alicia. I’m so happy for them, that this year they have become much closer and have worked at getting through a lot of stuff. Eric’s so happy to have his grandkids back in his life too, as we really missed them when they went away for a while. By the way, Eric has never had a pedicure in his life. I tried to give him one for his birthday one year, and he

turned the offer down. The other day he had his first ever, and just loved the experience! Today, he told me that he wanted to have his fingernails done too, because he wants them to be as polished and shiny as his toes! Boy, I think this guy is getting a taste of how wonderful it feels to be pampered in a resort-like atmosphere. I experienced my first ever natural pedicure. It was funny, because elsewhere when I get my regular pedicures, the first question the staff ask when I walk in, is “please choose your color”. I noticed they didn’t ask that here, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then, as I was enjoying the massage part of the pedicure, I started looking around the salon. No nail polish anywhere to be seen. Sure enough, a natural pedicure, means exactly that – no color and no varnish! Oh well, this an au naturel kind of a place! So, today felt like a vacation, and once again, I find myself in massive gratitude and awe for this place, the staff here, the love with which they treat us, the love with which the food is prepared, and for our friends Karla Raby Olson and Hilary Schultz that introduced us to Sanoviv! Many blessings to you all and thank you once again for following our story and accompanying us on this chapter of our journey.

October 30th, 2016 Day 7: Eric’s medical adventure in Mexico: Sunday is the closest you get to a day of rest at the healing center, with Eric having only one 3 hour IV session as the only scheduled treatment all day. So, we read our books, played cards together, worked on the group puzzle, I swam and jogged, we met new guests arriving in the facility this afternoon, and chatted with a couple of them over dinner. We also had a visitor, a lovely friend, (Annie) of a friend of ours from Hawaii, (thanks Dodie!). By the way, just a point of clarification, this clinic is not a “cancer” clinic per se. There are guests here from all over the world, (right now including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and multiple US states). They are here for all sorts of reasons, ranging from a 3-4 day overall health assessment that anyone can do, to a dental assessment, detox, cancer support, general surgery, plastic surgery and so on. Most, however, are in search of either a completely integrative approach, or perhaps a way to integrate both traditional and alternative approaches…or it could be just for a second opinion. Some of Eric's friends wanted to know more about how Eric is doing, and asked for a recap of the journey. OK, so how is Eric doing? Overall Eric is doing pretty darn well. He is a different person to the guy that felt duped, shunned and let down by the traditional medical system this time last week. He is relaxed, humbled and grateful to be here, and just simply blown away by Sanoviv. His spirits are mostly high and he is hopeful that he will not only survive his cancer chapter, but thrive. He sat outside in the sun a couple times, got a little color, and has been gobbling up all the delicious organic, local, DF and GF food, and the green drinks and Keto smoothies. He has also had his own personal experiences with our Hummingbird friends, (you may recall that Eric, his Mum and Aunt all believe that his Grandmother is visiting with him in the form of a Hummingbird). On the other side of the coin, he does experience quite a bit of pain in his right hip, and cannot put any weight on his right leg at all, and hence, is completely wheelchair bound. I hear him getting frustrated and calling out in pain from time to time, as he hits his leg, gets it caught in the wheelchair parts, or rolls over on his hip in bed. Even though he is a little apprehensive of the radiation treatment that starts tomorrow, he is looking forward to the pain reducing and hopefully going away altogether. He has had deep discussions with the Doctor, and understands that if he doesn’t take the radiation option, given the aggressive nature of the cancer, it would literally eat right through the bone, essentially destroying the host, (just like the cancerous tumor in his back in January).

Of course, he knows that there is still a slight chance that whatever we’re doing here will not work in time, but he acknowledges that we will have done everything we can to save his life, with BOTH traditional AND alternative routes. We have talked deeply about what will happen if he doesn’t make it…in relation to the finances, his/our daughter(s), (Isabella and Alicia), the wills, the boat, the truck, our two investment properties, and even down to computer passwords and bank account access. We have cried and hugged, clung to each other in pain, sat alone in deep thought, laughed and giggled at fun memories, and the craziness of what he’s been through. We’ve truly experienced the whole gambit. We both feel that it is better to be open and honest about what is going on for each of us, than to keep it all bottled up…partly because we never really knew how much time he has, and we figure if we discussed the myriad possibilities, there are no surprises. It also helps to lessen the attachment to a certain outcome, because as you know, with attachment comes pain. In his session with the Psychologist, Eric cried when he shared about two recent events, (and he rarely cries). One was a night about 10 days ago, when we were cuddling in bed at home in Washington state, and he shared with me that he felt quite comfortable that I could take over as head of household and take care of myself and our daughter, Bella. This is a biggie for him, because he needs to know that we will be okay, if he does go. The other was when his daughter Alicia, (and 4 of her 5 kiddos), were over saying goodbye the night before we left for Mexico. He almost lost it as we were all chaotically getting into place for a family photo. He held it together that night, but let it all out when he spoke to the gentle and very sweet young Psychologist here at Sanoviv. (However, I told him that it would have been okay if he had “lost it” in front of his daughters, grandkids and I, because that is being real, and we probably could have done with a really good group cry anyways!). To delve a little deeper and to understand more about how Eric is doing here at Sanoviv, let’s go back in time, from the beginning of this year to right before his Oncologist essentially gave him 2 months to live, just 10 days ago. Since his diagnosis this year in January, Eric has proven to be “all or nothing” in his cancer journey, with his Oncologist pulling him one direction with her belief system around chemotherapy, surgery, food and supplements, and me pulling him in another.

However, Eric had to make a choice, and given that his Oncologist wasn’t prepared to take any liability for the slight possibility that a specific diet and any/all supplements might/possibly/sort of, interact with the chemotherapy in an adverse way, Eric chose not to take any/all such supplements, and went with the Oncologist’s recommendation to “eat anything he liked, as long as he got “calories” into his body”. Needless to say, we did have a few heated discussions during the course of the year, as I not only understood the power of healthy organic food and supplements, but conversely, I understood the destructive power of sugar and carbohydrates, and how they literally feed the hungry cancer cells. Ironically, Eric did go see two different Naturopathic doctors, (one at my request… a wonderful, talented and intuitive ND in Kirkland, WA, very close to where we live, and another that the Oncologist recommended, that was part of the Swedish group). Both times, we went home armed with great stuff and Eric chose not to partake. So, I did my best to support him as lovingly as possible in his decisions. I even purchased processed ready-toeat-meals in the supermarket, cookies and ice cream, per his request, as much as it hurt to do so. Meanwhile, I started watching the online docu-series with 9 parts, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”. I became quite alarmed with some of the information in this series, and asked nicely if Eric was willing to watch with me. He was not ready to do so, at that time, largely because he was intensely focused on surviving the 9 months of pretty rough chemo treatments, and he just felt he had to stay on task. By the way, I recommend that everyone watch this series, as it not only talks about the history of why the medical profession offers, in most cases, only the chemo, radiation and surgery options, but it covers a ton of information on healthy food, and alternative treatments like essential oils, massage, aromatherapy, ozone, CBD etc). Watch this series BEFORE anyone you know – your spouse, your sister/brother/mother/father is/are diagnosed. Here’s why - once they are diagnosed, it’s too easy to just go the traditional route. The traditional docs instill fear from the first instant and start talking about the urgency of getting started with one or more of the three – chemo/surgery and/or radiation. But, the truth is there are other options, and with some exceptions, there IS time to explore your options. I discuss all this, because Eric was dedicated 110% to this path. He trusted that his Oncologist had his best interests at heart, and followed whatever she recommended. He lost a little bit of faith when they screwed up by giving him a chemo drug that almost took out his kidneys, but that was just a hiccup, (or so he thought).

He went through the elation of thinking he was cancer free after 3 sessions of 5-6 days of constant chemo in the hospital. The PET scan was clear in April, so of course we all wanted to believe that he was now in remission, or better yet – cancer free! But, it turns out that cancer can be very smart and can mutate itself into a different chemo-resistant strain in almost no time. This is what happened, and we heard in July that the cancer had come back, (or more likely, had never really gone in the first place). Still Eric was determined to follow the traditional plan. So, in August, when it looked like his hip was being eaten up by cancer, they performed a surgery to put a rod and screw in, to strengthen the hip/femur socket. Promptly thereafter, they got started with another two rounds of a different type of chemo, in the hope that it would work against the mutant cancer strain. The plan was to do a stem cell transplant in November. Now, at this point, so many people say, “Oh, I’ve heard such wonderful things about stem cells and stem cell transplants”. But, here’s what a stem cell transplant really is, (at least this was the process in Eric’s case). It’s where they inject you for weeks at a time with a liquid medication that increases your cell count, so that they can harvest your cells, remove them and freeze them. Then they put a massive catheter into your neck, and you have to walk around for a few days to a week, with these large tubes literally sticking out of your neck. Then, you go into hospital and they draw huge amounts of blood, in order to exceed 5 million cells. (Eric was so proud that they managed to harvest 9 million cells). Now, what was supposed to happen next, is you go back into hospital, get an almost lethal dose of chemotherapy…to literally kill off your complete immune system/deplete bone marrow, and then inject your cells back into your body, (or they could be donor cells too). Allegedly, at this stage, your body will reboot, and your immune system will come back, cancer free. However, they timed the PET scan for AFTER this whole long and extremely taxing process, only to find out that in Eric’s case, his cancer had not only remained, but the tumors had grown substantially in size, and ooops, that meant that they couldn’t do the transplant anyways! What? Needless to say, in our next meeting with the Doctor, we were a little shocked when she explained that the stem cell transplant was no longer a viable option, nor were any additional chemo treatments. Ooops! But, she said, we can offer you some radiation and “try” to get you on a Car T-Cell “trial”. What? What does this mean? Well, it means that at the rate that your cancer is aggressively growing, you probably have about 2 months. Sorry! But, let me introduce you to our Palliative care doctor, she is totally awesome and can help you to manage your meds, on your way out, (okay, so she didn’t say the last 4 words, but she may as well have!).

Long story short, Eric felt duped. He felt betrayed by the very system that was supposed to save him from this disease. So, to get to where we are now, Eric did a 180 degree turn, and together we watched the ULS, (Ultimate Live Symposium sessions from the Truth About Cancer creators), in marathon sessions. He researched like crazy on the TTAC materials, he recognized that the traditional medical system had literally closed their doors on him, and came to the conclusion that there is another way! Within 24 hours, we were on the phone to Sanoviv. That same day, we booked our flights to San Diego, and left the next day. I got permission to work remotely, and here we are! Eric is now experiencing every alternative and advanced medical treatment there is, most of which are not offered in the US. He is eating the life-saving and delicious organic, local, GF and DF food that is building his body and cells back into good health, (and literally starving the cancer cells at the same time). He is drinking the green juice, the smoothies, the lemon water, coconut milk. THIS is what we believe will save his life…..and as far as I can tell, Eric is totally on board…a complete and utter turnaround…and Eric is not alone. Almost everyone that finds their way serendipitously to this health center, has been on a similar journey…a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment!

October 31st, 2016 Day 8: Eric’s magical Mexican medical adventure: I was so humbled by your comments and feedback, that today I was brought to tears reading through your sentiments. In the last couple days, I have heard from dozens of you, and even various people I’ve never met, asking for a copy of Day 1 and Day 2 and such. What fun! Please feel free to “share” my posts if you feel they would be useful to your FB friends. It’s okay that they are personal to Eric and I, because I read the posts to Eric every night, and he has given me his approval to share fully, (and sometimes he even asks me to go back to some spots to re-word to be more accurate!). Some of you know that Eric is typically a very private person, yet (in his words), this past year has included a huge amount of stumbling and guesswork, and he is ecstatic that the system here in Mexico, “just makes sense”. Consequently, he is happy to get this information out there, to more than just our people in his/our inner circle. It appears I have struck a chord with my FB family, although perhaps for different reasons. Maybe you have been “thinking about” eating healthier, or “starting to” exercise, or maybe you know someone that has just been diagnosed with cancer or something equally as “scary”. Perhaps you know of someone that has been struggling with traditional methods of treatment for a while, or you know someone that didn’t make it…or possibly you’re just plain curious as to what is going on with Eric, and are keen to learn about his experiences. I do know that many have shared they are beyond excited that a place like this clinic in Mexico actually exists on the planet. By the way, there are allegedly many more clinics in Mexico that offer treatments not found in mainstream medicine, albeit not as awesome as this medical institute! For example, there’s one that can be found on “”, and they have been featured on the “Truth About Cancer” docu-series. Not too surprising, I found out today, that the tentacles of some American corporations, the FDA, and the like, reach all the way into Mexico. They do indeed regularly try to shut these clinics down. In a way, it’s exciting to hear, because you know that the clinics must be on to something! However, we are very happy the owners of these clinics have persisted, stuck to their guns, and are helping to shape the future of medicine by leading by example! Eric likes to call what they offer, advanced medicine, as opposed to “alternative”, and I think he’s got a good point. There’s nothing hokey about what they are offering here. I learnt in the educational session tonight, that here at Sanoviv, they have access to 4,400 different treatment and diagnosis energy machines, (ranging from light, sound, electromagnetic frequency, bio-feedback, and thou-

sands more). Each patient receives a different combination of treatment, targeted to their exact needs. Very powerful stuff. The first treatment of the day was the hyperbaric chamber. I watched through the camera monitor to see what Eric looked like in the chamber. I took a couple pictures and will post. He sounded weird as I could hear his breath as if he was diving and breathing through a scuba regulator. It’s pretty cool though, he’s learning how to visualize his body healing during all these treatments. Eric had his first radiation treatment in Tijuana today. He said it was like being in a bank vault with massively thick doors and walls made of lead. He was in a ton of pain, as lying on a hard surface is just not easy for a hip with a rather large cancerous tumor taking up space. As he was lying on the table a machine moved over and directed the radiation from 4 different angles, with passes of 10-45 seconds each. He shared that it was like having a sword stuck in his hip, and the pain was extremely intense. Not knowing how long he was going to have to endure, he started crying. Oh man, talk about heart-breaking. However, the positive way to look at it, is that his level of pain should be significantly reduced by the time the series of 5 radiation sessions are over… and now that he knows how long it takes, he believes he’ll be able to handle it better mentally. He is also excited that he won’t get to the level of intensity of pain he experienced back in December/January, when he was first diagnosed, and he likened the pain level to 14 out of 10! This was when we finally realized that he had more than just back pain, and it was in fact ,a pathological fracture in his spine. The regional hyperthermia came afterwards to enhance the efficacy of the radiation back at home base, (check out the pic). This was followed by a spa treatment and specifically today, a back massage. Other guests and companions are beginning to notice how much more “alive”, (pardon the pun!) Eric is looking. They are commenting unsolicited, and that is great validation that they are seeing what I am seeing. There are still those out there that are thinking that Eric is going to die, but we have both moved so far beyond that in our belief and visualizations, and given that he is making huge progress daily. I took various photos of Eric’s day, so that it is more like a “day in the life of Eric at Sanoviv”, than me describing with detail everything he experienced today. Enjoy and standby for the next installment. Blessings to you all and thank you so much for your kind words, prayers, healing energy and visualizations.

PS. As I was taking 30 minutes to walk through the Thalasso therapeutic pool process, I was feeling a little sad that I hadn’t seen my Hummingbird friend/s today. It was so cool, because as soon I had that thought, two of them started dancing right in front of where I was sitting in the pool. They danced and played, said hi, and flew off. My heart was way happier that I had connected with these beautiful inter-dimensional creatures today! PSS. Eric thinks that there are hundreds of Hummingbirds flying through this property in a sort of migration. However, I like to think that he has his green Hummingbird that likes to sit in a specific Bird of Paradise bush, and I have my cerise pink lady Hummingbird that loves to hang out in the Hibiscus hedge. We enjoy debating back and forth over this topic, (which I like a lot better than debating over whether he needs more chemo and discussing what foods he should be eating). Just after his radiation treatment.

Going into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Too bad if you're claustrophobic!

You can just see the mask he's wearing in the oxygen chamber, above the pillow.

This is where Eric has his doctor appointments! Nice view!

This is what the regional hyperthermia machine looks like.

Eric getting his port washed out. Love the sparkle in his eye.

The puzzle is getting closer to completion! Drinking his smoothie. It seems like he's always being handed a green juice or smoothie.

November 1st, 2016 Day 9: Eric’s medical adventure in Mexico: Eric was already awake and playing on his phone, when I left the room early this morning for my 5km run, (26 times around the cute little ocean side path!). Hold on, the patients aren’t supposed to be around electronics at Sanoviv. In fact, the facility doesn’t allow wireless in the rooms, or the main areas of the property. They request that everyone catch up on FB & Skype etc, from the designated “computer room”. However, I did manage to get special compensation to have internet in our room, so that I could work whilst I was here in my “companion” role for Eric. (This is our little secret, as I don’t want to start a wireless riot. You know how attached and emotional people get over their phones & computers!). When I came back into the room all sweaty, and in desperate need of a shower, I spied that Eric had fallen asleep again. I gently woke him up before jumping in the shower, and allowed him time to slowly get out of bed, get dressed and get moving. It’s hard for him to move his right leg these days, and getting into the organic cotton sweat uniform pants, is proving to be a tad difficult for him. However, given time, he can dress himself. Eric had his vitals taken and joined me in the education center for our 7am session on energy medicine and meditation. I love that the teacher for the class is one of the Psychologists here at the clinic. He showed us some very easy exercises if/when we find ourselves feeling anxious or nervous. An easy exercise to share, is where you fold your arms across your chest, and focus on putting your fingers right into those tender spots under your armpits. It does indeed calm you down, and it can also be done if you are in public, or a situation where you can’t do a bigger movement. Isn’t it amazing that such a simple exercise can have an immediate and powerful effect on the body, and in today’s busy and stress-filled world, these easy to do energetic exercises can really help relax the body. This was followed by a 30 minute guided meditation. We were asked to come up with a person or place or thing that we could associate with an “inward smile”. We thought of the inward smile person/place or thing,and took the thought with us as we visited the different regions of the body, following along with the guided directions. It doesn’t take much for me to get into the mediation groove, (in fact sometimes I literally have to focus on not levitating right up off the chair!). I spoke to Eric afterwards and he said that he must have gone somewhere nice, as he didn’t recall a thing. Somehow I never thought I would ever see Eric getting into mediation, but I am very impressed with how much he is willing to try out new modalities, in order to save his life!

I chose to forgo the 30 minute dance class, in order to sit with Eric for breakfast. After the golden milk, (warm nut milk and turmeric), a delicious plate with 2 paleo wraps, filled with scrambled eggs, was delivered to each of us. It had a lovely sauce on top, and tasted quite delicious! Eric took off to do his hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment, and now that he’s had 3 of them, he feels like he is has got it down! It takes a good couple hours from start to finish, so I took off to work in the room. On a break to refill my green tea, I walked past the Hibiscus hedge, and sure enough, there was my little cerise pink Hummingbird friend. We took a good long look at each other, (that is, I used my two eyes to look at her, and she used her one eye to check me out, just like the dolphins and whales look at us with one eye). She started singing to her little hearts content. I was so close, I could see her breathing in and then breathing out her beautiful sing song. Such a magical interaction, and I am so grateful for this phenomenal experience. It must have gone on for about 10 minutes in total, then she lifted off the branch, hovered in place for a few seconds, and literally disappeared before my very eyes! I have become very accustomed to my Hummingbird friend in the Hibiscus hedge and will really miss her when it comes time to leave. Eric went straight from the hyperbaric chamber to the special care location for his IV drip. He had 3 bags and these dripped for exactly 3 hours total. One was for increasing the immune system, another was anti-cancer and the third, I’ve already forgotten. Oh la la! So many treatments and supplements, it’s hard to keep up! Whist he was sitting in the sun getting his IV drip, he had his Psychology consult with the Doc, to go through where his mind is at. They talked more about how Eric feels about the how his diagnosis has impacted himself and others. He shared that he feels ready for whatever his path will be for himself, and with me as his wife. He shared that he does not feel ready in some other areas with family, and so they chewed on that for a while. His MD also came out and sat in the sun for his medical consult. It turns out that Eric was mistaken about getting the Rigvir Virus, (the anti-cancer virus from Latvia), as it is not currently available for Lymphoma patients. He feels very strongly that all the other measures Eric is taking, will kick the cancer to the curb. Believe it or not, he had a third consult whilst sitting in the sun! This time it was with the nutritionist. I really love it that if you can’t get to the medical professionals at the Sanoviv institute, they come to you!

We took off for Tijuana again today for the radiation treatment. The drive to TJ is really interesting, especially as we pass through this great part of town that sells certain specialty items. One section sells the most amazing wrought iron items, like gates and staircases. Another sells beautiful ceramic pots. One stretch sells massive metal animal sculptures. You can buy giraffes, dinosaurs, horses, cows – you name it. I laughed with Eric as we imagined driving down from Seattle with his big yellow Tonka, and filling up with metal animals for the drive back home. At customs, we would get the usual question, “What are you taking back into the US with you?”, “Oh, just a giraffe today!”. <Grin> The radiation was a little easier for Eric, and no tears today! It will apparently be less painful each day, and that is the main purpose of doing the radiation – to lessen the pain from the tumor. As you know, Eric has a pretty full schedule every day, as they try to pack in as many treatments as they can into his limited time here in Mexico. We literally arrived back from TJ and went straight into the intro session for the Body Code. This is a system of healing using muscle testing to highlight areas of the body with stuck energy. “The Body Code Practitioner helps you to experience the body’s own innate intelligence and healing abilities. You have within you, an Inner Healer who knows exactly what you need to return to balance”. How wonderful if the world of medicine everywhere, would allow just as much credence to our emotional and spiritual body, as physical and mental. What a concept, and it’s one I love and absolutely believe in 100%! Eric went to the “Quiet Room” next, and experienced one of their many machines. He wasn’t sure what it was called, or what it did exactly, outside of the fact it ran electrical impulses up and down his spine. Love it! Phew, then on to colon hydrotherapy. I won’t give you too many details, outside of the fact that Eric has made a lot of progress between his 1st and his 3rd sessions! Wheatgrass and coffee sure help with the detox process in this arena. But wait, there’s more! Indeed, the final treatment of the day was the regional hyperthermia. He got down to 10 degrees Celsius, directly on to his tumor area. He’s also a pro at this too! Dinner was a delicious fish dish, which actually tasted as if it had a couple of the spices from the original KFC recipe. Too funny, a healthy fish dish that tasted like a very unhealthy chicken fast food! One of our new friends here at the institute had surgery today on premises. (By the way, she said it’s okay to

share her story, and she allowed me to videotape her speaking last night, about her experience back home, versus here in Mexico). I went to visit her in the post-op facility and she is looking and feeling pretty decent. Back home in Wisconsin, the doctors told her that her cancer had “come back”, and that her tumors in her peritoneal area were inoperable, and there wasn’t much else they could offer her. The surgeon here was very confident that he could perform the surgery successfully, and in 4 hours was able to remove a ton of tumors, (even more than the CT showed), except a small section that was a little too close to one of her arties. I heard tonight, that he got 95% of all the tumors and that they used a local chemo technique in the area. Once our friend was opened up and the tumors removed, they warmed up the chemo and put it in the local area, left it for an hour or so, and then cleaned her out and sewed her back up. The advantage of doing it this way, is that this is not a systemic chemo event, (and we all know about the toxic nature of the typical way of administering it), but a purely localized one. Well, it’s late here and it’s time for this little boy and girl to get some sleep. Happy day or night, wherever you might be.

November 2nd, 2016 Day 10: Eric’s magical Mexican medical adventure: Today was the first day since we’ve been here, that Eric had a nauseous episode. He didn’t feel great all morning, wasn’t able to eat breakfast. He missed his oxygen hyperbaric chamber treatment in favor of an extra couple hours of sleep. But, he did have his first session of the Body Code, and as I was working in the second bedroom, I got to hear a little of what they were doing. This is truly an amazing system for identifying various events or situations in one’s life, that either consciously or unconsciously subsequently shape the person we become. The first incident that came to light, was a car accident that Eric had at 14 years old. Although he didn’t suffer any physical trauma, there was significant emotional trauma, as he disappointed his Mom so deeply. As soon as the driver of the other car realized that Eric was underage and without a license, he apparently exaggerated his injuries and took legal action. Eric felt the injustice of the driver’s actions and carried that onwards. His second car accident was a very serious one at 29 years old. He was hit by an out of control speeding drunk & drugged driver. Eric ended up tearing his jaw on the steering wheel, having 200+ broken bones in his face, cardiac arrested once on the helicopter rescue flight out from the site, and again on the operating table. This is the event that pretty much ended his 10 year military career, and he carried around disappointment at not being able to fulfil a huge life goal of becoming an officer in the navy. Those of you that know Eric, know how hard he fought to save his real estate property on Lake Sammamish. Eric battled the city government, as they exaggerated the function of the storm water system, and tried to turn it into a fish system. He was so disappointed at the lack of accountability for not maintaining the storm water system and for declaring it a wetland. The situation created unimaginable stress and fear, as he watched his wealth dwindle away and felt like there was nothing he could do about it. Long story short, this event put another major crack in the sidewalk of Eric’s being. One of the themes that the Body Code practitioner picked up on, was that Eric has always taken the role of guardian. But, in the 3 examples above of his major life events, there was no guardian for Eric. There was no guardian for the guardian! Consequently, Eric has lived his life by taking on roles as a guardian. (I’m not sure if I wrote about this that effectively, but it is just mind-blowing how accurate this program is and how deeply it resonates with literally everyone I’ve spoken to here!).

Following the Body Code session, we left for his radiation treatment. He was very quiet on the drive to Tijuana, and we gave him a sickness bag, just in case! However, he really perked up when he realized that the 3rd of his radiation treatments was almost painless. The doctors had mentioned that by the 3rd treatment, there should be a significant reduction in his pain level, and they were right! I was excited to see him chatting to our traveling coordinator the whole way back from Tijuana to the health center. Upon returning to Sanoviv, Eric had two more treatments, the regional hyperthermia, (which is now such a piece of cake, I spied he was reading his book when I went to see how he was doing). The second was a very relaxing reflexology session, which he is also beginning to think is a major factor in the significant improvement of his neuropathy in his feet and ankles. I did a session in the Thalasso pools and went to visit my Hummingbird friend on the way back. She was sitting on a flax bush across from her Hibiscus hedge, on a leaf that was really blowing hard in the wind. She sat there, very still on the waving leaf, and just looked at me for a few minutes. A dragonfly also came to visit, and I recall they signify illusion, and a reminder of to see through the illusions in our reality. Dinner was, once again, yummy! It was quinoa vege burgers, sweet potato baked fries and salad. We chatted to a couple that arrived a few days ago. It was their 4th trip here, and they had been one of the first groups that came through 16 years ago in 1999, when the facility first opened. Apparently, back then all the food was raw, which can be a bit of a tough diet, especially if you haven’t eased into it over time! The couple are both here for dental treatments, with one having had all her top row of teeth removed, (by choice), and the gent getting some fillings re-done. The educational session tonight was on “Forgiveness”. Yes indeed, this is also an integral part of the healing journey, to forgive oneself and others for all real/perceived hurts. It was a beautifully delivered session, and my key take away, “forgiveness is releasing all hopes for a better past”. Hmm, rings true for me, what about you? By the way, I’m drawn to raise the issue about money today. It’s been something I’ve been pondering lately. It’s been coming up in conversations with other guests throughout the day, and I’ve also had some of my FB friends ask about in PM. But, first let me tell you about some specific guest cases. Two days ago, a lovely couple showed up from one of the western states. The MD’s came to the end of their bag of tricks for this young man with Esophageal cancer. The couple was excited to be here, as they realized it was

one of the few places that could get help to find a path to survival. Sadly, I heard through another guest this morning, that it came to their attention yesterday, that their insurance company would not be paying for the treatment after all, and so they left in the early hours this morning. One of our new friends had surgery yesterday here at the clinic, (she’s sore, but doing well, just in case you were wondering!). She shared that a friend had set up a “GoFundMe” page for her, in order to help fund her treatments. The MD’s in her hometown told her that her cancer was inoperable, but here she is, in Mexico, working with a brilliant surgeon who told her that he could do it. Thank goodness for the generosity of her friends funding the “GoFundMe” page, so that she can get the treatments she needs to thrive. She said it was exciting, because some of the friends on the page, then sent out a link to their friends, and even complete strangers donated money. I don’t know whether she has enough to cover her treatment plan, but people have generously given whatever they can, and she is very grateful! (I like that her promise to all the people that donated, was that she would journal and post about her journey). Another couple is here from the east coast. Turns out the husband worked with commercial Round-Up, and has developed cancer a number of years later. (Is there a link? I’ll leave that for you to research on your own). Their insurance is paying for his treatments, and it’s a type of co-op, where everyone pays into the fund, and then when you have additional extraordinary expenses like his, the treatments are still covered. (You do have to commit to live your life a certain way, and there can be no pre-existing health issues present upon joining). His wife shared today that even if all/some of the treatments were not covered, they were planning to write-off the shortfall at tax time. Then you have Eric and I. Eric has been semi-retired a couple times, but had to come out of retirement at the time of the economic downturn, in part due to the loss of the real estate investment mentioned above, and the failure to perform of a few start-up companies. He is back at Microsoft and does pretty well as a fulltime employee. I am also at Microsoft as a consultant, (which just means I come and go on contract!), and I also have a real estate and staging business, (and thanks to my team in Seattle, I have clients that are still buying homes in my absence. Thanks so much guys!). I have also just had the best couple months in real estate than I have ever had, which is great timing given that Eric’s salary has gone down significantly since he hasn’t been able to work.

We heard about this clinic back in January when Eric was first diagnosed, and Eric discounted going this route, in favor of the traditional chemo/surgery route. We also knew that it would be a chunk of change if we came here. We considered it again in July, when we found out that the cancer was still present in his leg/hip socket and shoulder bones, and in fact, we even spoke to one of the Doctors here to check it out. Once again, Eric chose the traditional route, but money was definitely a factor. When he came to the end of the road for treatments in Seattle, we had to make a quick decision to just do it! Even if it meant cashing in some of our retirement accounts. I argued, what use is a retirement account if you’re not around to use it? To be honest, at this stage, we’re still not sure how much will be covered by medical insurance, and how much we’ll need to come up with out-of-pocket, and we are working with Eric’s personal health insurance rep to get the answers we need. We don’t know how much the month will be as yet. Standby. It is heartbreaking to me that so many people could really benefit with a clinic like this – particularly those that have come to the end of the road with the traditional treatments for their disease or health issue. I recall in one of “The Truth About Cancer” docu-series, there was a doctor from the Netherlands who was so frustrated that the traditional triad of chemo/radiation and surgery would typically cost $xyz, and yet if they were allowed to cross the border into Germany, they could get more alternative/advanced treatments for half the price. But, the medical insurance companies would not pay for it. I don’t have all the answers as yet, but I’m enjoying meeting people, making contacts, and who knows what the future holds!

November 3rd, 2016 Day 11: Eric’s magical Mexican medical adventure: Another stunning sunrise in Mexico this morning. As Eric was waking up, I went on a power walk around the little cute stone path. I saw my Hummingbird friend in the hedge as I went past, and she sat watching me and then flew straight up in the air. As I was walking, she followed me around the track, flitting from tree to bush. I only did one mile today, as I really wanted to take Eric to the sound meditation at 7am. The sound mediation guide started us off by asking us to wiggle our jaw, (side to side and up and down), and lift our shoulders and such to relax. Not too far into the meditation, the I took a peek at Eric and he was completely still, and I didn’t spy him wiggling his jaw or lifting his shoulders. His eyes were closed, and nobody was home. Hah! I am very excited for him to be having these meditative experiences, as I’m pretty sure he’s never meditated before in his life prior to be being told he had two months to live and coming here to Mexico to sur-thrive! Eric popped back to the room after the meditation, as he’s not quite ready for the dance class! Right on 8am, a very sweet and rather fit dance instructor turned up the beats and off we went, into the world of mambo, salsa, meringue and my favorite, Samba! This is a great start to the day….Hummingbirds, sunset, powerwalk, meditation to sound instruments, and dance. Yes, life is good! I find myself walking by the Hibiscus hedge as much as possible. If my little cerise Hummingbird friend is not present, she usually shows up within a few minutes, and I have caught myself feeling a little disappointed when she doesn’t! Breakfast was smoothies with a little fruit as Thursdays are “liquid Thursdays”, which essentially means green vege juices, smoothies, and soups all day to give our digestive system a day of rest from digesting solid foods. However, Eric has special compensation to have something a bit more substantial to keep his weight up, and we had delicious scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes….just how Eric likes them, (albeit without the mushrooms, as they didn’t have any on hand in the kitchen). Since I really enjoy my food, I had both eggs and a lime, avocado and date raw smoothie. I went to work in our second bedroom, and Eric took off for his whole body hypothermia. This is the treatment where Eric goes inside the tent and they heat his body up to 50 degrees Celsius. I took a few pics of him in the final cool-down phase, and he looks so cute all covered in blue tent. (I’ll try to post the pics).

The doc came to visit Eric and he is really pleased with his progress. It was a quick visit, because they meet every day and there was no additional news to discuss. For me, it’s amazing how different the conversations are with the Doctor here in Mexico, compared to Eric’s Oncologist, in Seattle, Washington. The discussions with the former, are all about how Eric is feeling, and the discussions with the latter are all focused on what additional pain meds he needs, and stool softener meds, and does he need anxiety meds, and meds for this and meds for that. At one time, Eric was taking 20-30 different drugs! It’s just crazy because if you take this particular drug, then you have to take these other drugs to compensate for this and for that, as the side effects could be really bad for your health! What? I know it sounds like I’m throwing Eric’s Oncologist under the bus. But, here’s the deal. Although she is a very nice person, and very smart with her 2-3 fellowships, and has a very good reputation in her field, her hands are tied. She is doing what she has been trained to do…dispense prescription drugs and chemotherapy. That’s it. If she thinks her patient needs surgery or radiation, or whatever other treatment, she’ll consult with the member of the team that is responsible for that area of medicine. But, when I asked her about high dose Vitamin C drips, hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments and hyperthermia, she had no idea of the efficacy of these treatments, as she hadn’t been trained in these areas and was clearly not even curious enough to jump on the internet. Her reasoning was that she was so busy keeping up with all the new studies, trials and drugs, there was no time to do any type of additional research. Or my theory is that perhaps she was a little afraid of what she might learn! (I can only hope that she might open up to learning alternative/advanced treatments, and yes, I shall be having a conversation with her when I get back!). We rushed through lunch, (bison stew, GF bread and avocado…yummy!), so that we could head off to Tijuana early. Eric is now pain-free with his radiation treatment and he even stood up for the first time in a couple weeks. He’s making such good progress, (and even slept on his side last night, something he’s not been able to do for about 4 months).

Eric is starting to get excited, as his brother and sister are coming from Germany to see him next Tuesday. They haven’t seen each other for about 10 years, so it’s going to be a very nice reunion. I won’t be here in Mexico when they are arrive next week, as I have to go back to the chilly and damp weather in Seattle this Sunday. Wah, I know! Not my choice, but work is calling, and although I was amazed at how many appointments literally fell off my schedule in the last two weeks, (some postponed, some canceled, some literally disappeared), I now have many meetings in the upcoming week or so, and as such, am heading back into town. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber was a piece of cake again for Eric, and along with the hypothermia treatments, combines with the radiation to get make some really good headway on the tumor(s). Now, here comes my favorite story of the day! The second Body Code session. This stuff is so darned awesome and so simple and easy to do, and yet soooo important, that the Doctor was awaiting the results of this session, before he makes a couple final determinations for Eric’s future treatment plan! Go figure! Can you imagine that a Doctor counts the emotional blocks that the body is holding on to, as just as important as the actual physical symptoms, and other important components. Love it! So, here’s a couple things I can share with you from today’s treatment. Before we even arrived at the appointment by the pool, the practitioner had done some long distance checking into the emotional wall around Eric’s heart, in preparation for the meeting today. She determined that Eric had 9 major emotional blocks that were holding him back in his healing process. Interestingly enough, 6 out of the 9 emotions, were from his ancestral line, and multi-generational at that. The final 3 we talked about were ones that he himself had developed over his lifetime. Now, she went through the process of sharing what emotion it was she had identified, and where/who it originated, and then Eric held on to a magnet and moved it from in front of his belly, up and over his head and stopped at the back of his neck. He repeated the process several times until he felt he had cleared the emotion. Two of the emotions created blocks in his liver and spleen, and coincidentally (not!), these were the two organs that showed the brightest light when he had his first PET scan, as being just full of cancer. Amazing what the body can do when it wants to hold on to things, huh? Eric went back upstairs to his regional hyperthermia treatment, and I took a dip in the Thalasso Therapeutic pools, watched several Hummingbirds flit from banana trees, to tall palm trees and then into the Birds of Par-

adise bushes. The sunset was stunning and I did get some good pics of that, which I’ll try to post. Dinner was a delicious fish soup, and to be honest, I’m really looking forward to getting the recipe book to make some of these yummy meals. I don’t typically use recipes, but the food is so healthy AND tasty, I’d like to learn some of the herb tricks. A night off the educational lecture, as we had seen this one last week. Nice to get started on my writing earlier in the night, as sometimes I’m not done until 12pm midnight, and I totally fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. Tonight, we’re going to play cards. We have one final hand from our last card game to finish first, and I’m happy to say that lady luck has been on my side and I’m winning 725 to 565. Eric is determined to have another complete game, (12 hands) to see if he can turn the tables on his luck! So, a fantastic light day. Eric is feeling so much better in his 11 days here! He has turned himself around from almost certain death, to choosing life. He joked today that he might even get more addicted to healthy living than me, and I laughed back and said, “bring it on Bebe, bring it on”! Happy night or day, wherever you may be. Much gratitude from us to you, and many blessings on your journey. xxx

Whole body hypothermia treatment!

November 4th, 2016 Day 12 of Ericâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s magical Mexican medical adventure: Eric had an early start today with his vitals and IV drips from 7am until 9am. It seems to me that the nurses like working with him as he enjoys engaging with them and learning about their life, their passions and purpose. The lady that does the colon hydrotherapy, for instance, has been here at Sanoviv for 16 years. After all this time, she still loves what she does and loves working here. I believe that really says something about the place! Eric had his breakfast whilst receiving his IV treatments, and I shared mine with another three awesome ladies. First, the breakfast was (again!) delicious, with a crepe-like wrap made of eggs encompassing cooked veges, and sliced avocado on the side. Yummy! However, the conversation took a shocking turn as a young 33 years young beautiful lady from Canada, here with her Mother, shared the reason why she is at the healing center. She discovered a lump in her breast 7 years ago, and the Doctor kept saying that she was too young to get breast cancer, and therefore it must be just a cyst, and nothing to be concerned about. Finally, she switched Doctors and bam!...stage 3 metastasized breast cancer. Their only option was going the chemo route and she is just not willing to put her trust into the medical system that misdiagnosed her in the first place, and was unwilling to allow them to poison her body with chemo drugs. Both her and her Mom have seen â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Truth About Cancerâ&#x20AC;? docu-series and this really helped them to understand that there are other treatment options out there. The Mom shared with us about a contaminated vaccine that was given to many women in Canada many years ago, and even once it became widely known that it was contaminated with a cancer virus, they still sold to many European and other countries around the world. There is another lady here as a companion to her husban d with cancer. She confirmed that these contaminated vaccines are not isolated incidents. She shared about one such vaccine given to a number of babies in her area, shortly after they were born, including her son. Once again, the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer virus. The only way they found out that their son was one of many kids in the area that developed cancer by the time they were 18 years old or so, was because one of the parents was a well-known sports person and through them

it came to light. Their son was one of many that developed and died as a result of teenage leukemia. My main reason for sharing some of these stories is to reiterate how important it is to take your health into your own hands. Be your own advocate. Stand up for what you feel is right. If you don’t like what one Doctor says, go to another. Remember, Eric was sent home from one Urgent Care and one Emergency Room, with a prescription for muscle relaxants from the former, and painkillers from the latter. If I hadn’t insisted on getting an MRI on the 3rd ER attempt, Eric would probably have been paralyzed, as he had a pathologic fracture in his spine by the time the MRI results came back. Phew – lightening up a bit…..the energy and weather of this location very much reminds me of my time living in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Even the huge, pounding waves are reminiscent of the multitudes of January days in Hawaii, where they rise up so high and come charging to the shore with such power, it literally takes your breath away. Doing the meditation class right by the cliff, with the waves crashing to shore, was phenomenal. Today, I listened to the sounds of the waves to focus in on as I relaxed into nothingness, lying on the floor, propped up with cushions and covered in two blankets, (yes, I do tend to get cold when I meditate!). My Hummingbird friend was pretty funny today. As I was in the mediation room learning about some new energy medicine techniques, I spied she kept flitting by. At one point, she hung in mid air, her wings beating furiously, but seemingly effortlessly. It appeared she was looking into the mediation room through the windows, staring right in and through me. She was joined by some others and they danced and played as we did our energy medicine and meditation thing. The highlight of my day, was doing a session with the Body Code lady, (who also happens to be connected with Mt Shasta, another phenomenal healing energy spot on the planet). I had heard everyone talking about how wonderful and life-changing the sessions are. As you know, I sat in on the heart wall session with Eric yesterday, and was definitely blown away. However, today, I had my own session whilst Eric was in the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber. Without a doubt, it was absolutely 100% mind-blowing!! We focused in on something that happened when I was 32 years old. Honestly I thought it was an event that I handled pretty well, very grown-up-like, had moved on from sufficiently, and had simply gone on with my life. However, my body was saying something else entirely, and it turns out that issues I have had in relationships ever since – friendships, family, marriage, child, and even work, are all repeating the same pattern, I wasn’t even consciously aware of in the first place.

There were so many ripples created out of this one major event, that my mind just boggled today! Interestingly, it turns out that rather than taking the energy of this event into my heart, I apparently took it into my immune system. Hah! This helps to explain the development of Crohns Disease, stomach ulcers, gut lesions and a hernia, at a young age! Seriously, this Body Code technique is like a detective peeling away the layers of the emotional blocks in the body to bring to light the underlying reasons “why” we end up with the health issues we experience. The cool thing is that once we had identified all the layers of the feelings, we were able to release them in two parts. The first was holding a magnet and taking it from my belly, over the landscape of my body and up over to the back of my head. I did this several times to ensure that I was sufficiently “cleared”. The second part was using some of the tapping techniques that I was quite familiar with, but keep forgetting to use. This serves to replace the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and install the positive aspect, and tapping helps to do exactly that. Lunch was Mahimahi and veges wrapped and cooked with a paper outer, and salad. We took ours to go on our final radiation run into Tijuana. We traveled in the minivan with a lady that recently arrived at the clinic after being diagnosed with cancer of the Immune System, (yep, I hadn’t heard of that either!). As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday she found out that she has new two tumors in her brain – one behind the right eye and one at the back of her brain. Oh la la! At the radiation center, they fitted her for a plastic face mask that will be used to pinpoint where the radiation will go for her sessions next week. They need to be exact for such a delicate location, and at a cost of several thousand dollars out-of-pocket, her mask is now ready to go. More regional hyperthermia upon Eric’s return, and I took a pic of him reading a book as he is receiving the treatment that really enhances the efficacy of the radiation. I finished up my work and laid by the pool for a little bit, but the sun was going down and it was a little cool. That was easy to rectify and I slipped into the hot tub with my book. I’ve been reading an amazing one called, “Safari to the Soul”. I was attracted to it because, (well, first, it figuratively jumped off the shelf and into my hands!), and I have always wanted to do an African Safari. Come to find out that the founder of the Sanoviv Health Institute, Dr Myron Wentz, is a hero of the author, Dennis Waitley. I was so enamored with the style of writing and messages, I read this next paragraph to Carrie yesterday on one of my visits to see her.

In discussing the major impact his visit to the Kenyan highlands of East Africa had on him, Dennis writes, “Perhaps by being still and listening to my own heartbeat, as the only human sound emanating from the vastness of the Mara, I was able to hear the music and the lyrics of my own soul – the inner center that each of us visits so rarely, if at all, in the hurried gridlock of our daily existence. I sing this inner song for you, the reader, with the sincere desire that – when you close the book – you will smile, touch a loved one, slow down the pace of your journey a bit, and feel more connected not only to the past and future, but to those priceless, simple treasures in the moment that have no purchase price….life is a collection of memories over a very brief time span”. Ah, very beautiful! As the sun went down today, and I was still lounging around in the therapeutic pools, my Hummingbird friend came by and sat up above me in the banana tree. After a few minutes, she flitted up high into a coconut palm tree. I didn’t see her after that, so perhaps she was settling in for a good night’s sleep! Dinner was chicken and wild rice. Apparently wild rice, if it’s on its own and not mixed with other types of rice, is considered a seed and not a grain. Therefore, it’s good on the paleo diet of no grains. Yummy! Yep, I love my food, and even more when it’s healthy and yummy. Maybe we should think about having a chef come to the house once or twice a week to prepare these delicious meals for us, upon our return to Seattle! Or use one of those new services where they deliver the meals ready to put in the oven, (no more microwaved food for us!). By the way, Eric whipped my butt in cards last night, 850 to 570. That man can get very focused when he wants to! I had no chance. I am just so darned proud of his progress, it’s amazing. He is looking good, with better color and clear eyes. He is looking more like the Leo he is, and less like a man that for a moment believed the Doc when she said he had only two months before his bright light was gone. Well, it’s time for bed for me. Eric’s already been asleep for a couple hours. A real sleeping beauty! Bye for now and until the next installment/…

Regional hyperthermia and reading "Everybody's Got Something", but Robin Roberts. Thanks Hilary Schultz!

The waves don't look that big in the photo, but they were pounding the shore!!

This is pretty much the main lunch salad platter every day! As Ty Bollinger's TTAC series says, "Eat the rainbow and heal your body"!

November 5th, 2016 Day 13 of Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: I left the room whilst it was still dark and Eric was sleeping soundly. I enjoyed the sound and vibration of the pounding waves and ran 2 miles on the cute little stone path, before time ran out to go to the early morning yoga session. This is a very popular class, and is followed right after by the meditation session. I wasn’t able to completely clear my mind today, as I was still processing the information from the Body Code session yesterday. The session is still blowing my mind 24 hours later! I found it such useful information, and certainly explains a lot of what I have been going through in health and relationships in the last 20 years in general, and more specifically, to date this year. Eric didn’t have a great day today. He started on his very bright yellow curcumin IV drip early. It’s the color of the bright Indian spice that is ubiquitous in Indian restaurants, (and of course, India!). Curcumin is known to be anti-cancer, anti-tumor, and anti-inflammation, amongst other wondering healing properties. This was his first time receiving it, and although it is quite intense, he was already not doing too well beforehand. He has been experiencing pain in his diaphragm area, as his muscles have a tendency to stint. He noticed it was painful yesterday in the Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, so opted to forgo that today, just in case. He’s experienced tightening in his diaphragm on and off since he had his back surgery in January, (he had a pathologic fracture, due to a cancerous tumor in his T8, and had it removed and replaced with a titanium cage). I sat with Eric for a while, just holding hands and being quiet. I was feeling some sadness that I am leaving him tomorrow for a week or two, as I head back to Seattle for work. I am sure he will be fine, but I know we will miss each other. We’ve only been apart for more than two weeks once before, when I went on a long visit to Australia and New Zealand a few years ago. I left him to snooze in the chair, and went to the spa to heat up the infra-red sauna - excellent for detoxing, skin purification, improved circulation, amongst other benefits. It takes a while to heat up to 130-140 degrees F (5560 C), so I wandered around the property and started saying goodbye to my little Hummingbird friend. She was sitting quietly in a different Hibiscus hedge and I was able to get some footage of her just sitting quietly, peeking through the leaves and branches, and scratching every now and then.

I stayed in the sauna for 12 minutes, showered right after and then dunked in the cooling pool in the spa. Boy, talk about invigorating! I looked for Eric, but he was in the room resting, having given up both his hyperbaric oxygen session and the Autohemotherapy, (the Ozone with UV), but will hopefully be able to catch up tomorrow, Sunday. I was feeling like I could lay down too, so read for a while and ended up napping for a few hours with Eric. We must have both needed it! When we woke up, we wandered into the next room, which is where Carrie is resting and recovering from her surgery. Some of you may be following her story, but did you pick up that she had 2 pounds, (1 kg) of tumors removed from her peritoneal region a few days ago? By the way, I just checked her GoFundMe page (Carrie Phelps), and I am so grateful on her behalf, for those of you that donated. Thank you from Carrie’s heart, (and mine) to yours! She seems to be recovering pretty well, and is beyond excited that her husband can come on down to visit. He’ll also help her to get home next weekend to continue a mix of traditional and advanced/alternative treatments. Having cancer can be a lonely journey if you’re on your own, or away from your partner. It’s just so important to have your head in the right place, to believe and have faith that you can sur-thrive. I feel so grateful that the way opened up for me to be with Eric these last two weeks. We have been in our own little bubble of love, and in fact, surrounded by people in a “community” bubble of love. We have been exchanging email addresses like crazy with other Sanoviv guests from all over, (mostly US, Canada and Australia, and a couple from New Zealand and Mexico), promising to stay in contact. We all share a bond, a bond to a cancer club of sorts – not necessarily a club that was ever intended. In fact, I have called this chapter in our lives, our “unintended chapter”. Karen and Henrik, (his brother and sister) will be coming from Germany on Tuesday, and they’ll be here until Saturday next weekend. Fingers crossed, I can get a lot of my work done, so that I can come back down…but we’ll see what the Universe has in store. If I can’t get back, let me know if you might want to put your hand up to be a companion for Eric for a week or so! PM me and I can give you more information. I asked Eric today what has been the highlight of being here at Sanoviv, so far. His answer was so simple, yet so profound, “I am excited to have found a path to life”. What can you say to that? He has found a way to live! I’m so happy for him, and happy for me, for his two daughters, his grandkiddos and all the friends and family whose lives he has touched so profoundly.

Perhaps this might be a good place to end today’s musing….perhaps we can all agree that this is a good place for each and every one of us to be, “I am excited to have found a path to life”! Can you say it and believe it? Blessings to you this evening/morning/afternoon - wherever you may be!

November 6th, 2016 Day 14 of Eric’s magical Mexican medical adventure: I was awake early today, and wondered for a moment why the alarm clock hadn’t gone off. I remembered daylight savings was ending today in Mexico and had a chance to relax for an additional hour. I went for a short run and came back to the room to shower and spend some final minutes with Eric, before heading off over the border and back into the USA. We held hands and talked for as long as possible, knowing we wouldn’t see each other for another couple weeks, possibly more, depending on my work schedule, and how long Eric stays in Mexico. We had a few minutes to spare and I wheeled Eric down to see the Hibiscus Hummingbird hedge to say goodbye to my little friend, but she was nowhere to be seen. He does have instructions to come and say hello for me daily, (it will also serve as a reason to go outside everyday and get some exercise, albeit just in his arms). I have also requested that he let me know how each day is going so that I can continue these FB posts following his journey. If he can’t come up with much material, he’s going to recruit some of the other guests to give him some feedback about their experiences at Sanoviv, and permission for me to share their story. It was very tough saying goodbye to Eric, because although he’s in good spirits and has made HUGE progress in the 2 weeks since we arrived at the health institute, we have really leaned on each other for moral and heart support. (After all, it was only 2 ½ weeks ago, that he was told by the one Doctor that he trusted with his life in Seattle, that they had come to the end of the road and he might only have two months to live). I wheeled him out to the van and we had a nice long hug, and he even stood up for a couple minutes to have a full body hug! It helped me to leave him there, knowing that he has a bunch of people that are there to help him and spend time with him, and also his brother and sister arrive from Germany on Tuesday through Saturday. One of his closest friends is looking at coming down shortly after that for a quickie visit! I had two choices today – to leave Sanoviv for the US at 7:30am or 2:30pm. I chose to cross the border early, even though my flight wasn’t until 7:30pm, so that it didn’t take 4-5 hours to make the crossing, or worse and possibly miss my flight! I traveled with Maria, a lovely lady that was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, bearing in mind a recent mammogram didn’t show anything was up, she found the lump herself, and took herself to the Doctor. As soon as she heard the news no one wants to hear, she opted to have the lump surgically removed a couple days later, and forgo the offering of chemo and radiation. She shared with me today, (on video) that the Oncol-

ogist she met with, told her outright that it was her job to talk her into chemotherapy! What? No, it’s her job to keep her patients alive and guess what…that may or may not involve chemo, depending on the individual case. We are not all made the same, and cancer just cannot be treated effectively if all patients are treated as numbers, not individual people, and given the standard protocol and cocktails that everyone gets. One size does not fit all! Shortly after her surgery, she came to Sanoviv to get advanced/alternative treatments, to ensure that the cancer does not proliferate. One of the tests they do at the institute is an awesome test called the Greek Test or Onco test. This is where a sample of your blood is literally sent to Greece. They run it against about 150 or so different treatment possibilities, including chemo, radiation and dozens of botanicals. She shared with me the results of her tests, and it was fascinating to see the charts. For example, if she ever did opt to have chemotherapy, (unlikely, but possible), she now knows which ones would work for her specific cancer and blood type. The test also showed that turmeric, (curcumin), which is a fantastic natural healing plant, would in fact, not be of much use for her type of cancer. Really fascinating stuff. We said goodbye at the airport and promised to email and keep in touch with each other’s progress. The Sanoviv driver dropped me off at the San Diego airport car rental facility to rent a car for the day. I had reached out to a couple people I know that live there, and was lucky that they were both available to meet up today. One is a friend from my Hawaii days, the beautiful Kathleen. I arrived slightly early, so I went for a short walk and took a few photos of the seals on the beach at La Jolla Cove. They were very loud and boisterous, but didn’t seem to mind people hanging around and getting close with cameras etc. I met Kathleen at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, and we enjoyed a delicious salad, overlooking the ocean. We are kindred spirits and chatted solidly for two hours, (although it could easily have been two days!), before I had to leave to go see my other friend in Encinitas. I have known Craig since we were 5 years old at primary school in Christchurch, New Zealand. We were at the same school until 12 years old when our family left the South Island and moved to the North Island for my high school years. We connected a few years ago on LinkedIn, and caught up on the last 30 something years! We

have both had international corporate careers, with him working in New Zealand, Singapore and Latin America, before settling in the US; and me working in New Zealand, the UK, Michigan, Hawaii and now Washington state. It was so wonderful meeting up with him, his wife Brittany, and their 3 little blonde haired boys, the first time I had actually seen Craig in 40 years! Hard to believe – where does the time go? We chatted about anything and everything, but really focused on healthy GF and DF food, (one of my favorite topics), and promised to keep in contact with recipes and information as it comes to hand! I was so busy eating an early dinner and catching up with Craig and fam, I left a tad later than I should have. It was very dark in the horsey/”ranchy” neighborhood with not much in the way of street lighting. I think I made about a half dozen u-turns, as my GPS was giving me grief. I turned on my windshield wipers several times, when I meant to change gears, and I missed several exits off the highway on my way to the airport! Oh la la! This is what it’s like when you’ve lived inside the protected pink bubble of health and healing at Sanoviv. It can be hard to adjust back into the real world! Luckily, I was in my body sufficiently to make it safely to the airport, just in time, with only 10 minutes to spare! I’m on the plane as I write this update, winging my way back to the cooler climes of the Pacific Northwest. Just before jumping on the plane, I spoke to Eric and he is still struggling with his sore tummy/diaphragm area, but will be chatting with the Doctor about this tomorrow, during their daily catch-up. I wonder if it’s all the supplements, in both liquid and pill form, he takes daily on an empty stomach. He’s also going to be talking about getting started on CBD, (and I’m not sure about the THC component), with the Doctor and finding out what the plan is around that. He was only able to eat half size meals today and has lost another couple pounds since the start of his sore tummy. Thanks again everyone for joining us on our journey, as we navigate our way through the medical misadventures in the traditional world, and learn so much about the alternatives/advancements available to keep Eric alive and sur-thriving! Keep the comments coming on FB, as your words are like music to my heart and soul. If you’re willing to stick with me/us, I shall keep going with the daily updates, as best I can. BTW, I also collected a ton more information from Sanoviv that I can share too, in future installments. Please join me in sending love, prayers and healing energy to my hubbie and life partner in Mexico. Thank you, and much love and many blessings to you wherever you are in the world!

November 7th, 2016 Day 15: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Definitely felt a yearning for Mexico and Eric upon awakening this morning. As I was on my morning run in the light drizzle, and not-too-cold weather, (but cold enough for me to see my own breath), I was transported back to the cute little stone path on the cliff’s edge by the ocean, and the Hibiscus Hummingbird hedge! Whilst on my way to work in Redmond, Washington today, I heard a text come through on my phone. I pulled over to see two fantastic photos from our friend Karla, freshly arrived in Sanoviv. Both photos showed Eric walking with his walker, one of him alone, and one of him hugging Karla. Karla texted that she was so excited when she saw him “walk” into breakfast, that she cried! So, here I am, on my way to work at Microsoft, and I am crying with joy over the little miracles I just saw on my phone. Most of us take for granted that we have two feet, two legs, two fully functional hips, muscles, tendons, nerves, and all the supporting systems that allow us to walk without even giving it a thought. However, for Eric, it is a miracle that after so much pain and bone degradation, he was able to walk a little bit today. Karla is one of two very special friends that have spent time at Sanoviv, and introduced us to the power of this amazing healing center. Gosh, thinking about it, if it wasn’t for Karla and Hilary and sharing their experiences and information, we may not have even heard that a place like this existed. I can only imagine where we might have ended up if we had actually believed the Doctor when she estimated Eric had about 2 months to live, and didn’t have a Plan B up our sleeves and ready to take action within 24 hours! So, yay for Karla! Yay for Hilary! Yay for Ty Bollinger and his “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” online docu-series, and the recent “ULS: Ultimate Live Symposium”! These three people have had a very big hand in turning Eric around! Karla and Hilary we see as much as possible. Ty doesn’t know we exist, but I do look forward to meeting him one of these days! I have spoken to Eric a couple times today. He is in good spirits, and is excited about meeting new friends that arrived at Sanoviv yesterday. He was able to eat a good breakfast of GF and DF paleo granola, (no grain), and this is good news, as he hasn’t had much of an appetite these last few days. His daily mainstay treatments appear to be the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, regional hyperthermia, IV drips, (now including turmeric), and reflexology. Today, Eric also saw the Homeopath, and had a quick chat with the doctor. The second time we spoke, he was on his way to another magical treatment in the Quiet Room. This is the room where an incredible number of machines live, and they do everything from bio-feedback, to

diagnoses, to treatment therapies, to reading 2,000 energy bodies and so much more. (I have a correction to make, by the way, I recently mentioned that there were 4,400 machines in this room, but it turns out that there are dozens of machines, with a total of 4,400 programs! If this was book, I would have more time to research and fact-check everything, but as it is a collection of my daily musings, I hope you’ll forgive the oopsie!). You know, it’s ironic, but two of the people that are having the hardest time with Eric being at the treatment facility are members of our own families. I am guessing that it is their own fear around us departing from the traditional medical route, and not believing the prognosis of the Doctor, that is the root cause of the weird energy. Now I can understand why there were more than a few people staying at Sanoviv, that had either never mentioned to their family members where they were, or if they did mention the facility, they didn’t tell them why they were there. At the end of the day, who’s decision is it to live, versus give up? Yes, it is a decision for the person experiencing the health issue, alone. Yes, as a partner, we can help influence and support with all our hearts, but at least in our case, it’s up to Eric to say, “I’m going to do this! I’m going to find a path to life!”. Much gratitude to you all, and many blessings on your morning, afternoon or evening! Love and hugs, Phillipa and Eric xxx

November 8th, 2016 Day 16: Eric’s Mexican Medical Journey: Sitting in the car in the Microsoft parking lot before work, I chatted to Eric. He was feeling pretty good and excited to be seeing his brother and sister a few hours later. As for his plans for the day, I’ll post a picture of his schedule, so you can see what a “Day in the Life of Eric” looks like. I had a great and productive day at work. Given that almost no one knows what is really going with me, I can keep my private life and home life separated, (and my work colleagues are not on FB with me!). The last update everyone had was in July, when I shared that Eric was “cancer free”. I just didn’t bother to educate them as to later developments with his health, and interestingly enough, almost no one ever asked. There are two ladies that are an exception, and do ask after him regularly. One had a husband die, and she is very sensitive to what I am going through, and the other has a Mother that is currently going through her own cancer journey, and we would see each other at the hospital in Seattle from time to time. Later in the day, I also caught up with my real estate associate and mentor, Hao Dang (yes, I also have a real estate and staging business too!). He, and our team at Windermere, have been phenomenal! As I was away in Mexico with Eric, they kept all my real estate contracts moving through the pipeline, and took awesome care of my clients. I literally closed on homes with two couples the week before I left town, and there was follow-up work with them. Our team also worked with three of my new clients, just in contract to buy homes before and during my trip. Additionally, one listing closed as I was away. I am so grateful to be a part of this phenomenal team, and count my blessings every day. They take good care of me whilst I am working at Microsoft, and under situations like the rather urgent trip to Mexico over the last couple weeks. Thank you Hao, Tram and Tin! You just never know what will illicit a strong emotional response. For me, today, I was driving home from my Microsoft day and I happened to see a bright yellow Tonka truck, identical to Eric’s, pull out on to the road ahead of me. I started thinking about how close I was to losing him, and how much he loves his gigantic yellow truck. I know this might sound trite, but then I thought about who would be around to laugh at my jokes! You see, I have a very specific dry sense of humor, and one of the things I really love about Eric, is that he would always chuckle at my jokes…and I would giggle at his, (although they did get a little too dry, even for me, after numerous chemo sessions, and I nicknamed his jokes, “chemo brain jokes”). Then, I started balling my eyes out. Yep, just driving along, with tears streaming down my face.

Later in the day, I caught up with Eric. He had his three of his mainstay treatments of IV’s, regional hyperthermia and the Doctor’s appointment. It turned out he couldn’t do his oxygen treatment, as he wasn’t able to keep his lunch down, (and was not too keen to have any nausea issues inside the chamber, as it takes about 15 minutes to decompress, or is it recompress, before they can get him out). He did more work with the wonderful Body Code lady, and cleared out another layer of emotional blocks, (yes indeed, there’s layers upon layers it seems, and all contributing factors in health issues, I believe). Eric shared that in his Chiropractic session, he completely zoned out, He joked that he had a “Phillipa” session, as that happens to me too, where I just disappear somewhere nice, (although, to be honest, I tend to favor acupuncture over chiropractic these days, so this happens often when I am on the acupuncture table). His Quiet Room session sounded cool, and they used a new machine for him. This one is designed to clear out and energize the lymph system. Tonight was all about Bella. We went shopping to fill up the fridge again, (me, purchasing all organic fruit, veges, and grass-fed organic meats from around the edge of the store, where most of the good stuff is…Bella getting gluten-free, but dairy-filled items in the middle of the store). We talked about the tough icky teenage/parent stuff, and about Daddy, and how we felt about anything and everything. It’s tough being a teenager these days. Frankly, I am kind of glad that I didn’t grow up with the multitude of social media channels, and some of the pressures that teens face these days. I’m going to finish up with a poem written by our beautiful and talented daughter, written for her Daddy, Eric:

Happy evening, morning or noon, wherever you may be in the world, Much love, many blessings, and oodles of gratitude for journeying alongside us! Phillipa

Not Another Goodbye, by Bella Christian I have never before lost a soul to his prison, So with the time that we have, I pray I’m forgiven. For I cannot seem to find the right words in my throat, Nor redemption or expression, a simple synthetic quote. I will not dare to apologize for your intolerant complaints, For I have learned to stand tall and strive with my strengths. I wish I could speak all the thoughts fogging my head, Or the things that keep me awake at night in my bed. I have learned and do know that I have become afraid, Of not what to expect, the panic and the rage. Some revel in pain, others cry until worn, Some yell and they scream when they are broken and torn. I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, Because I have never had to deal with this cancerous curse. But there is a difference between being optimistic and real, Something to dream of and another to feel. You have so many people but not enough hands, But we will hold you in our arms until the very end. We bow down to you and the power you will lead, For the people you’ve met and the credit you’ll receive. A father, a husband, a brother, a son, A granddad, an uncle, a fighter who’s won. Do not be afraid, we know that you’re strong, There is always pure darkness, before the sheer dawn.

November 9th, 2016 Day 17: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Something very magical happened early this morning. So magical, in fact, that I literally squealed out in delight! I had just returned from a run in the rain, and was stretching on the porch by our front door…and along came a beautiful little cerise pink Hummingbird! She was exactly like my little friend in the Hibiscus Hummingbird hedge! It was quick encounter. She hovered about a couple feet away from my face for about 6 seconds or so, and then flew off. I didn’t see her again. If I had been looking the other way, I would have missed her altogether. Ah, what a lovely way to start the day! Unfortunately, Eric had a very tough night last night. He had 3 hours of agonizing pain in his knees! This is a new development, and is apparently one of the many possible side effects of chemotherapy. He also shared with me that he is down to 163lb. Let’s put this in perspective. He was probably around 235 pounds when he first presented with cancer in January. He has been losing and gaining all year, dependent upon the severity of his chemo treatments and surgeries. The Doctor isn’t too worried, as he believes that Eric is detoxing. No kidding, right? Going from 55 years of eating a certain way, (sugar, salt, bad fats, and canned soda drinks)…and overnight, switching to freshly juiced green drinks, paleo/keto/protein shakes, wheatgrass, lemon water, and a ton of cooked veges, salads, soups, healthy meats, and bone broth. His body is detoxing for sure! Eric and I kept missing each other on the phone during the day, so we texted back and forth. I finally reached him tonight and he gave me his daily report: • He had 3 hour IV session – one of the IV’s was turmeric, and he’s all proud that he’s only one level away from receiving the highest dose. • The doctor told him that he is weighing the benefits of starting him on CBDs there in Mexico, or waiting until he gets back to Washington. If you’d like to check out what this means, and how it can be a part of the healing protocol, just search around online under “healing power of Cannabinoids. There’s a lot known about it these days. I believe it was also one of the main contributing factors to Jimmy Carter healing from Stage 4 brain cancer. • Eric’s excited to be getting started on some PT, (physio-therapy) in the next day or two, for the parts of his body that he can exercise pain-free.

• He had regional hyperthermia again today, and the level of watts is going higher and higher. He likes to be a high achiever, does my husband! • The hyperbaric oxygen chamber went well, with no nausea at all. • 30 minutes of chiropractic treatment, and today he managed to stay in his body. The Chiropractor was impressed that he managed to relax so much yesterday, he was literally passed out, (I call it “getting out of the way”, so that the treatment can do it’s thing without our mind/ego interfering). • He had another of the quiet room sessions. He likes to call it electro-shock therapy! However, this one is where he holds the handles, and the machine performs programmed treatments with vibration. Today, he had 30 minutes for pain, and 30 minutes for detoxing. By the way, I know these machines work. The first time I experienced one, I had a diagnosis and treatment by a similar machine in 2000 when I first moved from Michigan to Hawaii. The practitioner told me that the machines were outlawed in the US at the time, (possibly because they work a little too well?!), and so she had to sneak it over the border from Canada! It’s a machine for goodness sake, such a big threat to the cancer “industry”!? You betcha! First, the machine diagnosed what was going on in my body, and I was shocked at how accurate it was. It even picked up that I had a fistula at the time, something that no one knew, except my family, the doctors and I. (It has since disappeared, something the Doctors told me would never happen! Hah! Gone!). The machine then treated me. The lady practitioner gave me the heads up that my lymph nodes would be draining in the next 24 hours and just to take care. It was funny the next day, even though I knew to expect “something”, I still freaked out when I had big lumps under my arms! Immediate thought, OMG, I have cancer! Tee hee. The second time I experienced one of these machines was a few years later. The lady practitioner programmed it to treat my Crohns Disease. I was holding the two bars, and had an anklet strip around each ankle, and I think I had a main one around my head, (they were all connected with wires to the machine). I was sitting there quite happily, and suddenly, my whole body literally jumped a few inches in the air, and my arms flew up! Wahoo – both the practitioner and I were a little surprised to say the least! To me, I say that it’s working! To this day, my Crohns is so minor, I sometimes even wonder whether I still have it.

I’ve had two GI specialists tell me that it is the most mild form they have ever seen. Now, I also eat a pretty healthy diet, and drink a gallon of water / green tea per day, drink freshly juiced vegetables, and everything organic, but who’s to say that the Chrohn’s Disease wasn’t shocked into (almost) non-existence on that day! By the way, Eric found out that Microsoft will be covering at least a portion of the medical bills from the health institute in Mexico! There’s still some more communication necessary, but it’s looking positive that at least some of the bills will be covered. It’s kind of a Catch22, in the sense that if we cash in a bunch of Eric’s retirement to pay for the treatment in Mexico, and gets healed 100%, (as we know he is)…we will need his retirement later! Oh well, I’m not too worried at this point and will trust that it will all work out perfectly. Eric’s visiting family from Germany, Karen and Henrik caught up on some sleep today. Eric said they had a 2-3 hour stretch where he was in treatment, and rather than enjoy the hot sunny day lazing by the pool, they fell asleep in their room. That’s jet lag for you. Well, at least they are relaxed and enjoying themselves, per Eric! I got some not so good news today. One of my very special lady friends found out that she has more cancer in several parts of her body. She is a Mom, a wife, a daughter, and a friend of hundreds of people that adore her. I feel so sad in my heart that she now has to swing into gear and deal with this. I mean, who needs this? Who deserves this? The cancerous curse is something that nobody needs! Many many blessings to you, beautiful lady. I see you in the highest possible healthy vibration, and living an awesome and long life!!! The more I delve, the more utterly shocked I am with the information I am uncovering. All I can say for now, is take care and get ready just in case it’s you…or your husband or wife….or your child….mother, father…a colleague…or your dearest of friends. I cannot encourage it enough – watch all 9 of the “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” online docu-series, or read the book, (I believe it’s the same title). Get prepared, be ready to make the right choices for you and your loved ones... choices made in love and not in fear! This is very important. Phew! Sorry that seemed a little heavy, but I really believe that knowledge is power. Take care of you! Love and blessings and phenomenal health to each and every one of you… Phillipa

November 10th, 2016 Day 18: Eric’s Mexican Medical Journey: Per Eric, “This morning I didn’t do my 5km run, but took my walker downstairs, made it to the grass, and went barefoot. I guess I’m officially now a “grass walker”! Running off to the whole body “Sahara heat torture coffin”. All in the spirit of getting better! Last night I discovered that a super hot shower works for my knee pain. Tonight, we will do the pools in the late evening”. Sounds like a pretty good day to me! So proud of Eric – he’s doing it! He’s living! Eric also mentioned this morning that the Hummingbird seemed to have left Sanoviv with me, and that now there’s just butterflies in the hedge. However, as he was on his way back from the pool later in the day, he saw her for 30 seconds in the bush. Nice! Our beautiful friend Karla, visiting Sanoviv for a check-up, shared that she and Eric had a nice long talk yesterday about big data and the good old days at Microsoft. She reported that Eric looks as bright as can be, and has big plans to help the natural cancer industry with his technical background. I love that Eric turned around his whole belief system in a matter of days. Nothing like being told you have only two months to live, to change your mind quick smart! That’s the update for today, as I’m going to watch a movie with Bella. Yay – one from her childhood, and one of my favorite’s too… Mermadia! Standby for more tomorrow….

November 11th, 2016 Day 19 – Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: A friend from Hawaii posted on FB today about her experience with a dangerous and silent killer, lung cancer, in honor of National Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November. I’m going to share the complete post separately, with her permission, but I wanted to touch on an element that really struck home for me today as I read her poignant post. Now, in “my” perfect world, I believe that we would all be so intuitive, that we would just “know” when something was up with our bodies. If we needed help, we could reach out to an intuitive medical professional who would listen carefully to our story, and help us identify what was going on. Beth shares in her story, (and please read it, it’s a truly beautifully written account), that on the 8th of August 2008, as she was walking along the street, she just knew that something was wrong, and that something was wrong in her chest. She went to the doctor and he thought she was crazy asking for a CT scan, and warned that if he did order the scan, she would have to pay for it out of pocket. So, Beth was like someone in my perfect world, as she intuitively knew something wasn’t right. However, she went to the professionals for help, and unfortunately the response she got, was far from my utopian ideal. We are all blessed that Beth is still on this beautiful planet of ours, and I am especially blessed, as she has agreed to be my editor, when I am ready with my two books, (by the way, Beth only knows about one, but Beth – there’s two now in the works!). There’s a reason this part of Beth’s story really hits home with me. You see, we waited from Thanksgiving last year to January 11th 2016, to take Eric to the ER for pain in his upper back. It started as a niggle as he was carving the turkey, and by December the 14th, he couldn’t work. He took vacation time that had accrued, stayed home, and we all just thought it was the “usual” back pain that shows up from time to time. His friend did take him to an Urgent Care between Christmas and New Year, and the Doctors sent him home with muscle relaxants. But, by January 11th, I knew something was really up. I called 911, as Eric was in so much pain, he couldn’t walk down the stairs. The fire fighters and paramedics arrived and amazingly, had him walk down the stairs, (huh?), with them going ahead and behind, just in case he collapsed. We arrived at the ER and Eric was taken into one of the side rooms, literally writhing in pain. We got this lady Doctor who was definitely tired after a long day, and clearly didn’t take Eric seriously. She poked and prodded him, and gave him her “standard” routine check. He was in so much pain, she had the nurses give him painkillers every 10-15 minutes, but still didn’t figure out something was “up”. She couldn’t actually complete her exam as Eric was calling out in pain. So, she left him there for 30 minutes whilst she went to see other patients. I had to

ask her to come back to complete the exam. Long story short, she sent us home with more painkillers. 24 hours later, I drove Eric to another ER. This time, I stood and looked the Doctor in the eye, and I told her that we were NOT LEAVING until Eric had an MRI! Thank god, Eric was undressed and rushed to get an MRI right away. Eric was back in the ER room with me, when the Doctor came in with information about his MRI that was hot off the press. Eric was, in fact, not going crazy. There was a pathological fracture in his T8, that was only a short instant away from a possible paralysis event. For the ensuing months, that is another whole story for another day, but my main point here, is to be quiet enough to listen if your body is trying to say something. If you feel that something doesn’t jive, don’t be afraid to get it checked out. If you don’t like the answer one Doctor gives you, go to another! Our friend Karla, didn’t like what her first doctor said, so she went to another. Thanks goodness he took her concern over a breast lump seriously! I just heard from another close girlfriend out east yesterday, that a good friend of hers, has a Dad that was just diagnosed with Lymphoma, (same as Eric). Allegedly, the Doctors “are not worried about the cancer, as the tumors are stable and not growing”. What? I haven’t heard such malarkey before. Lymphoma tumors grow, often aggressively, because that is what they do, (until at least we find ways to halt them in their tracks!). Besides, how do the Doctors know the tumor isn’t growing, if they’ve only done one test? Ugh, see what I mean, we really have to be our own advocates! Unfortunately, we don’t yet live in my idea of a utopian world, where we are all intuitive, and so are our medical professionals. So, stick up for yourselves and your family members, because often no one else will do it for you! I guess it’s to be expected, given that Eric was given two months to live, just 3 short weeks ago. Indeed, it’s to be expected that he experiences good days and not so good days, as he navigates along the healing path through the advanced/alternative world of holistic care. Last night was a tough one with his lower back flaring up. As he’s been given permission to do, he reached out to the Nurse’s station and they gave him a pill to knock him out, only to wake up again at 5am with more intense back pain than ever. He canceled his hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment and instead chose to go into the pool, and leaned into the jacuzzi jets to soften things up.

So, it was a bit of a setback, but when I spoke to him tonight, he’s still in good spirits. He’s also very excited that he has his appetite back. Rather than losing a pound per day, he’s now gaining a pound per day. Phew, I was wondering when the weight loss, possibly due to the intense detox process, was going to level off. Of course, the food is so good that it’s wonderful to be able to truly enjoy it! I was very happy to hear that he had an impromptu meeting with the wonderful body code lady. She picked up that 18 years ago, something happened that he’s holding in his lower back. Now, of course, she couldn’t possibly know that this was a tough time for Eric, as he lost a ton of money when the tech bubble burst. Where does one typically hold on to stress over money? Yep, in the lower back! I just love all these intuitive practitioners there at Sanoviv, and I love that they command just as much respect as the Doctors and surgeons. Speaking of intuitive practitioners, he had a Chiropractor session today. The Chiro picked up that he was thinking about his future too much. He recommended that Eric really focus on staying in the present moment. As many of you know, this is where the juice of life really is. So many of us spend too much time, as I call it, “pasting and future-ing”! A great way for Eric to stay present, is to play cards with his German brother and sister, visiting from Hamburg. He taught them how to the play the game that I grew up playing with my family. What fun! Today, as he had a 2 hour time slot between treatments, they were able to finish a second game of “Foo”. Apparently, Karen is the card shark of the trio and won both games, and Eric came last both times. Oh well, you can’t be good at everything! At home here in Seattle, Bella and I received food packages from two of our neighbors, (and this time, they even remembered we are gluten and dairy free!). One was a delicious home made chicken soup with barley, the kind my Ma used to make us growing up, and the other a yummy split pea soup. If you ever wonder what you can do for a person or family going through the cancer journey, take them food. As I shared with one of our neighbors, it’s good for our heart and theirs…good all round, and that is good for our planet! On that wonderful note, I shall sign off for today. Huge blessings to those of you following our journey and my daily musings. Your comments continue to inspire me, and Eric as I get to read him your sentiments. Love, love, love, Phillipa

November 12th, 2016 Day 20: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: The highlight of Eric’s day was sitting by the tea room in front of the mansion, with his brother and sister, just relaxing and enjoying the dozen surfers directly out from where they were sitting. Apparently, this is a famous surf spot, (K38), and possibly ranks in the top 10 worldwide. I can see why, as there is surf every single day, and whilst I was there, it was really huge, and rather scary looking. They had a little flying visitor in the Bird of Paradise plant next to their table. It wasn’t “my” cerise hummingbird, nor even “Eric’s” green hummingbird, but a brown one came to visit with the Lesebergs today. A nice send off for Karen and Henrik! Eric had a pretty slow day with his treatments. He met with a new pain doctor, so that he could discuss his options for the painful parts of his body. Now, bearing in mind that this is for a man who likes to joke he was never sick a day in his life. Ironically, I have heard many cancer patients say the same thing, so perhaps the immune system needs to get busy from time to time! His main pain areas are currently his ribs, (from his back surgery in January), knees, (possibly a side effect of chemo) and his lower back. The pain where one of his tumors is, (or was?!), in his leg/hip area, has dissipated post-radiation treatments. He had an ozone oxygen treatment, but canceled his hyperbaric chamber treatment. He wanted to spend a solid two hours with his family as they left for Seattle in the afternoon. They’ll be staying with Bella and I here in Seattle, and visiting with Eric’s daughter Alicia and kids, for a few days before heading back home to Hamburg. I’m excited to meet them, as I have not met them before. They share the same Dad, and Eric is the oldest. He lived in Germany for a few years when he was little, but moved back to California after his Mom split up from his Dad. His Dad remarried and had three additional children, two of whom, are Karen and Henrik. So, Eric is on his own for a while at the health institute in Mexico. On one hand, I am sad not to be there with him, but I know that we are very connected. Even though we had trouble with our phone technology today, we are connected on a whole different level. One of Eric’s best friends is hoping to head down next week, and I am looking at going the week after that. It’d be really fun to be there for Thanksgiving! We have also had offers from another couple friends that would like to play the companion role, but I’m not sure that he needs anyone as yet, given that he’s got the facility and schedule down, and can get his way around pret-

ty well now, on his wheelchair and walker. Meanwhile, here in Seattle, I went to my first Spin class at the gym, (where you ride stationary bicycles, in case you have never heard of this). I met with the class instructor before we started to get the scoop on how the class worked, and I made sure I knew that if I felt like my lungs were going to explode, that I could stop or leave, (and she assured me that she doesn’t lock the doors). However, I did pretty well, kept up, made it all the way to the end, and did not feel like I was going to die. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I am now an exercise junkie. I know this because I have a much better day when I exercise early in the morning. Having had lower back issues on and off since 18 years of age, I experienced a lot of trouble keeping to an exercise routine for longer than 2-6 months, before my back would “go out” again. After three years of really intense pain when I moved to Washington from Hawaii, I finally said, “enough” and started very slowly, but surely, working on strengthening my core and initially started walking as many days as I could. Some days the pain was so bad, I could barely even get out of bed, let alone get to the end of the street, or even the end of the driveway. Knowing what I know now about how important “regular” exercise is, I am beyond delighted that I have figured out “my thing”. I run, I power-walk, I lift weights, and now it seems I do Spin classes. In the past, I have also done Zumba and swum, and I can imagine adding these back into my routine too. After a while, it’s like cleaning your teeth, you just “do it”. See, here’s the thing. To stay healthy, there’s just no way around it….one has to exercise! We can all invent so many wonderful and awesome excuses, but our bodies need to keep on the move to stay in good health. I had some really kick-butt excuses, and here’s a couple of the better ones: my lower back pain, and to be honest, it was pretty bad at times, but there’s always a way to navigate out of that, as I discovered. Another one was that my boobs were too big to jog, (okay, now the guys might laugh, but honestly, try strapping on 40 triple-D’s and see how far you can get!). There’s always the kid(s), family commitments, the commute, long hours at work, no time, and so many other “real” excuses, but there’s always a way! Let’s segue back to Eric. Yes, he was in the Navy for 10 years in his 20’s, and was apparently one of the fastest guys on the team. He used to push weights, and had built some good muscle on his body in those days. Skip ahead 10 years and he was involved in a pretty major car accident, (and that is another story for another day), and ended up recovering to run a few marathons. Somewhere in there, he listened to a doctor say that if he kept

running marathons, he would ruin his knees and other parts of his body would start to go. Oh la la! What? Who was that doctor and why did Eric listen to him!? Now, for the next 20 or so years, Eric exercised very irregularly. He went wakeboarding, sky skiing and now in later years, wake surfing. He’s very athletically talented and coordinated and he has a way of picking these things up without much effort, (like golf… he hardly ever plays, but when he does, he can give his more experienced friends a run for their money!). But, here’s the thing, although in his mind, he was getting a lot of exercise, it was neither daily, nor regular, and so therefore, it didn’t apparently count towards a healthy routine and healthy body. We can all wonder why Eric got cancer. I know he’s been working through that in Mexico, not so much for the dwelling on the “why”, but more to understand all the contributing factors, forgive himself and others, and to move into a whole new way of BE-ing in phenomenal health – with mind, body and spirit. Certainly a lack of regular exercise was one of the contributing factors. Yes, he was a member of a gym for the last 20 years. Yes, he did go to the gym from time to time, to work out or play squash, but it doesn’t appear to have counted. I remember hearing one of my mentors in business one day say, “The first year of fitness/working out is the hardest”, and I remember thinking, wow – I’ve never made it that long in one stretch. But, how right he was, after a year of being in a daily routine, guess what – now it is REALLY is a daily routine! Eric tried a few times to get started on a fitness routine this year, since his January diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, but sadly, it was too late! Too late for his body that had developed cancer over apparently, several years. Too late, because once he started doing the liquid poison, it’s hard to get any new exercise routines going. Too late, because the liquid therapy, although poisoning his body and depleting his immune system, was helping his body to produce new tumors, and growing them back even in locations that were initially cleared with the chemo. Unfortunately, it was just plain, too late! We can all learn from Eric’s experience here. Nobody wants to be told what to, but this is truly a life-affirming decision, (or not, as the case may be!). It’s late at night here and I have picked up Karen and Henrik at the airport. We’ve had a good chat, a snack and now it’s time for bed! Goodnight, good afternoon, and good morning to you, wherever you may be. It’s fun knowing that we have friends keeping up with our journey from all over the world….the US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, England, Sweden, Spain, Hong Kong… did I forget anyone?! Love and blessings to you and the important people in your life, and cheers to awesome health and well-being. Love, Phillipa

November 13th, 2016 Day 21: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: One might think that the highlights of Eric’s day today were not specifically related to the main reason for being at the Sanoviv Health Institute in Mexico, namely to receive treatment for his cancer. Rather, his highlights came from some very simple experiences that were good for his heart. However, I believe it’s all related. I believe if one slows down enough, and sits within the present moment, healing can happen right there…in the beauty of that moment, or the next moment, or even the next. It’s in the slowing down and noticing what is happening right in front of our eyes, breathing in the moment, that healing can occur. One was the simple act of sitting on the cliff top and enjoying all the families playing and collecting in the sand and tide pools on the beach below. It’s apparently an ultra low tide given the full moon, and this creates a whole different energy on the beach, in comparison to the huge waves that are typical on this stretch of coastline. Another was the simplicity of lying on the green grass in the middle of the cute little oval walking track. It was a beautiful hot sunny day in the 80’s/late 20’s, and Eric couldn’t resist lying in the sun and getting a little color and Vitamin D. It felt good for him, and he called me from that prone position, asking me to guess where he was. OK, so I couldn’t guess, but I loved that he called and asked anyway! Tonight, when we spoke again, he shared that a lady was walking by, spied the empty wheelchair on the grass, and saw his body on the ground, and she rushed over to see whether he needed help. That was very sweet of her, and they had a good chuckle when she realized that he was doing fine….in fact, better than fine! He was having one of his highlights of the day! Eric stayed outside and watched the sun go down. The sunsets at Sanoviv are literally breathtaking. This was another of Eric’s moments of gratitude for the day. Lovely! On a not so good note, Eric’s pain last night was excruciating. It’s his lower back and knees again. He is so cute though… in order to deal with the pain, up until the recent past he would sing himself the worm song. Some of you might know this one, it starts off something like this, “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m going down to the garden to eat worms. Short fat fuzzy ones, long slim slimy ones…”. It’s a way to play the victim for a minute or so, get over it, and move on. However, last night he just keeping repeating “Ouchies, ouchies, ouchies, ouchies” to survive the series of painful moments. A little piece of my heart breaks when he shares his tough times with me, because I know that if I was there with

him, I might be able to help. I could perhaps rub his back with one of the essential oils, maybe peppermint, tea tree, or lavender…or I could jump in bed with him, (not an easy feat when it’s a single/twin hospital bed), and hug and hold him until it passes, or the pain meds kick in. Cancer truly does suck. 21,000 people die per day of cancer, and 35,000 find out per day they have cancer. These are our husbands and wives, our friends, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our kids, as cancer does not discriminate. Knowing what I know now, I want to shout from the rooftops for everyone to read the book, or watch the “Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” docu-series. Please everyone do it, it could save your life, if you ever get the diagnosis, it gives you hope that there are other alternatives out there. Additionally, your people need your help, your knowledge, to avoid them getting into the fear of the word, “C A N C E R”. Realistically, it’s just another way of saying that our body created a breeding ground for a few cells to go rogue, and then some others joined in, and voila… there’s cancer in our bodies. It does not have to be a death sentence. Knowledge is power and it can save your life or the life of loved ones around you! Bella and I have enjoyed hanging out together this weekend. Bella’s way of saying that, is, “This weekend didn’t suck!”. Well, gee, thanks? Snuggling on my bed this evening, she picked up my hands and commented about my wrinkles. She asked me whether it’s scary to find wrinkles on your body, she said because therefore you’re not young anymore, and that means you’re old. (Ah, out of the mouths of babes!). I told her that it was a little frightening at first, but that I’m fine with getting older, and there is a distinction between getting older and BEing old! It’s been awesome meeting Eric’s brother and sister, and having them at the house for the weekend. Eric’s eldest daughter, Alicia, her boyfriend, and kiddos all came over for brunch today. There were about 12 pairs of shoes at the front door, and that’s one of the ways I know it’s going to be a great day, as we have a house full of kiddos and adults, preparing food, laughing and eating together. The four of us, Henrik, Karen, Bella and I played a game of cards tonight, Foo. It seems that Eric had really built up this picture of how talented I am at playing this game, to Henrik and Karen. Well, I laughed when I heard them say that, as I have my good days, mediocre days and not so great card days, (a bit like life, yeah?). Let’s just say that I got whipped seriously tonight, and ended up with a dismal 325 to Henrik and Karen’s 630 and 650 respectively, (Bella didn’t complete, as she had to get ready for school tomorrow). Oh well, better luck next time, when we see them in Europe. We’ve talked about heading over to Germany, or maybe the coast of Spain or some such, next Summer and renting a big house to accommodate as many Lesebergs as can make it. Sounds like a great goal to me. Eric, let’s make that a reality!

Have a great day, afternoon, night, wherever you are in the world, (PS, Sorry I forgot to add Germany yesterday when I commented on where all out FB friends live, that are on our journey with us. Did I forget any other c ountry?).

November 14th, 2016 Day 22: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Oh la la! I am beyond excited for Eric. I just hung up from one of our daily conversations and I am ecstatic to report he was the happiest, most grounded, most excited I have heard in a long long time. He is filled, as the French say, with a new “joie de vivre”! First, he’s transitioning well from the poison of the agent orange, to the healing power of the liquid gold! Today, he spent 6 hours in the IV room with a gold concoction made from one of the most powerful healing plants in the world. Yes, it’s anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-inflammation… it’s the wonderful turmeric, or specifically curcumin. Ironically, I found out tonight that there’s only a few brave souls that are willing to offer the liquid gold IV’s in the US. I will be researching thoroughly to see whether we can get something working here in Washington upon Eric’s return. I know that my ND offers high-dosage Vitamin C, so we have that covered, now let’s see if she can get the good gold stuff. Second, he’s happened upon his new life purpose. It’s been coming in for a few weeks in bits and flashes, and tonight, Eric seemed to be in his knowing, and is very excited to call in more details for his next gig. It’s going to be around people healing naturally and technology. I won’t give too much away yet, but Eric is a deep thinker and he’s quite enjoying his solitude at Sanoviv, so he can intuit how his new ideas might come to fruition. Standby and watch this space! (By the way, the Doctor wants to increase his turmeric IV’s to 9 hours per day! I think that should give him plenty of time to think his new ideas into reality, don’t you think?). Did I mention that Bella and I went to an Intuitive on the weekend? It was a spontaneous event, as we were just driving away from eating out for breakfast, and spied that it was open across the road. I was excited about what the lady told me about my husband, best friend, lover, mentor, life coach, business partner. She saw him as a rare being, brilliant and as old as time. One of the first three cards she pulled, was the death card, which made me catch my breath for a second. However, it actually has a different meaning than one might think. This card, amongst other things, indicates intense change and new beginnings. It signifies a time of deep transformation, likely to be both inner and outwardly in life. Situations and scenarios will probably never be quite the same as they once were. She saw that Eric’s time is not up yet, (it’s also not really appropriate for intuitives to comment on the time of death they may or may not “see”), that he’s not done doing what he came here to do. He has a very powerful

mission and is just now opening up to that. This will be his legacy. It seems to me that this was a pretty accurate reading. As I’ve said before, almost no one knows when anyone’s time is up, but if Eric has any control, he is definitely not done yet. This ties in so beautifully with our conversation tonight. Eric likes the idea that his “guardian” theme has come up again, and he is beyond excited to move through his healing phase and get on with his life and living, and help others with their health and finding a path to life! He had a great conversation with the Doc today too. Interestingly enough, the Doctor has been listening deeply to Eric explaining what was going on with his body and pain. He picked up a comment Eric made that the pain in his knees only worsens as he relaxes at night and tries to sleep. So, he went away and spoke to a number of his colleagues. Together, they have come up with a new theory that one of the side effects of the chemo treatments that Eric is experiencing, is that one specific hormone has turned itself on. Rather than turning itself off when it is supposed to, it is staying awake and impacting the nerves in his knees at rest. So, they are planning to work with him homeopathically to see whether they can calm down the nerves at night, so that Eric can get a good sleep without having to take too many numbing and unhealthy pain meds. You know what I love so much about the daily conversations Eric has been having with his Doctor? Instead of rushing to prescribe drugs for Eric and to get him out of his office, so that he can see more patients, the Doctor stops and takes the time to listen and to treat the “whole” person. He had a thought, an idea about what might be causing Eric’s nerve issue, so he took the time to speak to his colleagues. If they’re right, and this particular hormone is the culprit, then it can likely be treated with homeopathic remedies. Eric doesn’t need more drugs, especially unnecessary ones. As our friend Hilda in the UK said on one of her recent FB comments, “I think he’s going to make it!”. We think so too Hilda! Thank you all yet again for your comments, as these inspire me to keep writing and when I get the chance, Eric enjoys when I read out your comments, (kind of like bed-time stories!).

November 15th, 2016 Day 23: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: A day in the life of Eric… a hyperbaric oxygen chamber session, regional hyperthermia, a body code session, a Psychology session, a 2 hour IV treatment, and two “quiet room” sessions. The first of the latter sessions was all about lymph drainage, and took place in his room. The second was a done in the “quiet room”, with a large two prong fork with little balls on the end. The practitioner ran the “fork” up and down Eric’s back and he could feel electrical impulses, (I would happily share the purpose of this one, but he doesn’t recall!). By 7:30pm tonight, Eric was already in pain and in bed. He has agreed with the Doctor to give him, and the homeopathic medicine two more days, before he gives in to Oxycodone. I guess that even having confidence in the knowledge that he’s going to survive, and getting in touch with a new life purpose, didn’t equate to his nerve pain dissolving. It’s great to be positive, and being in your knowing, but it doesn’t necessarily make the pain go away. You know, something doesn’t jive with the medical system in the western world. Don’t you wonder why all our beautiful people going through the cancer journey, are automatically given liquid poison, and/or radiation, and/ or surgery. Now, my lovely husband has experienced all three, and it almost killed him. Being given a death sentence from his Oncologist, was what it took to open him up to seeing that another path is possible. The path of alternative/advanced therapies, where food, oxygen, botanicals, emotional clearing of the blocks within, and getting your head in line with your heart, is what tips the balance towards life. Simply said, choosing love and life, over fear. I feel so sad that my husband had to go through 10 months of sheer and utter nightmarish treatments, only to find out that there are cures for cancer already out there and readily available, and that there has been all along. Any one of us now has access to, “The Truth About Cancer” online docu-series and book. We can read for ourselves that any/all MD’s are literally breaking the law in the USA, if they treat with anything other than pharmaceuticals. We can choose to learn about how many doctors treating with special diets, good nutrition, the little energy machines mentioned in previous posts, botanicals, and such, are persecuted, ridiculed, run out of the country, and worse. We can read about the big pharma companies, and how they know all about the healing power of the botanicals, because they have to study them in order to copy them, and patent them. I almost cried when Eric shared that he read that chemo can, and often does, mutate the cells so that they cre-

ate not only more cancerous cells, but parent stem cells. So, after having chemo several times, like he has, he’s probably got parent stem cells running rampant in his body. The only way I can hold back my inner activist, is to be in gratitude that there is so much material available now online. Go to “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” website, or purchase the book. Bing or Google “Monsanto” and read up all about GMO’s, Round-up and the demise of our beautiful bee populations worldwide. I don’t believe this is all “doom and gloom”, but rather, “knowledge is power”. I know this isn’t necessarily the sort of post you were hoping for today, but it is what it is. This is what we talked about today, and I am so glad that Eric is willing to face some of the hard truths. It’s easy to assume that “they” couldn’t possibly be suppressing life-saving information, and that “they” surely would “only” give us the best of the medical advancements available to mankind today. Alas, that does not appear to be the case, and it’s up to each of us to do our own research, take care of our own bodies, be our own advocate and save our own lives… or not, as the case may be! Love and blessings and power and knowledge to you all… Phillipa xxxxx

November 16th, 2016 Day 24: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Eric’s pain level is still pretty intense. He had a rough night last night and nerve pain well into the day today. How awesome would it be if I had a magic wand to wave away all of his pain, so that we can get on with our new life’s mission! However, there’s a process that his body is going through, a major detox and a long, slow correction of the harm done over the last 10 months, (and perhaps over the previous 55 years too). There are some signs that he is heading in the right direction though. He had a microscopic live blood analysis upon arrival 25 days ago. This is where a small amount of his blood was taken and applied to a slide for observation. When you looked at Eric’s red blood cells close up, they were all clumped, stuck together, and each cell was kind of misshapen. Additionally, you could see a ring of heavy metals around the edge of each cell. The technician ran the test again today, and displayed the image on a large monitor. Eric was pretty shocked at how the cells have changed in shape and pattern in a little over 3 weeks. You could see that the individual cells were rounder, more free flowing and the ring of heavy metals was reduced. (I asked him to take a photo of the before and after, but apparently you’re not allowed to take pics in this session. Bummer, as it’s really interesting stuff). I’ve started researching how we can duplicate some of the treatments Eric is receiving at Sanoviv, here locally in the Greater Seattle area. So far, I have a ND that can accommodate the high dose Vitamin C, the regional hyperthermia, the colon hydrotherapy and the lymph drainage & massage. Today, I asked them to research obtaining the Curcumin IV, as I understand that the one person that was offering this in Washington, is suddenly no longer offering it, (read into that what you will!). I have another ND I see for acupuncture, and he tells me that if we can’t get the Curcumin IV’s figured out, that there may be another option to continue receiving the healing benefits, but without an IV. He recommended Liposomal Curcumin. You see, the major disadvantage associated with Curcumin, a potent anticancer agent, is its "poor aqueous solubility and hence low systemic bioavailability". Apparently, "Curcumin can be encapsulated into liposomes to improve systemic bioavailability". I just researched where the closest hyperbaric chamber was, and voila – there is one about 25-30 minutes away from where we live, and 5 minutes from the Microsoft campus when Eric goes back to work!

This is very exciting, as it takes some energy and effort to schedule appointments and get transportation to them all. Note that the first ND I mentioned above, is literally 10 minutes away from our home in Kirkland, (and they also have an organic, gluten and dairy free café open Mon-Fri, in addition to a dispensary for all sorts of natural healing remedies offered by the ND and other healing practitioners at the holistic medical center). So, in other words, all is not lost. We have options here in the US, and they are very close by, albeit less cost-effective and potentially not covered by our insurance. Once I know when Eric will return from his 5-star healing institute, we can replicate a bunch of his treatments here and keep the progress going. I met up with a wonderful girlfriend today for a catch up and chat, and she has given me the okay to chat about her story, (just with no name associated). She was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic cancer about 4 years ago, and was given a 4% chance of survival. There were many things she did, but one of them was buy herself some litmus test paper from the local pharmacy. She tested herself every day, and controlled her diet, so that she was between 7-7.5 on the acidic/alkaline scale. The idea was to starve the cancer, by developing and maintaining an alkaline environment in her body, something the cancer cannot survive in. That part of her story had a great outcome, because here she is 4 years later, and the world is a better place with her in it, the beautiful and creative being that she is! Now, here’s where the story starts getting a little crazy. Not long ago, she started getting some weird symptoms. She was nauseous, tired, thirsty and worse. She called the doctor and gave them her symptoms and they told her that they couldn’t get her in to see the doctor for another 3 weeks. So, she waits for 3 weeks, and whereas a normal blood sugar is around 90, hers was in the 400’s by the time she got there. The doctor proceeded to give her a diabetes monitor and some medication and sent her home. However, because the doctor didn’t take the time to really delve into her complete medical history, the medication she prescribed, including the insulin, had terrible side effects. My friend tried telling the doctor what she was experiencing and the doctor didn’t believe her. So, now she’s stuck between a rock and hard place, as her insurance doesn’t cover Naturopathic doctors, and her MD doesn’t believe she knows her body better than her. In my perfect world, there would be these wonderful clinics, like Sanoviv in Mexico, everywhere.

Imagine if they were cost-effective and everything was paid for by our insurance, or taxes. Imagine a world where the doctors listen and learn all about us holistically, and not just prescribe drugs for our surface symptoms. I know it’s sounds impossible, at least in the US, but imagine if the doctors recommended healthy food and were knowledgeable about nutrition. What a concept! By the way, I was helping an awesome friend out the other day, and took her to her doctor’s appointment. A lovely young, smart surgeon. I was very impressed with him, at least right up until he recommended she go drink some Diet Coke after he was done! What? I had to really hold myself back. My friend looked at me, saw my face turn red, and my jaw drop. However, I assessed that in the next 5 minutes, I wasn’t going to be able to re-train someone that is already way down the no-knowledge-about-good-nutrition rabbit hole, so I let it slip, for now. Seriously, if he wanted my friend to get some relief from her nerve pain via caffeine, how about recommending Ginseng or Green tea? Hello? I’ll finish up the today’s account with one fun thing that happened to Eric yesterday. He had his first facial - ever! How fun is that? The practitioner said that he had pretty good skin, and couldn’t believe that he doesn’t use moisturizer. (Yep, it’s true, he doesn’t. I did try, but no luck). She only had to “dig in” around his nose, and I guess that’s pretty good after 55 years of no facials, right? Thank you for following along with our story, and Eric’s medical journey as it takes it’s twists and turns, and he has his good bad and not so good days. It’s HUGE having you all along for the ride. I love love love your comments! They help sustain me, and Eric, as I read them to him! Many blessings and love to you all, Phillipa PS. The photos today are from Sanoviv. They are some of the fun statues they have around the property. I so appreciate the energy of “lightness” in the ones around the therapeutic pools, especially the monk on the swing between the two trees! Of course, the mermaid statue is pretty awesome too, (as I ran and walked around the track, she played the guardian role, it seemed!).

November 17th, 2016 Day 25: Eric’s Mexican Journey: I had a thought today. If Eric and I had believed the Oncologist, a little over three weeks ago, he’d only have 35 days left. That’s pretty crazy, huh? I am beyond excited that we heard about this healing institute in Mexico, all 5 starts of it. I love and appreciate the gentleman that was gutsy enough to start a clinic of this caliber and purpose 16 years ago, and to keep fighting for it since. I so appreciate the healing energy lay lines running right through the property, the stunning location on the cliff, the phenomenal and authentic staff, the organic gardens, the education programs and such. But, it’s the hope that it gives our loved ones that is soextraordinary. Thank you Sanoviv! Back to a day in the life of my guy. Eric had a reasonable night’s sleep. Isn’t it amazing how we can take it so much for granted to have a good sleep? I’m so excited when he gets one, as his pain level has been so intense, sleep has been a little far out of reach most nights. The nurse that was setting him up with his several hours of IV treatments later in the morning, noticed he was looking a little grey, so together they agreed that he shouldn’t do his hyperbaric treatment. Instead, as his liquid gold was dripping slowly into his port, and melting away his tumors, he had two hours of incredibly, beautiful and blissful sleep. Yay for him, that must feel so good! He had an MRI today on his lower back and knees, to be sure that the docs hadn’t missed anything else that might be the source of Eric’s pain. There was a slightly bulged disc in his back, which might explain some of the pain he has been experiencing, but his knees looked pretty clear. He didn’t get the full report from the doctor, and is looking forward to getting that tomorrow. Here’s the highlight of his day though – he got a have a steak! After three weeks of organic salads, cooked & raw vegetables, a little chicken and fish and weekly bison, it was a real treat to have a steak. However, it was only for him, so he had to secret his lunch away in his room, so as not to start a rush on the kitchen, (grin). It’s good to enjoy the little pleasures, right? Try it out okay? Thank you once again for journeying with us. It feels so good not to be alone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Many blessings to you all, and good night, good day, and good morning, wherever you are in the world, Love, Phillipa xxx

Speaking of liquid gold, there’s another way to get this magical stuff into your body, and that’s by drinking it in a nut milk form. Sanoviv hands out these information sheets and recipes. So, I thought I’d share that the recipe for Golden Milk today. Try it out, it’s very healthy for you, and here’s why: Golden Milk: Golden milk is an Ayurvedic healing tea. The main ingredient is turmeric, a yellow spice commonly used in foods such as curries, and the active ingredient is curcumin. It is antioxidant, Anti-oxidant, Anti-cancer and Anti-tumor and Anti-inflammatory. Studies at the University of Texas suggest it is useful suggest it is useful in preventing cancers and as a treatment against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and arthritis. There is a tradition in Ayurvedic medicine of using turmeric as a health treatment for inflammation, purifying the blood, lubricating the joints, and supporting female organs. Golden Milk: • ¼ cup of water • 1/8 teaspoon turmeric • 1 cup almond or other nut milk • 1-2 tablespoons of almond oil (optional) • Pinch of cardamom and cinnamon • Raw honey to taste Boil water and turmeric in small saucepan over medium-high heat for 8 minutes (the turmeric must be fully cooked). Meanwhile, bring the nut or rice milk to boiling point in a separate pan and remove from heat. As an option, can you add some almond oil, some ground cardamom and honey. Combine the two mixtures. The oil provides lubrication and energy to the system, while turmeric makes the bones and joints more flexible and provides anti-inflammatory support. Cardamom is effective for improving digestion, relieving stomach cramps and gas. It helps with cleansing the body as it has detoxifying properties, and enhances appetite and provides relief from acidity in the stomach, and to cure halitosis. It’s also beneficial for those suffering from respiratory allergies, gives mental strength and relieves tension.

November 18th, 2016 Day 26: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: As I was driving home tonight, I tuned into a radio station that happened to be playing Christmas songs. On one hand, I thought it was a little early to be listening to Christmas carols, (after all, it’s November 18th today!). On the other, is there ever a time when it’s not awesome to listen to a little Christmas? I was thinking about how I had received a text from Eric early in the morning, letting me know that he had yet another night of intense pain. He shared that he was going to ask for a different room, one with a normal queen size bed, rather than the hospital bed that he as been sleeping in for the last 26 days. I was feeling a bit bad that I had been on the run all day, and had not managed to call and talk to him. Selfishly, I wondered what I was going to write about tonight, if I didn’t have a few prompts from him. Needless to say, as soon as I arrived home, I heard my cell phone vibrate and it was the man himself, the celebrity of my daily musings of life after a terminal prognosis. Now, some of our conversations have been tough for him in the last couple weeks, as he has been in so much pain. When he feels pain, I feel for him so strongly, that it is hard for me too. However, the doctor finally agreed to give him Oxycodone today, and that has definitely taken the edge off. So, even though I was hoping the homeopathic treatments were going to work, apparently nerve damage from the liquid poison can be real, and not always reduced by natural offerings, at least at this stage of the game. Tonight, we had a lovely long conversation and I was excited to hear so much enthusiasm from Eric. In fact, he had so much to share, I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise <grin>. I chuckled at the thought though, as I would absolutely prefer that Eric be talking with such animation, than lifelessness… no question! He was talking about his vision for helping the world around natural health, technology and data. He said he wants to go and visit with Ty Bollinger and have some conversations with regarding his new mission. Of course, I said he can only go see Ty if he takes me too. As some of you know, he is my hero for being the catalyst for creating, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” docu-series and book. It truly takes an inordinate amount of courage to stand up to the establishment with information, research and truths they don’t want any of us to hear. Yay for Ty! We talked about the fact that Eric has been deathly afraid of public speaking since I met him 7 ½ years ago.

So many things have changed for him in the last few weeks. Tonight, he admitted that he is feeling excitement around “having something to say” - finally! He knows that this will help him speak publically, by just simply “telling his story”. Ironically, I shared that was one of the reasons I haven’t been able to write much at all in previous years, or truth be told, ever. I was also feeling as I didn’t have “enough to say”. As you can probably tell, now I am so passionate about health, advanced/alternative healing, good food, and honesty around all of the above, I literally cannot shut up! The words are pouring out of me, like never before… the floodgates have opened! Watch this space. I have been blessed enough to have met up with several girlfriends this past week. I am so inspired by their feedback, with regards to my writing. One girlfriend only goes on FB to read my updates, as she typically finds FB to be too much of a distraction. Another can’t wait to wake up to my updates, as she is now pretty fascinated with our story and is enjoying following along. Yet another loved the recipe for golden milk and has been meaning to make that for years. Another is learning so much about healthy living, that she has already made changes in her life. Thank you ladies, and I am in return, inspired by you! Eric is tinkled pick to be the central character in my daily musings. Although it’s a kind of life and death scenario, he is so proud of me for allowing my writing to take shape, and is already imagining a successful book, (or two) coming to fruition. He so makes me chuckle though, in true “Eric form”, he sent me an email today with links he’s set up to a couple OneDrive locations, so that we can share information and pictures back and forth in the cloud. I mean, seriously, who is so organized that they set up a couple OneDrive locations, on the same day they have a conversation with the Psychologist about whether he was ready to die! Of course, that’s not to say that he is going to die. It’s more of a philosophical question, and one that we could probably all spend a little time pondering. I was very curious as to what his response was, when the Psychologist asked him that question. Eric told him he has lived a really full life, and that he has done a lot of the things he wanted to do. He shared that he knows I will be fine, and that although I shall really miss him, and our heart connection, that I will get over the pain and move on to live a full healthy life. He shared that the two people he feels like he has unfinished business with, are his two beautiful daughters. He loves to be a Dad and coach in their lives, and he really wants to be there for their big milestones, and coach them through the tougher moments in life we all face. He wants to walk them down the aisle, or barefoot along the beach, (depending on the location of their wedding!). This makes me tear-up, as I imagine what that would be like, not having him there.

Death is such a taboo subject in our culture. So many of us don’t like to talk about it, imagine it, and especially not dwell on it. Well, we have had the opportunity to feel into what it would be like to lose Eric – a Dad, Granddad, friend, best friend, coach, and husband/lover for me. I felt into losing the attachment to a certain outcome, and holding on to that as the only valid and acceptable outcome…. in this case, life. As the old adage goes, “where there is attachment, there is pain”. I’m not saying that I “got it down”, and that if something had happened, I would be hunk dory, but more that it wouldn’t be such a shock, knowing what was in each other’s heart and mind all the way to the end. I’m going to finish up with a piece posted online by a lady, Idillionaire, “Do you ever just stop and wonder what everything is? Most of the time we get so stuck in our cycles and patterns, that we forget how magical life is. We become so identified and consumed with negativity that we forget how powerful we are and how insignificant the problems we think we’re facing are. How can you not believe in miracles? You’re a part of this beautiful space free to be, create and expand. Nature shows no limitations, so why limit yourself? Literally every moment, every choice, everything is 100% up to how we think, how we feel, and how we see everything happening in our lives”. Goodnight, good afternoon and good morning everyone, Love and blessings, Phillipa xxxx

Shannon, the birthday girl and Kellie. Not a bad place for a birthday, and after being misdiagnosed for 7 years in a row, she is hopeful of many more!

This is one of the first selfies Eric has ever taken. He's so cute! He is also receiving the liquid gold IV - curcumin!

November 19th, 2016 Day 27: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: “Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbirds delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation”, (a quote from the Papyrus brand of gorgeous greeting cards). I love hummingbirds, and I love this quote. “Floating free of time” is what Eric has been working on recently… staying present in the moment. This is still a relatively new concept for him, as he is a great analyzer of the past, and being a natural strategist, is clever at thinking way out into the future. He had a “Quiet Room” session today. They had him propped up with pillows for comfort, and placed two electrical plates on his ribs, to stimulate and send healing & clearing impulses into his spleen and pancreas. Eric can’t explain it, but he always loves his experiences in the “Quiet Room” and comes away feeling ultra relaxed and happy. The guests staying at Sanoviv right now seem to love and enjoy Eric. This is not too surprising, as he enjoys hearing people’s stories, and I think that they appreciate heard. They cheer when he walks into the room with his walker, as opposed to cruising in with his wheelchair. They are telling him that the whites of his eyes are so sharp and bright now, compared to a couple weeks ago. This is very exciting, and my guess is that it’s because the detox process is well underway. In fact, I researched what makes the whites of the eyes whiter, and it looks like fruits and vegetables - carrots, red foods and dark leafy greens, apricots, mangoes, papayas, oranges, lemons, and pumpkins are rich in the vitamins and antioxidants needed for bright, healthy eyes. Cutting out alcohol, highly caffeinated beverages, and refined sugars detoxifies the liver, also helping to keep the eyes white. Eric has been off his 2-3 daily cups of coffee, and occasional alcohol, now for 4 weeks, and has been eating all of the above foods, with the exclusion of fruit, which they really don’t offer at Sanoviv, with the exception of the odd strawberry and blueberries. [Note that some “cancer” diets, e.g. the Gerson diet, (which has been known to heal a ton of different diseases and ailments), does recommend a lot of fruit. So, this is not to say that Sanoviv is the only way to eat, rather they have made the decision to really cut down on the sugars, and focus on low sugar/organic paleo, as their mainstay diet]. I know that some of you are sad that we are apart, but here’s the deal. We’re talking every day, we are connect-

ed on other levels, AND Eric does enjoy his alone time. He has been reading inspirational books and “The truth About Cancer” book. He is starting to “get” some of the topics I have been trying to talk to him about for several years, but now he is learning about these things, and is sharing them with me. I am very happy about this, and smile in my heart as he is getting almost as passionate as I, about health and healing. What a turnaround, and I am loving it! Case in point, he recently shared with me that he now knows how bad Mammograms can be for women, and that by the time they detect lumps in the breast, they’re already big enough to be a real issue, in most cases. That oftentimes, mammograms completely miss masses altogether, (and we know three wonderful ladies that had had mammograms with no indication of the deadly masses that were actually present at the time). There are so many other tests out there that can catch the very earliest stages of breast cancer. An example he shared, is that some scientists noticed that certain enzymes were present in specific cancers, and so they started wondering how early they could detect the change in enzymes. Rather than requiring a lump to be billions of cells before it is detected in a mammogram, this type of test can detect cancerous cells when the lump is the size of a pinhead. But these tests are free, and funnily enough, not approved by the FDA, (huh?). Additionally, the radiation from mammograms is also dangerously high, something that most women are not aware of. I have personally stopped getting mammograms and have been replacing them with thermographs, a test where a practitioner takes photos of your body in a very cold environment. Red hot areas, e.g. cancer and other inflammation, will show up as hot areas in the body. (Please note that as I am not a doctor of any sort, I am not recommending anyone stop getting mammograms, but I am recommending doing your own research, and making a decision that makes sense for you, not what makes no sense for the masses). Eric cracks me up sometimes. Last night, he couldn’t sleep right away, so in the wee hours of the morning, he heads down to the pool area. He gets into the hot tub, the medium temp pool, and then into the plunge pool. He slips into the water, loses his footing, lands on his sore hip and shouts out the forbidden four letter word. I’m not laughing at him for hurting himself, but at the fact that everyone else is sound asleep in the nine floors of the healing institute, and Eric is cruising around in his wheelchair, and helping himself to the pool area. My husband does like to push the edge of the envelope. If he could, he would be figuring out a way to generate waves in the pool for wake surfing. In fact, I’m surprised he hasn’t already started thinking on that!

One of my girlfriends to me: “I am surprised at your writing. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am surprised that you are that good”. Anyway, this appeals to my sense of humor. Truly, it’s not blowing my own horn, as I know that I am enjoying a whole new gift that has opened up for me since Eric was given two months to live and has been flourishing at Sanoviv. I am kind of fascinated to see where this will lead, and excited about the possibilities for both Eric and I, and our new found passions and life purpose. So, watch this space everyone, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s see where this ride takes us! Thank you once for reading my posts… for caring what happens to Eric….for your kind and inspirational comments….for your prayers and healing energy. I/we are very grateful indeed for you all! Love, love and more love! Phillipa xxxx

November 20th, 2016 Day 28: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: “Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought me TO MY FEET”, Michael Douglas, Oscar Winning Actor. In Eric’s case, it wasn’t so much the cancer diagnosis that had the biggest impact on him, because he had a strong belief that his Oncologist was going to bring him through it, not exactly unscathed, but at least alive, and hopefully in remission. In fact, it was the “I’m-sorry-but-you’ve-only-got-two-months-to-live” prognosis, that was enough to figuratively bring Eric to his feet. We had the conversation with his Oncologist on a rather unforgettable Thursday afternoon, (October 20th 2016). The following day, we were in contact with Sanoviv in Mexico. Saturday, we booked our flights, packed one carry-on between us, made arrangements for our daughter Bella. Early on Sunday morning, we were flying out of Seattle’s international airport, winging our way to Mexico. It’s too bad we had to literally leave the country to save Eric’s life. I wonder how long it will take for all of us to say, “ENOUGH”….to say, we want to be able to heal ourselves with whatever combination of traditional and alternative/advanced therapies make the most sense, and are available to us, in our home town, (or at least country). How long will it take before we say NO… that the status quo isn’t good enough? How long will it take before our Oncologists are not threatened by the loss of their license, if they merely suggest high dose Vitamin C, or oxygen therapy and such, over the standard protocol of chemo, radiation and surgery. How long will it take for our Naturopathic Doctors to stop being threatened at gunpoint in the middle of the night, their facilities raided and burned to the ground, if they offer a cancer-killing virus, or a winning combination of treatments that are in fact, ALREADY healing cancer, (albeit not FDA-approved)!? As I explained to a girlfriend in the dog park yesterday, it’s not that I am against chemo, radiation and surgery. Eric has, in fact, had all three, and they do have their place in a percentage of cases, and under certain circumstances. My vision is to have full access to the complete bag of healing tricks, (including the traditional trio). I would like to have a pathway to the bank of knowledge and information available from people and places all over the world, that have ALREADY had success in treating and healing cancer. There are stories of people from every walk of life, from every country on the planet, and with every type of cancer, that have already healed themselves, and/or others, and with or without any of the standard traditional protocols, or a combination of the both. Many such stories exist, and have already been told in countless books and in, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” docu-series and book.

Imagine going to see your Doctor, and let’s say there is a cancer diagnosis. Rather than going immediately into fear and being encouraged to start chemo the next day or week, imagine if they said, “OK, let’s take some time to figure out exactly what’s going on in your mind, body and spirit, and come up with a tailormade solution, just for you. We’re going to do everything we can to HEAL you, and get you back to full and complete health, as soon as possible!”. What a concept! Just as they do at Sanoviv, let’s imagine that your Doctor then says, “Let’s spend the next three days combing through your history, identifying as many emotional blocks that we can and transmute them right away, chatting with our Psychologist, having a full dental check, getting a complete blood/urine/stool analysis, running through a batch of energy checks with our diagnostic tools on 2000 of your body’s systems, dressing you in organic clothing, eating a detox diet of only non-GMO, organic dairy-free, gluten-free and paleo food, drinking only reverse-osmosis water, golden milk, keto smoothies, wheatgrass shots and green juices!”. Imagine that! I love it! Believe me, I have a very vivid imagination, and I can totally see this happening in our lifetime. My question is – why can’t we start healing the WHOLE person tomorrow, with the COMPLETE bag of tricks, or next year or in a few years. What will it take for us all to collectively say, “ENOUGH – there are already cancer-healing treatments out there – let’s start educating and allowing people their own choice(s), and having full access to EVERY healing trick in the bag”! So, rather than Eric being a multi-million dollar cancer event to his insurance company, (from January-November 2016), including: • 8 one-week long continuous intravenous chemo events in hospital • several smaller chemo shots directly into his spine o one of which almost took out his kidneys, (their response being, “don’t worry, the damaged part of the kidney will regenerate”)! • 2 biopsies • 2 surgeries, one being the: o removal of his T8 vertebrae and the replacing it with a titanium cage - $750,000 retail o insertion of a metal rod and screws in his hip - $100,000 retail • 20-30 different drugs per day, including: o Pain-killing o Stool-softening o Nausea-stopping

 …and I don’t know…how does one even keep track of the functions and the dozens of side effects of each • free-reign to drink and eat whatever he wanted, o including his doctor recommending ANYTHING that had a lot of calories as, “they had put him through so much already”  this included milkshakes, cookies, cakes – with no restrictions Now, imagine receiving some/all the following at literally 20% of the US cost: • Hyperbaric oxygen treatments • Regional hyperthermia • Whole body hyperthermia • Cryogenics • Ozone treatments • Microscopic blood analysis • Stool analysis • Urine analysis • Full blood work up and analysis • High-dose Vitamin C IV drips • Anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory IV drips • 6-9 hours at a time of Curcumin IV drip • Emotional healing, via the Body Code program • Release of issues, and exploring options, via the Psychologist • Dental treatments, (albeit an extra charge) • Daily “Quiet Room” treatments o with machines that can access a total of 4,400 programs • Meditation techniques and classes • Sound healing meditations • Daily yoga and exercise classes • Full 24 hour per day access to infra-red saunas • One spa treatment per day o Massage o Reflexology o Facials o Pedicure

o Manicure • Regular colon hydro-therapy treatments • Thermography • Physio-therapy • Daily supplements o 20-30, but vitamins, minerals and botanicals • Classes on: o Digestion o Meditation o GMO’s o Cooking I’ll leave it to you to do that mathematics on the above two options. I’m frankly surprised that both the general populace AND the insurance companies haven’t gotten together and said, “enough”!! Now I want to segue into something wonderful that happened today. Erin, a girlfriend, PM’ed me a couple days ago and asked me to click on a link. Well, I got busy, and didn’t do it. She reminded me today, and I was in the middle of something or rather. Then, our mutual girlfriend, Karla, texts me, and I quote, “Oh my gosh…have you seen the book that Erin made for you? It is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. You have to open it up right now. I’m bawling!!! It’s amazing”. So, I quickly jump on my phone and check out the link, and my text response back, “OMG! I’m sitting at PCC in Kirkland between real estate clients and started looking at the e-book. I’m a mess after 3-4 pages!! Oh la la! I’ve got clients at 3:30pm, so I have to hold myself together. However, as soon as I get home, I’ll allow myself to fall apart! Thank you! I don’t know what to say!”. Erin complied all my pictures and daily musings into a book! What fun! I have given the OK for Erin to change the setting to public, so I’ll send out the link in tomorrow’s post, in case you missed any of the day’s musings and you’d like to catch up. To be honest, darling Erin, I only had to look at the first picture of my little Hummingbird friend in the Hibiscus hedge, and I started losing it….yep, in the health food store, PCC Houghton, Kirkland! That can definitely happen to me when something or someone reaches my heart. I can be stoic, and just get on with my day, but it’s a good and wonderful thing to heart-feel, and I welcome the emotion that results. Thank you again Erin – you are truly a wonderful and beautiful human being.

I have to apologize everyone, I haven’t been able to reach Eric tonight to obtain a full day’s update. We did speak earlier in the day though, and he shared with me that although he didn’t get to sleep until 2am, he did sleep in until 9am. The nurses from the IV station had to come looking for their “Eric”. How, I do believe that the 7 hours of sleep was very much welcomed. Sundays are the main day of rest for the staff at the medical institute, Eric’s current second home, so I am guessing he’s probably busy having a wonderful conversation with some of the other guests. I shall compile both days into one tomorrow, so standby on that. In the interim, I shall leave you with a quote from a friend in Hawaii, “Phillipa, your writing is so powerfully alive and real. It is delicious. Thank you for sharing your heart, your vulnerability, your growing edge. You are both an inspiration!”. Thank YOU Joyce, I am inspired by your feedback. Many blessings back to you… and to all my FB friends that are on the journey with us! Thank you! Mahalo! Danke! Merci beaucoup! (Maybe you can help with some more “thank yous” in other languages?). Many blessings and much gratitude, Phillipa

This is the book everyone ought to read. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Truth About Cancerâ&#x20AC;? by Ty Bollinger. Be ready for a diagnosis for a friend, family member, husband/wife, child... Remember, knowledge is power!

November 21st, 2016 Day 29: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Eric has found his medium. He shared with me that he spent 6 hours yesterday in the hot pool, then the warm pool, and back again! As he said, (quote), “Rinse and repeat, for three hours before Sunday dinner, and three hours afterwards”. He was excited, as there were a lot of new people that had just arrived, (the weekends have the largest turnover at Sanoviv), and he was eager to connect, share ideas and network with other people on the health and healing journey. The medical institute is almost at capacity, and they can take 50 guests, and their companions, max. Today, Eric had these treatments: - 6 hours of curcumin IV drips (2 bags) - Chiro 30 minutes - Body code 30 minutes. The body code lady focused on his back pain and the source of it. It looks like Eric inherited it from his grandfather on his father’s side. Allegedly, he had chronic back pain due to some sort of injury. She helped him clear that out of his back. Although it might be too early to tell, but he has been back pain free for the remainder of the day, so far so good! - An ultra sound treatment on a ¼” lump that he found above his knee. At first the doc thought it was a fatty sack that had hardened, but as the weekend wore on, Eric noticed it was getting a little painful when pressed. They have decided to cut it out and send it off to the path lab, just in case, and for further testing and analysis. The on-call MD on the weekend, (not Eric’s main Doctor), admitted to him that when Eric first came in, she questioned whether there was going to be anything they could do, and whether he should even be there. Oh la la! This was shocking to hear it put this clearly. Yes, Eric was not in great shape when we arrived at Sanoviv, and you have all witnessed how we has improved daily, but I didn’t really allow myself to really believe he was that close to not making it! OK, say the Oncologist in Seattle gave him two months, but I never really believed her. It seems almost harder to hear it from those that are dedicated to healing the whole body, through whatever means are possible. I had to go to Eric’s Oncologist office in Seattle today to pick something up. Wow, what a difference in the energy of the place. I felt a little sick to my stomach. Once again, it’s not that I am

against the traditional treatments, it’s more that I am holding the space for the doctors to wake up to the joys of actually helping people heal fully and completely, with the right mix of traditional and alternative/advanced treatments. It has to be heartbreaking for them, to see patient after patient succumb to the ravages of the disease. I know that they get paid a commission for prescribing chemo, but that cannot be at all fulfilling. I am guessing that many of them got into the field to heal people, and what a disappointment it must be on some level to be in a position to fail your clients time and time again, watching them fade slowly away in pain and fear. I watched the patients sitting around without their hair and their dignity, with their wigs and scarves and on the track to nowhere fast. I saw them lining up for labs just to make sure that they are still alive, and that no one organ is in, or close to, failure. I saw the hope in their eyes, but the fear that their time is waning. I wanted to grab them all up in my arms and march them right out of there… to somewhere far away, where miracles with health and healing happen every day, all day! Hold on people, I’m on a mission! As I was driving away from the cancer clinic, I got a call from a lady that works with a girlfriend that has been following along with my daily FB musings. This lady heard from my friend, that there might be some alternative options for her father and her brother-in-law, both of whom are on the cancer journey. One of them was given a year to live, and another was kind of stable and keeping it under control with a whole new diet. She listened to everything I had to share and took note of ideas that could work for her family. You see, she has been researching like crazy the last year, on behalf of her family members, but still didn’t really feel like she had found the right formula for either. One location she did come across, is a place in Oregon that offers treatments for people in need, and for donations only. The couple apparently lost their daughter to cancer, and they say that if they had had the right information at the time, they would have been able to bring her to full health. They offer the Rife machine, amongst other natural treatments. There’s definitely a few centers showing up around the place, that are managed and run by brave souls. Perhaps this couple can stay open as they are operating on a donation only basis? I’m excited, as I get to head back down to Mexico tomorrow afternoon. Yay! I’m beyond excited to see Eric, all the wonderful staff, and of course, my little Hummingbird friend in the Hibiscus hedge! I can’t wait to get into the Thalasso Therapeutic pools, the infrared sauna, jog around the track, do the awesome yoga, dance and meditation classes, and learn more about healthy cooking, food prep and the latest and greatest information on anything and everything healthy!

I’m going to do the 3 day assessment. I figure I may as well, whilst I’m there. If there’s anything brewing, I’d rather find out now, than later on the journey. My main areas for check-up are in and around the gut, breasts, thyroid and lungs. If there’s any services that are not included, I am going to pick and choose a la carte style. For sure I’m going to have a thermograph, (in lieu of a mammogram), colon hydro-therapy, massage, reflexology, the body code, (as many sessions as I can), and gentle chiro. I’m also going to see if they can do my two implants, where I had my two root canals removed about 4 months ago, (and just as well I did, as some of you know, one of my root canal teeth had a cyst attached to it). As promised, here’s the link to the little e-book our friend Erin put together from all my postings: http://issuu. com/finallysocial/…/journey_to_a_healthy_self/1 Enjoy! Thanks again Erin. That’s it for today folks. Thank you for being here with us. It helps inordinately to able to bounce things off you all, so that when people ask for help, I can articulate clearly. Mahalo! Love, love, love, Phillipa xxxx

November 22nd, 2016 Day 30: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: As I start to write today’s piece, I am at the SeaTac international airport, about to jump on a plane to San Diego. I’m heading down to see, with my own eyes, how well the team at Sanoviv are doing saving my husband’s life! Just in case you are only starting to tune in to my daily musings, Eric was given 2 months to live by his Oncologist one month ago. (By the way, I didn’t share with you yet, when I went to visit his Oncologist’s office yesterday to pick something up, I got the cold shoulder! It was as if they had the air about them, “how dare you not believe our prognosis”, and “how dare you take control of your own cancer care”! There was no, “Hey, how’s it going down there? How is he?”! Oooookay? Given we’re two days out from a major US holiday, (Thanksgiving), it wasn’t too bad going through security at the airport. As I had Eric’s wheelchair with me, they let me into a rather short line. They did, however, perform a very thorough search of the wheelchair. Apparently, there are many hiding places on a wheelchair for unsavory items… who knew? Eric had given me a list of items to bring from home, and as I was unable to locate any one of his several pairs of his sunglasses, I popped into the store to pick up a cheapy pair. I wanted to choose a card and fill it full of gratitudes for him, and guess what was on the cover? Yep, a beautiful be-jeweled hummingbird! I was also attracted to the cover of a book on my way over, so I picked it up to check it out. Lo and behold, there was a story of a little hummingbird! It had become trapped behind a window, and after repeatedly trying to get free, it collapsed to the ground. A construction worker witnessed the little hummingbird fall, and went over to pick it up and set it free. The worker noted that the little bird was so tiny, it didn’t make any impression on his skin and it just floated free up and away. I can’t wait to see my hummingbird friend tomorrow! Definitely in second place to my guy! Traveling to Sanoviv in Mexico has to be one of the easiest international trips ever, (speaking as a traveler that has had the joy of visiting almost 50 countries). As guests, we simply fly into San Diego, and one of several drivers comes to collect us. We get whisked away across the border, through the hospital lane, with no passports or stamps. We are driven through Tijuana, into the city of Rosarito and enter through the large cast iron gates into the medical institute within 45-60 minutes of being picked up from the airport. Pretty cool set up. I guess they’ve had plenty of time to get the routine down after 16 years!

Guest of all sorts can come to the clinic. You can come just for dental work, or for an all-over assessment, or all the way to a full on cancer care program. I’m going to do the assessment, and Eric spoke to the doctor about it today. We are going to do an a la carte deal, where I can pick and choose what tests I’d like. I love that there are so many tests that are non-invasive, but very informative for the big picture. I’m hoping they can do my Zirconium implants whilst I’m here. They do typically do titanium, but my ND strongly recommends Zirconium instead. It’s still a relatively new offering, but apparently much healthier for the body. Yay, I’m here! I made it safely and noticed a ton of new people here. I could see some were looking at me and wondering whether I was “Eric’s wife”. He’s a celebrity here too. What fun! I went up to the room to see Eric right away, and as I walked into the room, he was standing with a smile from ear to ear. Yes, standing! It struck me how much he has improved even in the two weeks since I last saw him. He has a whole new energy about him, a good color and I don’t know how else to say it, but the energy of a smile. Dinner was waiting for me… a delicious meal of Mahimahi, cooked vegetables, and pickled red cabbage. Yummy! I love the meals here. After a wee chat and catch up, we got into our swimsuits and went down to the spa pool for a dip. We met with two single ladies and a couple, and had some really good conversation around all sorts of alternative therapies, including some that are not offered here. One of the ladies was quite well versed in some clinics in the US offering alternative treatments. We’ve already exchanged phone numbers and email addresses – the connection has been made, the quest for good information continues. Knowledge is power. Speaking of which, “The Truth About Cancer” docu-series and book, that I have recommended everyone watch/ read, is doing a complete repeat of the ULS, (Ultimate Live Symposium) this coming Friday/Saturday and Sunday. This symposium was live about five weeks ago. This is the series of recorded sessions that Eric watched for 2 of the 3 full days, after having the door closed in his face by his Oncologist. He got up in the morning at 6am and kept watching pretty much every session for two full days! There is such incredible information. The purpose of the symposium was to educate the audience, and empower us to have the confidence to take charge of our own health. I’ll post the link on a separate note, once I locate it again. By the way, I read an email from Bella’s school. They are investigating the levels of lead in the water in the school supply. I didn’t even finish reading the note from the Principal, and my question is…why are we still using lead pipes? Then, I think why are we still poisoning our families and kids with fluoride in the water? It’s time everyone… it’s time to start standing up and taking charge of our own health.

In all my research, here is what seems to be leaping out: • More organic, less pesticides/GMO • More plants, less meat • More raw & fresh, less processed • More exercise, less sitting still • More water, less (or no!) sodas • More green tea, less coffee • More food from scratch, less fast and ready food • More implants, less root canals • More gluten and dairy free, less grain • More non-invasive tests, less standardized testing • More thermographs, less mammograms • More ND’s, less MD’s • More botanicals, less drugs • More stove/oven, less microwave • More emotional clearing, less holding on • More meditation, less stress • More forgiveness, less wishing for a better past • More reading or writing, less TV I’m sure more will come through, but this is a pretty good start as a roadmap to excellent health and healing. Time to go and cuddle with my Bebe now! More later, Good night, good day and good morning! Love, live, love, Phillipa xxxxxx

November 23rd, 2016 Day 31: Eric’s Mexican Medical Journey: It was exactly one year ago tomorrow, that Eric first noticed a “niggle” in his back. We had 25 people over to our home for Thanksgiving dinner, and he felt some minor discomfort as he was carving the turkey. The discomfort turned to pain over the next month, and by mid-December, Eric could no longer work. It wasn’t until January 11th that he finally had an MRI and was diagnosed shortly thereafter with a pathologic fracture in his T8. This is a time of year for those of us living in the US of A, to give thanks. I can tell you, that although it’s been a bit of a wild ride, I am very thankful for all our friends and family that have held hands with us as we have been on the cancer journey. I am so grateful for the Doctor that started this clinic in Mexico 16 years ago, and has fought to keep it going all these years. My alarm went off at 6am and even though the sun wasn’t quite up, it was already bright outside. I slipped into my exercise gear and started heading towards the track for a power walk. On the way, I passed by “the” Hibiscus hedge and there she was…my cerise Hummingbird friend! She shot straight up, hovered just above the hedge and we had a moment! She dropped back down and sat on a branch, and we enjoyed a few minutes of each other’s company. Another little friend showed up, they did a dance and took off. What a start to the day! Whilst Eric remained asleep in bed, I went to squeeze some lemon juice into my water, on the way to the energy medicine session. This was followed by a guided meditation, the “inner smile meditation”. It was the second one I have done here at Sanoviv, and each person chooses what their inner smile is for the mediation. It could be a person, an event, a place. One lady chose to direct her inner smile to her grandchildren, and she imagined them playing hide and go seek in all the different parts of her body that we were guided to focus on. I chose to do an inner smile around Eric, and I was in complete gratitude with the team here at Sanoviv for their contribution to his health and healing. You may also recall in my musing from yesterday, I noticed that Eric was carrying the energy of a smile, when I walked into the room and saw him standing there awaiting my presence. Eric was still sleeping, so I went to the light stretching class. We used the big bouncy balls, and it never ceases to amaze me how many positions we can get into, in terms of stretching the body using the balls. There were a few times we needed some good balance and it was fun trying to stay on the darn ball as we were giggling. Oops, Eric slept through his first appointment. However, because we’re all under one roof, it’s all good…no stress. The concierges are constantly adjusting the schedules all day, every day! Seriously, there are days where

Eric’s schedule changes 4-5 times. However, we are so grateful that there are so many treatments in one day, so we accept the changes with a smile! We met up in the breakfast room for hot quinoa, chopped apple, strawberries and blueberries, three different choices of protein powder and raw honey – all organic…. yum! They also had some hard-boiled eggs, and Eric and I had two each. It’s a breakfast of champions, with all bases covered, regarding protein, healthy fats, and carbs and such. I got to meet one of Eric’s favorite lady friends, Kellie. After Eric left for his appointment, I sat with her and chatted. She asked me just the right question, I felt it right in my heart and I started to lose it. However, I figured she’s an energy worker and used to having people fall apart around her. Even though I had just met her, she offered to make herself available for me to call her any time of day or night. She leaves to go home tomorrow, and we will both miss her presence. Eric had regional hyperthermia first, followed by the curcumin drip for 6 hours, the liquid gold. He met with a new doctor, an equivalent of a Sports Medicine Doctor. The Doc assessed his body and range of movement, and has promised to work with the PT guys at Sanoviv to develop a program specifically for Eric. The most critical point he drove home, was that if Eric feels pain, he needs to stop or modify, as they would like to avoid a fracture at all costs. Eric has a wee lump above his left knee. He noticed it a couple weeks ago, but didn’t think too much of it until it started getting painful over the weekend. To be safe, they’re going to remove it surgically tomorrow at 9am… happy Thanksgiving! The Doc is going to have it sent to pathology to be certain that it isn’t a cancerous tumor. I don’t think it is, but we do wonder, and we have talked about the “what-ifs” a little with each other and with the Doctor. I had my first Doctor’s appointment today. I shared any areas of concern and systems I’d like to get checked out. I’m now on the program they call the “Sanoviv Integrative Physical”, with the “Gastro Package” add-on. Here’s what those packages include: • Comprehensive lab testing • Breast thermography • Ultra-sound on breast, abdomen and pelvis • Stress and relaxation measurement

• Bioimedance analysis • Professional consults, (doctor, dentist, nutritionist, psychologist, fitness) • Structural assessment • Microscopic blood analysis • Bioenergetic health assessment • Daily morning meditations • Food prep and juicing classes • Fitness classes, (stretching, dance, yoga, water fitness, strength, stability ball) • Lectures, as available, (nutrition, detox, breathing) • Swedish massage • Pedicure • Facial • All meals included, (organic, dairy and gluten free) Laboratory and other tests include: • Blood chemistry • Complete blood count • C-Reactive Protein • Thyroid Panel • Vitamin D tests, (25 hydroxy) • Pap Smear/PSA test • Urine and stool analysis • Antiperoxidasae antibodies • Blood type • Sedimentation rate • Homocysteine • Fasting insulin • Hemoglobin Alc. • Female hormone panel • EKG • Ox LDL The Gastro package includes: 1. Diagnostic:

a. Ph-metry b. Colonoscopy, (with polyp removal and pathology, as needed) c. Endoscopy, (with polyp removal and pathology, as needed) 2. Laboratory: a. Comprehensive stool test b. Gluten test c. Cross food reaction The second Doc appointment today was to give more information for the intake. Looks like we’re ready to rock! I received my schedule for tomorrow, and it is jam-packed. Exciting stuff. I can’t thank you all enough for all your awesome comments. Truly, they inspire me to keep up with my daily musings. As you might imagine, it’s quite a commitment to take the time and energy to write every day. However, I am loving it, and even get emotional myself when I read back through some of the older posts. It makes me think that it’s not just me that’s writing here, and I am grateful for the divine guidance every day. Much gratitude to you all, and many blessings, Love, Phillipa

November 24th, 2016 Day 32: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: As I start today’s piece, I am lying in our room, looking out over the balcony and towards the ocean. The surf’s up, as it seems to be most days. It’s a gorgeous day, about 75F/22C, and it’s only 9:30am. Eric is in surgery as we speak, and although it’s only a minor one to remove a small lump from his leg, I am taking some time to be with him in spirit. Reality check…we’re not out of the woods yet. The doctor tells us that there is still a long way to go, to get Eric back to good health. There was just so much damage done, as the eight general sessions of chemo, and the several smaller ones injected directly into his spine, had free reign to ravage his body over a ten month period. Looking back, here’s how I think we could have handled his treatment differently. We probably would have still agreed to the first 3 sessions of chemo, as he was in very bad shape when he presented at the hospital. His liver readings were through the roof, and his pee was almost black. He had just had major surgery to remove the T8 vertebrae in his spine, and he was not doing well. If we could do it over, after the first 3 months, we would have come to Mexico at that point! The first three rounds of chemo seemed to take out all/most of the cancer cells, but the second three created a mutated monster cancer strain that came back with a vengeance. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? Good grief, what a day for me! I started with a fresh squeezed lemon water with cayenne pepper, a sound meditation, wheatgrass, breakfast, (lime protein shake), Max Pulse-Bia, X-Ray, medical consult, paleo-cleanse shake, Psychology consult, microscopic blood analysis, Vegacheck, lunch, (quite delicious Thanksgiving dinner!), food prep class, pelvic exam, nutrition consult, green juice, Chiropractor, Paleo-meal shake, dental exam and quote for 2 implants, wheatgrass, Swedish massage, ultrasound, (gut, thyroid and breasts), dinner, (vege soup), and a movie called, “In Defense of Food”, by Michael Pollan. That, my friends, is a typical day at Sanoviv, when you’re in your first 3-5 days of assessment! I poked my head in from time to time to check on Eric post-surgery, and he was completely out of it for a while. They only used light sedation, but he needed the sleep, so off into sleepy land he went. We’ll find out in 5 days the results of the lump that has been sent off to pathology. Fingers crossed, prayers, blessings, and good healing thoughts most welcome.

Eric’s been doing pretty well all day. He didn’t have much of a schedule, as the Docs wanted him to rest and recover from the wee surgery. So, just as I start getting busy with all my treatments, Eric’s having a slow day! Oh well, he’s is very well liked here at Sanoviv, and is never lonely! One couple that left here today to go back home, shared with us that the FDA are currently working diligently to outlaw any/all pharmacies from compounding vitamins, (There’s a website where we can donate to help get some resources together to fight the FDA on this one issue. The group needs $30k, and they already have $15k). If the FDA pushes this through, this will mean that any of the ND’s and integrative facilities that are courageously offering high dose Vitamin C, curcumin IV’s and such, are going to be operating illegally. The FDA actually have a term for anyone that offers anything outside of approved drugs/pharmaceuticals. They label them “Quacks”, and warn, and then arrest them, for performing “quackery”. Hello…what century are we in? I’ll ask the question again… why do we have to leave the country to benefit from cancer treatments that are already working? I’ll finish up on a nice light note, with the recipe for the delicious protein shake we had this morning for breakfast: Lime Pudding Shake: (4-6 servings) Ingredients: • 1 cup almonds (soaked overnight is best) • I cup of lime juice • 5-7 Medjool dates • 1 peeled avocado • 3 scooped pea protein • 1 tablespoon coconut oil • I teaspoon of salt, (the healthy salt, like Himilayan or Hawaiian) • 4 cups of water • 1 ½ ice cubes Preparation: • Place all ingredients in blender • Blend until smooth

OK, I just have to share one more thing before signing off for the night. I’m listening to Eric talking to one of his long time guy friends. He’s telling him how awesome this place is, and how amazing the “energy” is at Sanoviv. He’s sharing that, “You have to come here to see and experience how wonderful it is. Phillipa does a pretty good job of describing it, but there’s no words”. He’s also sharing some of the cool stuff he’s learning from, “The Truth About Cancer” book he’s reading. I have to say, I am beyond ecstatic that this man, my husband, has done a complete 180 degree turn. He told his friend that he’s changing his diet and he is never going back. Wahoo! He’s gone from: • Hamburgers and french fries… to organic veges & fruit, chicken and fish • Coca cola a day, (5-6 per day before I met him, but already down to 1-2 per month)… to water, green juices and smoothies • Coffee, (even though already down to 1-2 cups per day)… to freshly squeezed lemon water, golden milk and wheatgrass • Mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies… to a special occasion paleo-no-grain dessert • Drinking “any old” water from the tap… to researching the healthiest filters out there, (and no, we won’t be using Brita) • Occasional beers and wines… to (probably) never drinking alcohol again And the list goes on, but I think you can see what a wonderful switch he has made….he’s saving his own life, when his allopathic route ended. Love and blessings to you all! Happy thanksgiving to all our American friends, international friends living in America….or just a flat thank you to all our wonderful friends, anywhere and everywhere in the world! Love, Phillipa xxxx

November 25th, 2016 Day 33: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: My friends, we got some news that wasn’t exactly what we wanted to hear. The lump Eric had surgically removed yesterday, appears to be cancerous. I say “appears to be”, because we still need to await the actual pathology results to be sure. However, the surgeon did take a look under the microscope, and believes that the lymph node he removed, is cancerous. What does this mean? Well, as far as Eric’s doctor is concerned, it just means we need to step up the treatments. Rather than do 2g twice per week of the curcumin IV drip over 6 hours, he will now get 3g over 9 hours. Rather than do the whole body hyperthermia treatment, (a.k.a. Sahara torture chamber, per Eric), for 1 hour, it will be 4 hours. This will require Eric to be under sedation, as his body will literally cook away the cancerous tumors with the most intense heat that he can take. The Doctor also reiterated that Eric really focus on all the moments of joy, for example, really enjoy me whilst I am here, and to stay in the present moment. He had picked up that Eric is a deep thinker and that when he is experiencing pain in a new body part, he tends to “wonder” whether the cancer has spread. But, he reminded us that all his patients that are successfully beyond the worst part of their cancer journeys, find ways to stay present and focus on all the good things in their life. Ironically, I had expected more of a sympathy session with the Doc, yet he was all about the fact that Eric “has this”, but needed a kick in the pants to switch the focus of where he is extending his energy and his thoughts. Quite refreshing, I must say! A lovely young Canadian guest here alone at Sanoviv, shared that the medical care for her condition was so slow back home, she literally had to leave the country to get good and urgent care. One of the appointments that she had requested 1 year ago in Canada, finally came through recently. She decided to go and see the doctor, even though she had already received treatment from Sanoviv several months earlier. The appointment was 3 hours long and apparently the Doctor literally berated her the whole time about her decision to come to Mexico to get treatment. In the end, she just simply said, “What choice did I have? If I can’t get good care here, why wouldn’t I go somewhere else?!”. Why indeed! You’re doing it – you’re taking charge of your own health! I was tagged in a post today, by our phenomenal friend Hilary Schultz, who has also experienced the exact same cold shoulder and lecture approach in the past.

This, by the Doctors that do little to engender the trust they implicitly expect from all their patients. However, this is Hilary’s post from today, “Just had the best appt with my new oncologist... he stayed long after his working hours, 1.5 hours, to sit and talk about EVERYTHING... very very happy... first oncologist who has not looked down on me for choosing to do my cancer treatment out of country... he called it brave instead”. You go girl! Good for you, finding a Doc that is willing to work with you, under your own terms. Wahoo! It’s a shame that your search has been so long and arduous, but it is encouraging to know that you found one of the wonderful guys in all of Seattle! I know that people think of Seattle as one of the integrative cancer capitals of the US, but we haven’t experienced that yet. Looking forward to finding all those special people in our search for when Eric returns to a different reality. I had my own Doctor session today. So, it seems that although I am already eating a pretty healthy diet, I need to be eating even healthier! Even though I am already consuming, what I thought was a gluten free diet, I am allegedly still getting gluten into my system, even if by cross-contamination. Even though I drink 3-4 liters of water per day, I am dehydrated, as my cells are not absorbing the water. My hormones are a bit askew and I am going to get put on a detox diet for the remainder of my time here. I do have good energy though at 70%, but the fitness I am doing is not actually giving me the full benefit I would have expected. More weights, resistance and conditioning and less running. My heart is apparently in good shape, as are my lungs, breasts, and thyroid. For the remainder of my time here, I have some resistance and mini-trampoline exercises to do. By the way, did you know that even slightly bouncing on a mini-tramp, is enough to clear out your lymph system. So, now I know why some people have these by a main door in their home and office…so that every time they walk past, they can get another 2-3 minute jump in. I hear that if you do that once every hour for 2-3 minutes, you’ll literally jump your white blood cell count into good health. A little sleepy tonight, so I’ll finish up with an easy recipe: Green Juice:

• Romaine lettuce • Cucumber • Celery • Jicama • Carrot • Zucchini • Ginger • Lemon • Parsley Goodnight, good morning, good afternoon – wherever you are in the world. Cheers, to happy and honest healing for everyone! Phillipa xoxoxo

November 26th, 2016 Day 34: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Although Eric had only two treatments today, they were biggies. The whole body hyperthermia, (aka Sahara torture chamber), was 1 ½ hours of Eric, (quote), “sweating like a pig”. He said they wrapped him up and baked him, literally! The other was the curcumin IV drip. It was supposed to be 3 oz, (3 bags) of the liquid gold over a 9 hour period, but after 6 hours, Eric was done! So, two treatments over 7 ½ hours, not exactly a very relaxing day. I’m done with all my testing, and should get the remainder of the results back from the doc on Monday or Tuesday. I ran out of time to get my two implants done here on this trip, as they needed 3 full business days after the work, to check everything is looking good. As such, I’m planning on coming back to get those taken care of. I liked that the implant specialist doesn’t even offer titanium implants here, due to the heavy metal content. They only offer the zirconium – the best there is for our body . I am going to head to Tijuana though one day this week to get the 3D imaging, so that they can get the implants exactly the right size and shape for when I come back. My day was a little more relaxing than Eric’s. I jogged a couple miles, went to the meditation, had my golden milk and a yummy breakfast of steel cut oats, apples and blueberries. This was followed up by a heavenly reflexology appointment. The practitioner only had to touch my feet with the special cream/essential oil mix, and I was already floating out there with the hummingbirds! I had to consciously choose to remain in my body throughout the whole treatment. I connected with a few of the guests staying here, in particular an awesome lady from Toronto, her sister-in-law here from Europe, and a chap from Oregon. We started talking about Round-Up, (RU) and the dangers of particularly the Glyposphate chemical for our health and for the planet. The gentleman was telling us that he was a landscaper for many years in Oregon and he’s sure that his daily use of RU is the main contributing factor for his cancer. He shared something pretty scary information about the testing in Oregon to get your pesticide licensing. Listen to this – he said that one of the statistics that they needed to learn for the test, was that it was safe to drink up to 8oz of RU! Huh? Say, what? This is from the Ty Bollinger “The Truth About Cancer” book, “Chemicals can trigger cancer in a variety of ways, including disrupting hormones, damaging DNA, inflaming tissues and turning genes on or off”. Additionally, “A recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Toxicology Chemistry found that Glyposphate is now present at detectable levels in 75% of air and rain samples”.

Our new Toronto friend said that she was proud that Toronto was now one of the few cities that has gone RoundUp free! Wahoo! Good for you! She said that the parks are kept trimmed back by spraying harmless products like vinegar and garlic! Love it! She mentioned that when the city first transitioned, what they did was, when you went to purchase your RU product, the containers were empty. The store staff would come along and explain that it was now illegal to sell/use RU in Toronto, and they shared some of the alternative options. Way to go Toronto, (and any of the other places where RU has been banned). I sat with some ladies and we created some lovely colorful mandalas. I had done one yesterday and posted a picture of it. It’s very relaxing and a nice way to have a creative outlet, whilst chatting with the other guests. Great idea for Christmas presents too! <Grin>. The best place to be in the rain, is in the Thalasso pools! That’s where you could find me in the hour or so of rain today. The weather has been fantastic most days, so no complaints from me. I was sad to talk to some lovely Chinese ladies today, and to learn that China has also taken on the western protocols for treating cancer. This is so disappointing to me, as China is one the nations that has been using alternative/advanced treatments for many centuries… well before other cultures came knocking on their doors. They have been doing acupuncture, reflexology, many forms of energy medicine, herbal treatments, Qi Gong and so many others, for thousands of years. I guess global big pharma, power and the almighty dollar are too irresistible. The ladies explained to me that they were roommates in College, although they come from different cities. They are both going through the cancer journey and are here to heal without chemo and radiation. I guess that FB has picked up that I am interested in alternative/advanced cancer treatments. A paid ad on my FB feed today was, “Start Fighting – advanced non-small cell lung cancer. There are other options. Learn more about a treatment option for advanced NSCLC”. I think this means that FB has been following what sites I click on, on the internet? Hmm, not sure how I feel about that! Eric and I finished the evening with a round of cards. I’m happy to say that I kicked his butt, with me coming in first place with 925 to Eric’s 785. He’s keen for a re-match tomorrow, so we’ll see who comes out on top.

On that note, I’m going to sign off for the evening. Thanks for checking in with us, and keeping up with our journey. It’s inspiring to me/us, knowing that you’re all out there, paying attention and picking up a few useful snippets here and there. Goodnight, good afternoon and good morning, Love and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo PS. I just read my daily account out loud to Eric. He is very proud of my writing, and happy to be the first one to hear my daily musings hot off the press! He likes to check that I’m not going too woowoo or shouting from my soapbox. He has the final say, has approved today’s posting, and is happy for me to hit send. Gotta love the man! He so cracks me up!

November 27th, 2016 Day 35: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Today is Sunday, and that means that it’s a very quiet day in this Mexican paradise. We started the day with a few circuits of the little stone track before breakfast. That is, Eric in the wheelchair and me pushing. One of the guests offered to take our picture, and as I was reaching into the bag to get out the camera, Eric started rolling down the hill, towards the edge of the cliff! Fortunately, he realized relatively quickly and grabbed on to the wheel to stop himself. Once we were over the shock, we thought it was pretty funny! Even though it started off a little chilly and overcast, it started to rain lightly, so we went back inside for a breakfast of eggs, cauliflower, quinoa and apple. There’s only a few treatments taking place on Sundays, namely spa and IV treatments. Eric had a 3 hour IV session this morning. It wasn’t curcumin, but some other life-affirming liquid, (although he doesn’t remember which one). He didn’t feel great after that, and laid down for the rest of the day, until dinner time. My friends, this is what it’s like on the cancer journey – there are some good days and not so good days. However, given that he was given two months to live a little over 35 days ago, every day is a good day, especially when there is definitely an upward trend of improvement! It depends on which perspective you have, right? We enjoyed lazing around in our room for the bulk of the day. Eric had marathon naps, and I had a couple shorter ones. I’m reading a wonderful book, and it’s so nice to be reading one moment and slipping into sleepy land the next. Admittedly, being a consultant at Microsoft, and doing real estate and staging back home keeps me fairly busy, and I don’t always allow myself the chance to have quiet days like this. I am grateful and happy to be here, and to get tested and be with Eric. It is indeed a miraculous facility. I wanted to share something with you. I witnessed a very personal and heart-deep moment last night. Eric and I were playing cards in the nurses special care room, as he needed to lie down in a bed, rather than sit for his final 2-3 hours of the curcumin IV drip. There was a silver haired lady, in her 60’s, lying in the other bed. It struck me how beautiful she was, and how incredibly stunning she must have been in her earlier years. She was lying there, hooked up to the IV’s and obviously in pain. I could see her sunken cheekbones, you know the sort of cheekbones you get when you’re really sick. Her grown daughter had been sitting on the bed with her, and laid down next to her, and snuggled in, (not an easy feat in a twin/single hospital bed!). The Mom put her arm around her daughter and said with much love and sadness, “I’m sorry that you have to go through all this”. The daughter

You see, what the patients often don’t realize, is that it is an honor to be part of it. To be able to love, and support, and cry, and hug, and go through it all. It’s sometimes messy, and often painful. It’s real, it’s authentic and it’s intense, but good for the heart at the same time.

hugged her back, and said, “I’m sorry YOU have to go through this, Mom”. I know the cancer experience is different for everyone. Did you notice I don’t call it a “battle”? From the very beginning of Eric’s diagnosis, I intuitively started calling this process a “journey”. If you think about it, in a battle there are winners and losers. There are fighters and those that surrender. Although I do believe that the cards are stacked against us, there are no real winners and losers here, only those of us on this journey, albeit an unintended life chapter or chapters. The juice in the journey is all about self-reflection, self-discovery, facing one’s own demons, seeing the truth, seeing through the illusion, and most importantly, deep-deep-deep forgiveness of self, and others, for not having played a different/better/more loving role in our lives. A lovely lady from Europe and I had a wonderfully intense conversation this morning. She came here thinking she was going to be working on her physical symptoms. As it turned out, it was the emotional layers that created the delicious intensity and growth. The body code sessions were mind-blowing for her, and a good reminder that dis-ease in the body starts somewhere, often in the emotional body. If you come here, be prepared to come face to face with emotions that might surprise you, but in a good way… in an “aha” kind of way. There is a couple here, and the “husband” is working his way through the stage 4 cancer journey. It’s been really tough for his wife, as she left her job and has buoyed him up for the last 18 months. She has been involved with the community, raising money for his treatments, and holding together the family, (they have a couple kids). Even though it’s tough, she’s realizing that she cannot make the decision for him to live. She has finally accepted that it’s not up to her. Her husband needs to be the one to decide to stay or go… literally and figuratively-speaking. The body code session helped her come to that realization, and at the end of the day, it’s really freeing letting go of being the one in charge. That’s not to say she isn’t still there every step of the way, but he is the one coming to terms with whatever outcome he chooses. Eric and I had dinner with a newly arrived couple tonight. The wife of the couple is going through her own cancer journey. She told us a great story, well a shocking story, that has a great outcome. A friend of hers was told he had inoperable stage 4 cancer 20 years ago and was sent home to die. He was newly married with a couple young kids. He decided to live! So, he put himself on the Gerson diet, which is a ton of juicing, fruit and vegetables, baked potatoes and oatmeal, essentially. There’s other elements too, like 5 coffee enemas per day to detox the body. It’s not an easy diet, as it requires so much cold-pressed juicing and special food prep, but if it gives

you a chance at life, at least it affords you another option. Well, long story short, he is still around 20 years later, and kiddos still have a Dad, and his wife, a husband. There’s an education center in San Diego, which teaches you how to do the Gerson diet, or a full facility in Mexico, with a program based on the special diet. I found out about another health institute today in the US. It’s called the Hippocrates Health Institute and they offer various health programs, including a cancer support one. It’s good to hear that there are some other offerings within the US still operational. Time to sign off for the day. Much gratitude and many blessings to you all, Phillipa xoxoxo

November 28th, 2016 Day 36: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: A cool start to the day, about 50 F/10 C, as I power-walked my way around the stone track. I got two miles in before the lemon water and the laughing meditation. Allegedly, our body can’t differentiate whether laughter is fake or real, yet it has many healing benefits, including boosting the immune system. The meditation was ironically particularly funny today, as there was a large group visiting from China. Their antics and sense of fun was so infectious, I wasn’t trying or faking a laugh, but was actually laughing with these fun people. Clearly, you don’t need to speak the same language, when you can share the language of laughter. I grabbed a “golden milk” on the way through the dining hall to the fitness center for a stretching class. I love stretching on the bouncy balls, with their thousands of different positions for stretching. By the way, I love hearing all your stories about how the golden milk has added to your life. One girlfriend from Hawaii noticed that her shoulder pain lessened substantially after drinking the recipe I posted a while back, AND she also noticed that she felt like drinking golden milk, rather than coffee, her typical morning routine. Right on! I came back to the room to check Eric was awake and ready for the day, as he is far from the morning person I am. I spied him sitting in a very steamy bathroom, after having taken a very steamy shower. It’s exciting for him to be able to shower, as he has to be careful to keep his port and the stitches from his lymph node surgery last week, dry. Oh, the little things we all take for granted, huh? He came with me to breakfast, consisting of 2 hardboiled eggs, a gluten-free granola, (so delicious!), protein powder, raw honey and apples/blueberries/fresh coconut and nut milk. We actually got a lesson on how to make our own nut milk, as many of the brands in the store have nasty stuff added, like Carrageenan, (which is now known to be carcinogenic and very inflammatory for one’s digestive tract). It’s ultra easy. Let’s see if I can remember it: Make your own nut milk: • Vitamix blender, (you can use another brand, but honestly, there’s nothing that touches a Vitamix in my book) • 3 cups of water • 1 cup of soaked organic walnuts, (or another type of nut…they said to ensure you soak them overnight, otherwise the milk will apparently block your ability to absorb minerals and can make you dehydrated)

• A few drops of organic vanilla or almond oil • Strawberries or blueberries to flavor, (optional) • Put all the above ingredients into the blender and blend on high/fast for a minute • Then, pour the liquid through an organic cheesecloth and strain • Drink the milk! Yum! • You can use the roughage left in the cheesecloth for a nut flour in another recipe. o They reminded us not to heat the nut flour over the typically dehydration temperature for better health. I said goodbye to Eric as he went off to his first treatment of the day… the hyperbolic oxygen chamber. However, he wasn’t feeling 100%, so cut it slightly short. He typically does an hour and fifteen minutes total, but did manage to make it to one hour. Then, off to his next treatment. Yep, you guessed it, more IV’s! Whatever it takes for good health, right? I came back to the room to work. Yes, sadly, I have to work, but at least I am doing it from Mexico! I did manage to get in a full body seaweed wrap in the late afternoon though. Oh la la! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried one of these, but it was in equal parts deliciously indulgent and terrifically therapeutic. It was supposed to last for 80 minutes, but it was closer to 2 hours! Aside from having to wear a disposable one-size-fits-no-one bikini, I loved every minute of the experience. It starts off with an all-over body dry brush and exfoliant, massage, followed by a soak in the spa tub, (much like a spa bath, except you sit upright). I was hosed down with cool water and then into the infrared sauna at 145 F / 62 C for 10 minutes. I was hosed down again and went all the way under in the plunge pool. Back on to the massage table for another massage with a creamy seaweed mix. I was wrapped in boiling hot wet towels and then wrapped further by several layers of plastic and heat-retaining blankets. I laid there for 15 minutes, just soaking up the heat and loving every minute of it! Once that was done, I was washed down and the blankets made a little waterproof bath, and I went through a series of warm-to-hot-to-lukewarm baths, and was finished off with a final massage and a shampoo and condition of my hair. Just wonderful! Funnily enough, I felt guilty for a few minutes, as I was thinking of Eric lying in bed by this point feeling nauseous and in pain. However, then I was over it. I figured I have been there for him all year long and I deserve a little pampering from time to time!

I heard of a new center, the “Cancer Center for Healing”. It’s in Irvine, CA, https://www.cancercenterforhealing. com. I’m happy to be adding to my list of resources and even happier to share with my FB friends. So, now that’s Sanoviv in Rosarito, Mexico, (where we are now). There’s Hope4Cancer in Tijuana, (and the guy that owns and runs this speaks on “The Truth About Cancer” series). There’s Hippocrates in Arizona, There’s the Mexican branch in Tijuana, teaching the Gerson way of life,, (they also have an education center in San Diego). So, that’s some to start with. Institutes that are focused on healing, rather than managing our symptoms with prescriptions drugs. We figured a way to get Neflix and last night started watching the series, “The Crown”. I’m rather enjoying seeing another side of Queen Elizabeth, starting off when she was young woman and princess. So, once I’m done here and have posted on FB for the evening, we shall probably watch another one or two. It seemed to help Eric relax and he did get a thorough night’s sleep last night. The first in a while. Goodnight all, or good afternoon/morning! Love and blessings and gratitude and no stress if you can’t think of a comment for us daily. Some days, I know it – the words just flow, and other days, it’s a bit more of an effort! Hugs all, Phillipa xxxooo

November 29th, 2016 Day 37: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: I chose to stay in bed with Eric this morning, over doing an early morning run or power walk. It was nice to snuggle with him, and reminded me of days gone by, before the cancer broke his back, and the traditional therapies almost broke him. However, as soon as he started moving, the pain and nausea started in. Sometimes I wonder when all this will end, and he can be back to his normal, happy, healthy self. It’s too early to tell, whether I shall ever get him back, the way he was. I snuck out quietly, downed a wheatgrass shot, and went to the meditation, given by a wonderfully passionate doctor. He first explained the various states of brainwaves and successfully portrayed the importance of quietening the mind, for one’s health and wellbeing. We always hear this, but he explained it so articulately, I found it an awesome reminder. Once he had gone through his segment, we listened to a mediation by Esther Hicks. I know some of you know her body of work, and its wonderful stuff. The meditation was followed by golden milk and a salsa dance class. Then, it was into the room for me, for a day of work. I know, bummer, but I’d rather be working here, than Seattle without my dude. I wish I could wave a magic wand and wish it wasn’t so, but not a great day for my guy. He hasn’t been able to keep much down for the last few days, including water and supplements. The daily IV’s are probably saving him from dehydration. His pain has been pretty much non-stop, even with medication. He found another lump in his chest, and the Doc will be doing an ultrasound on that in the next day or two. There is a run on heating pads in the stores in Mexico. You might wonder why? It’s very simple, it’s winter! As we walk around in our shorts, t-shirts and sweatshirts, the wonderful local staff here at the facility, are wearing big heavy winter coats. Eric requested a heating pad, as he had some experience using one on his back previously, and knew that one pad could make a dent in his pain. Our wonderful young Doctor was so concerned that they couldn’t locate one for Eric, he got on the phone to his wife and had her drop off his heating pad from home. How wonderful is that? This is truly not only personalized care here, but personal. I appreciate that very very much. As I write today’s missive, my husband is snoring away softly in the other room, thanks to the heating pad, and our doctor’s wife. Tomorrow is my colonoscopy and endoscopy, so I had better cut my piece short today, so that I can take care of other matters, if you can read between the lines!

But, I’ll wind down with a very cool recipe from Sanoviv: Granola: (you will require a dehydrator – looks like I had better buy one when I get home!) • 2-Cups almonds, soaked overnight, drained, and rinsed • 1 Cup buckwheat, soaked overnight, drained all day long, (use by the next day) • 1 Cup pecans, soaked overnight, drained, and rinsed • 1 Cup sunflower seeds soaked overnight, drained, and rinsed • 1 teaspoon cinnamon • 1 Cup dried coconut • 2 Cups apple blended • ½ teaspoon vanilla non-alcoholic and organic (optional, not a raw food) • ¼ Cup raw organic light agave syrup • Place almonds in a food processor, and process until chunky • Pour into a large bowl • Repeat this process with the pecans and sunflower seeds • Add buckwheat into the bowl • In the empty food processor place the cinnamon, vanilla, and agave, and process until well -mixed • Add to the bowl of nuts and seeds and mix well • Spread the mixture onto teflex sheets and dehydrate at 145 degrees for 3 hours • Then dehydrate at 105 degrees for 10 hours, or until crispy • Cool and store in an airtight glass container • It will last up to 3 months I hope some of you try the recipe. It’s quite delicious with homemade nut milk! I’m going to finish off with the reason why I keep doing what I am doing with these FB posts. You guys are MY inspiration. I love hearing how one little thing I mention in my posts, has changed you, or encouraged you to make a change in some way. There’s probably half a dozen of my FB friends that have dusted off their juicers, and are juicing again. Right on!

This is from Kathy Duncan, one of my closest friends from a loooong time ago, in a far far away land, called New Zealand. “Thanks Phillipa your daily updates are amazing. We are learning every day. I'm juicing again and need to find your recipe for the golden milk! Eric you are such an inspiration. Your journey of self discovery, strength, determination and love has given all of us a new path to ponder! Together you have created, discovered and shared so much to help other people. Thank you. We love ❤ you guys xx keep up the amazing work team!”. Thank you Kathy, and thank you ALL so much! I love my global family of cheerleaders in our journey to awesome health! Love, Phillipa xxxoooxxxooo

November 30th, 2016 Day 38: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: San Diego was purportedly the first choice for the location of this phenomenal health institute, Sanoviv. However, as you can imagine, the US authorities shot down that idea quick smart. God forbid there be a clinic that offers alternative/advanced healing therapies that might, in fact, heal cancer and other chronic dis-ease.Thank goodness Dr Wentz explored locations over the border and ended up in this little town, Rosarito, to set up shop. Some of you know this part of the story already, that NASA was also interested in purchasing the property from the Levi Strauss family, due to the lay lines and very special energy on the property. What you don’t know, is what pelicans have to do with the tale. I noticed there are pelican statues, pictures and art pieces dotted throughout the property. I asked one of the staff the significance of pelicans for Sanoviv, and there is apparently a good reason for their presence here. The story goes that when Dr Wentz was making his decision, he was standing on the property, and a pelican flew overhead. They had a “moment”, and that was what tipped the scale for him, a sign to go ahead with the purchase. I since looked up the spiritual significance of pelicans, and when a pelican comes soaring into your life, it usually indicates your selflessness and how you put others before yourself. It is affirming that you are always caring for others. It also means you easily balance thought and emotions and understand the proper use of abundance. We are personally so very grateful Dr Wentz was successful in purchasing the property, and building this medical institute. Here we are, 17 years later, thoroughly checking out all our alternative/advanced options to save Eric’s life. We haven’t met Dr Wentz yet, but hope to be able to give him a huge hug one day to thank him for his persistence, selflessness and willingness to care for people as people, rather than numbers. On the flip side, today in the US, the, “House overwhelmingly passes ‘Cures’ legislation to streamline drug approval. A wide-ranging bill aimed at expediting the development of new medical treatments passed the House decisively Wednesday evening, overcoming criticism from some health policy experts who said it could put unsafe drugs on the market”. Unbelievably, what this means for us, is that there will likely be more unsafe drugs coming to market even quicker, without thorough studies, and with the potential of impacting the masses in detrimental ways. Whilst at the same time, shutting down any/all locations offering natural healing treatments.

By the way, they also tried to slip into the above bill, verbiage that would result in the loss of visibility into which doctors are receiving kickbacks, from which drug companies, and for how much. Currently, at least most of us are aware that the Oncologists are receiving a 6% commission on all chemo prescribed. Moving forward, unless this gets shut down, we won’t know, and the doctors will be protected by law, into keeping “Mum” about details. Conflict of interest? Yep indeed! One of our girlfriends met someone today that knows an 11 year old that has a rare type of cancer. They were just diagnosed in the last 2 months. There were basically told that if they don't give her chemo that the hospital would press charges on the parents and take the child away. They are looking at possibilities in Mexico and Switzerland. Darn right! Along these lines, there is a couple here that just arrived a few days ago. The wife of the couple has cervical cancer. She has chosen not to kill herself with the traditional “kindness”, a.k.a. liquid poison. Instead, she has opted for the less travelled path to healing, practiced here at Sanoviv. We talked about the “Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” online docu-series, (I recommend everyone watch), and also about the above bill, amongst other things. They suggested we watch another documentary called, “Cancer, the Forbidden Cures”. They highly recommended everyone see this one, and for sure, I am looking forward to it. But wait, it’s been banned in the US, so that means if you are planning to watch it from the US of A, You Tube is the best bet! On a more positive note, I just love this place! I am in so much gratitude right now. Here’s one of the many reasons why. I bumped into Eric’s doctor in the hallway today, and I brought to his attention, the fact that Eric hasn’t been able to keep much food down in the last 4 days. So, within 30 minutes I received a phone call from the head Nutritionist, and she called me down to the lobby to discuss a new plan for Eric’s food! She wrote down a list of all of Eric’s favorites, and she confirmed that the kitchen can pretty much make anything his big heart desires! Tonight Eric felt like a mushroom omelet, so a mushroom omelet he got! Guess what? He was able to eat it all up, and it all stayed down! Thank goodness for small mercies. I also told him I had a nasty cold sore appear on my lip, (typically sun and stress combined are the culprits for me). He gave me two options, either go to the kitchen and get some coconut oil for it, or to the nurse’s station to get some ozonated olive oil. It seems cold sores do not like oxygen and run away and hide when oxygenated. Another lady also shared she has the other kind of herpes, and she shared that you can rub the ozone mixture on to your lower back, and this can also make the virus go back into hiding.

Today is one of the liquid gold days for Eric. This means that he spends 9-10 hours of the day, hooked up to the curcumin IV drip. Now, when I say, “liquid gold”, I really mean it. This stuff is very labor intensive to produce, and is consequently very expensive to consume. Let’s do a little math around this. Here, the curcumin drip is roughly $500 per bag. Eric is up to 3 bags, twice per week. Now, in the US, as you may recall, there are only a few people brave enough to offer this treatment, and we have located a doctor in the Seattle area that will offer it for $1250 per bag. So, that means $1250 x 3 bags x twice per week. That’s $3750 x 2 = $7500 per week, just for this one treatment. We suspect that our health insurance will not cover this, (although are hopeful). It sounds like a lot of money, and it is, BUT here’s the kicker. When Eric’s Oncologist had him come over to Seattle every single day, for one month, to get a 5 minute injection, in readiness for a blood cell harvest for his stem-cell-transplant-that-never-ended-up-happening, each injection was between $5,000 and $38,000, (yes, up to almost $40,000 PER injection). Insurance paid for that, no worries. We’re very curious to see what they will do with the curcumin. The irony in this whole math equation, is that, at huge cost to Eric’s body, his energy levels, and to the insurance company… because Eric’s blood had parent cancer cells present, they couldn’t use it anyways. On the good side, Eric did more or less sleep through the night, and through most of his treatments today. His pain level was “manageable”. Overall, let’s say it was a pretty good day for him. For me too, as I went to Tijuana for my colonoscopy and endoscopy. The really awesome news, is that they couldn’t find any evidence of Crohn’s Disease. It just goes to show how little the doctors know and understand chronic disease. When I was diagnosed in 1998, the doctor told me I’d have to take anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of my life. By the way, that was a total of 16 tablets per day. I did listen and take the drugs for a total of 18 months, at which time, I said enough! At the turn of the millennium, on a spiritual retreat on Kauai for the New Year, I just stopped taking all pills. I never looked back. Now, after years of a healthy diet – juicing, green smoothies etc., they found no trace of a disease that the doctors told me would NEVER go away! Wahoo, loving it.

Well, on that note, I am going to sign off for the night. It’s been a very long day for this little girl. With much love and gratitude, I am so humbled by your continued comments and feedback. You need to know that some of your heartfelt comments, often bring me to tears. So, we’re kind of like an upwards spiral of mutual heartfelt tears and kindness.   Love, love, love, Phillipa and Eric xxxoooxxxooo

December 1st, 2016 Day 39: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: I stood by the Hibiscus Hummingbird hedge this morning, after power walking my two miles, and spent some time with my little hummingbird friend. I was thinking that I wished she would hover a tad, so that I could get a photo of her in flight. The very moment I had that thought, she literally lifted off the branch and floated about six inches above. The moment was so magical, I’m lucky I had my wits about me to press the shutter to take a picture, (see photo below). Not that it was a visual I could ever forget! When she settled back down on to one of her favorite perching spots, she was quite vocal. I took some video of her sitting and singing away to her heart’s content and her sounds came through strongly on the footage. Her sounds are not sounds I could ever forget. I walked away for a minute to go and get some hot green tea, and as I was coming back, she flew straight by me, head height. I could feel the wind in her feathers against my face. Wow, touched by a hummingbird. How special is that? Not a touch I could ever forget! Although I am sad to be leaving my hummingbird friend again tomorrow and heading back to the Seattle area, I shall take her images, sound and touch with me! Eric made some progress in the right direction today. After 4 days of not being able to eat much, he managed 2 small meals, and is working up to a third as we speak. You know, it’s a good reminder to be thankful for our bodies when they function well. One of the meditation exercises they do here, is to go through every part of the body and body systems and be in gratitude. E.g. I am grateful for my two legs that carry me wherever I want to go. I am grateful for my healthy digestive system, taking in all the minerals and vitamins from the food I eat every day, and processing it to perfection, from one end to the other. I believe it’s easy to take these bodily functions for granted, but think about it – Eric hasn’t been able to get up and just walk wherever he wants for most of the year. Additionally, he’s been struggling to keep down the food that his body needs to heal. Just sayin’! It’s good to be grateful for our wonderful bodies and awesome bodily functions! Eric’s big excitement of the day, was finally making progress with some physical therapy, having everyone on the same wavelength and working on the same team. He said he used his program management skills from Microsoft, to get the team of practitioners together – the Doc, the Chiro, the Fitness Consultant and the Massage

therapist. He’s got each emotionally invested and that feels good. Remember what I said in yesterday’s post? This is not just personalized medicine, but personal! He is proud to have some good reports from PT that his body is making good progress. He had 3 different IV’s today, a homeopathic IV, one with minerals and vitamins, and he cannot recall the other. Men! He followed that up with a whole body hyperthermia treatment, and a pampering in the spa with a detox salt mineral bath. He rather liked that! Cracks me up! He got more results back from the pathology of the lymph node they removed surgically last week. It is definitely cancer, but a different strain of Lymphoma, this time the medium cell type. We don’t really know that means yet in the big picture. But, as Eric says, at least it’s not a different cancer family altogether. They are doing deeper studies that take another 5 days, and they’ll use the results to validate whether they’re using the right treatment plan. Eric asked the Doctor an interesting question. He asked him whether it was the right decision to remove the full lymph node, or whether they should have just done a biopsy, given that Eric was the one that pushed hard to have it removed. The doctor agreed it was the right move, and that they are working as a team. You see, initially the doctor thought it was just a lump of fatty tissue and wasn’t too excited about doing anything. But that weekend, it got bigger and more painful, so Eric went to see the doctor on call for the weekend. He didn’t like the look of it and recommended an ultrasound. The ultrasound didn’t look too good, and the rest is history. The point is that no one really knows your body better than you! So, it’s up to you to keep pushing until you feel that your question/s has/have been fully answered to your satisfaction. There is an American corporation that sends their VP’s down to Sanoviv once every year, along with their spouses, for an annual physical check-up. I had a great conversation with one of the VP’s here now, and like me, he thinks that this is what the future of medicine should be. I so support the idea of corporations sending their people here to get checked out. How awesome to be treated as a person, not a number, and to find out if something needs to be tweaked with your health well ahead of time. I continued chatting with the doctor, as more of my results came through. Overall, I’m still looking healthy, with a little bit of inflammation in the gut…just no sign of the Crohns I once had. It turns out that I am a little too alkaline, and don’t have as much hydrochloric acid in my stomach as I should have. I guess that’s what happens

when you drink too much lemon water and apple cider vinegar water per day. Hmm, everything in moderation, right? So, I’m coming away with a nice overall picture of my health, and additional supplements to take to tweak the few areas that needed fine-tuning. Well, since it’s my last night before heading back to Seattle, I’m going to spend the rest of the evening with the man in question. I continue to be very humbled by your comments, and your willingness to journey with us. Eric is very grateful for your healing energy, thoughts and prayers. So, keep them coming! Thank you! Love and hugs and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 2nd, 2016 Day 40: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: I snuck out of the room early this morning, whilst it was still a little dark out, and ran 5km around the cute little stone track. It was my last time on the track before heading back to Seattle today, so I enjoyed running in shorts, T-shirt and sweatshirt, because it’s a tad chillier back home in Washington. As soon as I was done with my run, I went straight back to the room to go see my guy. He was sleepy, but happy to see me. I snuggled in hard, sweaty and all, as it was my last time seeing him until he gets back home Dec 17th. We talked for a little, but mostly we just lay on our backs, propped up with pillows and just stared out the through the French doors, beyond the coconut palms and into the stunning blue of the ocean. We just lay quietly, saying goodbye, without using our words. Magical moment alert. After a little while, I heard some light snoring, and indeed, Eric had passed out back into sleepy land. I was not the least bit offended, as I know he needs every healing moment of sleep he can get. Dry body brush, nice hot shower, roused Eric, and gave him a beautiful card that our girlfriend Jill had made for brave and courageous men, and sells as part of her line. Being the sweetheart that Jill is, she also gave me a lovely silver necklace as a gift from me to Eric. How sweet is that? Packed in a few minutes and downstairs to a breakfast of scrambled eggs, avocado, hot millet and blueberries. Breakfast was a good time to exchange last minute contact information, and say goodbye to all our new friends, and people of the same tribe. This is the tribe seeking healing options that make sense for our bodies, for our families, and for our pocket books. How awesome would it be to be able to heal ourselves with centers like Sanoviv all over the US and the world. My question remains the same…why do we have to leave the country to save our husbands, wives, children, friends and family? You know, it occurred to me that I wonder how many of you are aware of dry skin brushing, (mentioned above). The first time I had even heard of it, was when I did my first ever juice fast about 16 years ago. I drank only freshly juiced vegetables, fruit and a specially made hot soup for 10 days. Part of the program, was to do an early morning enema to help release the toxins from your body, (and coffee is good for this), and followed by a morning body brush, and a hot then cold shower. Dry skin brushing stimulates your lymphatic system, aiding in detoxification. When your lymphatic system is

not working properly, waste and toxins can build up and keep you from optimal health. Dry skin brushing also boosts your circulation, exfoliates your skin, may reduce cellulite, (always useful!), and offers both stress relief and invigoration. It’s good to choose a dry skin brush with firm natural bristles and brush once or twice a day for the best results. It’s best to use gentle pressure while brushing (toward your heart). Your skin should be pink (but not red) after a session, (this parag. has been paraphrased from Dr Mercola’s website). Skipping ahead to the airport at San Diego. Not as many healthy food options here as Seattle, but I managed to find a reasonable salad, with lettuce, raw onions, tomatoes, chicken, and hardboiled eggs. I am already missing my guy, finding myself turning to him to share something or to make a joke that I know he will laugh at, (he always laughs at my jokes, like any dedicated husband should!). Bummer, 16 more sleeps before we see each other again. However, Eric is blessed to have one of his long time friends going down to stay with him for 5 days, arriving on the 5th or 6th of December. So, yay for Eric. Not that he’s ever really alone down at Sanoviv, it’ll be awesome to have his buddy close by. I’m looking forward to see my daughter, as we were apart for 2 weeks last month and now again for 10 days. However, I can’t say that she has missed me with anything nearing the same intensity, as she loves to spend time with her big sister. She has five kiddos, and her partner has two, so quite the blended family. Bella loves to feel like she’s part of a big family, something that I had fully intended to give her, until the whole body clock stopped ticking, and the husband thing didn’t work out when she was younger. A good flight back, a rush to the mall to look for a new dress for a girlfriend’s wedding tomorrow, a nice long talk to Eric, and catching up with Dancing with the Stars on Hulu! Phew! But, I am happy to report that Eric had a good day without me! He kept his food down, had a regional hyperthermia treatment, and IV and yet another detoxing spa treatment. It’s so cute that he is spending so much time in the spa! All is good in my world tonight. Happy day, afternoon or night everyone. Thank you so much for all your prayers, blessings and healing energy! Love and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

December 3rd, 2016 Day 41: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Congratulations and happy wedding day to our special friend Hilary, and her new husband Brad. I so wanted to get up and say something at the wedding luncheon today, but I was feeling a little emotional. I knew that if I did stand up, I’d lose it almost right away. Perhaps this might be a good place to say what I wanted to say earlier, and couldn’t. You see, Hilary was one of the first people to “show up” when Eric was first diagnosed with cancer. She said the magic words, “Where are you, I’ll come to you. What do you need?”. When there is a cancer diagnosis, most people are uncertain what to say, or how to help, and they say, “Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help”, or some such. Hilary knew the right questions to ask, and the things to say, because she began her cancer journey before Eric’s started. I want to apologize to you Hilary, when you were first diagnosed, I also didn’t know what to do, or how I could possibly help. I didn’t know that I could have shown up at any time and just hugged you, or sat with you, or let you cry on my shoulder, or take you a meal or two. I didn’t know I could do those things, and that often that is all that is needed in that moment. Thank you for showing up for Eric, for us, and for helping us navigate the cancer journey this year Hilary. Thank you for coming to our home and telling us what the first appointment would look like with Eric’s Oncologist, and the right questions to ask. In fact, thank you for coming with us to that very first Oncologist appointment. I thought I was going to be balling all the way through, but just knowing that you were sitting beside me made me feel more brave and courageous. I was not only better prepared to ask a lot of questions, but the right questions. I felt quite empowered, so thank you for that gift. Once again, I’m sorry that I couldn’t speak today, but these are some of the things I would have said. I just spoke to Eric and he was very keen to get the full story of the day, and hear all about the wedding. I shared with him that I wasn’t up to saying something with the mic and share from the heart, because my heart was feeling fragile and my emotions wobbly. Eric agreed that writing about it is a good idea, as it’s another way of sharing what I am feeling, but wasn’t able to say aloud. He said, “the tears can hit the keyboard”, and that’s okay. He even got emotional when he was saying that. Love! I also saw some business associates from a few years ago, I hadn’t seen in a while. I wasn’t expecting it, but many told me that they have been following my daily FB posts, and praying for us. Thank you, all of you. One mentioned that he was reading one of my tear-jerker posts as he was driving, but that he needed to get his act

together, as he had to go into a meeting. (Probably best to wait until you’ve reached your destination, before you check out the posts on your phone in the future! ). Another one mentioned she has really been taking to heart some of the things I have been saying, and we had a very nice teary-eyed hug or two. Thank you, you know who you are, and I am humbled by your kind words and very much enjoyed the hugs. I’d also like to do a shout-out to Karla, another special friend on our cancer journey. Karla and Hilary are the two people we text as soon as we hear about another lump or bump in Eric’s body. We tell them first, because they know what it’s like to wonder whether the cancer has spread, and ask what this means. In fact, I would say that these two ladies blazed the path for me to be able to use speak up, and speak out about our journey. If it weren’t for them, two typically private people, I may not have had the courage to write these words for all my FB friends to read. So, thank you two very special friends. Eric told me about his day. He woke up stiff and in pain, to the point where he started gagging. However, he used mind over matter, and was determined to be able to get to breakfast and eat. He took some anti-nausea medicine and went downstairs to the dining hall with his walker. He had a 30 minute spa treatment right afterwards, and figured it was going to be another spa bath, but it was a leg massage treatment. Now, apparently this health professional knew what he was doing, and knew his anatomy. He went to town and hit Eric’s legs hard. He was flicking the ligaments like rubber bands, and some parts were particularly excruciating. Fortunately though, he did give Eric the heads up as to which ones were going to hurt badly. He went into the Thalasso therapeutic pools, and hung out for an hour in the one of the four pools that is kept at body temperature. He asked someone to turn on the jets, and hit all 3 different jets on his body, and that helped loosen him up enormously. He’s had problems laying on his back for sleep, in addition to experiencing trouble on side. He made mountains of pillows, and tried out several pillow arrangements. After playing with his pillow set up, he finally got to sleep last night. He found that lying on stomach worked out the best. He had a pillow under his feet and one under the forehead and that was pretty comfortable. He had an ozone treatment today too. The lady practitioner came up with an idea. She recommended to do the IV after dinner, so that he could lie on a hospital bed and do it in the room. Eric was surprised, but chuffed, that they would do that for him. He was also going to spend some time catching up on online banking, but couldn’t

find the energy. He ended up sleeping from lunch until dinner. The big news of the day, was that he was able to keep all his meals down. Thank goodness for small mercies! He is very excited his friend from Seattle is showing up this Thursday, and leaving late Saturday. Then, his wife is looking at coming down next Saturday and leaving on the following Monday, for just two nights. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great that the rooms are all suites, with a standalone separate area for the companion, because it means that any companions that come and stay, and get to have their own bedroom area with a door that closes off. OK, time to say goodnight, good afternoon and good morning â&#x20AC;&#x201C; wherever you might be in the world. Love, love, love from my heart to yours! Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 4th, 2016 Day 42: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Eric’s experiment last night of trying to sleep through the IV drip, (3 grams, or 3 bags of curcumin), was an absolute flop. The curcumin seems to be a little thick and doesn’t always flow though the IV lines smoothly as it should. Consequently, the darn IV machine kept beeping pretty much constantly all night long. The nurses even had to change out the lines up to 3-4 times per bag, which is really labor-intensive for the nurses and meant that Eric had to stay awake as they cleaned his port and changed the lines. Needless to say, he only got to sleep just as the darkness was starting to turn into light. He did manage to slept from 4:30-7:30am. He was able to do breakfast and went for another spa therapy. Boy, Eric has had more spa treatments in the last 1 ½ months than most men get their whole lives! But, let’s be honest, he never really had any spa treatments before going to Sanoviv, with the exception of massage, which is probably not technically a “spa treatment”. Today, it was a detox spa bath, in the sit-upright tub. Eric felt like this was exactly what he needed, so was a happy chappy. When I had my detox spa bath treatments, directly out the window on the top of the hill across the road from Sanoviv, you could see a very large ostentatious concrete home. You might even guess that it was built by a drug lord not that long ago. Indeed, you would be right. The story goes that one night the Mexican equivalent to the DEA, flew in their helicopters with lights shining, landed on the property and rounded up all the drug associates. Allegedly, the drug lord himself had been tipped off and escaped that particular round-up, (maybe through a secret passage? I love the idea of a secret passage!). I believe that they did eventually get him, and the house sits there alone and abandoned on top of the hill. Eric tells me that he found another lump in his rib cage area. That means there’s a total of 4 new lumps. They do seem to grow and get more painful over time, so he is going to insist that they do the ultrasound stat, to see what the masses are all about. If they match the one they removed from above his knee, they will be cancerous lymph nodes, of a slightly mutated cancer than he started with in January, (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Large Cell Diffuse B-type, subtype ABC, compared to the mutation of Medium Cell). After lunch, Eric fell asleep and slept through to about 4pm. He did get a chance to chat with the Nutritionist and she confirmed that the continued weight loss he has been experiencing, at least has only impacted leftover fat, not his actual body mass. So, there’s another small mercy to be grateful for.

Meanwhile, here at home in Kirkland, Washington, Bella and I purchased a gorgeous, full Christmas tree, drove it home and decorated it tonight. It brought back memories of last Christmas, when the three of us went to get a tree. Eric was in a lot of back pain, and we recalled that he really struggled to help bring it inside. Of course, we didn’t find out why for another month after that, sadly! I’m so sorry Bebe, that none of us intuited that your back was close to breaking point with a big nasty cancerous tumor growing big and strong. I’m sorry it took 6 weeks to get you to the right ER that was willing to take an MRI. But, as we say, you are in the right place now! On another note, I wanted to talk about coconut oil, as one of the healthy topics I am sharing. I’m more than curious to note how many sources hail coconut oil as being one of the bad and unhealthy oils. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a “superfood.” Its benefits include medicinal, weight loss, better brain function, skin health and many more. They use it at Sanoviv for many reasons, including the doctor sending me to the kitchen to get some to take care of a recent cold sore. Here are 10 impressive health benefits of coconut oil, (please note I have taken a ton of material largely from…/ as it’s an awesome article): 1. Coconut Oil Contains Fatty Acids With Powerful Medicinal Properties: Coconut oil has been demonized in the past because it contains saturated fat. In reality, coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat known to man, with almost 90% of the fatty acids in it being saturated. However, new data is showing that saturated fats are mostly harmless. Many studies with hundreds of thousands of people have found no link to heart disease. Additionally, coconut oil doesn’t contain your average saturated fats, like the ones you would find in cheese or steak. They contain Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) – which are fatty acids of a medium length. Most of the fatty acids in the diet are long-chain fatty acids, but the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are metabolized differently. They go straight to the liver from the digestive tract, where they are used as a quick source of energy or turned into so-called ketones, which can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. 2. Populations That Eat a Lot of Coconut Oil Are Healthy: Coconut is an exotic food in the Western world, primarily consumed by health conscious people. However, in some parts of the world, coconut is a dietary staple that people have thrived on for many generations. The best example of such a population is the Tokelauans, which

live in the South Pacific. They eat over 60% of their calories from coconuts and are the biggest consumers of saturated fat in the world. These people are in great health, with no evidence of heart disease. Plenty of populations around the world have thrived for multiple generations eating massive amounts of coconut fat. 3. Coconut Oil Can Help You Burn More Fat: Obesity is currently one of the biggest health problems in the world. While some people think obesity is only a matter of calories, others (myself included) believe that the sources of those calories are important too. It is a fact that different foods affect our bodies and hormones in different ways. In this regard, a calorie is not a calorie. The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil can increase how many calories you burn compared to the same amount of other fats. The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil have been shown to increase calories burned over 24 hours by as much as 5%, potentially leading to significant weight loss over the long term. 4. Coconut Oil Can Kill Harmful Microorganisms: Almost 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil is the 12-carbon Lauric Acid. When lauric acid is digested, it forms a substance called monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi. For example, these substances have been shown to kill the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus (a very dangerous pathogen) and the yeast Candida Albicans, a common source of yeast infections in humans. The fatty acids and breakdown products in coconut oil can kill harmful pathogens, potentially helping to prevent infections. 5. Coconut Oil Can Reduce Your Hunger, Helping You Eat Less: One interesting feature of coconut oil is that it can reduce your hunger. This may be related to the way the fatty acids in it are metabolized, because ketones can have an appetite reducing effect. 6. The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Are Turned into Ketones, Which Can Reduce Seizures: A so-called ketogenic (very low carb, very high fat) diet is currently being studied to treat various disorders. The best known therapeutic application of this diet is treating drug-resistant epilepsy in children. This diet involves eating very little carbohydrates and large amounts of fat, leading to greatly increased concentrations of ketones in the blood. For some reason, this diet can dramatically reduce the rate of seizures in epileptic children, even those who havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t had success with multiple different types of drugs. Because the MCTs in coconut oil get shipped to the liver and turned into ketones, they are often used in epileptic patients to induce ketosis while allowing for a bit more carbs in the diet. The MCTs in coconut oil can increase blood concentration of ketone bodies, which can help reduce seizures in epileptic children.

7. Coconut Oil Can Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels: Coconut oil contains healthy saturated fats. The saturated fats in coconut oil may increase “good” HDL cholesterol in your body, but also help convert the “bad” LDL cholesterol into a less harmful form. Coconut oil may also improve other risk factors and therefore protect against heart disease. In one study in 40 women, coconut oil reduced Total and LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL compared to soybean oil. There are also rat studies showing that coconut oil reduces triglycerides, total and LDL cholesterol, increases HDL and improves blood coagulation factors and antioxidant status. Studies in both humans and rats show that coconut oil improves important risk factors like Total, LDL and HDL cholesterol, which may translate to a reduced risk of heart disease. 8. Coconut Oil Can Protect Hair Against Damage, Moisturize Skin and Function as Sunscreen: Coconut oil can serve various purposes that have nothing to do with eating it. Many people are using it for cosmetic purposes and to improve the health and appearance of their skin and hair. Studies on individuals with dry skin show that coconut oil can improve the moisture and fat content of the skin. Coconut oil can also be very protective against hair damage and one study shows effectiveness as sunscreen, blocking about 20% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Another application is using it like mouthwash in a process called oil pulling, which can kill some of the harmful bacteria in the mouth, improve dental health and reduce bad breath. In summary, coconut oil can be applied topically as well, studies showing it to be effective as a skin moisturizer and protecting against hair damage. It can also be used as a mild form of sunscreen and as mouthwash. 9. The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Can Boost Brain Function in Alzheimer’s Patients: Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia worldwide and occurs primarily in elderly individuals. In Alzheimer’s patients, there appears to be a reduced ability to use carbs for energy in certain parts of the brain. Researchers have speculated that ketones can provide an alternative energy source for these malfunctioning brain cells and reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s. In one 2006 study, consumption of medium chain triglycerides led to immediate improvement in brain function in patients with milder forms of Alzheimer’s. Other studies support these findings and medium chain triglycerides are being intensively studied as potential therapeutic agents in Alzheimer’s disease. Studies show that the fatty acids in coconut oil can increase blood levels of ketones, supplying energy for the brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients and relieving symptoms.

10. Coconut Oil Can Help You Lose Fat, Especially The Harmful Abdominal Fat: Given that coconut oil can reduce appetite and increase fat burning, it makes sense that it can also help you lose weight. Coconut oil appears to be especially effective at reducing belly fat, which lodges in the abdominal cavity and around organs. This is the most dangerous fat of all and is highly associated with many chronic diseases. Waist circumference is easily measured and is a great marker for the amount of fat in the abdominal cavity. In studies where men and women were given 2 tablespoons per day, they lost significant amounts of belly fat simply by adding coconut oil to their diet. Make sure you get organic, raw, virgin coconut oil, not the refined stuff. I personally cook almost everything I eat in coconut oil and my health and weight has never been better. I also use it in my daily teas, using about ½ teaspoon per hot flask of tea. OK, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the end of my daily musing today. I wish you all a good night, afternoon or morning, and many blessings upon you and your families. Love and hugs, Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 5th, 2016 Day 43: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Did you notice that I have been counting the days for Eric’s medical experience as a Mexican medical “adventure”? It occurred to me that in typical cancer-speak, this would be labeled as a “battle”. However, listen to how that sounds, “Eric’s Mexican Medical Battle”. Yeah, no! I like the “adventure” option much better. Even though there are definitely moments, hours, days and even weeks, when it does feel a bit like a battle, there are no losers here. There are only those of us on a journey to healing on all dimensions…spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological…. in/for the past, present and future….in relation to family, friends, people and the planet. In fact, although I don’t know if Eric was ready to share this part of his journey yet, but he had a truly heart-opening session today with his wonderful young psychologist, Jonas. Although they explored some of the territory they had covered in the past, they came at it from a different angle. The detour from familiar ground rendered Eric very emotional, something that is still relatively new for him. How blessed is Eric to be in such a safe environment to be able to explore, sob and speak from his depths. Many people are not courageous enough to go there at any time, let alone when faced with a potentially life-threatening dis-ease. I’m so proud of him for being willing to go there, and being willing to look his fears head-on. When he shared with me this story this afternoon, I was also weeping in the car as I was driving home. What a gift for Eric, and for me, and for all of us connected to him! Imagine if we had listened to, and believed the prognosis of, the Seattle Oncologist. Eric would only have 17 days left to live. How crazy is that! We still don’t know what the outcome is going to be. Maybe the Mexico trip was too late, maybe not. However, we are sure doing everything we can to get his health back and beyond. Eric has too much to live for! He has so much to do with his new calling, a new life’s purpose, to somehow connect technology with true health. He has discovered his superpower. Let’s energize a reality where he is becoming so healthy, he can change the world with his superpower. So many of you have shared, over private message or on FB, the impact our story has had on you. I know I have said this before, but I don’t believe it loses any of its power in the sharing of the sentiment again… I am truly humbled by your stories of inspiration. These, in turn, inspire me to keep writing. So, we’re on a kind of upwards

spiral of love, and support and encouragement. It’s so cool that some people have gone out and purchased a new, healthy water filter; some are trying the golden milk recipe to combat inflammation and sore joints; some are switching to the paleo diet; some are dusting off their mini-trampolines and juicers; getting their teeth and root canals checked or removed; stopping on the fast food and sodas; turning to more organics and such. I am now aware of others that haven’t said a word online, but have been reading, listening, watching and waiting, and beginning to formulate ways they too can lead a healthier life, (or not, as the case may be!).It’s all good, but it is exciting that the sheer intensity of Eric’s experience, has the power to impact others. It’s like a ripple effect, and this is good. Please remember to watch “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”, or read the book though. I know some of you have. This is so very important, because you do need to be armed with information should you, a family member, or friend, get the diagnosis no one ever wants to get. When Eric was first diagnosed, our views on how to handle his situation, were so diametrically opposed, we had many heated discussions about it. As you know, in the end, I gave up and gave in to Eric’s choice of following the traditional route. He had to focus on one path and believe in one path only. I really don’t get much excitement out of saying “I told you so”, but I am truly happy for him, and for me, and for all of us, that he is now completely 100% open to alternative/advanced healing therapies. Of course, we are praying, and hoping that it is not too late! Eric’s doctor in Mexico, is connected with another 100+ like-minded doctors in various cities, including the US. Lucky for us, he has a great connection in Seattle. Additionally, he has an associate on the Big Island of Hawaii, should Eric decide to spend some time healing there too, (as one of our many options, moving forward). The doc and Eric have been having discussions about timing for his next PET scan, the ultrasound on his four lumps, and what protocols to follow back home, or elsewhere. He has a thermography session scheduled for tomorrow morning, so that’ll be interesting to get the results of that, as most concerning areas will show up on the thermograph as a "red hot", as they tend to generate heat. Somehow, the evening got away with me, and it’s getting late. As you know, I like getting up early in the morning to do my exercise, (albeit today at the gym to avoid the rain and snow!). Much love and many blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 6th, 2016 Day 44: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: The BIG news of the day is that Sanoviv just progressed from being unable to offer CBD, (Cannabinoid), or otherwise labeled as hemp oil, to legally being able to offer it. This is a new development for Mexico, and it was a long time in coming for many medical facilities, due to red tape in Mexico city. I believe Eric was the first patient/ guest to receive the oil at Sanoviv! To be honest, I didn’t quiz Eric on the THC content, but I shall ask tomorrow, as this could certainly help with the pain angle too. It’s exciting, as there are more and more studies, showing how CBD and THC are curing all sorts of maladies, including cancer. Eric likened his selfie today to looking like he belongs on the cast of “Breaking Bad”! He had his thermography this morning, and should get the results back soon. This was followed by a session of “minor” ozone autohemotherapy, (as opposed to “major” ozone autohemotherapy). In this quick procedure, a small amount of blood is taken from a vein and enriched in a syringe containing about 10 ml of ozone. The ozone enriched blood is then injected into either the gluteal muscle or under the skin. The immune system reacts to this ozone enriched blood with higher activity and production of antibodies. This treatment has proven itself to be of great value to jump start the immune system, and the process only takes about 10 minutes. Consequently, it can be carried out 2-3 times per week. Eric wasn’t able to hold down lunch, as he has developed a recent aversion to beef. The kitchen thought they were offering him a special treat, but his body didn’t appreciate it at all. This was actually one of the first food items that started to taste like ash when he was going through chemo, (yes, one of the joys of chemo, for many, is that you slowly start losing your taste buds, and food starts tasting like a dirty ashtray). It sounds like Eric and the brilliant young doctor are getting along rather famously! They do, in fact, meet for 20-30+ minutes per day. Eric has been offering guidance on what he would do to streamline the scheduling and billing processes at Sanoviv! Not too surprising, as he often automatically jumps into a business coaching role, when asked for his guidance. Indeed, Sanoviv is awesome, but they do definitely need some assistance in tightening up their scheduling and billing department systems. They are, afterall, being run by humans. The doc has agreed that it would be really useful to get a PET scan for Eric this month, rather than wait until the 3 month interval, as dictated by the US health insurance companies. Let’s take a look at the math on this test.

In the US, the PET scan typically ranges from $5-$8,000 per scan. In Mexico, Eric can get a full body one next week for approx. $2100. What do you think it actually costs? My guess is it’d be closer to the $2000 end of the scale, wouldn’t you agree? A chilly day today in Seattle, with ice on the car when I went to drive away this morning. It didn’t really get much above 35F/2C all day. Thank goodness for furry boots and nice heavy winter coats! To be honest, I rather enjoy the cold weather, and I really love boots and coats! What fun! My apologies, but today’s is a short missive, given that I just finished prepping for tomorrow’s Microsoft meetings a little bit ago, at 10:30pm. Although I enjoy committing to 1-2 hours of writing per day, I know that sometimes life, (and/or work) can get in the way! I do wish you all the best for an awesome night, day, morning, afternoon – wherever you are in the world! Love and more love, Phillipa xxxooxxooxx

December 7th, 2016 Day 45: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Eric is very excited, as his best friend Andi is coming down to see him tomorrow! One more sleep, yay! He is staying for 3 nights, and when he leaves, his wife Bea arrives and gets to be Eric’s companion for 3 nights. Next week is Eric’s final week at Sanoviv, for now anyway. It’s a big week too, as he’ll have his PET scan on Tuesday. That’ll afford his doctor enough time to discuss the results of the scan with Eric, and create a plan for his return to Seattle. So, prayers, visualizations, blessings and healing energy…. whatever you’ve got, please send it his way, for a body that is cancer free! I tell you though, miracles happen every day. (By the way, I have a friend from my Hawaii days, and he used to call miracles, “normals”. He felt that if we plan for, and expect, miracles daily, they become normals!). I’ll give you an example of how miracles/normals happen right in front of our eyes. One of the ladies I met at Sanoviv just before I left, is still there now, and receiving full-on treatments. She was having pains in her head, headaches and sore eyes since the beginning of 2015. She finally got in to see the specialist in Canada a year later, and he sent her home with pain meds and offered Botox as a remedy for her headaches. Fast forward to 2016, and she was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer of the face…kind of in the sinus area, and up behind the eye! They tell her that the only option is to do a 20 hour surgery to cut open her face and jaw bone, take out the tumor and try to sew her back together in one piece. Oh, and did I mention she just got married? She has been taking CBD’s/THC’s since she was diagnosed and the pain has been getting more manageable. Essentially, she did the same thing as us, and said screw that prognosis, we’re heading off to Mexico! Well, guess what? She had a PET scan last week and voila – no more tumor! How wonderful is that? It’s not that the PET scans in Mexico are poor equipment. In fact, the equipment in some cases is more advanced than some of the old machines they use in the US! It’s truly that there was no hot spot in her face at all! Completely clear of cancer! Sanoviv is still doing a whole treatment plan to keep her in good shape, and really boost her immune system to be able to fend off any little rogue cells in the future. What a concept! No surgery, no chemo, no radiation…. only cannabinoids and alternative/advanced treatments! Love it! Now, please understand that there is more to her story than I can tell you here and now, and she does want her story told. However, I shall wait to learn more about the details, and once I have the go-ahead from her, I can share more. But, she is an amazing lady, very determined, and a wonderful new friend for us.

So, on to Eric’s night and day update. Last night, he experienced really bad back spasms. I take some of the blame, as he had helped me for a couple hours with a serious computer emergency. He was late taking meds and he had to keep a clear head to help to focus and concentrate on telling me which files to move where and how etc. I am very grateful as he got me out of a tricky spot with all the work I needed to get done. By the same token, he paid for it in pain! Bummer, sorry about that Bebe. So, from 10pm-3am, he was literally thrashing around, with his knees and back on fire. He ended up stacking 3 pillows and laid his pelvis on them, and that gave slight relief. He decided he needed an additional pillow, but it was on the floor. It’s kind of a comedy of errors, because he leaned over and reached out along the floor to get his missing pillow. He heard a “pop” way down in his lower back, maybe as low as L2. His thought was, “Oh shoot”. However, thankfully, it a good pop, one his Chiro has been trying to get for a wee while. He ended up getting to sleep and slept solidly from 3am-9am. The front desk called him at 9am to check on him and to tell him he had missed his lab appointment. He asked nicely if they would come to him instead, and they agreed. Very nice of them! He fell right back asleep and sleep for another little bit. He woke up ready to rock and ate a bowl of fruit for breakfast. OK, so today was one of his “3 bags of curcumin” day. You know what that means, right? It means 9-10 hours of IV’s on one single day! They tried another schedule and gave him his first bag in the morning. Then, he had a regional hyperthermia treatment. Lunch. He canceled his quiet room session, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber, as there was no time on his “3 bag of curcumin day”, (you see, I did mention that they need some help with their scheduling program). H cracks me up though, he did keep his spa treatment and it was a back of leg massage. The practitioner tore into his leg and it was apparently just what he needed. He came back at 4pm, and did another curcumin bag. He took a break for dinner, rested and he was back at 8pm-11pm to finish up. Boy, it’s exhausting even writing about his day. But I am all for it – these treatments are literally saving his life! Tomorrow, he has a Chiro session, a spa treatment, (massage on top of the legs), and his private stretch lesson. All 3 on one day, this is a good scheduling day and a great combo. Eric is happy about his schedule tomorrow. He does also have an IV tomorrow, but it is only a 2-3 hour drip of vitamins and minerals. OK, so here are a few developments. There is another advanced study that he took, and the results are coming back tomorrow. This will apparently help the doctor develop a treatment plan for the medium cell Lymphoma, (the four little lumps he has). The Thermograph did light up in the four small areas with lumps. The doctor con-

firmed that there is nothing that needs to be treated urgently, that they have time. (I so appreciate he doesn’t use fear tactics to scare Eric into taking a course of action that might not be the best one for him, as they do elsewhere). They’re also looking into Kryogenics too, for these small lumps. They were not able to use the freezing treatment on Eric’s hip/leg tumor, as it would have frozen the rod inside his leg. But, it could work well for the little lumps. To be confirmed. Additionally, the doctor is looking at making a homeopathic cream for Eric to rub on to his little lumps on a daily basis, turmeric and couple other ingredients he can’t recall. I have to say, I love this! I so appreciate the way the doctor is seeing Eric daily, and talking and communicating, and bouncing off ideas with Eric and the other docs and professionals – the dentist, the chiro, the body code lady, the psychologist, the PT guy etc. They all meet daily. Eric’s treatment plan is truly that! It is a plan for Eric. I am beyond delighted that he is getting such a degree of personalized, (and personal!) care! Rock on! A big day at work for me today, and a cold day in Seattle, with temps not getting over freezing all day! I loved that I came home to a clean kitchen, a delicious meal of meatballs and fruit salad, as made by our teen, Bella. Thanks Bella, that’s just what I needed! A big, heavy and deep talk ensued. It’s not easy navigating the journey as a parent of a teen, or for a teen with a parent(!). However, we’re working through our issues, and I believe we made some progress and heading in the right direction. Thank you for your love, support, healing energy, prayers, visualizations, inspiration, thoughts, and comments. These keep us buoyed up beyond words. Many blessings and much love back to you too, Love, live, love, Phillipa xxxxooooxxxxoooo

December 8th, 2016 Day 46: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Yay! Eric’s best friend is in Mexico with Eric! What fun! It’s only for 3 days, but he wanted to check out how Eric was doing, and Sanoviv, for himself. Andi is excited at how good Eric looks, and that he doesn’t look like an old man, as he did before he left to save his life. Indeed, pumping his body full of good food, water, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, homeopathic remedies, oxygen and heat, energy machines and such, has revived his chemo-ravaged body substantially. Eric’s day today was pretty light. His only treatments were Chiro, IV, Dr consult, spa treatment and a one hour quiet room session. That worked out pretty well, given that his bestie arrived around late morning. I would try to give you more of an update, but the few times we connected on the phone today, Eric was just about to go into a meeting, or couldn’t talk for some reason. Tonight, he texted me that he was feeling nauseous and wanted to get straight into bed to see whether he could sleep it off. So, you’ll have to spend a little time with me tonight then, and an update from the greater Seattle area. Yes, it snowed again today, a little heavier than earlier in the week. I love it, it is sooooo beautiful! When everything is blanketed in white, it’s just gorgeous. I had to really focus on staying in my body as I was driving home from the Windermere Real Estate Christmas party tonight, as the falling snow flying directly at the windscreen was so mesmerizing, I almost lifted right up and away! (By the way, I love my real estate team. They helped me close another two homes whilst I was in Mexico and a third is closing next week. Way to go!). You know, it’s good to ponder all the little, (and big), things we can do to help our body get to an optimal health state. Here’s a few changes I’ve made recently: I have stopped using our microwave. I have never liked microwaves, and didn’t use one for many years when Bella was younger. Yet, like most other people, got a tad lazy and started to depend on the speed with which one can defrost and heat up food. However, instead of the instant gratification of heating up in 1-3 minutes, now I plan ahead and take perhaps 5-6 minutes to heat up food on the stove top. It actually tastes much better, and the heat is more even. I eat my food cold at work, as I am no longer using a work microwave either. I have reduced my meat intake by 50%. Rather than having meat a couple times a day, I’m down to 0-1 times per day. I know my vegan friends would strongly recommend no meat, and I might well get there, I’m just not ready to go cold turkey YET, (oops, pardon the pun!).

I have stopped sleeping with my phone next to my bed. I have it in the bathroom, so that I can still hear the alarm in the morning, but I’m not sleeping with it right beside me. As one of my guy buds said in a post the other day, it’s good to remember that although our phones are extremely convenient, they are also “weapons of mass destruction”. There’s plenty of info about this online too. I am cutting back substantially how much I/we “eat out”. It can be tough to source non-cross-contaminated gluten-free, dairy-free and organic food in restaurants. So, since I’ve been back from Mexico, I have cooked veges for each meal, and if I’m eating lunch at work, I’ll take in cold veges and a large salad. I found once I got into the habit, it’s quite easy. Now, I know I’m eating everything organic, GF and DF and mostly paleo, because I’m preparing all my own meals. Well, that’s it for tonight everyone. Love and hugs and many many blessings to each and every one of you! Enjoy the pics, Phillipa xx00xx00xx

Looking good Bebe! Your energy is sooo different!

Our Windermere real estate team rocks! â&#x20AC;&#x201D; with Tin Le Phan, Lien Ngu and Hao Dang.

Eric's Tonka truck has never seen the snow. Bella is excited to play in the snow too! :)

December 9th, 2016 Day 47: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: “Back off. I have a crazy New Zealand wife and I’m not afraid to use her!”, the New Zealander Community FB Page. I chuckled when I saw this quote today on the FB page for the “New Zealander Community”, (a FB page for Kiwis, and friends & family of Kiwis living in the USA). Eric has communicated with me many times he has been grateful to have me on his side and advocating for his health, when he was unable to. Looking back, I do wish I had unleashed a bit more of my “crazy” a little earlier and dragged him down to Mexico as soon as we realized that the Onco doctors really didn’t have a handle on what to do with Eric. It was all about trial and error for the Oncologists, not following a solid proven plan. It’s not about healing, but about prescribing. It’s not about caring, it’s about earning. It’s not personalized medicine, it’s about numbers, commissions and profits. It’s not about common sense with elements like nutrition, it’s about recommending anything with calories, and/or sugar. It’s not about having curiosity for the alternative treatments, it’s about blindly maligning them. It’s about giving the cold shoulder to those of us that leave the country to save our lives, but welcoming the pharmaceutical reps and their drugs, with wide open arms. In chatting with Eric late afternoon, he shared that his friend came into the body code session with him today. I was excited about that, because there they were, two tough Microsoft dudes, sitting with a lady that speaks to your body through muscle-testing. Love it! Eric has been doing a lot of emotional clearing in these sessions, and the reason I am so impressed with this program, is that a good percentage of dis-ease starts in the emotional body. We tend to internalize things that happen to and around us. Apparently, that’s why it can take 7-8 years for cancer to really take hold. It’s takes a while for the crystals to form in the body, energetically speaking. So, here they are…the two guys sitting there. Eric asks the body code lady whether the 17th of December is a good day to travel back to Seattle. She, in turn asks Eric’s body, and his body gives a resounding “yes”. He also asks whether his body is ready to give up producing more cancer. The answer is a resounding “yes”. However, there is one caveat, and that is he needs to create a stronger connection with a higher power. Now, in his case, he likens it to having a Board Meeting with his “etheric team”, (by the way, I got the phrase “etheric team” from a very special spiritual teacher).

Some of you might call it connecting to the Universe, or praying to/chatting with the Lord/God, or it might be your angels, or guardian angels, or Archangels, or something else altogether. At the end of the day, I believe it’s all the same thing – believing and having faith in something/someone unseen and larger than ourselves. At Sanoviv, they have, in the daily schedules, time for meditation. They offer the laughing, sound and other forms of meditation. It’s really all about slowing down, so that you can have a chance to listen to your breath and to your heart. I’m beyond excited that Eric has the rare opportunity to get so much intense emotional healing time, and I think it is very cool that his friend got to witness something that perhaps a lot of people might be skeptical about, at least initially. His friend Andi joined the morning stretch class, had a one-on-one cardio session at the gym, and had a nice long spa treatment, a full body massage. It sounds like he is keen to come back in the spring to do the 3-4 day medical assessment. In fact, I was with Andi’s wife in Seattle tonight, and we were all talking about the possibility of going back to Sanoviv in February. Our friends would do the assessment, I could get my zirconium dental implant process done, and do another couple tests that they would like to perform on me, and Eric could have a follow-up and detox week. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? Wouldn’t it be so awesome if everyone we knew could all show up at Sanoviv for a check-up and detox? The possibilities for healing and fun are endless! Eric had an IV session today, and a few other treatments, but has still been having some ongoing back pain. I asked about whether the CBD oil he can been taking has any THC and apparently, it does not. That’s a bummer in the sense that the THC, as far as I understand, is the component that can really help reduce the pain and promote blissful sleep! Eric heard from his body code lady that at the daily meeting with all the professionals that morning, his doctor confirmed that he was giving Eric every possible treatment he could, to heal from his cancer journey thus far. He is proud that Eric has just taken everything that has been thrown at him, with as much grace and ease as he can muster. It looks like he is just as invested in the results of his Tuesday’s PET scan, as Eric! Me too, I have to say. I am crossing all fingers, toes and body parts that the scan is clear. I am visualizing, and praying and sending a continuous flow of healing energy to Eric’s body. I wanted to add in a couple items to the list I posted yesterday of healthy habits to prevent and heal dis-ease in our bodies.

Sanoviv provides on every table, at lunch and dinner, a plate of organic garlic cloves and a garlic crush. Oftentimes, we would literally grab a clove, and squeeze the fresh garlic over our salads, veges and meat dishes. Garlic has so many wonderful medicinal purposes, raw, cooked, or in powdered/flaked forms. The benefits include being packed with antioxidants, to benefit our immune system. It can prevent and treat colds and cold sores. It’s anti-fungal and can heal athletes foot or toe fungus. It’s been known to aid in the prevention of cancer, (e.g. bladder, prostate, breast, colon and stomach). Garlic also contains high levels of iodine which makes it a very effective treatment for hyperthyroid conditions, (I didn’t know this one). Cardiovascular disease can be reduced by ingesting garlic, and it is a great source of vitamin B6 which is needed for a healthy immune system and the efficient growth of new cells. Vitamin B6 can also assist with mood swings. They are also not afraid to provide salt on every table, (in addition to powdered kelp, and cayenne pepper). Ironically, I have not been having as much salt as my body needed, and as a result, my body is producing cysts, (breasts, lung, and thyroid), and I was also told I was dehydrated in Sanoviv, but I drink 3-4 liters of water per day. Salt is important for the following reasons. It: • Aids in diabetes management and boosts dental health • Helps regulate the amount of water in and around cells • Helps prevent hypothyroidism • Aids in preventing cystic fibrosis and acute diarrhea • Supports maintaining blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease • Offers relief from heat stroke or sun stroke • Provides relief from sore throat, muscle cramps, nasal and sinus problems • Helps maintain god health of mother and infants during and after pregnancy • Vital in maintaining electrolyte balance for smooth functioning of our organ systems I had a wonderful evening with our good friend, and “family member”, Bea. Even on a cold and blustering night, we decided to head over the bridge to Seattle city to check out the Christmas lights and have dinner. We had a fun time and rode the merry-go-round. Honestly,

I don’t think I’ve ever ridden one before, and I was so excited that they were adult-sized, and not just designed for the little people! A lovely evening, and now Bea is heading down to see Eric for 3 days, departing in the wee hours tomorrow morning. I wish you a safe and fun trip Bea! That’s it for today everyone. Many many blessings to you all, Love and more love, Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 10th, 2016 Day 48: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Had a nice chat to Eric this afternoon. However, because he has such a full schedule every day, our chats are not always as long and luxurious as I would like. On one hand, I am very keen to find out anything and everything that is going on with his day and treatments in Sanoviv, especially given that I am not there with him right now. On the other, I tell him that I would like “something” to prompt my daily musings! He is the star character after all! He shared there was one quiet room treatment that he was given today that was more than a tad mind-blowing. The doctor recommended it, and the quiet room staff created it around Eric’s specific health scenario. I’m just about jumping out of my skin with excitement, because THIS is what I believe health, healing and medicine should be about! It should be the doctor pondering and wondering and figuring out what the next step should be. There should be some complexities and nuances that are different for everyone, and this is what customized medicine truly is, it’s not one-size-fits-all. In this case, the doctor requested that the quiet room use this one machine, using 4 little pads, (1” x 3”, or 2.5cm x 7.5cm). They placed these 4 pads, one on each of Eric’s little lymphie cancer lumps. For one hour, Eric could feel the slight pulsing, tingling sensation from the pads. After one hour was up, they took away the metal pads and the pad removed from the largest of Eric’s lumps was literally covered in black stuff… toxins! Oh la la! Now, you can see why the FDA is worried about the treatments in the quiet room... because they work. THIS, my friends, is really personalized medicine! Eric had another body code session today. The theme was about visualizing the next steps. One of Eric’s main goals is to return to work and get his body in good enough physical shape to be able to do so. He wants to be free of the reliance of the wheelchair and walker. He’d also like to pick up the physiotherapy sessions when he returns. Kindly, the PT staff at Sanoviv are preparing a letter to share what they did and what they would do in the future, so that they can get be on the same page for Eric. So, one of the key factors is to do his part and make a mental choice to get there, visualize it to help it along, and also not forgetting the spiritual connection component too.

Today was also another big day for Eric. His best friend, Andi, left Sanoviv to come back to Seattle. Concurrently, his wife Bea left Seattle in the early hours of this morning to take over his place and the companion role. It was funny, when I saw Bea last night for our Christmas-lights-and-dinner-in-Seattle evening, my parting comment was, “Have fun in Mexico with my husband for 3 days!”. That’s not something you hear every day! <Grin>. Bea had told me that she wanted to buy a book for the trip at the airport. However, she had run out of time to have a good look through the book selection, so grabbed the one called, “A Year of Yes”. I had heard of this one before. It’s by Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and probably many other works. It all started when she was at a Thanksgiving dinner with family, and one of her family members pointed out that she, Shonda, always says “no”. So, she agrees with herself to have a year of saying yes, and writes beautifully about her experiences as a result. As they usually do, the Sanoviv driver went to the San Diego airport to pick up Bea. She also met up with a couple ladies on their annual pilgrimage to Sanoviv for a one week retreat. She was excited to chat to them and learn all about them. So, when they asked the driver to pull over to buy a lottery ticket, although she typically doesn’t do the lottery, she said yes! What fun…that was her first “yes’! OK, here is Bea’s account from there, mostly in her words: The drive to Tijuana from the border was surprising. The border fence is very high, and coming from Europe, I haven’t seen a fence between countries for a long time. The Mexican fence was much smaller and prettier with trees growing alongside. The driver said: Trump wants to build a wall here... so funny! He doesn't know that we can dig right underneath! The drive along the coast was very pretty with all the new apartments and condo construction in contemporary architecture and so colorful. I loved the little street vendor shops that sell magnificent metal rod work, doors, fences, windows, and the wood furniture, all lined up at the street side waiting for an art lover to take them home. Our driver told us all the stories about Sanoviv and Dr. Wentz and how he bought the property and started the project of a body-and-mind facility. He was proud to share his story with us too.

Andi greeted me, so calm and relaxed, in the reception hall at Sanoviv and I proudly repeat his words: Being here totally changed his perspective. He showed me where to change into the organic clothing and we went to see Eric in the IV room. It looks like a nail parlor. Everyone looking out to the beautiful ocean palm trees and blue sky and having different colored IVs attached. Andi gave me the tour and the Levi Strauss mansion and showed me the little hedge where you always meet your little hummingbird. We walked the little stone path and I asked if this is where Phillipa goes running in the morning and I felt like I am walking in your book. We went for our super healthy yummy paleo lunch and chatted with a young lady and I met Kelsey, the book author, Alexander and his daughter. We went to get Eric and had a walk outside under the sun with a refreshing lemon water. It was then time to say good bye. However, Andi wanted to get one of the organic Sanoviv cotton sweat pants and bought one in the health store. After Andi left, we rested for a while in the room prior to Ericâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s next IV. We chatted about the treatment and his two friends got their colorful IVs while I heard all about Kelsey's story. She invited me to join her with the olive press treatment that burns her cancer cells. She is amazing! Back to Eric and he sends me off to have dinner while he has his with his friends in the IV too. Dinner was delicious: stuffed zucchini with chicken and rice filling a wonderful vegetable mix and a yummy cucumber tomato salad AND... surprise: raspberry ice cream with blueberries in coconut cream! Dessert!!! Back to Eric and these fascinating two women. Kelsey is a great source of information and Eric and I chat with her until all are done with the IVs. One more tonight so for now, Eric wants to rest his back and we retreat to the room. He does some work, whilst I am writing. We chat about his chemo experience and our kids and a bit about work and technology and what the plans are for Christmas and next year. Eric is very relaxed and I can see how well the whole body and soul practice works for him. He has no anxiety. Like everyone here, this is not a one-way-route. Keeping cancer under control is a good start for everyone at Sanoviv.

I notice how different it is here, compared to talking with Oncologists in Seattle. This isn't a quick treatment and it’s not like it either works or it doesn't, as with traditional medicine. This is a complex treatment that takes time and effort on many levels. I can’t wait to go to the educational movie nights and read more about this. Sanoviv doesn't do any marketing. I have been asking everyone how they got here, and they were all recommended by someone who had a good healing experience here. I am very impressed. Now Eric is in his last IV for the day. He takes the walker down for exercise and plans to take a little nap there. It started to rain, and I unwind next to the white piano in the Levi Strauss house. The mood is very relaxed, and I’m enjoying a little coconut water and a detox tea. Tomorrow I'd like to so the meditation and hope to get into massage treatments. You will be proud of me, Phillipa: I've signed up for a colon hydro-therapy treatment! So now I'd like to read about Sanoviv and the household poison book Eric gave me. He is looking forward to your next Facebook post. Have a good night’s dream! I’m getting another tea now. So good! Well, I thank you Bea, for your account of the day. I can see that you are already feeling into the sense of the place, and that is awesome! It’s so cute how you walked on the little stone path, and visited the hibiscus hummingbird hedge, and I loved how you felt like you were “walking in my book”! Nice! OK, so now it’s goodnight/good morning/good afternoon to you all. Thank you so much for joining us on our journey and much love and many blessings to you all!! Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

As his best friend Andi departs, his wife Bea, arrives! â&#x20AC;&#x201D; with Andreas Stark, Eric Leseberg and Beate Stark.

This photo cracks me up. It looks like two old dudes trying to figure out how to take a selfie and where to look! â&#x20AC;&#x201D; with Eric Leseberg and Andreas Stark.

Bea has just arrived at Sanoviv and will be hanging out with Eric for the next few days!

December 11th, 2016 Day 49 – Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: I asked Eric what he might like for Christmas, (as wives tend to ask husbands when they know they “should” be able to think of something amazing, but cannot for the life of them, actually think of anything amazing!). Here was his response, “I’m just happy to be alive”. Yes, there are tears hitting the keyboard right now, and it’s OK. It’s so true, we are lucky and blessed beyond words that he is still alive! If we had not only listened to, but “believed”, Eric’s Oncologist, he would have been close to passing from our grasp right around December 20th. Oh boy! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am grateful beyond words to two very special men, neither of whom we’ve met in person. Ty Bollinger, for being brave enough to face the big bullies on the planet to produce the “Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” online docu-series and book. Please please please, watch the series, buy the book - that’s all I ask of you. I promise, it will likely save someone’s life, if/when you hear they have a new or returned cancer diagnosis. Given the percentages people, it could even be your life, or your partner’s life you save by becoming more empowered with the valuable information within. (I’ll post the links on a separate post). Additionally, Dr Wentz, for having the vision all those years ago, to build a medical institute like none other on the planet. Dear man, I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve had to go through in the last 17 years, having people label you as a quack, practicing quackery. I don’t know how many times the bullies have tried to shut you down, just for building a healing center offering treatments that ACTUALLY work – what a concept! I’m sorry that there are people that are hired to write nasty comments about Sanoviv on various websites, many of whom have never even been to the center. I heard that you even have to drive around in a bullet-proof vehicle to survive another day. For all these reasons, and so many more, I am forever grateful to you, for giving my husband another chance at life! Of course, we are not totally out of the woods yet, and in the words of Eric’s wonderful young doctor, “We still have a ways to go”.

The PET scan on Tuesday will be another milestone, where we can collectively decide what to do and where to go from there. I know that you are already praying, sending healing energy, and blessings to Eric for a good result! Me too! Thank you all! I had a chance to catch Eric just after lunch today. He shared that he could tell that lunch wasn’t sitting particularly well after the first few bites. One of the IV’s that he has a couple times a week seems to be the current nausea culprit, but as it’s the good stuff dripping into his veins, he just deals with it. The kitchen, who are about personalized “food” medicine, offered to make him a strawberry sorbet, (blended fresh strawberries and ice), some apple sauce, and gave him a nectarine, paleo bread with nut butter, (which is absolutely delicious by the way!), for later. Speaking about personalized “food” medicine, wouldn’t it be wonderful if, overnight, everyone stopped eating fast food and drinking soda pop? I get excited when I visualize this possibility, because you know what that would mean? It would mean that, literally overnight, all the fast food chains that have been poisoning billions around the world, would be forced, to look at other options to stay in business. Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, the other options were organic, non-GMO and no chemicals, or franken-foods. How wonderful would that be? Additionally, imagine if everyone started either buying organic or healthy groceries with that money, OR at the very least, supported restaurants that offered largely organic, or at least environmentally responsible food? One such “conscious” national chain is Chipotle. They were the first national restaurant company in the USA to cook only with non-GMO ingredients. They also use a substantial amount of ingredients that are grown organically, e.g. avocados, black beans, brown rice, cilantro, jalapeños, oregano, and pinto beans. The meat they use is also responsibly raised, including raising animals humanely, without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics or added hormones. They started off sourcing only organic chickens in the beginning, and I remember reading about the owner of the chain getting such a hard time from farmers growing chickens in very poor conditions, (e.g. in battery cages). Allegedly, they said that he’d never find enough organic chicken farms to supply him, but he was determined and I applaud his chutzpah! My question is, why do you have to be gutsy and indomitable to source healthy food for your national chain of restaurants?

Then, of course, there are Whole Foods, Trader Joes and others that offer a reasonable percentage of organic and non-GMO food options. My question is, why are they still sourcing GMO’s and conventionally grown, pesticide-laden foods? Unbelievably, Americans spend in excess of $100 billion on fast food every year, with an almost astonishing quarter of the population, eating fast food EVERY…SINGLE…DAY! A ton of kids in this country get 25% of their vegetable intake via French fries or chips, and teenagers get roughly 10% of their daily calories from sodas. McDonald's is now the nation's largest purchaser of beef, pork, and potatoes, and it is the second-largest purchaser of chicken in the U.S. Hundreds of local slaughterhouses used to supply the United States with beef; today thirteen large slaughterhouses supply most of their beef, and it is only when consumers find out about poor growing, slaughtering and ingredient practices, do they ever consider change. Imagine, if because everyone stopped eating there overnight, and they were forced to source their food from healthy and responsible farms? What a concept! Even worse, much of the flavor is destroyed because fast food is so highly processed. Consequently, the “tastes” of most fast food are manufactured at a series of special chemical plants around the country. Many years ago, before I knew better, I occasionally purchased the strawberry milkshake from one of the fast food outlets. I was shocked when I saw the results of a science project on the ingredients with said chain, that one of the kids at Bella’s school did many years ago. The saddest part of the story was that, (at least per the child doing the research project), there were 52 chemicals in the strawberry milkshake, to create a taste to “mimic” the taste of strawberries. Guess what? There wasn’t a strawberry to be found anywhere near the milkshake! However, even some of your favorite places you might think are healthier options, are still right up there with the worst ingredients. Indeed, let’s look at Starbucks. First, I was very disappointed to hear that Starbucks supports the GMO lobbyists to ensure that GMO food doesn’t have to be labeled. Why? Because they use a ton of it. “”, has posted that the “biggest problem with Starbucks drinks is that you are literally supporting Monsanto with every sip. Starbucks is serving GMO-raised milk all day long in over 13,000 stores in the US. Can

you imagine how much milk they go through? Can you imagine the major agricultural shift they would trigger if they switched to organic milk which is prohibited from feeding their livestock GMOs? Starbucks is investing millions of dollars to get away from their “basic” image and want to be seen as a premium upscale brand that is “values-based”. Does Starbucks value sustainable agriculture? If so, how about they invest their huge bucks into switching to organic grass-fed milk””, per Thankfully, Starbucks is offering more dairy-free options, but they too contain some controversial additives linked to gut problems, especially Carrageenan, which is added as a thickener and emulsifier to keep ingredients from separating, but it’s known to cause digestion problems. When I was first diagnosed with Crohns disease in the late 90’s, of course I asked how I got it. As you can imagine, no one knew, but I did find that one of the culprits they had been identified, was Carrageenan. However, even, “taking the milk out of the equation – most of the drinks at Starbucks are still filled with a ton of sugar, natural flavors, preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers and other artificial additives”, per Foodbabe. Under pressure from consumers, Starbucks finally started publishing their ingredients online. Take a look, you’ll probably be as shocked as me. The only healthy option I can see for me is hot green tea, (as the “Citrus Green Tea Latte is anything but healthy. This tea is completely loaded with sugar, sugar, and more sugar – with 50 grams in a Venti – and more than most of the other drinks at Starbucks. Other forms of sugar in this drink come from maltodextrin and corn syrup, which are both likely GMO-derived. Instead of using real lemon to give it a citrus flavor, it’s flavored with a chemical concoction of flavors, sweeteners, emulsifiers and preservatives”, per Foodbabe. Let’s vote with our pocket-books. Let’s purchase food from the edge of the grocery stores, where you’ll find the organic produce. Let’s avoid the real fast food outlets, and support the restaurants and outlets that actively work to create healthy, organic or at least consciously grown food. Let’s avoid the unhealthy choices in the pretend-not-to-be fast food outlets. It wouldn’t take long….maybe only a few months for them to start feeling the pinch, and maybe…just maybe, be open to offering real, organic and deliciously healthy food. By the way, I know people that work at Starbucks, and they are good people. My question is, how about you effect change from the inside, as we work from the outside to increase awareness? Thank you for sharing your stories with me. I love that just from the most recent post, one friend has reached

out to a local body code coach; and another couple of very close friends from New Zealand went to have spa treatments together, AND sat together in quiet room, sipping tea! Wow – that is just SO awesome! Right on everyone! Please keep sharing your stories. I know it’s good not be attached to a certain outcome, but honestly, it’s food for my heart to hear your stories! Until tomorrow everyone. Hugs, blessings and love to you all! Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 12th, 2016 Day 50: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Our good friend Bea was still with Eric until after lunch today, when she had to say goodbye and come back to a different reality in Seattle. She and Andi are actually heading off to Hawaii shortly for a nice vacation in the sun. We were originally planning on going with them, but Eric’s body obviously had other ideas. It decided to scream out for attention this year, and for sure, it got our full attention! Hopefully, almost one year later, his body is ready to be healthier than ever before! Per Bea, Eric was still sleeping this morning when she left the suite to try out the laughing yoga, and the golden milk. They met up before breakfast and Eric said he felt much more energized after his first IV today. Bravely, Eric ate as much as he could for breakfast, but didn't have much appetite. He managed to eat a peach and some apple sauce. Both he and Bea had treatments and met up again an hour before lunch. He got some paperwork done, whilst Bea took a call for work. Then lunch, and sadly, it was time to go for Bea. Bea shared, “Eric is a bit anxious about tomorrow’s PET scan, but keeps his spirits up quite well. He slept OK, slowly working through the pain. He was wondering how the doctor consultation would go on today’s schedule. He is looking forward to going home and be with his sweet wife and daughter, and to not deal with all this for a while. Just be Eric after a full year of thinking about health, treatments and healing. It was a wonderful experience for me to share these couple of days with my buddy”. It was so wonderful of you to head down to Mexico to be with Eric. He and I both thank you Bea and Andi! I wanted to say something further to my discussion yesterday on fast foods chains, like McDonalds & Starbucks, and also companies like Trader Joes and Whole Foods, that make at least an attempt to offer some organically grown foods. First, I felt a bit bad initially of speaking poorly of Starbucks, particularly because I know several people that are managers there. BUT, I got over it, and now I just want to say to my friends – it’s NOT OK supporting anti-GMO labeling, and supporting Monsanto in the process. It’s up to us to start asking for organic milk and salads and teas and coffees. It’s up to us to walk away and go somewhere else if they show no interest in changing. At the end of the day – it’s up to us, AND to our friends that work there. So yes, have that discussion, and ask them to help with an inside job!

By the way, I just re-posted a video that “The Food Ranger” posted regarding Whole Foods. It’s not pretty, and although they may have started out as a company with family values and high integrity, they are now just like any publicly-traded company and apparently just as adept as deceiving their consumers as the fast food joints. At the end of the day, the only safe foods to buy at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or “anywhere” in fact, are those labeled organic. You can purchase these in pretty much all supermarkets now, many farmer’s markets, co-ops that deliver to your door and of course, you can always grow some of your own, or go and visit some of the local farmers in your area, (they would probably love a visit from you!!). I’m going to finish up with a fairytale, a part of a beautiful novel I read whilst in Mexico, “My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry”, by Fredrick Backman, (a phenomenally brilliant Swedish author that has my utmost respect). This particular fairytale is about a young princess, who becomes queen. “In the beginning the queen had been a courageous and fair-minded princess very much liked by all, but unfortunately she grew up and became a frightened adult, as adults tend to be. She started loving efficiency and avoiding conflict. As adults do.”. So, the story goes that she eventually forbade all conflict, and as most conflict started with someone saying “no”, she made it illegal to say the word “no”. Anyone breaking the law, was thrown into prison, and there were hundreds of soldiers in black armor patrolling the streets to make sure there were no disagreements anywhere. The queen then started to outlaw other, related words, and any of these words would be enough to imprison anyone forever. After some time, so many words were banned, that almost everyone decided to say silent. So, the “queen felt that she might as well make all talking illegal, because almost every conflict tended to start with someone saying something. And after that, there was silence in the kingdom for several years”. “Until one day a little girl came riding in, singing as she went. And everyone stared at her, because singing was an extremely serious crime in Miaudacas, because there was a risk of one person liking the song and another disliking it. The Yea-Sayers sprang into action to stop the girl but they couldn’t stop her because she was very good at running. So the Yea-Sayers rang all the bells and called for reinforcements. Upon which the queen’s very own elite force, known as the Paragraph Riders…came out to stop the girl. But not even the Paragraph Riders could lay their hands on her, and in the end the queen came rushing out of her castle and roared at the girl to stop singing.”.

“But then the girl turned to the queen, stared her right in the eye and said, “No”. And as soon as she had said it, a piece of masonry fell off the wall around the prison. And when the girl said “No” one more time, another piece of masonry fell. And before long, not only that girl but all the other people in the kingdom, even the Yea-Sayers, and the Paragraph Riders, were shouting “No No No!” and then the prison crumbled. And that was how the people of Miaudacas learned that a queen only stays in power for as long as her subjects are afraid of conflict”. Some of you might wonder what all this means, and it could mean different things to different people. My interpretation is that it is a very beautiful way of saying that those in power can only stay in power if we let them. I liken the queen in the fairytale to the bullies of the world. Yes, it might seem like an insurmountable task, but other “little girls and boys” have ridden ahead and forged the path. Our role is to keep walking the path of truth, share the information we have with others, and vote with our hearts and our pocketbooks. Then, if all else fails, I’ll see you on some remote island somewhere in the world, that has awesome weather and amazing food-growing and medicinal botanical possibilities! <grin> Love Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 13th, 2016 Day 51: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Eric had his PET scan today, and we are awaiting the results of that. Hopefully, he’ll get the full report at the doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Prayers, blessings and love gratefully received! I wanted to take a moment to talk about drinking tea. I love drinking organic green tea and drink a ton of it! This is an article that came in today from the “Truth About Cancer” folks and I have added it in almost verbatim, below. They are good to have the information re-posted, and of course I always encourage everyone to watch the 9-part docu-series, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” and the book of the same name, (I just purchased 5 copies for Christmas presents tonight!). The information might well save your life, or someone you care about! The article can be found here too: Are you thinking about changing up your morning coffee routine? Maybe you’d like to add a healthier drink to your diet. Perhaps you simply love the taste. Whatever your reasons, the many health benefits of tea are going to change the way you feel inside and out. The scientific focus of this historical beverage is a fairly new undertaking. Ancient cultures, however, have known how wonderful tea is since 1,000 BC. The Chinese were the first to introduce tea to the world. For more than a thousand years they used it almost exclusively for medicinal purposes. 10 Ways You Receive the Health Benefits of Tea: 1. Polyphenols Content: Polyphenols, especially catechins and epicatechins, have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. These little powerhouses protect your body from the bad things you consume. Over time, they may even help reduce the risks associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you drink too much caffeinated tea, you may get a little jittery, but overall it suits a healthy lifestyle. 2. Weight Loss: Tea may be able to help you lose weight or keep that waistline in check. In a study of tea drinkers versus non-tea drinkers, the people consuming hot tea on a regular basis had smaller waistlines and a lower BMI (body mass index).

3. Increased Muscle Endurance: If you’re looking for better exercise endurance, green tea may help. Scientists discovered that antioxidants in green tea extract increase your body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. This allows you to build your stamina at the gym more quickly and reap the benefits of a healthier body. 4. Cancer Protection: The powerful antioxidants found in tea can actually protect your body from cancer. Current research has shown that tea helps your body fight off certain cancers, including colon, breast, ovarian, prostate, and many others. Tea isn’t a cure for cancer, but it is a simple and effective superfood that can help lower your personal risk. 5. Fight Free Radicals: What’s a free radical? They’re the bad guys that invade your cells and alter them for the worse. The extensive damage they cause has been scientifically linked to heart disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Despite your body’s design, it is not always able to fight off the free radicals – especially if you have a poor diet or lifestyle habits. Antioxidants found in tea help fight the bad guys. 6. Defend Bones: The compounds found in green tea improve bone strength and density. This is great news as we age and our bones begin to weaken. Used in conjunction with mild weight or strength training and a healthy diet, green tea can help you fight the ravages of osteoporosis. 7. Regulate Blood Sugar: People with Type 2 diabetes benefit from regular tea consumption. The compounds in green tea help the metabolic system process sugars more efficiently. In a surprising finding, studies showed that people who drank at least six cups of green tea per week were less likely to develop diabetes at all. 8. Boost Brain Power: Many factors influence your brain health. Age, weight, activity levels, and smoking all factor into the way our brains age. Polyphenols in tea may slow the effects of aging in the brain’s memory and learning centers. This includes neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia. 9. Hydration: Your body is comprised mostly of water. You have to have it for your body to function properly and experts estimate that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Not everyone enjoys drinking gallons of water every day, and coffee (despite its other benefits) has dehydrating effects. Tea, despite the caffeine, is a hydrating beverage. Next time you’re falling asleep at 3 pm, try iced green tea for a refreshing pick-me-up instead of coffee.

10. Healthy Teeth and Gums: Countries known for their tea consumption likely drink it plain or only lightly sweetened. Tea contains naturally occurring fluoride and tannins. These help prevent plaque from forming on the teeth. Unsweetened tea, along with a daily regimen of brushing and flossing, helps keep those pearly whites healthy. Watch the space for tomorrow’s results of the PET scan! That’s it from me today everyone, it’s been a big day. So, it’s short and sweet. Love and hugs and blessings to all of you, Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 14th, 2016 Day 52: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: It’s early, 29 degrees F, (-2 C), and I’m driving to work in the dark. I’m a little foggy in the brain, but made it safely to work, a 30 minute drive. I found myself ultra aware of every detail of every little thing around me. The blade of grass reaching up and through the layer of frost on the ground as I rush to my 7:15am meeting on the Microsoft campus, the lyrics to the song playing in the reception area, the sniffles and smiles of the distracted people walking by me. No one knows the enormity of the news I just received. The biggest problem of the morning, for the people in my vicinity, might have been whether to have breakfast, or not have breakfast? Have the bagel or the cereal? Drive the kids to daycare, or have Daddy do it? Go to the Christmas party, or not? I have something much different on my mind. My thoughts are surreal, and wondering about life and death, love and loss, family and change. I walk into my meeting. There’s four of us sitting in a room and we start prepping for a live webinar delivery on Azure Active Directory, a popular Microsoft service. If you’re in IT or technology at a company, any reasonable size company, you probably know what that is. But, I wager most of you have never heard of Microsoft Azure, or its capabilities. I like the people I work with, very much. I like to joke and have a fun time with them. One of them brought donuts in to share, but not normal donuts, these ones were super-duper charged with pink or white icing and sprinkled with colorful sparkly sprinkles. Oh la la! I gracefully declined, and shared that I was gluten and dairy free. Thank goodness though, because honestly, if I hadn’t been gluten and dairy free and committed to paleo in that moment, I might have, with the news I knew, but no else, I might have been tempted. No one knows that the PET scan yesterday indicated that Eric doesn’t just have four little lumps of cancer, as he had felt, and I had hoped. No one knows that the scan indicated that Eric’s body has created thousands of lumps of cancer…yes, you read correctly…thousands of little tumors. No one knows that we have received news that my husband’s cancer is still growing at such a fast rate, even all the advanced/alternative oxygen, heat, nutritional, homeopathic, emotional, psychological and botanical treatments at Sanoviv, haven’t been able to stem the speed with which the cells are mutating and growing. Damn the damage that the chemo did to my husband’s cells. Is this the best we can do for our beloved people? Is it the best we can do – treat the cancer in our bodies with liquid poison that in and of itself creates more cancer? More dangerous mutations. Damn! Damn! Damn! (Sorry people if you are offended by my language, but

today, it is my prerogative. Thank you for your understanding). How do I feel? I feel more than a little helpless and hopeless right now. When Eric gave me the news, my heart started hurting and it hasn’t stopped since. I wanted to jump through the phone and hug my guy so tight, it’d pop those little cancer lumps right out of his body. Or better yet, whisk him away to another land, where cancer doesn’t exist, and as soon as we stepped off the plane, he would be well again. I so want to see Eric wake-surfing behind the boat again. I loved to see Eric learn that skill, and it was a fun transition for him, from wakeboarding to wake-surfing. I just saw a photo that I posted earlier in the year, a flash back from last summer when we had his two sweet nieces staying with us from Germany. Please don’t tell me that he will never do that again. Please don’t tell me that he will never walk without the help of a walker or wheelchair again. What happened to my beautiful big healthy dude that swept me off my feet. Please don’t tell me that it’s his time! No, I am just simply not ready to let him go. I’m definitely a little discombobulated. I made one oopsey as I was driving hom. I started driving on the wrong side of the road. I haven’t done that in quite some time. most of you probably know that I am from New Zealand and we drive on the other side of the road…and even though I have been driving for a little over 30 years – 20 of them have been in the USA! So, I know that my world is a little off, when I start veering off on the wrong side. But, no worries, I only came across one vehicle, a Microsoft bus that shuttles people around the campus, and after a good toot on the horn, I came to again. How is Eric feeling? Well, he is going through the full gambit. He had a tough time speaking last night, (yes, we knew last night, but he asked for 24 hours to process a little more, and rightly so). Indeed, how do you tell your wife of 6 ½ years, that even with all this care and treatment, that your body’s cells are still mutating out of control? How do you process something like that? Today, when I spoke to him, he was doing better. The doctor reminded him that he is a fighter! He shared with Eric that he was the first person in Sanoviv’s history of 17 years, to be able to handle 3 bags of curcumin per day, twice a week. (That made him feel a little chuffed, and he is allowed to feel chuffed if he wants!). He looked the doctor in his eyes, and asked him what his chances were. The doctor said that, in his opinion, he’s running at about 40-50% chance. OK, fine. We can deal with that, right? Eric also asked the doc,( and as you

know they have a pretty good relationship by now), whether he wasted his time coming to Sanoviv. The doctor reminded him that he was in pretty bad shape when he first arrived. He reminded him that he was deathly grey looking and completely out of balance of mind, body and spirit, almost two months ago. His readings were so bad, that even Sanoviv was close to not being able to do anything for him. But they were determined to get him in balance – in his mind, and in his body, and in his spirit. He has done that. He has worked hard to face all his emotional demons, all the people, events, and relationships that caused him pain, and that he caused pain to. He did the work with the help of Jonas, the awesome young and very dedicated Psychologist, and with the help of Karin, the equally dedicated and wonderful body code lady. He worked on his body with the help of the doctors, nutritionist, dentist, reflexologist, masseuse, fitness trainer, the hyperbaric chamber guy, the incredible IV nurses, the hyperthermia guy, the drivers, the microscopic blood guy, the thermography lady, and every single phenomenal person that touched his body in some way. He has reconnected with a personal spiritual connection, his “boardroom” and has committed to being in touch with them every day…(and remember this means different things for different people, God, Buddha, the Universe, God/Goddess/All That Is… and I so appreciate that Eric hasn’t been flooded with people trying to convert him. Thank you all). He is following his own spiritual path, which is better than no spiritual path, I’m figuring. Oh, so what now? Eric is due to come back into town this Saturday. At this point, it looks like we are researching two different tracks. One track is the ND referral from the doc in Mexico. He offers IV treatments, hyperbaric chamber treatments etc. I am also currently researching his options here for another Oncologist. Yes, sadly, it looks like one of his options is to do chemo again. I know I know…you all know how I feel about that, but I am listening to what the doctor is recommending. As our friend Hilary said to me last night, no matter what – Eric is in much better shape than he was. Even if that means that he’s going to need more chemo, he’s in a better place to receive it now, than he was before. One last track that is a possibility, is to investigate the Car T-cell trial in Seattle. We had heard about this before, but didn’t really understand what it was about. In a nutshell, it is an immune-therapy that uses a patient’s own immune cells to fight off the disease. The scientists take T cells from a patient and then genetically engineer them outside the body, kind of like re-writing the RNA and DNA, to recognize and attack cancer cells. These cells are then infused back into the patient. There are risks and there have been more than a few deaths at the clinic, but it does have good promise for treating some otherwise lethal cancers.

So, there you go, my friends. I so wanted to be able to share wonderful positive good news that Eric was either cancer free or had a few little, manageable spots of cancer. But, alas that is not the case for now. We are not giving up though! Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a heck of a lot more fight in me, and in Eric! Once again, a HUGE thank you to ALL our friends and family that are with us on this journey!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are so grateful to have you along with us for what has been quite the rollercoaster of a year! Fasten your seatbelts as there is more to come! Standby and good night, good afternoon and good morning! Love, Phillipa Xxxooxxoo

December 15th, 2016 Day 53: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: Wow! We are both incredibly touched by the outpouring of special messages from so many of you. Thank you for all your public and private messages. Thank you for taking the time to reach out with whatever heartfelt words and sentiments are authentic for you. Thank you for any/all recommendations, research and offerings of help and support. I made the mistake of reading some of your comments at work today, and although I don’t wear waterproof mascara, let’s just say that it might have been useful today! Even some of my more tough and stoic friends shed a tear or two when they were reading the FB post from yesterday. Indeed, it was a bit of a surprise for us all. There is a theme that emerged from all the messages, something we are also aligned with. The theme is that we are absolutely not giving up. We are moving forward with hope and belief that the best and highest route will reveal itself. Whomever the right people and connections are, they will reveal themselves, in the right timing. We believe, with all our hearts, that it was the right thing to do, to go to Sanoviv. So, no regrets there, only moving forward. One day at a time, one conversation at a time, one new discovery and truth at a time. In retrospect, I do not believe that Eric would have been willing to pursue the sheer depth of the emotional healing he has experienced at Sanoviv – both with the Psychology route, in addition to the body code work. He has worked with a life coach before and he has done a ton of work on himself, with Contacts Associates, private sessions, (with a core group of people from one of his start-ups), with Tony Robbins, and a few other courses. However, nothing like the intensity over a 2 month period, as he has experienced in Sanoviv. I can, and have in the past, recommended he does some mediation and/or has quiet time every day, but this is a practice that he has never really taken up. We do talk and share some of our insights, but the daily habit of actually “going there and going within” is something that Eric has learned now without my not-so-subtle encouragement! Then, there’s the physical body itself. As one of our friends asked on her FB post, why did Eric’s body create these lumps? Why now? Why thousands? My question is, are these lumps helpful or a not so helpful? I am pretty fascinated with the black substance that literally comes out of the lumps. I mean, what the heck?! Is his body perhaps wrapping up all the poison and toxins from 10 months of chemo, into these nice little neat packages in the body?

The quiet room machine draws out the black stuff during treatment and the bandages from his surgery to remove and biopsy one of the lumps, also drew out the black stuff. Maybe it’s nothing to get excited about in terms of the big picture, but it’s pretty fascinating, what our bodies can create. I chatted with Eric around lunchtime today and he had some leg cramps, and an IV session. The IV was pretty mild, just Vitamin C and hydration, shoring him up for his travels back home in a couple days. He had a quiet room session this afternoon. It was a spinal-rejuvenation. It re-energizes the spinal system, with a large Y-shape tool. They worked on different spots and finished up with a back massage. So, Eric was pretty happy with his treatment. He had a session with Karin, the body code lady. Today, they took a look at sadness and where it is coming from in his body. The sadness comes and goes, and as he says, it’s not always at the most appropriate times. His body shared via Karin that the sadness is often fear-centered, around feeling out of control with his body. But, the lesson is that he is in control. She picked up the beginnings of a core belief, started when he was 5 or 6 years old, embarrassed by punishment in public by his step dad, which was kind of the style back then, but unacceptable these days. Then, fast forward, to a car accident in 1989 when hit by a drunk driver, and his jaw was split in two and 200 breaks in his face. As he was in his very lengthy recovery phase, he also felt helpless and out of control. Even as a car passenger, for years to come, if he would see headlights, he would feel like he was crawling out of his skin. Together Eric and Karin worked on a plan moving forward. The tactic is to find laughter in everything. I love it! This is something that we do often when we’re together. We laugh. One of the things I particularly love doing, is making a joke and looking at Eric, and he has this huge smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye…and we just chuckle away. Sometimes no one else gets the joke, but that’s okay! So, if laughter is the tactic, then happiness is the strategy. Find ways to BE happy and BE in a happy place. Speaking of being in a happy place, we have decided to take our friends up on their offer and go hang out with them in Hawaii for one week over Christmas. Although sadly, it won’t be on the Big Island, as our friends have rented a house right on the beach on the North Shore of Oahu. We’ve stayed together there before and it’s a great location! It’s literally walk out the front door, and on to the lovely white sand, and another minute and you’re in the ocean! To our Big Island friends, we’ll look at coming over for Winter or Spring break.

Then, when we get back, we’ll deal with whatever we need to deal with! So, stay tuned. Eric does love the idea though, that no matter what happens, that he will go sliding into home plate when it’s his time. Now, of course, we don’t know when that is going to be, but I rather like that plan too – living and BEing present up until the very end….and sliiiiiiding into home base…even with a battered and bruised body! That’s it for me for now. No long dissertation tonight. It’s been another emotional day. Thank you once again for all your beautiful messages. They help so much and I am very grateful for our FB family! Thank you also to FB for creating an avenue to send and receive so much love in such an awesome easeful format. Much love and many blessings to you all, Phillipa xxooxxoo PS. Enjoy the video (on favebook ) of the little hummingbirds playing in the fountain!

December 16th, 2016 Day 54: Eric’s Mexican Medical Adventure: One more sleep to go and Eric will be back home in Seattle! He’s definitely ready to leave Sanoviv. A lot of people sign up for a 3-5 day assessment, and/or for a 5-7 day retreat and detox. Some guests stay for 3-4 weeks, and just a few stay for a full two month program. Yes, you could say Eric is definitely ready to have a different environment! I asked him if he was going to be okay traveling alone tomorrow, as I was thinking I could head down to San Diego to help him get checked in and on the plane. However, he’s looking at it like another chapter of his adventure - the Sanoviv-to-San-Diego-to-Seattle-in-a-wheelchair chapter. Yeehah! I spoke with Eric a couple times today and sadly, he didn’t have a great day. He was not able to keep lunch or dinner where it was supposed to stay, and he had a sore back. I was all excited to call him tonight and tell him I had some great news, but he was a little short, so I got the message and let him go. This is reality folks. It’s not all beer and skittles, (as we say in New Zealand). Some of Eric’s rogue cells are trying to kill him, and although we are both still in the we’re-not-giving-up mode, it’s not always smooth sailing. The good news that I was trying to share with Eric tonight, was that I spoke with a girlfriend today. She imparted some really good information from her research, and I was hoping Eric would be willing to check it out with me. Our friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer around 2-3 months ago. I have been so impressed by her strength and determination not to buy into the fear of immediately doing MRI’s, PET scans, surgery, radiation and chemo, (phew, it’s exhausting even listing out the traditional staples!). In fact, she in turn met a lady that had also been diagnosed with breast cancer recently, and within a month, the docs had taken off one of her breasts, and started her on chemo. Now she regrets that route and is trying hard to get back to good health post-chemo. My friend was determined not to be that person, and like so many people. She instead took her time looking around, and investigating all her options. She did a gall bladder cleanse and completely changed her diet, (I believe she is only eating “actual” food, like salads, vegetables, juicing and I believe no meat and nothing processed). She did have an ultra-sound, but none of the typical tests. She has discovered this one vascular physicist lady in Arizona that has a machine that works much like a highly sophisticated ultra-sound, except way better. The machine has not been approved by the FDA as yet, (which as you know, doesn’t necessarily mean anything). The only thing I am hoping for, is that it doesn’t get shut down and the technology buried and archived away in the never-to-be-found-again file. The machine highlights any little grouping of inflamed, or cancerous cells, or anything out of the ordinary, with different colors.

Our friend had started to notice blood in her urine, and amazingly, her ND didn’t think too much of it. However, this machine pinpointed the culprit kidney stones, and the practitioner proceeded to zap them, and our friend passed them. My friend’s husband tried the machine too and the lady practitioner spied a thick grouping of inflamed cells in his colon. She treated the cells and you could see them start to get on the move on the screen. She pointed out that that type of gathering of cells, particularly in the colon, often transitions into cancer at some point. I was just thinking the other day, how awful the PET scans are. I mean, seriously, that’s the only way we can view cancerous cells in the body? To swallow a radio-active sugar drink, so that the cancer can jump on the stuff and light up for the all-over-body X-ray. I was thinking there must be a better way. Voila, how’s that for instant manifestation? This new machine is a much better and more accurate information. Let’s pray it stays in circulation! Our friend was also sharing with me about her research into the CBD and THC. She said that there is a video on You Tube, where they filmed the THC literally targeting and chasing down the cancerous cells and destroying them. I haven’t looked for the video yet, so let me know if any of you find it. It sounds fascinating! But, her main point was that you need both the CBD and the THC, and even more of the latter. This would take care of some of the pain whilst Eric continues to recover. She also shared with me this one medical doctor group out of Vegas that works in an integrative way with cancer. They treat cancer with stem cells, and my friend was under the impression that they didn’t do it the same way mainstream does it. Mainstream injects you daily for one month to increase your cell count, and then they harvest 9-10 million cells. They almost kill you with a dose of near-fatal chemo, followed by a reboot of the immune system with the stem cells now doing the right job, (hopefully!). However, our friend seems to think they don’t use chemo. Standby and we’ll try to have that confirmed. Finally, my friend shared about a treatment that they are doing at both of the Hope4Cancer clinics in Mexico, (Tijuana and Cancun). It’s called photodynamic therapy, (PDT). Photodynamic means activated by photons (light). The substance that gets activated is called a sensitizer. In the clinic, they use PDT both systemically, (whole body), and semi-locally, (treat just a fairly large area). There’s also Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT), which is similar to PDT except that the sensitizer is activated by sound rather than by light. This could be really good for Eric too, given the number of tumors. We'll see and watch this space!

So, standby, and I shall report our girlfriendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s progress. I am so very happy for her, as the world is a much better place with her in it! Thanks again for all your comments, Love Phillipa xxooxxoo

Eric's new besties, Angelina and Kayli, saying goodbye to him from Sanoviv.

Day 55: Eric’s Mexican/Seattle Eastside Medical Adventure: Today is the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next – whatever that looks like! I notice today is a master number, for those of you that are aware of numerology, where each number, or combination of numbers, carries a certain tone or vibration. The number 55 represents a composite energy containing the concepts of independence, exploration, self-determination, freedom, and adventure. That kind of sounds like Eric all wrapped into one, huh? Another interpretation in numerology, implies a certain knowledge about the secrets of stars, galaxies, and Universe. I like that one! By the way, I love that our friends have such a different and wide-ranging set of belief systems. I really appreciate the diversity of our group of friends from all around the world, and your willingness to allow conversations flow that are perhaps not aligned with your beliefs. Thank you for that. Earlier in the day, two of our new Sanoviv friends, Angelina and Kayli sent a few photos of their little “IV party” last night and of Eric getting ready to leave today. Take a look. When I saw the first photo of the three of them by the Christmas tree in the lobby at Sanoviv, for some reason, it made me cry, (maybe because recently Eric told me that when he was first wheeled into the facility, he had thought, “This is not a bad place to die”! Oh la la! Then, I saw the photo of the van leaving, and I was excited, as I would be seeing him soon. Then, I saw the photos of the IV party. The first one was so cute of the 4 of them sharing an IV session. However, when I saw the pic of Eric asleep at the party, it made me laugh, (because he’s asleep at his own party), and cry, (as he looks so thin!). We texted during the day, whilst he was at the airport, and he shared that he was able to get a get a few bites of hot dog down. Not necessarily, the most organic option, but at this point, it’s exciting when he keeps something down. Before he was diagnosed, he was about 225/230 pounds. Yesterday, he weighed in at 145 pounds. That’s way thin for him, as you can see in the photo. His flight was delayed two hours, so he had a sore butt from sitting in a wheelchair for hours and hours. However, he flew first class and enjoyed the comfortable seating, and was even able to keep down the airline food. Skipping forward to late in the evening, Eric made it safely home. His eldest daughter Alicia and I went to the airport to pick him up. It was a little shocking seeing him close up and in person – all 145 pounds of him. He shared with us when we got home that he had a beer at the airport in San Diego and a Crown Royal on the plane coming

back! It sounds like a prison break to me! Too funny, but now it’s time to get back on track. We all chatted by the Christmas tree and fire, and Alicia helped Eric get up the stairs and into bed. He looks very happy in the nice comfy king size bed. Indeed, I think he’s happy to be home – at least for a couple days, before jumping on another plane. This time to Hawaii. It’s a short and sweet piece today, as I wanted to spend time with my guy. Tomorrow, I shall share more information from the same wonderful friend that I referred to on yesterday’s post. She is an absolute fountain of information! Thank you all once again for all your love and support and messages, Love, live and love, Phillipa xxooxxoo

It's an IV party!! Well, what else are you going to do when the IV's go on for hours!

Seriously - asleep at his own party!?

Eric is on his way back to Seattle!

It's chilly out tonight. 32 F and 0 C. Brrr, but happy to have my guy home!

Eric and Alicia catching up! It's been almost 2 months!

December 18, 2016 Day 56: Eric’s Seattle Eastside Medical Adventure: There’s a place right between Eric’s shoulder and the pectoral muscle, where I like to lay my head. Over our almost 8 years together, this has become one of my favorite places to be in the whole wide world! We made it a practice that every night I would lay my head in this special spot, and we would offer “gratitudes” or “Gifts of Confidence” to each other. I believe that’s one of the reasons our marriage has stayed strong, and believe me when I say we’ve been through more than some/many couples could handle. In opening our hearts to, and by BEing in gratitude for each other every night, we were able to make it through the lows with a lot more grace. You see, because we knew that we were going to be doing GoC’s every night, it meant that there wasn’t much time for much to get in the way of that, so we resolved stuff before it had a chance to build into “something”. I’d like to tell you more about our GoC process, but that’s for another day, or possibly even for another book! So, this morning, I lay on a very boney shoulder, and I brought my whole Universe down into this little location on the planet, and in our bed. I lay listening to Eric’s breathing as he slept soundly. I allowed my tears to fall and roll down my face, passing over Eric’s skin and on to the sheets. I cried quietly for me, and the tough journey we’ve had this year. I cried for me remembering that my boss tried to get rid of me when she found out that Eric had cancer in January. I cried for the loss of my family, because one rumor started by one sibling influenced most of my immediate and extended family in a negative way. I cried because even the family members that didn’t quite believe the rumor, never once came to me in love and to check in with me, to see how I was doing, and ask whether they could help. Instead, they turned their backs on me, and they turned their backs on Eric. Now you can see why you have all been my “family” on this journey. Now you can see why your comments, and likes, and hearts, sad faces, and happy faces have reached all the way into my heart, and touched me so deeply. I cried for Eric and all the life dreams not yet fulfilled. I cried because we just don’t know at this point what the next step is, and how much longer he has. Will he make it on Safari in Africa with me? Will he get to the South Island of New Zealand, or to the Seychelles? Will he leave a footprint on the world in some small or big way? Will he be here to walk his daughters down the aisle? Will he even be able to walk again?

How much into the New Year will he see? Of course, neither of us is giving up, but it’s the not knowing what’s next that is tough. Eric likes to have a plan, at least a semblance of a plan, and we’re kind of between plans right now! We had the pleasure of having Alicia over to the house today, along with her five kiddos, and her partner Josh. Nothing quite like the sound of young kiddos running around, in contrast to the ominous lack of sound as the teens skulk away into their own hidden corners. Alicia had baked a delicious couple GF and DF loaves, and I rather enjoyed a nice and hot, just-out-of-the-oven slice. Yummy. I can’t take, and don’t need, the sugar, but it’s fun to be able to have a little something from time to time. Eric had a sleep on the couch for an hour or so, as I read, wrote, and enjoyed the visual of the fire, and the sound of the music playing quietly. A knock on the door at 6:30pm and some very special ladies showed up…and with dinner. Hilary, Karla, Rachelle and Erin had called earlier to ask what they could bring. Eric wanted lamb, so lamb it was. And steak, and salad, and baked potatoes, and gnocchi, and GF and DF chocolate dessert and on it goes. Oh la la! Delicious food, wonderful company, some laughter, deep conversation, and may be a little too much volume for Eric! Oops, sorry about that! Here’s what I would say to you all. Make sure you fulfil your promises to each other! Today, I gave Eric a hard time, (in a fun way), that we never did dance classes together, (outside of the one wedding dance that was specially choreographed for us by one of our wonderful dance teachers on the Big Island, Warren!). This was something that we agreed to do from the very beginning of our courtship, and we both allowed other commitments to get in the way. Eric apologized tonight, and I told him that it’s okay, we had a lot of fun doing other stuff. I’m just saying that none of us knows when our time will be up. Maybe Eric will outlive us all…who knows? I’m just saying, don’t wait to do what you want to do….or fulfil a dream or two, to start something new, or to finish something started a while ago. I’m just saying, none of us knows…so just go do or BE what you want to do or BE! One of most difficult things for Eric about his dis-ease, is around the hopelessness, helplessness and feeling out of control of what’s happening to his body. With that in mind, he shared with me that at the San Diego airport yesterday, he was watching people stuffing the Frankinfood into their faces. He wanted to shout out to everybody to stop it, you’re killing yourselves! But alas, he didn’t want to get arrested. Most people just have no

consciousness of what is going into their bodies, or if they do, perhaps they don’t care. But guess what? This IS something that you can control. This is one of the few things that you can actually truly control. Just because you have a car and a credit card and can drive to a fast food outlet, it doesn’t mean you should. Once you are aware of the dangers of all fast food outlets, and even the pretend-not-to-be ones like Starbucks, you cannot UN-know it! Just because you can buy sodas/pop drinks, doesn’t mean to say you ought to. Before I met Eric, he used to have 5-6 cans of coke a day! Just sayin’. Just because the food is on the shelves at the supermarket, you cannot assume it has any nutritional value. It’s good not to assume that “they/the authorities” will take care of you, and oversee that all food is healthy to eat. In fact, you can assume it’s quite the opposite. You do need to be vigilant, and I’ll give you an example. I was hungry one day as I was driving by a Trader Joe’s, a chain that offers “some” organic food, but not much, (although most people assume that everything is healthy and organic). I ran in and purchased some gluten free rice crackers and organic hummus. It was only the other day, that I double-checked the ingredients of the crackers. There was maltodextrin as an ingredient. Now, typically this can be counted as a gluten, but given that it was derived from corn, that allowed the manufacturer to label it GF. BUT, 99% of all corn in the USA is now GMO, unless it’s marked organic corn. So, darn, even though I am very conscious, I still miss something every now and again. That’s it for the day. Love each other, hug each other, and take control of your bodies. Hugs to all, Phillipa xxxooo

December 19th, 2016 Day 57: Eric’s Seattle Eastside Medical Adventure: You might think it’s funny, but I have often done my best work alone in bed. (By the way, I am referring to the reading, writing, working, studying kind of work). In fact, even as a University student, writing assignments and studying for tests and exams, my finest creations were completed whilst lying in bed. There’s something so comfortable and decadent about being in bed and working. Thinking about it, those were in the days before personal computers. Gosh, it’s hard to believe that there were days before personal computers, huh? Nowadays, it’s much easier to work and write in bed, as I just lay my Surface on my lap, get a ton of pillows and start working in my own little world. I bring that up as I am, right now, lying in bed next to Eric, and writing my daily musing, as he is sleeping soundly beside me. Last night, as I often do, I laid my head on the special spot on Eric’s chest. We laughed and we cried and we talked deeply, intensely and openly, as we always have. We explored what would happen if Eric doesn’t stay with us too much longer, and what his wishes would be. He asked to be cremated, and have his ashes scattered on Lake Washington from our boat, with only his daughters, (maybe Alicia’s teens), Josh, Andi and Bea, & their teens on board. He asked me to make sure we went close to the WA-520 bridge, one of his favorite spots to view the Blue Angels every August. He said to keep an eye out for the direction of the wind though, so that his ashes don’t blow back into our faces! We had a good laugh over that, imagining how much that would look like a scene from a comedy movie. You can just imagine it, right? I told Eric that if there does happen to be a big gust of wind right at that moment, we will know it’s him…so beware everyone, Eric has a wicked sense of humor here, and I can imagine from wherever he’s going to too! Did you know that Eric has already died three times? All three times occurred in 1989 when he was hit by a very drugged and drunk driver, in a nasty head-on collision. The other driver was killed instantly, which as it turns out was his purpose. He had accelerated into a culvert and went airborne before crashing into Eric as he was driving along minding his own business, late at night. The first time he flatlined, was during the helicopter rescue out of the scene. I believe the second one was in the hospital room, and once on the operating table. I actually believe that is why he is a very unique soul on the planet, in part because of whatever experience he had during the minutes and moments of “lights out”. He doesn’t remember anything of that time, of course, but I recall that my spiritual teacher at the time I met Eric, checked him out, and she agreed he had a unique blend of gifts. The

coolest one having the ability to drop from his brilliant mind into his heart and to intuit and operate from there. I believe that many people spend their whole life, traveling from their minds to their hearts, and often never really make it. Whereas Eric has that ability to go from the mind to the heart and back instantaneously. I told my boss today that we were no longer going to Hawaii, and she says, “OK, well, make sure you take some time off, okay?”. No interest in what had changed for me, and for us. In fact, she has only asked once about Eric the whole year. I replied, “Oh, pretty good. He’s taken some time off”. It’s not that she’s a bad person, and in fact, I like her a lot. It’s more that she is stretched thin, very busy and distracted. Oh well, I guess that happens in a big corporation. Sad, but true. I mean, what do you really know about the people you work with…or even your neighbors…and people in the stores and restaurants you see regularly. What do you really know about their hopes and dreams and life desires? Probably not much. In my utopian world, everyone would be interested in, and present with, each other. We would all be working together, helping each other in the true sense of the word community, just like in the dolphin pods. They all work in concert with each other, some chasing the food, some taking care of the babies and nursing them, some standing guard whilst other sleep with one eye shut and their brain partially shut down. What a wonderful world that would be, if we were all one pod mind, all working and operating in concert with everyone else. You may be wondering why Eric and I have had the discussion about what would happen “if”. Please understand neither of us is willing to give up! At the same time, he is less than 145 pounds, can’t keep much of any food down, and today hasn’t really been able to keep any water down. So, his day consisted of – sleeping all night and pretty much most of the day until about 1:30pm when I started waking him to prepare him to leave the house for an appointment in Seattle. He could barely make it down the stairs on his butt, and I am now helping him lift his right leg each time, so that he can move to next step. I am thinking that we will need to move into the downstairs bedroom before long, as the stairs are like climbing and descending Mt Everest each time. But, I sense Eric is determined to make it, and feels like he’ll be giving up when he gives up the stairs. I wanted to share a very touching experience I/we had yesterday. Eric decided to take a bath, which by the way, is no easy feat when you have difficulty moving your right leg up, down, or in any direction. So, I drew the bath. He struggled to move from his wheelchair on to the side of the bath, but made it and patiently awaited assistance lifting his right leg. I helped him move his legs over the side of the bath, and into the nice hot water he went. However, because he has such long legs, part of his legs were always out of the water, and got cold. So, I

decided to grab a facecloth and worked on keeping his legs covered in hot water, so that he didn’t get cold. Now, here’s where I felt love jolt right down into the depths of my heart. Here he was, this once beautiful big guy, very sporty, athletically talented, and to me, quite gorgeous….lying in the bath, stick thin. I mean, looking like he’s been a couple years in a concentration camp. He’s lost all his muscle mass and his skin is dangling from his bones. It’s really shocking….I mean really really deeply shocking to witness the transformation of my gorgeous man and life partner. So here I am, leaning into the bath, and bringing the facecloth up and down moving the hot water over his legs, and our eyes lock. He just looks at me, right in the eyes. His big huge blue eyes, looking at me and into me, and seeing me…and feeling and sending love towards me and through me. There was an understanding of sorts, an exquisite and deep knowing. It was so beautiful, that moment in time, one I shall never forget…ever. Yep, tears on my keyboard as I am typing this piece, and that’s okay! Mid-afternoon, we did go and see his old doctor to stock up on pain meds, but that won’t get him very far in terms of healing. We have also reached out to two different departments at the SCCA, (the Seattle Cancer Alliance, which is an alliance between Seattle Children’s, University of Washington and Fred Hutch). We’re looking for a new Oncologist and exploring our options for a few of the immunotherapy/Car T-cell trials here locally. So, standby and I shall give you updates on any/all options we research there. There’s also a doctor that is featured on, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” online docu-series and book. Our friend Karla tells us that she heard him speak at, “The Ultimate Live Symposium” in Texas a few months ago. Apparently, he welcomes people that the rest of the medical community has given up on. Karla shared with us that she listened to a few people speaking about how they were on death’s door, and that means literally 2-3 days before lights-out. She heard them speaking on the stage 5 years later, and sharing their story. I sure do love the sound of that. So, I am going to reach out to him tomorrow and find out where he is, and what the story is with him somehow working with Eric! As soon as we got home from the afternoon appointment in Seattle, Eric laid on the couch and passed out for a couple hours. That is what his days are starting to look like – sleep, pain meds, more sleep, eat a little, keep it down, (sometimes), throw it up, (maybe), bath or shower, (very carefully and slowly), wriggling around trying to get comfortable, conversation with me, and maybe a visitor or two, and then, more sleep.

Please keep praying everyone, sending healing energy and blessings, and love, and love hearts, and happy faces, and teary-eyed faces, and cute little emojiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, as all of these collectively help Eric and the rest of us SO so much! Bring it on everyone! Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s energize a crazy ass miracle indeed! Love, live, love, Blessings, hugs and joyful moments in the present, Love, Phillipa xxxoooxxx

December 20th, 2016 Day 58: Eric’s Seattle Eastside Medical Adventure: The plot thickens, and we’re trying to piece together what Eric’s options are. Right now, I am writing from the ND office that the Doctor in Mexico referred Eric to. Nice folks, and one of the few places in the country offering the curcumin IV drip, should we decide to go that route. There are two reasons we’re hesitating. First, we are not 100% sure that the curcumin did its job in Mexico, looking at the PET scan results. Second, is that the curcumin IV bags are $1250 per bag, (out of pocket) and we are told Eric will require 6 per week, (3 x 2 per week). He was pretty dehydrated today, so they gave him a couple bags of IV fluids, and I think we’ll definitely do hydration IV’s, high does Vitamin C and the ozone treatments. We may also do hyperthermia and the hyperbaric chamber, as they offer that in this clinic. Alicia kindly came over to the house early to sit with Eric, whilst I went for a 6km run. It was so beautiful, running alongside the lake, beside a gorgeous stream and up one of the seven hills of Kirkland. Let’s just say that I didn’t sprint the distance, but trotted along at a good pace, determined to make it to the top of the hill and back. I’m ensuring that I stay as fit and healthy as possible. I know how easy it is to let fitness and health go in times of stress, but mostly, it helps me to keep it together when I maintain my good habits. Eric’s Mom and Aunt are coming up from California to visit, Christmas Day for a few days. The last time they saw Eric was in the summer time, when we thought Eric was in remission, but that was only a cruel trick of the PET scan timing. You see, what happens with the standard PET scan testing, is that insurance companies will typically only pay for the $5-$8,000 per piece scans, once every three months. So, what that means, is that the docs can be giving you the completely wrong combo of chemos, and not know it for a full three months. That is, in actual fact, exactly what happened to Eric. He looked “clear” after his first three months of chemo, but even though they kept going with the EXACT same chemo cocktail, in the ensuing three months, (even with FULL doses of the same cocktail), his cancerous tumors continued to grow in some of the same hot spots. That’s why when I heard about the total body ultrasound health screening machine in Arizona and Las Vegas, I mentioned the other day, I was so excited. Not only does it offer EVERYONE a chance at getting scanned for lumps, bumps, inflammation etc., it does so without having to drink the radio-active nasty stuff that you are

required to imbibe for a PET scan! It’s also way more affordable, and I can imagine you can have as many as you want/need, as it is not harmful for the body. The Doctor brought the technology from Sweden, with a simple mission to educate people on the value of preventative health care and to offer a second expert opinion. There are allegedly 500,000 missed diagnosed opportunities each year in the US, and in addition to providing an expert screening, each client gets to see their organs and arteries. At the very least, “A piece of mind is priceless”. hat a fantastic find my friend, (who shall remain nameless, unless you’re okay at not remaining nameless). I’m going to head down next month to get scanned, as I have cystic breasts and thyroid. Apparently, this lady doctor has the impression that when you have cystic breasts, it’s not so much “if” you get breast cancer, it’s “when”. As I have mentioned, I am done with mammograms – no more! I have cysts present and they freak out every time! So, I am only having ultra-sounds, and now this awesome machine in AZ and/or NV. How wonderful to know well in advance if some of the cells start going rogue. Our same friend also recommends juicing cannabis. Watch the “Health Benefits of Raw Cannabis Juice” at www. for videos on the healing power of cannabis. She also recommends watching the “Run from the Cure” I and II. I haven’t checked out either as yet, but want to read and watch respectively. Eric had an okay day today…he ate a little, chatted with Alicia and I, and did his appointment with the Naturopathic Doctor. I’m so glad Alicia drove us to the ND appointment, as it allowed me to fall asleep in the car on the way back. We finished the end of the season of “The Crown”. It’s called binge TV and really the only way to watch TV, via Hulu. No need to watch the advertisements, or wait one week until the next episode. Now we watch two or three episodes at a time! The only bummer is that our media room at home is upstairs. Stairs are a little different now for Eric. In the past, he was able to walk up the stairs, as you do. Now, it takes about 15-20 minutes, going up one stair at a time, backwards and on his butt. He scoots up, puts his butt on the next step, lifts up his left leg and I grab his jeans on the right leg, lift the leg for him, and place his foot on the next step. His mobility has been degenerating and I’m not sure how long he’ll be able to sleep and watch TV upstairs. We may need to move him into the office downstairs, and convert it into a downstairs bedroom. He’s done it before.

However, I think he is of the mind that if he agrees he canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do the stairs anymore, he is giving up and giving in. My heart hurts for my guy, and yes, many of you are right in your assessment of us. This is quite a love story, and I am hoping I get to write about the happy ending we are all hoping for. Love, love, love, Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 21, 2016 Day 59: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: There was a moment in the middle of the night, when he was still and lucid dreaming, Eric wondered whether he still actually had cancer. He hung out in that moment for a bit, enjoying the possibility. But, then he moved, felt a bunch of nerve endings on fire, and was right back in the pain and the memory of what is going on with his body. It happens to me too. Now and again, I look at Eric and I forget what’s happening, the rogue cells that are mutating and growing like crazy. I look at him like he’s all good, and we can keep planning out our lives for the next few decades. Bella came into the room at 8am this morning to take over the “Eric watch”. It’s not a great idea to leave him alone right now, as he can easily fall with his wobbly legs and walker. I left for the gym and a stair stepping machine, a rowing machine and free weights awaited me. We had the pleasure of having 5 visitors today, a couple we’ve known for about five years, Mary and Craig. A very cool and adventurous couple, that love to travel to Europe and try out all the deliciously different food options everywhere they can. Hilary and Brad, that come over at a moment’s notice, and they bring their little furry guy for a cuddle too. We also had Mark over, bringing food, and happy to be able to help in doing so. Yesterday we had a lovely new friend run an errand for us. Eddy, I am so grateful, as I just didn’t have the energy for returning copper cookware that Eric ordered a couple months ago. Today, we had another friend come on over and drop off a mini-trampoline and a machine that wiggles from side to side to help with the energy flow in the body. I’ve been making full use of essential oils in our home and I wanted to touch on that now. Did you know that aromatherapy can be used to help people recover and even heal from cancer? They can be applied to your skin or inhaled. For inhalation, a home diffuser utilizes water to humidify your home and add essential oils to the room. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to a steaming pot of water or to your shower each day in order to vaporize the oils and inhale them. I purchased these little mini diffusers that can go into my handbag, and I have some on each side of the bed. If essential oils are applied directly to your skin, they may need to be applied along with a carrier oil. Olive oil and coconut oil are both great carrier oils that can soak up the essential oils and help your body to absorb them properly. You can also make your own creams or salves that contain essential oils to use on your sore muscles

or any areas of your body that are painful. These are the five most helpful oils for cancer and general health: Frankincense: This is an anti-inflammatory substance, and helps boost immune function. It improves circulation, reduces stress, and is a recognized pain reliever. It has demonstrated the ability to speed regeneration by contracting and toning tissues. In addition, essential oil of frankincense provides neurological support. Beyond cancer treatment this essential oil has other benefits, including: encouraging skin health, aiding digestion, easing arthritis pain, and balancing hormones. Lavender is excellent for its ability to calm the nervous system and ease stress and anxiety. It also helps improve the quality and depth of sleep. It has long been used for pain relief, and in recent years has been studied extensively for its inhibitory effects on cancer tumor growth. Other uses for lavender essential oil include its ability to heals burn and skin irritations, relieve allergy symptoms, and as an anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal. I also use it over Ibuprofen for headaches. Myrrh can also be used for cancer support. Myrrh essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and in research studies is indicated in the inhibition of cancer cell growth. It is reported to support healthy hormone balance, be an effective pain reliever, and is also anti-fungal. Peppermint essential oil has antioxidant properties and is a potent anti-inflammatory. Peppermint also stimulates cell regeneration, promotes new tissue growth and liquefies mucous, making it ideal for respiratory issues. It is also one of the best essential oils for aching muscles. If suffering from nausea, try inhaling or diffusing peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is also one of the best oils for stomach upset by helping to reduce gas and improve digestion. Turmeric (Curcumin). Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve spoken a bunch about curcumin IVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in the last couple months, as Eric has had a ton. This oil is very promising in cancer treatment regimes. This is due to components observed to inhibit enzymes that can lead to inflammation, suppress tumors, kill fuel and oxygen sources for cancer cells, stop cancer stem cells from returning, and preventing metastasis. Turmeric essential oil has been shown to promote apoptosis (cancer cell death), yet has the ability to differenti-

ate between normal and cancerous cells. Turmeric is a renowned anti-inflammatory, with thousands of research studies to date demonstrating its myriad of benefits. Outside of cancer healing benefits, turmeric essential oil can also offer assistance in helping wounds to heal, preventing Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, regulating blood sugar, weight loss, and relief from arthritis. OK, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s it for tonight, for this girl. Have a good night, afternoon, morning â&#x20AC;&#x201C; wherever you are in the world! Love and blessings, Phillipa

A absolutely treasured moment with my family by choice... I love you both Eric and Phillipa tremendously. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your cancer journey, and you a part of mine as well words do no justice - Hilary Wake - Shultz December 22nd, 2016

December 22nd, 2016 Day 60: Eric’s Seattle/Eastide Medical Adventure: We met with a new Oncologist today and have renewed hope. A 20% chance is better than no hope. It looks like Eric may be able to get into the CAR T cell trial, and we should find out after a few tests for his eligibility, and confirmation that it is covered under our insurance. It seems to be a great option for current and for future Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, as it doesn’t involve chemotherapy. The trial that Eric would be entering is in Phase 1, which means that everyone gets the drugs/treatment. This is a form of immunotherapy where the basic premise is that they, “extract a patient’s T cells from blood and train them to recognize and kill cancer by modifying them with a viral vector to express an artificial, or chimeric, receptor specific for a particular cancer-associated antigen—in this case, CD19, an antigen expressed in B-cell– related blood cancers—then reinfuse the cells back into the patient. (See illustration at left.) The engineered cells recognize and kill cancerous cells, while reactivating other immune players that have been dampened by cancer’s inhibitory signals. “CAR therapy is at the same time cell therapy, gene therapy, and immunotherapy,” says Sadelain. “It represents a radical departure from all forms of medicine in existence until now”.” http://www.… Eric has a very specific diet, not necessarily by choice, but it’s more about what he is attracted to eat in any given moment. One of the things he asked for recently was smoked salmon. So, off I go to the store and look for smoked salmon. There were a half dozen choices, and I took a look at the labels, and here’s what I found. The first label had – Chum Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Erythorbate, sodium nitrate, (added as preservatives), FD&C yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40, Blue #1, natural hardwood smoke. The second one Keta Salmon, salt, brown sugar, pepper, natural hardwood smoke. My question is why? Why put preservatives and color into the first salmon choice? I bet you can guess which one I purchased. But, as it turned out, it tasted a little salty for Eric, so he couldn’t eat it anyway! Needless, to say, we’re going to figure out how to smoke our own salmon, as we do have wild caught salmon in the freezer, and we have a smoker. Hopefully we can figure it out. I took at a look at the sushi, by the way, and the ingredients might surprise you as much as I. Now, like me, you probably thought that sushi is pretty healthy, especially the salmon and rice option. Maybe you also thought that the ingredients would be rice and salmon, right? Wrong, here’s what I found: milled or brown rice, seared

salmon, (raw), black pepper, salt, spices, paprika, dried garlic, dried onion, dried celery, tri-calcium phosphate, ginger, water, salt, honey, vinegar, horse-radish, mustard, corn flour, spirulina, sesame seed, sugar, distilled vinegar, rice vinegar, brown sugar, soybeans, wheat flour. Sushi is definitely not gluten-free, but it also has chemicals? It was another quiet day, with the big effort for the morning, being a shower for Eric. I know, this is definitely something most of us take for granted. But for him, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a big deal. For the afternoon, the big effort was getting Eric to his appointment with the Oncologist. Getting dressed, and down the stairs and in the wheelchair to the truck, into the truck, and repeat. Standby and please send prayers, healing energy and blessings for Eric, that he gets on this trial, or something even better and more miraculous. Much love and many blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 23rd, 2016 Day 61: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: I didn’t mean to go running in the snow this morning, it just happened that way. I started off in the rain. I quite like running in the rain. As I was reaching the top of the hill, the raindrops began turning into snowflakes, and slowly the landscape started transforming in a gorgeous winter white. What a beautiful site, and as I was running, I glanced down at my legs, and they were also turning white. What fun! We were happy to see our friends Sandy and George today, as it’s been a wee while. We have been friends and neighbors for a few years, but living in different cities now, and of course, it’s been a rather different year than planned. I was delighted when Sandy offered to bring over some food, as she knows how to do gluten and dairy free cooking, AND most of it was organic. Yummy yams, corn bread and Frittata. Perfect! Thank you Sandy. Our friend Erin came over with more essential oils and a diffuser. I just love the fragrance of the Frankincense and Tumeric oils. I remember seeing a case study on one of the “Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” docu-series, where a young teenager healed herself from an inoperable brain tumor, with essential oils, including the powerhouse, Frankincense. Aside from our visiting friends, and Josh, (Alicia’s boyfriend), Eric had a day of complete rest. He’s starting to eat a little bit more and is keeping everything down. This is allowing his body to latch on to, and make use of, all the nutrients and vitamins. Bella and I had to leave home alone for the several hours we were gone shopping today, but he insisted upon it, and we gave in. We did text and call regularly though, to be sure he was okay. When I got home from shopping, he had made his way into the media room with his walker, and was watching, “The Designated Survivor” with the volume up VERY loud! Gosh, if he didn’t have so much going on, we would get him to a hearing clinic and get some hearing aids ordered. It’s amazing he can hear anything at all with a 75% hearing loss, per an audio study he had a year or so ago. We did receive a phone call from his new Doctor. He confirmed that the results to Eric’s labs yesterday, were looking pretty good. His white and red blood cell counts were well within the normal range, although his kidneys could do with a little more water. So, this was good news, as we were wondering whether he might need to go in today to get a transfusion. But, all is good with Eric’s readings for now.

Today was the day for Christmas shopping. With other distractions, I got a bit of a late start this year. In fact, December 23rd late…oops! However, Bella and I managed to brave the crowds and get the majority of the gifts taken care of. I do love Christmas. That was the one time of year, growing up, where I would be beside myself with excitement and anticipation of stockings filled with fruit, some chocolates, and a few wee gifts. We never got much to speak of, as I grew up in a very large family, and little in the way of financial resources. My challenge this Christmas, was what to do for my guy. What do you get someone that has everything, and is feeling pretty ill? I got a few fun things, and I shall work on creating a poem, or a piece just for him. Turns out Bella had the same idea and has started writing a piece for her Daddy. She’s having some trouble, (understandably) processing what’s going on with Eric, and has found that this is a great way to work through it all, by putting her thoughts on paper. I had a great real estate day today, as one more property closed. Additionally, I had the pleasure of dropping off a gift basket to a gentleman that closed on another property a couple weeks ago. I love my team of colleagues. They took care of most of the processes, whilst I was in Mexico with Eric. I feel very blessed! Thank you! As a friend pointed out today, we have been very blessed with a huge network of supporters, cheerleaders, prayer circle leaders & participants, energy healers, and everything in between. I count you in our extended “team” of awesome people, by virtue of the fact you are reading this particular daily musing. Hugs and blessings and love to you all, Love, Phillipa xxooxx PS. I’ll see if I can extract something from Eric to post, as I know a few of you are wondering how he is feeling with all this!

December 24th, 2016 Christmas Eve Day 62: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: I just never know when it’s going to happen. It’s usually when someone is being empathetic or nice. Today, it happened when one of Bella’s kind-of-estranged-girlfriends came to the front door to drop off a plate of homebaked Christmas goodies, (they hadn’t spoken much all year, which was a shame, given that they used to be really close). I was standing at the front door in my nightie and a big baggy sweatshirt, hair not done, and I just lost it! I stood there bawling, gave her a hug, and thanked her. It doesn’t always happen at the most opportune times, says Eric, and I agree with that assessment! It is, in fact, the day of Christmas way waaaay down south in the, “Land of the Long White Cloud”, otherwise known as Aotearoa, or more commonly known as New Zealand, my home country. New Zealanders, or Kiwis, and our Aussie friends and family, like to think of themselves as one step ahead of the rest of the world. In a way, they are. They’re always one day ahead and we will never catch up! One of my FB friends asked her friends on FB to come up with one thing that they would ask Santa for. Here are some of the anonymous responses: • New clients • 4 more years of President Obama • Peace inside my head • A new tub and a new kitchen, neither of which is going to happen. Grateful for what I have. Blessed with good health and freedom that enables me to work and pursue my dreams. • Some time alone • To spread elf and fairy dust on this planet for better world peace and cooperation for all mankind • (Same person as above) Oh, one more thing, another year of great friendship and all the girls in the group • Hillary Clinton • A loving and inspiring life mate • What our friend above said, Hillary Clinton • World peace and a speedy rise in human consciousness • World peace and everyone to have a higher vibration of love, acceptance, and understanding • Mine was, “Life!” • World peace and a consciousness that recognizes we are all One

• My two front teeth • Something about Trump, (that I probably shouldn’t put in print!) • A prosperous new year • Freedom • Freedom from a DT/MP Presidency please • World peace • Vibrant health and inner peace • Warm organic oats for the reindeer • Good health for me • Relocation to California and the sun • A democratic majority in Congress • A personal assistant What would yours be? Maybe we can do the same thing as my FB friend. How about you write one thing that you wish for below in the comments. To expand on this a little for me, in this moment of time. I am grateful to be here NOW, present in this very moment right NOW, in this EXACT moment, with my husband lying in the bed beside me. It is currently 11:21am, and when I started writing today’s musing, it was 11:11am. I am grateful that he is here with me, and with us all this day, Christmas Eve. I am grateful that he was able to eat an egg, an English muffin, drink some water and green juice with ice. He’s presently reading articles on his phone that are of interest to him. But, the point is, he is HERE, and in this moment all is good. I asked Eric what he is grateful for, right now. He said he is just happy to be here and be able to spend time with family and close friends. Speaking of which, Eric’s daughter Alicia, celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. So, mid-afternoon, off we went, loaded up with presents, and joined families with her boyfriend’s family. Luckily, there were some nice strong men to lift Eric up the stairs and into the house, wheelchair and all. Very nice people, and incredibly delicious food, (thank you Alicia for cooking so much GF and DF food for us to enjoy! I loved it. Awesome job cooking for 22 people!).

I got a small plate for Eric, and he managed a little bit of plain turkey, ham and mashed potatoes. He did also enjoy a small Mimosa and a beer. I’m not my husband’s keeper, and I was actually happy that he was so relaxed and eating, and if he wanted a couple drinks, so be it! There was definitely a half hour or so of craziness, as about a dozen kiddos opened all their presents at once. There was Christmas paper flying everywhere! Oh la la! I recall that when we opened Christmas presents when I was growing up, we all watched one person at a time opening their presents. That way, we all got to enjoy what each person received. I guess it was also a way to make it last, given that we only received a few small things each. Things are certainly different these days, with kiddos receiving so much at Christmas time. The adults followed up with a white elephant gift-giving session, and Eric received a LED light and a cool UW, (University of Washington) winter hat. He told me later that if someone tried to take his LED light, he would have pulled the cancer card, and not given it up! I received a cook ceramic Christmas lamp. Fun times! I had figured that, for sure Eric wouldn’t be able to handle the noise and high energy of the Christmas party for long. Surprisingly, we stayed until midnight, talking, playing Scrabble and watching You Tube videos of the Lord of the Dance and Dancing with the Stars. I really appreciated how the teens also got into coloring, and just sat at the table working on their art for hours. Right on! We had a very nice afternoon and evening with Alicia, Josh and grandkids, and also with new family. Lovely! It’s getting very late, as Eric and I chatted for another couple of hours after we got into bed. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he’s not only a night owl, but he also had a cup of coffee for the first time in 2 months! Having said that, I’m also quite wide awake, and I’m not typically a night owl. I do wish everyone a fantastic Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at about this time of year. I wish for you good health, meaningful friendships and a heck of a lot of fun and laughter for the coming journey around the sun. Love and blessings to all, Phillipa xxooxxoo PS. Don't forget to comment your one main wish!

December 25th, 2016 Christmas day Day 63: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: It’s Christmas Day today and I bet our was a little different to yours. Yes, ours was about family, and laughter, and stories, and food, and a fire, and gifts, and photos. But, it was also about laundry, grocery shopping, enemas, and not keeping down grape juice. We take the good with the not so good, and these are things that we deal with, regardless of whether the day is a special holiday, or not. When Bella was opening her Christmas gifts today, Eric was asking about them. Bella teased that his name was on the sticky labels, along with mine, and that theoretically he should know what was in them. Eric joked that he had to outsource all his gift purchasing this year. Yes, indeed, it’s been a different sort of a year, and it has been a different sort of Christmas. Eric’s Mom, and Aunt and Uncle came into town from California. They had a wonderful experience traveling on Christmas Day. They flew Horizon/Alaska. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly at the airport, at security and on the flight. When they arrived in Seattle, the pilot himself came out to help Eric’s Mom down the stairs from the plane, given that she was in a wheelchair and needed a ramp, (that was allegedly not functional today). We enjoyed a yummy family dinner of turkey, ham, pasta, mashed potatoes, salad, with fruit, chocolate cake for dessert. I found a great little raw, GF and DF/vegan pie, made with Marionberries from Oregon. Delicious! I’m going to keep it short today, as I was with my family all day. I do hope you all had a wonderful day, for those of you that celebrate Christmas. Love and blessings, and hugs to each and all of you, wherever you are in the world. Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 26,2016 Day 64: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: Today, my friends, is a day when I would love to have a magic wand. I would wave it over my beloved, and ease his pain and nausea and the ravaging effects of the dis-ease. I would have the little lumps that are pushing out of his skin, gently transmute into something more beautiful, and I would request that his body take in all the delicious food that we are giving it, rather than rejecting almost every little morsel. I would have some muscle mass build back up, as he is mostly bones and skin, and I would take away the tears that were his today, as he was sitting on the edge of the bed, humped over in frustration that his body truly seemed to be giving up on him. Up until now, he knew that his pain was only temporary, until he got over his most recent bout of sickness. He had a clear direction, something with which to believe in, a path with which to follow one step at a time. It was hard to stay positive today for Eric. Right now, he is feeling a little like a cork bobbing helplessly in a big ocean of unknowns. We haven’t heard back from the folks at the CAR T-Cell trial, and we can only assume that they are all on vacation with their beloveds! Eric’s family members are over right now, and there have been other random people coming to say hi in the last week or so. What’s tough though, for most people, is what to talk about. I mean, what do you talk about when your life is cruising along swimmingly as it always does, and someone else’s, is quite possibly, not. The things that are normally the things that people chat about, don’t really have the same meaning anymore. There are times when it gets a bit awkward, I have to say. However, Eric is very gracious and just allows people to talk and talk. There are times when I want to step in and say, “Please, enough!’, but it is not up to me, at least at this stage of the game. Some advice might be, allow Eric to talk. Ask him questions about his life, and what some of his best memories are. Maybe come along with some questions planned out, and just see where that flows. Because, guess what, it’s all about Eric right now. This is his time and his life and if you are coming into his world, connect with him in the same intense way he loves to connect with people. He and I are the same, we’re not as good with surface conversation, we like to delve deeper into the very BEing of a person. We like to find out what is in their heart and in their dreams. As his body is aching and screaming, and his physical body tempts him to go down a negative path, he chooses to look for the positives to inspire him to keep going day by day.

Eric started pondering and looking back over the last year, he came up with these insights for people. In general, he wants to tell people to: • wake up • be more conscious • work on being the best they can • be in gratitude for what they have • stop taking for granted the amount of time they have left this life • be less “squabbly” • take each day as precious • move forward so much more gracefully in their own lives • be less worried about other people’s stuff • avoid squandering their lives away, worrying about other people I do believe this is fairly good advice, and on that note, I shall say adieu for now, Much love and many blessings to you all for a marvelous morning, day, or evening, wherever you are in the world. Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 27th, 2016 Day 65: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: Kindness was the theme of the day, and I sure do love and appreciate random acts of kindness. There I was this morning, standing in the kitchen with tears rolling down my face, holding on to a hat with a hummingbird sewn on the front. It’s these sweet moments that take me out, and turn my emotions a little upside down. Thank you Kim Blatnick Horton and Inge, Ingrid Horton-Fulmer, it was very sweet of you to think of me whilst you were out and about wine-tasting, and for sending the awesome Hummingbird hat. I love you ladies, and have missed you both since leaving Hawaii six and a half years ago. I so appreciate this small act of kindness and send you many blessings in return! This morning, was the morning for our professional photographer session! Michelle Jackson Enebolle has her own business, (*1) but also works with a very cool non-profit organization, (*2) that offers families with an ill child or parent, professional photos at home, or at play. We had shots taken of Eric, myself, his Mom, Aunt and Uncle, his two daughters, and all the grand-kiddos. Once the photos are ready, the organization will create an album for our family, and other goodies, all free of charge! How kind is that? I met Michelle via FB, when our mutual friend Karla, re-posted one of my posts. Michelle read about how I love to lie on Eric’s chest, my favorite place in the whole wide world. She offered to take that exact shot today, and it ended up being the best shot of the morning session, (see below pic)! She got up on the bed with us, and stood over us to get the best angle. I am so grateful for her reaching out to me, and for the organization that she works with, and her kindness in showing up with GF and DF muffins, (having read that we are gluten and dairy free). Thank you Michelle, we are ever so grateful for your kindness, and send you many blessings in return. This afternoon, was the afternoon for another act of kindness, as a long-time friend of Eric’s called and asked if she could order some food to be delivered to our home. Raelene is her name, and she found out which restaurants we like, called one of them, and had them deliver to our doorstep. She showed up later to sit and chat with Eric, and reminisce about old times. She is grateful to Eric for getting her hired into Microsoft many years ago and giving her a good start to her career. Thank you Raelene, for coming over, and we all enjoyed your food delivery for dinner tonight, and even have some left over for tomorrow. Many blessings to you too! This evening, was the evening for Eric to receive some amazing healing from Jane Sibbett and her dancing hands, (*3). Jane is the sort of lady that, until yesterday, was planning on driving all the way up from California

to do some beautiful light-fun-dance-filled healing on the wonderful Eric, stay the night, and then head back down to California! Yes, probably a 15-17 hour drive, over snow-filled passes, each way! This is the sort of person Jane is. She received a gift of healing around a year or so ago, and I have really enjoyed reading the pieces that she writes to share with her FB friends. I’ll give you an example about how connected she is. One day, Eric was having a wee emergency in the hospital in January this year. I believe it was the very first night in the Swedish First Hill Hospital, after being transferred from their Cherry Hill surgical hospital, (where he had his T8 removed and replaced with a titanium cage). I had gone to bed in the little cot beside Eric at about 10pm, and had actually fallen asleep listening to a radio interview that Jane had done previously, and had sent out the link on FB. She didn’t know I had listened to her radio interview, but the next day she sent me a private message on FB saying that she was thinking of me and of Eric. We hadn’t seen each other for about 6 years at this point, and had connected only occasionally on FB, so I thought it was pretty cool that she was so connected to us, she reached out the very next day. Jane has done some healing on Eric beforehand and he always had a big burst of good health right afterwards. In fact, right now, I am lying on one of our couches downstairs, looking one direction at the fire and mantelpiece, (still covered in the Christmas decorations it might take a while to be able to bring on down), and the other way towards Eric. He is lying on the couch and receiving Jane’s healing energy from afar, (as we couldn’t bear to have her have her drive the 35 hours roundtrip, just to be with us for a healing session that she has just as much success doing long distance). Eric was doing pretty well for a while and looked like he was sleeping peacefully, all snuggled into the matching faux fur cushions and blanket. However, a little time passed and he started moaning in pain. He asked if I could run upstairs and grab a couple of his Oxy painkiller pills, although they tend to take some time to kick into gear. Shortly after that he was literally crying out in pain and grabbing his leg, so I texted Jane to find out what was happening. She shared that she was watching him being fitted with a new leg etherically, (oh boy, no wonder he was feeling some pain!). She said he was receiving some fairly intense work, and had all his organs flushed out. She mentioned that the work was going to be continuing even though she is with another client currently, and that she would check in again with us in a couple hours.

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to say goodbye for now, and continue on with Part 2 of Janeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s healing session with Eric, (and with me later too! Yippee!). I am full of gratitude for a day filled with family, love, friendship, intense discussions, new awakenings & insights, and above all, kindness. In turn, I send out thousands upon thousands of blessings to each and every one of you! Love, live, love, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo 1. 2. 3.

December 28th, 2016 Day 66: Eric’s Seattle Eastside Medical Adventure: Nobody wants to be bitten by a dog. Alas, this is what happened to me this morning. I was out jogging and a very big, but old and arthritic, German Shephard I see most mornings, ran for me and attacked me. His teeth punched through my skin in three spots. Eric was adamant I get a Tetanus shot, but I figured essential oils, a clove of garlic and Rescue Remedy cream would do the job. So far, so good. I suggested he call 911 if I start frothing at the mouth. Thankfully, a wonderful angel showed up on Skype shortly after that as Eric had part 2 of his healing session. I listened in on the session and I watched as Jane’s hands danced in joyful expression of the possibility of a full and complete healing for my guy. Jane could see Eric as whole and healthy, and dancing salsa with me, tearing up the dance floor. I love that image and it has special meaning for me, especially given that it is my one and only regret… that we didn’t follow through on having dance lessons together. Jane also reminded us of the first time she went on a wild dolphin swim on the Big Island of Hawaii. She recalled watching Eric and I in the water, and when we thought no one was watching, we swam towards each other, and kissed. That is a very nice memory indeed. When she first started working with Eric, she and the team sensed that his soul was undecided, whether to stay or to go. Yesterday and today, Jane saw a beautiful cloak of white feathers, singed but transformed, kind of like the rise of the Phoenix, out of the flames. The jury is still out, and he is still at choice. She could see that Eric was involved in the coolest, newest cutting edge technology, even beyond our imagining. Another piece was that quality of life and love are essential. She saw him surrounded by the dolphins and whales, and that they were sending their frequency to Eric. It was not the most comfortable pitch for Jane, but that is the pitch that came through. She and her team, worked on unlocking a part of Eric’s brain that most of us never get to utilize. There was an element of teaching his body a new way of being, and inviting his cells to bathe in that delight. As you can imagine, cells like to hear good stories, so Jane shared with us that a friend of hers was due for a liver transplant recently. However, the doctors couldn’t do the transplant, as her blood readings and blood pressure were way off. Jane did some work on her at the hospital, and it happened so quickly, the healing, that the doctors couldn’t understand it. They apparently kept her in for observation for one more day, and then another, still scratching their

heads. Indeed, I agree, cells do need to hear the good stories. Eric’s cells need to hear that a healing can not only happen, but it can happen in just a moment in time. Jane shared with us that our journey is inspiring everyone, including her, to open to more love, and more consciousness about health and healing. She not only sees us as traveling together, but writing a travel book, as our next one. She sees us thriving, and I like that outcome... very much! Eric also had three friends over today. The first was a friend that he has known since they were in the navy together, and that was a long time ago, 30+ years! They didn’t get up to too much trouble together, well at least Damon didn’t. I do believe Eric liked to push the edge of the envelope even back then! Our very close friends came next, Andi and Bea, and brought some goodies from Hawaii and from the store. Eric can’t keep much of anything down these days, but he is having some success with fruit, so they brought over some fruit and carbonated drinks, at Eric’s request. It was wonderful to see them, and to catch up on the trip to Hawaii that we were supposed to be on too! Eric’s Mom, Aunt and Uncle came over next. They also ordered in some delicious GF and DF food, and a slice of cake for Uncle Bob’s birthday! Happy Birthday Uncle Bob! Thank you all for coming up and spending time with Eric. I won’t say that it was easy on him, as he stayed awake for hours on end to be with you all, but he enjoyed the visit very much, at the same time. It was a tough goodbye for his Mom, as she is not doing so well herself with her health. There were a lot of tears, because as you can imagine, she doesn’t know whether she will ever see him again. As she said to me on her way out, you should never be around to see your children go before you. I can agree, it must be the toughest thing in the whole wide world. That doesn’t mean to say though, that we are not all still praying for the miracles that we know are possible, in any given moment. Alicia and the kiddos came over too, and we enjoyed looking at the photos that Michelle had taken yesterday. We are very grateful she processed them so quickly, particularly as she was about to go away for three days. Thank you Michelle, you are awesome! I have added a wee selection for you to enjoy below. Thank you once again everyone for being on this journey with us.

I am so so grateful for each and every one of you and for the comments that you have written. I so appreciate those that comment daily, I so appreciate those that comment once per week, I so appreciate those that read the daily musings and never comment. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all good. You are all so very welcome. Eric has gone from being a very private person to fully endorsing his story getting out there. We agree that if our story can help inspire just a few people get more conscious about life, health and loving, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth it! Love and blessings to each and every one of you! Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 29th, 2016 Day 67: Eric’s Seattle Eastside Medical Adventure: I had the diffuser on all night, pulsing with frankincense and turmeric essential oil-filled steam, and illuminating the room with ever changing colors. Each time I awakened during the night, there was a surreal glow coming from the window, and Eric was already awake. He was either lying still in deep thought, or massaging the parts of his body that cause him the most discomfort. We talked a little here and there, with me going in and out of sleep. Selfishly, I am so glad he is at home, so that we can savor each and every moment together. Early in the morning, as Eric was finally sleeping, waves of sadness engulfed me. I had trouble breathing and a lot of tears. I felt into the sensation of loneliness would be like without my guy. I found myself thinking about a future without him, and imagining what that would look like. I did some Mom duty today and took Bella to the Orthodontist to have her post-braces appointment. Bella played a song she knows I love, “Chasing Cars”, by Snow Patrol. I love the lyrics, “If I lay here … If I just lay here… Would you lay with me and just forget the world?”. Oh boy, I couldn’t hold back the tears. Bella noticed and gave me a big hug when we reached the Ortho apt. I’m never going to be too big or too old to accept a hug from my girl. We followed up with a trip to the mall and purchased a few pieces of Lulu Lemon clothing, (to be honest, I like the bags they give you, and use them for my teas and water bottle!). I took a quick trip to my favorite store, BCBGMAXAZRIA, and got a lovely tunic and a stylish new winter coat. It was nice to be a Mom and girl for a change, rather than a wife to a husband that is struggling to stay alive. Of course, I don’t mean that in an ungracious way at all, but it was rather a nice break, as Eric was hanging out with his friend Damon, (and just like the old days, they talked for hours on end!). I bumped into more friends at Whole Foods, and I guess it was just a tearful day. As soon as they showed me love and compassion, I lost it again. Yep, at Whole Foods. Indeed, it can happen anywhere, anytime! Thanks for the love, compassion and hug Jenny! By the way, everyone, I went to see the owner of the dog today. She gave me their vet's phone number and I called to confirm that the dog had been vaccinated for Rabies in November 2016. So, at least I'm not going to die a short horrible lockjaw kind of death! Her teenage son owns the dog, and all three of us stood at their front

door crying like babies. Me, because I needed a dog bite like a hole in the head, (or butt, as it turns out), and they, because I let them know that their dog is a danger to the community and they need to consider putting him down. The dog is old and clearly in a lot of pain. It can barely walk. So, tears all round, but I hope they can do the right thing. Thank you all for your concern, I do appreciate that. Thanks to Bea for picking up Eric’s latest request – hotdogs from Costco, (yes, they do sell organic beef hotdogs, no chemicals, no antibiotics and no growth hormones). No tears for Bea, so maybe I was cried out for the day – at least for now anyway. Oh, I had a lovely surprise when I got home. There was a package for Eric, but when I brought it up for him, he told me it was a surprise belated Christmas present for me! If I told you it was a depiction of something very dear to me, with wings, do you think you can guess what it is? Yes indeed, a 14k gold and white gold hummingbird!! Yay for Eric, a lovely gift, and more tears!! Love and blessings everyone, and have a good morning, afternoon, or evening – wherever you are in the world! Phillipa xxooxxoo

December 30, 2016 Day 68: Eric’s Seattle Medical Adventure: Eric’s medical adventure took an unexpected turn today. I was really concerned that Eric was throwing up, with or without food and/or water, and I wanted to see if I could get him some hydration. I called the Oncology department at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, (SCCA, Eric’s new hospital group/alliance), and asked to schedule an appointment to get Eric some IV fluids. The Oncologist, although not officially working today, broke away from his family to come in and see Eric. (Gosh, it almost sounds like the “personal” medicine we experienced in Mexico!). Most of Eric’s critical blood counts were all pretty much within range, with the exception of his creatinine, (a chemical waste molecule that is generated from muscle metabolism, and transported through the bloodstream to the kidneys. The kidneys filter out most of the creatinine and dispose of it in the urine). Normal levels of creatinine in the blood are approximately 0.6 to 1.2 for an adult male. To be successfully accepted into the CAR T-Cell trial, Eric’s kidney reading should be around 1.5 or under. The reading at his labs this time last week were 1.7, and today it was 2.6! Oh boy. The Oncologist decided to hospitalize Eric, to be sure to get his kidneys fully functioning again. He told us that the team at the UW Hospital would come at him with all guns blazing. So, they’re giving him IV fluids, anti-nausea medicine, nutrition, and a couple other things I don’t recall. He wants to ensure Eric is back on track, first and foremost for his health and wellbeing, in addition to getting him well enough to get into the CAR Tcell trial. I was with Eric up until about 8pm tonight, and last I heard Eric had eaten an English muffin, oatmeal and water. So far, so good! Fingers crossed! We did also get some good news today. I am happy to report that the insurance has confirmed they will cover the cost of the CAR Tcell trial, which is literally a half million dollars. I know, it seems crazy, right? So, now it’s up to us and the team at the University of Washington Hospital to get his kidneys functioning well enough to get on the trial. Please note that there is still one week of tests and cell harvesting before we know, for sure, that Eric is eligible. So, that’s important to note too. His friend Damon came to visit in the hospital. Eric and I had a little spat, and I left abruptly. However, if/when we get crossed up, it doesn’t usually last too long. I texted that I was sorry as soon as I got home and Eric said he was sorry too, also via text! It’s like we’re teenagers, where texting is the choice mode of communication!

However, I’m glad we’re back on track, as it seems just too weird to be at odds, when Eric’s life is on the line. It’s late everyone and I am “veg’ing” out in front of the TV, with a Mimosa. It makes me feel quite wicked, as I almost never drink alone. However, tonight I figure, what the heck!? Love and blessings to each and every one of you that is following our story. As always, I am in gratitude for your likes, hearts, sad and happy faces, comments and any/all of the above. Love, Phillipa xxooxxoo Awaiting the doctor's appointment....may as well enjoy the view, right? — in Seattle, Washington

Back in hospital! This time, UW in Seattle.

December 31, 2016 Day 69: Eric’s UW Hospital Seattle Medical Adventure: Today I took a break. I took a break from attempting to take care of Eric’s every need. I say “attempting”, as it wasn’t always possible to get the right flavor of drink or type of food, as his taste buds went awry, or get him in the right position, as his body was screaming out in pain. So, whilst Eric was being taken care of in the hospital, I had a nice long sleep last night, a long hard workout at the gym this morning, and a lovely soak in the tub with lavender bath salts. I also had a visit from another angel, a wonderful lady I have known for almost seven years. She is an artist and introduced me to the pleasure of encaustic wax painting a number of years ago. Earlier this year, she had Bella and I over to her studio and we spent the day painting a piece of art each. Today, she presented us with a gorgeous painting of a hummingbird, (see photo below). Just stunning! Thank you Alison, you are truly an angel on earth. I love it, (and I showed Eric a photo of it in hospital and he loves it too). I’m at the hospital with Eric now. He had a bit of a rough night, and his kidney readings are still very high. It’s going to take some time to get him back within normal range. I think the nurse did a bit of an overdose with his nausea meds, as he is falling asleep every few seconds. It’s almost comedic, as he starts to take a mouthful of food and falls asleep as the fork is on its way to his mouth. Assuming he is eligible for the trial, the start date is scheduled for Jan 9th 2017. Fingers crossed and orders into the Universe. Prayers and blessings most gratefully received for a successful eligibility result. So, today is New Year’s Eve, and I have long since given up on doing resolutions at this time of the year. Like most people, in the past, I would create a list of rather long, and somewhat unrealistic resolutions. Rather, I have ONE wish for 2017. I wish for my husband to be accepted on the CAR Tcell trial, and for the immunotherapy treatment and the CAR Tcells to work their magic hunting down and transmuting the cancerous cells throughout Eric’s body. I wish for Eric to be able to live! I figure if the trial has worked for others, why not Eric? However, I did think of a list of items to be conscious of in the coming year. Take a glance through the list of 25, and maybe you’ll find a couple that resonate with you: 1. Be present in the moment – not necessarily ALL moments, but be conscious about being in the moment now and again. I figure now and again, is better than never! One way to do it, is to stop and listen to your breath as it goes in and out.

2. Do “gratitudes” with and for your beloved every single day – this is the foundation that got Eric and I through our worst and best times together. Maybe, just maybe, if it wasn’t for our gifts of confidence, (GoC’s) process daily, we might never have made it through to where we are now. 3. Find a way to exercise every single day – power walk, jog, jump on a mini-tramp, run up and down the stairs, go to the gym, get a trainer, or train with a friend. Do something every day, but just make sure you get up off the couch, or change it up a notch if you’re already in the daily fitness habit. 4. Create a list of 10 goals that you’d like to achieve this year, and read them out aloud every day, upon waking up. 5. Start buying more organic food from the edge of the grocery stores, in the local markets, directly with the local farms, or organizations that deliver to directly to your home. Just remember if something is not labeled as organic, it means that it was grown with the use of pesticide at best, and a Round-Up-like agent at worst. At the very least, do it for your kids. 6. Plan for “date days and nights” with your loved one. If you have kids, get a babysitter. If you don’t have a loved one, make a date to hang with a good friend(s). Whatever you do, switch it up in the New Year. Do something different. 7. Find a way to create some art – sit down with your kids or friends or someone special, and draw or paint or sketch. It might open up a new part of you that you really like and would like to nurture. 8. Write in a journal, if not daily, then weekly – just make it a habit. It’s good to write stuff down. I find it helps me process what’s going on in my life. 9. Give up gluten – it doesn’t have any redeeming qualities at all. Giving up gluten can help rid you of inflammation, excess weight, a sore or swollen gut, migraines, anxiety, depression, and can even help with our precious autistic children in the community. Read about the benefits of being gluten-free online, as there is a ton of information available on this. 10. Search for alternatives to dairy products, or at least products made with cow’s milk. Lactose was not designed for human consumption, and causes more health problems than many are aware of. Milk products often

cause eczema, skin rashes, mucous and such. Try goat products, nut or rice milks, (so long as they don’t have carrageenan as an ingredient). 11. Swap out cans of soda, with water or green tea. The ingredients in soda are very bad for your body, and are probably the source of a ton of health issues that are brewing that you are not even aware of. Remember Eric used to drink 5-6 cans per day of Coke before I met him. 12. Start using your stove top more and your microwave less. Microwaves irradiate your food. Read about it online, there is a lot written about it. I have almost completely stopped using my microwave, and the food just tastes better, with a more even heat throughout. Funnily enough, some items are quicker to do on the stove top, e.g. soups. 13. If you go out for tea or coffee, order plain, good old-fashioned tea or coffee, not all the fancy drinks with unhealthy ingredients, and up to 50g of sugar. 14. Stop supporting fast food restaurants. Don’t be one of the 25% of Americans that eat out at fast food outlets daily. Research restaurants and stores in your area that offer more organic and less GMO foods. 15. Save for some thing or some place special. Think about where you’d love to go, or what you’d like to or get, and make it happen! Make it a new goal! 16. Read a little, or a lot, every day. Make it something you really love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a novel, or an inspirational biography, personal development, or a travel guide and such. 17. Create a vision board and place on it pictures of everything you’d like to create in your life. It’s good include all aspects that are important to you…love, travel, mind, physical, spiritual, family and such. 18. Spend some time every day in quiet contemplation, prayer, or in meditation. Even 5 minutes is better than no minutes. 19. Work on clearing out emotional blockages. Use whatever technique you can, but the Body Code it pretty awesome.

20. Use essential oils - they can be used for almost everything – there’s something for almost every kind of ailment, and state of mind. 21. Get a thorough medical check-up, and if possible, an all-over body scan, and for women, a thermograph. Take some time on dental care, and consider replacing all amalgam fillings with white, and root canals with zirconium implants. 22. Forgive someone, a friend, family member, or colleague. Forgive yourself in the process and let go of wishing for a better past. 23. Go visit some friends, yet focus on the ones that are important to you. Please don’t wait until they get sick before you carve out time to see them. 24. Help someone out. Maybe someone that is not feeling well, or they’re struggling in some way. Help with your time and or with food or money. 25. Figure out a good water filter or water source for healthy drinking water without the chlorine, fluoride and other nasty additives. Reverse osmosis is good. One bonus, and this is something I recommend EVERYONE does. Jump on, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” website and watch the online docu-series and of 9, and the weekend long, “Ultimate Live Symposium”. This will either save your life one day, or someone that you love. Get educated before cancer shows up in one form or another. I send out tens of thousands of blessings with this daily musing to each and every one of you, and everyone in your circles, far and near. I wish you and all, an amazing year ahead of phenomenal health, awesome relationships, mucho fun, and the life that you dream of. Much love and many more blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo

This is our little New Year's Eve party! The only problem is that I seem to be the only one awake!

I am so thrilled to receive this piece of art from Alison and Brad! Thank you so much!! You are amazing people!

January 1, 2017 Day 70: Eric’s UW Hospital Seattle Medical Adventure: Today, the daily musing is from our beautiful and very talented daughter, Bella. Bearing in mind she is 15 years old, and this was written about one night in January 2016, when we got the call from the Oncologist from Swedish Hospital. He told us that we were kind of lucky it wasn’t bladder cancer, (as originally thought), and that the pathology had finally come back and confirmed that it was Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Large Cell Diffuse B, Subtype ABC. Bella has been open about having difficulty processing everything this last year. Consequently, we are so proud that she has found a way to poke around in her memory and in her heart, and write so beautifully and authentically about something that happened on that one night in January, 2016. In Bella’s own words, “We all had our own time to process what was going on around us. One night, I was called into my parent’s bedroom. As I walked through the door, and saw the looks on their faces, I knew the news was not great. I felt the frightened energy in that room, and I laid down on the bed next to my tired father with his dark blue weary eyes. I felt my stomach drop, and my heart was heavy. I looked up and stared at my Mom sitting in the chair in front of us. Her sad eyes were vivid green, the color of trees in the spring. My mother started to speak and as she did, I could hear the terror in her voice, the fear, and the big gulp in the back of her throat. I heard through her blurry words she was trying to hold her tears back. I couldn’t listen and honestly, I didn’t care. I didn’t care why they couldn’t fix him, or what was wrong. I didn’t care about the tests or the doctors, or even the cancer. I cared that this was the end. I cared that in front of me sat my weeping mother, and behind me, my breaking father, holding me tight in his dear arms, ever so warm. He struggled to get words out, and when he spoke, he said, “I am proud. I am proud of the people in my life. I am proud of myself, and the life that I have lived. And I will say with pride, I love you both. I love you both, I love my eldest daughter, I love my grandchildren, and I love my family and friends. I am so grateful to have lived this life with you all, and had so many amazing opportunities. But, it’s my time and it’s your job to stick together, and stay strong”. I had never heard my father speak with such raw emotion, and I admit, it was heart-breaking. I had to accept it. I will say, I have never been closer to anyone than in those few moments of time”.

So earlier tonight, as Bella and her big sister Alicia were visiting, Bella read through this piece aloud to us. There were heartfelt emotions running deep in the room, as you can probably imagine. I just read Bella’s piece again out aloud to Eric just now, and in his own words… In Eric’s words, “Being surrounded by such a deep heartfelt, and loving family, along with very very close friends, gives me the strength, courage and power to live each day the best I can with grace, dignity and empowerment. Here’s one specific example. When Bella read this piece to us tonight in my hospital room, with both my daughters and my lovely wife present, there was not a dry eye in the room. Through this journey, I’ve learned to open up and share more with the people around me. One of my biggest concerns, at least until tonight, was that Bella was keeping so much inside of her. Yet I could see the pain in her eyes. But, she too, has a gift in poetry and writing that is beyond words, and she is using this gift to not only help herself process, but to inspire others. This type of loving kindness and deep inspirational thought, gives me so much power to fight this dis-ease and walk this journey with dignity, by having the strong desire to be around for each of my daughters milestones in life….from walking each of them down the aisle, all the way to enjoying the smaller things in life like seeing my grandkids running around the house, doing the normal kid stuff. I love having similar heartfelt discussions with my eldest daughter, and as you can probably guess with my wife, from her daily musings, we have a lot more open and deep discussions, than ever hit the FB pages. I truly feel like I am blessed to have the wonderful family that I do. Thank you dear Bella. I am so looking forward to your next inspirational insight”. Oh boy! How blessed am I to have Eric as my husband and life partner, and Bella as my daughter! Love and blessings to all of you, wherever you may be in the world. By the way, I am still chuffed that we have, as part of our FB family, people waking up every day and looking forward to reading the daily posts, from New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Mexico, Canada, and of course all over the US of A, (California, Hawaii, Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado, Michigan, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, and all over Washington state). Did I forget anywhere? Hugs, and happy New Year! Phillipa, Eric and Bella xxooxxxooo

January 2, 2017 Day 71: Eric’s Seattle UW Medical Adventure: As I drove back home from the hospital today, I got a solid visual reminder of how beautiful our planet is. Everywhere I looked, to the north, south, east or west, I saw snowy peaked mountainous ranges, looming above and beyond the city. Not just any snowy peaked mountainous ranges, but stunningly gorgeous mountainous ranges, in addition to Mt Baker to the north, and Mt Rainier to the south. If I could have grabbed my phone and taken pictures as I was driving over the 520 toll bridge, I would have. However, I wanted to be safe, and stay alive to share my experience with Eric, and all of you. Let me digress for one minute…. today’s story takes me back to a time I was driving throughout Europe alone. This was one Christmas and New Year’s winter, about 20 years ago, when I was living in London. I decided to go on a grand European driving adventure, (the only problem was, I couldn’t find anyone else that wanted to go with me!). My route included driving over the Swiss Alps into Italy, in my British car, (driving on the other side of the road, and sitting on the wrong side of the car for European roads), and with no chains, (yes, I was the only one driving without chains!). I recall driving through Zermatt, and I was so overtaken by the beauty of the ski resort, that I did, in fact, grab my camera to take a photo. Yes, this was as I was driving, and braking, and skidding on the ice, with my camera in hand! Lucky for me, I had some pretty talented guardian angels working over-time to see that I made it through that particular event, and the full journey around Europe safely! I might be a crazy Kiwi chick, but at least now I know to wait until I have stopped at a red light to take pictures! (Just kiddin’!). What was so great about what I witnessed today, was that it was like an angel tap that the mountainous ranges and mountains are always there, and always present. We just don’t get to “see” them most of the time, as they are covered in clouds or greyish overcast weather that hides these beauties behind a kind of veil. Our lives can a bit like that, we start to believe in the illusion of what seems real all around us, and get caught up in the busyness of our lives. We tend to forget that a simple walk in nature, or sitting for a moment at a picnic table in the park, or driving alongside a lake, or closing of one’s eyes in prayer, contemplation or meditation, can be all it takes to breathe in the beauty of God, the Universe, All That Is…just beyond the veil.

Still being the New Year, the time of the year to be conscious of new beginnings and aware of new choices we can make, I am feeling so much gratitude for many things and people and experiences. Specifically, I am feeling gratitude for my beloved: As I see Eric’s daily effort to keep down food and liquids, I choose to be more conscious to eat my food and sip my water and green tea in gratitude. As I see him struggle to sit up on the side of the hospital bed, I choose to remember to be grateful that my body is healthy and can move around effortlessly. As I listen to Eric’s intermittent breathing pattern as he sleeps and awakens, sleeps and awakens, I choose to be more grateful for my ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. As I feel Eric nudge me, (whilst in pain sitting on the side of the bed), with his face leaning into my breast, as I am reaching around him to tie the bow on the back of his hospital gown, (because he can’t), I choose to be grateful for all the times we were able to effortlessly make love, for the years we have been together. As I feel Eric relax and allow me to moisturize the dry, flaky skin on his legs, (because he can’t), I choose to feel grateful that I can give him a simple pleasure by simply rubbing moisturizer into my lover’s legs. As I watch Eric’s wobbly “chicken legs” shake and struggle to hold him upright, even with his walker, I choose to be in gratitude that I have two legs that can take me walking, jogging and exercising any time I choose. As I witness Eric dry heave for no apparent reason, I choose to be more grateful PERIOD, and for no apparent reason! As I watched the tears form in Eric’s eyes when Bella read him her heart-full piece last night, I choose to be more grateful for words so powerful, they can create tears in hearts and souls of people, all shapes and sizes and colors. As I watch Eric’s frustration build over not eliminating in the bathroom for weeks and weeks, I choose to be grateful for my healthy bodily functions.

As I see Eric’s eyes glaze over when visitors start talking story from their minds and not their hearts, I choose to be more grateful to know, to be aware, and understand the difference. As I see Eric being forced to succumb to more liquid therapy, I choose to be grateful that my body is taking care of any cancer cells that are naturally occurring in my body. Yes, today is the day that Eric starting getting more liquid therapy, a.k.a. chemo! He went downhill so fast the last two weeks, it turns out he developed something called spontaneous tumor lysis, which more commonly occurs after chemo has done its job. A bunch of tumor cells die off at the same time by the treatment, (or in Eric’s case spontaneously), releasing their contents into the bloodstream, resulting in changes in blood electrolytes and metabolites. The metabolic abnormalities, in Eric’s situation, led to intense nausea and vomiting, and the first stages of damage to the kidneys. There are other not so great outcomes, but we’re not going to go there at this moment. As you can imagine, this would not have the route I would have chosen, but I called the main Doctor at home today, and he explained his strategy, (by the way, I feel it’s a sign of a good doctor if they provide you with their cell phone number, and encourage you to call when you are really concerned, or have questions). Today, the Doc gave me 30 minutes of his time, and walked me through the plan. Afterwards, I agreed that this seems to be the only “traditional” medical route to take, and even our wonderful young Mexican Doctor from Sanoviv was beginning to think that Eric might indeed need another round of low dose chemo, (given the results of the last PET scan). The main goal being to get Eric well enough to meet the health criteria to get on the CAR T cell trial. Currently, with his kidney readings, he is ineligible. After staying with Eric 3 days/2 nights in the hospital, I took a short break this afternoon. I showed a new real estate client three homes, (and I believe we’ll be putting an offer in one of the homes). I followed that appointment with a trip home to eat some non-hospital organic food, and take a soak in the bath with some deliciously-smelling Ylang Ylang bath salts. Funnily enough, I looked up the benefits of Ylang Ylang just now, and I see that it is, amongst other things, an aphrodisiac. (Oops! However, that totally appeals to my sense of humor!). Thank goodness, it also serves to calm the nerves and generally relaxes the body. Phew!

On that note, I shall say good night to all our wonderful FB friends and friends that are more like family, than family, Much love and many blessings to you all, Phillipa xxooxxoo

January 3, 2017 DAY 72: Please don’t go! (Written by Phillipa Leseberg for her husband Eric Jan 2nd 2017) Please don’t go! Selfishly, I am not ready to lose you… I am not ready to explore who I am without you by my side. Please don’t go! You’ve fought so hard this past year… Dealt with more than most can bear. Please don’t go! We have come so far, and gone so deep… Yet, I feel like we have only just begun to explore the Universes of each other. Please don’t go! There is more work for you to do, more of YOU to Become… The world needs the rare and unique BEing you are, to help connect the dots with health, big data and technology.

Please don’t go! You’ve learned so much throughout the journey… About yourself, your life partner, our friends, our families. Please don’t go! I chose YOU and our daughter, over my family and their claims, I chose love and gratitude, over NO LOVE, judgement, and meddling. Please don’t go! Your daughters need the Life Coach in you… Your grand-kiddos need the Wise Man within… coaching, cajoling, guiding, and modeling them. Please don’t go! What about all the Gifts of Confidence we haven’t given yet… What about all the things left unsaid? I’m asking nicely, But I mean it… Please don’t go!

January 4th, 2017 Day 73: Eric’s Seattle UW Medical Adventure: In Eric’s words, “I just want to feel normal for one day. I’m so sick of being sick”. Indeed, Eric has said these words many times during his one year journey, and particularly during the last 2+ weeks, after arriving back from the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico. One year ago, he was 235 pounds, (106kg), and last week he weighed in at 137 pounds, (62 kg). He’s mostly just skin and bone, and has been constipated, dehydrated, and nauseated most of the last couple weeks. His cancer has been growing aggressively and seemingly unchecked, despite all the wonderful, advanced treatments in Mexico. He experienced simultaneous tumor lysis, a rapid breakdown of cancer cells, even before the chemotherapy over the last couple days, (typically tumor lysis happens post-chemo, when the cancer cells all die off together, and common symptoms are nausea and vomiting). His kidneys were damaged and are still recovering. His creatinine levels are still too high to be eligible for the CAR T-cell trial at 2.5, (and they need to be closer to 1.5’ish to be eligible for the trial). He has been given so many anti-nausea and pain medications in the hospital, I literally lost count. Yesterday, he was incoherent, and last night he was hallucinating. He said he could see fleas in the hospital bed. The hospital staff kindly changed his blankets out, and he went back to sleep, (and of course, there were no fleas in the hospital). I watched him spend about 30 minutes trying to type a text to his friend Damon that was coming over to spend some time with him. Damon got the main gist of the text message, but most of it didn’t make any sense, especially the part where Eric signed off as, “Love, Dad”. I’ve been with him pretty much 24/7 since he arrived back, and if it is scary for me at times, I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like for him. But, today was a good day. Today, Eric was able to eat and keep his food down. He spent some time on his lap top, and got some items off his check list! He participated in more coherent conversations, although still a tad loopy from time to time! He was able to walk 100 yards with his walker, (particularly a good effort, as he was shocked how quickly he lost strength and muscle tone in his chicken legs, even over the last few days).

This is the nature of the cancer journey – there are some good days, and there are some bad days. There is good news and bad news. Then, there’s good, good, good, bad, good, bad, bad news – at least until it’s all good, or it’s all bad. This is the nature of the beast. Now, as you know, I am an avid researcher, particularly on everything natural and advanced, in terms of food and therapies for the body, both preventative and curative. In one of, “The Truth About Cancer” articles this week, they talked about 3 super-berries that induce cancer cell growth, lower inflammation, pump your body with powerful antioxidants, and have proven to measurably slow tumor growth. These 3 powerful cancer-fighting berries are an essential part of your cancer prevention diet and have key nutrients that can reduce your risk of a stroke, prevent blood clots, and much more. Here they are: #1: Have you ever heard of black raspberries? Well, they are rich in anthocyanins. Studies have shown that this type of potent antioxidant found in berries, grapes, and red cabbage − give fruits and vegetables a blue, red, or purple color. These powerful compounds fight diseases caused by oxidative stress and free radicals including certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease and chronic inflammation. Cervical cancer is the second most common female cancer worldwide. One of the challenges in treating cervical cancer is that it is difficult to manage pre-invasive and invasive lesions. Recent studies from the College of Public Health at Ohio State University, Comprehensive Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio, discovered that black raspberries prevent cervical cancer cell growth and tumor formation. Furthermore, they inhibit inflammation and induce apoptosis in esophageal and colorectal cancer tissues. Black raspberries also contain chemo preventive compounds, including: vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, ellagic acid, and quercetin that can help prevent strokes. #2 Strawberries – The humble and widely loved strawberry has many benefits. Strawberries have proven to prevent heart attacks in women. In China, 36 participants at high risk for developing esophageal cancer ate strawberries for six months and researchers found that consuming strawberries prevented esophageal lesions from developing into tumors.

The volunteers drank freeze-dried strawberry powder mixed with water, since the freeze-dried process concentrates the benefits of the berries. Researcher Tong Chen discovered that 29 out of 36 participants had lesions revert from moderate to mild after six months of consuming two ounces of strawberries a day. The ellagic acid in strawberries deactivated specific carcinogens and decreased the replication of cancer cells. #3 – Jamun berry (or Indian blackberry) – These juicy purple berries of the native Indian plant, Eugenia jambolana, known as Jamun, jambolan, or black plum are available in the United States, Florida, and Hawaii. The fruit has a sour-sweet taste and due to its tart nature, is usually eaten with a sprinkling of salt. Traditionally Jamun is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat digestive disorders, as an antimicrobial, and to control diabetes. Jamun is also a good source of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin C. The College of Pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island analyzed the extract of Jamun berries. They found it exhibited pro-apoptotic effects against breast cancer cells but not towards normal breast cells. This study reveals the potential benefits of Jamun berry extract against breast cancer. Breast cancer accounts for more than 1 in 4 cancers diagnosed in women in the United States. Since the role of plant extracts are now emerging as equally effective therapies, these preventative strategies are definitely worth exploring as a safe and effective way to naturally prevent cancer. Thank you to, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”, for their daily and weekly newsletters. Their work is phenomenal and so appreciated by those of us investigating ways to help our loved ones navigate this tricky journey, laden with mine bombs, snakes and ladders! Thank you everyone for being a part of our journey! Love and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo

January 5th, 2017 Day 74: Eric’s Seattle Eastside Medical Adventure: Home sweet home! I got the call to pick up Eric from the hospital this morning. When I walked into the hospital room, he was already showered, dressed, packed and sitting in his wheelchair with a rather big grin on his face. He was very happy indeed to be getting picked up, whereas I was hoping upon hope that I could get enough fluids into his body at home to keep up the slow, but sure, improvement of his kidney function. He is now happily ensconced on an engineered temporary twin/single bed in the downstairs bedroom, a.k.a. our office. After trying for quite some time, he believes that he has figured out how to rent a hospital bed for our home, so that he is even more comfortable. It’s all about Eric, and keeping him as comfortable as possible and trying to get in as many fluids as possible, so that he can get into the trial for the CAR T cells. Prayers, blessings and healing thoughts and visualizations, for Eric’s Creatinine level coming down to 1.5! Thank you everyone! I find Eric so cute sometimes, particularly when he is trying to eat, and falls asleep as the spoon or fork is halfway to his mouth. It tugs on my heart, and makes me smile. He was able to eat pancakes for breakfast, wasn’t so successful with the yoghurt for lunch, and just now for dinner, he was able to handle some chicken noodle soup. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to try the home-made, all-organic chicken, broccoli, leak, onion, carrot, celery soup, I made this afternoon. Nope, he wanted the MSG-chemical-laden Campbells soup. Ugh, why do they still have the need for Monosodium glutamate? Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer commonly added to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats, like lunch meats. The FDA has classified MSG as a food ingredient that's "generally recognized as safe," but its use remains controversial. For this reason, when MSG is added to food, the FDA requires that it be listed on the label. MSG has been used as a food additive for decades. Over the years, many have reported adverse reactions to foods containing MSG, including headache, flushing, sweating, facial pressure or tightness, numbness, tingling or burning in the face, neck and other area, rapid, fluttering heartbeats (heart palpitations), chest pain, nausea, and weakness. But, as far as I’m concerned, it’s gluten and unhealthy, and I tend to stay clear of restaurants that still feel the need to use the stuff! Unfortunately, it’s in the one and only soup that Eric feels like eating now. Oh well, at least he’s keeping it down?

The good thing about the fact that no one at Microsoft knows what is going on for me behind the scenes, is that no one knows what is going on for me behind the scenes, (sorry, that’s my dry sense of humor!). But, you can see what I mean. This allows me to have some normalcy in my life, as everything else is Eric-centric, as it should be. This afternoon, I got to play my professional role on a video shoot of two Microsoft Directors discussing Microsoft’s own journey to the cloud, for a webinar on Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise, going live next week. The studios where we shoot footage for the webinars and webcasts is also a studio that edits for Disney movies. A month or two ago, I saw Snow White and one of the dwarves walking by in the hall. That was pretty fun! I saw a post on FB today, that one of the patients at Sanoviv didn’t make it. He passed on January 2nd, just a few days ago. I sent a private message to his amazing wife Kristin Ostly as soon as I saw the post, but I wanted to tell you a little something about this phenomenal lady and her husband. We spent probably about a week, or a little longer, with all four of us together at Sanoviv – Kristin, Alex, Eric and I. Although I must say that pretty much from the beginning of us meeting Alex, you could tell that he was in a lot of pain and discomfort, as his Esophageal cancer journey progressed. He often preferred to sit alone or hang out in the room alone. Kristin and I had a few pretty good talks, specifically about how she was leading the charge in so many ways on behalf of Alex, particularly in the fundraising field. Back home in California, she and others would receive donations for prizes, and do raffle ticket draws to raise money to help cover the cost of Alex’s treatment. It was amazing how much people gave to help out their family of four, (including Alex and Kristin’s two daughters). I would often see Kristin pouring over a ton of research materials, studying every angle she could think of, and following every lead in the quest to save her husband. She earned her angle wings in spades over the last couple years, that is for sure. One special part of their Sanoviv story, as it relates to us, is that Kristin heard me share stories of my little lady hummingbird friend in the hibiscus bush. Separate to that, she saw a bunch of us coloring in those adult art coloring books, (do you know the ones I mean?).

She declined to join us, saying that this type of art drove her crazy. Skipping ahead a few days later, Alex and Kristin left Sanoviv. Unfortunately, I missed saying goodbye to them in person. However, Kristin had colored in a gorgeous hummingbird picture for me, and left it at the front desk, with a very beautiful handwritten note on the back. So, even though Kristin had so much going on in her life, she found a way to work through her resistance to the coloring-in variety of creativity/relaxation, to create a stunning hummingbird coloring-in picture for me. I opened the note, looked at the hummingbird and had some tears. Today, I had some tears for Alex. I can’t even imagine what the journey must have been like for him. To go from being a fit and healthy, and vital fireman, with two teenage daughters… to feeling so sick, not being able to eat or drink, feeling so much intense pain, and feel like you’re slipping away. I had some tears for Kristen and her two daughters, that have just lost a husband and a daddy. I say to you Kristen, you are an amazing woman, wife and mother. You did it all and you gave the journey everything you could. I saw that. I witnessed it. I send you many hugs and blessings and huge amount of love and admiration. May your heart be free to love your girls, and love your life, and enjoy all the amazing people you attracted to you throughout this journey. On that note, I wish you all a wonderful day, afternoon or night, wherever in the world you are. Love and blessings and all things good to you and yours, Phillipa xxooxxoo

This picture was taken at Sanoviv, and Kristin is in the middle, between Eliza and I.

Ugh, why does Campbell's soup still have so many unhealthy ingredients in it? MSG, modified food starch, "flavoring" for chicken, sulfates, mononitrates, modified food starch? What the heck! Whatever happened to chicken and vegetables?

This was my day at "work", on a video shoot.

January 6th, 2017 Day 75: Eric’s Seattle UW Hospital Adventure: It seems I spoke a little too soon, Eric is back in hospital. He had a rough afternoon yesterday, and tough night last night, with no success with food and water long term, (including the not-so-healthy Campbells chicken noodle soup that he begged me to go and purchase, and that I referred to in yesterday’s post). So, here we are again, round two at the UW Hospital in Seattle for 2017. Oh boy! He is quietly sleeping now and his body is being pumped full of fluids, anti-nausea and anti-pain medication, potassium, magnesium, electrolytes and probably more meds. He has had a few visitors, close friends and family, but he is very sleepy and not able to talk and chat much tonight. It is my observation that one of the hardest things for us humans, is to sit quietly and just BE in the room…just to BE there and BE present, with someone ill or sleeping. Yet, I do think that is what is called for sometimes, especially when the patient is in a drug-induced state of sleep. Perhaps it is simply good practice for BEing present in the moment. After all, that is where the juice of life really is. Ironically, when everyone was out of the room except me, Eric woke up and was happy to talk for a little. I am reminded of Piglet in one of AA Milne’s most wonderful quotes where, “Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh?” he whispered. “Yes, Piglet?”. “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s hand. “I just wanted to be sure of you”.” I have loved this quote ever since I first read it many years ago. It’s such an exquisite arrangement of words, and the deep sense of friendship between Pooh and Piglet, is deliciously precious. Sitting alone in the room with Eric as he comes in and out of sleep-land, I feel like we both “just want to be sure of each other”. While I’m on the topic of Pooh and Piglet, there’s another quote that I’d love to share, “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever”. This is a apropos right now, as Eric is, (on some level at least), deciding whether to stay or go. Either way, he will always be in my heart, and stay there forever. I wanted to share one more thing before I sign off today. Being a brand new writer, there have been so many

times in the last 75 days, when I have second-guessed my writing ability, content and/or level of interest. Every time I have that thought, one or more people just happen to make a comment below that totally blows away any insecurity or uncertainties I am experiencing. It can be something deep and meaningful, or light and fun. I’ll give you a “light” example. A couple days ago, I pushed send on the daily missive that included the 3 super berries that aid in preventing cancer. I questioned myself and asked, “Who’s even interested in black raspberries anyway?!” Funnily enough, I got quite a few messages from various people saying they loved the reminder, or that they were already doing 1 or 2 out of the 3 mentioned. One lady was at Whole Foods and texted me that the organic frozen black raspberries were on sale! So, a good reminder that whatever I share, whatever the depth, there always seems to be a note struck somewhere, for someone! That is enough for me, right there, to keep on with my daily musings. They don’t have to be perfect, this is not officially a book, (yet!), they just have to BE! I also wanted to thank you all…really THANK YOU ALL so much, for being on this journey with Eric and I. Writing every day helps me enormously to be able to process my thoughts, feelings and emotions in the moment, and for each day. It has helped me be stronger than I ever knew was possible. This is not a journey I chose, or that Eric chose, but it is a journey, an unintended chapter. You have all been a very important part of that journey, as the developments unfold, and are processed daily. With that, good morning, good afternoon, and good night everyone, wherever you are in the world, Love and hugs and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo PS. Most nights, I read the daily musings to Eric. In the beginning, it was, in part, so he could check that I didn’t give away too much about any particular topic he held near and dear. He would edit out a word or phrase here and there. Now, he just listens because he loves hearing what I write about. He loves and appreciates that I take an aspect of the day, and hold it, mold it, and shape it into a story for the day. He commented that he feels that my writing has evolved over time, (tee hee, all 75 days of it!). But, that is my Eric, always encouraging, always loving and forever my biggest cheerleader!

January 7th, 2017 Day 76: Eric’s UW Seattle Medical Adventure: After leaving Eric at the hospital last night, in the very capable hands of the nurses, I drove home singing loudly to the radio. I snuggled up in a blanket on one of the lounge chairs in our media room, and watched the first show of the new season of Homeland. I managed to sleep through half of it, so I watched the parts I had missed, and switched to You Tube. I like watching the highlights of the Britain’s Got Talent, and some of the segments of America’s Got Talent. Just for fun last night, I watched the Swedish and Danish versions. There were a few performances where the contestants sang for loved ones that had recently passed, a couple due to cancer, that totally took me out. Especially a very talented young Danish lad that wrote and recorded a song for his Mom, and played it for her, 4 days before she died. I sat there alone, in our big house, balling and blubbering like a baby. Brrrr, it was below freezing as I went for a run in our neighborhood this morning. There were no mean dogs to threaten and/or bite me, so I settled into a nice pace going steadily up the hill. I consciously stayed in the moment, every moment, and noticed some beautiful plants, trees, and patterns on the plants and trees. I heard the sound of what resembled a car coming down the hill, yet when I looked up, I noticed it was the wind in the trees up high. It was a nice moment, looking up at the wind moving through the trees up high, whereas the trees were quite still in front of me. BEing present in the moment, doesn’t necessarily mean being SILENT in the moment, it means BEing AWARE in the moment. If it was ALL about the silence, we might all go sit in some mountain cave somewhere, or just go about our business in quiet contemplation. If it was ALL about the silence, there would be little or no interaction with other human BEings, and I do not believe that’s the point of BEing alive and on the planet. I believe that it’s in the NOTICING OF and BEing CONSCIOUS OF the breath, or the sound of a child’s laughter, or the sparkle in the eye of your beloved. It’s about feeling the WONDER of BEing alive, BEing HERE and in the MOMENT! It’s in THESE moments…in the NOW….that we can find the juice of life! Right here, right now, I am sitting at our dining table at home, staring out through the trees and into the lake beyond. I can HEAR the sound of the fridge as it turns on, and I can hear the sound of geese honking as they fly overhead. I can SEE some soft feathers gently moving as the heating vent blows hot air through the dreamcatcher that was a recent gift. Sitting and watching the feathers move,

I can and choose to get lost in the moment. THERE, that was a MOMENT of consciousness and awareness, and for me, appreciation. I left shortly after that to go do an open house at our new listing in Kirkland. It was busy as heck, with probably 100 people through in 2 hours. I really enjoyed connecting with people, got another 3-4 new clients, and had a great time. It was a nice break for me from Eric, and I knew that Alicia and Bea were sitting with him too. He had a “weird day”, per Eric. He was in and out of sleep-land all day. He felt a bit nauseous, drowsy, and wasn’t really sure which end was up. He ate lightly again today – pudding, jello and oatmeal, (not exactly Phillipa-approved food, but what can I say?). He enjoyed having Bea and Alicia to visit, and did his in/out of sleep trick whilst they were present. When they left, we sat on the bed together, with me hugging him around his shoulders and back. I asked him whether today he has hope? He said, “I don’t have dis-hope, and I’m keeping an open mind. I don’t know what my next step is, but I want to keep an open mind”, (by the way, let’s agree that Eric can have his own new word, “dis-hope”, because I think we can all imagine what he means, and it’s all about Eric…..and I love him!). The great news is that his Creatinine level was 1.41, down from the 2.0’s! This is very good, and at one point that was the ONLY thing we focused on. Now, we just need him to be eating, drinking and a bit more mobile to be eligible for the trial. Phew! I arrived at the hospital with a package that was delivered to our home today. It was full of little cute photo frames, and albums from the non-profit organization that takes family photos for families with illness. Check out their website, . I am so impressed with this organization, because let’s face it, hiring a professional photographer was the last thing on our minds! However, because we just don’t know how Eric is really doing, I feel so grateful they made contact with us, (when Michelle, one of their awesome photographers, serendipitously read one of my posts, via our friend Karla), and scheduled the appointment, and they just made it happen! We all just love how the photos turned out, and am beyond grateful for all the beautiful little packages that showed up today! In looking around their website, I spied a great quote, “When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight”, Kahlil Gibran. Lovely! Maybe that

might mean different things for different people, but I like the interpretation, “Do what you love….do what brings you delight!”. On that note, good morning, good afternoon and goodnight everyone! Love and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo PS. Thank you for all your heart-felt encouragement regarding the comments I made regarding my writing, from yesterday’s post. I am honored to have had an impact on some/many of you. Believe me, it is truly MY honor. You all, in turn, are inspiring me to stay strong, stay connected, keep writing and be a cool, loving and supportive wife for my guy on his unintended cancer journey.

January 8th, 2017 Day 77: Eric’s UW Seattle Hospital Adventure: A power cut at the hospital had consequences for one of us today, and it wasn’t Eric! I stayed over last night in the hospital room, and had to leave around lunchtime to hold my real estate open house. OK, so when there is a power cut, what’s the first thing that happens? Yep, the elevator shuts down. So, here I am, high heel boots, pants, and a suitcase, heading down 6 flights of stairs. Apparently, my heel boot got caught in my pant leg, and over I went, tumbling down the stairs! Thank goodness I have these ever-present angels that were working overtime today, and they took good care of me! Inexplicably, I landed on a cushion of feathers, and only slightly twisted my ankle and got a bit of a bruised hip. On one hand, I wanted to get all “victimey”, feel sorry for myself, and cry. Yet on the other, I had some divine intervention, and an outcome that could have been a lot worse, and I choose not to complain about that! Meanwhile, back in the hospital room, Eric is feeling a little like he’s on groundhog’s day. He feels like it’s “same old / same old”. Eat oatmeal, jello, pudding, rice, get a drug pretty much every hour for something or rather, sit on the side of the bed to go to the bathroom….rinse and repeat. The docs are still pleased with his kidney function, as the reading continues to drop right into normal range. However, now they’re worried about his white and red blood cell counts, which is typical when a chemo event has occurred a week or so prior. So, that will be getting some attention shortly here too. The current plan is to aim for him to come home again on Tuesday, or thereabouts. However, they’re okay to work with us, to ensure that we/he feel/feels ready to be able to handle life at home, AND most importantly, keep down food, water and his medication. I had a pretty successful open home today, with another 60 people through, and met more people that would like to work with me as their real estate pro. I have to say, I love houses – whether it be on the buying or selling side, and I feel really blessed to be able to do well, doing something I love! I was planning on heading back to the hospital tonight to have another sleepover. Instead, I am kicking back in the media room with ice on my ankle, and writing today’s piece, so that you can see what the Lesebergs have been up to today, and how my guy is progressing. As you can see, no big new developments today, and I think no news, is good news, for now anyway! I called Eric and told him I wasn’t coming in tonight, and he is just sleeping away the evening anyways, so all is good.

I know it seems like I am being light, and I do try to be, to get through the day, some days. But there is nothing light about standing beside the hospital bed with my guy, as he struggles to move his right leg, swing it to the side of the bed, and sit up. You see, his right leg doesn’t work like it used to. He, or one of us, is required to lift his leg from underneath, so that he can get into a seated position on the side of the bed, in order to pee into a plastic receptacle. Except sometimes it’s hard to pee, so the process is reversed, until he is ready to try again. The doctors want Eric to get some exercise walking around the ward with his walker, but that hasn’t happened for a few days. My heart breaks as I see his little chicken legs wobbling along, getting weaker by the day. In honor of Eric’s daily struggles, I’d like to finish with a few gratitudes: • I am so grateful to be able to eat and digest my food, as required by my body to stay strong and healthy • I am grateful that I can drink as much water and green tea as I desire • I am grateful that I can walk to the bathroom whenever I feel the need, and that I have no problem eliminating regularly, as is necessary for good health • I am grateful that I can walk from room to room, without feeling like I ran two marathons • I am grateful that I have the energy to sit with my lap top and write • I am grateful that I have the ability and desire to pick up a book and read • I am grateful for each and every one of you reading these words, and sharing in our journey • I am so so grateful for your prayers and blessings and healing energy and thoughts each and every day • I am just simply grateful to BE alive! • I am grateful to have Eric in my life!

Some of these things, are things we all take for granted each and every day. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good to remember to be grateful. What are you grateful for right now? Love and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo PS. The photo is from our wedding day in New Zealand July 24th 2010. Eric Leseberg, as he often would, liked to reach out and touch me in the small of my back....just as he is here. I never imagined that only 6 and a half years later, I would be sitting on a hospital bed with him, holding and supporting him in the small of his back.

January 9th, 2017 Day 78: Eric’s UW Hospital Medical Adventure: here are two threads and an Eric update, I’d like to touch on today. The first is regarding a wonderful young man that worked with Eric at Microsoft, albeit based in India. The second is a disappointing update from our medical insurance company, news that we just received today. For a few years, I heard Eric talk about Imaya this, and Imaya that, as if he were a proud mentor and coach. I was aware that Eric was weaving his magic in many ways, and he encouraged Imaya and paved the way for him to move to the US. Imaya ended up getting offered an opportunity to work for a relative in Florida, and he chose that over working with Microsoft in Seattle. It was from Florida that he flew out from today, to come and see Eric in hospital, in Seattle. He visited with Eric for a couple hours, and went straight back to the airport to fly back home again. Who does that? Someone that cares very much about Eric, that’s who! Here is a lovely letter that Imaya penned and gave to Eric today, along with a cute teddy bear! “Dear Eric, It is impossible for me to simply use the words, “thank you” and move on. Our relationship gloomed out of nowhere and was totally unexpected. “You” made that happen. I've worked with so many people and no one made it feel so comfortable as you did. You were not just a manager for me, you were more of a mentor, friend, guardian and huge supportive pillar during the entire time we worked together. Your heart is lovely, huge, and warm. That is something unique, and only very few people possess that, and only very few people are willing to even exhibit that. You literally channeled my career and offered great support and guidance during a very critical point in my career. A BIG THANK YOU for that. I’ll always remember the great times we had together. Driving your Mercedes, (you took me to the automatic car wash, for the first time in my life!), watching Star Trek movie together, obviously drinking beer, the steak dinner at your lovely lakeside home, and most of all the great conversations we had together. These are etched in my memory forever.

I'm confident this trial is going to do the magic and put your life back on the track again. I promise. I'll come back again next year to see you happy and smiling and in GREAT health. With big hugs, Imaya” The second topic I wanted to share today, was that our medical insurance company has denied most of our claims from Mexico. The bummer is that Eric’s main contact gave us the impression, before we left, that some/ most of the claims would be covered. However, that obviously did not end up being the case. $120,000 out of pocket, and on credit cards doesn’t feel very good right now, I have to say. OK, I am feeling quite bummed, but can you imagine how Eric feels right now? This was not great news for me to share with him whilst in his hospital bed tonight. At least Eric had a reasonable day today, for the rest of it. He really enjoyed his visit with Imaya. He also had a sense of achievement with two walks around the hallway, on his walker. This is more movement than he has had in quite some time. He is still eating light, mostly nutrition-less food like jello, pudding, oatmeal, and a bite of English muffin. He did try to work on a taco salad, although could only manage a couple mouthfuls. However, this is all progress! I spoke to the main Oncology doctor today over the phone, and he is hoping Eric will be well enough to go home in the next couple days, and (hopefully) start on the CAR T-cell trial next week! If not, he thinks Eric might need another 1-2 rounds of chemo beforehand. So, prayers, blessings, healing energy for Eric being well enough to come home AND get on the trial a week later! Love and blessings to you all from our hearts to yours, Phillipa xxooxxoo

Eric's buddy Imaya Kumar came to visit from Florida and back in one day!

Day 79: Eric’s UW Hospital Seattle Medical Adventure: IJanuary 10th, 2017 sat here for a while, staring at my lap top screen. It stayed blank for a wee while, as I was feeling at a bit of a loss for words. I so want Eric to be OK, to live, and to heal and to walk and love in a pain-free way again. Sometimes I can see it, feel it and know it. Other times, I wonder whether he has the will to fight and keep going. I can only imagine how hard it is for him, just feeling so sick to his core. It must be tough to be all positive and, “I can do this…I am doing this”! It’s probably partly because of all the drugs they are loading him with at the hospital, but he was pretty vacant, and slept most of the day today. The doctors did their rounds this morning, and as soon as they left, he ate a bowl of cereal. It was only down for a few minutes and came right back to the surface. The doctors came back, and I asked why he is still feeling so nauseous. There’s a couple theories the docs have. One is that it’s a side effect of the most recent chemo he had 8 days ago, (interestingly enough, he wasn’t that nauseous from his other 8 rounds of chemo over the last 8 months, and they were even stronger cocktails). The other, is that it is the dis-ease, the lymphoma. He told us that the ultrasound indicated that there was lymphoma in the kidney itself. Oh sigh! I worked a bit on logistics today, and rented a hospital bed for the downstairs bedroom. We’ll also be getting in touch with a close by home nursing agency for home help and IV fluids for Eric when he comes home. We got more bad news from the insurance company, that even basics like radiation, biopsy surgery and IV's will not be covered, because they were ordered from an experimental facility. More on that another day! But, guess what? I just had a fun couple hours with Bella! For those of you with teens, you probably know how rare and exciting that can be. Sometimes, the interactions of the day are around, “What’s for dinner?”, “Are you seriously wearing that?”, “We need to go grocery shopping”, or “You owe me xyz amount of money!”. Some days, it’s only the sound of the front door as she comes in, the sound of the fridge or pantry as she stocks up on food, and the sound of her bedroom door as she hunkers down for the night. So, when Bella comes to where I am sitting, wraps herself in a blanket, sits on the floor in front of me, and starts talking, she is my priority! Oh joy! Bella shared how she so doesn’t suit school, and school doesn’t suit her. Sadly, I know she is right. She is off

the deep end creative, writes poems, songs and various pieces, so incredibly deeply and authentically, and has ADHD! Or at least that’s the name it has been given by various people. It’s probably just another name for being so bright, (but not necessarily “test-worthy and exam-bright”), and she just can’t tolerate sitting still and listening to her teachers drone on and on and on….well, you get the picture. She needs to be performing, reading poetry, writing stories, singing, and dancing her way through school and life in general. She needs to be socially interacting whilst learning. She needs to be skipping her way around the world, with new topics and locations and projects every week or day. She is a wondrous larger-than-life human being, stuck in a school environment that just does not cater for her “largesse” in any way shape or form. Oh boy! Not surprisingly, she was chosen to write a poem to read out at the school assembly this Friday. It is a poem about Martin Luther King. She’s excited, but nervous at the same time. She got some practice reading it out aloud for Eric’s Mom, Aunt and Uncle when they were here visiting over Christmas. Ironically, she thinks it’s an average poem, not her best work. She said that it’s average because she had a topic and a deadline and that’s not the easiest environment for her. However, when she read it out to everyone, I had tears in my eyes. I’ve been trying to share with her, how precious that gift is. That if you can bring someone to tears, or further towards their emotions, ANY emotion, then that is a gift so few people have, and to really embrace it and enjoy it. Anyway, I don’t think she’s there yet, but maybe one day, she’ll realize how precious the gift is, and how gifted she is! I have so much more to share. It’s pouring out of me now. But, I am choosing to wait until another day. I do believe there is now a never-ending flow, and I rather like that feeling. It’s a feeling of true and utter abundance, where one just knows that the creative tap has been turned on and will remain on, until one decides to slow it or give it a break! On that note, I thank you for being on the path with me and with us, Love fully, live passionately, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

Ericâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mexican Medical Fund - On January 11th 2016, I took my husband Eric to the ER, with an intensely painful backache. He was rushed from the ER to a surgical hospital for emergency surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his spine. His T8 vertebrae was replaced with a titanium cage...but, that was just the beginning of his journey with cancer. A couple weeks later, he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 4, and a PET scan showed he was riddled with dis-ease. Traditional chemo treatments seemed to be working for the first 3 months, but after that, the same regimen of chemo morphed the dis-ease into something even worse and more aggressive. The tradiiotnal doctors tried another round of a different chemo cocktail, and anticipated doing a stem cell transplant in October/November 2016. However, the chemo didn't have any impact on the dis-ease and they informed us that the stem cell transplant was now out of the question. They gave him 2 months to live! We didn't like what we heard, so after a couple days of research, we packed a single suitcase and went to a wonderful facility in Mexico, just south of the San Diego border, called Sanoviv. It is a fully fledged medical institute with a phenomenal goal of supporting the complete health of the individual person. We found it was more than personalized medicine, but "personal medicine"! Eric thrived in the environment, with fantastic organic and paleo nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, ozone treatments, regional and whole body hyperthermia, spa treatments, body code emotional release, psychology sessions, diagnosis and treatments with the latest technology machines, reflexology, daily IV's and supplements, including curcumin IV drips, and daily conversations with his personal doctor. Many of these treatments are either outlawed in the USA, or hard to find, as they don't generate money for the pharmaceutical companies, and are apparently likely to heal dis-ease in the body, including cancer! We were told by our American health insurance company before we left for Mexico, that they would likely be convering some/most of his treatments. However, we just found out that this is not the case, and they are not only denying the more "experimental" treatments, but they are denying everything! Even treatments that are standard in the US, such as a biopsy surgery and 5 days of radiation!

Needless to say, we have ended up with a total of $84,290.61 on our credit cards. I am not only mortified at the denial of our claims by our insurance company, but am so sad that my husband has to deal with this deep disappoinment, whilst in such a weakened state of health. If there's anything you can do to help with our credit card bills, we would be most appreciative! The cancer journey is enough of an experience, without the financial strain on top of everything else. As such, we are so very grateful for any/all donations, no matter how big or small! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Phillipa, Eric, and our two daughters, Alicia and Bella xxx

January 11,th, 2017 Day 80: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: Today is a day for gratitude. Although it’s day 80 since I’ve been documenting Eric’s journey, it’s actually day 365 since it all began. Indeed, it was exactly one year ago, that I called 911 and requested an ambulance come to the house, to take Eric to the local Emergency Room. Several big strapping firemen arrived to allegedly carry Eric down the stairs. Unbelievable to think of this now, but they made him walk down the stairs, and into the ambulance. Oh la la! They just walked in front and behind him, in case he fell down. Hello, big strong firemen – perhaps you should have taken more care of my guy with a fractured back! Sadly, the first ER visit was quite disastrous. The lady ER doctor at the Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland WA, didn’t really believe that Eric was anything other than a mid-fifties guy complaining of a sore back, (and maybe she even thought he was only after drugs? Who knows?). She poked and prodded him, gave him painkillers, literally witnessed him crying out in pain, and sent him home with a prescription for more painkillers. By the way, if you end up at the ER at Evergreen Hospital, please steer clear of a Lady Doctor with last name beginning with K. She did a big injustice to my guy that night, and I still vividly remember her tired demeanor, and how much she really didn’t seem to care. I was distraught, as I knew my husband, and I knew that something was not right. He could barely walk and the pain was beyond intense. It wasn’t until the following day that I drove Eric to a doctor that had been referred to us by our friend Bob. It turns out that he couldn’t do anything, because all he did was inject people with steroids, and he wouldn’t do that without an MRI. So, I drove Eric to his doctor’s office to see if we could at least get an order for an MRI. But he was too busy to see Eric, and told us to come back in a few days, and he would see if he could fit him in! What the heck? So, we went downstairs in the same building to a second ER visit in 2 days. This one, the Swedish ER in Redmond WA. I tell you – I looked the lady ER doctor in the eye, pulled myself to my full height, (all 6ft 1”!), and I said, “We are NOT leaving until you give my husband an MRI”! Thank God, they “saw” us, and they heard us and they rushed him into an MRI. I remember the next part so well. I remember the look on the lady doctor’s face as she came back into the ER

room. I remember the room, the color of the walls, the patterns on the sheets…every little tiny thing. I recall that she told us that the Radiologist insisted Eric not move an inch, and that he needed to be taken over to their sister surgical hospital in Seattle for assessment and possibly emergency surgery. The Radiologist had seen a pathologic fracture in his spine, and told her to pass on that these are generally related to tumorous masses. This was the first we had heard of the dreaded c-word, as one of the possibilities. I don’t think I believed it at all at that early stage though. I was thinking, “No, this could never happen to my guy”! Well, some of you the next part of the story, that he did indeed go into emergency surgery the next day. In fact, 2 surgeries. The first was to go in through a vein in his groin to cut off the blood supply to the tumor in his T8. The second was a 6 hour operation to remove his T8 and replace it with a titanium cage. They also scraped out T4 from cancer cells and filled the area with a cancer-killing cement. That surgery cost $750,000, and the insurance company paid it without hesitation, (or at least a discounted version of that amount). Skipping ahead now in the story, after 8 months of chemotherapy, they figured out that it wasn’t working, and they decided to perform a second surgery to stabilize Eric’s right hip and leg socket. This was a one hour surgery at a retail cost of $100,000. The insurance company paid, once again, without question. Eric went through one month of daily visits to Seattle, daily injections, (each day at a cost of $5k-$30k). at the end of the one month period, they extracted about 12 million cells that they were intending to use for a stem cell transplant. However, after another PET scan, they realized they couldn’t do the stem cell transplant after all, and told him he had two months to live. It was then, that we left for Sanoviv in Mexico. Many of you have been a part of that journey, checking in with my posts daily, or every few days, or every week. You know all about Eric’s experiences of another whole world of natural healing, love, phenomenal food, emotional release through the Body Code sessions, hyperbaric chamber sessions, whole and regional hyperthermia…..all the wonderful things that the natural world of healing has to offer. He even had a few of the traditional forms of treatment, like a week of radiation, a biopsy on a surface tumor, and basic IV fluids. None of this covered by the health insurance company. So, today is a day of gratitude for us.

Eric is still with us one year after his journey began, and he is at home again, as of this afternoon. We now have a hospital bed at home and so far, Eric is doing well! He is moving around on his walker, smiling and has kept down some org chicken broth. Some of you may have seen that we opened a GoFundMe account last night. A year ago, I would never have thought that that would be necessary, and I don’t think that I would have been ready, able and willing to reach out and ask for help of the people in our network. But, when members of your family go through what we have been through this last 12 months, humility and strength shows up in the most unanticipated ways. We have both humbled to see the donations flowing in from our friends, friends-that-are-family, and even people that we have never met. 54 of you have shared the GoFundMe account with your networks! This is extraordinary, and please know that we are grateful for every donation, no matter how large or small. In fact, one of our wonderful friends, Maria Mangiarelli Rippo, calculated that if 3,600+ people all donated $25, we would have the money to cover the bills on our credit cards. Go Maria! Thank you dear lady, and thank you to those of you that have shared the account with your friends. I’m going to end tonight with another wonderful quote from A.A. Milne, “Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a large amount of Gratitude”. Love! Love and blessings and huge amounts of gratitude to you all, Phillipa and Eric xxooxxoo

January 12th, 2017 Day 81: Eric’s Eastside Medical Adventure: Eric was home alone for most of the day. I was working on the Microsoft campus, and couldn’t break away. Of course, there was a time when this would never have been an issue – Eric being home alone. Nowadays, I find myself wondering how he is doing and whether he needs help getting out of a chair, visiting the bathroom, getting food, and such. Oh boy, what a difference a year makes. However, we did get some news from the CAR T-Cell trial people. Things can change at any time, but the latest news is that as long as Eric’s kidney function stays where it is now, (pretty much normal range), he can get a bit more mobile, and keep his food and liquids staying in the right direction, then he can be on the trial by month’s end! This is great news and, as always, any/all healing energy, prayers, visualization, and any other healing offerings, modalities, and intentions you have up your sleeve, is absolutely appreciated! Thank you all so much. Speaking of an alternative modality in healing, albeit one that has been around for over a century, is the free energy of the purple plates. I have just reconnected with a wonderful spiritual teacher I have worked with in the past, (ever since 2000). She is a rare human on the planet, and I feel very blessed to be able to work with her. She very rarely recommends actual product, but as soon as she heard about Eric’s condition, she recommended I purchase these purple plates, that use the technology developed by Tesla. (I’ll put the website at the bottom of the day’s piece if you’re interested, or curious). I’ve always been personally fascinated with Tesla, and feel bad that he got such a bad wrap in his day. I loved hearing that when Einstein was asked one day, “What’s it like being the most intelligent man in the world?”. He shrugged and said, “I don’t know, why don’t you go and ask Tesla”. It seems Tesla got caught up in the politics of the day, and found himself on the wrong side of power, money and ultimately, control. When referring to “uncalled-for attacks” on his person and professional life, in his own words, “Let my 'friends' do their worst, I like it better so. Let them spring on scientific societies worthless schemes, oppose a cause which is deserving, throw sand into the eyes of those who might see - they will reap their reward in time....". (Hmm, looks like nothing has really changed, would ye not agree?!). From the Purple Plate website, (1) “In his younger years Nikola sensed the universe was "composed of a symphony of alternating currents with the harmonies played on a vast range of octaves. The 60-cycles-per-second AC was but a single note in a lower

octave. In one of the higher octaves at a frequency of billions of cycles per second was visible light. To explore this whole range of electrical vibration between his low-frequency alternating current and light waves, he sensed, would bring him closer to an understanding of the cosmic symphony." In his sunset years, Tesla believed that all matter came from a primary substance, the luminiferous ether, which filled all space. Nikola once said, "...I continually experience an inexpressible satisfaction from the knowledge that my poly phase system is used throughout the world to lighten the burden of mankind and increase comfort." “Amongst Tesla’s many legacies to society are a number of small items that employ Nikola's discoveries in both electricity and vibration. Nikola influenced the production of personal oscillators that vibrate in tune with "the luminiferous ether" (collectively called, Purple Plates). Like many of his inventions, the plates cannot be explained, and yet for over twenty-eight years the plates have continued to offer the same "increase comfort and happiness" to society that his poly phase system has provided since 1896”. (end of quote from the Purple Plate website). Needless to say, I was pretty fascinated, and after reading a ton of amazing and almost unbelievable reviews, I purchased one large purple plate and one small disk to get started with. I figure what do we have to lose at this stage of the game. Additionally, if this is the sort of technology that Tesla brought into the world, and was ridiculed and laughed out of the scientific community, something tells me, he was probably really on to something, (just likely not a big money-generator)! So, Eric slept with the large plate under his bed last night, and the small disk beside him on the windowsill. He went straight to sleep, woke up at midnight, and went on his walker to get himself a midnight snack from the fridge, and slept well for the rest of the night. Enough said! By the way, earlier this evening I clicked on a link to watch a video clip of a couple dancing the infamous Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze “Dirty Dancing” dance for their first wedding dance. (I love watching awesome dancing videos, I love weddings, and of course, I love dancing too!). However, as much as I hate pharmaceutical ads, I was forced to sit through one, so that I could enjoy the video – which, by the way, I never got to, as I was so disgusted with what I was reading in the ad, I immediately jumped into research mode. Here is what disgusted me.

There is a drug called Humira, that allegedly reduces the effects of an inflammation-causing substance in the body, and is used to treat conditions like Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and such. It perked up my attention for two main reasons: one is that I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease almost 20 years ago, and after 18 months of anti-biotics, anti-inflammatory drugs etc., I made the decision to control the effects of the dis-ease through diet only, and no more drugs. The second reason this caught my attention, and increased my level of disgust, is that this drug is KNOWN to cause cancer….and the type of cancer that Eric has been experiencing in the last year. Huh? Here is how the WARNING for this drug reads: (make sure you read the MALIGNANCY section!) (2) SERIOUS INFECTIONS Patients treated with HUMIRA are at increased risk for developing serious infections that may lead to hospitalization or death. Most patients who developed these infections were taking concomitant immunosuppressants such as methotrexate or corticosteroids. Discontinue HUMIRA if a patient develops a serious infection or sepsis. Reported infections include: • Active tuberculosis (TB), including reactivation of latent TB. Patients with TB have frequently presented with disseminated or extrapulmonary disease. Test patients for latent TB before HUMIRA use and during therapy. Initiate treatment for latent TB prior to HUMIRA use. • Invasive fungal infections, including histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis, candidiasis, aspergillosis, blastomycosis, and pneumocystosis. Patients with histoplasmosis or other invasive fungal infections may present with disseminated, rather than localized, disease. Antigen and antibody testing for histoplasmosis may be negative in some patients with active infection. Consider empiric anti-fungal therapy in patients at risk for invasive fungal infections who develop severe systemic illness. • Bacterial, viral, and other infections due to opportunistic pathogens, including Legionella and Listeria. MALIGNANCY Lymphoma and other malignancies, some fatal, have been reported in children and adolescent patients treated with TNF blockers, including HUMIRA. Postmarketing cases of hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma (HSTCL), a rare type of T-cell lymphoma, have been reported in patients treated with TNF blockers, including HUMIRA. These

cases have had a very aggressive disease course and have been fatal. The majority of reported TNF blocker cases have occurred in patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis and the majority were in adolescent and young adult males. Almost all of these patients had received treatment with azathioprine or 6-mercaptopurine concomitantly with a TNF blocker at or prior to diagnosis. It is uncertain whether the occurrence of HSTCL is related to use of a TNF blocker or a TNF blocker in combination with these other immunosuppressants. • Consider the risks and benefits of HUMIRA treatment prior to initiating or continuing therapy in a patient with known malignancy. • In clinical trials, more cases of malignancies were observed among HUMIRA-treated patients compared to control patients. • Non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) was reported during clinical trials for HUMIRA-treated patients. Examine all patients, particularly those with a history of prolonged immunosuppressant or PUVA therapy, for the presence of NMSC prior to and during treatment with HUMIRA. • In HUMIRA clinical trials, there was an approximate 3-fold higher rate of lymphoma than expected in the general U.S. population. Patients with chronic inflammatory diseases, particularly those with highly active disease and/or chronic exposure to immunosuppressant therapies, may be at higher risk of lymphoma than the general population, even in the absence of TNF blockers. • Postmarketing cases of acute and chronic leukemia were reported with TNF blocker use. Approximately half of the postmarketing cases of malignancies in children, adolescents, and young adults receiving TNF blockers were lymphomas; other cases included rare malignancies associated with immunosuppression and malignancies not usually observed in children and adolescents. HYPERSENSITIVITY • Anaphylaxis and angioneurotic edema have been reported following HUMIRA administration. If a serious allergic reaction occurs, stop HUMIRA and institute appropriate therapy. HEPATITIS B VIRUS REACTIVATION • Use of TNF blockers, including HUMIRA, may increase the risk of reactivation of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in pa-

tients who are chronic carriers. Some cases have been fatal. • Evaluate patients at risk for HBV infection for prior evidence of HBV infection before initiating TNF blocker therapy. • Exercise caution in patients who are carriers of HBV and monitor them during and after HUMIRA treatment. • Discontinue HUMIRA and begin antiviral therapy in patients who develop HBV reactivation. Exercise caution when resuming HUMIRA after HBV treatment. NEUROLOGIC REACTIONS • TNF blockers, including HUMIRA, have been associated with rare cases of new onset or exacerbation of central nervous system and peripheral demyelinating diseases, including multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis, and Guillain-Barré syndrome. • Exercise caution when considering HUMIRA for patients with these disorders; discontinuation of HUMIRA should be considered if any of these disorders develop. • There is a known association between intermediate uveitis and central demyelinating disorders. HEMATOLOGIC REACTIONS • Rare reports of pancytopenia, including aplastic anemia, have been reported with TNF blockers. Medically significant cytopenia has been infrequently reported with HUMIRA. • Consider stopping HUMIRA if significant hematologic abnormalities occur. CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE • Worsening or new onset congestive heart failure (CHF) may occur; exercise caution and monitor carefully. AUTOIMMUNITY • Treatment with HUMIRA may result in the formation of autoantibodies and, rarely, in development of a lupus-like syndrome. Discontinue treatment if symptoms of a lupus-like syndrome develop.

IMMUNIZATIONS • Patients on HUMIRA should not receive live vaccines. • Pediatric patients, if possible, should be brought up to date with all immunizations before initiating HUMIRA therapy. • The safety of administering live or live-attenuated vaccines in infants exposed to HUMIRA in utero is unknown. Risks and benefits should be considered prior to vaccinating (live or live-attenuated) exposed infants. ADVERSE REACTIONS • The most common adverse reactions in HUMIRA clinical trials (>10%) were: infections (e.g., upper respiratory, sinusitis), injection site reactions, headache, and rash. My question is…..why the heck is this still even on the market? Or the bigger question….why the heck are most of the nasty pharmaceutical drugs on the market? Something is wrong with this picture people! Why are natural clinics being shut down for infusing people with high dose vitamin C and curcumin, and ND’s being threatened, (and worse) for actually healing people, not symptoms, when this type of drug, and others like it, are rampantly being offered to our kids, young adults and such? Oh, heavy sigh! That’s enough of a rant for now. I just feel so strongly about all this, it hurts sometimes. If only Tesla had his way with the world, and that the power families never got hold of the medical colleges and big pharma, here and around the world…ah, what a world that would be! I would like to sign off with another HUGE thank you for either your donations and/or sharing the GoFundMe campaign. Thank you.. thank you.. thank you! We are both truly humbled by this experience. I do wish you all much love and many blessings, Love, Phillipa xxooxxoo (1) (2)…/humira-important-safety-…

January 13th, 2017 Day 82: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: Today was a day for purple stockings. I didn’t mean to wear purple stockings, but given that I’d already had quite a morning, I was running a bit late, dressed myself in a semi-dark closet, and raced out the door. It wasn’t until I was driving to work, that I looked down and surprised myself with my purple stockings. (I almost feel this could be something Piglet would do!). After feeling excited as I wrote my post last night, that Eric was doing so well, he had a rough evening, and my heart plummeted. He settled down and I snuggled next to him on his hospital bed, (something I always wanted to do at the hospital, but wasn’t certain if that was “okay” to do), and we watched an episode of “House of Cards”. I went upstairs to sleep, but was called downstairs in the middle of the night, and helped out Eric as best I could as he had another tough episode. At 6am, it was time to get him up again and work on a shower, to get him ready for our dear friend Sandy Taylor, who very graciously volunteered to take him to the hospital for his appointments today. Sandy bundled Eric into her truck and off they went to the SCCA facility in Seattle for Eric’s labs, IV fluids and a visit with the Nurse Practitioner. Until recently, I didn’t realize that NP’s are practically like Doctors, and I believe that they can set up their own clinic if they so choose, at least in Washington. Per the NP, the latest “plan” is that Eric will likely need more chemo before the CAR T Cell trial starts on the new date of Feb 6th. The “hope” is that they can figure out a chemo cocktail that won’t make him as nauseous as he has been in the last couple weeks. This is a tough journey, but even tougher when the nausea sets in. It turned out that Eric’s platelets were also low, so he required a bag to get the level back up again. Thank goodness for Sandy. I was so grateful knowing that my guy was in good hands, and even more grateful that she was flexible enough to stay with him for almost a full day. Thank you Sandy! Another girlfriend came over to visit tonight and shared with me a “doctor” horror story related to her relatively recent diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes. She was diagnosed last year, and made the assumption that her doctor would know what to do, to help her understand what was going on, and how to handle herself. First off, the person that was assigned to “educate” her on how to inject herself, literally handed her the needle/syringe and said, “OK, now just do it”. My friend said, “Do what – you haven’t explained it to me?”. They went back and forth, and needless to say, my friend was not happy with her “education”, or lack thereof.

Shortly thereafter, my friend had a really bad reaction to the insulin, and it almost killed her. She was struggling to understand what happened, and to get some answers from the doctor that actually made any sense. She ended up having to check out some local products on the market on a trial and error scenario, to see what she could do to moderate her own insulin levels. She did actually find a product that was available from one US company. Apparently, when she took this, she could lower her reading by 30 points. She also experimented with coconut oil and other coconut products and discovered a reduction too. Now, of course, everyone is probably different, but she knows her own body and she was beginning to investigate ways to control her own levels, at least until she could figure out what the doctor could offer her that wasn’t going to practically kill her. She shared her successes with the doctor, and you can probably guess the rest? The doctor thought that this was a joke, didn’t believe her, and actually laughed at her. They did however, end up finding an insulin that worked for my friend, but then she had trouble with the size of the needles, as she doesn’t have much in the way of fat to grab, to use for the injection site. My friend heard that there were pen alternatives, but the doctor refused to prescribe the pen, and said that “no one uses those pens”. However, after a little research, apparently most people use the pens. Even armed with this information, the doctor still wouldn’t prescribe the pen. So, long story short, my friend has finally found a better medical insurance company and “fired her doctor”! Good grief, we really do need to act as our own advocate! I want to thank you all once again for your donations, and for sharing the GoFundMe page. Thank you to those that encouraged us to do it. It is humbling to say the least. By the way, I wanted to say a few words about the photo today. Our wonderful friend, Cindy Smith made this for Eric for his 50th Birthday. Sorry Cindy, but I have coveted it for myself, and was enjoying looking at it today. It's the infinite symbol and I believe apropos for our current situation. Well, my guy is awake and ready to chat, so I am going to take this opportunity to connect with him. So, good morning, good day and good night everyone, wherever you are in the world. Much love and many blessings, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

January 14th, 2017 Day 83: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: Eric and I had a quick chat early this morning before I left to run in the neighborhood….in below freezing temperatures, I might add. It was a gorgeous morning though, with intense blue skies, sun shining brightly and no wind. When Eric is home alone, I often run up and down the hill on the street we live on. That way, as I am on my way back up again, I can pop in to check that he is doing okay. He was, in fact completely passed out asleep for my whole run this morning. Good to get the rest! It’s great to have him home and not to be as drugged as they tend to keep him in the hospital. His body is much weaker though, and he struggles to stand up to get into his walker or wheelchair. This, more than anything, worries him, as he really likes to have his independence. Today, he was able to eat some pudding, drink a good amount of water and quite a solid helping of pasta and butter! We’re off to the outpatient facility tomorrow for labs and IV fluids. Later in the week, Thursday and Friday, will be more chemo, and this time the plan is to do it as an outpatient. February 6th is still the target date for the start of the CAR T-Cell trial, so trial….here we come! Two things occurred in the 12 hours from last night to this morning. Both impacted me directly, and Eric indirectly. The first occurred last night when I opened up a FB PM and read my first sort-of “hate” mail. I figure when you’re putting yourself “out there”, and being vulnerable, it’s going to happen from time to time. It was a bit shocking nonetheless. The tone was very negative and the note most ungracious. I wasn’t really sure what I had done to deserve such a tirade, but I figure she is in pain or hurting, and I choose to believe, simply projected her issues on to me. I don’t feel the need to share any details of the story now on FB, as I’ll just be putting it out there again. I wished her well, because honestly, why wouldn’t I want her to be happy and fulfilled in her life. The second occurred this morning, and was at quite the opposite end of the scale. A lovely lady I knew from several years ago, and still in touch via FB, shared with me that a family member was just diagnosed with cancer. She shared that, up until now, she had been blessed not to have known anyone in her life with cancer. In fact, Eric was the closest she came to knowing someone with the dis-ease, (and I don’t recall whether they ever met). She said that she had been reading my daily posts, not for guidance or leadership, but purely because she was sharing in our heartfelt journey and praying for us daily. (Thank you, by the way!). She said that having read my posts was enormously helpful. Apparently, she had already been talking to fami-

ly members about this amazing place in Mexico that offered natural healing, and they in in turn spoke to other people at work, and on the story goes. She told me that I needed to know how much she appreciated the daily posts and reminded me that it doesn’t matter what one person thought, when potentially hundreds, if not thousands, are following along with the story, and learning and being inspired to do something different with their lives. When we talked this morning, she asked my thoughts on local Oncologist/network choices. I told her that I wasn’t really aware of any “amazing” Oncologists, or facilities per se. I told her that, at the end of the day, Oncologists are all about prescribing medication, (chemo, painkillers, nausea tabs etc), and referring to radiation specialists and surgeons. In the Seattle area, there are only a few traditional network choices – Swedish, Overlake, SCCA, (including UW, Fred Hutch, Evergreen, Seattle Children’s), and maybe one or two others. As I have posted before, their hands are tied, and they are not allowed to offer natural healing and supplements. So I believe it’s good to work with a Naturopathic Doctor for that aspect. I educated her too, that the Oncol’s get paid something like $600-$1500 per bag of chemo. I think this is shocking and should not be allowed, as it’s not only a conflict of interest, but unethical in my mind. One thing I would have done differently in our journey, (and I mentioned this to my friend), if Eric had been open to this, would be to have Eric continue with my ND from the very beginning, in conjunction with the traditional Oncologists etc. I was able to get him in to meet my ND, before he even had started with chemo, and she had loaded him up with supplements that he never opened, (however, they didn’t go to waste, as I have consumed them!). The ND had also recommended additional healthy liquids like organic bone broth etc. However, it’s good to do the supplementation quietly and on the side, as the Oncol’s will instill fear that they might impact the efficacy of the chemo etc. I don’t believe that for a minute, given that the nurses are required to wear hazmat gowns, gloves and plastic clear face masks when they hang bags of chemo and empty urine containers. The stuff is so poisonous and carcinogenic, what harm could a few natural supplements do? I would also recommend having family bringing in healthy food and freshly squeezed juices from home, as the hospital food typically only has a couple healthy choices, and the rest are well, quite unhealthy. I did recommend to my friend today, that her family watch the 9 x online docu-series from “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”, (which is also a book too), and if possible, the 3 day weekend, “The Ultimate Live Symposium”. The docu-series and the symposium presentations are beyond helpful and I do wish we had seen at

least the series of 9, BEFORE Eric was diagnosed. The series is really helpful in terms of basic knowledge of other choices and options that can be done concurrently, or in some cases, instead of, the traditional treatments. I do send many blessings and much love to my friend and her family, as they begin their journey. I do believe that knowledge can help them to save the life of their loved one, or at the very least increase the quality of life as he goes through his treatments. We spent the day with our friends, Andi and Bea, at their place watching football. Something I haven’t really done all season, as we have been busy with other priorities. Unfortunately, the Seattle Seahawks didn’t perform that well, and are now out of the running for the Superbowl. Oh well, but it was great to spend some time at our friend’s place, and talk, and eat and catch up. Lovely! Time to go too bed tonight, as we have the full day of appointments tomorrow. I wish you all a great morning, afternoon or night, wherever you are in the world. Love and hugs and happy thoughts, Phillipa xxooxxoo

January 15th, 2017 Day 84: Eric’s Seattle SCCA Medical Adventure: I am writing to you today from the SCCA, (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) facility, and from one of the 56 infusion rooms. This is where patients come to get outpatient services like IV fluids and chemo and such. For Eric, today it is fluid, and later in the week, it’s all about the chemo. Sigh! But, I tend to agree with the doctors… at this stage, his body seems to need some radical treatments, to potentially kick Eric into remission. So, that would be chemo soon, and in the beginning of next month, the CAR T-cell trial. It’s a double-edged sword though, as they do chemo to potentially get the patients into remission, but at the same time, chemo is carcinogenic or worse, as it oftentimes morphs the cancer into something different and more resistant. As you know, this has happened to Eric previously, with BOTH the two main chemo protocols he had in 2016, R-EPOCH and RICE. Another sigh! But, I do believe that the goal is still to get Eric into remission, and to make a new plan from there. We chose to have another one of our tough and emotional conversations last night. I initiated a conversation for three main reasons. One, is that I noticed Eric’s mobility declined pretty quickly, even in a 24 hour period. He struggled to get from the bed on to his walker, from the walker into his wheelchair, and from the wheelchair into the car yesterday to go to Andi and Bea’s to just to hang out, and watch a couple games. Of course, he needed full support from his friend Andi and I, to get him down two sets of double stairs, but we knew that would be the case. The second, is that I noticed when we got back into the car last night, after being at Andi and Bea’s for several hours, that Eric almost lost it emotionally, as we started driving away. He is generally pretty stoic, yet it is not easy for him to be in such a weakened state. He held back the tears, and the possibility of losing it, as he wasn’t ready in that moment to go there. The third, is that this prompted the possibility that he is close to needing 24 hour care, and that is something that we can make happen, through home nursing options etc. But, what that would also mean, is that he would likely no longer be eligible for the CAR T-Cell trial. The participants on the trial need to be at “somewhat” mobile and healthy, and be able to eat, drink, get around and be functional. So, in other words, I don’t think it’d be ideal to be in hospital for the duration of the trial, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t allow that anyways.

First, let me say that I feel so blessed that we have the sort of relationship, where we can even talk about anything and everything, including death and dying. Oh boy! I suspect that for many couples and families, it is often not discussed, either because there is an element of denial, they are too afraid to discuss, or because it is a taboo topic. Then, if/when it happens, there is so much left unsaid….either in the emotional arena, re gratitudes, and what each has meant to one another…or just simply for arrangements, like financial, wills, funeral arrangements and logistics etc. We talked about whether he is ready to go. His answer was emphatically, “I am not ready to go yet”. Okay, great! Then, let’s look at what that looks like. Here are his options, as we see them: 1. Eric gets into remission, (either with the next round of chemo, and/or the CAR T-Cell trial), starts feeling pretty good all-round, and can start working again. He wants to get back to work, because he really enjoys working for Microsoft, misses it, and he likes contributing to the family financial bucket. As long as Eric can add value to the company, Microsoft will likely work with him. Additionally, the type of partially-paid leave Eric is on, will not last forever, and this is a good incentive for him to get into a full and healthy remission! 2. Eric gets into remission, but is not well enough, physically, mentally or emotionally, to go back to work in his previous role. This is still “do-able”, in his mind, as there are some things he has considered he could do, in a business capacity of some sort. 3. Eric doesn’t get into remission, either with additional chemo, the trial, or any other traditional and/or radical treatment, and starts needing 24 hour care before long, given the aggressive nature of his cancer. This would ultimately lead to working with a hospice organization. I shared with him that I had reached out to a local hospice org, and they said that they only get involved when there is no other option; i.e. that it is no longer an option to do further treatment – no more chemo, no more radiation and no more surgery. The idea is to focus on palliative care and comfort until the end. Oh man! Of course, there is no question for us. We’re energizing the first option. At the same time, I’m glad that we discussed the other two options, so that there are no shocks and surprises, if/when either one of the options occurs. I wanted to share a little about one of the pictures below. As you walk into the infusion and trial floor, there is a

large 3-panel piece of art and it is so eye-catchingly-beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring at it! I read the plaque and it was a commission to honor a man called Percy Randle, who had a bone marrow transplant in 1983 and returned to volunteer at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, (serving from 1986 to 1998). Apparently, Percy’s example of faith, sense of humor, passion and genuineness, became an inspiration and pillar of hope for transplant patients and their families. Dick Weiss and 3 others collaborated to create the 3 pillars of hand cut glass, “Air, Fire and Water”. The panels honor him and are displayed where Percy always wanted to be – with his fellow sojourners living with cancer. This is quite a legacy that Percy left behind. Good for him, I say, as now we all get to enjoy some gorgeous original hand-cut glasswork to honor this wonderful volunteer. As we were driving home from the appointments, I asked Eric about his legacy, and what that might look like for him. Outside of the difference he has made in the lives of others in the rest of his life, in the navy, at Microsoft, and in the various business coaching roles he has played for many years, we talked about a more recent legacy. I told him I thought he has made a more recent amazing impact, by allowing me to tell his story. He is quite chuffed to read the comments that you have all made, the ones where you have outlined the impact the daily missives have had, and especially where you specified what changes you were inspired to make in your lives. He also spoke that if he could create a charity or organization that would leave some sort of impact, what would it look like. To my surprise, he spoke about doing something to change the way the younger population eat. He does wish he had done a better job eating well, and of course we will never know what contribution his eating habits played in the development of his cancer, but certainly it did play a part. So, we’ll see what that part of a legacy wish we can create, now or in the future some time. OK, so it’s time for a movie with my husband. We haven’t decided what to watch yet, but hopefully it will be something fun! Ooops, he just passed out asleep…okay, so it might be that I get to watch a movie as my guy is asleep beside me! <Agh, love!> Love and blessings to all of you! Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

Being clever and putting his medication into his food so that he can trick his body into keeping it all down!

This 3 piece panel of hand cut glass really appeals to me. It was a commission to honor one of the most wonderful volunteers at the facility ever!

January 16th, 2017 Day 85: Eric’s Eastside Seattle Medical Adventure: Today, Eric had a good day! That’s how we do it these days – day by day. His best friend came over for a few hours, and they had a good old chat about anything and everything. I get the impression they have been missing their “guy” time, with Eric in and out hospital, and going in and out of feeling up for talking. Meanwhile I was at a pre-inspection for some real estate clients bidding on a house today. It’s such a crazy market here in the Seattle greater area, as there is so little inventory. A home that was listed in the $500,000’s sold for close to $100,000 over list price. Isn’t that crazy? They had 18 offers, most of which were significantly over the selling price. We had Alicia and the kiddos over for Spaghetti Bolognaise tonight, and the opening of some Christmas presents I had ordered late on Amazon. Anyway, I like the idea of opening some presents after the craziness of Christmas, as it’s more fun and less chaotic. I wanted to say a word about flu shots today. A lot of people are talking about getting a flu shot and many have already done so. I don’t believe in them personally, and given that I haven’t had the flu for 35 years, I figure why get injected with ingredients I don’t particularly trust, and the dangers extensive, when the chances of my getting the flu are next to nothing. After doing a bit of research, I can see why I have not been interested in getting one, ever. The Truth About Cancer Website has a really good summary of what I was uncovering in my research: (1) Flu vaccines are increasingly shown to be ineffective and even hazardous to our health. Here are some of the dangers of receiving the flu vaccine: • Local reactions including swelling, pain, and redness • Headache • Fatigue • Nasal congestion • Nausea • Muscle pain and weakness • Severe conditions of brain inflammation

• Neuropathy • Bell’s palsy • Limb paralysis • Asthma • Guillain Barre Syndrome (disabling neurological disorder that can cause death) • A variety of flu shots are available depending on a person’s age and location of injection. This 2016-2017 flu season the CDC recommends either the inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV) or the recombinant influenza vaccine (RIV). • There is no single virus that causes the flu and there is no single flu vaccine that protects against all strains. More than 3,000 various strains of the virus are narrowed down (based on a best guess by scientists) to 3 viruses to create protection against. Here are some of the potentially harmful ingredients found in the flu vaccine: 1. Formaldehyde: This preservative is listed as a human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Carcinogens (IARC). It’s known to devastate the immune system and cause cancer. 2. Thimerosal/ Mercury: Exposure to mercury causes damage to the kidneys and brain and is associated with inflammatory diseases such as autoimmune disorders. 3. Egg Protein: Foreign proteins such as egg protein are metabolized into amino acids and may cause severe allergic reactions. 4. Sucrose and Gelatin: Like egg protein, gelatin is a protein that can cause allergic reactions including anaphylaxis 5. Aluminum salts: Aluminum has been clinically shown to cause autoimmunity, neurological diseases including multiple sclerosis, and local adverse effects to the site of injection including fatigue and muscle pain 6. Neomycin: Neomycin is associated with causing an allergic reaction, impairing hearing and nerve function,

and is also linked to kidney damage. 7. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): MSG may trigger an allergic response in some individuals and is associated with cell damage and cognitive decline. (This is gluten and can be found in all vaccines, which is not great if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re allergic to the stuff!) 8. Polysorbate 80: Polysorbate 80 is known to cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and the respiratory and digestive tract. It has been associated with metabolic dysfunction and a weakened immune response. Its toxic effects on humans when chronically exposed have not been established. The website follows with ways to maximize your likelihood of staying healthy and free of the flu and other illnesses, using natural methods, and I agree with this: 1. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of purified water throughout the day so that your detoxification pathways are able to function. Add natural disinfectant liquids like apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (fresh or use a drop of lemon essential oil). Add variety by sipping herbal teas and nutrient-rich bone broth to feed your cells supportive antioxidants. 2. Get adequate sun exposure: If you are unable to get the proper amount of sun exposure recommended for your skin color daily, (like those of us living in Washington state!), supplement with 1,000 IU vitamin D3 for every 25 pounds of body weight 3. Supplement with vitamin C: Vitamin C is critical for preventing oxidative stress and repairing tissue. Add vitamin C rich foods to your bone broths and soups by including kale, chives and other green vegetables. 4. Supplement with zinc: (this is one of my favorites and has proven to be very effective), Zinc stimulates the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) to defend the body against pathogenic activity including viral infections like influenza. Zinc also works to reduce inflammation and support antioxidants, (thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more on zinc in the full article in the link below). 5. Eat probiotic rich foods: Your body is working overtime to fight off infection and repair inflammatory damage. If you find yourself hungry while dealing with the flu, avoid the temptation to eat processed crackers and other

high sugar and carb rich foods. 6. Utilize essential oils: Essential oils have been used for centuries and have been supported in research to reduce inflammation, calm anxiety, increase immune response, and lower circulating stress hormones. Try diffusing citrus oil to improve your mood and reduce symptoms of fatigue. Inhale eucalyptus oil in a bath to clear up stuffy noses and find relief from chest congestion, or rub peppermint oil on to sore muscles. 7. Consume Herbs: Ginger, oregano, Echinacea, and thyme have powerful anti-inflammatory responses in the body and as well as antibacterial and antiviral properties. Crush a clove of garlic between your teeth before swallowing to help reduce respiratory symptoms associated with the flu. Garlic and onion contain a sulfur-containing compound that boost your body’s natural antioxidant defenses and should be added to your diet daily. 8. Practice Grounding: The world around us contains electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). One way can counter the harmful effects of EMFs is from walking barefoot on the ground. Grounding allows the body’s electrical energy to balance with the Earth’s rhythms. This exercise has been shown to help build a strong immune response to improve healing and recovery time by decreasing cortisol levels and reducing fatigue. 9. See a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist: Removing subluxation or interference from the nervous system through chiropractic and acupuncture care has been shown to add quality to life. Chiropractors specifically seek to remove any abnormal pressures on the spine that may be causing an abnormal immune response. Something to consider anyway! Please everyone, subscribe to “The Truth About Cancer” website. I am not kidding when I say that it could save your life, or someone that you love….EVEN IF it only serves to give you confidence that there are ways to help yourself survive a cancer event that are not necessarily related to the traditional tripod, chemo/radiation and surgery. By the way, one of our wonderful friends following along with our story, shared that “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” book is on sale through Hay House for $4.99 until the end of the month apparently, (I just paid $12.99 for my copy). Love and blessings to you all this morning, afternoon and evening…wherever you are in the world, Phillipa xxooxxoo

January 17th, 2017 Day 86: Eric’s Seattle UW Medical Adventure: As I sit in the ER (Emergency Room) waiting for Eric to get his vitals done, I am looking at a service dog. It is a large one, a Newfoundland Poodle mix. It’s pitch black in color, has medium length wavy fur, and it’s very tall, with long thick legs. It is just standing next to its “owner”, and is patiently waiting in the ER for its owner to be called in to see the doc. I am in awe of this amazing dog. What a life…to live in service to another, as the main goal in life. The dog doesn’t seem to need any attention or reassurance, outside of the fact it is touching its owner in the wheelchair, and seems to be okay that she is just “there”. Pretty amazing. OK, so the dog and owner got to go through, and now we have the opposite end of the scale sitting across from us. Sadly, a once beautiful girl, is in the throes of a major withdrawal from her drug addiction. It is not a pretty sight, and something I have never seen before in my life. In fact, I’ve never seen “anything” like this before in my life. What’s so sad, is that this is self-inflicted. Perhaps our teens should watch this, in the hope that they don’t do drugs – either voluntarily or, (be very careful not to), involuntarily. Oh boy! I’m trying hard to be more compassionate than disgusted, and with her yelling, screaming, moaning, crying and vomiting, I’m sorry to say, I’m swaying back and forth. We’re here at the ER, because Eric went to the SCCA, (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) clinic today to see the Orthopedic surgeon, the Oncologist and to get IV fluids. However, the Oncologist noticed that Eric had no reaction to the reflex-hammer-to-the-knee test. We told the doctor that he had been losing more mobility each day, but with a drastic decline over the last 24-48 hours. It took two of our wonderful friends, Hilary and Sandy, to lift Eric into the truck to get him to SCCA. Thank goodness they were both at the house at the same time. In fact, to keep things light, they sent me a text saying that there were “two hot blonde chicks touching Eric all over”. <Grin> This was, in fact, true. They needed to do all sorts of gyrations to get him up and into Sandy’s Yukon truck. Thank you kind ladies! So, a real decline in strength and mobility since less than a week ago, and now we’re in the ER awaiting an MRI to confirm whether there is any spinal involvement. We’ve been taken out into ER now, and all the rooms are full. Eric is in a bed in the hallway, but is definitely more comfortable.

I’m going to sign off for now, and shall do another update if there is anything to share. Otherwise, I’ll see you, same time/same place tomorrow! Love, love, love, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo PS. Go kiss and hug and love a beloved one….or call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, but care about nonetheless. Just sayin’. They say life is short, and they’re right, (at least in this body and in this go ‘round).

I would like to thank you all for contributing to our medical fund! There’s nothing easy about the cancer journey. There's ups and downs...there's hope and despair. There's love and friendship, progress and disappointment. There’s forwards movement and backwards slides. Your donations and support make it a little less stressful and allow us to feel the love and support of our community of friends, friends that are like family and even people we’ve never even met. Thank you for donating. Thank you for sharing the GoFundMe page! Simply, thank you for being on our journey alongside us. We are over 10% of the goal, and this is awesome! Thank you!

Eric’s Mexican Medical Fund On January 11th 2016, I took my husband Eric to the ER, with an intensely painful backache. He was rushed from the ER to a surgical hospital for emergency surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his spine. His T8 vertebrae was replaced with a titanium cage...but, that was just the beginning of his journey with cancer. A couple weeks later, he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 4, and a PET scan showed he was riddled with dis-ease. Traditional chemo treatments seemed to be working for the first 3 months, but after that, the same regimen of chemo morphed the dis-ease into something even worse and more aggressive. The tradiiotnal doctors tried another round of a different chemo cocktail, and anticipated doing a stem cell transplant in October/November 2016. However, the chemo didn’t have any impact on the dis-ease and they informed us that the stem cell transplant was now out of the question. They gave him 2 months to live! We didn’t like what we heard, so after a couple days of research, we packed a single suitcase and went to a wonderful facility in Mexico, just south of the San Diego border, called Sanoviv. It is a fully fledged medical institute with a phenomenal goal of supporting the complete health of the individual person. We found it was more than personalized medicine, but “personal medicine”! Eric thrived in the environment, with fantastic organic and paleo nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, ozone

treatments, regional and whole body hyperthermia, spa treatments, body code emotional release, psychology sessions, diagnosis and treatments with the latest technology machines, reflexology, daily IV’s and supplements, including curcumin IV drips, and daily conversations with his personal doctor. Many of these treatments are either outlawed in the USA, or hard to find, as they don’t generate money for the pharmaceutical companies, and are apparently likely to heal dis-ease in the body, including cancer! We were told by our American health insurance company before we left for Mexico, that they would likely be convering some/most of his treatments. However, we just found out that this is not the case, and they are not only denying the more “experimental” treatments, but they are denying everything! Even treatments that are standard in the US, such as a biopsy surgery and 5 days of radiation! Needless to say, we have ended up with a total of $84,290.61 on our credit cards. I am not only mortified at the denial of our claims by our insurance company, but am so sad that my husband has to deal with this deep disappoinment, whilst in such a weakened state of health. If there’s anything you can do to help with our credit card bills, we would be most appreciative! The cancer journey is enough of an experience, without the financial strain on top of everything else. As such, we are so very grateful for any/all donations, no matter how big or small! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Phillipa, Eric, and our two daughters, Alicia and Bella xxx

January 18th, 2017 Day 87: Eric’s UW Seattle Medical Adventure: Hey everyone. I don't much feel up for writing tonight, so I am going to share with you a poem I wrote on January 20th one year ago, just one week after Eric Leseberg had a cancerous tumor removed from his spine, and the cancer journey began.... I will say that in the early hours of the morning, this morning, an MRI showed that the cancer has returned to his spine. ---//----Stop the clock!-Stop the clock! My world just tilted! I want to hold hands with my Bebe and jump off…somewhere where we can go and hide out from the physiology of his body! Cells, please stop multiplying and killing my husband, my lover, my best friend, my soul mate, my confidant, my coach, my sounding board, my cheerleader, the male version of myself. Such a long, and not always joyful, journey to find my true love, Serendipity brought us together from thousands of miles away, Such a joy to peel away the layers of who you are, And to open myself up to be seen and to go deep…and deeper…and deeper still! I found you through all time and space! Please don’t go yet! We have so much love to bring into the world, you and me! Let’s do this! Miracles, health and healing energy from all sources and secret places! Stop the clock and let’s keep loving each other some more! ---//--Huge amounts of love and many blessings to, Love, Phillipa xxooxxoo

Shelley Wells-Tworek January 19 at 3:32pm ¡ This kid is constantly amazing me..we received some tough news today regarding these two who are both fighting stage 4 cancer-I told Hunter the news after school today and he immediately asked to shave his head to show his cousins "bald is cool"...đ&#x;¤&#x2DC;đ&#x;?ť Phillipa Leseberg Eric Leseberg

January 19th, 2017 Day 88: Eric’s Seattle UW Medical Adventure: Morphine and Oxycodone are working nicely on my guy. Yep, he was admitted into the hospital in the wee hours of the morning on the 18th January. We had gone in to see the Oncologist for a routine visit that afternoon, and as soon as the doc found out that Eric’s mobility had gone decidedly downhill, he recommended we head right over to the ER at UW in Seattle to get an MRI. Eric had to be lifted out of the car, as he could no longer swing his own legs, or hold any of his weight. It was a bit of a long wait in the ER, several hours in fact, and Eric patiently waited in his wheelchair. We witnessed all sorts of drama as people came and went. Unfortunately, Eric was not a top priority given that his was a diagnostic need, but eventually he was called in. The hospital was full, as was the ER, and no beds were available. There was, however, some space in the hallway, so that is where he spent the next couple hours. Two different doctors and one nurse kept an eye on him, and did their exam right there in public in the hallway. Oh well, there are times where it’s good to be grateful for every little thing. I was just grateful that he was lying on a bed, that there were some medical people that were taking care of his needs, and that he would eventually get an MRI. About 2am, he was finally called in for the MRI. It was supposed to be in two parts, the spine, (a new potential trouble spot), and the right hip, (his usual trouble spot). However, after the spinal session, he was in too much pain to continue. He was taken into an ER room at around 3am and shortly after the young doctor came in to share the news that there was evidence of multiple tumors in the lower spine, the lower L and sacrum sections. They took him straight up to the top floor and admitted him right away. The docs agreed that they needed to be both aggressive and timely, and consequently, he’s already had two radiation sessions, out of a total of 10 planned. What does this mean? It means that he is now ineligible for the CAR T-Cell trial, and in fact, any trial. There are a couple possible drugs that they could use, but the Oncol warned me that the two drugs are not only expensive, requiring a substantial co-pay each month, but that these drugs are not necessarily designed to treat lymphoma. They have, however, had some success in the past inadvertently. So, here’s our take…the news is not great, the prognosis worse, and we’re still holding out for a miracle! Eric is choosing to dream of a either a local vacation, or to the Seychelles, his top destination of choice! He wants to go

with Andi, Bea and I. OK, I am totally up for that! If he can get to a point of reasonable mobility and can eat and drink, let’s do it!! When Bella and I walked in tonight, he was in la la land, but feeling pretty happy. Morphine and Oxycodone can do that to a person, I believe. The nurses have his bed alarm on, as he needs to be lifted out of the bed these days, (and I mean literally being “lifted”! See pic below). It’s still one day at a time. It’s being present in the moment. It’s catching up with bills to be paid, and things that need to be done. It’s about getting everything in order. It’s about spending some time with each other and the girls, and very close friends. As the parable goes, “It’s not good, it’s not bad. It just IS”. I’d like to finish up today with a reminder. A reminder that: If you want to go to the Seychelles…please go! Just do it! If you have a dream – live it! If you don’t have a dream – get one! (I think everyone ought to have a dream!) If you are drawn to help out kids in an orphanage in Thailand, or Ecuador or Africa – go for it! If you want to start a business – what are you waiting for? If you are unhappy in your relationship – make a change! If you don’t like your job – get a new one! They say life is too short, and they are right. Do what you want to do, Feel what you want to feel, Be what you want to be, See what you want to see, Open up doors that scare you! Love and blessings to you! Have a wonderful morning, afternoon, or night, wherever you are in the world. Thank you to those friends that are opening FB a couple times a day just to search out for a new post on Eric’s journey. Thank you for those that donated. Thank you for those that shared the donation page link, as we have had many people we have never met, donating! Thank you being a part of the journey. Thank you for helping Eric feel loved by a thousand! Love and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo

January 20th, 2017 Day 89: Eric’s UW Seattle Medical Adventure: Eric had a good day today! Nice. To be honest, I didn’t realize how much I was looking forward to saying that. He was whisked away for his radiation treatment early, and had a few different medical teams show up to discuss their plans for treatment. He had the kidney team arrive, and their premise is that they will continue doing basic treatment and come up with another plan within 7-10 days. Eric’s Creatinine reading has gone back up to 2.5, and that needs to come back down into the 1’s. His BUN is also high, (Blood Urea Nitrogen), at currently 43, and apparently 25 or under, is where it needs to be. The good news is that they don’t think Eric requires temporary dialysis at this time. He had the Oncology team arrive, and they are still validating they’re on the right track. They’re talking about doing a lumbar puncture with a chemo called Methotrexate next week, to halt the growth of the tumors in his spine. Eric’s a little apprehensive about that specific drug, as the first time they gave that to him systemically, it took out a section of his kidneys, and it took a good 2-3 weeks to come back from that. They’re also discussing whether to do a brain MRI scan with contrast, given that there is disease in the spine, it’s possible it can spread to the brain. Their hesitation is that they don’t want the contrast in his brain. Hmm, it can’t possibly be any worse than chemo? Just sayin’. I was working from home today and had a crazy/busy day, with hardly a moment to breath, or return calls. I was blessed to have three wonderful friends descend upon me for a quick lunch. Yummy steak salad. Thank you Hilary Wake - Schultz, Karla Raby Olson and Brad Wake! By the way, Karla is the sort of person that flies up from Park City/Utah, for the weekend primarily to see Eric, because she happens to be busy the next few weekends, and because she wanted to see him. Hilary is the sort of person that drops everything to come and help out, even though she is going through her own medical journey, and only has the use of one arm currently. Brad is the sort of person that flies back from Boston to help his wife, because she needs help packing the final items for their move to Boston. How lucky and blessed are Eric and I to have this caliber of dear sweet friends in our lives? Then, we have all of you! Many of you are waiting eagerly for each day’s installment, and Eric gets to feel the love from all of you through your prayers, healing energy and comments. It turns out that Eric is so enjoying feeling loved, and being seen, something that he hasn’t experienced this intensely, … well ever!

I may have mentioned that I am working with a spiritual teacher and she has some awesome visualizations for Eric and I to do. One that some of you can probably relate to, is visualizing a few strategically placed golden balls in Eric’s body. Inside them, are millions of little light-filled balls. Their job is to go throughout Eric’s body like little pac-men, globbling up every single cell of cancer. The next step is to thank them for doing their job and send them packing back home. You see, it’s good to remember that the cancerous cells, and resultant tumors, think they are doing an awesome job! They think they deserve a pat on the back for multiplying and taking over Eric’s bones and blood supply. But, it’s time for them to move on to their next role! Eric is also enjoying dreaming about all the travel options open to him/us. These exercises might seem simplistic, and actually they are, but this is all it can take sometimes to shift someone’s consciousness from deathly thoughts and giving up, to making that shift into a full healing event. As my spiritual teacher says, “it’s not over yet, and we are not giving up!”. I had a late massage tonight at a place called, “The Tummy Temple” in Seattle. The wonderful practitioner has three main disciplines in her bag of tricks, Craniosacral, Visceral and more of a standard full body massage, (I forget the name!). She was wonderful, the setting fantastic, the energy awesome, and I experienced a wee slice of heaven right there. I’ve finished visiting with Eric for now, and I’m having a sleepover, sleeping on a cot right next to my guy. Life is good, I am happy in this moment. Eric is good too…right here, right now. Remember to breath. Remember to be grateful for so many things, big and small. Remember to smile at a stranger, and see their eyes light up in return, (but don’t take it personally if their heart wall is a little too high and strong to find a return smile for you). Remember to live. Remember to love! Goodnight, good afternoon or good morning, wherever you are in the world, Love, Phillipa xxooxxooxx

January 21st, 2017 Day 90: Eric’s UW Seattle Medical Adventure: It’s been exactly 3 months since I started writing daily about our journey. Eric’s journey into the underworld of cancer, and my journey as a support system for my husband. Pretty much everyone asks me the same two questions when I see them in person, “How is Eric doing? How are you doing?”. Well, Eric has his good days and his not so good days, or it could even be good moments, and not so good moments. For me, it’s a journey of dichotomies: • Ups and downs • Forward movement and backwards slides • 2 steps forward and 3 steps back o or 3 steps forward and 2 steps back • Great progress and downwards slips • Good news and not so good news • Good lab results and not so good lab readings • Hope and anguish • 180’s and 360’s • Love and anger • Joy and misery • Faith and disbelief Eric had a rough time, and started having anxiety attacks during the night. These events of sudden onset terror and fear, are very frightening for him. Being the thinker he is, in his calm moments, he figured out what was triggering his attacks. He was able to track it back to a nurse telling him that he needs to get some good movement and change in positioning, otherwise he will get bed sores. She said that it he gets bed sores, they can be very difficult to heal. This is true, but I think it goes deeper than that. It’s not only, “What will happen if my bed sores don’t heal?”, but also, “What will happen if my body doesn’t heal?”. This is likely the bigger question, and not surprisingly proba-

bly the source of the fear. What else is fear than, “false evidence appearing as real”, and the feeling that something bad is going to happen. As I was lying in the bed in the room with Eric last night, I looked over at him sitting up in his bed with his hospital gown open in the back. His body has really wasted away, and he is literally skin and bone. I can’t say that I have had actual full-on panic or anxiety attacks, but I do feel a catch in my chest every now and again, when I think of losing him. If I allow myself to dip into the fear, even for a moment, I am conscious of bringing myself back out pretty quickly. For me, the best way to move through it, is to change the thought, and one exercise that is really helpful, is I close my eyes and imagine Eric wake surfing behind the boat. I see him holding on to the rope and doing the kind of infinity movement with his lower body and legs. I do actually have a ton of footage of him wake surfing, and I’d love to search it out and post it one of these days. He would get “into the zone”, and literally be at one with his board and with the wave, (and maybe even the universe). It is just too hard to fathom that he won’t be doing that again, with all his strength and athleticism. Where is the miracle we have been holding out for? Is it just around the corner? Did it slip Eric by unseen? Please come back miracle – please hover over Eric’s body and embrace him in the healing blue light and heal my husband. We can nurse him back to health from there. We haven’t finished all the chapters of our love story, so now is the time, please Miracle! Per my spiritual teacher, we’re, “Calling in all the healing angels and asking them to multiply the effects of the radiation a thousand times. We ask them to shower him with the rainbow colors that he needs for perfect health and wellbeing”. Remembering too, we have the millions of little golden pac-men doing their thing, gobbling up all the cancer cells. As my spiritual teacher keeps reminding me, Eric can potentially neutralize every bit of cancer in his body, and these are a few ways to aid in that. This afternoon and evening, I was a part of our real estate team’s client appreciation party. It was a really fun event and wonderful that we had such a huge turn-out. I love that so many of our clients are truly both friends AND clients. That feels really good. Probably one of the highlights for me, was that the kids were invited to come along too. Bella and a couple others took care of the kids, and another client, Gina, enjoyed face-painting many of them, (and more than a few adults!). I liked popping my head into the kid’s room, and listening to their laughter and little voices. Lovely! Thank you Hao Dang and Lien Ngu, it was a very successful party!

I missed not being with Eric this afternoon and tonight, but it was good to have a break. Additionally, I knew that our friend Bea was with him for a while this evening too. She texted me that Eric was enjoying talking about his dream to go to the Seychelles, and she asked him questions about what he would like to do there and where he would like to stay. Whatever it takes! If this is enough of a dream to shift the energy around his situation – so be it! If this is the crack that helps allow in the energy of a miracle, then let’s do it! Let’s dream it into being! Love, love, love, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

January 22nd, 2017 Day 91: Eric’s UW Seattle Medical Adventure: It’s been a reasonable day, but a long one. Eric had a long conversation with my spiritual teacher first off, a visit from his team of doctors, followed by his best friend Andi, & friends Uli and Jessica, a visit from his financial advisor & friend Susan, and the evening finished up with Bea, Alicia and one her daughter’s Janessa. Eric said it was a bit too much today…too many people and too much talking! By the way, if you’re interested in how to “BE” with someone that is potentially gravely ill, here’s my advice, and bear in mind this is REGARDLESS how they “seem” to you. Just sit quietly. Learn to BE okay with the silence between the words, and the silence between the noise. You’re probably the only one in the room that is uncomfortable with the silence. Let them do the talking, and let them ask questions. Here’s the deal…..if they want to hear your stories and stories and stories, they will ask. If not, please just sit quietly. Guess what? They might need to go into and out of sleep. They might need to pee. They might need to poop, (yes, we all do it, just not quite so publicly!). They might need to call the nurse to ask a question. They might need help to adjust their position. They might not be able to do any of these things if you are talking, talking, and talking. Another idea….ask them if you can rub their back…or touch their feet…or massage their head. Remember, if you get to do any of these things, it is an honor to do so. Be specific in your questioning, because when drugs are involved, they might not be 100% together and able to articulate what they want and need. During the morning doctor’s visit, the docs talked about the plan for the coming week. Radiation will continue daily on his lower spine/sacrum area. On Tuesday, they are likely to give him a spinal tap. This is where they both draw fluid out to send to pathology, and inject a chemo called Methotrexate into his spine. The doctor then drew a big breath and reminded us that these two treatment types are only working on the spine and environs, and alas, there is the rest of the body to consider. So, that means more systemic chemo. Oh joy! Just what Eric wants! He does want to be discharged into a rehab facility and he may be able to do that, so long as he can commit to 3 hours per day of physical therapy. The downside is that they don’t allow chemo on that floor, as the nurses are not trained to deal with the side effects of chemo. Eric did experience more anxiety last night. We figured out, between the two of us, that Eric likely has sleep apnea. I have suspected for a while, but when we sleep in the same room together, I go into a deep sleep in less than a minute and I typically stay asleep the whole evening. Subsequently, I haven’t been sure. However, today I

was in the hospital room with him all day and he was passing out asleep in no time at all, but jerking awake in a panic within about 3-5 minutes with a feeling he couldn’t breathe. It seems obvious to me that he has it, but apparently, they don’t have a way to test in the hospital, and allegedly they won’t/can’t provide a C-Pap machine until he has been officially diagnosed. Lucky for us, Aunt Carol mentioned tonight that there might be a way for me to arrange to have a testing unit go to Eric at the hospital, and get him diagnosed that way. You’d think the hospital would already know this, but alas, we can’t assume they know everything, and in fact, we ought to assume they don’t! It’s up to us to do our own research. Aunt Carol shared something scary with me whilst we were catching up tonight. She said that her son-in-law’s sister has been recently diagnosed with cancer. It seems to be in her hip/leg area, like Eric, but has also spread to her lungs. Now, here’s the rub…the doctors can’t seem to figure out WHAT type of cancer it is! So, is it a new brand of cancer? Well, I just did a little research and it really is a “thing”. It’s called CUP, (Cancer of an Unknown Primary), and thousands of people develop this every year. Because the doctors can’t identify the type of cancer the CUP originated from, it’s almost impossible for them to figure out the correct treatment. Consequently, only about 15% of those diagnosed with CUP are alive past a year. (By the way, I know that some of you are the praying type, so if you feel inspired, this wonderful lady is a mother of two little cuties, and her name is Jenn. Thank you!). Aunt Carol also mentioned that she knows another 4-5 people at her church that have the same scenario as above. Perhaps it has something to do with the GMO’s and carcinogenic pesticides that Monsanto have been using for the last several decades? She has just been to see the movie, “SEED: The Untold Story”. She spoke about a state that means a lot to me…Hawaii, my home for over 10 years, and the place where Bella was born. It covers the facts about Monsanto purchasing large tracts of land in the islands and experimenting and growing their GMO “frankenfood”, purchasing and controlling the seed, and poisoning the crops with chemicals that create cancer. Sounds right up my alley! Anyone want to go see it with me? Here’s a snippet from their official website, (, “Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind. In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers fight a David and Goliath battle to defend the future of our food. In

a harrowing and heartening story, these heroes rekindle a lost connection to our most treasured resource and revive a culture connected to seeds. SEED features Vandana Shiva, Dr. Jane Goodall, Andrew Kimbrell, Winona Laduke and Raj Patel”. I’ll leave you with one of the threads that I introduced at the beginning of today’s missive: It’s OK to sit in silence with another. Learn to BE okay with the silence between the words. Learn to BE okay with the silence between the noise. It’s in the quiet of THAT moment, Yes, that moment, right THERE, that the answers come. It’s OK to sit in silence with another. With that, goodnight, good afternoon or good morning, wherever you are in the world, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

January 23rd, 2017 Day 92: Eric’s UW Seattle Medical Adventure: I’m at the hospital with Eric tonight, after a busy Microsoft day today. He is a happy guy, sitting with a delicious dinner and is eating it all up ravenously. It’s a wonderful sight! He cracks me up though. The nurse came in and took away the tray, and now he is in a deep sleep! Hopefully he can stay asleep for a while without his “possible” sleep apnea impacting him. The team doctor appointment today had almost the same outcome as yesterday. They’re still looking at doing the spinal tap tomorrow, with the chemo going into the spine. However, it turns out that they haven’t told the kidney doctor that they were going to use the same chemo that, when used systemically, impacted his kidneys in a very detrimental way. Oh boy! He had a great session with physio-therapy today after lunch. The PT lady worked on Eric for a solid hour. She worked on his legs most of the hour, stretching, lifting, isometrics, and testing limits. He saw the doctor that oversees the Rehab ward, and the doc seemed to think that Eric had the right mental attitude to be a success on the program. This is the program that requires 3 hours+ a day of PT work. Eric was chuffed that the doctor wants him on the program. As you can imagine, his confidence has taken quite a hit these days. Radiation happened mid-afternoon. Eric noted that the drugs were just right, as he fell asleep through the whole thing. Radiation is getting better as he isn’t feeling it as much, or perhaps it is the way they are positioning him. However, the transportation people almost dropped him off the bed when they went to get him, so he wasn’t too happy about that. Sounds reminiscent of “Faulty Towers”, don’t you think? He’s still feeling a bit anxious, and as he is recapping the day for me, it seems to be making him feel worse. Oh boy! OK, time to stop. I feel bad about that. It’s good for me to realize that what might be cathartic for me, could be painful for Eric. Sometimes, he just doesn’t want to think too hard about it all. I shall sign off for now, and leave you with a beautiful picture of my guy on our wedding day. I love this picture of him. It was taken in the moments after we were officially married in Tauranga, New Zealand. We turned around and started walking out of the pagoda, with Bella following right behind. A very happy day and the start of an extraordinary marriage and love story!

Have a good sleep tonight Bebe. Have a good morning, afternoon and sleep everyone else too! Love to you all, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

January 24th, 2017 Day 93: Eric’s UW Hospital Seattle Adventure: I saw an email Eric sent Bella today. In it, Eric is giving Bella financial advice for her future. It made me cry. Here it is… “You need to transfer $$ from your savings to your checking account. You have already used 2 of 6 of your allotted overdraft protection allocations. Remember the tricks to get around this type of situation, are to: 1) transfer larger amounts of $$ from savings to checking (like $100 or more, for example) 2) monitor your checking amount via your phone app prior to spending, so you know what is exactly in your checking account 3) use $50 as you bottom line threshold instead of $0 Follow these simple principles, or minimum rules, when it comes to operating your checking account, and you will never bounce a check or go into “overdraft”. Master these rules when you are young, or you will have high credit scores in your future. This will be very important to you later on in life. Love Daddy xxx It made me cry for a couple reasons. One is that Eric is literally giving financial advice to our 15 year old daughter, with the assumption that he won’t be around to make sure she learns good financial principles. Another, is that even though Bella vehemently denies it, she is so like me, in so many ways, (hopefully one day she will realize that’s it’s not a totally bad thing!). I have been a terrible spender in my day, and it wasn’t until well into my marriage with Eric, that I finally “got it” around money and spending! It was a long, and sometimes very tough and painful journey, (but that is another story, for another day. I think a story worth telling, but I’ll save it for another day). Eric had a good day today. He had a busy day. He had PT, OT and radiation, but no lumbar puncture, as that is happening tomorrow. He had a talk on the phone with his bestie, and another close friend, Damon, came by the house to pick up computer stuff and a small table, (per Eric), and to take said items into the hospital, (also, per Eric). When I spoke to Eric on the phone earlier, he seemed very busy giving instructions to Damon, about setup and was quite keen to get off the phone, to get busy getting caught up on paperwork and such. Is this getting his affairs in order? Tears on my keyboard with even the “possibility” that could be the case. There’s something

to be said for denial from time to time. Just sayin’! I exchanged a few texts with Eric’s cousin Shelley today. It’s her sister-in-law that has the cancer-with-no-name I mentioned in a previous post. Here’s the latest on Jenn, because she sure does need your prayers! The Sarcoma in her hip is less than 1%, which is another way of saying they know almost nothing about it. The fact that it doubled in size after the first round of chemo, and metastasized to her lungs and liver, is something they’ve never seen before. She is in a trial chemo series where they are doing a high dose over a longer period of time to test effectiveness. Initially, they thought it was a good prognosis. However, after the first round of chemo, they changed their tune, and the prognosis became grim. She is now at UCLA under their care. Shelley and I texted our amazement at this development, and we both agree that it sure looks like something is going on in our environment that is causing these mutated cancer cells. She tells me that the family helped Jenn start on an all-organic diet, further to reading about the importance of this in my posts. Unfortunately, she is in the same boat as Eric was until recently, and she can’t keep much down. They have also been trying out essential oils and they help to manage her pain in between the medication timeframes. Oh boy! Please everyone, send prayers and healing energy to Jenn, a young Mom of two, a corporate woman, and loved by many. You know what? It’s worth considering that this is one of the few things we have control over. We don’t have much control over the air we breath, or what is in our public environment. We do have complete control over what goes into our mouths, and into and on our bodies. It’s worth thinking about that fact a switch to an organic diet, because if someone is experiencing an illness of some sort, might already be too late. I’m just saying that this is worth discussing with your family, (or with yourself if you are single!). Start taking notice of what’s on the label of the food you buy. If it has any chemical names that you don’t recognize, don’t buy it. Consider stopping drinking soda, (diet or otherwise). Gatorade is like drinking food coloring. Stop going to fast food outlets….they’ll get over it. They’ll be forced to change their offerings in time to healthier options! Bring food from home into work with you. Stop eating GMO foods, as these are foods sprayed with the worst possible poisons on the planet, aside from being modified at the genetic level. Change out your cleaning supplies at home, to more earth-friendly products. I haven’t used bleach for years, as it’s so detrimental for the planet, and our bodies. Start using an environmentally-friendly drycleaner. Change out your water filter, or purchase reverse osmosis-filtered water, to avoid the fluoride in the water, another killer. These are good places to start. There are many others.

Yes, it’s good to have some power over this one thing, what goes in or on your body, and I’ll give you an example. You may recall in a recent post, I mentioned that I never get the flu, or at least haven’t for a few decades. To clarify that, when I say “I don’t get the flu”, that doesn’t mean to say that the “flu doesn’t try to get me”. Currently, at work, I am surrounded by people that are coughing all over the place. On our webinar this morning, one of the presenters sitting across the table from me, had this huge coughing fit, with snot and all, and had to race out to take care of himself in the restroom. I share an office with a lady that has been sick for weeks, and is still coughing, sometimes covering her mouth, and sometimes not. So, I’m not saying that the flu doesn’t “try” to get me. It does. I feel it sometimes in my throat, or in my chest. What I’m saying, is that I do the “calling-on-all-remedies” thing, and start pumping in the good stuff. I start with juicing a grapefruit, raw garlic, raw turmeric and a rather large portion of ginger. I eat raw onion. I swallow raw garlic cloves. I use everything and anything that is related to “Umcka”, a South African herb that stops sore throats and colds in the early stages, and later on if you started late, to lessen the severity. I swallow huge numbers of, “The Wellness Formula” tablets, (6 every 2 hours). I suck on teaspoons of raw, unfiltered org honey. I juice org pomegranates with some kale, ginger and garlic. I put essential oils in the diffuser and rub on to my skin. I have a salad for lunch, (thankfully at Microsoft, they always have a selection of organic food). I make a smoothie for dinner, rather than eating a big meal. I drink gallons and gallons of hot tea – Throat Coat, various flavors for cough and cold, and green tea. I suck on zinc and elderberry lozenges. I put Goldenseal and Echinacea tinctures in my refillable water bottles. This, my friends, is my process, my “calling-on-all-remedies” process. But, the secret is in having all/most of this available as soon as you notice that little something, that little niggle! I have a drawer in the kitchen, dedicated to this “calling-on-all-remedies” process! You see, if I allow myself to get a cough or a cold right now, it’s kind of a life and death situation with my wonderful husband. So, yes, it’s worth it! It’s worth taking the time and energy to ask the flu and cold bugs to move on to the next person. No thank you! I went to Wholefoods today to stock up on some of my remedies, and I have a picture below of all the yummy organic foods I purchased. I even tried a few new items, (I know, I’m getting really daring!). I tried purple top turnips, kumquats, daikon and a black beet. Tonight, I juiced a gala apple, radish greens, Daikon, Brussel sprouts, a quarter of a lemon, (with skin), a full pink grapefruit, (no skin), garlic, ginger and turmeric. Mmmmmm, yummy!

On the note of food, I shall end today’s musing with a quote from the infamous Pooh and Piglet duo, “When you wake up in the morning, Pooh”, said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”. “What’s for breakfast?”, said Pooh. What do you say Piglet? “I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?”, said Piglet. “Pooh nodded thoughtfully. “It’s the same thing”, he said. Goodnight, good afternoon and good morning all, and notice what your first thought in the morning is, and the enjoy the first bite into some delicious, yummy and nutritious food! Love to each and every one of you…and multitudes of blessings far and wide! Love, Phillipa xx00xx00xx

January 25th, 2017 Day 94: Eric’s UW Hospital Seattle Medical Adventure: Eric cracks me up. I got to see his new computer / office set-up in his hospital room this afternoon. It looks pretty cool, and the hospital staff haven’t seen anything like this before. I guess most patients on the penthouse transplant floor are usually too sick to be working on their computers. He’s doing reasonably well today. Let’s say today is a good day! It was a day including a radiation treatment and a spinal tap. They took out spinal fluid to send to pathology, and injected chemo into Eric’s spine. He’s been eating a lot, not Phillipa-approved food by any stretch; for example, tonight’s dinner was fried chicken and a bottle of Coca-Cola! However, he’s putting on weight, and that is his main goal right now. Besides, can you only imagine how excited he is to be able to eat, after about a month or more, of not being able to keep much down? We had a good cry together tonight. Eric’s main fear is that I will forget him. Oh boy! One thing is for sure, regardless of whether he gets well and lives for a long time, or fades away sometime soon - I will never, could ever, forget him! Eric is such a unique individual, and unforgettable. He is very intense, but is able to be light and have fun. He is a deep thinker, and extremely articulate. He is the first person I ever met that created the space for me to really express my truth. I can tell you, there is such freedom of spirit, to be in a relationship where I am encouraged to feel into what is true for me, and to articulate that. Not only that, Eric is always very interested and present with my truth, as I tell it. Nope, Eric, there is just no way I can ever forget you! Oops, my computer is dying tonight, and I forgot to bring along my power cord. In case I stay over at the hospital, without my lap top power source, I’ll sign off early! To be continued/… Love and hugs and blessings to all of you! Phillipa xxooxxooxx

January 26th, 2017 Day 95: Eric’s UW Hospital Medical Adventure: I massaged Eric’s body last night, and here’s what I discovered. I discovered that it’s possible to pour love from my heart into every massage stroke, even despite the little lumps and bumps and tumors all over. I discovered it’s all about the love, and not about the new lumps my fingers unearthed under his armpit and on his chest. It was a beautiful act of love, and something that I haven’t been able to do much of lately, as Eric has been in too much pain, or just hasn’t felt like being touched. Lucky me, he asked me to massage some moisture cream into his body last night, as the air in the hospital room can be so dry, his skin has been drying out and flaking. I reflected on the couple periods we experienced tough times in our marriage. So tough, in fact, we didn’t know if we were going to make it. The first time was when I had to make the decision to let go of a failing business, and move on. I sure am glad I did, as everything opened-up for me after contract work at Microsoft, and my staging and real estate businesses. All the hard work for the three years didn’t go to waste though, as some of the wonderful people I met through that business, are now life-long friends. It’s almost as if the Universe was waiting for me to let go of my stubbornness, so that the doors to new opportunities could be unlocked for me, and for us in our relationship. The second, was when one member of my family started a rumor about Eric. Bearing in mind, this was already one month into his cancer journey. Sadly, instead of loving us, and really being there for us, and making time for us, she and her husband kept the rumor growing until it developed a life of its own. Amazing to me, how two people can take 2 + 2 and get 105! Then, it seems my whole family bought into it, not one of them reached out to me to ask about it. Not one. So, I have made it through the toughest year of my life, without my immediate blood family. Without expounding on the whole story, let’s just say that Eric and I went through many deep, and often painful, discussions. We hung out there for a while, and in the end, we chose to take this as a fabulous opportunity to get even closer still, and move on. Of course, I am delighted we made it! What a journey this last year has been. Eric has learned to accept love at a deeper level than ever before, after going through life not really feeling like he was loved, or even loveable. It seems we all have our “cherished wound” that we carry in life, until we are ready to let it go, if ever, (per Jaison Starkes’ marvelous workshops on the Big Island of Hawaii!). It has been, and still is, an absolute honor to be a part of this journey with my husband.

We learned the power of conscious relationship in marriage together. I had always wanted something like that, without even knowing fully what it really meant. I just knew I wanted something more. I witnessed people trying to do it – to be conscious together, but I saw a lot of pain and effort in the “trying”. But, we did it. We got there. We arrived there by doing our daily GoC’s/gratitudes. We did it by being open and honest and allowing open and honest communication all the time, every time. Wonderful! It’s so freeing! We have been able to give each other strength and courage, when the other was running short of one or both. We have cried, we have laughed, we have been silent, we have played cards and watched movies. We’ve talked and talked and talked about anything and everything. We’ve enjoyed dreaming together, about all we haven’t yet done, but still want to do! We’ve kept up our GOC’s, (Gifts of Confidence, or “gratitudes”) most of the year, unless Eric was in too much pain, or asleep, or too sick. Eric had good day today. He had his radiation treatment, ate some food, and just rested most of the day. No friends called or came to visit, and he was okay with that, as he needed a bit of a break. I’m not sure if his drug regimen has changed, but he sure is having trouble staying awake tonight. The hospital figured out a way to get him a C-pap machine and he has been fitted and had a wee practice run with it. Fingers crossed, it’ll help him to get the best and most restful sleep ever! His kidney Creatinine level is trending down again, and has been since it skyrocketed to 2.7 several days ago. It’s now back down to 2.23 today. He’s got a little of his spinal chemo filtering through into his bloodstream, but not too bad. It seems the big decision now, is what systemic chemo treatment they’ll give him, and whether they’ll allow that on the rehab floor, (where they typically are not staffed to handle chemo and side effects). There is one drug in pill form that they are considering, and I may have mentioned that one before. It has a co-pay at $4000 per month. Lovely, just what we need, more bills! However, if that’s the one with the least side effects for the kidneys, then that’s probably the frontrunner. I’ll finish up with a wonderful A. A. Milne quote, from the infamous Pooh and Piglet duo, Piglet: “How do you spell love?” Pooh, “You don’t spell it, you feel it”.

Lovely. On that note, good morning, good afternoon and goodnight everyone, depending on where you are in the world, Love and blessings to you all, Phillipa xxooxxoo

January 27th, 2017 Day 96: Eric’s UW Hospital Seattle Medical Adventure: Today was an emotional day for the star of the story. It’s hard to say whether the drugs, (and there are a lot of them), played a part in Eric’s emotions or the anxiety, but they were probably at least a contributing factor. When Eric first started to get emotional, I rubbed his back and stroked his hair, and laid my head on his. I then jumped up and laid on the hospital bed, and we held on to each other and cried. I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t supposed to be on the bed with Eric, so kudos to the nurse and doctor that came in, and just rolled with the program! Gratitude from my heart to yours! Eric shared that he is just not ready to go, but he realizes there might not be much anyone can do at this point, and he feels that he is just rotting away. Oh boy! Tears and hugs and words and heart tugs. It felt raw and real and sad, but somehow freeing too. We all know we have to die one day, but some of us just have more information than the rest, about what that looks like. It doesn’t make it any easier though, especially if you, or your beloved, are the ones going through it. Death is such a taboo subject, and I can’t say I know a lot about it. I’m not sure I was of much help today, outside of just “BEing” there for my guy. I was with Eric this afternoon as he went downstairs for another of his 13 radiation sessions. I agree with some of your comments that the artwork on the one of the waiting room walls is really amazing. I will re-post below a better view of the mural, (at least as good as I can get with my phone and a tiny room). I do believe the visual helps to transport the patients into another place or dimension…one of bright sunshine, warm sand, turquoise waters, cerise Bougainvillea, and a hammock swaying gently in the breeze. Is that not a perfect place for someone about to be radiated? There’s a ton of amazing art on the walls and hallways here in the hospital, but guess what? That’s where the guests of the patients get to enjoy it, rather than the patients themselves. Maybe that’s why the mural captured my attention – it’s something that the patients can enjoy. Eric also told me that there are tulips painted on the ceiling above where you lie to receive the radiation! How thoughtful is that! I was going to go back home this evening, spend the evening there, and come back tomorrow. However, with Eric in a bit of a fragile state, I made the decision to have another sleepover, so that I can be here to support him as he needs me.

We’re going to watch something on Hulu shortly, and so I’m going to sign off early tonight. I hope that’s OK with you all. <Grin>. I don’t suppose you have much choice in the matter, right? With much love and many blessings, I wish you all a grand morning, afternoon, or evening! Phillipa xxooxxoo PS. Does anyone have a program to merge all 3 photos into one?

January 28th, 2017 Day 97: Eric’s UW Hospital Medical Adventure: We are back from the abyss! It was pretty scary in there, I have to say. Feeling helpless, and hopeless and scared, is just not a great place to be. Eric was feeling like to he was fading away, and that the worst was yet to come, and me feeling into what that was like for him. Typically, if one of us takes a dip, the other remains strong, and helps the other see things with a different perspective. Yesterday, I was feeling so much empathy and compassion, and was relating to what he was going through so vividly, I dove in deep too. It’s all fear though, and remember what that stands for… False Evidence Appearing as Real! We were really blessed to have a one hour phone call with my spiritual teacher early this morning. She is a beautiful ray of huge bright light, and helped us both enormously. She reminded us that even though Eric’s body feels and looks weak, his spirit and life force is still really STRONG, (yes, in CAPS, as I believe it and see it!). She reiterated that…he…is…at…choice! Yes! What an awesome reminder! Of course, the timing is between Eric and God, but the “how” or “when” can be impacted heavily by Eric’s hope and belief. She confirmed that the doctors and medical professionals are doing everything they know how to do. To reiterate, they KNOW HOW to do. However, they only have book knowledge, they don’t have the spiritual and emotional piece. They’re not inside Eric’s heart, and they’re certainly not a part of Eric’s relationship with God or the Universe or All That Is. Yes, they can tell us, and show us, that they’re still willing to be on board with the journey, and aggressively working on him, but that’s all they can do. Now, it’s up to Eric, and with my/our teacher’s help, he can do it! I’d like to share a few additional salient points from today’s session, from my notes from the phone call, as I think there might be something useful for everyone! Even if it’s only one little thing, it’s worth reading on! Our teacher shared that what most of us on this planet do, is focus a little too much on daydreaming about possible negative outcomes. We can be daydreaming awake, but many daydream about their worst fears or nightmares, living them and recreating them, often making it worse. Our daydreams are like a magnet and they start drawing that energy and reality. Her recommendation is that if your mind starts to daydream about negativity, stop it before it can go any further. Make the movie about the life what you are choosing! The biggest way we create our realities are thoughts, words, emotions, behaviors and actions…and it starts with a dream, (and for some, a prayer or request to God or the Universe).

She observed there a lot of stored emotions in Eric’s body starting to surface. We tend to push down what’s painful, the things we don’t want to deal with at the time. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to store the fun stuff, (bummer!). It’s important to allow all the emotions that Eric’s pushed down over his lifetime to surface. This is NOT so he can get stuck and consumed with them all, but they’re surfacing so he can let them go. I know some of you might have some different beliefs here, but we were talking today about one of the easiest ways to do that, is to “visualize” burning a violet flame and just burn the negative thoughtforms. This is one of the most powerful things on the planet right now. Direct the violet flame to go into those spots and emotions to transmute them. Transmute the old, and in with the new. It’s in his best interest to get this stuff done, regardless of when he decides to go…soon, or in 10-20 years. But, for sure, what he doesn’t want to do, is get consumed in the painful emotions thoughts and fears, by saying, “NO, I let this go. I send it into the violet flame for transmutation”. It can be 24/7, and it’s not actually that much work to get this done. Eric asked point blank, “Why is this happening to me now”? Our teacher, said that this health event might seem like such a horrible situation, but it can be turned into the biggest gift of his life!! Because if this hadn’t come up when it did, he would never have had explore all the things he has been discovering, and wouldn’t necessarily have a reason to wake up. He wouldn’t have chosen to do the tough work and go through this. Whereas, this kind of makes him do it! This is not a punishment. Eric is not a victim, in ANY way. Eric can get through this. Whether he is going to choose to or not, she didn’t have that answer. She has seen a lot of people that were given two weeks to live, and are still around years and years later. It can happen! It happens ALL..THE..TIME. However, they have to resolve the cause of it, and if they are open to resolving the cause, then whatever modality they chose will work, (unless the modality itself is lethal). If he can resolve the cause of this, then, no matter whether he chooses to stay or leave, it’s a good thing. The time for action is now, and she recommended Eric be open to receive. There was more – a lot more. Boy, we covered a lot of ground in one hour! But, this is probably a nice place to end for tonight’s musing. I am proud of Eric being open and willing to talk to my/our spiritual teacher. I am proud that he is willing to look at more than one outcome. I am proud that he is choosing to go even deeper into the cause and release all his stored emotions. I am proud that he is willing to heal, regardless of the outcome, and most of all,

I am proud that he is not willing to give up his dreams! Go Eric – you can do it! Prayers to Eric tonight, this morning and/or this afternoon. See him well and see him healed. As our spiritual teacher reminded us – ANYTHING is possible! Love and blessings to you all, Phillipa xxooxxooo

January 29th, 2017 Day 98: Eric’s UW Hospital Medical Adventure: Eric had a lonely day today. I had let him know I was taking the day to myself, and coming later in the evening, with our wonderful friend, Jane, (visiting from California). He did also have another couple people come to visit. He enjoyed chatting with Bea, and Patrick, a friend from days long past, also came to visit. It’s not that Eric wants more visitors, he actually doesn’t, at least not yet. He finds it draining to try and entertain people, because some don’t understand what is needed to be a visitor in this circumstance. We talked about this before in a previous post, and it’s good to be conscious of allowing Eric to take the lead. If he wants to fall asleep, give him the chance to do that. If he wants to talk, let him talk. If he needs you to leave, please leave, (and don’t take it personally!). I think you get the picture. Today, Eric was only able to eat a little, and had dry heaves scattered throughout the day. Those are definitely not pleasant, and can be worse on the body, given that there’s nothing in the tummy to actually bring up. He had a short PT session, a good doctor visit and that was about the sum of his day. Additionally, he did work on some of the exercises that my/our spiritual teacher gave him to do. Since some of you enjoyed the exercises and visualizations I posted yesterday, I thought I would share part 2 tonight. I do acknowledge that these exercises are not for everyone, and once again, I so appreciate that all our friends on FB are willing to allow other beliefs to scatter throughout the posts. So, if this is not your cup of tea, feel free to jump away, and join us again tomorrow, or another day. If this is up your alley, then please read on… Eric shared with my/our spiritual teacher yesterday that has had a wonderful life, AND that he isn’t done yet…he DOES want more of it! His new mission is to be in service to other people MORE, to have a much larger impact, to focus on friends and family, and use his career as one of the tools to achieve more impact. It’s no longer what he used to chase. Previously, his other mission was to help people cross the divide to get into more enlightenment, acknowledgement, encouragement, and he feels that mission is done. The new mission is 1000 x more powerful. He asked for more guidance getting from here to there, as he was feeling lost. Given that Eric does have a LOT of time on his hands these days, she gave him something to switch up in his language and thinking. Instead of thinking of “I AM sick”, or, “I have cancer” etc., be thoughtful how to use the I AM statements. He can create and use more beneficial ones, e.g. “I AM powerful”, “I AM strong”, “I AM healthy and at my peak fitness”. She said to look at this current scenario as just a GLITCH! There’s been a glitch in the

programming of his body. (I personally like that one, as it all doesn’t seem so insurmountable!). As can often happen, when someone is on the heavy duty drugs like Eric is, AND he is in a hospital setting, it can be possible to see glimpses of beings/spirits. This hasn’t happened to him before, and it makes him a little uncomfortable. He notices it especially when everything else is still, no-one else is there, and he sees something in the corner of his eye. Our spiritual teacher confirmed that the drugs can often open up doorways to other dimensional things. Additionally, the hospital tends to have a lot of this sort of thing going on. She reminded Eric that they cannot hurt him, and if they were going to harm him, they would have already done it. Worst case, if they have a darkness to them, she told Eric to shine his light on them, and to remember that the light penetrates darkness, but darkness cannot penetrate light. For example, if you were to bring a light into a dark room, it makes the room light. But, you can’t take darkness into a light room and make it dark. At best, they’re bothersome and distracting. She helped close the doorway and sent everything back through, sealed it with light. So, there’s not a reason to be afraid, but it’s more about Eric having his own experience, and not anybody else’s! She recommended a statement, “Any and all energies that are not my own, are to be returned from whence they came, blessed and transformed, blessed and transformed, blessed and transformed. I call all of my energy back to myself now”. (This is just a good general statement to do anytime, I think, in case we have any hitchhiker energies, along for the ride). She worked on getting more of Eric’s own light shining everywhere from his HEART center. She likened it to having a big diamond in the heart area, with thousands or millions of facets. Out of each facet comes a light. She asked if he could get a visual on that. She recommended keeping that diamond inside because that’s who he is, and send beams of light everywhere, dissolving or transmuting and driving out any darkness in there. As we talked about in yesterday’s post, he’s processing a lot of emotion that has been stored inside his body, and it’s time for it to surface and leave. He doesn’t want or need to be consumed with the energies as they can leave. She picked up that Eric could really grasp the concept of being “the solution” to his situation. So, she recommended he start by “focusing on” the solution! Indeed, Eric IS the solution. She asked if Eric could visualize holograms, as we are all like energetic holograms. Eric could imagine that pretty well, so she recommended he imagine a hologram of himself out in front of his body.

The solution can simply be to change things in the hologram. If there’s pain in his back, put the hologram out in front and remove the pain, by sending in light and healing energy. It’s like a symphony and Eric is the conductor – it’s his hologram. If there’s darkness, put more light, and perhaps emerald green. He will apparently know what to do, and he will be the conductor, and affect change in the hologram. It has the potential to have bigger impact and healing properties than many other offerings. Eric does get this, and he knows it’ll take focus, but he’s willing to do it. She knows he can do it, and WILL do it. Focus on THAT! Focus on strength and power! I am now in the hospital room with Eric and Jane. Jane is working on his body, and his holograph, with her healing hands. They fly and flutter all over the place… anywhere and everywhere. She is dancing all around the room, and then standing quietly beside his body. She is at one moment, etherically massaging him, and the next leaping into a new spot, by his head, his feet, or by his side. There is music playing, and it reminds me of Eric’s favorite song, the movie theme for “The Gladiator”, at times quiet and gentle and at others, powerful and strong. The healing is impacting Eric. He was smiling. He had tears. Now he is asleep on his side. It’s all good, and he seems happy to have some help with his all his bodies. That’s it for this installment. I wish you all much love, happy healing, and may mountains of blessings come raining down upon you and all your special and loved ones, Love, and hugs, and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo

January 30th, 201 7Day 99: Eric’s UW Hospital Medical Adventure: Eric had a good day today. The big chief Oncologist came to visit him. I missed him by 30 minutes, but Eric gave me a run down of the meeting. The doc seemed pretty happy with his progress, and was talking ahead into the future. He said that if Eric is doing well in 3 months, he may yet get on the trial! Something to look forward to. The point of still trying to get on to the trial, would be to get Eric into remission. Whereas, the current plan, is keeping the pain at bay, and giving him more mobility in his legs and hips. It’s pretty exciting that he can now get himself from the bed to the wheelchair, and the wheelchair to the bed. Sure beats getting lifted in the sling. The big chief also said that they will likely be putting a port into Eric’s head. The purpose is to drip chemo into the brain, which will allegedly feed into the spine too. Sounds pretty gross, but it seems to be safer than continuing with the chemo injections into the base of his spine. Then, there is a matter of the systemic chemo, to work on the cancer in the rest of the body. Apparently, they are considering using this one immunotherapy drug, if Eric recalls accurately, called Rituximab. (We nickname this one “mouse nuts”, because apparently it is created, in part, by mouse antibodies). I was blessed to have the beautiful Jane stay over last night, after her healing session with Eric. She shared with me a few things about the healing session. In the past, when she first took a look at him, (a few months ago), she could see what looked like a network of coral throughout his body where his bones should be. This time, she saw a much healthier network of bone. In the hip bones and femurs, there was kind of a 3D generated casing, kind of lacing into the shapes of a healthy mass. This was filling in with healthy bone and light. In the beginning, there was a great flushing of light, and reacquaintance, as they’d met before. There was a prayer for the best and highest good, and anything less than, was to go into the light. His feathers were ruffled, so there was a smoothing down of the energy. There were drains in his feet, and the energy that was moving through, moved out from the body through the feet. I was sitting beyond Eric’s feet and Jane saw a powerful vortex coming through her hands and through my heart. Her hands began to dance around his neck and thyroid, activating, and she could hear, “Miracle man? Bring it on. He can be the miracle man!”. This was received by his body and all the healthy cells that know how to regenerate, and they came to the surface in a very powerful way. They know how to do it, the cells know how to regenerate. They just had to remember to do their job. She worked on reactivating the lost DNA and training it to

reconnect to his own self-healing. Jane moved to Eric’s back. She recalled she was there for 15-20 minutes in one segment of the back, and that she was doing surgery. First light and then removing that which didn’t belong there. She saw there was light going into the Eric’s body on a schedule. She set the intention that every person entering his hospital room, come in with such light he be blessed on his journey. Everything that anyone touches, brings a blessing of peace, harmony and light for Eric. Before I started on my work this morning, Jane and I took an early morning hike into the neighboring forest. It was so beautiful, verdant green and trees and trunks galore. I particularly enjoyed the swollen stream, and the sound of the water as it rushed over the pebbles and stones. Thank you dear Jane, for coming to spend some sort with, albeit short! How wonderful you are, and how blessed we feel! I’m going to finish up with another quote from the infamous Pooh and Piglet, “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”. Goodnight, good afternoon and good morning everyone, no matter where you are in the world! Love, Phillipa xxooxxoo


January 31st, 2017 Day 100: Eric’s UW Hospital Medical Adventure: First, Eric had an up and down and roundabout day today. I had a sleepover with him at the hospital, and spied that he was awake from 3am on. The doctor’s assessment was pretty much the same as yesterday, which means that whatever happens, there still appears to be a long road of recovery ahead. Eric was able to eat just a little, yet felt nauseous for a while. He was able to fall asleep from time to time, but as often happens in hospital, was awakened for “vitals” and appointments. He did well for his OT, (Occupational Therapy) and PT, (Physical Therapy) sessions, but it was too much to handle one after the other, so he was in a lot of pain, until his pain meds kicked in. I think if I was Eric, I would probably feel a bit all over the place today too! Second, I wanted to share some beautiful words from Eric’s closest friends, our family, Andi and Bea. They have been setting off wishing lanterns across the lake every night in honor of Eric, for the last 100+ nights. “Tonight, we let go two wishing lanterns and while we made our wishes a shooting star joined the two lights and added another wish to this night. Sweet dreams, Sir Eric!! We love you so, so much!!!”. Tears on my keyboard! Third, because today is Day 100, I wanted to do a list of 100 somethings. In thinking about, I believe that a list of simple ways to avoid cancer, could be useful for some. So, here we go…I’ll get started. Please feel free to add some below too… 100 Really Simple Things to do to Avoid Cancer: 1. Watch the docu-series on “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”, or read the book 2. Spend 5-30 minutes per day in prayer, contemplation, meditation or some such 3. Plan for daily exercise, and make it a habit of 20-60 minutes each day; e.g. walk, jog, lift weights, do a class, (yoga, Zumba, spin & such), jump on a mini-tramp every day for few minutes, bounce on a bouncy ball 4. Switch to organic…folks, if it’s not organic, it’s pesticide-laden, there’s just no way around it…you just cannot wash this stuff off 5. Juice raw organic veges every day, or make into a smoothie

6. Practice daily “gratitudes” with your loved ones at home, via FB, or any mode 7. Find a way to do at least one good deed per day 8. Practice “BEing present in the moment” at least a few times per day 9. Drink non-fluoride, non-chlorine, non-chemical-laced water every day 10. Consume ½ - 1 gallon / 3-4 liters of water per day 11. Do a major detox/cleanse a couple times a year 12. Dry brush before every shower 13. Get a starter kit of essential oils and a diffuser 14. Find a really good ND (Naturopathic Doctor), someone that can work with you on natural remedies etc, in conjunction with your GP/MD etc. 15. Shower with hot water to start, and leave the shower after turning down the temperature as low as you can handle it 16. Everybody is a little different, but consider a Paleo diet, (many people are better off with more in the way of protein, veges, nuts and fruits, than carbohydrates and grain); or try vegan or vegetarian, but experiment with different options 17. Try out a gluten free diet if you ever feel bloated after eating cereals, breads, soy sauce, and MSG, or have migraines, depression, autism, joint pain and many more unexplained health issues 18. Check out dairy free options, especially if you get mucous build-up and skin conditions 19. Get weekly chiropractic or acupuncture or some sort of energy / movement healing modality

20. Swim with wild and free dolphins 21. Find a way to get into nature every single day 22. Grow your own food, and make sure the seeds and soil are organic 23. Stop using chlorine bleach in your household 24. Switch out all your household cleaners, laundry soap and dishwashing detergent, for healthier bio-degradable options 25. Use eco-friendly drycleaners 26. Hire eco-friendly carpet cleaners 27. Check out organic clothing 28. If you build a house, research all the green options for wood, flooring, paint etc. 29. Find ways to give of yourself regularly to someone in need, (could be donating money, trading a skill/food, your time etc) 30. Forgive yourself and others, (essentially let go of having had a better past) 31. More protein/less sugar/carbs 32. Choose to heat up food on the stove stop/toaster oven, rather than use a microwave 33. Never allow a smart meter on your house 34. Take your vacation time, (donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let it expire)

35. Do what you love to do, e.g. if you would love to paint – do it; if you love to travel, choose your top priorities and research making it happen! 36. Stop watching the news, and find other ways to keep up with current events 37. Don’t sleep with your cell phones beside your bed 38. Limit amount of time talking on a cell phone per day 39. Daydream the life you would love to have, and avoid daydreaming your worst nightmares into reality 40. Sleep in organic sheets 41. Get a pet if you don’t already have one, or borrow someone else’s 42. More green or herbal tea, less coffee 43. Purchase organic cosmetics, shampoos and hand soaps etc 44. Read the labels on food, and if there are long chemical names you have never heard of, choose something else 45. Research flu shots before getting another one 46. Get regular check-ups 47. Women – get a thermograph 48. Men, get a prostate check 49. Everyone, get a full body scan

50. Consider replacing your root canals with implants 51. Now, it’s your turn… OK, that’s a good start. I know there are many many others we can add to the list. Of course, there’s no need to do everything on the list. The purpose is to consider making some changes towards good health. Do you have anything to add to the list? Thank you in advance! Love and blessings to you all, Phillipa xxooxxoo Comments Kathleen Shelton 52. Have a few good belly Laughs daily. Watch funny movies or TV shows and read funny books. 53. Install a whole home water filter to remove chlorine and fluorine or at the very least put filters on your shower heads and in your bath water. Jane Sibbett 54. Give or get at least 5 hugs a day. 55. If you have a lover, kiss them at least as much. 56. Take time to smell the roses, look at the sun or clouds or the weeds pushing through the sidewalk. 57. Appreciate. Studies find that when people live in appreciation and give time to love and be loved they are generally healthier. Kathy A. Ochs Get a good natural dentist. Mine does not use latex Karla Raby Olson Amazing post. Love love love the lanterns

Katie Hoertkorn Great list from you and great additions! Karla Raby Olson I would add. Tumeric to reduce inflammation and make sure your body is PH balanced. They sell strips at Whole Foods to test your PH. Eat an alkaline diet Christine Meath Paleo changed my life - but giving back every day equally important - even in a minuscule way! Thx for a great list to keep as a grounding reference. Love the lanterns - how beautiful!! Bonnie Bogner - Get the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate out of all your household and personal products - it is found in some organic products. - Read the books â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Breaking the Habit of Being Yourselfâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Biology of Beliefâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, both very powerful in understanding the role our minds play in our health. Imaya Kumar So sweet of Andi and family to do this ! Joanna Roskowick Expect a miracle! Be aware of & change your language. Add Grace and the Omni (s) omnipresenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, omnipotenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, omniscient to your inner and outer conversations. Be that conscious awareness nowđ&#x;&#x2019;&#x2022;đ&#x;&#x152;´. Let...... Christine Rose Praying and believing in faith for Ericâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s complete recovery to full health! Jesus is not done with him yet on this planet. Kirsten Biondi 57. I know Jane Sibbett already did 57, get sunshine (15-20 min a day) or supplement D3 drops from naturopath. Redoing number, as Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d love to drop swimming w wild dolphins, as it infringes on dolphins much needed rest time and many of the boats are quite obtrusive about providing their clients â&#x20AC;&#x153;the experienceâ&#x20AC;?. Mentioned here w much humility and respect for these beautiful, beloved animals.đ&#x;&#x2122;?đ&#x;?ž Phillipa Leseberg Thank you everyone for adding more items to our list! I realized after I posted last night, that I forgot my biggest pet peeve on the planet, and something that can now be directly related to many cancers, esp Non Hodgkinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lymphoma. Round-Up!!!

Maria Mangiarelli Rippo Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m curious about the dolphin swimming. Where do you swim with wild and free ones? Suzanne Schiller *Imagine every little cell in your body smiling, happy and well. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fun to combine this with a daily walk. *Yoga Nidra or restorative yoga for parasympathetic nervous system love. *Epsom salt baths to clear negative energy and increase magnesium.

February 1st, 2017 Day 101: Eric’s UW Hospital Medical Adventure: Eric had a big development today! He walked! Yes, he walked, (with the help of his walker), down the hall, and he did it on his own, no help! Wahoo. I know this is something most of us take for granted, but for Eric, this was a source of excitement and joy! It was enough to give him renewed hope for a future! How exciting is that? He had a little nausea from the radiation and PT today, and is having an MRI on his brain to check for any spread of the dis-ease into that part of his body. Bea went to visit with him today and he was in pretty good spirits. So, not a bad day – some forward progress…we’ll take that! Thanks to those of you that added to my list from last night’s post. I added in your additional recommendations, below. Does anyone else have another few to add? Please feel free to add into the comments section below. By the way, I know there’s a couple that have doubled-up a little, and I shall edit at some point. It’s a fun, but important, exercise to really think about what you can do to avoid being another statistic. 84 million people worldwide have died in the last 10 years from cancer. That’s just shy of the population of Germany. It’s more than all the people killed in World War 1 and 2 put together. We have no choice but to take an active part in our own healthcare. Just remember that our current healthcare systems, in most countries worldwide, are all about dealing with symptoms and sickness, and not about health. 100 Really Simple Things to do to Avoid Cancer: 1. Watch the docu-series on “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”, or read the book 2. Spend 5-30 minutes per day in prayer, contemplation, meditation or some such 3. Plan for daily exercise, and make it a habit of 20-60 minutes each day; e.g. walk, jog, lift weights, do a class, (yoga, Zumba, spin & such), jump on a mini-tramp every day for few minutes, bounce on a bouncy ball 4. Switch to organic…folks, if it’s not organic, it’s pesticide-laden, there’s just no way around it…you just cannot wash this stuff off 5. Juice raw organic veges every day, or make into a smoothie 6. Practice daily “gratitudes” with your loved ones at home, via FB, or any mode 7. Find a way to do at least one good deed per day 8. Practice “BEing present in the moment” at least a few times per day 9. Drink non-fluoride, non-chlorine, non-chemical-laced water every day 10. Consume ½ - 1 gallon / 3-4 liters of water per day

11. Do a major detox/cleanse a couple times a year 12. Dry brush before every shower 13. Get a starter kit of essential oils and a diffuser 14. Find a really good ND (Naturopathic Doctor), someone that can work with you on natural remedies etc, in conjunction with your GP/MD etc. 15. Shower with hot water to start, and leave the shower after turning down the temperature as low as you can handle it 16. Everybody is a little different, but consider a Paleo diet, (many people are better off with more in the way of protein, veges, nuts and fruits, than carbohydrates and grain); or try vegan or vegetarian, but experiment with different options 17. Try out a gluten free diet if you ever feel bloated after eating cereals, breads, soy sauce, and MSG, or have migraines, depression, autism, joint pain and many more unexplained health issues 18. Check out dairy free options, especially if you get mucous build-up and skin conditions 19. Get weekly chiropractic or acupuncture or some sort of energy / movement healing modality 20. Swim with wild and free dolphins 21. Find a way to get into nature every single day 22. Grow your own food, and make sure the seeds and soil are organic 23. Stop using chlorine bleach in your household 24. Switch out all your household cleaners, laundry soap and dishwashing detergent, for healthier bio-degradable options 25. Use eco-friendly drycleaners 26. Hire eco-friendly carpet cleaners 27. Check out organic clothing 28. If you build a house, research all the green options for wood, flooring, paint etc. 29. Find ways to give of yourself regularly to someone in need, (could be donating money, trading a skill/food, your time etc) 30. Forgive yourself and others, (essentially let go of having had a better past) 31. More protein/less sugar/carbs 32. Choose to heat up food on the stove stop/toaster oven, rather than use a microwave 33. Never allow a smart meter on your house 34. Take your vacation time, (donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let it expire) 35. Do what you love to do, e.g. if you would love to paint â&#x20AC;&#x201C; do it; if you love to travel, choose your top priorities

and research making it happen! 36. Stop watching the news, and find other ways to keep up with current events 37. Don’t sleep with your cell phones beside your bed 38. Limit amount of time talking on a cell phone per day 39. Daydream the life you would love to have, and avoid daydreaming your worst nightmares into reality 40. Sleep in organic sheets 41. Get a pet if you don’t already have one, or borrow someone else’s 42. More green or herbal tea, less coffee 43. Purchase organic cosmetics, shampoos and hand soaps etc 44. Read the labels on food, and if there are long chemical names you have never heard of, choose something else 45. Research flu shots before getting another one 46. Get regular check-ups 47. Women – get a thermograph 48. Men, get a prostate check 49. Everyone, get a full body scan 50. Consider replacing your root canals with implants 51. Stop using Round-Up, if you either care about your family, or at the very least, the kiddos in the neighborhood 52. Have a few good belly laughs daily, by watching funny movies, TV shows and/or by reading funny books 53. Install a whole home water filter to remove chlorine and fluorine or at the very least put filters on your shower heads and in your bath water 54. Give or get at least 5 hugs a day 55. If you have a lover or kiddos, kiss them at least as much. If you don’t have a lover, maybe you can work on finding one! 56. Take time to smell the roses, look at the sun or clouds or the weeds pushing through the sidewalk. 57. Appreciate. Studies find that when people live in appreciation and give time to love and be loved they are generally healthier. 58. Find a good natural or bio-dentist, or educate your current one to research healthier products and methods, it’s not that hard to switch products and methods 59. Find a good hairstylist or bio-dentist, or educate your current one to research healthier products and methods, it’s not that hard to switch products and methods

60. Take Tumeric daily to reduce inflammation 61. Ensure your body is PH balanced, by eating an alkaline diet, (you can buy testing strips at Whole Foods, or online to test your PH) 62. Get the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate out of all your household and personal products - it is even found in some organic products. 63. Read the books 'Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself' and 'Biology of Belief', both very powerful in understanding the role our minds play in our health 64. Expect a miracle! 65. Be aware of & change your language. 66. Add Grace and the Omni (s) omnipresence's, omnipotence's, omniscient to your inner and outer conversations. 67. Be that conscious awareness now 68. Get 15-20 minutes of sunshine per day or D3 supplements from an ND 69. Imagine every little cell in your body smiling, happy and well. It's fun to combine this with a daily walk. 70. Yoga Nidra or restorative yoga for parasympathetic nervous system love. 71. Epsom salt baths to clear negative energy and increase magnesium 72. Vitamins C and B12 daily 73. Be your own health advocate 74. Any to add? I’m sure we’ve forgotten some areas? Thank you for checking in with us again today, and enjoy the photo of the sunrise from Eric’s “penthouse suite”, (so nicknamed anyway!), at the UW Hospital! Love and hugs and blessings to each and every one of you, AND all your loved and beloveds. Until tomorrow, Phillipa xx00xx00

February 2nd, 2017 Day 102: Eric’s UW Hospital Medical Adventure: The cancer journey is made up of good days and not so good days, good news and not so good news. Three steps forward and two back, or two steps forward and three back. Today Eric had some good news with a twist. Eric heard from the team of docs that he does not have cancer in the brain. The twist is that the doctors had assumed that he would have cancer in the brain! Hello people? Don’t tell the patients that they have cancer in the brain, if you’re just making it up! Best to wait until the results are in. So, my poor guy had to wait 24 hours to get his MRI and the results, whilst thinking and assuming that he had cancer in his brain. However, he was feeling nauseous today after his radiation session, so he decided not to have any visitors. It all worked out, as I was able to spend time with my friend Gail Byrne, who is in town from Hawaii, and with Eric’s daughter Alicia Kristy R, as we’re planning big things in business! Yep, aiming for the stars! Gail was so sweet and brought us some frozen organic goodies from the Big Island of Hawaii, my home for 10+ years. Her husband is an organic farmer, and helped arrange for some organic papayas and bananas, straight from their farm to their freezer, and after a 5-6 hour flight, into our freezer. This is huge, as I now have organic papaya ready to rock for my morning smoothies….and I don’t know if many of you realize the significance of that? Hawaii pretty much no longer has organic strawberry papaya, thanks to Monsanto and their GMO policies and testing grounds in Hawaii. So, I am very excited to have such high quality/vibration smoothies for the next couple weeks or so! Gail has a daughter, who is a couple years older than Bella, and equally as awesome as Bella. She is not on this trip, but we have had fun reminiscing about the two girls in their baby/toddler phase, as elementary school girls at Parker School, and now they’re both teens in high school. One of my favorite memories of the two girls growing up, was how much they loved dressing up in their princess or formal dresses. They would dress up, and we would head down to the resort areas, particularly the Mauna Lani Resort, for play and dinner. So wonderful to be sitting at the beach restaurants, feet in the sand, and watching our girls run around in their pretty dresses. Where did all the years go, and how did it happen so quickly? It’s getting late tonight, and I have enjoyed catching up with Gail and Alicia, so I am going to leave you early on in the writing process tonight. I almost feel like I’m playing hooky from my daily writing habit, and that’s OK, because this is my movie. I just love writing and sharing our journey with you all, and am humbled beyond words,

with the feedback from many of you. Enjoy the couple quotes that caught my eye tonight, (but couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find the source to share). Kindness and love from my heart to yours! Love and hugs and blessings forever, Phillipa xxooxxoo

February 3rd, 2017 Day 103: Gail and I went to visit Eric late tonight. We somehow got caught in a time warp and lost most of the day! He was very sleepy and a little incoherent, probably due to drugs. He has now completed his 13 days of radiation, moved wards/rooms and is awaiting another couple rounds of chemo. Sorry, not much of an update, but it's late, and I send you all many blessings and love from a rainy Seattle night. Love to you all, Phillipa xxoo

February 4th, 2017 Day 104: Eric’s UW Hospital Seattle Adventure: Eric’s having a sleepy day today. Gail and I left late last night, and he was very sleepy. This morning, he is still very sleepy, but the doctor team came by and shared the latest information on Eric. Here’s the deal. The 13 days of radiation finished yesterday, and it was determined that it definitely helped with Eric’s mobility. He has a short walk with his walker most days, and he feels good when he can move about. This is the good news. The not so good news is that Eric’s kidneys are really struggling. His Creatinine level is back up to 2.6 and the BUN is also not at a healthy level. He does have cancer present in the kidneys, and this is believed to be producing protein deposits in the kidneys that is the main cause for the damage and dysfunction. Eric met the big chief kidney doctor, and he will be overseeing the progress of his kidneys, and hopefully have some good news in the coming weeks. I spoke to the big chief Oncologist and he said that the timing for everything now is very critical in Eric’s treatment. The radiation doctors would prefer there is a gap of least 7 days before the next main systemic round of chemo takes place. Then, another week after that before the surgeon inserts a port into his brain, for the Rituximab that will cycle around the brain and spine. In the interim, they are going to drip in a steroid called Dexamethasone, to try to calm down the inflammation of the kidneys, and clear out some of the proteins prior to the next chemo session. It has been known to counteract certain side effects of their antitumor treatments, and ironically, the reason it works so well is still unclear. Oh boy! I’m remaining positive and hopeful. How is Eric, you might ask? Well, he is sleeping, as he is most of the day these days. He cracks me up though…he’ll wake up and ask for a strawberry or vanilla milkshake. Then, he’ll forget to order it, and then wakes up again wondering where it is. So, we start the process again, he asks if we ordered it. Hmm, hopefully we can blame his sleepiness on the preponderance of drugs in his body! Needless to say, I called and ordered his shake, which he had two sips of before falling asleep again! If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering why cancer is so predominant this day and age, and what the heck is going on to create so much cancer in so many people, (with now more than 1 in 3 people potentially developing some form of cancer during their lifetime)! Now, as you know, there are a lot of contributing factors, but I feel like these are some of the critical elements that have been changing in recent decades.

One is the level of toxins in our environment. (Paraphrased from the Truth About Cancer website)…In this day and age, we’re exposed to more chemicals, toxins and radiation in our environment and in our daily lives than at any other time in human history. According to the Environmental Working Group, there are nearly 85,000 man-made chemicals currently approved for use in the United States, and that number is rapidly increasing. Here are some of the main sources of toxins: • Pesticides, herbicides, GMOs in the food... encouraged by the major food institutions... • Fluoride and chlorine and trace pharmaceutical residue in the water… pushed by big pharma and chemical manufacturing companies... • Toxic chemicals in the everyday products we use in our homes… • Methane, carbon monoxide and industrial pollutants in the air… Now, the first three we can specifically manage for ourselves and for our own families. The fourth bullet is something for us all to be aware of and work to improve by contacting state reps etc. Please do your own research, as there is a ton of this information on the internet these days. OK, so let’s take a look at GMO’s specifically. I read recently that new, experimental engineering techniques are altering food and other products while racing ahead of regulations. (Sound Consumer Report, Issue 524). “Genetic engineers now can do more than they ever could: change a species by deleting genes, or turning genes on and off. They can even create wholly new DNA sequences on a computer. This is a new field of GE known as synthetic biology or GMO’s 2.0…The products of these new technologies already are in foo and cosmetics but aren’t labeled – and maybe marketed as “natural”.” It’s important to note that no studies are required to determine any detrimental outcomes on our bodies. Once again, please do your own research, as there is a ton of this information on the internet these days.

Please also research Monsanto and you’ll be able to read a ton of information about the dangers of their pesticides. You can see photos of guys in hazmat suits spraying the crops, below. They are not allowed to let the pesticides touch their skin; yet they consider these crops edible and safe for the masses. Also, look in the photos of the day, below, for a simple list of companies that use Monsanto products. By avoiding products made by companies on this list, you can help ensure your money isn’t going to Monsanto and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself. (Sourced from…/ uploads/2013/05/monsanto_compa…. Also, thanks to and for the two Monsanto poisonous spray photos). In stark contrast, check out the gorgeous photo of fresh herbs on the homepage of this website, https://www. . Earth Clinic® is one of the world’s largest collections of natural remedies, holistic tips and home treatments for healthy and happy lifestyles. The membership is free and gives you instant access to your awesome natural cures. You can also sign up to receive Earth Clinic's health newsletters. A girlfriend shared a health ailment today and I was able to look up some pretty amazing natural options in just a few minutes. Love it! That’s all for today folks. Hopefully something to think about for everyone! Love and hugs and blessings to you all and each and every loved one in your family and circle of friends! Love and blessings, Phillipa xxxxoooxxx

February 5th, 2017 Day 105: Eric’s UW Seattle Medical Adventure: Another sleepy day for Eric! No more real developments beyond the ones mentioned in yesterday’s post. Eric feels like it’s Groundhogs Day, (again!). There’s still a little confusion going on, and they’re trying to figure out what is causing that. He stayed awake for a visit with Bea, and through the half time show on the Super Bowl, but passed out shortly after that. This whole process totally sucks. I feel so bad for Eric. There is just nothing fun about being in hospital for weeks on end. However, he is not mobile enough to come home. There is nothing fun about having cancer – period! I inadvertently leaned on his bed and his leg, and he just about shot through the roof in pain. Oh boy, in this case, “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it! My heart hurts. Do you know what really perked up Eric today? A friend of Eric’s, Valerie, made a 30 second video greeting, and Bea played it on her phone for Eric. He really appreciated that. So, how about I make a request today? If you feel inspired, please feel free to do one of two things: 1. Make a short video clip, AND/OR write just a sentence of encouragement, and post to Eric’s FB page, or just below this post would be great too! 2. Another option is to send a card, postcard or letter. If you choose this option, please use our P.O. Box at the following address: Eric Leseberg, 9805 NE 116th Street, PMB 7139, Kirkland, WA 98034, USA. Thank you everyone, in advance. This might be something that you can do, and it’d only take a few minutes out of your day, but it would be most helpful for Eric, (and to be honest, me too)! I love to read your FB posts aloud to Eric, and if there are videos and/or cards too – that would just make it even more fun and different. Signing off now, and more tomorrow, Love and blessings, Phillipa xxooxxoo

February 06, 2017 Day 106 Hello everyone, This is a great share for us today. With Eric being on so many heavy drugs and not recalling what year it is, it is good to reach deep for more and more hope and strength. Of course you all know how much I love our beautiful little hummingbird friends. This one looks so like Cerise from Sanoviv. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Kathie! Love and blessings to you all, and I'll be back online tomorrow! Love, Phillipa xxx

February 7th, 2017 Day 107: Eric’s UW Medical Adventure: You just never know when your smile or comment to a complete stranger will totally make their day! I try to be conscious of this and be the one to smile or offer up a little something to people around me. Today, it was my turn to receive a lovely remark. I was traveling up in the elevator, on my way to see Eric, and this young nurse was looking at me. She looked up at my face and then down to my feet, and said, “Wow, you’re tall! How tall are you?”. I responded with my usual, “Yes I am, and 6 ft 1”. Just before she walked out on her floor, she said, “Not only are you really tall, but I love how you “own it”!”. Well, that was a very nice comment from a complete stranger. I thank you young lady, and I hope you have a great day too! I love having my friend Gail in town, visiting from Hawaii! Last night she treated Bella and I to dinner at Bella’s favorite restaurant close to where we lived for a few years. It was a gorgeous snowy day yesterday and we all stayed home for the day. I worked, Bella hung out in her room and watched TV, and Gail got some computer work done. But, it was worth getting into our warm gear, jumping in the 4 wheel drive truck to head down to Papaya in Renton. Yummy Vietnamese food, and gluten-free too, (of course!). Gail and I have been through a LOT together. We were both solo Moms for several years with our solo daughters, and we met our husbands at about the same too. We always had fun with the two girls playing together at the beach, in the trees, at the park. Night before last, she held me in her arms as I cried and cried and cried. It was so wonderful to be feel safe enough to do that. Thank you, my friend! Ironically, afterwards I literally gave myself a fright when I looked in the mirror, as I had streaks of mascara all…the…way…down…my…face. That appealed to my sense of humor! I took a picture of the gorgeous white landscape from our bedroom, which just happened to have the word LOVE on the windowsill and texted it to Eric. I’ve lost count how many days and weeks he’s been in the hospital this time, but it has to be around 3 weeks? ! wanted to share a little scene from home, with Eric. I noticed Alicia did the same thing too, and sent a couple pics of her and the yellow Tonka covered in snow. It’s weird wandering around the home without Eric in it. He has such a large presence and it’s always felt and noticed by me. To see his clothes hanging in the master bedroom wardrobe, most of which are going to be too big

for him moving forward, and knowing that it’s going to be at least a while before he can tackle stairs again. It’s kind of surreal this experience. A part of me expects to hear the front door open and him calling out “Bebe”, (our nickname for each other)….and hear him bounding up the stairs two at a time to come and kiss and hug me. Now, when I want to see my guy, I plan ahead, jump in the car and drive over the bridge, park, walk and come up 8 floors! I walk into the hospital room and he’s lying in the bed, looking so small and fragile. I love him just as much, but it’s always a slight shock when I first see him. Sometimes, I can see it and feel it – that he is going to do this! Kick this dis-ease to the curb. Yet, other times, I just don’t know. Of course, as my spiritual teacher reminds me, it’s not up to me. It’s between Eric and God. The team of doctors are certainly not giving up though on him. They’re doing the steroid (Dex-something) medication, they did a spinal tap yesterday, (that’s where they take fluid out to test for the presence of dis-ease, and inject chemo), and I believe that the Rituximab IV starts tomorrow too. His kidney readings are through the roof, at 3.2, and they’re hoping that both the steroids and the chemo will normalize this. I would love for him to be home for a while, but know that he would need 24/7 care. So, I let it go, and just enjoy him for the moments that we can spend together. Sometimes he’s his old self, sometimes he’s cranky and short. I can imagine I might be cranky and short at times too, if I was in hospital for weeks at a stretch, with no end in sight. So, I am taking big deep breaths, and letting it all go….the holding on to a certain outcome….and to that looking a certain way. Eric’s spirit is strong and grounded, so let’s see what is in the plan for him! Until tomorrow, love and blessings to all of you – wherever you are in the world! Love, Phillipa xxxoooxxxooo

February 8th, 2017 Day 108: Ericâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s UW Intensive Care Journey: Prayers and blessings and healing energy for Eric tonight please everyone! I am sitting with him as he gets a brain CT and stomach ultrasound. Heading back to the Intensive Care ward shortly. I shall post an update as soon as I have one. Thank you all for being a part of our journey, So much love and blessings back to you all tenfold, Love, Phillipa xxooxxoo

February 9th, 2017 Day 109: Eric’s UW Intensive Care Journey: The good news is that Eric is in good hands in the ICU, (Intensive Care Unit), and that he made it through the night. The not so good news is that his blood sugar levels dropped to a new low, there is some involvement of the liver, inflamed lining of the brain, his level of “presence” waxes and wanes, and his lactate levels are dangerously high and climbing. This is all more than likely related to the lymphoma disease in his kidneys and throughout his body. The plan is to do kidney dialysis every 1-2 days to see if they can filter out some of the lactic acid, and keep going with the lumbar puncture chemo and systemic chemo in the next 1-2 days. The docs were hoping that the dialysis would really bring down the BUN reading. However, even after 4-5 hours of dialysis, Eric’s was still way up there. A healthy reading is under 2.0 and Eric’s is at 18. Oh la la! In addition to the dialysis, he had a 90 minute EEG, which measures the brainwaves as lights are flashed into his eyes, or he is at rest. The results were good in the sense that there appears to be no confirmation of tumors/seizures, rather a “slowing” of the brainwaves, (which is apparently to be expected, when his labs are as they are). I’ve barely left his side, but am grateful to have the distraction of work, as I’ve been working from the hospital, as opposed to from home. Overall, it’s not looking too good for my guy, and we have had some good crying sessions together. His daughters Bella and Alicia were here too last night, and our friends Gail and Bea. We have all laughed and cried and shared memories together. Bella created another amazing poem for her Daddy and read it out aloud to Eric. It was so beautifully written and heartfelt…no dry eyes in the room, and that is for sure! Just an intimate time for our little family, and friends that are family. Love! The toughest thing for me is that his level of mental capacity is being severely impacted. I am learning to allow the flow as he comes in and out of “presence”. I spoke to the Social Worker about this, and she shared that this is definitely one of the hardest things for the family – to see their loved one not recognize them or be fully functional/lucid all the time. Thank you all soooooo much for your continued prayers. It is quite wonderful for me to know how many loved ones are cheering for him, our beloved guy-husband-friend-brother-coach-father-mentor, out there. I am still

picturing Eric in full health and literally walking out of here miraculously….so, I shall end with that image tonight! Yes! Let’s imagine him walking out of here and on to live a phenomenal love and adventure-filled life. So much love and many blessings to all of you and your beloveds! Do me a favor, and take the time to give an extra kiss or hug to your loved one, family, friend tonight, or this afternoon or morning – wherever you are in the world. You just don’t know how your next chapter will play out… Love, Phillipa xxooxxoo

February 10th 2017 Day 110 Angel Wings: (Written by Phillipa Leseberg, started 1/18/17 and completed 2/10/17) I’ve earned my angel wings in the last year, so my husband tells me. Does he know, that without him, they would never have sprouted and grown to such epic proportions? Serendipity brought us together, My etheric team and yours, in concert with each other, Whispering through all time and space that we were meant to be. This lifetime, it was only for a short chapter in the book of our destinies, Not quite 8 years in human terms, But an eternity by any other measure. We made it through ups and downs and roundabouts, We beat the odds, and went deeper into our heart of hearts of hearts, There I found you, there I find you, and there you shall stay. What does life look like without you? Please, I don’t want to find out! I’m not ready to consider that. Oh, but I am sad that the time has come to unearth this truth! The time has come to let you go. But before you go… Please know that through you, I have gained my voice, Please know that through you, I found my written word, Please know that through you, I shored up my strength, Please know that through you, I am inspiring others. When I reach into my core, I AM strong! Stronger than ever before! Alas, now is the time to say goodbye, To share with the world what an honor it has been to know you, What an honor it is to BE present with you now.

Thank you Bebe, Thank you my love, Goodbye Bebe, Goodbye my love! Your wife and life partner, Phillipa, your Bebe! ============================================ Alas, the dialysis machine has been turned off, sustenance and fluids have stopped. Now, it's all about pain medication and palliative care. Eric tried so hard in the past year to have a different outcome, and I was with him EVERY step of the way, encouraging and showing up for him. We were so close. But, he wants it to be over fast now, without too much suffering. Please everyone, more prayers for peace and a gracious next few days and beyond! Love, love, love, Blessings, blessings, blessings, Phillipa xxooxxooxxoo

Alicia Kristy R added 14 new photos — with Phillipa Leseberg and Eric Leseberg. February 11 at 8:49pm · Eastland · He soars with the eagles now higher than ever. No more pain nor suffering, may your spirit be in the greatest of peace. I love you forever and always dad

I have been sitting here for hours thinking of what I could write that could adequately articulate what I feel right now. A world wind of the last 48 hours. Snow storms, cancelled flights, in flight medical emergencies and IV starts (thank you medical training) and trio home to Washington, but not for the reason why I would want to come home. I was given one of the greatest honors of a life time today. A privilege that I do not take lightly. That is, to be at the passing of a dear dear friend. We finally arrive in Seattle after delayed flights and I was very concerned I would not make it in time to say good bye. I just knew time was short. I parked the car and ran to the intensive care. I had no idea what to expect, what I could say or do... all I knew is that I needed to be there and nothing else mattered. I prayed that God would give me the words or let me know what I should do. I gowned up, took a deep breath and entered the room. Eric peacefully resting in his bed, and his wife phillipa laid in a guest cot next to his bed. Without thinking I crawled into the cot and laid next to phillipa and we held each other and cried for a great while. phillipa and I were able to enjoy laughs, tears, anger, and joy as we reflected on all that has transpired in the last year. My dear friend Eric was diagnosed with lymphoma a little over one year ago. We were friends before, but we became family thru this journey. I too had the privilege to be there during his first oncology appt. I could not have imagined that we would be together on the last day of his life on this earth. We both stood on each side of bed, holding his hands and rubbing his arms. Tears flowing down our cheeks. Just as his wife phillipa expressed her love and assured him that it was ok to go, we watched him take his last breath. Words do not do justice the overwhelming peace and comfort that was felt. No more pain Eric, no more pain. I believe there is not a person walking this earth that has not been affected by cancer in one shape or form. It is a heavy burden to carry, it leaves lasting wounds, and it can mean the end of life. But, there are also bounteous blessings that can be unfolded.

February 11, 2017 Day 111: Goodbye to my beautiful husband: “Thank you for being part of my life. It is time to move on. I bow inwardly to the memory of you and, turning away, stand straight to face the new day”, (Molly Fumia from the book, “Safe Passage – words to help the grieving”). Today, 11th February at 4:17pm, my husband, wonderful life partner, best friend, lover, life coach and biggest cheerleader, left his body. He is free from bodily pain, at last! Auspicious timing with the 'Snow Moon' Eclipse & Green Comet, and of course, in our own little universe, day 111! As Alicia, Bella, Hilary and I walked away from Eric’s room, after having said our goodbyes, we joked that he is riding the comet all the way home. For those of you that know Eric, you can totally imagine that, right? When Eric passed, our good friend Hilary and I were standing on either side of his bed, stroking Eric’s arm and hair. I leaned down to tell him how much I loved him, and that he was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I told him that it was OK for him to go any time, and that everything was in alignment for him. Hilary noticed some movement in his eyes, and his breathing gently catch…and then stop. It was a beautiful gentle lifting away of his spirit. What an honor to be a part of that process! At first, I couldn’t believe it, but it did start to sink in shortly afterwards. I am only just beginning to process, and shall wait until tomorrow to read all your wonderful and heartfelt comments from today….and start to really feel the enormity of what just happened. Thank you everyone for being on our journey. This is not the outcome that any of us wanted. Even up until 4:17pm, I was still hoping that by some miracle of miracles, something would magically shift and change. Of course, something did shift and change – Eric’s time with me, our families, and on the planet, was up.

I know some of you have been inspired by reading and participating in our journey, but the truth is I am equally as inspired and humbled by you! Love and blessings and “warrior wings” to Eric….you have earned them! Phillipa xxooxxoo

February 12th , 2017 Day 1: Phillipa’s Adventures After Eric’s Passing

February 12th 2017 Day 1: Phillipa’s Adventures After Eric’s Passing: Eric came on a walk with me today. I had awakened early after having had a good sleep. The enormity of Eric’s passing hit me and it was hard to breath for a short while. I allowed my heart to hurt, and reached out to put a couple drops of peppermint and lemon into two different essential oil diffusers. These are my two favorites oils, and always bring on a sense of happiness. I lay in bed, our bed, and just watched the light build into daylight through the trees. I had the strongest urge to get up and get into nature. I wanted to walk in the state park close to where we live, but my preference is typically to go with other people. I reached out to two girlfriends to see if they were available to join me on my foray into the forest, but one was still sleeping, the other babysitting. I felt a strong pull and had to go, to leave the house and surround myself with nature. I felt euphoric walking in the forest. I noticed everything…the color of the bark and of the evergreen leaves, the sound of the water rushing over the rocks after the heavy rains, and the feel of the sloshy mud underfoot. I stood on a log bridge that I love, and I wondered how they made it…how they got the massive logs cut and in place. I watched the water shift directions depending on the placement of rocks in its path. I felt Eric’s presence quite strongly. It wasn’t scary at all, in fact quite the opposite. He seemed as he always was, happy and curious, but now somehow bigger, omnipresent and light. He urged me to keep writing, and he said, “Now you are on Day 1!”. He said that if I’d like to be with him, I just go into nature! This helped enormously, to feel his presence on my walk. It allows me not to feel such intense pain in my chest when I remember he’s gone, at least in physical form. He shared that whenever I think of or feel his presence, that can be happy and light. Whenever, I feel sad, it’s coming from me, and my attachment to the outcome…wanting to him to be here. Interestingly, Eric was busy in spirit form too, just before he left, and has been since he’s been gone: • He visited with one of his grandchildren the night before he died. He showed up in his grandson’s bedroom, surrounded by white light, and looking very peaceful. • He appeared in a close girlfriend’s dream last night, and she said he was very healthy and strong looking.

• Another “conversation” was with a friend’s teen, as she often speaks to people that have passed. Eric told her that he understands we are all sad, but that he is happy and okay and pain free. • I also have two girlfriends that have close people that want to talk to me, and share what they have seen. One of them has already shared one element, (via my friend) that she saw a large bouquet of red roses, and that it was an anniversary or a special occasion. Here’s what I know about that. o A close friend of ours asked to spend a bunch of time with Eric, finding out who is long-time special people were, and why they were special. o I don’t know exactly what they had planned, but our friend has asked all the people on the list to come to our place at 5pm on Tuesday, 14th of Feb, Valentine’s Day! Red roses, right? o So, this little close gathering will consist of his two daughters, a friend from high school, a friend from the navy, and his closest friends Andi & Bea and myself. o I can imagine that Eric fully thought he was going to be here for Valentine’s Day, and that perhaps we would all go to see him in the hospital room to receive his notes or cards or gifts?. I, for sure, thought he would still be here then! For tonight, Gail and I went out to the movies! We saw LaLa Land and we really loved it. Eric and I loved going to the movies. It was one of our favorite date nights. I hadn't been in a while, as Eric was in too much pain to sit for that long. Knowing him, he was probably watching over my shoulder tonight anyway, and this time, no pain involved! So many amazing synchronicities are all showing up. I’ll share one with you now, and more later, as they come to mind. Yesterday morning, when Eric was still conscious, in pain and choking on blood from his mouth, he said, “The ghosts need to let me go”. He repeated it several times, so it was quite clear what he was saying. I didn’t really have a good answer, so I called my/our spiritual teacher, who happens to live on the east coast and is not always easy to reach on the first call. As serendipity would have it, she was available and after she and I spoke briefly, I put the phone up to Eric’s ear.

She told him that the reason he was seeing the “ghosts” was that the morphine can “open one up” to other dimensional realities. She reminded him that they cannot harm him, and to remember his own light. She said that the choking and pain were likely related to the emotional “dings” he’s had throughout his life, and that it would be beneficial to allow those to spin on out of his heart center right away, as he doesn’t need to take those with him! She helped him work on that, and “saw” the heavy emotions were lifting from him. I am going to share one more thing before I leave you today. Eric is hoping that my new chapter in writing is going to be all around a new way to look at death, dying and the bereavement process. It doesn’t need to be all sadness and tears and heaviness. There can be joy and happiness and lightness too. So, for those of you that would like to come along on the journey, please join me for more daily posts. For those of you that feel replete with our story now that Eric has passed, that’s quite okay too. Honestly though, this will help me enormously to process Eric’s death and what that means for me, our family, our community and beyond. So, I’m doing this for me, and if you find the messages and stories useful or helpful or inspiring in some way, you are very welcome to jump on board for this new adventurous chapter of mine! Love, love, love to you all…wherever you may be in the world. May many blessings rain upon you all, Love, Phillipa xxooxxoo PS. Enjoy the pics. One is from a walk by the lake and Gail and I remembering fun times with Eric, as the sun went down. The other is the gorgeous sunset that happened shortly after Eric's passing. It was from the hospital room looking towards Seattle center.

A Journey Not A Battle - Phillipa and Eric Leseberg  

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