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What are the six technologies featured in this report? Massively open online courses, Tablet computing, Games and gamification, 3D printing Learning analytics, Wearable technology.

What does MOOCs mean? Massively Open Online Courses Pros about MOOCs. Against about MOOCs

Important facts about tablets Tablets have gained traction in education because users can Seamlessly load sets of apps and content of their choosing, making the tablet itself a portable personalized learning environment. Relevance for Teaching, Learning, or Creative Inquiry. Encouraging reflection and discussion on the drawing process and enabling students to contrast technique and highlight and correct any bad habits.

Benefits in teaching, learning and creativity Art. At Plymouth University in the UK, students working toward their Illustration degree are using the iPad and an illustration app called Brushes to produce drawings that can be played back as video. This activity is encouraging reflection and discussion on the drawing process and enabling students to contrast technique and highlight and correct any bad habits

> Biology. In a pilot program at Yale University’s Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, instructors are sharing images from their digital microscopes with students’ iPads through a mobile app. By connecting microscope with tablet, students are able to annotate images and capture them for future use

What is gamification? its reward system encourages people to check into locations and accumulate points Benefits of games and gamification in teaching, learning and creativity > Architecture. SimArchitect is a simulation game and social connection site for architects, developed by IBM Center For Advanced Learning. Players are issued a request for proposal by a fictitious client and must respond, conducting meetings with the client and team and then proposing a solution. IBM created a performance scorecard that evaluates the player’s communication with the client, architectural methods, and more > History. The Historical Williamsburg Living Narrative project at the University of Florida is an effort to create an interactive fictional game in which the geography, culture, and characters of early Williamsburg, Virginia will be brought to life. Functional maps show the early architecture of historic buildings, and interactive scenarios with characters like George Washington and Patrick Henry allow students to participate in discussions of the times

What is learning analytics? Learning analytics is an emergent field of research that aspires to use data analysis to inform decisions made on every tier of the educational system. Whereas analysts in business use consumer-related data to target potential customers and thus personalize advertising, learning analytics leverages student-related data to build better pedagogies, target at-risk student populations, and to assess whether programs designed to improve retention have been effective and should be sustained — important outcomes for administrators, policy makers, and legislators

What is 3D printing? What fields seem to be more likely to be used in? Refers to technologies that construct physical objects from three dimensional (3D) digital content such as computer-aided design (CAD), computer aided tomography (CAT), and X-ray crystallography 3D printing is already pervasive in a number of fields, including architecture, industrial design, jewelry design, and civil engineering Benefits in the teaching-learning process Geology and anthropology students, for example, can make and interact with models of fragile objects such as fossils and artifacts. Through rapid prototyping and production tools, organic chemistry students and those studying x-ray crystallography can print out models of complex proteins and other molecules, similar to what can be seen in 3D Molecular Design’s Model Gallery

What is wearable technology? Refers to devices that can be worn by users, taking the form of an accessory such as jewelry, sunglasses, a backpack, or even actual items of clothing such as shoes or a jacket. The benefit of wearable technology is that it can conveniently integrate tools, devices, power needs, and connectivity within a user’s everyday life and movements.

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